Best ¾ Helmet: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

If you are looking for an affordable, quality ¾ helmet, then you are welcome to this best ¾ helmet review. This review will cover the best ¾ helmets around, and trust us to provide a comprehensive review of each of the products.

Wearing a full-face helmet when going for long trips can give feel choky because they provide less ventilation. Hence, one of the reasons why people prefer the ¾ helmet.


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While many people prefer full-face helmets, there is quite a number that are in love with ¾ helmets. Do you know why? ¾ helmets have excellent ventilation, are lightweight, and have improved peripheral viewing. All these features are what makes this helmet intriguing.

1. Bell Custom Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

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If you are looking for a classic helmet to give you the maximum protection that you need, the Bell custom is the helmet to go for.

Bell company is renowned for manufacturing some of the best ¾ helmets around. The Bell custom is no different and is in line with Bell’s vision to provide a quality helmet at the right price.

Let’s dive down to what this incredible helmet offers. The shell is fiberglass composite, which is sturdy enough to withstand the most severe of hits. For a custom fit, the helmet is made of five topnotch EPS liner, which also helps to cushion the effects of impacts. These five EPS liner are wrapped in this sturdy fiberglass, composite shell.

That’s not all; the interior paddings, which help to wick away sweat, have anti-microbial properties. The paddings are leather, and you can remove and wash them, once it gets dirty.

Now, with five shell sizes, you are sure of getting the perfect fit. The finish is fantastic, and if you want to wear glasses, you can with this helmet. There is nothing stopping you from experiencing the best of motorcycling with the helmet.


  • Sturdy Fiberglass Shell – The built of this helmet is fantastic. A shell consisting of fiberglass composite just tells you how strong the helmet is. Absorbing impacts are significantly increased.
  • DOT & ECE Certified – You don’t need to worry about the safety of this helmet. It meets DOT standards. Hence, the sticker at the back of the helmet.
  • Secured – With the right size, the helmet is comfortable and secure on the head. The paddings also make the helmet to fit well.
  • Different Sizes – You can find a small, medium, and large size of this helmet. All you need is to measure your head to get the right size. Then you pick your available size.
  • Lightweight – Bell Custom is light, so you won’t feel the weight of the helmet on your neck.


  • Vents – Bell custom is not well vented, but the helmet permits a lot of air and breathes well.

2. Daytona Cruiser Helmet

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Daytona Helmets are one of the leading ¾ helmets that you can rely on. If you are looking for a sleek helmet, with some glossy finish, to suit your retro style, you have found the right one.

Safety, comfort, and design are the three things every rider desires in a helmet. This is what the Daytona ¾ helmet provides. The design is perfect, and the glossy finish is what attracts buyers to this helmet. The face shield protects the rider from ultraviolet rays.

You cannot question the safety of this helmet as it meets all DOT FMVSS regulations. The helmet has gone through rigorous testing. So you can ride with the assurance that the helmet is reliable and would be able to minimize brain impact.

The Daytona is lined with a super comfortable interior and hard, sleek contoured shell that gives your helmet the right shape. If you can’t find the right size for your head, don’t too worry. This low-profile helmet offers a wide variety of sizes to suit the size of the head.


  • Guaranteed – You get a 90-day no-risk period after purchasing this helmet. This means that you get your money back if anything goes wrong in the helmet.
  • Wide Range of Sizes – You can find all kinds of sizes in this helmet. So you don’t have to worry about wearing the wrong size.
  • Right Fit – The quick-release ratcheting chin strap locks the helmet into place. It can equally be adjusted to fit your head. Your head will not bob under the helmet, provided you are wearing the right size.
  • Beautiful Design – The glossy finish and sleek design are incredible. It is suitable for people who are looking for a retro-style helmet.
  • Best Price – Daytona helmet is rightly priced and affordable. You don’t need to break the bank before you can afford a quality, low-profile helmet like the Daytona.


