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Best Dirt Bike Helmet Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

We have examined lots of top helmets and finally given superiority to the dirt bike helmet. The helmet will fulfill your need within the budget.

It gives excellent ventilation for the users and has extra firm fitment. The helmet is securely fit and gives more protection at the time of wearing it.

The dirt bike is different from other full faced helmets in the market for street riding as it has lightweight design and well versatility. Moreover, it offers a chance to use goggles freely while riding.

The helmet has stylish design and sleek. It has safety certificate offered by the helmet company.

Your competitor is sure that it has awesome aerodynamic and a serious adversary and sporting killer design.

Best Dirt Bike Helmet 2018 – Comparison Chart

Product ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
TMS Adult Flat Matte Black Motocross Dirt Bike4.7 out of 5 starsCheck Price
TCMT Dot Youth & Kids Motocross Offroad Street Helmet4.9 out of 5 starsCheck Price
Adult Offroad Helmet Goggles Gloves Gear Combo DOT Motocross4.5 out of 5 starsCheck Price
,XFMT Youth Kids Motocross Offroad Bike Helmet4.6 out of 5 starsCheck Now
Bell Unisex-Adult Off-Road Helmet4.6 out of 5 starsCheck Now
TMS Adult Flat Matte Black Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet4 out of 5 starsCheck Now

Why Dirt Biking

Dirt biking is kind of sport for really adventurous. The helmet imbibes the instinct for doing something which sets you freer.

It has some serious features with the helmet that you will get if you use the Helmet.

Focused, precise hands eye condition and razor-sharp reflexes confirm to get all your successes.

So having these features, you have cut off all the distractions. At the time of riding, you need not think about the safety or protection.

It has made with strong impact capacity. You should not go off track except wearing this helmet. If you do it, the face may be the canvas to lots of dental abuse.

Use dirt bike helmets and then you will be able to know the characteristics of it. Take a chance to use this dirt bike helmet to ensure your safety.

Best Dirt Bike Helmet Reviews 2018


TMS Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet

TMS Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet

Do you like to buy this helmet? Before taking a decision, measure your head. You may use a cloth tape or a metal tape to measure the size of the head.

If possible, take help from the helper to take the accurate measurement of the head. You need to take the measuring from an inch above of your eyebrows.

Or you can do so from the best possible area to measure it accurately. Then see the chart to know the accurate size of the helmet for your size.

There are lots of helmet of this band. Selecting the best one is the matter, buying a helmet is not matter at all.

Features of TMS Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet

  • Dot approved and has beautiful finish Gloss UV protective
  • Washable and removable padding: vented well for off-road riding
  • Has durable composite shell and long lasting
  • very comfortable interior and heavily cushioned


  • Got DOT approval seal on it
  • The matte black seems very crisp
  • Super cool looking helmet
  • Truly set apart from these generic colored swirls over a priced helmet


  • The size is somewhat large


>>Check Price of TMS Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet <<


TCMT Motocross Offroad Motorcycle Helmet

TCMT Motocross Offroad Motorcycle Helmet

The helmet is made of hard, durable plastic and comes with a drawstring bag. It is sturdy well. Inside the helmet, there is thick padding as you may notice in the picture.

It fits well over my eight and nine years little grandsons. My height is 5.4 inch, and the size of my head is small. It sets well; you may see the picture.

The visors lift up and do not remain its place all the up. It may slip back down slightly. The goggle is sturdy enough as like the glove.

The glove is fit for a child aged seven to ten depending on the size of the hand.

All are made well, and the price is comparatively low. It is materialistically same to the boy’s baseball gloves if it helps.

Features of TCMT Motocross Offroad Motorcycle Helmet

  • The weight is light, UV protective shield and made with great care
  • Well, the ventilation system is fit for using both in winter or summer season.
  • Flip up modular helmet and sleek modular design


  • Take a measuring tape to measure the size of the head
  • The widest measurement will be the size of the helmet


  • Not fit for all ages people

>>Check Price of TCMT Motocross Offroad Motorcycle Helmet<<


Goggles Gloves Gear Combo DOT Motocross ATV Dirt Bike Helmet

Goggles Gloves Gear Combo DOT Motocross ATV Dirt Bike Helmet

The wonderful quality helmets come within a package. There are gloves, goggles.

