Best Dirt Bike Helmet in 2022: Complete Buying Guide and Reviews

If you are not a car lover or prefer using an automobile without a headboard, then it is essential to use a helmet. Safety is paramount, and riding a two-wheel requires you to use helmets. Headgear provides you with substantial protection from road hazards. So, whether you are using a traditional bicycle, dirt bike, street bike, or power bike, always use a helmet.


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Dirt bike helmets require reliable and durable helmets because they mostly run on rough or off-road surfaces. Thus,  protecting its user from the danger of accidents, diets, debris, and other harmful materials and conditions associated with riding off-road.

However, only the best bike helmet will provide you with ample protection of dirt biking hazards. In this article, you will be learning some important facts of dirt bikes and provide a list of the best dirt bike helmets you can find and how to get them.

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What is a dirt bike?

Dirt bikes are also known as trail bikes. They are bikes manufactured for riding off-road or on rough surfaces like dirt. It is usually light weighted and used mainly for scrambling.

What is a dirt bike helmet?

Dirt bike helmets vary from the regular helmet. It is used by street bike riders or motorcycle users for protection. The dirt bike helmet is built with an extra chin protector against roost. It’s made to give room for the proper exchange of air for the biker and its environment.

Why Need a Special Helmet for Motocross or Dirt Bike Riding?

Dirt bike riding is not like every other type of motorsport. It requires a lot of stunts and spins, and so requires total body protection, clear sight, and flexible movement. The dirt bike helmet has an efficient supply to air that helps sustain the breath of the rider, unlike other helmets.

During dirt bike riding or dirt biking sports which require stunts, it is vital to acquire a good helmet. The most suitable are lightweight helmets that help protect both the head and chin, as well as provide comfort to its user.  However, the protection doesn’t just entail the head, but full-body shields arrangement should be made against cuts from bushes and stems when riding.

Safety Standards for Dirt Bike Helmets: What Should You Be Careful of?

Before acquiring a dirt bike helmet, there are some safety standards set up by the government to guarantee safety. However, before sending helmets to the market, they go through various tests and certifications. The test is to determine how long they will last or how efficient they are.

Safety Standards for Dirt Bike Helmets: What Should You Be Careful of

There are several certifications to look out for, such as DOT, Snell, ECE rating on the helmet. Dot undergoes penetration, impact, and retention ability of the helmet. However, for safety, dirt bike helmets that have been certified should have certification markings or codes, without any external stickers.

However, when customizing the looks of your helmets, make sure that the safety stickers are not removed or compromised, which can lead to disapproval of its safety.

Top Brands

There are various top brands of helmets. This list is derived based on the list of satisfied customers and with outstanding helmet performance. Some high-quality helmet brand is:

  • Wow
  • Yema
  • ILM
  • XFMT
  • AHR
  • Bell
  • Arai

Now, let’s see some of the best dirt bike helmets. Don’t just hurry by, read every jot of the sentence to choose the right helmet. Happy reading!

Our Top Picks 12 Best Dirt Bike Helmet

1. TCMT Dot Youth & Kids Motocross Offroad Street Helmet

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This TCMT bike helmet will keep you safe through your riding experience. Why? Let’s see its features.

This Dot approved helmet is not just lightweight but also durable and relieves you from head strains as it protects your head. It is well padded with inner cushions that are detachable and washable, which leaves you comfortable while maintaining hygiene. This off-road dirt bike helmet comes in small, medium, significant, and adult sizes suitable for every Individual. It also comes with Ultraviolet ray protection plus its flip-open design that gives you various site options.

Don’t you love the control? The fun part is yet to come. This multi-task helmet also has intake, channel, and exhaust vents, giving you 100% breath control. The package also comes with a helmet goggle, helmet bag, and a pair of gloves.

Pros & Cons of TCMT Dot Youth & Kids Motocross Offroad Helmet


  • It is affordable.
  • It has UV protection.
  • It is DOT certified.


