Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Reviews

At the time of welding, keeping yourself protected is a must especially plasma cutting. It seems that security is a joke.

But it is not at all if you have to work to high temperature as well as the molten metal particle which constantly shoot off.

The UV rays always trigger to the eyes and infrared light emitted by the arc. What is the result?

Red, scratchy and swollen eyes. If you have quality protective gear, there is no chance to lose eyesight or unsightly infection quickly.

The superb type of helmet guards your eyes against arc and ensures maximum comfort.

In the cheap helmet, you will get fixed shade lens that remains dark all the time.

You may use it if you are a hobbyist. The problem comes if you have to care for various materials.

Modern technology has solved this problem, by adding auto darkening lens.

Helmets that are made with this type of LCD lens are very sensitive to the lighting conditions; the brightness of screen alters in the fraction of second, permits the welder to look properly to the weld puddle.

In this article, I have mentioned the most auto-darkening welding helmets that give amazing flexibility and allow you to switch from one specimen to other.

You may examine the quality except removing the helmet from the head. You can choose your best helmet among many of the helmets.

I can surely say that in the review I have mentioned all the high quality helmets having done test well and under grueling conditions.

auto darkening welding helmet reviews

Benefits of Using Auto Darkening Welding Helmets

  • As you are reading the reviews of best welding helmet, you see that people are suggesting various types of helmet. You are in confusion which one you need to buy or which one is the best. Some say auto darkening welding helmets is the best professional welding helmets. Below, you will see some of the best benefits of using the welding types of helmets:
  • It lessens neck strain. In the traditional helmet, you will get a fixed shade that must be lifted if there is need to look closer that is being welded. If you did it well, it may not cause fatigue but leave strain over the neck.
  • If you think about the safe matter of the helmet, it is sure that the helmet is a great choice for you. You must be sure that the harmful light emission would not cause any harm to your eyes though you weld now and then.
  • It is very significant to note that it uses the time wisely, leads better productivity. There is no need to flip lenses manually and set helmet position makes you more confusing what you are going to do.
  • This has improved the quality of the helmet. It permits the welders to do the job sincerely as it has a better vision for what they are doing.

Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Reviews

Jackson Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

If you like to buy the best welding helmet, be sure the Jackson Safety WH 70 BH3 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Balder Technology is the best or right choice for you.

The hood of the helmet offers best optical clarity with a 1/1/1/1 rating as having EN379 standards. The helmet is always ready to weld.

Features of Jackson Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

  • Jackson Safety BH3 Auto Darkening Filter lens got the top EN379 ratings for visual clarity, a variation of glowing transmittance, diffusion of light, angular dependence. It aids the welders to see from different points.
  • The Jackson Safety ADF protects wearer’s eyes and has variable darkness range from nine to thirteen aid shield to save eyes at the time of welding. The helmet is sensitive and delays setting of adaptability for various environments and work durations.
  • The high density and lightweight plastic shell aid to save the welders forehead, eyes, ears, neck from the join sparks and spatters. Besides the aerodynamic coiled front envelop plate gives reduced heat build up ad fogging better and reflection than HSL 100.
  • It gives clear and superior angle view to ensure clear view at the time of doing welding
  • It is more durable and creates superior material
  • For artistic design and fashion, thanks to it and wonderful visual appeal
  • Have five years limited warranty
  • It is light and comfortable on the head.
  • Has no test button
  • This is super end product

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Lincoln VIKING 3350 Welding Helmet

This is a splendid helmet has wonderful performance. It is made with basically customized plastics and gives more room for heating and saves from harmful ray penetration.

The helmet covers the head fully, ensures more protection and resists from physical harm from workshop accidents.

Lincoln helmet has glass pane lens which helps to magnify the focal point and enlarges the workable area.

The helmet is a great helmet for the professional users who are using it for a long time. It saves from the harmful arc rays.

The helmet has one of the best auto darkening welding reviews and saves from physical head harms.

The other features of the helmet are four sensors, a glass sensor, and shade adjustment properties to ensure more or full protection.

The product is supported by incumbent removable backup batteries, so there are no power breaks up while doing welding.