  • Size – The helmet is more suitable for people with round heads rather than oval-shaped heads.
  • visors – The Daytona lacks a visor, but the addition of a face shield compensates its absence.

3. Torc T50 ¾ Helmet

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If you are looking for a helmet with some nice design that would make you look like Captain America, you should consider the Torc T50.

The affordability of this helmet is impressive. For a helmet with the qualities it has got, it should have cost more. However, Torc decided that this low-profile helmet should be low-cost.

Torc T50 ¾ helmet is designed with a multi-density EPS for super comfort. The inclusion of faux suede liner wicks away moisture from your head so that you can ride securely and fresh. If you love listening to music while riding, you can slide in your earphone, and the padded chin strap will clip on it snuggly.

The helmet is DOT approved, which maximizes the chances of you getting into safety if involved in a crash. Overall, the Torc T50 ¾ helmet is classic and another good, quality helmet that you should consider buying.


  • Soft Interior – The liner is soft, which aids comfort. There is also a snap cap on the padded straps that you can adjust for more fitting. The padding doesn’t press so hard on the temples, which further enhances comfort.
  • Lightweight – Heavy helmets will cause you head pains and neck strains. With the Torc T50 ¾ helmet, you will ride with more fun and comfort.
  • Excellent Pricing – The helmet is worth the price slammed on it. There aren’t many out there that are as good and affordable as this ¾ helmet.
  • Several Sizes – You can choose to buy a small-sized helmet to an XL helmet. There are no size restrictions of whatsoever.


  • Packaging – Sometimes, the packaging of this helmet is not so good. Some models arrived pretty scratched up.

4. Milwaukee Open-Face Helmet

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Milwaukee is another reliable company that you can trust in the world of helmets. This helmet has an incredible design that is perfect for those who love street racing.

This open-face helmet comes with a sun visor that prevents the sun rays from penetrating the eyes. In terms of safety, this helmet exceeds DOT standards for optimal performance.

Milwaukee ¾ helmet is one of the sturdiest helmets in this list. The shell is ABS, with a multi-density EPS to cushion against head impacts. It’s a low aerodynamic helmet, which means that it can reduce some drag while riding at a high-speed.

For comfort, the helmet comes with a reinforced, adjustable chin strap and quick buckle. This will ensure that the helmet stays snug while riding.

The helmet is fully vented to keep the head fresh, especially for long-distance riding. Besides, the liner can wick away any excess moisture from your head. So there is no reason for you not to ride comfortably.


  • Sturdy Design – The ABS shell plus the multi-density liner makes this helmet impeccable and a great shock absorber. Impacts getting to the head and brain are minimized.
  • Comes with a Sun Visor – During summer, the sun can be pretty harsh. Your face must be protected from these sun rays so that your riding performance isn’t affected. This is one of the reasons why this helmet is unique.
  • Removable Liner – The liner can get dirty over time, due to the quantity of sweat it has wicked away. However, the liner is removable, so you can wash it and put it right back after drying. It’s vital that you wash it to keep it odor-free and fresh.
  • Extra Spaces for Fun – If you love to get hooked up to your playlist while riding, there are some extra spaces in the helmet for Bluetooth speakers.


  • Comfort – The helmet is not so comfortable after the first week of using it. However, it gets snuggly fit during subsequent use.

5. HJC Solid ¾ Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

HJC FG-JET Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet (Matte Black, Large)

For greater visibility and protection from the sun and other weather elements, HJC solid is the helmet you should consider buying.

One of the best features of this helmet is the anti-scratch face shield and smoke-tinted sunshield. These two shields your face from dust and other weather elements. With just a click of a button, you can flip down or flip up the shield.

If you are continually sweating while wearing other helmets, you don’t have to worry. HJC open-face helmet comes with a silver cool interior lining that can wick sweat from your head. The lining is anti-bacterial, so you can’t perceive your sweat.

