Best Full Face Helmet for Cruiser: A Guide for Every Type of Rider in 2022!

If you own one of those badass cruiser motorbikes, then you surely find the image of yourself riding in it very cool!

Yet, however cool that might be, not protecting yourself while riding is certainly NOT awesome!


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Any biker can testify that it is not at all comfortable to have wind and dust blown into your face and eyes!

This is where full face helmets come to the rescue, providing both great protection and visibility while looking good at the same time.

Now, to help you find the best full face helmet for cruisers, we’ll provide you with our recommendations. So read on, and choose the best one for you!

Top 7 Best Full Face Helmet for Cruisers

There are various products available in the market in this category, so it’s important to take a close look at the helmets for the right pick that will complement your style, price range, and comfort.


1. Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

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The Bell MX-9 Adventure is certainly compatible with the best cruiser motorcycles!

This product contains a shell made up of polycarbonate and comes in 3 different sizes to give the right fit. The polycarbonate is lightweight, making it comfortable to use, especially on long rides.

It also contains an advanced system for air-flow, which allows the continuous in-flow of fresh air, while the interior hot air is pressed out.

The interior of the helmet also reduces the build-up of sweat by the cheek pads and liner, which are both removable and washable.

Truly a helmet for both the street and the dirt, this product comes with a removable shield, which is anti-fog, anti-dust, and provides protection against UV rays. On top of that, there is an option for a tinted and a clear windshield with the helmet.

This unit is integrated with a technology called ‘Multi-directional Impact Protection System’ or MIPS, which can reduce the damage from impacts that are caused by rotational forces. Additionally, the price is very affordable!

Something to consider would be that the air-flow system might lead to a bit of a chill during the cold months. Moreover, as the interior lining is a bit thin, it might be uncomfortable for eye-glass wearers.


  • Quite lightweight
  • Affordable price
  • Protection against multidirectional impacts
  • Keeps cool against the heat
  • Option for tinted or clear windshield
  • Removable and washable cheek pads and liner


  • Interior lining is too thin for spectacle wearers
  • Does not keep warm in cool weather


2. Biltwell Bonanza DOT Certified Open-Face-Helmet-Style Helmet

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This unit is made up of an outer shell containing injection-molded ABS. It contains a hand-painted finish, adding more of a personal touch.

The inner shell is made up of polystyrene, making the helmet very light overall.

And the interior contains a lining made of brushed Lycra, which is both hand-sewn and removable.

On top of that, there is a foam padding for extra protection, which is quilted and contains diamond stitches.

Also, the helmet has a comfortable strap for the neck made of steel D-ring, which is plated and very rugged-looking. This strap also contains an adjustable end retainer.

Additionally, this product contains accent edging with rubber or chrome, making it quite stylish.

The design makesthis high-profile Biltwell Bonanza helmet quite eye-catching.


  • Extremely lightweight, so comfortable to use
  • Price is very affordable
  • Rubber or chrome accent edging
  • Removable inner lining
  • Provides good protection due to extra padding
  • Comfortable neck strap


  • Quite eye-catching


3. Arai Defiant-X Solid Adult Steel Motorcycle Helmet

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This product is very tough and strong, made up of a shell containing PB-clc. That makes the material heavy, but hefty at the same time.

It also has a liner which has multiple densities and is made of EPS. The helmet contains a chin curtain which is fixed, and resistant against water.

Moreover, this one has 2 front ducts called ‘QVF-2’ ducts, and 3 hole rear ducts called ‘QVR-2’ ducts.

Also, the unit has a faceshield called ‘VAS Max Vision faceshield’ which provides both great protection against wind and dust, maintaining good visibility all year round.

This shield is also adjustable and contains vents for air intake. The size of the vents is small, so along with good sealing, it decreases road noise and the intrusion of water.

You’ll be glad to know that this one is hand-crafted! That fact makes it a bit on the expensive side, however.


  • Very strong material with great protection
  • Water-resistant chin curtain
  • Faceshield provides good visibility
  • Vents cause reduced road noise
  • Hand-crafted


  • Price is on the higher side
  • Material is heavy


4. Nolan N104 Evo Helmet

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The N104 helmet has a wider field of view and better fit than N90 model. The problem is it has higher wind noise. Its air vent is more efficient. I desire to get interior sun shade deployment lever and quick release feature. There are little gaps between you and the wind screen below the chin,. The less favorable change is that the padding for the chin strap is shorter and thinner than N90. This helmet isn’t uncomfortable but takes some time to be used it.


  • Easy cleaning
  • Reasonable price
  • Super quality
  • Wider eye port than any other Nolan helmet to give more visibility.
  • Pressing the button on the helmet is enough to change the shield of the helmet.


  • With reasonable price, the helmet is great no doubt. But be sure, you get an in-person fitting prior believing the size charts.


