Enduro Helmets Reviews in 2022: Top Choice for Your Mountain Bike

Anyone who has ridden a bike can vouch that it is one of the best feelings ever. The excitement, the thrill, the rush makes you feel like you can do anything. However, that thrill also leads to some pretty serious bike accidents every year and results in quite a few deaths too.

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Does that mean you should never ride a bike? Absolutely not! However, it means that you should invest in a good helmet to keep you protected when you are having fun.

enduro helmets are definitely the best option for that. Confused about which one would be good for you? Give our best Enduro Helmets to review a read, and you’ll get all the answers!

Top 6 Best Enduro Helmets

Here is a detailed review of the 6 top endure helmets along with their pros and cons:

1. Typhoon XP14 Full Face Dual Sport Helmet

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The Typhoon Helmet is known for how lightweight it feels on your head, yet how completely safe it is. Since this product is designed from ASB materials, it does not feel heavy at all when you are wearing it. However, that does not compromise the safety aspect of the helmet. It abides by the DOT safety standards and keeps you from harm’s way.

One of the best things about this helmet is its face shield. The face shield is scratch and distortion resistant, so you do not have to worry about it getting damaged in case any minor accidents happened. It is also removable, so you can totally opt to remove it and use your own helmet if you want. The inner lining in the product can also be removed and washed to keep it clean.

Another good thing about this product is that it offers a wide-angle of view. This helps to eliminate any risk of getting into any accidents due to blind spots. The helmet also has an amazing ventilation system and an interior channeling system, which helps to regulate airflow and prevent you from sweating a lot while going on long rides.

Since no single helmet size can fit all head sizes, and the regular, small medium large size chart often does not cut it, this product comes in 5 different sizes. This helps to ensure that you can get the best for yourself. This is particularly important to make sure the helmet does not come off while you are riding it.

Pros & Cons of Typhoon XP14 Full Face Dual Sport Helmet


  • Lightweight
  • Meets DOT safety standards
  • Scratch-resistant removable face shield
  • Offers wide-angle view
  • The removable and washable inner lining
  • Comes in 5 sizes to ensure a comfortable fit
  • Interior channeling system keeps sweat away


  • The face shield is not able to block the sunlight

2. Leatt DBX 3.0 Enduro V19.1 Adult Off-Road BMX Cycling Helmet

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The Leatt Helmet is a convertible helmet and therefore offers much flexibility. It has a removable chin bar that can be attached to the half shell base. This is quite a great advantage, as you have the choice to not use the chin bar when you are going for normal rides and do not want the extra weight. And while traveling at high speed, just attach it on for added safety.

Something that sets this helmet apart from other alternatives is its use of the 360-degree turbine technology. It is basically a name for some blue squishy dots around the helmet, which are formed from velocity-sensitive materials. This technology has been known to reduce the impact of direct forces to the head by 30%, and to absorb rotational energy by 40%.

Comfort is another main factor of this Leatt helmet. It is quite easy to remove and attach the chin bars through some buckles on the side, and it does not take up much time at all. The whole helmet is padded with EPS foam liners that help to absorb any direct shock and offer protection. The different sizes of the helmet also help to provide you with the best fit.

Riding on the bike for long periods of time during hot days can be quite a challenge. This helmet takes care of that aspect too. It is equipped with 23 vents that promote airflow and keep you cool during long rides. The inner lining that is inside the helmet also helps in absorbing moisture and is odor-free and can be removed and washed when it gets too dirty.

Pros & Cons of Leatt DBX 3.0 Enduro V19.1 Helmet


  • Removable chin bar offers flexibility
  • 360-degree turbine technology reduces the impact of direct forces and rotation
  • Comfortable to use
  • EPS foam liner helps reduce energy transfer
  • 23 vents provide better ventilation
  • The washable inner liner helps absorb moisture


  • The buckle is not durable

3. Vega Helmets VF1 Lightweight Dirt Bike Helmet

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The vega helmet is one of the most popular helmets out there among bikers, due to its stylish look and use of cool graphics. It is not only known for turning heads around due to its design, but also for providing comfort. This helmet comes in various different sizes so that you can choose the one that best fits your head size.

Equipped with EPS liner padding all around, this product is sure to provide you with adequate protection. The EPS liner is great at absorbing energy, so in cases of crash, it will take in most of the impact and prevent the direct force from reaching your head and brain. Also, the helmet exceeds DOT standards, so you can be sure about being out of harm’s way while wearing it.

Having a good ventilation system is a very important part of a helmet, and this one does not disappoint us in that aspect too. It is known to promote airflow while you are riding so that you do not turn into a sweaty mess by the time you reach your destination. The visor in the helmet is also removable for times when you do not need it.

Another good thing about this helmet is the inner lining. This lining helps a lot in keeping sweat at bay and prevents the growth of bacteria. It is also removable and washable. So in times when you have to ride frequently for long times in humid weather, just take the lining off and wash it every few days to keep feeling fresh.

