Are Motorcycle Helmet Camera Legal! While Riding on Bike

Max Lichenbaum in Victoria has paid 289 dollars for wearing a helmet with camera setting.

Frankston presented 3 demerits of using a camera attached to a helmet in March 2014. Whether he is violating the laws or not is not determined.

For this particular issue, twice suspended hearing date has been fixed for Wednesday, September 16, 2015.

New South Wales police are very obedient to apply laws. They warn that riders should pay 311 dollars as a penalty. This amount is taken for 3 demerits points of helmets offense likely setting of cameras.

But how can police desire to enforce these amounts when the rules are still unclear?  We are bound to think the implications as long as the court interprets the legislation.

It is admitted that roads rules are made considering the safety of the road’s users. In Australia, permitted helmets are those who fulfill the demand of the AS/NZS1698-2006 and the AS1698-1988 manufacturing standards. Victoria and Queensland accept the standard of UNECE 22.05 as well.

This measurement is imposed on the initial manufacturing only. It isn’t a must for a third party modification like cameras.

are motorcycle helmet camera legal and risk of injury

There is no such evidence that the risks have been increased by wearing a helmet camera.

Veteran Formula 1 journalist and commentator, Jean-Louis Moncet flashed controversy. He told that Michael Schumacher’s faced head injury during skiing.

are motorcycle helmet camera legal and risk of injury

The accident was aggravated by a GoPro camera added to his helmet. He also explained on Twitter that the rumor is his estimation not truthful. GoPro is thinking to sue the journalist.

We don’t know when and where an accident would happen. So there is still a reason to think that mounted camera can worsen an injury.

A research title named, ‘‘The Mechanisms of head and neck injuries sustained by helmeted motorcyclists in NSW, Australia’’ sum up the following:

  • The attachment of video camera and Bluetooth device outside the helmet is a new idea. This is against the standard of the motorcycle performance standards. The law AS 1698 wants a smoother outer shell of a helmet to lessen snagging or friction. When these devices are added new problem arises. After all, there is no difference between this new one and the previous one.

Ed Becker is the executive director and chief engineer of the Snell Memorial Foundation. He expressed that individual tests and sets secured standard of helmets in the USA. We like to take advice from him.

  • A helmet having mounted cameras are tiresome. These are the loading points for torques and tangential forces in crash head strikes. So the riders slide across a roadway. The only concern is whether the loading and shock may degrade the protection power of the helmet. This gives sever stages of shock and loading may be diversified to the user’s neck and head.

Managing the Risk of motorcycle helmet camera

The Motorcycle Council of NSW alarms that riders should manage the possibility of diffuse axonal injury (DAI). So the outer part of the helmet must be smooth.

It slides on a surface rather than rotating on your head during a collision. The possibility can be managed by using a camera with a ‘breakaway’ type of mount below 5mm high from the helmet.

Researchers told that most of the impacts happen on the sides and fronts of the helmet. Therefore it is better to use a top mounted helmet camera instead of a side mounted camera.

The icon Airframe Statistic motorcycle helmet explains this situation by presenting impacts areas through percentage. Here lowest is top 0.4% and the highest to the side and front 19.4 if most people use cameras.

Legal Liability in an Accident

Motorcycle lawyer Tina Davis of East Cost lawyers told that helmet camera is a good option to keep records of accidents.

Legal Liability in an Accident

These data will be proved as evidence that is not possible in some circumstances. The Queensland Police minister promoted cyclists using a helmet camera for the evidential purpose.

Tina also added that it is the user’s responsibility to manage the risk well if the users like to use a helmet camera.

She told that a rider is responsible for his injury. It may happen by another road user normally though he is using a helmet camera.

Police crackdown on helmet cams

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