Other features of this helmet are the sturdy fiberglass composite material that the shell is made of and the Advanced Channeling Ventilation System. The ACS maximizes airflow, while the fiberglass shell ensures that the safety of your head is uncompromised.


  • Venting System – The venting system is incredible and can provide the right airflow that you need to enhance your driving performance.
  • Changeable Visor – There are two visors in this helmet – the UV anti-scratch face shield and the smoke-tinted visor. Both faceshields are interchangeable, which gives you the freedom to use anyone that deems fit.
  • Different Sizes – HJC solid open-face helmet runs from small sizes to XXXL. This gives you the opportunity to choose the right size that would be comfortable on your head.
  • Removable Interior Linings – Once in a while, the linings can get dirty, and you will need to keep them clean. Once you feel the linings are dirty, you can remove them to wash.
  • Right Price – The helmet is quite affordable and comes at the right price, despite all the great features incorporated.


  • Small Size – Finding the right size can be a little complicated. The sizes on the sizing chart are 1 – 2 cm less than the real head measurement.

6. Shark Unisex Adult Full-Face Helmet

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Shark helmet reminds you of Bane’s mask in Batman. It’s a badass helmet with a unique design. The black color design is an absolute beauty that favors riders that choose style over other features.

For a helmet to offer full head protection, it must be impeccably suited to the user. In other words, the sizing must be right because choosing the right size translates to better comfort. The manufacturer of this shark helmet has been able to provide this helmet in various sizes to achieve a snug fit on the user’s head. This is impressive on their part.

As regards the design, the shark full-face helmet is a combination of a dark urban helmet and a sports helmet. This means that you can wear this ¾ helmet to race and, at the same time, wear it for your urban ride or as a street bike helmet.

Talking about the absorption of impacts, this lightweight and an aerodynamic helmet is designed with slim-fit shell materials to enhance the safety of your head. This slim-fit shell material adheres to your head’s shape so that a snug-fit and comfort are achieved.

The interior of the helmet is plush. It is equipped with AEGIS anti-bacterial technology that promotes head freshness and hygiene. This means that you would sweat minimally while this helmet is mounted on your head because it would wick sweat away.


  • DOT-certified – Being DOT certified assures the rider that his safety is guaranteed. This means that even if you are involved in a nasty accident, the helmet will offer a great deal of protection to your head.
  • Warranty – You get a maximum of 5 years warranty when you purchase this product. Under this period, you can return your helmet should it get damaged.
  • Impressive style and design – You can’t take away the stunning design of this helmet. The black-colored design would match any riding outfit that you intend to wear.
  • High-density shell – For maximum head protection, the helmet’s shell must be made with sturdy material. However, you don’t need to be concerned about the shark helmet. It is engineered with a high-density shell to absorb hits and impacts from crashes.
  • Has dual visors – There are a face shield and an anti-fog visor that enables you to see better while riding. The face shield protects the rider from sunlight and other weather conditions.


  • Noise – The helmet may not be suited for highways because it may generate a lot of wind noise.

7. Biltwell Bonanza Open-Face Helmet

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What we love about the Biltwell open-face helmet is that it is sturdy enough to withstand impacts.

The helmet has an outer shell made with ABS and an inner shell designed with EPS. The surface of the shell is smooth, and there are spots of attachment around the top of the helmet to accommodate your visor.

Being lightweight is another reason why we love the Biltwell bonanza open-face helmet. It won’t strain your neck, and you would ride comfortably with it on your head. Once you purchase this helmet for use, you can admit that it’s one of the lightest helmets out there.

The padding and the lycra liner is soft for additional comfort. The liner is also removable, so you can wash it if it gets dirty, and with the D-ring neck and chin straps, you are sure of getting a snug-fit from this helmet.

Biltwell bonanza is DOT-approved. That means your safety and that of the helmet are guaranteed.