The helmet is loaded with many features like a machine washable liner, removable liner, certificate of DOT approval to give security, a well vented sculpted shell, and some others things.

The helmet is a great choice for the people who like to buy the best helmet with reasonable price.

The only disadvantage of this type of helmet is that the goggles may fog easily. You have the option to put defogger over its goggles.

Features of Goggles Motocross ATV Dirt Bike Helmet

  • Goggles and gloves included. There are lots of features
  • Has met and fulfilled the DOT standard
  • Washable and removable liner
  • The helmet is great for people to like to get a high-quality helmet, ATV helmet package, off on road, and the price is low


  • Liner normally removable and machine washable
  • Three-point sun visor
  • Channel vents, intake vents, and exhaust vent permit air flow
  • Usual chin strap D-ring closure as well as strap keeper


  • The helmet is price friendly compared with the other helmets in the market

>>Check Price of Goggles Motocross ATV Dirt Bike Helmet<<

XFMT Youth Kids Motocross Offroad Street Dirt Bike Helmet

XFMT Youth Kids Motocross Offroad Street Dirt Bike Helmet

The designers have given more importance to create such type of special helmet. This helmet is feminine but cool and edgy. The experts have added sharp edges with curves to make an uncommon design. Thus Atv Mx Helmet is very beautiful to look at. This helmet comes with a white background.

Moreover, it comes with a silver zigzag along with pink flowers. On the back, there is a darker pink butterfly. Though the helmet is covered with mud, it will permit your daughter to notice girly.

Atv Mx Helmet is a great helmet for the girls who like to use a helmet at the time of riding a bike. It is lightweight and extremely long lasting. This helmet comes with a UV protective finish. There are lots of air vents with the helmet.

So it is a super helmet for winter and summer riding. The inside of the helmet is well padded. You will feel more comfortable if you use it. The lining of the helmet includes neck pads and check. One can remove and clean it easily.


  • Measurement of the head: Large: 20.9 / 21.2 Inches; Medium:20.1 / 20.5 Inches and Small:19.2 / 19.7 Inches.
  • Beautiful and great UV protective finish, long lasting and lightweight.
  • Inside the package, there is 1x Goggles, 1x Helmet, 1xHelmet Bag, 1 Pair Gloves.
  • Well vented, comfortable inside and heavily cushioned. Great for off riding experience.
  • Smooth modular design and flip-up modular helmets


  • Washable and removable padding
  • Super vented for use in winter and summer riding


  • Nothing

>>Check Price Now!<<


Bell Unisex-Adult Off-Road Helmet

Bell Unisex-Adult Off-Road Helmet

The shell of this helmet is made from an injected polymer composite compound. It gives superior crash fortification.

The Bell MX—9 Adventure is accustomed to an integrated face shield as well as damp wicking liner. This is washable and removable also.

The Bell MX-9 Adventure comes with velocity flow ventilation ports to ensure perfect fitting.

You will get a padded jaw strap added with D ring closure. Besides an EPS-lined chin bar, you will get with mouth vent.



  • Washable or removable air channeled comfort liner, comfort moisture wicking, and velocity flow ventilation method for cooling.
  • EPS sizes for a personalized fit added face shield and lightweight injected polymer composite 3 shells.
  • EPS-lined chin bar added with vent padded chin strap along with strap keeper and D-ring closure
  • Industry gives 5 years warranty.


  • Washable and removable inner liner
  • Have got DOT certificate
  • Well ventilation system
  • The removable and integrated face shield
  • Super finish and well fitting
  • Wider viewing field offers immense visibility


  • XL size helmet is somewhat larger
  • Wind noise is obvious with higher speeds.

>>Check Price Now!<<


TMS Adult Flat Matte Black Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet

TMS Adult Flat Matte Black Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet

We have tested many helmets. We got that the TMS Motocross Helmet is weighty than the Bell dirt bike helmet.

The weight is 3.8 pounds. It has got DOT certificate. Besides, the helmet is finished off long duration composite shell and a nice UV protective finish.

