Best Dual Sport Helmet 2020– Buyer’s And Reviews Guide

If we like to buy a helmet, we need to consider safety and protection gear to the prior list.

A reliable dual sports helmet must have a washable inner liner, comfortable and should have an interchangeable visor that is a bonus.

The overall impression of the helmet is a great concern that likes to have the best type of helmet but may seem ridiculous while it is a full kit.

We like to make the best type of helmets according to the budget and expenditure of the users.

Shopping the perfect helmet is a tiresome work or experience. But be sure, our buying guide will aid you more to buy the Dual Sports Helmet.

The helmet will be reliable and high quality and not a cheap knockoff and looks very great similar as egg shell for the first impression.

Dual Sport Helmet Reviews 2020 – Comparison Chart

Product ImageProduct NameShipping WeightEditor's RatingPrice
Dual Sports Atv Utv Motocross Bike Helmet5.7 pounds4.7 out of 5 starsCheck Price
Bell Unisex-Adult Off-Road Helmet5.2 pounds4.9 out of 5 starsCheck Price
Dual Sport Helmet – Off Road Motocross Helmet6 pounds4.5 out of 5 starsCheck Price
NEXX X.D1 Baja Orange Motorcycle Helmet5 pounds3.5 out of 5 starsCheck Price

Why Dual Sport Helmets

What is your plan to do with the bike? Many of the people who have such type of question are very much surprised as a response to the question back.

There is silence on the other part of the phone as users like to figure out what I like to say. This is not a trick question, though most have faith in it.

dual sport helmet reviews

I have a question as most people like to have ADV world traveler. Riding on Tierra Del Fuego any time should the mood and money and unexpected fall off anytime three months of free time fall into the lap.

Most buyers will rack up seat time riding supers lab and desired some twisters of the paved variety.

This is the general tendency of human nature. Vehicle gives us many things; we would like to exploit them.

This is a sports bike having 190 mph speed or ADV geo lander which catch much gear, gas and fark less as a little car. If you are happy with the helmet, you can go anywhere you like, do anything.

You need to consider the benefits of using helmets. You must be honest with yourself to use your machine for most of the time, not for the minimum use.

We have tested many dual sports helmets on the market and finally found that the ADV helmets have made improvement for the last few years.

They have not overcome street helmets about aerodynamics and noise and most of the weight.

The most improvement comes to the aerodynamics but as sixty to seventy mph.

A helmet having 6-inch appendage design is not so smooth or drags free like other full face helmets.

The helmet is not a great deal for short bursts if you desire to pass bigger miles.

You may stop the journey for a stress headache or the neck size of the bodybuilders.

Dual Sport Helmet Reviews 2020 The Best Helmets On The Market

Dual Sports Atv Utv Motocross Bike Helmet

 Dual Sports Atv Utv Motocross Bike Helmet

The helmet is great for having such price, but the face shield wraps the vision little.

When I first noticed it, I had no wish to return it as I needed a helmet. I have to learn more things about it.

The distortion is not intolerable, but it seems annoying. Before you like to buy, think more about it.

If you think, this is a matter for you; you are likely to go to buy the most expensive helmet. The helmet is amazing with such price.

Features of Dual Sports Atv Utv Motocross Bike Helmet

  • Advanced Super Lightweight Durable Shell
  • Well vented throughout: various venting ports
  • Have got DOT certificate
  • UTV or ATV Dual Sports Hybrid Adult helmet
  • Vivid anti-fog up as well as down face shield


  • The materials are great and all up to pay
  • The sizing of it is not the target
  • Halfway up, all the way down and all the way up
  • The visor gives more room to use sunglasses or glasses underneath and has three positions


  • Chin strap is uncomfortable and seems like a neck strap instead of a chin strap

>>Check Price of Dual Sports Atv Utv Motocross Bike Helmet<<

Bell Unisex-Adult Off-Road Helmet

Bell Unisex-Adult Off-Road Helmet

For this type of helmet, there are various colors of shields. To fit well, the helmet must be snug and should move the facial skin except sliding around.

My head is bigger than the other; it is my normal measurement. See the user’s manual to wear it accurately or to know the way to wear it.

Some people just stick the straight helmet overhead and do not rotate it down, so the helmet remains above the eyes.

If you do, you will also feel like them. You like to enjoy using the helmet.

See the manual and read thoroughly to know the way to use it accurately.

