Best ATV Helmets: Reviews and A Complete Buying Guide

Whichever way you decide to call an ATV helmet, they are one of the essential headgears available. If you want to assure yourself of safety while riding off-road, you should go for the best ATV helmets.

While riding an ATV, it’s easy to get yourself involved in an accident. You can tumble from the quadricycle, especially if you decide to ride at high speeds due to its stability. Road bumps and other things on the road may hit your ride.


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Riding on a terrain with an ATV can be fun, but if you don’t use the right approach and don’t wear an ATV helmet, you would be risking your life. You might just end up with a sharp object in your head. If you are confused about the helmet to purchase, don’t worry.

We have compiled the top 10 best ATV helmets for you.

1. Yema Motocross ATV Helmet

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This black-colored helmet from Yema is one of those professional motocross helmets that you can trust. It’s exciting and comes in a design that fits ATV riding.

The sturdiness of the helmet is a wonder. The shell is ABS, while the interior is a multi-density EPS liner that ensures comfort and safety. With a reinforced chin strap, laser-cut foam, and quick release buckle, you are sure of this helmet being snug on your head.

If you hate to wear full-face helmets, you should consider this ATV helmet. There is an extra space for safety goggles if you wish to wear one.

Above all, this helmet is incredibly lightweight, which is an advantage in ATV driving. This helmet is the perfect helmet if you want to mix adventure and professionalism. It is suitable for both men and women.


  • Certified – The helmet meets all DOT FMVSS-218 safety regulations, which guarantees safety.
  • Aerodynamic Design – Yema ATV helmet has a streamlined design that reduces drag and noise while riding. With this, your riding speed is not hampered.
  • Better Airflow – The helmet is fully vented, which keeps the head cool while riding.
  • Comfortable – The quick-release strap plus a chin strap and liner to ensure you have a comfortable fit. This will result in more exceptional riding performance.
  • Washable Liners – The liners are removable, and you can wash it should it get dirty.
  • Affordable – The quality of this helmet is way above the price tag slammed on it. This means that you will be getting an amazing helmet for the right price.


  • Fit – Finding the perfect size can be difficult if you don’t know your size.

2. XFMT-Moto-Part Full-Face ATV Helmet

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In terms of design, this helmet comes on top. The white, pink glossy finish makes the helmet beautiful – one of the things you should consider if you love to be stylish.

Apart from design, this helmet isn’t different from the regular quality helmets out there. It’s lightweight and comes with a sturdy composite shell for increased head protection from impacts. The interior is made with a comfortable material that will help to cushion against impacts. The paddings also ensure that the helmet is snug on your head.

You cannot question the safety of this helmet because it meets all DOT safety regulations. It’s well-vented, and there is an anti-scratch visor for protection from weather elements. Overall, this is a great helmet for ATV driving.


  • Value for Money – This helmet comes at an affordable price that justifies the price.
  • Lightweight – Wearing the helmet doesn’t cause neck strain or head pain. That’s because it’s incredibly light on the head.
  • Perfect Fit – With the right size, the helmet will fit comfortably on your head.
  • Impressive Design – The color and glossy finish design are stylish and unique.
  • Visor – The addition of a visor gives the helmet added protection from weather elements.


  • Slightly Foggy Visor – During winter periods, the visor may get foggy, and this will obstruct the rider from properly seeing.

3. X4 ATV Motocross Off-road Helmet

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This is another helmet that comes in a beautiful design. If you are looking for a helmet that will define your style, this is another helmet you should go for.

The lightweight helmet is designed in such a way that it protects you from the sun rays. The shell is polycarbonate, and the interior is made with a removable and washable liner. Chin straps are easy to use, and if you wish, you can wear goggles in the provided space in the helmet.

One of the things we love about this helmet is the inclusion of gloves and safety goggles. This saves you the trouble of purchasing these two products elsewhere. It’s a perfect all-in-one package.


  • Right Price – The helmet comes just at the right price, and with the extras, you will be amazed by how cheap this helmet is.
  • Comfortable – X4 ATV helmet comes with easy to adjust strap that sits well on the head. You need to make sure that you ordered the right size.
  • Excellent Design – The helmet is beautiful, and this is a big plus if you are looking for a stylish helmet.


  • Fitting – The nose guard may be loose. This is not a big deal, however, as you can put it back in place.

