Best Aero Helmet Review in 2022! Maximize Your Speed

While many of us might think of Aero helmets as a gimmicky product, some of them are quite helpful. Aero helmets are marketed with the claims that it will increase your speed and save you time by cutting down the air resistance.

Although it might sound like it’s not true, some of the products that we are going to mention below will change your mind.

There are many options in the market today, but not all of them are of high-quality. So to help you find the best aero helmet, we have listed down some of the finest ones out there.


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Top Picks of the Best Aero Helmets

We know that choosing a good aero helmet in this world full of dodgy products can be quite confusing and a tough decision to make on your own. Why choose when we can choose for you? Here are a few of the helmets that we think will surely intrigue you.

1. Kask Protone Helmet

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Sturdy, lightweight, affordable, and customizable, this helmet is all that you could wish for. Not only does this one come with great features, but it also makes sure to keep you safe and well-protected at all times.

The aerodynamic shell that has also been tested in wind tunnels comes with a reinforced frame that makes sure that it does not lose its shape and bend or break in any collision. And the shell also ensures greater speed no matter how windy the area you’re traveling in is.

Factors like these also make sure that you always have enough airflow to keep you cool in hot weather. So you won’t get that sticky, sweaty feeling inside your helmet anymore.

This helmet does not fall short when it comes to safety. A polycarbonate layer that coats the exterior keeps you safe from collision and impacts. This layer is also coated on the back and the base ring for extra safety. These layers also connect to make sure that all shock is absorbed. So you won’t feel any unwanted vibrations from this one.

Pros & Cons of Kask Protone Helmet


  • Polycarbonate layer on the back, exterior, and the base ring give you extra protection
  • Shock-absorbing
  • Tested in wind tunnels, this thing is capable of performing well in extreme conditions
  • Affordable


  • Not great fitting

2. Bell Javelin Time Trial/Triathlon Helmet

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TT helmet is the latest invention of Bell speed series, and it’s another name is Javelin.

It has wind tunnel as well as real world proven aerodynamic fuselage.

This helmet is made to be ventilated and fast. The helmet has super adjustable Twin Axis gear (TAG), so fitting is simple.

The helmet has exclusive SeamFlex ear flaps so on and off is pain-free and quick.

It is a big plus if you have a transition area on the part of your vernacular.

Pros & Cons of Bell Javelin Helmet


  • The helmet is super for slicing through the wind
  • The whole top is fractured and caved in. The internal spume lining shifted and cracked.
  • The face shield cracked since it hits the pavement.
  • SeamFlex Ear Flaps and removable Race Shield
  • Twin Axis Gear is well fit
  • X- Static antimicrobial pad
  • Channeled ventilation and Fusion In-Mold Microshell construction


  • If you do not choose the right one, the helmet does not fit well

3. POC Ventral Spin, Cycling Helmet

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The most important feature in any helmet is its ability to keep you safe at all times, no matter how extreme of a condition you face. And the POC spin helmet makes sure that it always has your back.

Made with a special POC spin shearing pad layer on the interior, this helmet keeps your head safe during collisions. This thing is shock-absorbing and makes sure that you don’t have any impact due to the vibrations and forces.

On top of that, the helmet is also made with very strong unibody shell construction that supports you and does not break or bend at all. If you like to wear sunglasses or any other type of eye gear, this helmet also has a separate eye garage to keep the gear safely in place without you having to adjust it from time to time.

Although the material with which the helmet is built is quite sturdy, it is very lightweight. The product allows airflow and keeps you cool. Its ventilation system is designed to reduce air resistance and help increase speed.

Pros & Cons of POC Ventral Helmet


  • Lots of colors to choose from
  • A secure belt that can also be adjusted according to preference
  • Lightweight but durable material
  • POC spin shearing layer inside to keep you extra safe
  • Well ventilated
  • Has a separate eye garage


  • Fit can be a bit uncomfortable due to the small circumference

4. RUDY PROJECT Strym Helmet

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If you’re an everyday rider, you know how annoying a heavy weighted helmet can be. It’s uncomfortable, hard to keep in place, and leaves you with a headache at the end of the day.

With this super-light and airy helmet, your trips are going to be a pain-free and comfortable as it gets. You can barely feel this thing on your head.

The lightweight structure also comes in a well-ventilated design so that you stay fresh and clean all day long. With this helmet, you can ride around in the summer without getting too hot. No need to worry about sweat getting trapped inside your helmet. This thing comes with 16 separate vents!

An easy-to-use fastex buckle makes sure that it stays in place and helps you achieve a snug fit according to your comfort. This aerodynamic bicycle helmet is perfect for everyday use.

On top of all that, if you ride around in an area that has a lot of bugs, this thing will be your best friend. It comes with a protective net just for the sole purpose of keeping you safe from insects.