  • Visors may become cloudy during and after rain.

2. MMG Adult Motorcycle Off-Road Helmet

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This all-season dirt bike helmet will give you more riding confidence. It has a broad view opening that makes it suitable for any goggle size to fit. It has inner padding, and pads can be removed and washed, giving your helmet a fresh and clean look and smell.

This light-weighted and durable helmet also with an adjustable visor, providing you with any adjusting options of your choice. Not to mention it’s vented design that gives you sufficient airflow as you ride in various seasons. The helmet is also DOT certified, assuring you of 100% safety and authenticity.

Pros & Cons of MMG Adult Motorcycle Off-Road Helmet


  • The helmet is well ventilated.
  • It has a large viewing area.


  • It lacks a UV ray reflective surface.

3. XFMT Youth Kids Motocross Offroad Street Dirt Bike Helmet

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This is the best dirt bike helmet to opt for if you need that all year round seasonal mask for you and/or your kid.

This UV ray protection helmet by XFMT is made with durable material and padded interior to guarantee you 100% head protection. It is valid for either summer or winter riding with it’s vented makeup.

The helmet has small, midi and large sizes for youths and adults. It also features a lightweight and durable composition and shell. However, it’s different surface designs, and patterns make it fun for dirt biking, street riding, and other fun activities. This is the best dirt bike helmet you need to wow your kids!

Pros & Cons of XFMT Youth Kids Motocross Offroad Street Dirt Bike Helmet


  • It is a very comfortable helmet.
  • The interior is well padded.


  • No space for external glasses

4. ILM Adult ATV Motocross Dirt Bike Motorcycle Helmet DOT Approved

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The ILM helmet is one of the best dirt bike helmets with sun protector. It is valid for any diet bike riding, from mountain climbing, downhill, and off-road activity. Its adjustable visor makes it easy to adjust to shield you from any angle of the sun.

The screen is also detachable, as well as the inner pad, which makes it easy to clean thoroughly. This back and front vent helmet also ro for adequate ventilation and comfort. To crown it all, it has a sleek aerodynamic design, and DOT approved stamps will guarantee you safety as you ride!

Pros & Cons of ILM Adult ATV Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet


  • It has back and front air vents.
  • The visor is detachable and rotates.


  • Absence of UV protection.

5. YEMA Helmet

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Yen motocross helmets have everything you need to have an excellent riding experience. Let’s check some of its features.

This all-in-one biking helmet has multiple and adjustable vent options that provide you with several air ventilation choices. Also, it has an aerodynamic shell design to help reduce wind noise and drag. This pro helmet for dirt bike riders also has a detachable inner pad that makes it easy to wash.

Plus, it’s easy to remove the buckle, this certified Dot dirt bike helmet is your right choice for street biking. It also comes with extra space for goggles and an adjustable chin strap, making it easy to adjust to your way to a pleasant ride.

Pros & Cons of YEMA Helmet


  • It has extra space for goggles.
  • It has multiple vents.
  • It has removable interior pads.


  • It lacks UV protection.

6. AHR DOT Full Face MX  Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet

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This AHR helmet is suitable for various rides from motocross to ATV, dirt bikes, and more. It has a reliable vent system to give you a joyous breathing experience and visor to protect you from the sun. It also comes with a well-padded interior plus a lightweight ABS shell to keep you safe and comfortable.

This full-face dirt bike helmet comes in a variety of sizes from the medium, large to extra-large, making it a more lovable choice. The helmet package comes with a helmet bag and manual for practical usage.

Pros & Cons of AHR DOT Motocross Dirt Bike Motorcycle Helmet


  • It has a visor.
  • It is light-weighted.


  • No UV protection.

7. WOW Youth Kids Motocross BMX MX ATV Dirt Bike Helmet

No products found.

Are you searching for an all-season dirt bike helmet for you or your kid? This unique helmet amazon is what you need. Let’s discover why.