4. MMG 27V Dual Sport Off-road ATV Helmet

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MMG ATV helmet is one of the cheapest helmets in this review article. However, being cheap doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with features that will leave you in awe.

This off-road ATV helmet comes with a padded liner that is removable and washable. Sizes range from small to XXL, so you can conveniently pick the right size that would fit your head.

For additional protection, there is a visor that you can also open for more breathability and visibility. The visor is so wide that it can accommodate goggles.


  • Affordable – The helmet comes at an affordable price, and the quality is fantastic.
  • Fitting is Perfect – MMG ATV helmet runs from small sizes to XXL. Choosing any of the sizes according to your head type will fit well.
  • Ventilation System – There are vents located around the helmet to keep you fresh while riding.
  • Clear Visors – Not all ATV helmet come with a visor, but this one does to protect your face from specks of dust and wind.


  • Visor Issues – The visor in some models doesn’t sit well, and this can allow dust to penetrate.

5. GLX Unisex Motocross ATV Helmet

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The last but not the least ATV helmet that we want to discuss is the GLX unisex motocross ATV helmet. GLX ATV helmet’s design is incredible, and there is no doubt why it made it to our list of top 5!

When it comes to manufacturing durable, affordable, and quality helmets, you can’t take it away from GLX. The company has been in the business of designing helmets since 1994 and are continually improving on their previous models.

The sear green color that it comes in is absolute eye candy. Color aside, the helmet is sturdy and impenetrable so that your head is protected to the highest limit. It’s also lightweight, so you won’t feel the pressure of the helmet on your head.

With a quality EPS liner in the helmet and throughout the jaw bar, your entire chin and jaw area is safe should you get involved in a crash. This enhances the absorption of impacts. The inner material is removable and washable so that you don’t get stuck with dirt.

The style, functionality, and safety that this helmet provides are fascinating.


  • Comfortable – GLX helmet is secure on your head. Part of this reason is due to the quick-release chin strap that you can easily adjust for a snug fit.
  • Cooling Systems – To maximize airflow, this helmet comes with enough intake and exhaust vents. You stay fresh all the time even after long hours of riding.
  • Different Sizes – This GLX helmet comes in sizes from small to large. This ensures that you get the perfect size for your head for improved safety.
  • Warranty – As part of buying this helmet, you get a limited one year warranty from the manufacturer for continuous customer support – one of the reasons why you should get this helmet.
  • Guaranteed Safety – The helmet might not be Snell certified, but it meets all DOT safety standards. This assures you that you are wearing a helmet that will provide optimal absorption of impacts.


  • Size – The issue of improper sizing is the major problem of the helmet. The helmet is either oversized or undersized. Knowing the correct measurement of your head is key to avoiding this issue.

6. Nenki Dual Sport Full-Face Motocross Helmet

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You simply can’t go wrong by choosing the Nenki dual sport helmet. It’s an ideal motocross helmet for racing purposes.

One thing we like about the helmet is the unique design. And if you are all about style, you will definitely love this helmet. The iridium red chrome visor that’s attached to the clear visor partially explains why people love this helmet’s design. It makes you feel you are one of those villains in superhero movies.

The red chrome visor is highly effective against UV light so that you can ride pretty well even in the blazing sun. Also, there is enough space between the rider’s face and the visor to accommodate glasses.

Nenki’s shell is made of a high-performance thermoplastic ABS material, plus a multi-density EPS, which can effectively act as a shock absorber. You can trust Nenki to provide you with the necessary head protection, and they would not fail to deliver.

Other features of this helmet are the multiple vents, several beautiful colors that you can choose from, and DOT certification. The air inlets and outlets regulate airflow inside the helmet. This keeps the rider’s head cool. So, in terms of comfort, this helmet is perfect.

As regards the color, you can choose matt black & red, matt black & green, green, and black skull graphic to suit your style.


  • Convenient and Comfortable – There are removable and washable liners and pads inside the helmet to keep it fresh and get rid of any odor that may arise from sweats. The pads also serve as an additional comfort, so wearing this helmet won’t strain your neck. The helmet comes with a strong double D button for a more snug-fitting.
  • Certified – The best ATV helmets in this review come with essential certifications, and Nenki dual-sport is no different. It meets all DOT requirements, which makes the helmet safe for use.
  • Dual Visors – You get an anti-fog clear visor alongside Nenki’s iridium red visor. These two visors offer maximum protection to the eyes while also enhancing coverage. You can flip the iridium visor if you wish.
  • Multiple Inlets and Outlets – It’s unlike ATV helmets to have so many vents as the Nenki. These vents help to control the amount of air flowing inside the helmet. This is necessary to keep the head fresh and to eliminate sweats.