Pros & Cons of RUDY Helmet


  • Lightweight
  • Well ventilated with 16 vents
  • Easy to strap on
  • Sturdy material that can get through hard collisions
  • Size can be adjusted for a snug fit
  • Comes with a separate bug protective net


  • Interior lining is too thin for spectacle wearers
  • Not the most affordable

5. Louis Garneau LG P-09 Bike Helmet

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When it comes to increasing speed, this is quite an impressive Aero TT helmet. We say this because this product comes with a textured upper part, which helps by giving you a better laminar flow. So, this thing will surely make sure you reach your destination quicker than you would with a normal helmet.

For good airflow and ventilation, this helmet also comes with four vents. The structure is streamlined with evacuation channels inside. You’ll stay calm and collected throughout your journey.

Retractable ears allow you to customize the type of helmet you want to wear according to your mood and needs. You also get pro-lock adjustments to strap so that you can fit your helmet just the way you like it.

Along with the vents, you get icefil pads that the interior is layered with. These pads will help keep your head cool during those long summer rides, and the vents will allow a steady stream of wind to pass through that alongside cutting off air resistance cools you off as well.

With all these extra features, let’s not forget about your safety. A P-09 lens keeps your eyes safe from any debris, bugs, or dust from getting into your eyes. The material with which the helmet is made is also very durable and won’t bend or crack easily.

Pros & Cons of Louis Garneau LG P-09 Aerodynamic Helmet


  • Spiderlock stabilizing system for better control
  • P-09 lens protects your eyes
  • Icefil pads keep you cool along with the four vents
  • Textured front part opts for a better laminar flow and therefore gives you more speed
  • Incredibly durable
  • Comes with retractable ears ad adjustable straps


  • No specific cons found

6. Pearl Izumi Women’s Fly Singlet

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Fly Izumi is a brand well known for its bicycle riding gears. So, it is obvious that the helmets that they sell are of great quality and not disappointing. Not only does this helmet have a great ventilation system, but the product itself is constructed in a narrow form to cut through the wind and get you to your destination even faster.

Ventilations provided at the back of the helmet make sure that there is enough airflow to keep you cool. This is the best option for people who ride their bikes every day on hot sunny days. You also get the option of closing down the ventilation for a fully closed typical helmet when you feel like that is what you need.

And you can also open up the front part of the helmet if you feel like you need more ventilation. So the product is quite customizable.

The closed-shell exterior gives you great speed and is also very strong. You can trust this product blindly when it comes to safety. There is a low friction layer inside that keeps your head safe from all collisions and impacts.

Pros & Cons of Pearl Izumi Women’s Fly Singlet


  • Ventilation points can be shut for a normally closed helmet
  • The front part of the helmet can be opened if you need more ventilation
  • Made with sturdy material, so the helmet lasts a longer time
  • Low friction layer inside the helmet to keep you safe during collisions


  • More on the expensive side

7. Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet

The Savant is well fit for the riders who like to enjoy the swift pace and great routes. The slim shape gives more ventilation.

So thanks to 25 wind tunnel vents and the comfort and convenience of the Roc Loc is five feet as well as stability system.

The mold construction is durable and lightweight. The weight would not weigh you down.

It may not wrap as the straps lie. The straps are not well flat against the face, but better. I give a post as a demonstration.

Pros & Cons of Giro Road Bike Helmet


  • Super design and wonderful looking helmet
  • Great vents on the helmet
  • MIPS method is very integrated and truly drawn my interest
  • Rocloc fit system is 2nd to none
  • Satisfactory aesthetic. They are good. Though the taste is subjective, I think the helmet seems better than cheaper options.


  • Padding of the helmet is enough but not most comfortable
  • Has no extra padding

How to Choose the Best Aero Helmet

Which aero helmet you think is the best will depend on your needs and concerns, but some factors apply to all helmets in general. You should always consider these while taking the final decision.


The ultimate goal of this helmet is to increase your speed. A heavy weighted helmet will just do the opposite as it will pull you back. On top of that, wearing a heavy helmet can be quite uncomfortable as well.

If a company claims that their helmet will increase your speed, but the helmet itself is weighty, be sure that that helmet is not going to be of any help to you.


Although our main target here is to increase your speed, your comfort should be the top priority. Factors such as being lightweight, easy-to-put-on, and sturdiness will have a great impact on your comfort. Look for a helmet that meets your needs, and you will automatically have a better experience.


Riding a bike makes everyone hot and sweaty. Having a helmet that allows air to flow and does not let the sweat-damp up your head is the best thing you could wish for in a situation like this. A helmet with good airflow will not only keep you cool but will also keep you fresh and stink-free.


Safety comes first. No matter how lightweight or breezy your helmet is, it needs to be capable of keeping you safe in all situations. Get a helmet that is strong and sturdy and doesn’t break easily. Helmets with extra padding and secure belts are a great choice.


The way your helmet is designed and built will determine how you’re your speed will increase. An aerodynamic bicycle helmet allows the air to flow in such a way that air resistance has a very low effect on your speed. You can reach places faster than you would while wearing a typical helmet.

How and why to use an aero lid

All things are equal, a rider having aero helmet will be faster than a person wearing a normal standard bike helmet.