This helmet has aerodynamic and design patterns that help curtail air resistance giving you more riding balance. This lightweight helmet also comes with a well-padded and detachable inner lining that keeps it dirt and odor-free. This helmet will “wow” you with its seven adjustable vents for total airflow control.

Made with ABS shells and EPS materials, this durable and robust helmet is suitable for the best riding experience. This helmet aims for your 100% satisfaction with its fast and easy buckle and UV protective finish.

Pros & Cons of WOW Youth Kids Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet 


  • It has a UV protection glossy built.
  • It has seven vents opening.
  • It is light-weighted.


  • Cloudy visor during rainy periods.

8. Dual Sport Helmet by NENKI Full Face Motocross & Motorcycle Helmets

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This full-face motocross helmet has an additional distinct functionality from other masks. Let’s view its features.

Nenki helmets have ABS shells, and they’re able to resist friction and absorb shock. Its red visor built makes it reflect UV rays, plus it has excellent space for wearing goggles. It gets better with its multiple airflow makeup that filters out hot air keeping the user sufficient healthy air supply.

Don’t you love it? But there’s more; this lightweight helmet also comes with a detachable inner lining, including cheek pads. It is suitable for both off-road and street riding with its well-padded interior. The helmet package also comes with a red visor and an additional anti-fog bright attachable screen.

Pros & Cons of Dual Sport Helmet by NENKI


  • It has multiple vent options.
  • It has space for wearing glasses.
  • It has detachable visors.


  • Visor may be foggy after rain.

9. Typhoon Helmet

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This is the best dirt bike helmet for you if you are a lover of standards and quality.

The typhoon dirt bike helmet is suitable for both on and off-road usage with its vent options that give sufficient airflow. Its padded interior is also removable, thus providing a comforting, easy washing and odor-free helmet. It’s well-fitted visor also helps protect you from sun rays. So is it’s chin strap ring closure that keeps it fitted to your head.

There is also the presence of anti-fog and scratch coating and build that keeps its long-lasting and durable biking helmet. This helmet meets the Dot Standard and also comes with an extra goggle and a pair of gloves.

Pros & Cons of Typhoon Helmet


  • It has vents opening.
  • It has a soft and detachable interior.
  • It has an anti-scratch coating.


  • Visor may be foggy when it rains

10. XFMT Youth Kids Motocross Offroad Street Dirt Bike Helmet

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The designers have given more importance to create such type of special helmet. This helmet is feminine but cool and edgy. The experts have added sharp edges with curves to make an uncommon design. Thus Atv Mx Helmet is very beautiful to look at. This helmet comes with a white background.

Moreover, it comes with a silver zigzag along with pink flowers. On the back, there is a darker pink butterfly. Though the helmet is covered with mud, it will permit your daughter to notice girly.

Atv Mx Helmet is a great helmet for the girls who like to use a helmet at the time of riding a bike. It is lightweight and extremely long lasting. This helmet comes with a UV protective finish. There are lots of air vents with the helmet.

So it is a super helmet for winter and summer riding. The inside of the helmet is well padded. You will feel more comfortable if you use it. The lining of the helmet includes neck pads and check. One can remove and clean it easily.

Pros & Cons of XFMT Youth Kids Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet


  • Washable and removable padding
  • Super vented for use in winter and summer riding


  • Nothing to worry about

11. Bell Unisex-Adult Off-Road Helmet

No products found.

The shell of this helmet is made from an injected polymer composite compound. It gives superior crash fortification.

The Bell MX—9 Adventure is accustomed to an integrated face shield as well as damp wicking liner. This is washable and removable also.

The Bell MX-9 Adventure comes with velocity flow ventilation ports to ensure perfect fitting.

You will get a padded jaw strap added with D ring closure. Besides an EPS-lined chin bar, you will get with mouth vent.