  • Long Chin Strap – The chin strap is a little bit longer and far too behind. It might not fit perfectly on small heads and small chins.

7. O’Neal 0623-064 3 Series Helmet

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One of the few remarkable features of this helmet is the lightweight shell construction. If you are more concerned about safety in a helmet, you should consider this helmet.

If you never go ATV riding because you are afraid of crashing hard, you should reconsider by buying the O’Neal helmet. This helmet is designed to withstand the most severe hits, and since head safety is crucial, you can trust this helmet to deliver.

O’Neal is constructed with ABS shell, alongside enhanced aerodynamics for overall safety and comfort of the rider. Should you ride on highways, the improved aerodynamics will allow you to cut through the air. In other words, there won’t be any form of drag while wearing this helmet and driving at high speed.

Besides being aerodynamically built, some vents around the helmet do the job of keeping your head fresh. Also, the addition of padded liners translates to better riding performance since there would be no moisture or sweat to derail your riding.

This helmet is multiple-certified, so in terms of safety, this helmet is undoubtedly one of the best around. It meets all DOT, ECE, SNELL, and NZS safety requirements. You can count on this helmet for your head safety.


  • Lightweight – Being an ATV helmet alone is one thing, and it’s another to ride with a super lightweight ATV helmet. This is what the O’Neal is all about. Wearing the helmet won’t cause you any neck strain or head pain.
  • Ventilated – Long rides can be uncomfortable if your helmet is not properly vented. Fortunately, you can’t say so about O’Neal. Even after long hours of riding, you won’t feel tired and sweaty because of the inlets and outlets on the helmet.
  • Comfortable and Fitting – The pad in the helmet is thick and ideal if you choose the right size.
  • Value for Money – The helmet is of excellent quality and is worth its price tag. There are not so many quality ATV helmets that you can get at the O’Neal 3 series helmet’s price.


  • Loose Visor – The screws around the visor on some models strip out easily. You need to make sure yours is tight before wearing the helmet so as not to get distracted.

8. SmartDealsNow Youth & Kids Helmet

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Two things define this helmet – stylish design and affordability. That said, if you are one of those who want to look different in a helmet without spending big, you have found the helmet.

This helmet is another lightweight helmet that you would love to wear for your motocross or dirt bike racing. It weighs just 3lbs, which is considered an ideal lightweight helmet.

The interior padding design is excellent. It ensures that you are comfortable by wicking away sweat from your head. Safety is also enhanced because the paddings help to cushion impacts. You can remove the paddings and wash whenever it gets dirty.

As we stated earlier, this helmet is highly affordable and suitable for those looking for a low-budget helmet. It would also be a great fit for kids and youth.


  • Right-Sizing – This helmet comes in various sizes, such as small, medium, and large sizes. Once you know the circumference of your head, selecting the right size is pretty simple. Once selected, the helmet would fit perfectly on the head.
  • Lightweight – One of the key things we love about this helmet is how light it is on the head. This means that your head and neck won’t hurt. Thus, you can wear the helmet for an extended period.
  • DOT Certified – Wearing a DOT certified helmet assures you that your head is safe, even if involved in a crash. So you don’t have to feel jittery, especially when you are out riding your four wheelers because of collision.
  • Washable Interior Paddings – The paddings inside the helmet are removable and washable. So after wicking away your sweat, you can remove, wash, and replace.
  • Affordable – With all the features that this helmet possesses, it still quite affordable. You don’t need to break the bank to afford this great helmet.


  • Visors – Attaching the visor to the helmet is somewhat complicated. It requires some expertise to be able to fix it correctly.

9. ScorpionExo Covert Unisex-Adult Half-Size Helmet

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This helmet is distinctively unique from every other helmet in this list. That’s because it’s a half helmet and not just that; you can convert the helmet to a ¾ helmet. Amazing, right

According to the manufacturer, this helmet is “radical by design.” There is no doubt about this. Scorpion designed this helmet to be downright aggressive against hits and impacts. The shell is advanced polycarbonate, with dual density EPS that’s engineered to cushion the effects. The choice of using this shell is to reduce weight and distribute impact more effectively.

