Bell Super 3R Helmet Review in 2022: Full Face Shield

Helmets are vital to use when cycling or biking. The purpose of a helmet is to protect the head and skull from a hit during an accident. It is no doubt that a helmet is the most important safety equipment when riding a bike.


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Research has it most people who died from motorcycle accidents would have been preserved if they had their helmets on. You should always wear a helmet when riding, whether your state made it compulsory or not.

It shouldn’t be something you negotiate. There are a lot of safety helmets in the market today, and you may be caught up between which to choose. This is why we have come up with the Bell 3R super helmet reviews to help you choose the right type of helmet.

Bell Super 3R Helmet Review

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The Bell Super 3R is an improved version of the bell super 2R helmet. The super 2R features a removable chin bar for safety and comfort. It is also MIPS-equipped. The super 2R was upgraded to super 3R, which has a better retention system that holds the helmet in place. This helps to keep the helmet from moving around while riding. The super 3R also has MIPS technology but comes in an improved one.

The bell super 3R helmet is an all-season helmet. It is designed for different trails while riding. It comes with a chin bar technology that allows you to own two helmets in one. You can decide to remove the chin bar and use the helmet that way, especially for long rides. You can also put it back in place for the added boost of confidence it provides.

The helmet comes with a float fit system that is light and comfortable. It has an easy to turn rubber over-molded dial that allows for easy adjustment. The float fit cannot be twisted and also provides additional ease of adjustment. The float fit system is of lightweight material, and that is why it is more comfortable.

The super 3R helmet has MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System), which helps to reduce rotational forces during accidents. The MIPS provides extra protection when an impact occurs. It helps to minimize the impact of accidents to the head and brain.

The bell super 3R helmet comes in a polycarbonate shell that is of lightweight material. It is comfortable on the head but also strong enough to withstand impact. It has an EPS foam on the inner side that makes it soft and sturdy on the head.


  • The helmet has interior padding that is removable and washable. It dries quickly and does not allow the growth of fungi and bacteria.
  • The 23 helmet vents allow air to flow into the helmet. It also helps to minimize pressure to the head while riding.
  • Bell super helmet complies with the US CPSC safety standard for helmets.
  • The chin bars and cheek straps come with a cushion that allows for comfort
  • Interior EPS foam that is comfortable and allows for audio ports at the rear sides.
  • Outer shell made of polycarbonate shell that is strong enough to withstand impacts.

Pros & Cons of Bell Super 3R


  • Removable chin strap – The helmet comes with removable and adjustable chin straps. You can either use the chin strap or not. It is also possible for you to adjust the chinstrap to fit you well.
  • Made of lightweight material – Bell super 3R helmet comes in a lightweight material that makes it comfortable on the head. It is not too heavy and performs its function of protecting the head.
  • Removable cheek pads – The helmet’s cheek pads are removable. This is because not everyone wants to use it during riding. It is also a way to make the helmet fit different face shapes.
  • Removable chin bar – The chin bar provides some level of confidence when riding. But not all users want it on. It is removable for those who do not want to have it on.
  • EPS interior – The EPS interior of the helmet allows for fixing communication devices. It is also provided to minimize the impact of a shock in case of an accident.
  • Full face shield – The helmet is suitable for learners who need full-face protection during riding. The face shield also helps to protect the face from wind and dust.


  • The visor system does not support all kinds of sunglasses. You are limited by the types of sunglasses you choose to wear with the helmet. It is not a deal-breaker, as you can always use the visor that came with the helmet.

Bell Super 3R

Safety and Visor of Bell Super 3R Helmet


The chin bar of the bell super 3R helmet is what provides safety in the helmet. It is capable of holding the helmet in place, especially because of the wraparound system. The latches of the bar are stiff and strong. The chin bar is removable, but it is advisable always to have it on. It reduces the risk of slipping off the head-on impact or shock.

The helmet also comes in a polycarbonate shell for safety. The shell is strong and made of lightweight material. It sits comfortably on the head while providing safety at the same time. There is also the MIPS that protects against high impacts. It serves as a shock absorber in case of an accident.


Bell Super 3R helmet has a visor system that is adjustable up and down. It features a full face shield that can be pulled up or down. It helps to keep the sun, wind, or rain from the eyes. The visor can also be replaced with googles of your choice.

The visor has tension screws at each side that can be adjusted without tools. This makes it easy to adjust or remove at will.

Why Choose Bell Super 3R Helmet?

The choice of your helmet must be one of your priorities too. Just as you carefully choose the model, type, and features of your bike, your helmet should also be considered. Your helmet is what shields and protects your head from a crash during an accident. Choosing the best one that can perform this function is necessary.

Bell MTB Bike Helmet

Here are some reasons you should choose the bell super 3R helmet:

  • MIPS technology: the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System is one feature that makes this helmet stand out. The helmet is able to spread the impact forces that come to it across the whole helmet. This helps to minimize the impact the brain receives in a crash.
  • Well fitted internal shell: The helmet is constructed with well fitted and easy to adjust internal shell. The helmet comes with a dial knob at the back of the head that allows for adjustment of the size. This feature makes it suitable for different head sizes and types. The helmet gives good coverage to the head and also comes with vents that allow cool air to blow to the head.
  • Two in one package: The super 3R comes with a removable chin strap that allows for an open-face and full-face helmet. The full-face helmet can be a protection for the face from wind and rain. It is also suitable when riding in downhill. The open face is ideal for adventures and more visibility.

Bell Super 3R MIPS Helmet | The ‘just in case’ full face helmet

Bell Super  3R Helmet(FAQs)

How do I know my helmet size? 

The bell super 3r helmet has an adjustable strap that makes it suitable for all head types and sizes. You can adjust it to fit your head.

Does the helmet make noise while riding? 

The cushioned chin pad and section helps to wave off noise from the wind and the environment.

Do I need to hold the visor when I lift it? 

The visor can be lifted, and it stays put. It has screws at each side that helps to hold it in 0place.

How does the super 3R differ from super 2R? 

The super 3R helmet is an improvement to the super 2R. It is more comfortable and has more MIPS technology.

Does the helmet expire? 

The helmet does not have a definite expiry date. But you know it needs replacement when it wears out, and the straps no longer function.

Bell 3R MIPS Helmet

Final Thoughts

The Bell Super 3R helmet is perfect for riders who desire stability and comfort. Face protection is also a plus, as you do not have to spend much to have this full package. The helmet is light, and this makes it comfortable on the head.

The removable chin straps and pads make the helmet more suited for different rides, long and short. The many ventilation systems also make it suitable for all weather conditions. The Bell Super 3R helmet review gives the features and advantages of the helmet and how it is better than other helmet types.

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