  • Comfortable – The steel-plated D-ring neck strap, chin strap, and soft paddings contribute to the comfort of this helmet. Once mounted on your head, you can ride all seasons and not feel any neck strain that it might cause as some helmets do. The helmet fits great, and this is one of the reasons why riders love it.
  • Lightweight – The beauty of this helmet is that it’s so light on your head when you mount it on. You won’t feel your head heavy while wearing the helmet.
  • Affordable – Biltwell bonanza is easily one of the most affordable ¾ helmets around. If you care about budget more, this is the helmet that you should have.
  • Rugged Shell – A helmet is as good as its shell, design, and what it offers. Biltwell bonanza has one of the sturdiest shells around, which translates to more protection to the rider.
  • Retro-style design – The design of the helmet is pretty much old school, but lovely. It is suitable for those who love to relive the memories of the good, old days of bike riding. Biltwell did an excellent job on the design aspect, and this has won the hearts of many. The helmet is cool to wear, with a lot of spaces in between.


  • Visor – If you are looking for a helmet with a flip-up visor, you should search for other helmets on this list. Biltwell bonanza lacks the flip-up visor feature, but you can still make use of other visors.
  • Vents – This helmet is a retro-style helmet. It’s no surprise that it lacks the presence of vents for cooling the rider’s head down.

8. LS2 Open-Face Track Helmet

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In terms of affordability, this helmet has got it. It is designed with features that ensure that you don’t only get maximum head protection, but also comfort and speed.

This ¾ helmet offers an amazing shell design for full head protection. The construction is excellent, and the shell has some beautiful finishing. Plus, it also provides a twin-shield sun shield screen for broader visibility and coverage. So you can see clearly while riding, which translates to more speed. You can flip the sun shield up and down when needed, and the improved slider enhances the speed at which the visor flips.

The vision is devoid of any obstruction, as you would see in some helmets. The view is clear, and you can decide to ride during the day or night. Still, your vision won’t be affected.

Talking about the liner, it’s plush, comfortable, breathable, and easily removable. You can wash it if it gets excessively soaked with your sweat.

If you are a fan of listening to music while riding, this helmet is for you. It has some extra spaces around the ears where you can install your Bluetooth headset or some wired microphone. However, you may need to remove the velcro for a more snug fit.

Is the helmet DOT-certified? Yes, the LS2 ¾ helmet exceeds all ECE and DOT standards. These double certifications mean that you cannot go wrong by choosing this product as your headgear.


  • Lightweight – You can’t over-emphasize how vital a lightweight helmet is. It reduces the chance of you getting a head pain and a neck strain. This is what LS2 provides – a lightweight helmet that won’t affect your riding performance.
  • Fully vented – Part of the reason why riders choose this helmet is because of the full ventilation that it offers. You will be able to ride in all seasons, especially during summer, where the hot weather is unbearable. You will be able to stay fresh at all times because the air would blow across your head.
  • Certified – With dual certifications (DOT and ECE), you shouldn’t expect anything less of this helmet, not adequately safeguarding your head against any bump. You can ride with assurance at the back of your mind because you trust your helmet.
  • Offers enhanced security – This helmet has a thermoplastic technology shell design that would minimize any head injury that’s sustained. The shell can absorb significant head impacts, and this results in better head security.
  • Offers better visibility – The visor is one of the selling points of this ¾ helmet. It offers a clear vision that is outstanding. The shield retracts smoothly, and the slider easily allows you to flip up and down your visor. Even with gloves on, you can still pretty much operate the visor.
  • Value for money – We can say that this helmet is pegged at an affordable price, despite the fantastic features that are engineered into this helmet. Helmets with similar specifications could cost more.


  • Loud on highways – Once you ride above 60 – 65mph, you may hear some wind noise around the helmet, which can hinder you from listening to your music.
  • Size – Most of the helmets run a small size. Some run a size that’s smaller than the original size. If you must order, make sure you measure your head with tape. We strongly advise that you order a size that’s some inches wider than your head.

9. Shoei Solid J-Cruise Touring Motorcycle Helmet

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This is another excellent helmet on this list. Shoei J-cruise is one of those helmets that packs innovative features and yet, incredibly cheap.