5. Shoei Solid J-Cruise Touring Motorcycle Helmet

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Shoei Solid J-Cruise Touring motorcycle helmet isn’t your typical open-face lid. There are lots of features with this helmet. It has smooth operating, distortion-free and sizeable CJ-2 shield, and advanced ventilation. The other things are a built-in interior sun shield, and a completely removable 3D Max-Dry interior system. J cruise always keeps you secured and added to the road before you.


  • Long lasting
  • Excellent exterior material
  • cheap
  • Ventilation Performance
  • Removable internal system


  • Nothing worry about


6. LS2 Helmets Strobe Solid Modular Motorcycle Helmet with Sunshield

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The LS2 Strobe modular full-face motorcycle helmet comes with lots of features which you like most. For this, you have to pay double. The full-metal latch system does it works smoothly and ensures super security. It has a button which is very simple to use though having a hard winter gloves. The chin bars comes with the fully opened detent. Therefore it remains in a place when someone opens it.

The modular helmet features LS2’s Twin Shield System along with a built-in Twin Shield system sun shield. So you get full protection from the sun rays and get enough light when you enter in a dark area or a tunnel. The strobe applies a cable technology and an innovative slide to use the sun protection efficiently. Face shield of the helmet is scratch proof and optically correct. It has LS2’s ShortShift Tool-less quick release what you can change quickly. The technical fabric liner wicks moisture and is removable as well as washable.

It‘s a motorcycle helmet for the riders of the motorcycle. You can use it if you tour in the Alaskan Highway and commuting to work. To ensure comfort and security, there is 3D laser cut foam in the cheek pads. It has a rapid remove strap which makes it easy to get off and on. The Kinetic Polycarbonate alloy shell comes with full adjustable ventilation. All shells are aerodynamic. The LS2 Strobe is so comfortable that you will fail to understand you have it on.


  • Has got DOT certificate
  • Normally changeable shield
  • Comfortable padding is lightweight
  • Related internal flip down sun visor
  • Performance of the vents is excellent
  • Quick and ratchet release chinstrap
  • Modular functionality


  • The chin curtain snaps very easily. If you like to use the modular function, it must be more secure. But surely it isn’t a deal breaker.


7. Shoei Neotec Black Modular Helmet

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If you notice the helmet naturally, you get the helmet is well built. After that, we like to play around with it. Every moving part of the helmet is solid and works with precision. The flip up is quiet and very precise.

Manufacturers use thick pads inside the helmet which is like an intermediate oval shape and little narrow. It has enough room for tourer or cruiser. It gives more comfort. If users close the helmet, the plush liner material can provide full faced feelings. Though the helmet merely is made, it is hilarious. Thick EPS liner and three different shell sizes are well-made. The face shield has a pin lock anti-fog system. Internal sun visor rotates internally. A user can lock it mid-way to diffuse the sun if he doesn’t like the full shade.

The helmet has one on the chin which has a good design and gives better ventilation. This ventilation is better than other full faced models. We get one simple airport which is on-off-on the top. Nevertheless, the chin curtain expands quite largely though touching the chin itself.


  • Sun visor of the helmet is flawless from the internal consideration
  • Very comfortable helmet so far we have examined
  • Well ventilation considering from all sides, top of its class
  • Well build and excellent quality of materials.
  • The modular design of Multitec used a backbone. It is analyzed with painstaking eyes and tweaked very slightly to surrender the most progressive flick up the helmet.
  • Neoteck has a face shield, a flip-up chin bar, shell-integrated spoiler, pin lock anti-fog system and a noise reducing design.
  • Comes with the utterly removable interior system along with double layer EPS liner


  • Heavier than perfect and pricy


How to Choose the Best Full Face Helmet for Cruisers?

Before you can go out to get the right helmet for yourself, you need to consider a few things.

1. Price

The Arai Defiant-X is the most expensive product in this list. It comes at a price of around $600. If the price is not an issue for you, then this is the one to consider.

However, the Bell MX-9 comes at a much lower price of around $200, which can be considered a mid-range, affordable helmet.

And if you are looking for something even more pocket-friendly, then the Biltwell Bonanza is definitely the one to consider, as it costs around $100.

2. Safety

The main purpose of any helmet is to protect the wearer, hence safety is the most important thing to consider.

While all three helmets provide good protection, the Arai wins on this front. The Bell comes second, and the Biltwell third, which is as expected according to the price range.

It must be remembered, however, that they all provide adequate protection against impact.

3. Comfort

While comfort is subjective, it is to be noted that the Arai is heavier than the other two helmets, which may lead to less comfort.

The Bell is much lighter, but it might be uncomfortable for those wearing spectacles due to the thin inner lining.

If you want something very light, then the Biltwell will be the one to pick, as it is the lightest of the three.

4. Design

Arai has been designed for both great protection and good ventilation. It is premium-looking, yet low-profile, so it can be worn anywhere.

As for the Bell, it has been designed to protect against rotational forces, providing great shock absorption from impact.

It can also be worn in both dirt tracks, and the street due to its design and has a great cooling system to protect against the heat. This product is also quite low profile.