This is the view of aero expert that an aero helmet rider’s position would be worth 10 to 15 watts. Over the time of an Ironman bike, the leg would result within time measurable within minutes.

For such kind of inexpensive part of the kit, compared with a new bike or wheelset, an aero helmet is the best bang in term of aero gain for your back.

How and why to use an aero lid

Though there are some caveats. The helmet must be well fit for the riders. The tail must be transition smoothly for the back of the riders, keeping small gaps as small as it can.

If that is not the problem, you need to move the head as a lot as you ride, the aero helmet slowing you down. It also requires long course triathletes whose head may be changed for fatigue and failing the attention of the bike legs.

Use lots of helmets, take the side of you wearing it to the turbo. But do not remember to test as you are fatigue as quick as you feel fresh.

Many athletes like to use an aero road helmet or a good stubbier tailed helmet like the Giro Air Attack which Leanda Cave like to wear to Kona glory in the year 2012, more versatile or better option.

The following factor is to consider the overheating. An aero helmet is always hot to ride in, and for an Ironman bike leg with the hot condition, overhearing may cost more than the helmet will save.

Keep in mind that Chrissie Wellington does not like to wear an aero helmet for Kona triumphs, and the bike splits are very shabby.

You are a triathlete; you need to consider transition. Stiff earflaps, fiddly visor, or tricky adjustment dial can simply cost you the chunk of time.

This type of thing does not matter for such a big deal for a long course race, but for Olympic distance event or sprint, these things need offset against the diminished aero time gains to the legs of the shorter bike.

Lastly, do not preserve your aero helmet for the race day. Like another race kit, this is for training that you are sure; the helmet is just for you.

Do you think the helmet is comfortable? Would you like to overheat it? These are the questions. You will be able to give answer all of these issues when you sometimes spend by wearing this helmet on the road.

If you have the full consciousness to wear an aero helmet, enter cycling time trials, only in one event, you may get funny looks for not using headgear which seems coming from the Battle of the Planets.

should I buy an aero helmet?

All Aero road helmets are heavier and a slightly less vented than usual helmets. The price of the helmets is bit higher. On the other hand, you may get a small reduction in drag. This is a marginal gain, but it makes an important dissimilarity as you like to go off the frontage and attempt your fortune in a race.

Aero helmets for triathletes – how and why to use them

The motto of using a cycling helmet is to save your head from a serious accident. The aero savvy riders understand well that a covered head may be faster than a bare one through the air.

In Triathlon, lids designed for upgraded aerodynamics appeared first in the mid-80’s. It helped Scott Tinley to Hawaii to get a victory in 1985. In spite of thinking more about the benefit of this helmet, you may take the small handful of athletes.

The tipping position of aero helmet comes with Greg Lemond’s in 1989 Tour de France. You may demonstrate the necessity of aerodynamics by using Tri-bars and wearing a Giro Aerodynamics. You may do it through 58 seconds on Laurent Fignon over the last 25 km stage and wearing the yellow jersey. This is the starting point of the beginning of the aero arms race for the biking.

During the 90s aero helmets are greatly fairing to smooth airflow and give only a little protection for the rider’s head.

Gradually the tails of the helmet become longer and visors are included. The biggest change came in 2003 when UCI imposed a law that any helmet must be used for racing save the rider’s head. It means that aero lids have to incorporate huge extended polystyrene cores.

Aero Helmet Wind-Tunnel Shootout

Best Aero Helmet FAQs

If this is your first time buying an aero helmet, you must be flustered with a thousand questions on your mind. Here, we have answered a few of them:

1. How does an aero helmet increase my speed? 

An aero helmet cuts down air resistance, which allows you to move faster as you have a low opposing force acting on you.

2. How is the aero helmet different from any other helmet?

Typical cycling helmets are designed only to keep you safe while an aero helmet uses aerodynamics to reduce air resistance and help you travel faster while keeping you safe at the same time.

3. How to find the right helmet size?

These helmets come in all different sizes. You can measure the circumference of your head with a measuring tape and compare the size with the ones available to get your perfect fit.

4. When should I replace my aero helmet?

If your helmet has faced any sort of collision that is hard enough to cause structural damage, it is time to get a new one. A broken or damaged helmet will not be able to keep you safe.

5. What material is the best? 

When it comes to choosing an aero helmet, light materials will be your best friend. Hard plastic is a good example of a suitable material.

Final Words and Recommendation

All of the products that we have mentioned, starting from the Rudy Project Strym helmet to the Pearl Izumi one are of top quality and have their unique features. We’re sure one of these will be the best Aero helmet for you.

While the kask Proton helmet is a great affordable option, the POC ventral one is sturdier. If we were to make one recommendation, we would suggest the Louis Garneau LG P-09 Aerodynamic, CPSC Safety Certified, TT bike helmet.

This one is guaranteed to increase your speed and also keep you safe at all times. The spider lock stabilizing system and the P-09 lens keep you in control and protect you. It is also quite affordable.


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