Best Gmax Helmet Reviews: Top Rated Full Face Helmet 2021!

What is Gmax? Well, they’re arguably the pioneers in the motorcycle helmet industry. Over the years, they have manufactured high-quality helmets and accessories that have piqued customers’ interests worldwide.

They are globally renowned for their reliable products and a wide variety of models for different categories of helmets. The quality they offer is top-notch and unparalleled.


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But due to the vast array of choices available, most motorcyclists find it daunting to make a final choice. If you’re one of those people, then these Gmax helmet reviews are for you. This complete buying guide will enlighten you with all there is to know about the best helmets manufactured by Gmax. Weigh the pros and cons, and choose the one that meets your necessities!

Our Top Pick Gmax Helmet Reviews

Gmax has a wide variety of high-quality helmets at its disposal. Therefore, browsing through all the available models can be foolhardy and time-consuming.

Even if you do so, you will only be left with utter confusion as you might not get all the information you seek. Hence, after careful analysis, we have handpicked the eight best Gmax motorcycle helmets. Browse through the detailed specifications, and find the one that attracts you the most.


1. Gmax GM54S Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Gmax GM54S Modular Men's On-Road Motorcycle Helmet - Flat Black/Large

First up is the GM54s modular street helmet for men. It’s most renowned for its sturdy design and all-round ventilation. And it uses an exceptional technology called the Gmax Dual Exhaust Venting System. This provides you with three separate vents in the top, rear, and sides.

And this significantly reduces fog accumulation in the cold and also releases any sweat during hot climates. The efficient DUPont Coolmax interior minimizes the amount of heat produced within the helmet.

Also, the Coolmax interior can be manually removed and washed without taking damage. It also utilizes a flip-jaw mechanism, which lets you raise the jaw further up the helmet. This feature extends your line of sight even with the jaw raised. The easily removable chin bar allows you to attach and detach it with your gloves on.

Now you don’t have to stop at a corner to fix the chin bar as you can just do it with one hand. This Gmax GM54 helmet is also made of light material for more ease of use.

Pros & Cons of Gmax GM54S Motorcycle Helmet


  • Dual-exhaust venting system
  • Interior keeps your head cool
  • Enhanced flip-jaw mechanism
  • Sturdy and lightweight


  • Flip-jaw mechanism screws can loosen up


2. Gmax GM68S Helmet

G-Max LED Top Vent for GM68 Helmet - White/Blue Odyssey 980189

The Gmax 68S helmet introduces a new two-tier ventilation system that enables constant airflow within the helmet. This feature, in combination with the Coolmax interior, makes sure that your head stays cool and dry, regardless of the climate.

And the face shield is so crystal clear that it feels like an almost invisible barrier protecting your face. This provides a clear line of sight while simultaneously protecting your face and eyes from any incoming debris. It also has an advanced rotating mechanism that allows you to adjust the helmet in six different positions.

A small opening prohibits mist and fog from clouding up your vision and provides continuous airflow to your face. However, it doesn’t let in more air than necessary, which might have disoriented your vision. Moreover, this Gmax full-face helmet is equipped with six LED lights in the back.

Now you will be easily noticeable even when riding in the dark, significantly reducing the risks of accidental collisions. It’s powered by two triple-A batteries located in the rear inside the fixed circuit board.

Pros & Cons of Gmax GM68S Helmet


  • Two-tier ventilation system
  • Advanced rotating mechanism
  • Clear and sturdy face shield
  • Rear LED lights


  • Light batteries can’t be replaced


3. Gmax GM11S Snow Sport Helmet

G-Max GM11S Snow Sport Helmet (Black, X-Large)

Those who are looking for a Gmax snowmobile helmet the Gmax 11S is for you. This is equipped with a breath box for cold weather and chin curtains to keep your face fully protected. And this unique feature maintains a steady temperature within the helmet and is specially built for riding through snowy regions.

