Top Picks Best Bike Helmets Under $100 – The Ultimate Buyers Guide

The helmet is an essential accessory that every rider should put on. Whether you are commuting or racing, wearing a helmet can save you from head injuries. So buying a helmet is indeed non-negotiable.

However, with different brands of helmets floating around the market, it can become difficult for one to make a choice. Most buyers consider budget as the most critical factor when buying a helmet. This is a huge barrier because of the common perception that to get the best, and you have to pay heavily for it. That is why we decided to write the best bike helmet under 100 reviews.


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This doesn’t mean that bike helmets under 100 are too cheap and are not quality. You can get a decent helmet for a hundred. However, the question here is which type of helmet best suits this particular price range. Sit tight and ride with me as we take you through this helmet review.

1. Thousand adult Anti-Theft Bike Helmet

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If you are looking for that helmet that will define your style and, at the same time, offer head protection, this is the right helmet.

This is a bike helmet that you would want to wear every day. It has a secret pop lock and a magnetic buckle that ensures no one can steal your helmet behind your back. All you have to do is lock it in with a one-hand fastener, and that’s all.

One thing you must appreciate the manufacturer of this helmet for is the vents technology. The vents are fantastic. You don’t have to sweat while riding. You also don’t have to feel hot because you are wearing a helmet. This bike helmet is designed with seven air vents and three cooling channels that keep you fresh in extreme, humid weather.

Let’s talk about comfort. This bike helmet comes with adjustable, vegan leather straps that let you stay comfortable and sweat-free. The dial fit system also makes it possible for the helmet to feel secure in your head.

This helmet is light and the perfect one for your commuting.

Pros & Cons of Thousand Bike Helmet


  • Perfect fit – The helmet doesn’t feel loose at all due to the dial fit system and the adjustable leather straps.
  • Comfortable – The magnetic buckle ensures that the helmet sits on your head comfortably.
  • Nicely designed – With its retro-style finish, this helmet is a blend of style and head protection. The helmet doesn’t look cheap.
  • Offers additional protection – The secret pop lock, extra pads, and sturdy material all ensure that you sustain minimum impact should you encounter any hit.


  • The helmet is unavailable in XL size.

2. Shinmax Bike Helmet

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There is every reason for you to like the shinmax bike helmet. It’s got everything that you need in a bike helmet. Plus, it has some cutting-edge features that you can only see in shinmax.

What makes this product, by the way? First of all, it’s an aerodynamic, 3-in-1 helmet. It is CPSC and CE certified, which means that you are assured of wearing an all-round protective gear.

The best part is that this helmet comes with backlight function, which means that if you want to ride in the night, you have no issue at all. On top of that, it has a built-in rechargeable battery that you can charge via USB. That’s great, isn’t it?

While riding your bike, there are three different flashing modes – normal on, fast flashing, and breathing light. These three help other riders behind you to know the direction of where you headed.

Let’s talk about construction. The shinmax comes with a detachable sun visor. The removable visor provides shade in sunny weather. There is an in-mold EPS foam liner inside the helmet and a polycarbonate outer shell that ensures additional protection. EPS and polycarbonate shell are excellent shock absorbers and will give you enhanced protection while riding.

For proper ventilation, this helmet has 22 large vents to help distribute air around the head. This cools the head to ensure better road performance. Also, there is a portable backpack attached to this helmet for proper storage. As far as we know, the shinmax is a statement in the world of helmets. It is one of the best, affordable bike helmets in the market.

Pros & Cons of Shinmax Bike Helmet


  • Lightweight – This helmet is ultra-lightweight. It’s weighing just 10.6 ounces, which makes it one of the lightest helmet out there.
  • Comfortable on the head – There are a dial system and adjustable strap that enable the helmet to sit correctly on your head. No more loose helmets.
  • Comes with a visor – Not many helmets come with a visor, but the shinmax does. It comes with a removable one.
  • USB light – You can see in the night and even allow other drivers to know the direction you headed.


  • Might not be suitable for kids.

3. Gonex Adult Bike Helmet, Cycling Road Mountain Helmet

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There is a great difference between the Trek and the Gonex helmet. Comfort is the main factor.