Features of Lincoln VIKING 3350 Welding Helmet

  • Four sensors
  • Optical clear rating 1/1/1/1
  • Replaceable lithium battery
  • Shade settings of six to thirteen
  • Pivoting headgear and standard level of comfort
  • Weight is 595 grams 21 ounces
  • The largest Viking viewport
  • It has larger viewing area. You can weld the tighter area for having clarity of the lens
  • Magnifying lens are possible to see with the helmet
  • The shade may darken in about 1/25000 of a second
  • It is lightweight and comfortable therefore may not cause fatigue and comfortable to wear all the days
  • The only demerit of the helmet is that the shiny black of the outer surface desires to hold scratches- it is a simple issue, and for some users, it does not matter of annoyance.

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Hobart 770753 Pro Variable Auto-Dark Helmet

The PRO Series Black helmet ensures to see the largest area at the time of welding.

The four arc sensors of the helmet may detect the out of position welding.

It has expanded shade setting from #8 to #3 added with ultra-fast 1/30000 second switching speed give more flexibility for Stick, MIG, and low amperage Tig applications.

For the serious welder lightweight, the comfortable and durable helmet is a must for bigger welding project or those long days.

The Hobart PRO series helmets are made with durable materials and confirm comfort in mind. The weight of the helmet is under one pound 90z.

Features of Hobart 770753 Pro Variable Auto-Dark Helmet

  • Durable and lightweight
  • Shut off/ Grind Mode
  • Variable shade no. 8 to 13, the light state no. 3
  • 9,02 square inch viewing area
  • 1/30000 second reaction time
  • Possible to work with it in any circumstance
  • Gives superior visibility
  • Darkens automatically within second
  • It has two replaceable CR2450 lithium batteries means that you can do work in any circumstance as there is no electricity or the sun or you do not like to use extra batteries.
  • The headband retains adjustment once it is adjusted
  • Lightweight design is found everywhere
  • The helmet is expensive somewhat
  • The headband is not simply adjustable

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Welding Helmet, Shade 3 and 8-1         

 This is the view of the customers that it is the best auto darkening helmet on the market.

It has a solar powered panel which aids the helmet to run at the time of breakout.

Welding helmet has adjustable knobs to set the wanted shade or light of the users. It is made to cover the whole head as well as up to ears the Miller 251292 having many features of diffusing arc rays along with inhibiting entrance for the helmet.

It gives total protection and very light to use and does work for longer periods.

With proper care, the helmet lasts for a longer time and is very reliable.

The helmet is made of plastic material which is difficult to break down, ensures free air circulation and gives full coverage.

The helmet is very cheap and ensures astonishingly outstanding. The other features of the helmet are lightweight, very sleek and cheap. It removes fatigue and lasts for a long time with proper care.

Features of Welding Helmet, Shade 3 and 8-1

  • Battery Type AAA, Power Source Battery and solar, battery life 2000 hr.
  • Auto darkening welding helmet
  • Switching Speed, Electromagnetic sensor no, TIG AMP rating 20A,
  • Material Nylon, classic series, the number of Arc sensors 2, Grind Mode No, ADF controls analog.
  • Electromagnetic sensor no, Turning speed 1/10,000, TIG Amp rating 20A.
  • Comfortable and lightweight to wear
  • The helmet is great to work
  • Somewhat heavy

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Antra Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

The helmet has secured top position amongst the other helmets on the market.

It is made from carbon fiber, an expensive and innovative material in the market.

Antra is an auto darkening helmet made of solar power panel which enables it to stand working at the time of powers breaks ups.

It is made well to do its function well and remain rigid at the time of welding.

Antra have four sensors, a wide coverage and are used for various purposes like TIG, MAG, MIG and carbon arc and plasma arc activities.

The lit has connected knob to expand and limit features which are made with it.

Antra fulfill the demand of the user and have comfortable fittings attire which is made to save head and face.

The helmet has two characteristics like off and on the button. It is very simple to use and has replaceable batteries.

The helmet is made of reflexive modes of darkening if sparks are created to save eyes, has a magnifying lens. You can remove and wash sweat mask of the helmet.