This half helmet comes with an integrated drop-down sun visor to protect your eyes from Ultraviolet rays. The retractable face shield betters your eyesight and gives you more extensive coverage. If you love riding at night, you can see clearly with the face shield. So you have two visors that would work to keep your eyes protected.

You can drive in warm weather without having to feel sweaty at all. ScorpionExo Covert comes with a kwikkwick anti-microbial liner to keep your head super cool while riding. The fabric is easily removable and washable, so it’s virtually impossible to get stuck with a smelling helmet.


  • Versatile and Convertible – The beauty of this helmet is that you can convert it from being half helmet to an open-face helmet. This gives users the option to ride according to their preferences. This is an incredible advantage that the ScorpionExo helmet has over other ATV helmets.
  • Comfortable – Comfort is the hallmark of all Scorpion helmets, and the ScorpionExo is no different. The pads are soft, and the helmet fits very well on the head. It doesn’t cause any discomfort, which is great for optimal performance.
  • Reasonably Priced – Despite coming with incredible features and great design, this helmet is reasonably priced. You can’t get a cheaper helmet that offers this same amount of great features as the ScorpionExo.
  • Better Eye Coverage – The retractable visor doesn’t fog up, and you can see pretty well whether you are driving in the day or at night. The drop-down visor is designed to protect the eyes against UV rays.
  • DOT Approved – The safety of a helmet is vital, and thanks to the DOT certification. You can rely on this helmet to provide you with a minimal head injury.


  • Loud – The fact that the helmet takes in a lot of air to keep the rider’s head fresh contributes to its loud noise. This is common when riding on a highway or at high speed. However, this is a half helmet and shouldn’t come as a surprise that you will find it a little loud.

10. Raider Ambush Mossy Oak Adult Off-Road Helmet

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This is another good quality aerodynamic helmet in this list, and it’s designed by Raider. If you are after lightweight helmets, then you should consider this.

Just as the name suggests, Raider Ambush lets you blend with the environment. With its camouflage graphics, you can seamlessly blend with oaks. Wearing the helmet makes you feel like one of those soldiers on a black ops mission.

The helmet meets all DOT and FMVSS standards, and you can get the helmet on the cheap. It has a thermoplastic shell that helps to secure your head against bumps and hits. So riding with confidence is not a problem with this helmet.

In terms of ventilation, this helmet is excellent! The liner does a pretty good job at keeping your head fresh, and the cheek pads offer some protection and comfort around the cheeks. Overall, this helmet is suited for the budget-conscious buyer and those who love to look different.


  • Good Price – Raider comes at a super affordable price. It comes with decent features that are worthy of the price, unlike other helmets that offer less and costs more.
  • Fit Is Great – The soft pads and liner make the helmet to be comfortable on the head and fitting. All you have to do is not make a mistake with the size. A helmet that’s too tight or too loose will affect riding performance and your safety.
  • Different Sizes – This helmet runs in several sizes from S – 2XL. So you can choose the size that fits right on your head. This minimizes the chances of sustaining more profound head injuries.
  • Sturdy – Helmets simply safeguard your head should you get involved in an accident, and the Raider helmet does this perfectly! The thermoplastic shell will offer you the head protection that you desire.
  • Has Good Ventilation – You can ride for hours in this helmet and still not feel tired or sweaty. That’s because the helmet has a lot of vents that will keep you cool.


  • Sizes – The sizes are a bit complicated. Some of the stated sizes run smaller than the actual sizes. You need to be more careful while selecting the right size.

Buying Guide of ATV Helmets

Wearing an ATV helmet is paramount for off-roading activities. When buying a helmet, there are several factors that you must consider. All these factors should be able to determine your pick for increased safety.



An ATV helmet that fits correctly and securely will ensure that you get the best safety as possible. Part of a helmet being comfortable is due to the inner paddings. With the right amounts of paddings, your helmet should snug fit into your head.



You must consider whether the ATV helmet is certified by the standard authorities. Here, an ATV helmet can either bear the mark of DOT or SNELL at the back of the helmet. If your ATV helmet doesn’t at least have one of the stickers, it simply means that your about to be purchased helmet doesn’t meet their minimum requirements.

A certified ATV helmet is essential because it guarantees the safety of the helmet. It protects your head should you find yourself in an unexpected turn of an event.



