Awesome Helmet! Best Aero Helmet for Triathlon

If the question is safety, head protection is the most important thing. You will understand it easily, you may use expanded polystyrene structures shrouded in polycarbonate shells.

As we are realizing the dynamics of crashing deepens, new things are coming into play. You will get the best-selected road cycling helmets which are top in the market.

The aim of cycling helmet is to save your head from the crash. A bare head gets more air than the cover head.

In the mid of 80s, lids made improved aerodynamics, the most important helping Scott Tinley to Hawaii victory in 1985. Instead of the offer they give, they took a handful of athletes relatively.

The important period of aerodynamic helmets came when Greg LeMond’s 1989 Tour De France winning time to ride.

He explained the importance of aerodynamics by wearing 58 seconds on Laurent Fignon over 25 km stage and wearing the yellow jersey. This is the first time to use aero arms race.

Best Aero Helmet for Triathlon – Comparison Chart

Product ImageProduct NameShipping WeightDimensionEditor's RatingPrice
Bell Star Pro Shield Bike Helmet2.3 pounds14 x 11 x 9 inches4.7 out of 5 starsCheck Price
Giro Air Attack Shield Helmet1 pounds4.9 out of 5 starsCheck Price
Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet2 pounds 14 x 9 x 7 inches4.5 out of 5 starsCheck Price
Bell Javelin Time Trial/Triathlon Helmet1 pounds 17 x 10 x 10 inches4.8 out of 5 starsCheck Price
GRAY Triathlon/Time Trial Aerodrome Helmet0.76 pounds 8.3 x 8.7 x 15.9 inches 4.6 out of 5 starsCheck Price

Aero cycling helmets: how to choose the right shape

The purpose of the long tail is to maintain airflow from a distance. Moreover, it guides the airflow smoothly onto your torso. The short tail design provides you more freedom of movement.

The reason is that they are made to be competent if you rely on your torso. The less extreme position is applied in the tri- compared to stubbies, trailing and time which are more fitting.

For a long time, the manufacturers are trying to make slim shapes having minimal frontal area. Their aim is that the helmet will hit less air.

But now some brands are making a wider shape to add to the users’ shoulders. It depends on a lower position so that the torso and the helmet work at the same time.

Surface characteristics like trips ( Lazer)  and dimples (Louis Garneau) are made to promote laminar air flow. Here the air follows the size of a helmet. Other (POC) move for the smoothest probable surface.

You need to keep in mind that helmet makes parts of the bigger system. The rest of it remains in an aero riding physiology and position what you must give more importance. The best way is to book some wind tunnel time, where you may hone your position. You can use different helmets to evaluate it.

Wear a helmet in your home. Take photos from the back and front of the helmet. You can try it in your home. Just sat on a bike and examine everything very carefully. If you do it you will see the shape integrated neatly of not. You will also notice if a long tail is stuck up in the air causing drag.

Aero helmets for triathletes – how and why to use them

The motto of using a cycling helmet is to save your head from a serious accident. The aero savvy riders understand well that a covered head may be faster than a bare one through the air.

In Triathlon, lids designed for upgraded aerodynamics appeared first in the mid-80’s. It helped Scott Tinley to Hawaii to get a victory in 1985. In spite of thinking more about the benefit of this helmet, you may take the small handful of athletes.

The tipping position of aero helmet comes with Greg Lemond’s in 1989 Tour de France. You may demonstrate the necessity of aerodynamics by using Tri-bars and wearing a Giro Aerodynamics. You may do it through 58 seconds on Laurent Fignon over the last 25 km stage and wearing the yellow jersey. This is the starting point of the beginning of the aero arms race for the biking.

During the 90s aero helmets are greatly fairing to smooth airflow and give only a little protection for the rider’s head.

Gradually the tails of the helmet become longer and visors are included. The biggest change came in 2003 when UCI imposed a law that any helmet must be used for racing save the rider’s head. It means that aero lids have to incorporate huge extended polystyrene cores.


Best Aero Helmet for Triathlon 2018


Bell Star Pro Shield Bike Helmet

Some famous cyclists in the world sometimes battle for the whole days under sunlight or rough weather.

Transitions and Bell Optical, famous for making photochromic technology, made a new Bell Star Pro helmet which automatically adjusts to the outdoor light.

Transition adaptive method gives clear cycling shields to envelop the bright sunlight, for improve distance and increase contrast as well as depth perception.

In the Bell Transitions cycling shield, you will get light tint if the position of the sun is low or in overcast weather.

When sunlight intensified, the tint darkens to give comfort from the distracting glare and save from the UV rays.