Features of Antra Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

  • Step-less delay and sensitivity knob adjustment
  • Super for MIG, ARC, Plasma, TIG applications having grinding features
  • Shade Variable nine to thirteen converting most common welding or cutting processes
  • Magnifying lens compatible design or cheaper lens
  • Large viewing size 3.78×2.07 with four premium sensors
  • The unit is great for arc welding processes like MAG, MIG, SMAW, TIG, carbon arc and plasma arc
  • Cool carbon fiber design
  • Great choice for expert users. The auto darkening filter AF350 is made for cutting application or arc welding
  • A new type of auto darkening welding helmet with having solar power design made by Antec Electronics.
  • Nothing at all

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ArcPro 20704 Auto-Darkening Solar Powered Welding Helmet

ArcPro 20704 Auto-Darkening Solar Powered Welding Helmet

The arcpro is the best auto darkening welding system. The customers like this helmet very much. It has an auto-darkening ability to spark from any ray.

There is a big viewing capacity of the arcpro welding helmet. The user can easily see the viewing field at the time of working.

The helmet adjusts the shade in the duration of DIN 9 and DIN 13 especially for welding and 4 for grinding. It creates more acr rays which are harmful the eyes of the users.

The task of the Arcpro helmet is to save eyes, head and the neck of the welders from infrared arc rays, welding sparks, and ultraviolet rays.

This is very quick and competent in the rejoinder of ultraviolet rays. Since the sparking light stops, the auto darkening system stops automatically.

The auto darkening rate stands at 1/25000th of a second in the limit of main light.


  • Welding field 3.78-inch x 2.07 inch
  • Reaction time 1/25,000
  • Very large 3.78-inch x 2.07-inch viewing field
  • Stepless added knob sensitivity control
  • Shade DIN 9 – DIN 13 variable along with grinding mode
  • Automatic off and on the switch along with replaceable 3V Lithium batteries
  • arcPro 20704 auto-darkening solar powered welding helmet
  • Grinding and welding modes
  • Quick auto darkening for best protection
  • No

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History of Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

The history stated that welding helmet was first introduced in 1937. It came with a window enclosed with a strain to help the welder to weld. This is a very important piece of device that protects the users.

The lens of this helmet is made of polarized lenses. These lenses have the variable thickness.

The problem is that this helmet fails to protect the harmful UV radiations. It can’t give more protection from enough darkening. Sometimes this helmet becomes so dark that it blinds the users.

A new helmet named auto-darkening helmet was introduced in 1981 to solve this problem.

The first darkening welding helmet was initiated in 1981 by a Swedish manufacturer. The electronic LCD shutter replaces the window of the welding helmet for the auto darkening helmets.

The shutter bears a sensor that senses the concentration of the light. It gives auto darkening on the way of this intensity.

There are many other features with this helmet than the traditional helmets. We will discuss them later on.

How to Choose the Best Welding Helmet

There are many numerous helmets on the market. Amongst them, you have to choose the right one.

So taking the decision is a great task, and it takes some time to make a decision. It is not an easy task.

It also takes efforts to make the right decision. Below there is some information which will help you to choose the best helmet:

Think about your budget. The first thing you have to think how much money would you like to spend to buy the helmet.

Some people do not like to spend more for the best welding helmet. They like to buy the cheapest option found on the market.

It is not wise if the quality is compensated. Spending for welding helmet is a wise investment.

  • Make a list of 3 top brands models of the helmet. The helmet gives you a good starting point comparing one from another
  • Notice the features to differentiate your choices which have initially listed. Try to find which one that is better than the other.
  • Select the accurate size. Different manufacturers make different sizes. Look which size is fit snugly. The helmet is very tight. You can stop using the helmet if it is uncomfortable and unable to use for doing welding job well.
  • Read the reviews of other people which are found on online. Reading more will help you to choose the best option for many. If you do not like to take the opinions of the strangers, you may take it from the people who are personally known to you.

Ten tips for caring you’re best welding helmet

After choosing the best or right helmet, the next thing is to consider the function of the helmet.

The helmet must be in great shape. Reliable helmets are no very cheap, makes sense for the users to take good care of it.

auto darkening welding helmet reviews

It is best if the welder could have few sorts of return on investment to buy the welding helmet.

The welding helmet is a not simple tool for the welder- this is a great job. A partner ensures his job safely.

This is like a wingman- which aids him to do the job without being injured or hurt.

The function of a welding helmet is to save the welder’s face especially the eyes.

The helmet is no longer efficient to do the job of saving the welder if it is no longer in tip-top shape.

Cracks, scratches, overuse of daily tear and wear, no replacement, ill maintenance case harm not to the helmet, and the welder’s health as well.