The helmet possesses sunscreen and clear visor for protection from the sun and better visibility. This means that you get to see clearly without any obstruction, whether you like riding during the day or at night.

When it comes to ventilation, you can’t fault this helmet. It provides one of the best ventilation you can see in a helmet. You can feel the air blowing across the top of your head to keep it cool. Additionally, there is a removable and washable interior liner that equally keeps your head cool by wicking away your sweat.

Shoei runs in several sizes, so getting your fit isn’t difficult. The helmet runs from small to 2XL. All you need to do is measure the circumference of your head correctly and check the sizing chart. You can find the sizing chart on the manufacturer’s website.

The helmet is DOT-approved and has a 5-year warranty, which gives the rider unlimited customer support for that period.


  • Good construction – The construction of the helmet is excellent and has a smooth finish. The shell material is also sturdy enough to withstand any bump in the head.
  • Great price – Shoei solid j-cruise is not as expensive as one would think when compared to other helmets with similar specs. It’s worthy of the price tag that it comes with.
  • Comes with sunscreen and clear shield – The possession of these two screens makes this helmet unique. The clear shield has a smooth rotating mechanism that makes it easy for the rider to flip the visor up or down. It locks in place comfortably. The sunscreen is essential at protecting your eyes from the sun, which might have a direct impact on your vision and riding performance.
  • Runs in several sizes – Whether your head size is small, medium, or large, Shoei has you covered. You can order any size of the helmet from S to 2XL for maximum fitting.
  • Offers good ventilation – Ride as long as you want with this helmet, and you won’t feel any sweat rolling down your head. That’s because the helmet comes with enough vents to keep your head fresh. The removable liners also help in keeping your head fresh by wicking away sweat.
  • Noise reduction helmet – You don’t get to experience any form of wind noise while wearing this helmet. It’s aerodynamic, which means that you can use this helmet on highways and speedways.


  • Foggy visors – While riding on dusty or snowy roads, the transparent shield can get murky. When it gets hazy, visibility is hindered, unless you clean the visor.

10. HJC IS-33 II Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

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People who use the HJC open-face helmet would tell you that it’s one of the best aerodynamic helmets in the market, and we agree to that. Now, let’s check out what this helmet offers.

For increased head safety, the shell of this helmet is made with an advanced polycarbonate composite material. This material is light and is one of the reasons why the helmet is generally lightweight. Additionally, the inner shell is made with a single-density EPS material, for absorbing more impacts. So in terms of head security, you can count on this helmet.

HJC IS-33 II has a smoke-tinted sunscreen to protect you from the rays of the sun. It also has a clear visor for increased visibility and wide-angle coverage. The combination of these two features makes this helmet a great choice for any user with poor eyesight.

As a ventilation helmet, one would think that it won’t have a sound ventilation system, but that’s false. This helmet possesses ACS – Advanced Channeling Ventilation, which provides adequate airflow within the helmet. The vents allow the air to cool the rider’s head, which results in better performance.

Besides, this helmet has a moisture-wicking technology, with anti-bacterial properties inside the helmet that wicks away sweat and moisture from the head. The fabric is removable and washable to maintain its freshness.

For a snug-fit, this helmet has a nylon strap retention system that neatly secures the helmet on the head. Overall, the HJC IS-33 II is a perfect helmet for any rider who desires quality head security.


  • Comfortable – The inner liner shell is comfortable. The fabric liner is soft and plush on the head. The helmet fits well, provided that you have the right size.
  • Right Price – It’s rare to see a quality helmet like the HJC, coming so cheap. However, the HJC IS-33 II is different. Despite its cool features, you won’t spend above your budget to get this helmet.
  • Proper Ventilation – There are many inlets and outlets around the helmet that help to regulate airflow. This helps to cool the rider’s head, especially during hot days.
  • Excellent Visibility – The possession of the clear visor enhances the rider’s visibility while riding. The sunscreen shield does a pretty good job of protecting the eyes from UV rays.