The Biltwell, on the other hand, is very high-profile, so the design may not be suited to everyone’s taste.

5. Ventilation

The Arai helmet comes with a decent ventilation system, keeping fresh air flowing in constantly.

If you get overheated easily, however, then the Bell is the one for you as it prevents that quite well. But if you get cold easily, then avoid this one as it leads to chills more easily.

As for the Biltwell, it also has a decent ventilation system, enough for regular wear.

6. Fit

Retention has many things to do with the fit. Your helmet must hold your head very nicely and keep in a place. It may come off even when not provoked. A well-fitting helmet must fit snuggly. It also remains stable. Besides that, it doesn’t come out if you shake your head side to side or back to front or down and up.

7. Appearance

Appearance is a vital factor for the helmet. Physical appeal to visibility is an excellent factor for the safety of the road. Some people like to get graphics and art on the helmet to make it more visible. It makes the get up of the helmet very appealing. You need to use a helmet that must be visible to the other motorists.

When the issue is a helmet, appearance is a very considerable factor. It is the physical appearance that ensures the visibility.

8. Face Shield

Be sure; the face shield must be of the best quality. Probably it has got certification information molded with a quality shield. The face shield must be simple to operate. It has to cover all the way around the edges. When you raise it, it should remain in the right place. The cover must not have any optical distortion in the usual line of sight especially straight lines which get curvy.


What do we call a “Cruiser Motorcycle” anyways?

It considers a dumb question for some of you. There is lots of confusion around what is a custom or a bobber or what is a cruiser or a chopper? I notice, many people ask me this question. I am making it clear by a simple way which must be very helpful.

Boiling it beneath is very necessary. Cruisers are motorcycles which have American flavor from the 30’s to 60-70’s. Bold and big machines which are especially mount V engines are meant for simple readability. The most appealing brands are Indian and Harley Davidson.

What do we call a “Cruiser Motorcycle” anyways

Now people like to use more modified cruisers for their personal need. They become very much excited for having it. In this way, custom motorcycles are born. Custom is a new word used for such purpose but describes nothing special or new. HD is the first brand which uses a commercial catchy name in Super Glyde in 1971. They add the fork from a sport star with the engine and frame of a big twin Electra Glide.

Choppers and Bobbers are subtypes of custom motorcycles (scramblers and café racers are some other names but the main frame applied isn’t a cruiser frame) which are originated from factory cruisers by well modifications. We come to an end with one or the other.

The only difference is keeping it very simple. It seems that bobbers are made from unmodified frame that involves some chopping on the design. It is used to have longer forks and frames having wider angles as the front wheel is more ahead of the rest. There are many names in the chopper scenes. West Coast Choppers and Orange Country Choppers are some mentionable names of the choppers.


Full Face Helmets Benefits

Full faced helmets offer topmost protection for the riders of motorcycles. A motorcycle helmet is the essential piece of safety gear. A rider should use a helmet. Using a helmet is a must for some states, but some states don’t.

Full Face Helmets Benefits

People who don’t use helmet at the time of riding on a bike face accident. They usually get injuries and sometimes face death. It is sure that injuries could be avoided by wearing a helmet. So riders must use a helmet to save them from accidents.

Choosing a helmet depends on the personal choice of the riders or users. There are two reasons for which full faced helmet are the best choices for the riders. At first it gives protection of the chin bar. Then there is a tinted face shield that customizes the appearance of the helmet.

Best Full Face Helmet for Cruisers (FAQs)

1. Having an extremely large head, which product should I get?

The Bell MX-9 Adventure comes in 3 sizes, so this product will be more suitable.

2. How do I determine my size?

The user manuals on the websites usually provide the size-charts, so you can check those out.

If you still have some confusion, then customer service will surely help you out.

3. Which is the quietest helmet?

The Arai Defiant-X is the quietest.

4. As a spectacle wearer, which helmet should I get?

Both the Arai and the Biltwell have thick inner linings, which will be more comfortable to use for glass wearers.

5. Do the helmets come with extra faceshields?

No, they all come with single faceshields.

6. How long will they last?

All three helmets are very durable, and if they are kept carefully, they will last for years to decades.

If they encounter accidents or impacts, then you will probably need to repair the damages or replace the products.

7. Can I take off the inner linings?

The linings are removable for both the Bell and the Biltwell.

8. Can I get a tinted Windshield?

The Bell comes with a tinted option, while the Arai and the Biltwell do not.

9. Will the helmets get overheated?

The Arai and the Bell have great air-flow systems to keep you from over-heating. And the Bell is best for keeping you cool overall.


Final Words and Recommendation

The products reviewed above should help you find the best full face helmet for cruisers available on the market.

To summarize, the Arai is great for protection, has a wonderful vent system with reduced road-noise, and has a nice shield with great visibility.

On the other hand, the Bell is affordable, extremely protective, and great for use in hot weather.

The Biltwell, being extremely light and affordable, is, of course, another great choice.

So be sure to choose the right one wisely!


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