The Gonex has a cool feature. I have a large head, and the helmet adds a little comfort.

It fits well on my head. It seems durable, it is lightweight, has cool bright LED light, very comfortable.

On the back, it has multifunctional patterns. Besides, it has modern twist tensioner like some other helmets on the market.

We can not say it is ANSI rated or have an American standard of having crash resistance. I have taken a chance to figure the graphics.

The generic helmet is made in such a way that it will save my head from any serious injury or crash.

I think most helmets come across the seas and are much reframed. You would like to get a stylish and comfortable helmet for riding as ensure this shot.

You will come to a new world if you use this Gonex helmet and the Trek. At first, you need to consider the safety factor.

The Gonex has cool feature of having mesh netting on the side of it and a large head which adds a bit of suspension comfort over your head.

It is durable, lightweight, comfortable, and cool bright LED light with having multi-function patterns on the back.

It is not ANSI rated and had an American standard of having crash resistance. The helmet is constructed well to save the head from sudden crash.


  • Having three modes, Durable LED back awareness lightInner casing: internally molded and EPS high-density foaming
  • The adjustable internal regulator, comfortable cushion lining, sided velvet to ensure shock proof
  • 24 add flow vents to keep the riders cool
  • Housing: matting printing plus high quality

Pros & Cons of Gonex Bike Helmet


  • The presence of cutting edge is slightly lower at the time of rear helmet to save the forehead
  • The back and the front of the belt need to keep in lower position before ear
  • You have to bring chin belt tightly to keep the helmet its place


  • No cons at all

4. Teamobsidian Premium Quality Airflow Bike Helmet

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The helmet is light. The plastic mold directly over the cushioning procedures makes for stylish presentation or a sleek.

It has many passes through which is well for more ventilation and keeps the weight more comfortable.

You can use the helmet well for having a removable visor. I love to preserve the visor open I have not seen it is a helmet.

The straps are well adjusted and standard like some other famous helmets. I feel no problem to make it comfortable.

The nape strap to the end of the helmet by a click dial plastic adjustable strap. It is simple to adjust it and keep the helmet in its place.

It is not very sturdy as l like it. The minimalist nature of the helmet keeps its weight downwards and adds more comfort to the helmet.

Besides the chin strap is covered and ensured security by Velcro to regain strap and outside the way.


  • Solid safety layer – superior notch safety characteristics
  • Good ventilation
  • Cutting edge design
  • Breaking innovative patented adjustment system

Pros & Cons of Premium Airflow Bike Helmet


  • Lightweight design
  • The vents work perfectly to cool head.


  • Has no great color combination

5. Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike Helmet

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Critical Cycles’ New CM1 has covered all your requirements. Whether you are riding VMX, commuting, skating, mountain biking looks more that CM1 will keep you fresh looking and safe.The model is made to ensure maximum comfort multiple sport and unsurpassed durability.It captures your uncommon needs and makes the CM1 a perfect helmet as your companion for any outdoor or indoor endeavor.The helmet has three new sizes and options. Besides, it has two sets of interchangeable pads and gives unsurpassed fit.Our innovative dew collecting interior padding technology resists sweat right on its track and remove grime as well as odor simultaneously. You may remain free from irritation and stay dry.


  • The Critical Cycles helmet saves your head if you ride on skateboards, bikes, scooters or roller skates
  • Select a desired one from motto colors that are great for your use
  • ABS sounds of high-quality EPS foam for giving safety
  • US CPSC is approved and tested: classic skate design helmet having eleven vents to ensure comfort and cool and for custom fit, it has two sets of interchangeable custom fit
  • This is the way to measure helmet for your head. Measures the size of the head
  • Keep the measuring around your head one inch above the forehead, then move all around your head in an even loop.

Pros & Cons of Critical Cycles Bike Helmet


  • Comfortable enough
  • Adjustment straps function well
  • Have more low profile than the previous one, it is nice


  • Requires different colors

6. Giro Revel Helmet

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The Solar all is made with the similar comfortable fit like our main shoes. We are giving thanks to a micro-ratcheting and a supple microfiber, low profile buckle which gives precise fit.The upper part is bonded and welded, have few seams for removing hot spots and ensure comfort.A supportive EVA footbed along with Aegis antimicrobial treatment is added with the stiff DuPont Zytel nylon outsole to make a powerful platform or create a skilled to remove force to the pedals.It is number one choice for recreational or enthusiast riders on the road to be a dedicating cyclist.