If the sun goes down, the tint will go to its place and give you visual advantages for the whole day with one useful shield.

Features of Bell Star Pro Shield Bike Helmet

  • On-the-fly adjustability to adapt to changing race conditions
  • Aero road helmet game changing
  • Polycarbonate shell in mold
  • Having magnetic Zeiss Eye Shield
  • Weight: 280 grams


  • Vents may be closed if it is colder and preserve your head warmer.
  • The helmet is lots aero. I use the helmet for a charity ride, and I reeled other riders going down


  • For the warm of the day the helmet has forehead ventilation, but I like to ride near my peak as well as truly pushing it


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Giro Air Attack Shield Helmet

Giro Air Attack Shield Helmet

Made for speed! Our main target was making a new one and performance for all kinds of riding. The innovative Air Attach Shield ensures a dose of free speed.

It is lightweight, compact and has super aerodynamic design slices although air flows a hyper-efficient ride.

It has a magnetically fastened eye shield for the protection of eye which is easy to remove during warm-up or pre-race.

The Aero helmet is a benchmark of performance with having good airflow and design of Roc Loc Air system.

Features of Giro Air Attack Shield Helmet

  • X-Static pads are comfortable
  • Wind tunnel helped design
  • W magnetic attachment optical shield
  • Featherweight webbing along with Slimline Buckle


  • The helmet feels good, looks cool and keeps you safe.
  • When you use it, you would not seem like a mushroom. The visor clicks off and on simply if it stays on.
  • The face shield of the helmet works fantastic
  • The helmet confirms you a far better area for viewing by using sunglasses.


  • Wonderful helmet for using in cold weather since it has no vent like other helmets. The quality of this helmet is great

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Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet

Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet

The Savant is well fit for the riders who like to enjoy the swift pace and great routes. The slim shape gives more ventilation.

So thanks to 25 wind tunnel vents and the comfort and convenience of the Roc Loc is five feet as well as stability system.

The mold construction is durable and lightweight. The weight would not weigh you down.

It may not wrap as the straps lie. The straps are not well flat against the face, but better. I give a post as a demonstration.

Features of Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet

  • Engineering is super fit
  • Polycarbonate
  • In-mold polycarbonate shell having EPS liner
  • Authentic performance and style, having unmatched value
  • Wind tunnel ventilation having twenty vents
  • Roc Loc five fit system


  • Super design and wonderful looking helmet
  • Great vents on the helmet
  • MIPS method is very integrated and truly drawn my interest
  • Rocloc fit system is 2nd to none
  • Satisfactory aesthetic. They are good. Though the taste is subjective, I think the helmet seems better than cheaper options.


  • Has no extra padding
  • Padding of the helmet is enough but not most comfortable

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Bell Javelin Time Trial/Triathlon Helmet

Bell Javelin Time Trial/Triathlon Helmet

TT helmet is the latest invention of Bell speed series, and it’s another name is Javelin.

It has wind tunnel as well as real world proven aerodynamic fuselage.

This helmet is made to be ventilated and fast. The helmet has super adjustable Twin Axis gear (TAG), so fitting is simple.

The helmet has exclusive SeamFlex ear flaps so on and off is pain-free and quick.

It is a big plus if you have a transition area on the part of your vernacular.

Features of Bell Javelin Time Trial/Triathlon Helmet

  • SeamFlex Ear Flaps and removable Race Shield
  • Twin Axis Gear is well fit
  • Weight is 380 grams and has three sizes
  • X- Static antimicrobial pad
  • Channeled ventilation and Fusion In-Mold Microshell construction


  • The helmet is super for slicing through the wind
  • The whole top is fractured and caved in. The internal spume lining shifted and cracked.
  • The face shield cracked since it hits the pavement.


  • If you do not choose the right one, the helmet does not fit well

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GRAY Triathlon/Time Trial Aerodrome Helmet

GRAY Triathlon/Time Trial Aerodrome Helmet

The Aerodrome is designed from in mold construction having DuraShell for ensuring maximum performance.

The weight of the helmet is 345 grams as well as four events internal channel system. It offers complete adjustment for having sure Fit Dial Retention System and ensures that one size is fit for all.

The side panels are flexible to cover the ears and may not crack under normal use, like some other brands.

This may consider the greatest features but at the time of riding taking off the helmet is the best concern for the users.

Today the Aerodrome is the best helmet in the market and has all the adjustability spaces and features than other helmets of the same class.