In the same way, we have paddings and certifications. You should buy an ATV helmet that can act as a shock absorber against impacts when you hit your head forcefully. Essentially, the material that does this is called an EPS lining. The higher the number of EPS lining a helmet possesses, the better the protection it provides your head against hits.

Also, the liner does a pretty fantastic job by wicking your sweat away. By doing this, you stay fresh and won’t have to worry about sweating excessively.


The cost of one ATV helmet differs from another. If you are willing to buy a high-quality ATV helmet, you must spend some considerable amount of cash. That doesn’t mean that you will spend above your pocket. For every ATV helmet out there, there is a price tag attached to it that will fit into your budget. So you should buy an ATV helmet that fits your budget.

What Are ATV Helmets?

ATV stands for All-Terrain Vehicle. It is a four-wheeler or quadricycle that is known for riding on difficult terrains and bumpy roads. This type of vehicle travel on low-pressure, saddled by the rider. ATVs ride on terrains that most vehicles wouldn’t.

A helmet that is marked as ATV is suitable for off-road riding or these difficult terrains. They look like regular motorcycle helmets, but they come with better ventilation, large facial area to accommodate safety goggles, and a powerful chin/ jaw guard. All these features make the helmet great for aggressive riding like off-road.

What is the difference between an ATV helmet and a motorcycle helmet?

ATV helmets and motorcycle helmets are two helmets that offer head protection in distinct ways. ATV helmet has better ventilation than motorcycle helmets. The airflow is incredible, and this is what the rider needs while driving on rough terrain. It will keep sweat from running into your eyes and devouring your face.

Unlike motorcycle helmets where it becomes somewhat impossible to see through the visor after a long ride, ATV helmets are different. ATV helmets come with large openings to accommodate goggles, which are better in ATV riding, where dust and dirt are the order of the day. The goggles are anti-fog and snug perfectly on your face, giving dust and dirt no chance of getting into your eyes from the helmet.

Also, ATV helmets come with the chin/ jaw guard design for which it’s known for. This protects the jaw area of sustaining any injury. Motorcycle helmets do have this, but not as padded as ATV helmets.

In terms of noise reduction, aerodynamic design, and protection from impacts on high-speed riding, motorcycle helmets are the winners here.

How do I clean my ATV helmet?

Since you would be actively involved in riding, you must clean the helmet.

The simplest way to wash your ATV helmet is by using a machine wash. Since the liner is removable and washable, once it gets dirty, you can toss it into the machine. By washing it, you are prolonging the lifespan of the liner as well as the helmet.

You can also use soap and water as an alternative to machine wash. All you need to do is get some used rag or soft sponge along with some soapy water. Rub the sponge over the helmet with the water and wash all through. Be careful not to let it off your hands mistakenly because it would affect the lifespan of the helmet.

Best ATV Helmets Video Review

Best ATV Helmets (FAQs)

What is the best ATV helmet?

There are so many good quality ATV helmets in the market. All the ATV helmets reviewed here are some of the best you can find around. They are comfortable, high-performance, and suitable for people who are looking for budget ATV helmets.

How long are ATV helmets good for?

ATV helmets and other types of helmets have a lifespan of up to 4 – 5 years. Once your helmet reached this period, you should replace the helmet. Some manufacturers recommend up to seven years after the production date. The production date is typically on a sticker underneath the liner.

How much does an ATV helmet cost?

​A durable and high-performance helmet shouldn’t cost you less than $50. However, you should know that the more you spend on an ATV helmet, the better the safety and ventilation. The material also plays a key factor in the price of the helmet.

Final Words and Recommendation

The best ATV helmets have sturdy builds that can save your life and add pleasure to your ride. Knowing that you are wearing an ATV helmet will assure you that you are safe, even after indulging in a crash.

Although the price of an ATV helmet is a little on the high side, this shouldn’t come as a surprise as it involves protecting your life. You need to have a quality ATV helmet to safeguard your head the best way possible, without compromise. This is what we have achieved by writing this review on our top 10 best ATV helmets.

If you desire all-round protection, plus quality, you should consider buying the Yema Motocross ATV helmet. But if you are more concerned about style, you have the XFMT-Moto-Part Full-Face ATV Helmet.

If you are the budget-conscious type, the MMG 27V Dual Sport Off-road ATV Helmet would be perfect.

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