  • Acu-dial Fit system
  • Coverage shell full
  • Reflective rear decal
  • Snap-fit visor having anchor points
  • In-Mold polycarbonate shell having EPS liner

Pros & Cons of Giro Revel Helmet


  • Well fit over the head
  • Wonderful padding inside
  • The color is great
  • On the back, there is easily adjustable tightening knob


  • Side straps which go round the ear to clip has some twist in them

7. Bell Sanction BMX/Downhill Helmet

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The Sanction is Bell’s all-new lightweight, recession-busting full-face helmet. This helmet is 950 g in weight and fully-ventilated. Besides low-profile helmet has been designed for younger rider. Its sizing skews bigger than its predecessor along with also the stronger Bell Drop and is squarely aimed at bmx, Super-D and all-mountain riding. The moto-inspired design lines and images are create in this century and very trendy.


  • Lightweight and sturdy full-face BMX/Downhill racing helmet Provided at recession-busting Price
  • Hand laminated fiberglass casing; flexible visor
  • Moto-inspired layout lines; perfect for BMX, Super-D, along with all-mountain riding
  • Sized for junior and smaller riders; CE EN1078 CPSC Bicycle accredited

Pros & Cons of Bell Sanction Helmet


  • Lightweight
  • Very Reasonably Priced
  • Created for daring and younger riders


  • Tight fit

What to Look for Before You Buy

Apart from the budget, there are other things that you must consider before you pick up a product. Generally, spending more or less doesn’t guarantee the safety or adequate protection. For a helmet to be excellent, you need to consider the following factors that we shall discuss here.

Helmet Shape and Size

There are different sizes of helmets which include: Small – S, Medium – M, Large – L, Extra Large – XL, etc. Finding the right size would mean that the helmet will fit into your head.

Also, you must identify how each brand makes its helmet. Some brands make their helmets a bit narrow. Others make theirs broad sideways, while others are generally equal on all sides. Since the human head differs, you should consider the shape of the helmet before purchasing.

Comfort and Protection

How comfortable does the helmet sit on your head? Does it feel loose, too loose, tight, too tight, or just convenient? If your helmet doesn’t fit your head correctly, it might not be able to offer you adequate protection. This would mean jeopardizing your safety.

To make sure that you have the right fit, determine the size of your head. Is your head small, big, round, or do you have a prominent forehead? To make it easier for you, use a soft tape to measure the circumference of your head. Then follow the number sizes inside the helmet to know which one fits you best.

Shell Material

The shell material used is equally an essential material that you should consider. The shell material used determines how sturdy the helmet will be. In other words, the shell material will determine how much of an impact the helmet can absorb when hit.

One of the materials used is EPS. This material is a pad that covers the entire helmet. This material ensures you only feel a small impact, even if the effect was much. The other is vinyl nitryl foam, which mainly sits at the top of the helmet. These two materials line the inside and outside of the helmet for maximum protection.

Also, the type of helmet you want to purchase determines your movement. If you are commuting every day, you will need a helmet with a plastic build. If you ride through mountains, a helmet with a polycarbonate build will be preferable.

Visor Quality

The quality of the visor determines how effectively you can protect yourself from sunlight. A visor is supposed to shield you from sunlight so that you can see better while driving. Also, the visor should protect your face, mainly the forehead. If you are in the market for a visor, then you should consider a helmet that has a durable visor that offers protection from sunlight.


This is where the perception of spending more to get the best counts. The more money you spend on a helmet, the lighter it becomes. For example, a helmet that costs $50 will weigh more than a helmet that costs $100.

Not being heavy would also mean that the helmet won’t cause you neck strains. It won’t affect your performance, and you won’t even feel that you have a helmet on your head. Before you buy a helmet, consider buying one that is light and won’t be bulky when you wear it.


