Bell Qualifier Helmet Review: Top 10 Options in 2022!

The main reason for using a motorcycle helmet when riding is safety. It protects the rider’s head during impacts if an accident occurs during riding: This prevents, and in case of a severe accident, reduces the chances of the cyclist having a head injury.

In 2008, research showed that helmet reduces the chances of death by 42% and mortality by 69% if worn when a motorcycle accident occurs. Apart from being worn for protection, helmets are also worn for ventilation, ear protection, and ventilation.


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There are different types of helmets, but full face and motocross are often used as motorcycle helmets. When it comes to choosing this best of before mentioned types of helmets, Bell Qualifier Helmet is the best buy.

1. Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

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This helmet has a tinted shield option. It has a quick-release shield system and comes with a lightweight personalized fit.

This helmet has integrated speaker pockets, contoured cheek pad, and anti-bacterial interior. It is the easiest and fastest shield ever made. In addition to that, all its guards are not damped by fogs, are scratch resistance, and have UV protection.

It is equipped with a padded wind collar that reduces the effect of road and wind noise. The helmet can be customized to fit you. It has a lightweight polycarbonate shell, which gives it a lightweight construction. Because of the exceptional qualities, the helmet makes the driver perform at an optimal level.

It was made to comply with the United States Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 (FMVSS 218). It is lightweight, 2.1 pounds, won’t be a burden on your head.

Pros & Cons of Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet


  • It has a tinted shield option.
  • It comes with the easiest, fastest, and tool-free shield swaps.
  • It has three shells and EPS design
  • DOT certified
  • Has five years warranty
  • FMVSS 218 Standard


  • It is expensive

2. Bell Qualifier DLX Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

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This product has a well-ventilated system for cooling and comfort. It comes with contoured cheek pad and can be used Bluetooth stereo headset

It has three amazing properties: Anti-scratch, Anti-fog, and UV protection. Bell Qualifier DLX Full-Face motorcycle helmet can be used with Cardo and Sena systems. This helmet is equipped with an adaptive shield. It is one of those helmets that can be washed.

Its aerodynamic ability makes it resist life and buffering, and can be used with Cardo Scala Rider Bluetooth headset, made with padded wind collar to reduce the impact of road and wind noise. Using this helmet riding is even more fun because it comes with integrated speakers.

Wicks water has contoured cheek pads. With Bell Qualifier DLX Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet, you can ride in fog with incredible visibility because it has superior NutraFog II superior anti-fog.

Pros & Cons of Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet 


  • Has padded wind collar
  • Comes with contoured cheek pad
  • UV protected
  • Light polycarbonate shell
  • Have integrated speakers
  • Its interior is washable
  • Comes with Adaptive Shield Transition
  • DOT standard
  • Can be used with Bell Sena


  • It hurts the temple if not taken off with care.

3. Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

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The product is equipped with MIPS technology; this protects the rider from dangerous speed and angle impact.  Pros and beginners can use it.

Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet comes with MIPS, which means Multi-Directional Impact Protection System and Flying Bridge visor. This separates it from other types of Bell helmet.

The MIPS is a slip-plane technology that reduces the effect of rotational forces when some specific impacts occur. The Flying Bridge Visor allows an uninterrupted flow of air, which in turn brings stability when riding.

Also, it is equipped with MX-9 with making it compactable with any dirt goggle present out there.

Pros & Cons of Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Helmet 


  • Suitable for professionals and beginners
  • Its anti-bacteria, and can be washed
  • Equipped with MIPS technology
  • Work with dirt goggle
  • Velocity-flow ventilation
  • Washable and removable liner
  • The UV protection and anti-scratch
  • Has flying edge visor
  • Cheek pads keep sweat buildup in control


  • It is expensive
  • It is heavy to carry

4. Bell Qualifier DLX Blackout Street Motorcycle Helmet

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This product is different from all other Bell Qualifier Helmet based on three things. It wicks water, it is anti-microbial and made from microfleece fabric.

Like Bell Qualifier products, this helmet has five years warranty, and its DOT approved. It can be used to navigate through the smoke.

It is integrated with some features similar to the flagship Star line, equipped with aggressive styling and velocity flow ventilation.

Bell Qualifier DLX Blackout Street Motorcycle Helmet also the following features: two shields (one on the helmet, the other is a dark smoke.), Bluetooth stereo communication, padded wind collar, a washable liner, aggressive styling, and other amazing features.

Having a DLX means lyrics on the go and at its best because of its powerful integrated speakers.

Pros & Cons of Bell Qualifier DLX Blackout Street Helmet


  • It’s anti-microbial
  • It wicks water
  • Has integrated speaker pockets
  • Comes with Velocity Flow ventilation
  • Integrated Bluetooth stereo communication
  • Has washable liner
  • Best for riding through smoke


  • It is heavy
  • It is costly

​5. Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

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This product comes with a photochromic shield and Slip-plane technology designed to reduce rotational forces on impact. The photochromic shied is activated by UV rays.

The Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS was designed to raise your performance to an exceptional level. It comes with a Click release shield system.

It is made to comply with the United States Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218. Despite these fantastic features, the products come at an affordable price.

