Bell Qualifier Unisex Adult Full Face Helmet Review

The Bell Bullitt is the retro piece and stunning. It has multi-density EPS liner, 3 shell EPS system, a fiber composite shell, a Magnefusion shield closure system, and 3D cut cheek pads.

The Bullit gives Steve McQueen-enqueue and Steve style. Many ridthe ers like this helmet very much in recent years for having modern features.

Bell Qualifier Torque Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

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You may modify the appearance of having various colors. The helmet also has different types of supports for your riding style. 4 mesh intake vents line up of the visor.

A single tilt to the back of the helmet finishes the ventilation procedures. The vent welcomes the helmet.

Additionally, it manages rounded, smooth and external parts of the Bullitt. The rounded styling and low profile confirm that the appearance of the Bell stays loyal to its predecessor.

Features of Bell Qualifier Unisex Adult Full Face Helmet

  • Anti-scratch, UV protective and NurtaFog II.
  • Lightweight ABS or polycarbonate shell construction
  • Press release shield for easy, tool-free and fast shield replacement
  • Padded wind collar greatly lessens road noise and wind
  • Removable as well as washable interior. Integrate speaker pockets. Contoured cheek pads. Well, padded chin straps along with D-ring closure. 5 years limited warranty from the industry.


  • The chin strap is same as the conventional D-ring style and has no quick release system.
  • Has no breathing deflector to save the visor from fogging up.
  • There is another brand that gives both of these features with the same price


  • The bit noisy with low speed
  • No breath guard, no chin curtain


There are 7 vents with the helmet. It has 2 intake vents near the forehead and 4 Venturi vents to the back. There is an easily operable vent in the chin bars.

These vents play an important role in immaculate air circulation. When a rider angles forward, the noise reduces fairly.

However, lots of helmet users complained of the wind whistling of the Bell Qualifier helmet after driving 30 mph for usual posture.


The helmet comes with the mean design which it takes from sports brethren. The internal shell of the helmet is the oval shape.

Therefore it accommodates more head sizes than typical round shape. The polycarbonate shell of the helmet is made from very lightweight materials.

The qualifier helmet is made to ensure more stability. The chin is not added with a chin curtain that makes it frosty for the cold days.

Bell qualifier helmet visor

You will get a clear visor with the Qualifiers that is made from anti-scratch, UV protection materials, and Nutrafog II anti-fog. This is very simple to switch out the visor of a flashy photochromatic shield.

Bell qualifier helmet visor

In the market, Bell comes in different colors. You can choose your color from yellow, silver, blue, dark tint, light tint, clear and gold mirror visors.

The Bell Qualifier is found in anti-fog treated and standard. Pinlock insert version is perfect for your need.

Bell also comes with new light reacting Photochromic Transitions visors which alter clear to dark-colored within seconds.

Why You Choose Bell Qualifier Unisex Adult Full Face Helmet

There are numerous wonderful designs and sizes of a helmet from XS to XXL. Moreover, it has lots of color schemes. You can choose your desired one from them.

The black matte design is the best for pink, fuchsia stripes, and red geometrical design. This will be super for your personality.

This helmet is well constructed. A lightweight polycarbonate material is used here with added ABS shell construction for giving security. It has got DOT certifications.

To replace the shield, you need no extra tools. You can do it just clicking on the shield.

Moreover, the shield is made of top graded materials and reinforced with the NutraFog II anti-fog technology. It can protect UV rays and anti-scratch reinforcements.

So the helmet lasts for a long time regardless weather conditions and the roads.

The helmet is designed in such a way that it reduces the wind or road noise inside the helmet. It comes with padded wind collar which is a distinguished feature of this helmet.

As there is no noise from outside, you can focus on the road more without any noise disturbance.

This helmet creates the calm and noise free environment inside your helmet. It helps you to give more focus on road and avoid accidents.

The Bell Qualifier unisex adult helmet has a strong check pad with the padded chin strap to ensure closer fit.

The internal lining is removable as well as washable. So you can enjoy a humid free helmet all the time.

Buy online or not?

Buying helmet from online is a good idea. Here you have lots of opportunities to see different models sizes and features of a helmet on the screen. There are many e-commerce websites.

When there are lots of providers or suppliers, tension arises much. You normally don’t know which one is trustworthy. What you should do is to choose the faithful e-commerce provider.

The providers must be trusted and authentic otherwise you will pay for the wrong. If you get a faithful provider, you can surely move for the plunge.

User Review on Bell Qualifier Unisex Adult Full Face Helmet

A good entry level full face helmet at a low price point

I have used this helmet to cover up about 2000 miles on two bikes on dissimilar roads. I have chosen the large one. It seems to me that it fits well. Firstly the check pads are bit tight.

After using the helmet for dozen times, the cheek pads are not an issue for me. I like a helmet with a snug fit. I have nothing to say about the clear visor.

User Review on Bell Qualifier Unisex Adult Full Face Helmet

You may keep the helmet in a place where you like to keep it. The quick release is very simple to clean. It is perfect no doubt. The matte finish of the helmet is awesome.

You can clean it with a wet paper towel. The Hi-Vis is visible even in the darkness or when the light bounces off.

The venting is perfect for use on hot days. But for the cold day’s vent closes the air that gets its way beneath the chin area.

You may get no padding behind the chin area from where noise and hot air enter. Sometimes you may hear the wind noise though I don’t hope so.

I aspire more than that. I use the speaker pocket to keep a headphone speaker added to my phone for GPS instruction. It seems to me that it has got 3.5 stars.

With the price, you will get fit, comfort and top quality Bell helmet. I would like to get Bell RS-1 for next time as a safety gear.

Product Information on Bell Qualifier Unisex Adult Full Face Helmet

  • Brand Bell
  • Item Weight 3.5 pounds
  • Model             7049224



There are many motorcycle helmets on the market of different brands.  You have to choose the right one for your need. But the task isn’t very simple as it seems.

You must match your desired one with your budget. Moreover, the helmet must have almost all features. It should function well.

Features, models, sizes, additional features, and accessories are usually complicated things for the first time buyers.

What type of bike you ride is not mattered at all. The matter is the safety gear of the helmet. Try to get the best helmet though you have to spend somewhat more for this.

Don’t forget that your safety and life is more valuable than a helmet. Though helmets are simply priceless, you need to buy the best helmet for your use.

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