Best Adventure Bike Helmet: A Complete Buying Guide

An adventure helmet is a piece of essential equipment that a motorcycle driver needs. Apart from providing additional safety to the driver, adventure helmets have now become part of fashion. Wearing it compliments the outfit of the driver. That is what we shall be looking at in this best adventure helmet review.

No doubt, the safety, and life of a bike driver on one important gear, the helmet. Whether you want to spend your day driving on the rocky terrains or preparing for a long weekend trip, wearing a helmet will keep you safe. Besides, it makes your riding experience awesome.


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1. Suomy Glider Road Cycling Helmet

  • Elegance and style are mixed together in a well-established product appreciated by all the users who enjoy extreme bike competition and extreme use.
  • An important and great effect that makes this product immediately recognizable.

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The suomy glider is an innovative helmet developed by Suomy, a company that you can trust in the world of cycling helmets.

Safety, as you know, it is a priority in riding. That is why Suomy made this helmet. It comes features that will absorb the hardest impact while still sitting comfortably on your head. According to the Italian company, this helmet is timeless and a real gamechanger.

This helmet comes with an excellent ventilation system to keep riders from absorbing heat. The helmet itself is designed with a Suomy SMC system ( Suomy Minimum Contact System) – a thermoplastic reinforced composite for super airflow between each in t  helmet. This is to ensure that the rider is as comfortable as possible while riding.

Talking about comfort, the Suomy smart strap system integrated into this helmet makes it possible for the helmet to fit into any adult head. The straps are made of high-absorbing elements, positioned around the strap to ensure the best fitting.

The outer shell of this helmet is polycarbonate, which is great at absorbing significant impacts. The inner shell is EPS, with 19 holes all-around the helmet for increased safety and airflow. In case you need to wash the padding, you can simply remove it, wash, and fix it back. This helmet is a perfect mixture of elegance and style.

Pros & Cons of Suomy Glider Helmet


  • It feels so comfortable on the head.
  • Made of highly absorbent polycarbonate and EPS materials for increased head safety.
  • Possesses a great ventilation system.


  • It’s slightly expensive, but worth the investment.

2. Bilt Evolution Flip-Up Motorcycle modular helmet

Bilt Evolution Flip Up Drop Down Sun Shield Vented DOT Sport Adventure Touring Bike Street Motorcycle Modular Helmet - Black XL
  • Ultra hi-tech injection molded polycarbonate modular shell
  • Radical shell design with aerodynamic shape for sleek performance
  • Multiple air vents including chin, forehead, and metal mesh rear exhaust
  • Full-face modular helmet with pull-up chin bar

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When it comes to an adventure bike helmet, there are only a few brands that are better than Bilt Evolution. That’s because the company has evolved over the years with their designs and stellar helmet performance.

This modular motorcycle helmet has incredible ventilation and drop-down sunshield or visor that prevents the onslaught of the sun from meddling with you. Your riding performance isn’t affected, and you can enjoy your riding experience.

Let’s talk about the shell, which is the outer part of the helmet. It is constructed with a high-injection polycarbonate material that makes it impenetrable. On top of that, it is aerodynamically shaped to reduce drag while riding. This makes the helmet one of the best-constructed helmets in the market.

If you want to get more air after a long ride, you can simply pull up the visor. This pulls up is aided by a quick-release button. The helmet fits into your head perfectly by connecting the chin straps.

This helmet is certified and meets all DOT standards. This makes it safe for use, so you don’t have to panic about the authenticity of the product. Overall, it offers smooth performance.

Pros & Cons of Bilt Evolution Modular Helmet


  • The shell is sturdy and durable, due to the polycarbonate material used in constructing it.
  • It is comfortable on the head. The adjustable chin strap and the liner foam padding inside the helmet the head.
  • Has large windscreen for increased viewing experience.
  • It’s value for money as some helmet that offers similar features could cost more.


  • Pulling up the visor is a bit limited. You should be careful while doing that to avoid breaking it.

3. AGV AX-8 Helmet

AGV AX-8 Evo Rossi Ranch Helmet (Blue/White/Yellow, X-Large)
  • SSL (Super Super Light) fiberglass, aramid fiber and carbon outer shell with three shell sizes
  • Shape of the outer shell in the chin area, combined with a wider and softer base edge compared to the previous model, decreases risk of impact traumas by creating a "shock-absorber" function
  • IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) with channels formed directly into the outer shell
  • Breathable Dry-Lex fabric with sanitizing treatment

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To break it down, the AX-8 is your dirt helmet component. The DS stands for Double Sport. The GT is to get its expansive flying graphics component and the EVO is your version.

The casing itself is made from lightweight fiberglass, kevlar and carbon that comes in 3 shell sizes and three images styles (white-gun alloy blue, white-gun metallic crimson and a black-silver-red as revealed in the picture).

The casing shape is an intermediate oval mind having an integrated venting system (IVS) that sends airflow stations into the outer shell. The interior liner has the Dry-Lex cloth with sanitizing therapy, which is completely removed and cleaned.


  • IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) with numerous stations formed directly into the outer shell
  • A Dynamic method with air vents and back extractors
  • Dry-Lex cloth with sanitizing treatment

Pros & Cons of AGV AX-8 Helmet


  • The images are sharp, smart and cool
  • Level double face guard – non-scratch and anti-fog
  • High performing venting system


  • Mid to upper range cost for a Double sport helmet
  • Restricted room for Bluetooth comms speakers

4. Arai XD4 Helmet

Arai XD4 Helmet (Black Frost, Large)
  • Intermediate-round oval shape
  • New exhaust ports and shell shape
  • New larger side cowl vents
  • Emergency cheek pad release system

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We made it better. Intermediate-round oval shape: The brand new XD4 includes Arai’s intermediate oblong (IO) inside the form. New exhaust vents and casing shape:

All these brand-new top-diffuser-vent vents almost double the XD4’s airflow, whereas its current shell shape gives better aerodynamic equilibrium at greater road rates in concert with its high-flow summit and brand-new side cowl vents.

New bigger side cowl vents: The new bigger, sculpted vents enhance ventilation efficiency in addition to helmet equilibrium on your mind at speed. New chin vent: The brand-new port has more intake vents for increased airflow.

As with its predecessor, the port’s chin bar is curved with less protrusion which makes it less likely to grab and dig during a drip, compared to most other layouts. Its oval shape is, in fact, depending on the egg, long famous for its compelling and useful form.

FCS cheek pad system: Arai’s amazing new patent-pending FCS (Facial Contour Service) cheek pad layout provides comfort, support and fit like nothing you have ever believed, and it includes our exclusive 5 mm peel-away customized match layer.

New eyebrow vents face shield: Arai has covered our signature brow vents into the brand new XD4 face protector, supplying airflow into the temple region of the head.


  • Intermediate-round oblong form
  • New exhaust vents and casing form
  • New bigger side cowl vents
  • Emergency cheek pad discharge system

Pros & Cons of Arai XD4 Helmet


  • More aerodynamic and balanced (secure) shell shapes compared to previous ARAI XD3 version
  • Improved and greater acting redesigned venting system
  • Dry-Cool material tech – higher rider comfort


  • Greater price point

5. AFX FX Unisex-Adult Full-Face Dual Sports Helmet

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This was a significant update in the open-face helmet. I’ve had no problems with it at all after breaking at the cushioning. The cushioning inside could be a little rigid and brought me a few headaches (literally) until I took it out and squished it beneath some heavy boxes for a couple of days.

I have an extremely little round head (per the neighborhood store’s gear man), and also the XS is the proper size following the cushioning broke in. Overall it is a fantastic helmet, particularly for the purchase price!


  • Hypo-allergenic and Antimicrobial nylon lining and cheek pads, All who are washable and removable
  • Flip-up, flush match, the quick-release shield may be utilized with or without the visor (Contains side cover kit to get shield-only usage)

Pros & Cons of AFX FX Dual Sports Helmet


  • A sturdy entry level helmet to Double Sport
  • Outstanding ventilation stations with a lot of more passive airflow ports which encourage excellent airflow.
  • Helmet liner and cheek pads wholly washable and removable


  • The significant ventilation system – occasionally mean an excessive amount of air, and the end comes through. Could be cold in Winter or warmer times

6. Bell Barricade Men’s MX-9 Adventure Helmet

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Since 1954, Bell Racing has supplied advanced products for racers who live for the pleasure of rate and competition. If you feel secure, You’re confident about your performance. Winning. We produce products that change your focus from security to performance.

Winning is all about faith and determination. Consider in your equipment. Summon the will to triumph. Lightweight injected polymer composite shell. Three shell and EPS sizes to get a personalized fit, Integrated Face.


  • 3 shell and EPS sizes to get a personalized fit, cushioned mouth port
  • Antibacterial/Antimicrobial interior lining, EPS-lined chin pub
  • Industry-leading Five-year guarantee

Pros & Cons of Bell Barricade MX-9 Helmet


  • Affordable cost point
  • High performing venting system
  • 3 x dimensions cubes
  • 3 x dimensions EPS – 3D and multi-density


  • Notice even though the summit is removable, so it isn’t flexible.

How to Choose Adventure Helmet?

There are some things you should consider when choosing an adventure helmet. These things are necessary to ensure that the helmet isn’t too tight or too loose on your head.

The Shell

The strong, outer layer of the helmet is known as the shell. This is the part of the helmet that receives impact the most from an accident. It then distributes this impact to a larger surface area of the helmet. This lessens the impact before it reaches the inside of the helmet where your head is.

Impact-Absorbing Liner

The impact-absorbing liner is made of soft materials, usually polystyrene, that is padded into the shell of a helmet. This liner absorbs shock or impact from the shell.

The Chin Strap

The chin strap is responsible for keeping the helmet glued to your head. The straps are found on either side of the shell, so all you have to do is to connect. When it’s connected, they sit on your head comfortably.


