AGV K3 SV Review: Safe Choice

AGV K3 SV helmet is one of the top range helmets for motorcycle riders in the globe today. And for the most part, one’s safety is the number one priority as you will not want to compromise security as you step into your motorcycle.


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However, most motorcycle riders are neat freaks as they also want to mix safety with style and class even when on the freeway. And this is one of the advantages AGV has and why we are sharing the AGV K3 SV review.

The company has a long string of thrilling helmet builds, and the AGV K3 SV, which succeeds in the AGV helmet K3, is part of that list. We will be reviewing the helmet, and sharing other beneficial information in this guide to ensure you get the best out of your helmet purchase.

AGV K3 SV Review

Last update on 2023-05-07 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The AGV K3 SV helmet is a good match if you crave a tech sport touring helmet but not too sophisticated or complicated to handle as an entry-level rider.

The look of the helmet will charm you from the first glance. It has an aerodynamic design with a pointed chin to cut through the air and reduce buffering. Unsurprisingly, the headgear is reasonably priced. But there’s pretty much everything you will love about it.

It has a sturdy thermoplastic material build that is high-impact resistant and shock absorbent capabilities. I like the pads of the helmets with its microfibre build and a touch of sanitizing treatment. What this means is that it reduces the process of bacteria caused by sweat. You can also remove and wash the pad, which is another useful feature of the helmet.

It is also advantageous as it will help get rid of the build-ups and makeups that get stuck in it, especially diets that get stuck on the cheek pads and chin curtain—such a breath of fresh air.

The AG K3 SV also weighs less than most helmets in the industry, which means you don’t have to get bothered about getting a headache after having a very long ride.

Also, the venting system of the helmet will astonish you. It has three air intake vents, one on the chin bar, and two just above the visor to graze out every trace of sweat around your eyebrow. There’s also a vent on the top of the head and at the rear, for expelling hot air.

The visor of the helmet is also standard. It is of the optical class 1 rating, and it is anti-scratch and anti-fog. It also has a sun visor for sunny rides and Pinlock anti-fog inserts that help to keep it from opening as you tour at high speed. Another exciting part of the screen is the pivot mechanism that makes it easy for you to adjust it to suit your riding. The visor also has a quick-release system that drop-down or flip-up in seconds.

The helmet also has a micrometric ratchet-style fastener. This toothed strap is safer and tighter than the regular D-strap; it is also easy to use with your gloves.

Pros & Cons of AGV K3 SV


  • Secure fit – You have more sizing options as the AGV K3 SV helmet comes in two shell sizes, all fitment sizes, and four various EPS liners. Just to ensure you get a size that fits you to perfection.
  • Glasses grooves – This is exceptionally charming as the company added this feature for prescription glass wearers.
  • High air supply – The unique top of the head vent provides a credulous amount of air to its rider coupled with those from the chin vents and above the visor. You will have an incredible riding experience.
  • Safe choice – The shell makeup entails a high resistant thermoplastic resin and inner paddings that help to receive all the impacts to give you a safe journey. The helmet is also comfortable and lightweight.
  • Sun Visor – You can always ride the AGV K3 SV without considering the weather as it has anti-fog visors for cold weather and a sun visor for sunny days.


  • The helmet makes some creaking noise when at high speed, but the sound is almost unnoticeable.

Features of AGV K3 SV helmet


The AGV K3 SV has an upgraded thermoplastic resin and EPS liner for maximum protection as it can withstand high pressure and protect you from shock with its shock absorbent features.

The helmets also have the approval and certification of DOT.


The helmet has a sturdy design with high ventilation, allowing a substantial influx of air to keep its user fresh.

Its wind tunnel design comes with two chin vents and up top vents. The up-top vents have individual sliders with a well built inlaid scoop for a streamlined air supply.

Finally, at the back of the helmet are two always open exhaust vents to make the system complete.


If you check inside the helmet, you will find an expertly lined interior to give you a comfortable and capable liner. The liner has sanitizing abilities, and the fact that it is detachable, washable, and dries fast makes it so cool.

On the inside, the liner channel allows proper air ventilation. To be honest, you won’t find these features on most helmets in the market.


The polycarbonate visor is both anti-scratch and anti-fog. The visor is broad, and more importantly, the helmet comes with a Pinlock insert. The visor comes with both bright and tinted screens, and the main visor is quick-release.


The helmet is available in two shell sizes and XS-XXL fitment sizes, and four different EPS liners. AGV K3 SV helmets also have MS and ML fitment so that you can get the best and most suitable fitment.

How do I choose the right AGV helmet?

As a rider, it is relevant that you give proper attention to your helmet’s fit before buying it. It is expedient that your mask is not overly tight or loose but fit just right to provide you with the right feel as well as comfort.

Measure Your Head

It is an easy way to get the best helmet fit. Using a measuring tape, measure your head, let’s say some centimeters above your eyebrow and ear.

Try It

With the measurement you got, try on the helmet and ensure it fits properly and comfortably. When wearing the headgear, ensure you slide it from the top to the back. Check it to ensure that the liner fits right on your check, top of your head, and forehead. If it fixes, keep your head in a fix and try moving the helmet in every angle- left and right, front and back, up and down.

If the helmet fits rightly, it will drag the skin around your cheek and forehead, but if it moves freely around your head, you should get a smaller one.

AGV K3 SV Helmet Video Review


Where is the best place to buy AGV K3 SV?

Due to counterfeit, it is best to buy your helmet from a reliable source either from the store or online. But if you wish to buy online, Amazon is a secure website where you can purchase the helmet.

Are AGV helmets any good?

The AGV helmet is a reliable helmet with optimum performances. The headshield has an impressive rating after undergoing the Sharp safety test. It also features an excellent ventilation system, clear and tinted visors, and aerodynamic designs that reduce buffeting.

What can I use to clean my AGV helmet?

AGV recommends that you use the AGV Multiuse cleaner to clean your helmet to avoid using soaps that contain alcohol to prevent ruining the helmet. On the other hand, you can use a mild or neutral soap with water to clean your mask.

When should I change my helmet?

It is best to change your helmet after five years of use. Also, it is expedient that you replace your helmet immediately if you notice the presence of any visible damage or signs of wear or deterioration of any of its main parts like a shell, straps, etc.

How can I clean my helmet visor properly?

Firstly, it is best to clean your visor immediately after use. You can clean it by washing it with a soft cloth and warm soapy water, then rinse it under running water and dry.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have read through the AGV K3 SV review, it is definite that the helmet has all the features to give you a memorable riding experience.

It has fantastic ventilation, drop-down visor with Pinlock, and streamlined design that cuts through the wind to give you a buffet-free ride. Not to mention its affordable price, the helmet is everything you need.

The AGV K3 SV helmet is also suitable for various riding styles and considered as it comes at a far lower price than the features it offers.

We will recommend it anytime, any day, especially if you have a knack for speedy and supercharge riding.

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