It is risk efficient because its slip-plane design helps reduce the damaging effects of rotational forces in case an accident occurs.

This helmet does not feel heavy on the head and offers a great deal of safety and circulation when you are riding. It gives superb visibility at any time of the day, and its recommended for use by professional riders.

Pros & Cons of Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS Motorcycle Helmet


  • Its photochromic shield protects against UV rays.
  • It allows Bluetooth communication
  • DOT certified
  • It has Aero Dynamic shells


  • It is scare
  • Sun shield often reduce visibility in rain
  • Noisy at high speed
  • The cheek pads are tight

6. Bell Qualifier Dual Shield Snow Helmet

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This product has a contoured cheek pad but comes with something different. It has a breath box with an adjustable nose bridge. Also, it is made to reduce road noise drastically.

This product has three certifications AS, DOT, and ECE. It doesn’t fog, and it keeps you warm. Suitable for the night, and come with padded wind collar reduces road and wind noise to the barest minimum.

The helmet has integrated speaker pockets, made with lightweight polycarbonate. You don’t need any tool to replace its shied. Its contoured cheek pads make riding fun.

The product’s visibility is not affected by the presence of fogs. It comes equipped with NutraFog II, an anti-fog. It is resistant to any scratch, and its shield cannot be affected by VU rays.

Pros & Cons of Bell Qualifier Dual Shield Snow Helmet


  • Its interior is washable
  • UV protected shield
  • Covers breathe box and have to adjust the nose bridge
  • Comes with contoured cheek pads
  • Has padded chin strap
  • Has AS, DOT, ECE certifications.


  • It squeezes your temple
  • Tight around the neck.

7. Bell Qualifier Forced Air Helmet

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The product is made with a ventilation system, which allows the rider to enjoy a cold comfort while riding. In addition to that, it has an anti-bacterial interior.

It has a fantastic ClickRelease shield. The air circulation in the helmet can be controlled. Like some of the other Bell products. It is washable and has an interior protected against the presence of bacteria.

It was made in a way to keep dust and sand out, while the forced air makes you breathe cold and fresh air. The helmet was specially made to meet the demands for pilots and co-pilots

It gives impressive vicinity in fogs because of the presence of NaturaFog II. Its body is scratch-resistance, and it’s should are protected against the effect of UV rays.

Bell Qualifier Forced Air Helmet is DOT approved, up to FMVSS standard, and has five years warranty.

Pros & Cons of Bell Qualifier Forced Air Helmet


  • Its interior is safe from bacterial
  • DOT approved
  • Comes with five years warranty
  • Contoured cheek pads
  • D-Ring closure
  • Compactible with Bluetooth
  • Washable and removable interior


  • Tight on temples
  • Expensive
  • It causes weak air circulation.

8. Bell Qualifier Full Face Street Helmet

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What is the most attractive feature of the helmet? The answer is that the price of the helmet is affordable. You must spend a lot of money for a professional helmet. But for Bell Qualifier Unisex helmets you have to spend less money.

The Bell Company adds numerous features to this helmet with low price. This helmet is fit for average motorcyclists and at high speeds.

The design of the helmet is awesome. It has various sizes from XS to XXL. The color of the helmet is very attractive and matches well with all styles.

It has pink, black matte designs and fuchsia stripes. You may get your style accordingly that will suit best for your taste.

This helmet is made of very lightweight polycarbonate material. It has an integrated ABS shell for more security. It has got DOT certificate. You can replace shield without any additional tools or heavy.

The shield of the helmet is made from top quality materials. It is reinforced with the NatraFog II anti-fog technology and UV protection.

The anti-scratch reinforcements ensure long-lasting design regardless weather and road conditions.

The padded wind collar may lessen the road noises and wind. So you can concentrate on the road only without the disturbance of the noises.

It creates a calm and noise free environment inside your helmet. Naturally, you can give more emphasis to the attention of the road and avoid accidents

The Bell Qualifier unisex adult helmet is equipped with padded chin straps and strong check pads. The inner lining is totally removable and washable. This is sure that you will get helmet free from humidity.

Pros & Cons of Bell Qualifier Full Face Street Helmet


  • Completely washable interiors
  • Affordable price
  • Aerodynamic and lightweight shell shape
  • Anti-fogging technology for clear and better vision
  • 5 years limited warranty
  • Wind and noise free environment
  • Have lots of sizes and styles to fulfill the demand of the users. Well fitted also.


  • It has a clear visor. Moreover, you can purchase the tinted one
  • Size is bit smaller. We suggest sizing up the helmet.

What is a Bell Qualifier Helmet?

Bell qualifier helmet is for auto racing, bike, and motorcycle racing.

They are made to make the= best drivers in the world perform at their best. The helmets are made to unleash possibilities, and make a dream come true.

Bell qualifier Helmets are made to help you live, ride, drive and thrive.

How to choose a bell qualifier helmet. 

Helmet noise

Most of Bell’s helmets are made to reduce wind and road noise drastically. Many who have bought the products testified that they were minimal or no noise intrusion into the helmet.


Bell helmet is equipped with velocity flow ventilation technology, which makes air circulate appropriately in the helmet. They are also designed with air vents that allow easy passage of air in the helmet.