Pros & Cons of Bell Unisex-Adult Off-Road Helmet


  • Washable and removable inner liner
  • Have got DOT certificate
  • Well ventilation system
  • The removable and integrated face shield
  • Super finish and well fitting
  • Wider viewing field offers immense visibility


  • XL size helmet is somewhat larger
  • Wind noise is obvious with higher speeds.

12. TMS Adult Flat Matte Black Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet

TMS Adult Flat Matte Black Motocross Dirt Bike ATV MX Off-road Helmet DOT

We have tested many helmets. We got that the TMS Motocross Helmet is weighty than the Bell dirt bike helmet.

The weight is 3.8 pounds. It has got DOT certificate. Besides, the helmet is finished off long duration composite shell and a nice UV protective finish.

The TMS Motocross Helmet comes with padded interior and heavily cushioned. Another addition is that it has washable and removable inner liner.

The most attractive feature of the helmet is that it comes with ventilation ports. These ventilation ports keep you comfy and cool even you ride on it in humid or hot weather.

All the parts of the TMS Dirt bike are well made. But the plastic visor is somewhat exceptional which is made of screws. This makes visor setting bit fragile. There are many reports that the visor doesn’t fit well.

Suppose you desire to buy a DOT certified helmet at the cheapest price. It is sure that TMS helmet will remain on the summit of your catalog.

Pros & Cons of TMS Adult Flat Matte Black Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet


  • Attractive finish and inspiring fitting
  • Price friendly
  • Integrated airing ports
  • Secured DOT certificate for ensuring safety
  • Detachable and washable internal liner.


  • The helmet is heavier than the normal helmets
  • A visor is fragile.

Dirt Bike vs. Street Bike – What are the Differences?

To know the difference between dirt and street bikes, we have to consider factors like:

1. Size

Size is one of the most significant differences between dirt and street bikes. Dirt bikes are much smaller and lighter than street bikes. They also have a smaller and lighter frame, which is to make it easier for the rider to maneuver. On the other hand, street bikes are much bigger and heavier and may need more individual weight and strength to handle.

2. Steering

The dirt bike steering is much easier to handle. It provides the rider with little steering effort to arrive at your destination, thereby making it easy to slide and overcoming ruts and traffics. Meanwhile, the street bike is tough to maneuver with substantial steering input. It is also challenging to go through corners without leaning the bike over.

3. Tires

Dirt bikes are built with extra nobs, flexible materials, and narrow tires to increase their road traction as well as go through debris. For street cars, traction is essential. However, the road surface helps to increase traction, which brings about their much wide and smoother tires.

4. Seating Positions

The seat position is more of a standing form. The seats usually lean forward and are adjustable to soothe your needs. While the street bike, on the other hand, tends to be positioned backward in a relaxed way. However, street bike seating positions vary based on their location and usage.

5. Suspension

Suspension of the bike helps in absorbing shock. Due to the various obstacles that dirt bikes overcome, the bike comes with a hydraulic tube and spring shock system that enables it to absorb as much shock as possible. Unlike the dirt bike, the street bike has a tighter shock absorber because they run mainly on a smooth surface, and significant suspension will give them too much bouncing.

Buying Guide – Factors to Look for When Buying a Dirt Bike (Off-Road) Helmet

Before purchasing a dirt bike helmet, it is essential to take into consideration factors that will make your purchase worth it. Such as:

1. Comfort

During purchase, go for helmets with high comfort. You can wear the mask for about five minutes, and take note of how it feels, if it’s uncomfortable wearing it for that short period, imagine the discomfort you will feel when worn for two hours.

2. Vents

The ventilation of the helmet is relevant because you need sufficient air as you ride, to avoid lack of air or suffocation. Go for a helmet with at least two vents.

3. Availability of Parts

You may want to consider getting a helmet that has its parts available for purchase, if any of its parts gets bad or misplaced, like the visor, cheek pad, etc.