  • Vents – The vents on top of the helmet don’t provide good airflow, but minimal enough to keep the head cool.
  • Size – The stated sizes sometimes are bigger than the original sizes. You need to be more careful when it comes to helmet sizing.

What Is a ¾ Helmet?

A ¾ helmet protects three-quarter sides of your face – the back, side, and top. Also called open face helmets, they don’t offer full protection like other types of motorcycle helmets, but are better than half helmets.

These days, manufacturers make ¾ helmets to feel like full-face helmets. So you don’t feel you are not wearing a full-face helmet. The design and construction of ¾ helmets will make you experience the wind often at your face.

Buying Guide of Best ¾ Helmet

While shopping, you will encounter several types of ¾ helmets. However, what distinguishes each of these units is factors like features and price. If you want to invest your money in the best ¾ helmet, you should consider the factors that we shall explain in detail here.



Comfort in helmets is not only restricted to the helmet being too tight. If the helmet is also loose, it’s uncomfortable as well. One of the ways to ensure that the helmet is comfortable is by selecting the right size. The helmet should be able to fit your head size correctly.

Another thing that contributes to a helmet being comfortable is the right number of paddings. The pads and inner linings should provide the right snug and comfort.

Face shield


Some helmets come with face shields or visors. So if you are a fan of flipping the visor down and up to cover the eyes, you should consider buying a ¾ helmet with a visor.

While some visors are half-face visors, others come with full-face visors that the entire face. If you also prefer to buy one without a visor, they are available. This type of non-visor ¾  helmet accommodates the use of goggles if you wish to wear one.


Apart from safety, one of the reasons riders buy a ¾ helmet is to compliment their preferences. That said, if you base your helmet purchase on this factor, then you should get the best ¾ helmet that features the aesthetics that you like.

¾ Helmets Vs. Full-Face Helmets

If you love the freedom of experiencing the air and doing anything on your face without restrictions, ¾ helmets are the winners here. There is no doubt that ¾ helmets ranks high in terms of ventilation, convenience, and large viewing. But if safety is your major concern, the full-face models are the real deal.

The lack of aerodynamics in ¾ helmets is a major letdown. It’s the causative factor of the noise that the helmet makes while driving. While some models offer less noise than others, they are still incomparable to full-face helmets. Looking for a ¾ helmet that rides silently and reduces drag is often tricky.

Open Face (3/4) Helmet Buying Guide

Best ¾ Helmet (FAQs)

What is the best open-face motorcycle helmet?

There are so many good open-face motorcycle helmets. However, the ones reviewed on this list are the best you can find around. They are affordable, comfortable, and have great features.

Does the HJC solid helmet have space for a Bluetooth system?

Yes, the HJC solid helmet can accommodate a Bluetooth system.

Where is the size chart of a helmet?

The size chart is usually inscribed inside the helmet. You can check it if you are skeptical about your head size.

Are open-face helmets safe?

Open-face helmets are safe but not as safe as full-face helmets. The chin areas are exposed with open-face helmets.

How should a ¾ helmet fit?

A ¾ helmet should fit snuggly on your head on all sides, with a little space for airflow. It shouldn’t be so hard on temples, but not loose either.

Final Words and Recommendation

The best ¾ helmet will protect your head from sustaining injuries and damages. That is why we have come with this guide so that you don’t fall victim to inferior ¾ helmets.

However, you don’t need to spend so much to get a quality ¾ helmet. This is what this review has proved. Although you will find some on the high side here, this doesn’t mean they are a margin better than other cheaper ones in this list.

If you desire a helmet with cutting-edge features, you should consider buying the HJC Solid ¾ Open-Face motorcycle helmet. If you desire more protection, the Bell custom should be top of your list.

Some people love low-budget helmets, so if you are in that category, Torc T50 is recommended.

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