It’s easier to maintain clear vision, even during heavy snowfall, due to the electric clear double lenses. If you like riding at high speeds, you will be relieved to know that this helmet isn’t prone to flying off. The aerodynamic design allows most of the air to pass seamlessly across the helmet’s surface.

Even in an opened position, the streamlined mouth vent keeps airflow at an optimum level. To ensure an even better vision, the GM11S has a large eye port that supports the largest goggles. Vents are strategically placed on the top, front, and jaw portion of the helmet.

When fully raised, the visor conceals the shield offering a clear line of sight. Moreover, the helmet is made of a lightweight poly-alloy.

Pros & Cons of Gmax GM11S Snow Sport Helmet


  • Perfect for cold climates
  • Breath box maintains a steady temperature
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Supports any goggles


  • Not tinted for sunlight


4. Gmax Face Shield for GM44 Helmet

G-Max Face Shield for GM44 Helmet - Clear 999891

This Gmax face shield is an essential accessory for your Gmax 44S helmet. Sometimes helmets need a replacement of particular parts not only because they are worn out but also to enhance your helmet’s performance. This Gmax face shield will protect you from all the debris heading your way when driving on the freeway.

It allows you to see clearly even in the harshest conditions without disturbing your line of sight. The dual lenses offer perfect clarity and are compatible with both with GM44 and GM44S helmets. Furthermore, the face shield is made of anti-scratch material and can last for a long time.

And this will increase your helmet’s durability to the fullest extent. It is also much cheaper than most motorcycle accessories. Removal of the face shield is relatively straightforward, as you can effortlessly detach it without the help of any tools.

Cleaning and replacing your face shield won’t take longer than a couple of minutes! It is also equipped with a molded air deflector that directs the exhaled air away from the guard. Thus, it increases your visibility even more.

Pros & Cons of Gmax Face Shield for GM44 Helmet


  • Withstands harsh conditions
  • Dual lenses
  • Anti-scratch
  • Easily detachable


  • No extra vents


5. Gmax GM54S Terrain Snowmobile Helmets

GMax GM54S Terrain Mens Snowmobile Helmets - Red - X-Small

Last but definitely not the least is the Gmax 54S snowmobile helmet. This terrain helmet is equipped with an inner flip tint sun lens, which reduces sun glare. A lever on the exterior of the helmet is used to adjust the flip tint easily. The lens is laced with an anti-fog coating that reduces blurred vision.

Moreover, the dual-lens surface is also anti-scratch and can, therefore, last longer. Advanced LED taillight is also added to make other drivers aware of your presence. The rear LED has three different functions based on your urgency. You can use a switch to change between steady on, slow flash, and rapid flash.

The shield sealing in this helmet is exceptional. It prohibits cold air from entering the helmet and also cancels out annoying noises. More importantly, the vents are strategically placed to let the exhaled airflow out, keeping the interior temperature cool.

Large eye ports allow you to maintain constant supervision on the road ahead. It also has adjustable cheek pads, which make sure the helmet fits you perfectly.

Pros & Cons of Gmax GM54S Terrain Snowmobile Helmets


  • Inner flip tint sun lens
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Multifunctional LED lights
  • Adjustable cheek pads


  • Not for hot climates


6. Gmax GM11D Full Face Helmet

Gmax GM11D Dual Sport Full Face Helmet (Flat Black, Large)

With reasonable price, you will get this helmet. It is a noisy helmet. If you like to go over 55 mph, you need not use earplug as it creates high noise.

The face shield will give clear visibility. The sun visor is set above to save the eyes from the sun if the sun is hot at high at noon.

I think the high seat sun visor is useful for high speed of airflow. They are more useful to make its design.

Finally, I can say that I have used it. I have got much benefit. I am happy with the helmet.

