Best Adventure Touring Helmet Reviews in 2021! Top Choice

Adventure Touring helmet has become one of the most popular helmets for motorcycle riders globally.

It meets the standard of different riding procedures; they are also dear to the bike riders, adventure riders, street fighters, tourers and some other type of endurance.

Dual sport is favorite to the bike and gear for out in the dirt and for riding on the roads.

The adventure touring helmet and the dual sports helmet have many wonderful features, functions well and may accommodate dual riders’ scenarios.

The dual sports helmet has a feature like the Arai taking key dirt bike helmet added with street helmet features.

The outcome is a great physical profile for having a higher volume of the ventilation system.

It has more vents, so the helmet is bit noisy. For versatility, it has tradeoff which helmet offers. In hot days or summer, you need to raise up the visor and may lock it if you wear a goggle.

The riders of the bike will get more airflow at the time of riding. Most of the helmets have intermediate oval, somewhat bigger front from the back. Check your fit at the first the shapes have various sizes.

Best Adventure Touring Helmet 2021

AFX FX-39 Full-Face-Helmet-Style Dual Sport Helmet

The AFX FX 39 is a big helmet having an aggressive profile. This is a dirt bike, entry level dual sports bike, enduro style sports helmet having flip up visor, big shell, and adjustable peak.

There is good space under to keep goggles using the visor and a good external groove which permits to wrap the strap neatly around the outer shell.

The visor may be worn down or up to give open face experience. The face shield has very quick release system.

Along with the helmet, you will get several shield options. The aerodynamic intermediate oval shape is made of lightweight composite poly-alloy.

The helmet is fit well to insert speakers to make built cavities. The ventilation system has nine big channels for flowing air through the side, chin, top and rear vents, foreheads.

The opening and the closing of the vents are made with prominent levels may be operated with the gloves.

Features of AFX FX-39 Full-Face-Helmet-Style Dual Sport Helmet

  • The shield is removable to use goggles or for open face riding
  • Flush fit, flip up, rapid release shield may be used or not used with visor.
  • Compound curved, optically correct, protects UV rays and scratch resistant
  • Antimicrobial nylon liner, check pads, and hypoallergenic all are washable as well as removable
  • Aerodynamic shell is made from Advanced poly alloy plastic for lessening weight and strength.


  • ECE and DOT certified
  • It is lighter in weight than it looks
  • A good entry level helmet for Dual support
  • Face shield may be removed for the open-faced riding
  • Checks pads and liner of the helmet is removable as well as washable
  • Fits speakers in cutout ear cavities
  • Well ventilation system having more passive airflow vents which aid for the airflow


  • The vents are open or closed; some may jam to the middle- for this, they may not open or close.
  • For having big vents, it makes noise
  • Good ventilation system- more wind or air comes through. May seem cold or cooler in the winter season.


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Arai XD4 Helmet

ARAI is a famous name to make dirt bike gear and dual sport helmet. They also made superior DS helmet of XD4 model.

In the beginning, the front ridge of helmet’s profile has been reduced; the consequence is more aerodynamic size having stability and standard balance.

The shield holds brow vents which push the blow of hair directly over the forehead.

Moreover, the chin ventilation is increased more vent slots, and lever of the vent is glove friendly and prominent.

ARAI has taken its place on the Facebook as the chimney vents taken more place to adjust the airflow.

The Back diffusers part of ARAI XD4 has taken aerodynamic shape and sporting cut in vent now to the crown.

The final result is the air flow of streamline fashion over the upper part and creates a vacuum that pulls cold air in the front as well as sucks out the warmer moist air by the diffusers.

Features of Arai XD4 Helmet

  • New bigger part cowl vents
  • Middle round, oval shape
  • Quick check pad release system
  • Replaceable/ fully removable and washable interior
  • Shell shape and new exhaust ports


  • Snell rated helmet
  • Dry, cool material technology – riding is comfortable and great
  • Washable and removable interior
  • Headliner comfortable having temple pads which may be peeled away
  • Balanced shell and more aerodynamic shell shape better than the previous one
  • Well ventilation system and improved standard


  • Price point higher
  • FaceShields of the previous models may not compatible with the XD5- not possible to swapped in or out.

