Bell Sanction BMX Downhill Helmet Review

There are lots of styles of a helmet on the market like the lots of styles of helmets.

You have a desire to get a special type of helmet for shredding the bike park instead of grinding out a road. Perhaps you don’t know why you need the special helmet. This is for 2 different genres of cycling.

Bell Sanction BMX/Downhill Helmet

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Enduro, Downhill, road biking, dirt jump and time trial all offer special types of helmets. Since you possess shake of bikes, you need at least 2 helmets for your safety, comfort, protection, weight, ventilation, and characteristics. All depends on what kind of helmet you normally like.

Features on Bell Sanction BMX Downhill Helmet

  • Sturdy and lightweight full-face Downhill/ BMX racing helmet gives at recession-busting value.
  • Totally ventilated, weight is only 950 grams and low profile design.
  • Adjustable visor and hand laminated fiberglass shell
  • Ideal for BMX, Super-D, Moto-inspired design lines and all mountain riding.
  • Size is fit for senior and junior riders. Has got CPSC and CE EN1078 bicycle certificate.


  • Very lightweight
  • Well construction
  • Looks very attractive


  • Seems to bit small
  • My head becomes hot quickly


We have tested many helmets. But the sad news is that the Section is the least comfortable helmet we have ever got. So the score is very low in this category no doubt.

The interior pads of this helmet are less dense than other helmets. The materials which made the padding are abrasive feel.

We like the interior padding be lined with more breathable mesh or a plusher material.

Another problem is the comfort of the chin guard that swoops downward. This is very hard to look down if you wear a neck brace.


There are about 15 smaller vents with the helmet. These gaps are adjusted with corresponding outlets in open cell padding and the polystyrene pool liner and open path to emit hot air.

These vents are usually covered with wire mesh for hoping the chin protector and the one above the ears.

It allows more air flow without any protection through the helmet while it sacrifices protection from branches or roots.

You can get low channels molded into the inside of the polystyrene. It is made to shift air from the top and front vents towards 2 tiny stern vents.

The channels are very deep or fine designed which is usually found in more costly lids. We don’t tell it that we have seen them moving enough air at the time of riding.

We have tested many helmets. The Sanction has got the similar score like other expensive helmets in the market such as Bell Transfer-9, Fox Rampage, Troy Lee D3.

All the other lids and plushly padded are more secured than Sanction. The Sanction has similar ventilation score which is not very impressive.


Full faced helmets are heavier than the usual helmets. The weight of the Sanction helmet is only 950 grams. My sons’ Kali Chakra uses a helmet having 208 grams.

The additional weight is heavier for little necks. If the child doesn’t get lightweight helmet they like to give it up. Sometimes they don’t like to use the helmet at all.


My tiny guy gives off Sanction helmet at least 20 times though he wears Kali for an hour at a stretch.

The Sanction is lightweight helmet compare it with other helmets in the market. If you desire to buy a full faced helmet, you can buy this helmet without any hesitation.


The Bell Sanction is well-built helmet no doubt. This helmet is not inexpensive kid’s helmet same as the cringe-worthy Razor helmet.

One kid of my neighbor wears it. It comes with a hand coated fiberglass case over an extended polystyrene liner.

I have only one complaint regarding the interior padding of the helmet. These pads aren’t soft enough.

My son wears it and gives no complaint against it. I am not surprised by this. Another problem is that they are glued with the polystyrene liner.

Therefore one can’t remove it to wash. Finally, these pads are really coarse.


The Sanction fulfills the standard of CE EN 1078 and CPSC 1203. These are the least standard of full faced helmets for cycling in American and Europe.


This helmet doesn’t meet the safety standard of ASTM-F1952 that is a typical for a downhill full faced helmet.

We think aggressive riders must use helmets that meet the standard of ASTM. Therefore we don’t suggest the Sanction. This is a full faced helmet.

So it is natural that this helmet will give more protection than a half-faced helmet. Bell website suggests the riders may go with more secured Transfer-9 or Full-9 for downhill riding.

What matters you have to consider first

Light Weighted

If you use a heavy helmet for a long time, you will feel pain in your neck and head. So better to use a lightweight helmet like Bell Sanction helmet. The total weight of this helmet is only 950 grams.

Full Face Racing Helmet

It is not necessary to say that the Bell sanction helmet is the very normal helmet. This is a full faced helmet. Therefore professional motorcycle racer may use it.

Fiberglass Shell

The helmet comes with a fiberglass shell which is hand laminated. This helmet is more durable for this feature. It gives more comfort. More importantly, there is more security of this helmet from any injury.

A visor is Adjustable

The helmet comes with an adjustable visor. This feature is uncommon with other helmets. You can cover your eyes and face fully with this helmet. Additionally, you can keep your face open. At any point, you can adjust the visor of this helmet.

Ventilation Mechanism

A helmet must have the well ventilation system. When a head doesn’t get enough fresh air, it starts to ache. This helmet must possess enough ventilation. So it gives necessary amount of fresh air for your head. When your helmet is fully ventilated, it is more comfortable for using.

Highly Stylish and Adorable

The features and the appearance of this helmet are gorgeous. It comes with a moo inspired design. The young motorists like this helmet very much as its cut and shape is very nice. Here needless to say that this helmet is only made for the young riders.

Available in Different Colors

There are nine different colors of this helmet from red to black and from gray to white. You can buy the best-colored helmet for the choice of your child.

About Bell

Most of the world champions wear Bell Helmets. They like Bell more than other brands of the market.

Bell saves the head of the men and women from Grand Prix racing to the Indy 500 to Olympic cycling more than 50 years. Bell started its journey in part stores in the neighborhood of Los Angeles under the guidance of Roy Richter.

Bell becomes a famous helmet for ensuring safety for motorcycling, racing and bicycling.

About Bell

Richter’s is ready to prepare great products by maintaining a close link with the sport. It is for those people who take care of it. Bell turns one can maneuver into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

The legacy still remains at present. But Bell has the commitment to innovation, quality, and racing.

User Review on Bell Sanction BMX Downhill Helmet

Nice Helmet, Nice Price

I can say that the fitting of the helmet is very nice like other users. Just I have got it and used it.

My head is 58 cm. For this head size, a large helmet is recommended. I don’t like to use a full faced helmet. When I started to use it, I haven’t seen it. The helmet is not very heavy.

The view of the helmet is very good. I have got the helmet is warm enough. Normally I have used a bicycle helmet. Therefore I am not surprised at all.

For pump tracks and mtn bk shredding

My little child likes the helmet very much. He is only four years old. The helmet adjusts well on his head. It gets somewhat warm.

But he likes it very much. It surely protects him better than other usual kid’s helmet. I don’t make him wear this helmet when he goes to grocery shops.

But the helmet is ideal when he takes it to the local BMX jump track or for the Mountain bike park.

Suppose he is going down the hill that ended in a bunch of medium size rocks at Duthie Hill.

At the time of going down the hill, he moved his front wheel and found a good dribbler. I got him crack just to the side of helmet or face. All the bikers are now in a standstill situation.

When I rolled him up he said he is all right. I am sure that it would not happen if he wears a helmet particularly a full faced helmet.


When you desire to have a helmet for your young child, you have only limited options. It is true that the lack of select doesn’t mean lack of quality.

The Bell Sanction has developed its design and functionally within a little package.

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