Pros & Cons of Vega Helmets VF1 Dirt Bike Helmet


  • Stylish look
  • Equipped with EPS liner to reduce the transfer of energy to the head
  • Exceeds DOT safety standards
  • Good ventilation system
  • Fully removable visor
  • The removable and washable inner lining
  • Various sizes to choose from


  • Plastic screw on the side of the visor might come off

4. Vega Helmets Cross Tour 2 Dual Sport Helmet

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Comfort is one of the most important factors while choosing a helmet for a rider. This Vega Helmet is all about comfort. It is very lightweight, yet it offers adequate protection. It has all the necessary features that you would want in a helmet, and offers incredible breathability and keeps you cool the whole ride long.

This helmet is made from a polycarbonate EBS shell. The shell is vented and equipped with exhaust ports so as to not accumulate any heat. The inner part of the helmet is lined with a thick, dense EPS lining, which is also vented and allows you to breathe well through it. The EPS foam absorbs energy from direct impacts and keeps you safe.

One of the best things about this helmet definitely is that it is equipped with an internal sun visor. This helps to keep the direct glare of the sun away from your face while you are driving and eliminates the risk of accidents happening. The sun visor is removable, so you can keep it out of your face when you do not need it.

The D strap of this helmet can be adjusted easily and saves a lot of time. An inner lining can also be found in the inside of the helmet, which absorbs your sweat and moisture so that you do not have to drive around feeling sticky all day. The lining can also be removed and washed, so you do not have to worry about any bacteria or odor forming.

Pros & Cons of Vega Cross Tour 2 Dual Sport Helmet


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Made with vented polycarbonate ASB shell
  • Promotes air flow
  • Equipped with internal sun visor
  • EPS lining offers protection
  • The inner comfort liner is washable and removable
  • D strap can be adjusted easily


  • Sun visor does not offer adequate protection

5. Kali Protectives Maya Enduro Helmet

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The Kali Maya Enduro helmet is prepared to take you to the gangliest ride. The helmet is ready to record your riding.

The Maya takes smart ideas and styling cues from motor world to lead you a tougher riding and tough looking piece of safety gear. Kali is made in mold construction from Maya that bonds EPS foam to a polycarbonate shell.

The system makes a lightweight or low profile helmet. The various density EPS foams are arrayed to make from crumpling buffer zones which absorb the impact of the accident.

At the same time, the flexible visor is not breakable, made to bend or in a crash. Over the visor, you can mount the video camera.

The liners of the helmets are antimicrobial to face odors. Five intakes and seven exhaust port permit airflow over your head cool and dry.

Pros & Cons of Kali Protectives Maya Enduro Helmet


  • Lightweight and very wonderful to look at
  • he only drawback is camera mount; the mount does not come with M5 nut required to keep an action camera
  • Very comfortable and the S/M fits well
  • Shell Material: Polycarbonate
  • Ventilation: 12 vents
  • Impact Foam: multi-density EPS foam
  • Fit Adjustment: Dual Closure


  • No con is very serious

6. Dual Sports Helmet – Off Road Motocross Enduro

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Open the box, and you will get a wonderful helmet. It seems that the product is very high quality.

Ventilation, seams, plastic all are great to look at. A great thing is waiting for me to the end of the week.

At first, I would use it and then I would review the quality. Now time to check how it is in the rain or wind. Kindly, measure the size of the helmet.

One free size helmet to exchange. As you think, the helmet is not fit for you, send it to us. We are ready to give you a new one to use.

Pros & Cons of Dual Sports Helmet


  • Standard D-ring closure chin strap
  • Having a drawstring fabric carrying bag
  • Normally removable and washable liner
  • Super front flow ventilation system along with channels to guarantee maximum venting and console
  • You can easily turn the helmet from shield configuration to shield-less configuration which you can use along with goggles to the conventional off the road. The helmet has got DOT certificate
  • The visor is made in such a way that the airflow goes uninterrupted to the helmet without lifting the helmet with great or high speeds.
  • You may use it as a snow helmet, double pane, breath box. You may buy the electric shield separately


  • No negative indication

How to Choose the Best Enduro Helmets

Choosing the right helmet is essential for your own safety. So these are a few factors you need to consider before buying one of your own –


The weight of the helmet can play a huge role in determining how comfortable the rider is while driving. It is necessary not to buy one that is too heavy, as having it on for a long time can cause a lot of discomforts and even lead to serious head and shoulder problems.

However, you should not directly aim for the lightest helmet in the market either. The best helmet usually has a medium sort of weight, so that it can offer protection during an impact while also not hindering the driver’s ability to drive properly.


Not ensuring the right fit can lead to disastrous consequences, from minimal uneasiness to death even. If your helmet does not fit properly, it might come off any time you face an accident, your head will face all the impact in the absence of it.

Therefore, it is best to try out all the different sizes of the helmet to see which one fits you best. If you do not have the time for that, measure the circumference of your head and compare it to a helmet size chart to know which one will suit you.


Make sure that your helmet does the job it was designed to do – protect you. EPS lined helmets are great at this. If you can combine that with a durable shell and some MICS r turbine technology, then you have nothing to worry about anymore.