Pros & Cons of Gmax GM11D Full Face Helmet


  • The helmet is amazing with the value
  • The visor moves all the way easily. It has the great ventilation system


  • Wind noise is very much when you drive the bike on the highway with great speed


7. GMAX GM64 Modular Men’s Motorcycle Helmet

GMAX GM64 Modular Men's Full Face Motorcycle Helmet - Titanium/Large

GMAX is the very popular and fast growing helmet in North America. The helmet may be new to you. But you will be happy to know that a team of experts and experienced professionals worked very hard on the features and development of the helmet.

Moreover, the GMAX group rides snowmobiles, motorcycles and ATV’s have been manufacturing and developing a helmet for many years. All new features of the helmet give unequaled wind as well as cold protection which most of the riders like very much.

The perimeter frame permits one constant sealing surface for the jaw and shield to put the snow out and cold.

Pros & Cons of GMAX GM64 Modular Motorcycle Helmet


  • The helmet is comfortable and quite more than you hope
  • It adjusts well on my head
  • The size is very wonderful


  • slight pricey


8. Gmax G5110473 GM11D Dual Sports Helmet

Gmax G5110473 GM11D Dual Sport Helmet

The helmet is great. The price of the helmet is reasonable. It has a lot of air vents, and the fitting is great.

It is more consistent than other hjc or other brands. The face shield is fully closed and hard to open with one hand. But for a dual helmet that is better than a loose shield that drops inadvertently.

I would like to suggest this for my dear and near one. It has great padding inside and very comfortable. Its chin air dam is very wonderful.

It appears to you with two plastic pieces that you may add to your side as you like to remove the sun visor. The reason is that you have a more conventional street helmet to look.

Pros & Cons of Gmax G5110473 GM11D Dual Sports Helmet


  • To use goggles, you can lower or raise the shield completely
  • The vivid shield is totally concealed beneath the visor and out of the line of sight if it remains fully raised position
  • Maximum airflow is got through styro or shell and relaxed liner vents


  • Nothing to worry about at this moment

How to Choose the Right Gmax Helmet

Gmax has been in the helmet manufacturing business for ages. The entire brand thrives on its reliability and stability of their products. They often push the boundaries to improve their helmets for customer satisfaction.

But what do you look for when you’re buying a Gmax helmet? Without having proper knowledge of the various features Gmax helmets offer, you might miss out on the best helmet for you. Thankfully, we are providing you with all the information required to buy the best Gmax motorcycle helmet.

Seamless Design

One of the most appealing features of Gmax helmets is their exceptional design. Most helmets promote an ergonomic outlook that is both convenient and stylish. A unique feature that these helmets have is their aerodynamic capabilities.

It lets the incoming air to pass evenly across the helmet. This makes your drive feel smoother, and the helmet creates less pressure on your head and neck. Some models also come with rear LED lights.

They can be a useful addition as it makes you visible during the night. It will let you travel safely without worrying about any sudden collisions. You should also consider picking the ones with large eye ports for a better line of sight.

Specialized Interior

Most of the Gmax helmets consist of Coolmax interiors. These specially modified materials reduce heat inside the helmet making long journeys less exhausting. These interiors can easily be removed and washed if necessary. Maintaining your helmet’s hygiene has never been easier!

Outstanding Ventilation System

Over the years, Gmax has improved its ventilation technology to a great extent. Most of their helmets now consist of four to eight carefully placed vents that allow cool air to flow through the helmet continuously. Furthermore, some helmets are equipped with mouth vents and breathe boxes that release the exhaled warm air for better cooling. Having these features significantly reduces heat retention and sweating.


If you want to choose the best Gmax helmet for yourself, you first need to make sure it fits you perfectly. That’s hardly a problem because Gmax has a wide variety of sizes available for each model. Moreover, most of them have additional cheek pads that soak in sweat effectively. They are also easily removable and washable. Modified chin straps make it feel like a part of your head!


Almost all the Gmax helmets are made of reliable, high-quality material. Especially, their face shields. Some face shields are made of anti-scratch material that can take a serious beating. These face shields can often be the difference between life and death during an unfortunate event. Others come with double tinted lenses that are perfect for deflecting harmful rays of the sun.