4. Helmet Weight

Go for a helmet with a lightweight. You do not want to surfer head strain, pains, or headache after wearing it for a long time.

Recent Improvements to Dirt Bike Helmet Technology

There have been various improvements in the technology of helmets by manufacturers for increasing the efficiency and comfort of the helmet. Here are some improvements:

Leatt GPX has produced one of a kind helmet that combines both the outer and inner layers of the headgear. Thereby increasing the shell and energy absorption and protection. There is also the production of smaller and fitted helmets, which will help in reducing impacts.

There is the elevation of Moto-9 Flex by Bell. This helmet is built with three layers- outer (EPO), inner (EPP), and outermost layer(EPS). Three coats are made to reduce the speed area. The EPO is built with expanded polyolefin for slow impacts. The EPP layer has expanded polypropylene for effects of about five meters per second, and the EPS layer has expanded polystyrene.

When to Replace It?

When using your headgear, it is paramount not to compromise safety. So, a bike helmet should be changed if any of the following occurs.

1. When Crashed

If you have had a crash with your helmet several times, then change it as most of its protective functions will not be as effective as it should.

2. When Lens is Cracked

The cracked lens should be changed if the lens is replaceable. If it’s not, then it’s best to buy a new helmet because using it will compromise your safety.

3. When Aged

If you have used your helmet for about seven years, then it is time to change it. Old helmets may not have 100% ability to protect you due to weak materials.

4. After Several Dropping

The frequent dropping of a helmet or spiking on hard surfaces can reduce general performance. So, it is advised that it’s changed.

Why Would You Need A Dirt Bike/Motocross Helmet?

One should give more importance to safety first. A helmet is the very important safety thing for the riders. There are some other important elements such as boots, gloves, goggles, and kneecaps. Needless to say, the helmet is the most safety gear than the other things.

Moreover, your helmets should adjust well to ensure safety. When you wear a right size helmet, there is less possibility of being injured. You have to take all the necessary precaution to remain away from injuries.

You need to fit the helmet well on your head. It mustn’t be very loose or very tight. Comfort comes in your first consideration. A well fitting is essential to wear a helmet. You have to consider other things as well.

Keep in mind that after wearing a helmet, you must hear and see perfectly. If you don’t hear and listen well, this helmet is not perfect for your head. You can see the videos to know how hard a dirt helmet is!

See the video below to know more how hard the dirt helmet is. An experiment has been done by Zombie Go Boom in YouTube Channel that a zombie invades a dirt biker.

Now you will understand why you desire to get a dirt bike helmet for your use.

The government has given the marginal measurement for the safety of the people. Some people go for off-roading to ensure safety.

To confirm minimum safety the Department of Transportation (DOT), it has added a sticker posted on the back of the helmet.

The sticker implies that the helmet is made carefully to ensure security. Therefore you have to purchase a helmet that brings this sticker on the back for your safety.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) measures the safety of the helmet and finally gives a safety mark on it.

We know well that many serious accidents take away the livers of the users. Sometimes it paralyzes a user’s life as people are not using security gears.

We see many accidents happening everyday and everywhere. Misfortune is a must. We cannot resist it at all. But we can save our life if we take proper steps or safety equipment.

Dirt Bike Helmet Maintenance

The beginners of helmet users face many problems to clean it. Their relatives suggest them to maintain helmet in different ways. A helmet uses should overcome unfavorable things related to helmet maintenance and cleaning. One has to follow the next things need to be taken care of the dirt bike helmet.

  • You can use a mild soap to rinse the helmet’s liner
  • Take a towel and soak it in warm water to untie bug guts.
  • Use a scratch-free microfiber towel to rinse the helmet.
  • Apply automatic buff on the shell situated on the polish helmet.
  • Air dry helmet and liner
  • Clean out vents and joints by applying cotton swabs
  • Wear a liner to save the liner from sweat and body oils.
  • Apply minimum pressure to rinse gloss and visors shells
  • Save a helmet by the automotive polish coat
  • Lubricate all the moving parts of the helmet

Things to Avoid for Properly Maintaining the Helmet

Sometimes you may rub or scrub the shell or visor of the dirt bike helmet for removing the obstinate bug guts.