Features of Bell Unisex-Adult Off-Road Helmet

  • Velocity is flowing ventilation system for comfort and cooling and moisture wicking, washable or removable air channel comfort liner.
  • Made of lightweight polymer composite shell three shell
  • Five-year leading guarantee from the industry
  • EPS sizes to ensure personalized fit integrated Face Shield
  • EPS-lined chin bar added mouth vent padding chin strap
  • Strap keeper and D-ring closure


  • Comfortable and cool looking helmet
  • With the price the helmet is great
  • The visor mechanism is very smooth, has some outlines along the bottom that causes image distortions within the viewing areas


  • Produces high noise. The helmet is noisy when the speed is higher

>>Check Price of Bell Unisex-Adult Off-Road Helmet<<

Dual Sports Helmet – Off Road Motocross Helmet

Dual Sports Helmet - Off Road Motocross Helmet

You can easily and quickly convert the helmet from shield configuration into shield less configuration which may be used along with goggles at the time of riding on the way.

Visor aids to pass air uninterrupted across helmet, to eliminated helmet lift with great speed.

Would you like to use a narrow snow helmet? For this, you may buy double pane shield, breath box, and electric shield separately.

Features of Dual Sports Helmet – Off Road Motocross Helmet

  • Easily convert from shield configuration to shield less configuration
  • The visor can help airflow uninterrupted across the helmet to eliminate helmet-lift
  • The shield is possible to remove while using goggles


  • Typical D-Ring closure chin strap
  • Upgraded front flow ventilation method along with channels for comfort and maximum venting
  • Having a drawstring fabric carrying bag


  • Some wind noise while going with high speed

>>Check Price of Off Road Motocross Helmet<<

NEXX X.D1 Baja Orange Motorcycle Helmet

NEXX X.D1 Baja Orange Motorcycle Helmet

If you ride on the street, endure, off the road, the Nexx X.D1 is just for you. The air dynamic system adds a chin air intake 2 top air intakes as well as four air outlets.  There are more features with it for comfort, protection, and convenience than you may shake a stick at.

It has an aerodynamic profile made for reducing lift, controlling airflow and turbulence with highest speeds. The Cheek pads are decorated with an Emergency Strap System to permit super easy and rapid release at the time of the crash. The off road ventilation system gives more fresh air to the chin area.

A removable support may normally be inserted on the both sides of the helmet or to the top of the peak to add an action area. For lateral support, it has an action camera. The XD1 is made for Quick Strap System to add goggles easily.

Features of NEXX X.D1 Baja Orange Motorcycle Helmet

  • Pinlock-ready face shield
  • Anti fog position as well as simple lock polycarbonate Lexan face shield
  • Double D-ring chin closure
  • Washable and removable CoolMax 3D lining as well as Cheek pads
  • Pinlock insert lens prepared
  • Extensive panoramic field of view
  • Interior Drop down sun shield with eighty percent tint


  • Carbon reinforcement and uncommon aramid fibers
  • The helmet may be easily and quickly switched between adventure or off road touring helmet for street riding full face
  • The Nexx XD1 Dual Sports helmet comes with a shell construction having X Matrix technology


  • Nothing to mention

>>Check Price of NEXX X.D1 Baja Orange Motorcycle Helmet<<

Should you buy a dual-sport helmet?

When I ask questions to the users about the helmet they become surprised. What do you like to do with your bike? Normally the listener fails to give an answer to this question. He or she remains silent. Some customers like to figure out what I asked them. This is not a deceptive question though some people think so.

I like to say that most people desire to look like an ADV world traveler. So they like to ride on Tierra del Fuego any time. An unexpected windfall of 3 months of free time usually falls on their laps. Most buyers of the advanced bike may rack up seat until it happens.

This is the nature of human. We desire to get something more from a vehicle when we buy it. We hope a sports bike with a 190 mph top speed or an ADV geolander would go faster. If you are satisfied with your purchase, you can go anywhere with this.

You have to consider how it looks and how it works with. You must be honest with yourself to do this. Moreover, it depends on how you use the machine most of the time, not the minority.

I have already tested almost all dual helmets on the market. After my research, I can say that the ADV helmets are improved helmets. The manufacturers tried their best to upgrade it in the previous few years. They haven’t crossed the standard of street helmet regarding noise, aerodynamics and very importantly, weight.

The greatest upgrade lies in the aerodynamics perhaps but at sixty or seventy mph. A helmet with 6-inch appendage design is made for protecting the roost or sun. It is never thought to be a drug free or smooth like the full-faced usual helmet. This isn’t a great deal for short bursts. As you log more miles, you can end up with a strain headache or a neck range of the bodybuilders.

Many tests have been done to develop each dual sports helmet. I can strongly say that the ADV helmets have developed more in the last few years.

You like to use different helmets for various riding styles or bikes, nice. But you are only trying to get one that will fulfill your demand. I would suggest you consider these points. Besides you need to think about how it works, for the type of riding you like to complete. It will increase the odds but finally, you will be happy with your purchase.

Final Verdict

dual sport helmet reviews

At last, we can say that the helmet is fantastic. It gives enough safety and comfort for the users.

It is well fit and having more breathability. The helmet is suitable to buy with any amount of budget.

Users of this helmet say that they are happy with it and they have no complaint against this type of helmet.

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