The product has one of the best visors you can ever have. Bell’s helmet visor is anti-fog, Photochromic, and shielded UV rays again. All thanks to the presence of NaturaFog II

Comfort and Sizing.

Bell Helmets’ weight ranges from 1.6 pounds to 4.8 pounds, though many complain about the weight. But they found solace in the fact that it makes riding easy and comfortable. It is made from a polycarbonate shell, which is quite durable. It doesn’t remove from your head during an accident.

Padding and Interior

Most Helmets’ interior is designed to be anti-bacterial, which makes it safe for riders. It is padded with 3D contour layers cheek pads. They are washable and removable. You don’t need a tool to repair some of them.


Every Bell Helmet has five years warranty.

Safety Certification 

Bell helmets are AS, DOT, ECE certified.

Why You Choose Bell Qualifier Unisex Adult Full Face Helmet

There are numerous wonderful designs and sizes of a helmet from XS to XXL. Moreover, it has lots of color schemes. You can choose your desired one from them.

The black matte design is the best for pink, fuchsia stripes, and red geometrical design. This will be super for your personality.

This helmet is well constructed. A lightweight polycarbonate material is used here with added ABS shell construction for giving security. It has got DOT certifications.

To replace the shield, you need no extra tools. You can do it just clicking on the shield.

Moreover, the shield is made of top graded materials and reinforced with the NutraFog II anti-fog technology. It can protect UV rays and anti-scratch reinforcements.

So the helmet lasts for a long time regardless weather conditions and the roads.

The helmet is designed in such a way that it reduces the wind or road noise inside the helmet. It comes with padded wind collar which is a distinguished feature of this helmet.

As there is no noise from outside, you can focus on the road more without any noise disturbance.

This helmet creates the calm and noise free environment inside your helmet. It helps you to give more focus on road and avoid accidents.

The Bell Qualifier unisex adult helmet has a strong check pad with the padded chin strap to ensure closer fit.

The internal lining is removable as well as washable. So you can enjoy a humid free helmet all the time.

Safety of Bell Qualifier Unisex Helmets

The Bell Qualifier is polycarbonate complete face helmet. It has got the approval of ECE and DOT certificate. Therefore this helmet is legal in Australia, Europe and US.

The Qualifier safety SHARP has got 3 stars out of 5 regarding. All Bells have got five points out of five. None of the previous Bell has been made of polycarbonate. It has dropped little brownie points.

The helmet has lost few marks in the SHARP data test for having side impact. It has scored very badly on the left hand side impact examination.

Do you think that (you notice on the picture of the hi-viz above) the communicator panel has weakened the helmet? This is a coincident after all.

Qualifier MIPS

The helmet has got 3 stars for ensuring safety. Here is not all the story. It is sharp tested. The bell releases an upgraded MIPS version for the users.

The elaboration of MIPs is Multi-directional Impact Protection System. It permits the internal shock absorbing lining to move semi-independently from the exterior shell. It protects the rotational forces imposed on the helmet.

Qualifier MIPS

It saves the users head and neck during an accident. Rotational forces may twist the skull around the brains causing hemorrhage. It is also responsible for neck injuries.

Bell is adding something like qualifier range that is the cheaper range of the helmets. We like the helmet most as it has been tested by SHARP for the quality of the helmet.

Compare this MIPS with another non-MIPs version for the oblique test where rotation’s mixed with the testing.

Besides the SHARP test result, the qualifier is made in three different sizes. This is a great thing. You can select the desired size among them.

The helmets are proportionately accuracy for your head size. It has doubled- ring straps and ACU gold stickered of UK. It means that you take it on the track when it floats your boats.

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Bell Qualifier Helmet (FAQs)

Should I paint my helmet?

We do not advise that. Painting your Bell Helmet will reduce or even damage some specific functions in your helmet.

How often should I change my helmet?

Each Bells Qualifier Helmet comes with a guarantee of 5 years. However, once you have used your helmet for three years, you can replace it. You can bring the helmets to our office for inspection to know it if needs to be replaced or not.

What are the things I need to do to maintain my helmet? 

Ensure the helmet dry’s after use. Keep it away from excessive heat; it can damage the youth helmet. When you are not using your helmet, put them inbox, then store in a cool, dry place.

How do I clean my helmet?

When cleaning your helmet, do not use any petroleum-based products. They damage your helmet. Petroleum product reduces the visibility of the helmet. Use water and soft cloths to clean helmets.

What do I do if my helmet gets damaged, should I repair it?

The efficiency of a damaged helmet has been reduced. It is not guaranteed that it will perform its functions well. Change damaged Helmets don’t repair.

Wrap Up

Reading the above reviews, you would agree that Bell Helmets are one of the best helmets you can spend your money to buy. They offer a wide range of quality helmets. I want to talk about two of the products briefly.

Bell Qualifier Dual Shield snow helmet will be a good buy because it has AS, DOT, ECE certifications, which means it is of high quality. But judging its features, Bell Qualifier DLX Blackout Street Motorcycle Helmet will be a good buy too. It has some features similar to the flagship Star line.


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