Since the helmet is fitting, it should offer maximum protection to your head. As far as it complies with safety standards, the helmet an become a life-saver in the advent of crashes.

Proper Care Of The Helmet

Closely inspect your bicycle helmet to notice many things. You have to carefully notice break down of glue, foam pads, and other damage. Besides, you may repair the broken buckles of your helmet. When you desire to replace a helmet, you have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions very carefully.

Everyone desires to get a nice looking helmet. At the time of buying a helmet, you have to determine this factor fast. Whether a helmet is expensive and cheap don’t matter. All helmets should provide maximum safety for the users. It would be most protective at any cost.

At the time of using a helmet, this is not the matter. Though a helmet meets the minimum standards, we can’t say it is completely safe. It would be better to get a quality helmet such as the Kash Mojito which will ensure topmost safety for the users.

At first, you choose a helmet considering the safety. Then you move to the secondary factors such as padding, ventilation, straps and visibility factors like lights, fluorescent colors, and optional cameras. Above all, you have to consider the fitting of the helmet most.

How To Fit A Helmet


Manufacturers are now trying their best to invest more in aerodynamic. If the helmet is more expensive, it will be more aerodynamic no doubt.


When you spend more on a helmet, you will get a better helmet. But this is not true in all cases. You can choose a better model which may cost little than the others. This is a success – win for you. It may be that you spend less but you have got a very attractive helmet.

What Type Of Rider Are You?

You have to consider what type of riding you prefer. Or you have to think the types of situations you have done it.


If you want to use helmet all times in a wet and cold condition of the whole year, you need not many vents. This type of helmet also keeps your head cold without many vents.


Suppose you are living in a hot country. Then you have to buy a helmet that passes plenty of airs for head cool to keep it cool.


If you have to travel a long time on a busy road at night, you normally like to have something highly visible. You will also consider the color, how many reflective strips there remain. Sometimes you have an integrated light to the back.

Ride Fast?

If you have a desire to ride fast, you must give more attention to helmet’s aerodynamics. It is true that an aero helmet is more difference than the aero frame or aero wheels.

Helmet safety certification

You have to notice it very well that the helmet you chose has got the certificate of the Consumer Products Safety Commission. The approval sigh or the stamp of the helmet is a good sign that it is safe to use.

The price of the helmet varied from one to other. It completely depends on the components that are used to make the helmet.

Again, you need to think more where you would like to use the bike or how often would you like to use the bike. You have to take a decision by thinking these factors.

 Helmets Under $100

Best Bike Helmets Under $100 (FAQs)

How often should I replace my helmet?

You should replace your helmet if it has had a crash before. There is every possibility that the damage may have affected the shell. So, don’ contemplate and change it.

If you have used the helmet for more than four years, I think you should replace it as well. It may have reached its expiration and may no longer offer you the same protection that it has been previously offering you.

Is it advisable to buy a second-hand helmet?

Safety standards demand that you buy a new helmet for maximum head protection. Buying a used one or a second-hand helmet will hamper your safety as you may never know what kind of damage it has sustained.

Are MIPS bike helmets worth it?

MIPS stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. It is a low-friction liner that allows the outer shell to sit across the head. MIPS offers an extra degree of protection against crashes against nonMIPS helmets. So MIPS helmets are worth every dime that you spend on it.

How do you tell if a helmet is damaged?

You can tell in two ways – send it to the manufacturer for inspection or examine it yourself. If there is a crack anywhere around the helmet, then you should replace it.

What are the safest bike helmets?

There are many bike helmets, but shinmax is one of the best around. It has cutting-edge technology that makes it adorable in the eyes of all bikers. It’s also one of the safest helmets.

Final Words

Doctors have always stressed the importance of helmet in ensuring head safety. Helmets are indispensable and should be the first thing you should consider if you want to become a biker. Apart from protecting your head against accidents, it protects the head from rain and sunlight.

Thanks to this best bike helmet under 100 reviews, we have been able to point out what you need to consider to buy a helmet and the best types of helmets you can get for less than a hundred dollars. Please, make it a point of duty to always go out with a helmet. Otherwise, you will be risking your safety.

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