Are Motorcycle Helmets Required in Florida! Don’t Underestimate the Law

Riding on a bike is a thrilling experience in a man’s life. It is a dangerous thing if you ride a bike with sans helmet. There are many riders who like to use a helmet.

Also, you will get some people who have no intention to use a helmet on the head at all. Therefore you may fell hesitated why the helmet is a must at the time of riding a bike.

Would you like to use a motorcycle helmet at the time of driving a bike? Have you an intention to use the helmet in Florida? Shortly we can say, no. Still, there are some exceptions.

Florida’s Helmet Laws

If your age is over 21, you have at least minimum medical insurance coverage of ten thousand dollars. You may legally ride a motorcycle without a helmet. Florida’s laws support this idea.

The insurance comes forward to cover an accident or injury, though many policies don’t. Riders should keep liability policy to take medical coverage as it is not possible to get off its way.

Your health insurance covers you. There are some accidents for which you cannot demand compensation from the insurance company.

This is the duty of the passenger to fulfill the requirement of the company. It is possible by riders own policy or by the policy of the insurance if it covers passenger.

This law is valid for those who are not residing in Florida. If you like to spend few years here or you will be living in somewhere, still you have to comply with Florida’s laws.

Laws Were Once Stronger

Once, the helmet was a must for the users to wear on the head in Florida. But this law canceled in 2000. After that, no attempts have been taken to bring it again.

The canceled of the laws have a great impact on the people. Before 2000, average 160 people faced death. But in 2001 that number has increased to 246. In 2006, almost 550 people faced death.

Laws Were Once Stronger

This number decreases somewhat for imposing motorcycle training laws. The law was enacted in Florida in 2012. The death has taken away lives of 457 people. The training laws made it compulsory for people to complete a basic course. The course contained a knowledge test to get a Florida Motorcycle approval.

Many companies are selling helmets on the market. But they have no approval of DOT. Athletic helmets such as lacrosse or football helmets haven’t got the approval. One can use this helmet anytime.

But these helmets aren’t approved for riding a motorcycle. Approved helmets got a DOT sticker on them.

Or they have got the approval of Snell or the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). These helmets have at least 1` padding. Unapproved helmets have less padding or maybe plastic without foaming lining.

Repealed Laws and Death Tolls

The death toll is the highest in Florida amongst the nations of the world. Many states like to impose helmet laws.

Though there are some countries which thought such laws are needless. Still, there are 19 states there where the helmet is a must to ride a bike.

Repealed Laws and Death Tolls

People who are against the prevailing laws claim that the death tolls are not for weakened laws. It is for the increased amount of motorcycle riders.

They said that the death tolls have gone up. It remains proportionate for increasing the motorcyclists on the road after all.

In Florida, it is must that a rider should wear eye protection at the time or drive a bike. The protection may be raised windshield or goggles.

The motorcyclists of Florida face more risk at the time of riding. There are some days when you will notice hardly few motorcyclists on the road.

Additionally, retirees and baby boomers are enthusiastic to ride a bike. This is the only country where retirees have more eager to ride. But some think that the demographic has not supported them to ride on safely.

Legal Problems if You are Injured

Helmet laws won’t solve the potential legal problems if you face a motorcycle accident or you aren’t wearing a helmet. Defendants allege that you bring your disaster for your injuries in part or full if you don’t wear a helmet.

Suppose you are driving a motorcycle without a helmet. Suddenly you have faced an accident against a car.

The driver of the car claims that you are injured not for accident rather for not wearing a helmet. In another word, he can say that you must use a helmet at the time or drive a bike. If you use a helmet, you may not be injured in an accident.

Legal Problems if You are Injured

If a rider doesn’t wear a helmet and falls in sustain head injury, this raises difficult problems.

When a lawyer thinks that the absence of helmet makes your injuries worse, he doesn’t support it at all. It will resist you to take compensation from the opposite party or insurance company.

It is true that there is no barrier between your head and the pavement. Your head may get more damage if an accident happens.

What laws say, don’t think more. Use a safety thing that can save your head from catastrophic injury.

Motorcycle injuries are very severe and catastrophic. It carries out own set of uncommon legal issues. Ask help from injury attorneys of Brill & Rinaldi for the suggestion to discuss your issue.

Motorcycle Helmets Are Mandatory In Florida Unless You Do This (2020)

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