GMax GM64 Helmet Video Review


Gmax is beside you to make the best motorcycle helmet on the market. They make durable, solid, highly safe and great helmet. So buying this helmet is a wise decision.

I have got the helmet is very much comfortable. I have got it at a reasonable price. In this article, you will get seven best Gmax helmets.


Care & Cleaning

When you finish using the helmet, use a wet soft cloth on the soiled area. Give a chance to soak any grime such as dirt, insects, sand, and dust.

Wipe the area with soft clothes. To clean shield, do not use a circular motion. Follow one direction to wipe out dirt. This may lessen the swirl marks that may degrade vision at night.

After cleaning shield and helmet, do not use petroleum based solvents like turpentine, detergents containing abrasives and ammonia based glass cleaners.

If they get in contact with petroleum products or other solvents, it may impair its optical properties and lessen the mechanical strength.

Do not use a paper-based product like paper towels or napkins. Paper towel is abrasive and may harm the damage shield or helmet finish.

If you like to clean it, you can use mild dish soap diluted with fresh water and use a soft cloth to clean or wipe it.

Use a lint free soft cloth to rinse it. If you like to clean shield, never use hot water or saline water more than 122 degrees F or 50 degrees C.

You should use one hand to clean the interior part of the helmets with the individual piece. Make a solution with water and shampoo.Then use it to wash the interior parts of the helmet. Wash with lukewarm water as long as the water runs clear except soap bubbles.

To dry it, give 24 hours. To reduce the possibility of mold, give more time to make the helmet dry before keep it for storing. The helmet will dry quickly if you keep the helmet on a soft surface.

Keep your helmet in a safe and cool place. Chemical vapors or the sun exposure may degrade the performance of your helmet.

Gmax Helmet Reviews FAQs

Below are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding Gmax helmet reviews:

1. How to remove the face shield from my helmet?

In order to remove the face shield, you need to detach it from the secured ratchet plate. To do so, first, hoist the outer shield upwards until it’s fully raised. Then you’ll be able to see the side ratchet plate, which is holding the shield in place. Gently push down on the pin that keeps the ratchet plate retaining arm locked. While pushing down on the pin, carefully pull the retaining arm to the open side. Once you do so, the shield will be released and will come off easily.

2. What’s the difference between DOT and ECE?

DOT stands for the Department of Transportation and follows the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard #218. These helmets undergo several strict tests to ascertain the quality of the products.

ECE certification is similar to DOT but has a major distinction. To achieve an ECE certification, helmets need to go through a compulsory batch test to ensure further safety standards.

3. What are the DOT testing standards?

There are four different testing standards required for DOT certification. They are as follows.

  • Impact Attenuation
  • Penetration Resistance
  • Retention System Effectiveness
  • Model Number

4. Which model do I have?

To make sure which model who have bought, check the back of the helmet. The model number will be visible along with the type of certification it has.

5. What does the light on my helmet do?

The built-in LED lights at the rear of the helmet are needed for better visibility in the dark. This is to reduce the risk of unwanted vehicle collisions.

Final Words & Recommendation

Reading about all the remarkable features and the various attributes of Gmax helmets can make your decision a bit overwhelming. But now that you have acquired all the necessary information, you can try and relate them to your needs. If you know exactly what you are missing, the decision will be rather simple. For me, the GM64S and the GM58S are both strong contenders. Both are equipped with state-of-the-art Coolmax interiors and a well-aerated ventilation system. Both have rear LED lights for better visibility, but batteries cannot be replaced. However, the GM64S has the upper hand due to its specially modified face shield. Regardless of its clarity, it restricts incoming debris from entering the helmet. It also has anti-fog characteristics that promote better vision. Keep in mind, though; your choice will highly depend on the type of terrain you tread on and the climate as well. So choose accordingly. Here’s hoping this Gmax helmet reviews proved beneficial for you and helped you choose the one that fits your needs.

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