Features of GRAY Triathlon/Time Trial Aerodrome Helmet

  • Crash replacement guarantee for the whole life
  • One size is fit for all and weight 345 grams
  • DuraShell in mold construction, Flexible sides panels.
  • Drag at 25 mph: Drag : 3.306, Drag Coefficient: 0. 2465
  • CPSC affiliated, 4 Vent internal Channel, Chin Strap Protector


  • One can get a nice, good quality and great looking TT helmet with reasonable price.
  • The fit of the helmet is a very attractive thing and comfortable as well, thinking it is an area fits for all designs.


  • No worth mention

>>Check Price of GRAY Triathlon Aerodrome Helmet<<


How and why to use an aero lid

All things are equal, a rider having aero helmet will be faster than a person wearing a normal standard bike helmet.

This is the view of aero expert that an aero helmet rider’s position would be worth 10 to 15 watts. Over the time of an Ironman bike, the leg would result within time measurable within minutes.

For such kind of inexpensive part of the kit, compared with a new bike or wheelset, an aero helmet is the best bang in term of aero gain for your back.

best aero helmet for triathlon

Though there are some caveats. The helmet must be well fit for the riders. The tail must be transition smoothly for the back of the riders, keeping small gaps as small as it can.

If that is not the problem, you need to move the head as a lot as you ride, the aero helmet slowing you down. It also requires long course triathletes whose head may be changed for fatigue and failing the attention of the bike legs.

Use lots of helmets, take the side of you wearing it to the turbo. But do not remember to test as you are fatigue as quick as you feel fresh.

Many athletes like to use an aero road helmet or a good stubbier tailed helmet like the Giro Air Attack which Leanda Cave like to wear to Kona glory in the year 2012, more versatile or better option.

The following factor is to consider the overheating. An aero helmet is always hot to ride in, and for an Ironman bike leg with the hot condition, overhearing may cost more than the helmet will save.

Keep in mind that Chrissie Wellington does not like to wear an aero helmet for Kona triumphs, and the bike splits are very shabby.

You are a triathlete; you need to consider transition. Stiff earflaps, fiddly visor, or tricky adjustment dial can simply cost you the chunk of time.

This type of thing does not matter for such a big deal for a long course race, but for Olympic distance event or sprint, these things need offset against the diminished aero time gains to the legs of the shorter bike.

Lastly, do not preserve your aero helmet for the race day. Like another race kit, this is for training that you are sure; the helmet is just for you.

Do you think the helmet is comfortable? Would you like to overheat it? These are the questions. You will be able to give answer all of these issues when you sometimes spend by wearing this helmet on the road.

If you have the full consciousness to wear an aero helmet, enter cycling time trials, only in one event, you may get funny looks for not using headgear which seems coming from the Battle of the Planets.

best aero helmet for triathlon

High-speed ventilation

The popularity of this helmet is growing fast, so people like to use full-blown TT lids. It is also critically important that the helmet gives more airflow to keep the head cool.

We have tested some helmet by wearing and measured their ability to move air around our heads at the time of traveling at cruising speed. Maybe 18 to 25 mph during faster mountain descents, in midday at hot Colorado sunshine.

Almost all helmets fared well and few downright surprising in how much air moves across the scalp. Other may be rough but not very much.

Low-speed ventilation

To move ahead with having hot air at the time of highest speed is an easy matter. But when going up the long or steep climb in humid summer day or hot day, we should carry cooling airflow, and hot air needs to be given off.

best aero helmet for triathlon

This is not surprising that most of the helmets fared poorly as it may be easier to make an aero helmet.

You have no account to airflow as well over and around the shell. This is the matter of the rider’s evaluation on different climbs with having speeds hovering around ten mph.


The truth is that the aero helmet is a good thing for increasing beauty as long as our perceptions are redesigned.

We will measure each of the helmet based on riding evaluation at various speeds at least hovering with ten mph.


The weight of the aero helmet is heavier than the other helmets on the market. The weight is more from forty to sixty grams. It is vivid to the end of 4 hours ride. Sometimes lighter may be better.

You May Interested to Watch The  Video On Best Aero Helmet for Triathlon

So, should I buy an aero helmet?

All Aero road helmets are heavier and a slightly less vented than usual helmets. The price of the helmets is bit higher. On the other hand, you may get a small reduction in drag. This is a marginal gain, but it makes an important dissimilarity as you like to go off the frontage and attempt your fortune in a race.

Final Verdict

Surely Aero helmet is the best helmet and faster choice for the users. It is not quite from free motion as lessen ventilation meaning you give vent to heat build up.

When we made a test of Giro Air Attack in 2013, reviewers said that I do not like to get on it as the arm warmer comes off. It is very warm.

If you do not live in cold climate, we would not suggest you buy the aero helmet as your first choice. For occasional Sunday suicide break, you may use an aero helmet.

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