Comfort is quite important while choosing helmets, as you will have to keep it on your head for a long time. Make sure that the product has a good ventilation system, enough exhaust ports, etc. to keep you cool. The adjustability should be good too. If there is any liner to absorb sweat, that is even better.

Open Face Enduro Helmet Features 

Among the crucial characteristics that have evolved would be that the lower part into the rear of the helmet that offers additional protection to the back of the mind.

Frequently Enduro helmets have a well-designed retention system which retains the helmet firmly in place. In our experience we all favor simple methods such as this from URGE. However, there’s not any doubt that systems such as this from Troy Lee Designs using their brand-new A1 helmet.

Another vital component is venting, XC helmets usually are much better ventilated and lighter weight, but because of the character of Enduro riding most Enduro helmets are somewhat heavier and much more protective, this involves a less spacious venting system, which in concept makes it possible for a decreasing prospect of stones or sharp objects throughout.

Helmets are usually designed around security standards that explain the size of the effect. Understanding what Enduro riding may entail, the danger of impacts could be of a higher capacity.  so especially when picking up a helmet such as the Troy Lee Designs A1 the depth and durability of the EPS substance employed in the helmet structure is noticeable. Besides it undoubtedly provides the wearer a higher feeling of protection and security.

Full Face Enduro Helmet Features

One mistake most rider make when picking an Enduro helmet would be to utilize a Motorcross helmet. Though it feels like a fantastic thought Motorcross helmets are built around different security standards including impacts which are of a higher size than those anticipated to be struck when riding Enduro.

He proceeded to state “When with a Motorcross helmet, the consequences will probably be too low for your helmet to deform, and so the energy will pass to the consumer’s mind. We design our helmets, so they deform correctly at bike speed impacts and safeguard the user correctly.”

A properly designed Enduro full face helmet afterward is vital, lightweight, venting, and a fantastic style, in addition to the above security criteria.

Regrettably, the area of security standards isn’t quite as clear as it ought to be and haven’t been created with all the Enduro bicycle riders in your mind. Therefore, it’d be better to have a look at helmets concerning basic structure.

Regrettably, ventilation isn’t necessarily as large as an Enduro special full-face helmet like the Enduromatic out of URGE. Therefore, a complete face helmet is utilized for pedaling up the mountain may leave the consumer hotter and more uneasy.

In our experience in temperatures of 18 degrees and under a full-face helmet may be used without a lot of issues for pedaling. The contemporary designs though are continually evolving to enhance this feature.

So if you’re searching for a complete face Enduro helmet we’d recommend lightweight as an essential variable, again in our expertise, Kali using their entire face helmet layouts have a few of the most innovative technologies in helmet design on the market.

Using EPS that are directly secured to the outer shell of the helmet and they’re very creative cone-based construction permits them to decrease weight considerably and at precisely the same time eliminate any air gap between the casing and the memory.

It follows that any effect isn’t amplified as electricity moves through the combine in substances, thereby dissipating more rapidly and keeping a high degree of security to the wearer.

If you have a crash, it may damage the helmet. You may think that the money you have spent is not worthy to buy it.

Some injuries may be cured, but brain injuries do not heal. It has no guarantee that the helmet will save you from injury at the time of outfitting or for the mountain bike.

You need to be confirming that the helmet should meet the standard of the desired country where it is going to be sold. Many have got the international standard, surely may be good for you.

Even the lowest quality helmet is made in such a way that they will give full protection for your brain and skull in an unexpected situation.

Full Face Vs Open Face

World Enduro and European racing rules oblige to use a full face helmet instead of the open-face helmet. Some riders think that it isn’t essential to use the second one.

They use an open-faced helmet on their backpacks before starting the race. You also need to switch helmet prior the race run.

If the riders remain excited in different climates, an open face helmet is the best option for him.

However, there is no other thing that gives adequate protection except a full faced helmet. This is up to the personal choice of the riders. When the trial is very tough, we suggest you maximum protection.

Enduro Full Face MTB Helmets: In Depth Look At Our Favorites

Best Enduro Helmets (FAQs)

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding Enduro helmets:

1. How do I know a helmet is safe?

Your helmet should meet DOT safety standards for them to be acceptably safe.

2. How are convertible helmets good?

Convertible helmets offer you the flexibility to choose between two different styles.

3. What unique features should I look for in my helmet?

Look for any 360-degree turbine technology or composite fusion plus technology for maximum protection.

4. Should I go for a heavy helmet or a light one?

Find one that has a good weight to protection ratio.

5. How do I find the perfect fit for me?

Measure the circumference of your head, and compare it to a size chart.

Final Words and Recommendation

Choosing a good helmet is very important to keep yourself safe. We hope that reading this article about the best Enduro helmets reviews will help you choose one for you now.

Although all the products are comfortable and do a good job of protecting their users, we would suggest you try out the Leatt Enduro helmet. Its convertible style and 360-degree turbine technology offer both flexibility and an added level of safety, so it might be the best choice for you.



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