Normally you don’t like to reduce the existence of the helmet. So you must avoid this practice. You are forbidden to use any petroleum concentrate for rinsing the helmet.

It is wise not to utilize glass cleaner over the visor. If you apply hard soap such as dish soap, the superiority of the helmet may reduce with the passage of time.

You should never use a dry sheet to freshen the helmet. There is a chance to have got a negative result if you apply soap with textile softener to rinse the liner. You can hope better service only if you take proper care of it.

Dirt bike helmet

Dirt Bike Helmet Cleaning

Clean Inside And Outside Of The Helmet

You can know other procedures to maintain and clean the dirt bike helmet’s outside and inside. There are 2 ways of cleaning the inside of the helmet. The names of these two options are a removable liner and non-removable liner.

If you see the helmet has a removable liner, you may pull it out along with the check pad. After that, use a mild cleanser to clean it in the kitchen sink.  You can keep it inside washing machine or inside a washing bag to clean it in the soft cycle under 30 degrees. You need to hang it out to air dry if you complete washing.

Simple Steps To Follow For Cleaning The Helmet

As you are a dirt bike helmet user, you should be conscious of the maintenance and cleanliness of the helmet. You have to take care it regularly. Proper management can keep the helmet in a good condition. You may use mild soap or grease to clean the helmet. Mild soap or grease remover can soften the grease of the helmet and let it go at last.

Remove Every Detachable Item

If you like to remove all the equipment of the helmet to clean or maintain properly, you have to do it very carefully. Suppose, you need to remove breath guard, visor and check pads one after another from your helmet.

Take a Shampoo

Take some shampoo and mix it with water in a dish to make a solution. When you have finished it, you can use it directly. Use this solution to clean your helmet. Finally, clean it with clean water. Don’t use hot water to clean a helmet. This may cause damage to your helmet.

Rinse the Helmet

Finally, you have to wash the whole helmet with lukewarm water. Some suggest you keep the helmet on the shampoo or water-based cleaning solution. You must avoid such notion as you don’t like to scrub or dip helmet into contaminated water. You may submerge the helmet in and drench which it in cleanliness. Message the lining with care and rinse out the shampoo and finally pat dry the outer part.

Watch The Video on Dirt Bike Helmets

Best Dirt Bike Helmet (FAQs)

What is the fastest speed of a dirt bike?

Dirt bikes’ highest speed ranges from 60 to 70mph. However, most riders ride at a much lesser speed; it depends on the function and personal usage.

How long should I use my dirt bike helmet?

For safety purposes, it is not right to use a helmet for more than seven years. The helmet’s makeup may not be able to retain their ability for that long. However, most manufacturers recommend a maximum of five years of usage.

Do dirt bike helmets expire?

Most riders use their helmet for up to three or four years before replacing them. If they are old, replacing to guarantee your safety instead of waiting for it to expire. However, you can find the production date of the helmet on the sticker.

Can I use a dirt bike helmet on the street?

Dirt bike helmets are not made to be used on the street since they are off-track built. However, you can go for a full task mask as they are the safest to use on the road.

What is the visor of a dirt bike helmet?

The visor is the part of the helmet that is the massive structure just above the mask. It helps shield the rider from the impact of the sun.

Final Words and Recommendation

Safety is the number one reason for acquiring a helmet, and the dirt bike helmet is meant to bring satisfaction to its user. Having gone through the review, you must have realized that those are the best dirt bike helmets.

However, you can go for the TCMT helmet since it has the most safety features. But if you are a full face mask lover, then opt right to the Nenki full-face helmet.


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