  • If you do not use it, keep the helmet in a safe place. Do not keep the helmet in areas where it may fall off, get wet and gather too much dust. It must be kept within the reach of the children.
  • At the time of traveling save or protect the helmet. Bring your welding helmet in a bag. This will save the helmet from scratches from one place to another place. The benefit is that there will be no scratch over the helmet or from the rubbing by the other welding tools or by the hard object at the time of traveling. There are bags to carry the helmet while traveling. You should not buy the bags if your budget is limited. You can buy an ordinary bag to serve the purpose if it has enough safety or protection of the lens area of the helmets.
  • After using the helmet, clean it well. Cleaning up the welding helmet by normally wiping it down keeps the helmet in good condition. The helmet holds dust or chemicals for using the whole days. Clean the lenses inside as well as out.
  • See the helmet. Inspect the helmet regularly. You can do it on a particular day of a week. You should not forget it. See if any replacement is needed. If there is any crack, scratch or another type of damage which may affect the performance. Monitor regularly or seeing daily may lead you one step ahead of helmet injury or damage.
  • Use suggested cleaning products clean the helmet. Do not use harsh spray or cleaners to clean your helmet. Keep away from using abrasive cloths which may scratch the surface of the helmet particularly for lenses. See the manufacturer’s guide to know which cleaning materials or cleanser is fit to clean the helmet.
  • There are some people who do not like to read the manufacturers’ manual. Everyone should read it carefully. In it, you will get the details of cleaning procedures or cleaning materials. If you like a helmet, see manual carefully and follow it well later on.
  • Every day sees the condition of lenses carefully. Replace the lens regularly to be sure that your helmet is in tip-top shape and be sure your eyes are protected well. If lens coating is damaged, harmful light may enter your eyes and can do great harm for eyes. It also leads your eyes to injuries or leads to a dangerous state of levels.
  • As you replace the parts regularly, the helmet will give you more protection. The manual will give you a guideline to replace your helmet parts. For doing so, the helmet will give you more service, especially for the filters and for the lens. As you see none, you can call the manufacturer to find out, or you have the option to visit the company’s website.
  • Keep spare lens in your hands. It is not a great thing to visit store frequently to buy replacement lenses. If you have more lenses in your, you are sure that the helmet is maintained well, all times your eyes will remain danger free.
  • Replace the sweatbands now and then. You have to replace the sweatbands regular basis if you are exposed to do welding under the sun or outdoors.

Fixed vs Variable Shade

There is a fixed or variable shade adjusted with lenses in the auto darkening helmets.

Lenses are very useful for a single type material mainly for steel. The thickness of the steel transforms the lenses by the similar way. Here a #10 shade may you demand.

You like to weld more than one type of thickness, material or process – that may be variable shade lens come in.

If you like to save your eyes properly from the brightness of light from different angles, you must adjust the shade of the lens. You will be able to see the weld puddle by doing this.

Lens Reaction Time (Delay)

This number expresses the speed, the helmet turns from light/dark or dark/ light mode. If the number is smaller, the lens with induces shade process quicker if the arc is struck.

In such case, eyes are protected very quickly. The number remains in the millisecond; it means that all are instantaneous. This number affects your comfort at the time of welding.

A longer delay may create an uncomfortable and dry feeling for your eyes, something same as being flashed.

Solar vs Rechargeable (usually Lithium) Batteries

Some helmets are totally solar-powered. After few hours, you have to charge them under the sun after using the first time.

If you don’t use the helmet for a long time or the battery wears out, you must recharge it or replace it.

A very important feature of the solar assisted helmet is that you can replace its battery. It will help you to begin welding quickly.

Some helmets have normal AAA batteries. Lithium batteries have long duration shelf life. You can replace them easily. The batteries are also cheaper.

Final Verdict

I am not a tradesman. So I admit that I have limited knowledge in this regard if the question comes to welding. From my personal interest, I try to know more or explore new areas every day.

The review above is the result of my meticulous homework. It is my passion that led to knowing successfully about some types of best quality helmets.

auto darkening welding helmet reviews

I have done something, and the rest remains for you. Chalk out the intensity of the project you like to work on, know the details of the product matches your particular desires.

Find and compare the information obtained from the internet or other sources before going to conclusion points. Above all who does not like his money?

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