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Voss 600 Dually Dual Sport Helmet

voss 600 Dually | Matte Black The Voss 600 Dually is a voss hit for three years in the row now great for Facebook or reviews for all clients.

The 600 dually has a modern shape which is great for the double sports community.

The attractive characteristic of the helmet is connected sun lens which drops down for simply pressing the latch.

A thermoplastic injection molded composite uses polycarbonate or ABS shell to confirm super strength. It makes the helmet lighter, safer and stronger.

It has an exactitude airtight eye port gasket is added to the helmet, so the helmet is quiet. In the eye port, most of MX goggles fit well as the visor is to the open position.

The comfort pad is removable and washable as well as moisture wicking. Heat molded medium density or a grouping of laser-cut foam ensures comfort and the pressure point is free to fit.

Features of Voss 600 Dually Dual Sports Helmet

  • Thermoplastic injection molded composite built up uses high ABS or polycarbonate alloy shell: stronger, lighter and safer, Weight: 3.5 pound or 1600 grams
  • A big eye port helps to see the maximum field. If the outer face shield is shut off, airtight eye port gasket creates the dually 600 ultra quiet
  • See the chart below to know a different size as the helmet fits tight
  • Comes to you with Voss internal Visor system or VIVS, having medium dark smoke sun visor
  • Kool Komfort liner: inside comfort padding is washable, moisture wicking and removable


  • Well fitting
  • The helmet is designed for the toddler most


  • It has no cons


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Gmax Gm11d Adult Dual Sports Helmet

Gmax GM11D Dual Sport Full Face Helmet

The gmax GM11D is made for the beginners of the sports which maintain all the features. This helmet is very popular amongst ADS riders for its performance, function and price point.

The shell of this helmet is made from lightweight thermo-plastic poly alloy keeping a neutral to encircling shape. The ventilation is excellent for having 4 main intakes- 2 x chimneys beneath the visor, the chin and 1 x on the above where the pick is attached with.

The passive vents and back exhaust of the helmet make the venturi effect. Cool air is sucked in by the helmet and wet air is sucked out the back exhaust.

The inside of the helmet is made up of CoolMax mesh wicking. The antimicrobial liner is washable and detachable. Its face shield is made from poly carbon shield. When you raise it up, it may be pushed up all the way.

Therefore no part of the shield hangs down. The attachment is done well. So none of the pressure points is influenced by painful protruding attachment. The GMAX GM11D is a good helmet for ADS riding and an affordable helmet.


  • Newly added streamline mouth vent to flow air mostly in the opened situation.
  • Visors are aerodynamically added to allow the flow of air. Do it uninterrupted across the helmet to remove helmet-lift at highway speeds.
  • There are a visor, clear shield, and side plate with the helmet. If visor is removed, the helmet helps to see the whole street.
  • Possible to turn from visor configuration to a visor-less configuration very quickly. The vivid shield is totally concealed beneath the visor and out of the line of sight when it remains incompletely raised position.
  • Bigeye port that preserves the biggest goggles. You can fully raise or lower the shield at the time of using goggles.


  • The great price point for an ADS helmet
  • Have four big air channels intakes for good ventilation, with front, jaw and top vents. These are simple to add to the gloves.
  • Bigeye port which accepts big goggles if the visor is removed
  • The lightweight shell that figures with or without the visor
  • More space to set up integrated speakers with the air cavities.


  • Has very big eye port.
  • The area may be cramped with the visor down and goggles on.


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Fly Racing Trekker Hi-Viz Dual Sport helmet

Fly Racing Trekker Hi-Viz Dual Sport helmet

The Fly Trekker Hi-Viz dual sports helmet is an entry-level experience touring option which matches those cyclists getting into the game for the very first time because of the reasonable price point.