The TMS Motocross Helmet comes with padded interior and heavily cushioned. Another addition is that it has washable and removable inner liner.

The most attractive feature of the helmet is that it comes with ventilation ports. These ventilation ports keep you comfy and cool even you ride on it in humid or hot weather.

All the parts of the TMS Dirt bike are well made. But the plastic visor is somewhat exceptional which is made of screws. This makes visor setting bit fragile. There are many reports that the visor doesn’t fit well.

Suppose you desire to buy a DOT certified helmet at the cheapest price. It is sure that TMS helmet will remain on the summit of your catalog.


  • Long durable composite shell
  • Pads are comfortable and heavily cushioned
  • DOT approved and nice Gloss UV protective finish
  • Well vented for all purposes
  • Hat size: 7 3/8 – 7 1/2 Large size: 23″ – 23 1/2″;


  • Attractive finish and inspiring fitting
  • Price friendly
  • Integrated airing ports
  • Secured DOT certificate for ensuring safety
  • Detachable and washable internal liner.


  • The helmet is heavier than the normal helmets
  • A visor is fragile.

>>Check Price Now!<<

Why Would You Need A Dirt Bike/Motocross Helmet?

One should give more importance to safety first. A helmet is the very important safety thing for the riders. There are some other important elements such as boots, gloves, goggles, and kneecaps. Needless to say, the helmet is the most safety gear than the other things.

Moreover, your helmets should adjust well to ensure safety. When you wear a right size helmet, there is less possibility of being injured. You have to take all the necessary precaution to remain away from injuries.

You need to fit the helmet well on your head. It mustn’t be very loose or very tight. Comfort comes in your first consideration. A well fitting is essential to wear a helmet. You have to consider other things as well.

Keep in mind that after wearing a helmet, you must hear and see perfectly. If you don’t hear and listen well, this helmet is not perfect for your head. You can see the videos to know how hard a dirt helmet is!

See the video below to know more how hard the dirt helmet is. An experiment has been done by Zombie Go Boom in YouTube Channel that a zombie invades a dirt biker.

Now you will understand why you desire to get a dirt bike helmet for your use.

The government has given the marginal measurement for the safety of the people. Some people go for off-roading to ensure safety.

To confirm minimum safety the Department of Transportation (DOT), it has added a sticker posted on the back of the helmet.

The sticker implies that the helmet is made carefully to ensure security. Therefore you have to purchase a helmet that brings this sticker on the back for your safety.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) measures the safety of the helmet and finally gives a safety mark on it.

We know well that many serious accidents take away the livers of the users. Sometimes it paralyzes a user’s life as people are not using security gears.

We see many accidents happening everyday and everywhere. Misfortune is a must. We cannot resist it at all. But we can save our life if we take proper steps or safety equipment.

Things To Consider While Buying Dirt Bike/Motocross Helmet

You have lots of things to consider before buying a helmet. If you get all things into your consideration then you will get a right size helmet. A good helmet lessens injuries. Before buying a helmet, you must bring the following things under your consideration.

It must fit you

At first, you have to buy a helmet that fits well on your head. It must be of perfect size also. You shouldn’t buy a very loose or very tight helmet. Your helmet must move easily if you stir your head. Calculate your head accurately to get a good helmet.

Measurement is the precondition of getting an accurate size helmet. There are lots of other things to consider. But it is perhaps the most important thing to buy an accurate helmet.


Well, the price of the dirt bike helmets is a bit more than the usual helmets. So you have to fix your budget first. But you shouldn’t compromise with the safety of your limited budget. There are some high-end helmets which cost most.

At the same time, there are some helmets which you obtain within your budget with fewer safety features. Buy a helmet within your budget. At the same time, it must give you safety as well. As you’re a rider, you have to consider your safety first then all other things.


Another important thing you should notice with great attention that is the heaviness of the helmet. A helmet is made of many components. These things are responsible for the weight of the helmet. If the helmet is heavier, it is safer.

Therefore a weighty helmet is a wonderful thing to add more safety. But remember that a helmet shouldn’t be very heavy or very light to endanger your security.