Types of Adventure Helmet

There are several types of adventure helmets in the market. Some of them are:

Full-Face Helmet

The full-face helmets are the most common types that motorcycle drivers wear. As the name suggests, they offer full face and head protection. Your safety with this type of helmet is maximized, unlike the open-faced helmets. You can open the wind visor in case you want to get some fresh air.

Open-Faced Helmet

If you love city driving, this helmet will be great for you. Also known as ¾ helmet because it doesn’t offer full head protection, this helmet provides good ventilation.

Modular Helmets

The modular helmet combines the full-face helmet with that of the open-face helmet. You can use this type of helmet as a half-faced or flip-up helmet when you turn the chin protection the other way. It also provides full head protection.


Materials used in making this type of helmet ensures that it remains sturdy. That is why they are mostly used for high-speed riding.

Half Helmet

When it comes to offering head protection, this type of helmet offers the least. Similar to the open-faced helmets, they only cover a part of your head. This type of helmet is not suitable for off-road biking or any major motorcycling.

Dual Sports Helmet

This type of helmet comes with an integrated wind visor, which allows riders to use goggles during riding. They are designed for daily commuting and offers distinctive style.

Why Adventure helmets

The prevalence of both adventure-touring, hyper-motard and dual-sport riding has resulted in innovation from the helmet manufacturers. So, what’s a dual-sport helmet?

The very best way to explain them is when we told you a standard street helmet along with a dirt helmet mated then you would have a baby dual-sport helmet.

They feature off-road attributes but at a much more aerodynamic, which aids with the rates that riders encounter on the street. Dual-sport helmets are now omnipresent and give the flexibility of numerous configurations to accommodate changing requirements, on the road or away visor on, face guard off; the screen on, face guard; and screen off, face guard off. Mixing off and on the road, dual sports helmets are fantastic alternatives for dual sport and experienced riders that want the conveniences of a road helmet.

Adventure helmets vs. dirt bike helmets

Dirt bike helmets are more popular than adventure helmets and are mostly used when riding off-road. They are right to use if you are driving at slower speeds. That’s because when driving off-road, you are physically engaged with your bike. Dirt bike helmets are lighter and with better ventilation systems.

Unlike the dirt bike helmets that are specific in function, adventure helmets are a mixture of off-road and regular road elements. You can use this type of helmet with or without goggles, and they are not as loud as dirt bike helmets. However, adv motorcycle helmets come a little heavier than dirt bike helmets.

If you are looking for a versatile helmet, adventure helmets are the winner.

Extreme Motorcycle Helmets Quality of Construction

The helmets analyzed here are high-quality helmets, but the lining layout in the AGV, sadly, makes it fall short of their Shoei and Arai concerning quality. Helmet liners which are somewhat loose, or slack often feel inconsistent upon use and, thus, a small awkward mainly because of a gap in wear ability which will always be sensed while riding.

Having ridden all three helmets, Shoei does a great job concerning overall performance of the lining, display, chinstrap, and meeting.

Also, most riders will discover themselves to become discouraged by how readily the plastic mounting bolts are easily reversed and emerge.

This is true throughout the board on every helmet. Remember, however, that this isn’t a design flaw or defect. Without bolts that blatantly breakaway, the summit could grow to be entirely in case of an unexpected crash or about the event when riding beneath and through trees using low-hanging branches.

They will need to free themselves out of the helmet arrangement to get Department of Transportation (DOT) certificates and, thus, shouldn’t be regarded as a deficiency.

Best Adventure & Dual Sport Helmets Video

Best Adventure Bike Helmet FAQs

What is the best adventure bike helmet?

The Suomy glider road cycling helmet and the Bilt Evolution are some of the best adventure bike helmets around. Ventilation systems are great in both helmets, and they perform incredibly well in safeguarding the head.

Why do you need an adventure motorcycle helmet?

The only reason why you need an adventure motorcycle helmet is for your safety. The adventure helmet is an innovation that combines road experience and that of the street. Instead of buying different motorcycle helmets for various purposes, why not get hold of an adventure helmet? It’s expensive, but worth the investment.

Why do adventure helmets have a peak?

Adventure helmets have a peak to keep the sun from touching the eyes as well as keep the mud away from hurting your eyes.

Is it necessary for an adventure helmet to have a visor?

Using a helmet that has a visor is necessary, but not mandatory. Not every rider wants to use a helmet with a visor, despite its added advantage of offering protection to the face. Some open love helmets, while others love the visor that comes with the helmet. Choices differ.

How does the adventure helmet work?

The shell and inner paddings protect the head from sustaining a major head injury. Once you hit your head on a rock or something of greater force, the shell gets the hit and spreads it to other areas of the helmet. The purpose of doing this is to decentralize the impact so that it less affects the head or the brain.

Final Words and Recommendation

Using the best adventure helmet will go a long way in maximizing your safety. The liners and the shell play a key role in reducing the effects of an impact. That is why you shouldn’t settle for anything short of a quality adventure helmet.

With different products in the market, it’s no surprise if you are perplexed in a shop or online website. Thanks to this review, I’m sure you are now clear on the type of adventure helmet that you need. Note that most good quality helmets are expensive, so don’t be deceived by some lowly-priced ones in the market.

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