The match is intermediate oblong, and it works great both off-road and on. DOT rated. Substantial vents (some flexible) flow a great deal of air throughout the chin, eyebrow top vents and vents that are passive.

This retains the inside fresh and beautiful while hot moist, humid air is pumped from the trunk. The very low distortion face guard can quickly accommodate goggles under for ordinary riding and can slide down on the glasses when poor weather rolls. The only screw peak may be adjusted up and down using a glove.


  • New redesigned protect that comes outfitted with a fresh shield lock program
  • Now contained for its multi-position ratcheting face shield is your brand-new side plate covers to utilize the visor is eliminated from operating in the Entire face street look
  • New and enhanced wholly removable and washable Coolmax® inside helps to keep your helmet clean and clean
  • O.T. & ECE Approved Advanced Poly Alloy casing structure joins high-strength poly materials generates an aggressive design That’s lightweight and durable


  • Affordable entrance cost for a Good experience dual sport helmet
  • Poly metal shell assemble powerful, lightweight and durable
  • Double density EPS liner
  • 16 air vents using a few adjustable including front yard, eyebrow vents, and back vents
  • Flexible summit 1 x inch motion up or down


  • Noisier helmet in the rate
  • Visor fogs from the coo


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Details feature a discussion on adventure touring helmet


The AFX and the HJC have a neutral adjustment to accommodate both oval and round shaped heads. In our test, we found that the GMax set well on the round heads. The HJC has the easiest way to use glasses. These helmets are made to use glasses in the specs. Then the GMax  GM -11 and the AFX helmet are least comfortable by wearing glasses though they fit most.


Would you like to use goggles for the dual sports ride? The GMax and the HJC come with largest eye ports. These ports are easiest to use goggles. Both these helmets seal perfect against your face. They have very little interference when the shield is completely raised.

The AFX helmet gives very little space to keep goggles. Therefore you face problem to keep goggles inside the helmet. If you like to use goggle, you have to remove the shield of AFX.


The visor of the HJC helmet fits well. Its sound is like the sound of closing the door of a nice German car. The visor has a positive seal and shuts off confidently. You will get a clear air gap between the seal and the shield that are responsible for air noise and maybe a leak.

The AFX closes positive and nice. The GMax is possibly better than the AFX with no noticeable gap between the seal and the shield. There are about 17 vents with this helmet. These vents provide a lot of air to keep you cool.

Though the climate is hot, it doesn’t matter as these vents exhaust the heat. There are some vents which are hardest to operate. The GMax has thirteen vents which expose easily. They are not robust like the HJC.

Speaking honestly, the helmet is price friendly. You will get washable, removable and moisture wicking interiors with your limited budget. It has only 9 vents which open very easily. All switches have a positive close or open feel.

All 3 are well styled with added vents that keep your head cool in dry weather. The HJC is at least 1 pound lighter than the other helmets. Moreover, it has the highest build standard.

The HJC and the GMax come with conventional D-ring straps whereas AFX applies a quick ratchet strap. Some people like it much though some people hate it.

Ratchet straps make it very easy to secure the lid even wearing gloves. D- rings are famous for their dependable retention.

What Finally

One great important thing about the helmet is face shield. It is well standard for street motorcycle helmets, and dirt helmets do all work in support of goggles.

They are added to keep cold in warm weather; they are significant for higher speeds.

Face shields are not great in a dusty environment as it makes a vacuum and dust does not easily escape. It keeps dust inside the face shield of the helmet, difficult to wipe out.

best adventure touring helmet

Some dual sport helmets have features to fight this problem, other needs to remove face shield altogether or use a goggle, allows the helmet to use the riding you like most.

Read the description of the product carefully as it is a very important thing.

You can do it if you like to get the best dual helmet for your use. This is the area where you will get the necessary features; see the details of the customers’ reviews well.

They will provide more information about the helmet, but you have to take your decision. The complete purchasing decision is just up to you.

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