Air Vents

You need to give importance to the proper ventilation of the helmet. If the helmet has proper ventilation, you will feel better. The helmet will seem lightweight to you.

At the same time, proper ventilation keeps you cool at the time of riding a bike. Therefore this is better to see it very carefully before buying a helmet.

If you aren’t careful about this, you head will be heated quickly and sweaty as well. This situation reduces your stamina and may perplex you at the time of riding a bike.

Dirt Bike Helmet Maintenance

The beginners of helmet users face many problems to clean it. Their relatives suggest them to maintain helmet in different ways. A helmet uses should overcome unfavorable things related to helmet maintenance and cleaning. One has to follow the next things need to be taken care of the dirt bike helmet.

  • You can use a mild soap to rinse the helmet’s liner
  • Take a towel and soak it in warm water to untie bug guts.
  • Use a scratch-free microfiber towel to rinse the helmet.
  • Apply automatic buff on the shell situated on the polish helmet.
  • Air dry helmet and liner
  • Clean out vents and joints by applying cotton swabs
  • Wear a liner to save the liner from sweat and body oils.
  • Apply minimum pressure to rinse gloss and visors shells
  • Save a helmet by the automotive polish coat
  • Lubricate all the moving parts of the helmet

Things to Avoid for Properly Maintaining the Helmet

Sometimes you may rub or scrub the shell or visor of the dirt bike helmet for removing the obstinate bug guts.

Normally you don’t like to reduce the existence of the helmet. So you must avoid this practice. You are forbidden to use any petroleum concentrate for rinsing the helmet.

It is wise not to utilize glass cleaner over the visor. If you apply hard soap such as dish soap, the superiority of the helmet may reduce with the passage of time.

You should never use a dry sheet to freshen the helmet. There is a chance to have got a negative result if you apply soap with textile softener to rinse the liner. You can hope better service only if you take proper care of it.

Dirt Bike Helmet Cleaning

Clean Inside And Outside Of The Helmet

You can know other procedures to maintain and clean the dirt bike helmet’s outside and inside. There are 2 ways of cleaning the inside of the helmet. The names of these two options are a removable liner and non-removable liner.

If you see the helmet has a removable liner, you may pull it out along with the check pad. After that, use a mild cleanser to clean it in the kitchen sink.  You can keep it inside washing machine or inside a washing bag to clean it in the soft cycle under 30 degrees. You need to hang it out to air dry if you complete washing.

Simple Steps To Follow For Cleaning The Helmet

As you are a dirt bike helmet user, you should be conscious of the maintenance and cleanliness of the helmet. You have to take care it regularly. Proper management can keep the helmet in a good condition. You may use mild soap or grease to clean the helmet. Mild soap or grease remover can soften the grease of the helmet and let it go at last.

Remove Every Detachable Item

If you like to remove all the equipment of the helmet to clean or maintain properly, you have to do it very carefully. Suppose, you need to remove breath guard, visor and check pads one after another from your helmet.

Take a Shampoo

Take some shampoo and mix it with water in a dish to make a solution. When you have finished it, you can use it directly. Use this solution to clean your helmet. Finally, clean it with clean water. Don’t use hot water to clean a helmet. This may cause damage to your helmet.

Rinse the Helmet

Finally, you have to wash the whole helmet with lukewarm water. Some suggest you keep the helmet on the shampoo or water-based cleaning solution. You must avoid such notion as you don’t like to scrub or dip helmet into contaminated water. You may submerge the helmet in and drench which it in cleanliness. Message the lining with care and rinse out the shampoo and finally pat dry the outer part.

Final Words

There are lots of good quality of helmets on the market. You are in confusion to choose the best one. I think this helmet will satisfy you.

best dirt bike helmet

Among them, you can select the best one for your need. We have done lots of research and finally made this one. It is fit for the skilled riders. We have mentioned features, price, and safety standard to satisfy the customers.

Our motto is to make the best helmet. We would not suggest you break your bank if you like to use the helmet for a long time.

We suggest you spend extra money for some other purposes with buying this helmet and enjoy the sport greatly.


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