Bell Qualifier DLX Review: DLX MIPS-Equipped Helmet

‘Helmet’ comes from the German word ‘helm’ – a word used for protective headgears. A helm covers the head and protects it from injury during accidents. Also, it comes with a camalo to protect the throat and the neck.


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Helmets are a shape of protection worn to shield the head. It helps to complement the cranium to shield the brain. Helmets are used for distinct purposes; biking, racing, baseball, and the likes.

It is therefore imperative to select the helmet that is appropriate for your needs. This is why we have come up with the Bell Qualifier DLX review to help with your decision.

Bell Qualifier DLX Review

Last update on 2023-05-14 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

It comes with extremely good and magnificent features. The helmet provides a remarkable performance at a small price. The helmet’s shell is made of polycarbonate material that is lightweight. This makes it comfortable for the head, and you will hardly ever feel that there’s something on your head.

Bell Qualifier helmet comes with a double shield – a clear defend on the helmet and a darkish smoke click release shield. Both shields have anti-fog solution and anti-scratch coatings. The anti-fog solution helps to wipe away the fog from the helmet, it doesn’t enable the shield to be blurry. The anti-scratch coating prolongs the existence of the helmet.

Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet

The helmet accepts Bluetooth and intercom headsets that allow for communication throughout riding. You don’t have to be cut off from the world while cruising. You can pay attention to your favored song as you go. It is also a way to prevent accidents, as your arms are free to experience when you have to get hold of a call.

This amazing helmet features a detachable and washable interior. The interior is made of an antimicrobial and microfleece fabric. The helmet also comes with a ventilation machine for cooling and greater relief for the duration of riding. The ventilation system can be adjusted to go well with the weather for the season.

The chin curtain and breath deflector are an added gain to the helmet. The chin curtain helps to decrease the amount of air that flows into the chin area. It additionally helps to manage the temperature in the helmet. There is additionally a reduction of the noise that enters the helmet. The breath deflector is to prevent fog from the visor. It makes the visor remain clear whilst riding.

The Qualifier DLX helmet comes with a cheek pad that is soft and comfortable. It protects the cheek area with the tender interior. This is what protects the cheek from breaking at some stage in a crash. Aside from being a protector for the head and brain, the helmet additionally serves as a safety for the cheek.

The visor of the helmet is one of the exquisite features that make it the best. The visor science is from Transitions company and it is very rare to have a helmet with this function at that price. The visor works in a way that it gets dark in the solar and is very clear at night. It helps to block direct sunlight from entering the eyes.

Pros & Cons of Bell Qualifier DLX


  • Transitions Adaptive Shield – The Transition Adaptive technology is integrated into the helmet and protects the eyes from direct sunlight. It also prevents harmful UV rays from entering the eyes. The visor gets darker under the sun and clears at night. The transitions visor has a disadvantage though; when it gets dark under UV light, it takes some time to come back on.
  • Strong shell design – The helmet is of lightweight material that is durable and strong. The polycarbonate shell has the ability to absorb a heavy impact in an accident.
  • Ventilation system – There are two top and lower vents that allow the flow of air into the helmet. You can close or open the vents independent of each other. The ventilation can also be adjusted for cooling to suit different weather conditions.
  • Padded interior – The helmet features interior pads that are removable and washable. The interior keeps you comfortable during long rides. It also helps to reduce noise and wind.
  • Bluetooth facility – The helmet comes with Bluetooth and intercom capacity. It works with an external Bluetooth setting that allows for communication during riding. You can also plug in your music and listen as you cruise.
  • Warranty – the helmet has a five-year warranty and it is DOT approved.


  • There has to be greater care in taking off the helmet because it can harm the temple.

Bell Qualifier DLX Blackout Street Motorcycle Helmet

Why is Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet Different From Others?

The Bell Qualifier DLX is one of the latest models of Bell helmets. It is known to include some features that other helmets do not have. Some of them include, but are not limited to:

Transitions photochromic

This feature protects the face from UV light. It goes dark in the presence of UV light. It also features a face shield that is treated with NutraFog II to make it anti-fog. It includes also an additional ClickRelease face shield that can be adjusted up and down.

Built-in port

This is one of the bonus features of the helmet. The Bell Qualifier DLX comes with a built-in port that accommodates cardo Q1 or Q3 intercom. You can also plug in a speaker set to amplify the volume of your music.


The chin bar has double vents that are found at the back of the helmet. The vents serve as a spot to replace the microphone in the middle of the chin bar. Cool air also flows in through the vents and makes the helmet comfortable.

Removable inner liner

The helmet comes with a soft and removable inner liner. This keeps the head from having direct contact with the helmet shield.

Bell Qualifier DLX Bluetooth

Bell Qualifier helmet comes with a Bluetooth facility that avails you the opportunity to remain connected while riding. You do not have to be blocked from communication, once you have your helmet on.

The helmet comes with its own Bluetooth, but you can also install another one on it. The Bell Sena SMH10 is the Bluetooth designed for Bell Qualifier DLX helmets. It is a stereo headset with wide and long-range Bluetooth settings.

With this Bluetooth, you can make calls, listen to music, or GPS navigation’s voice instructions. You can also have communications with other bike riders. The Bluetooth comes with an improved technology that offers you smooth incoming and outgoing sounds. It also comes with an easy to access control button.

Bell Qualifier DLX Pinlock

Bell Qualifier DLX pinlock is an anti-fog insert clip that is located in the visor. The pinlock is between two adjustable pins in the visor. The clip can be swapped as your riding requires. The pinlock is made of plastic and silicone seal.

The plastic is moisture absorbent, and the silicone seal helps to ensure that there is air space between the pinlock insert and the helmet visor. The pinlock has extended fog resistance endurance that enables you to see clearly in harsh weather conditions.

Also, the pinlock comes with a protective film attached to it. It should be removed before fixing it on the helmet. It features a clear insert that provides you fog-free vision under normal weather conditions. A light tint insert is also included, and this is what offers a comfortable vision when it is dark or cloudy. It provides you with a clear vision as you ride.

Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet Video Review

Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet(FAQs)

How do I know the perfect size of the helmet for my head? 

You can measure the circumference of your head with tape. The tape shouldn’t be too tight. You can also test the helmet on your head to know if it fits well.

How do I know if my helmet is Snell approved? 

You can look under the helmet’s liner or you can also check the certified list for Snell online.

Can I change my helmet’s visor? 

It is possible to change the visor if you don’t want it or just want to have it replaced. It only requires some technical know-how.

Do all helmets accommodate visor? 

It is not all helmets you can use a visor with. Not all helmets come with a visor and not all helmets are designed to work with one. You have to be sure yours works with a visor before you think of fixing one.

Are face shields reusable? 

Not all face shields are reusable. But those that can be reused provides more durability and are adjustable.

Bell Qualifier helmet

Final Thoughts

If you desire a helmet that gives you a full package deal of features, the Bell Qualifier DLX helmet is your pleasant bet. The helmet comes with amazing points that make it unique. The Transitions photochromatic faceguard is one of the aspects you can not however prefer to have in your helmet.

The helmet has a strong helmet shield. The shield comes with a polycarbonate, lightweight material. Bell Qualifier comes with a ventilation device that you can regulate to suit your comfort per time. This helps to enable the acceptable circulation of air in the helmet.

The Bell Qualifier DLX helmet review has been carefully compiled to assist you in your preference of helmet. Its outstanding elements and blessings will help you select wisely.

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