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Gmax Helmet Reviews Trusted Opinion From Real Users

You like to get a helmet that you desire to have with reasonable price. There are some helmets on the market which have low quality and price is comparatively low than the other brands. We chose several good quality helmets that are ensured quality for you.

In the past, there is some rise of high-quality helmets, cost helmets which give many of these helmets having high-end of the price scale.

Gmax Helmet Reviews 2019 – Comparison Chart

Product ImageProduct NameShipping WeightDimensionEditor's RatingPrice
Gmax GM11D Full Face Helmet5.2 pounds16 x 12.2 x 11.1 inches 4.7 out of 5 starsCheck Price
Gmax G1540075 Modular Helmet5.5 pounds15.5 x 12 x 11 inches 4.9 out of 5 starsCheck Price
Gmax G5110473 GM11D Dual Sports Helmet2.4 pounds22 x 22 x 22 inches 4.5 out of 5 starsCheck Price
GMAX GM64 Modular Men's Full Face Motorcycle Helmet5.4 pounds15 x 11.3 x 11 inches4 out of 5 starsCheck Price


Gmax is beside you to make the best motorcycle helmet on the market. They make durable, solid, highly safe and great helmet. So buying this helmet is a wise decision.

I have got the helmet is very much comfortable. I have got it at a reasonable price. In this article, you will get seven best Gmax helmets.

Top 4 Best Gmax Helmet 2019

Gmax GM11D Full Face Helmet

Gmax GM11D Full Face Helmet

With reasonable price, you will get this helmet. It is a noisy helmet. If you like to go over 55 mph, you need not use earplug as it creates high noise.

The face shield will give clear visibility. The sun visor is set above to save the eyes from the sun if the sun is hot at high at noon.

I think the high seat sun visor is useful for high speed of airflow. They are more useful to make its design.

Finally, I can say that I have used it. I have got much benefit. I am happy with the helmet.

Features of Gmax GM11D Full Face Helmet

  • Newly designed streamline mount vent helmet to ensure more airflow with an open position
  • It is made aerodynamically to pass the airflow uninterrupted to remove the helmet without lifting.
  • It has side plate, clear shield, and visor to use. The visor ensures full face look to see the road.
  • You may turn it visor configuration to a visor-less version. Under the visor, the clear shield is hidden, and out of line is completely raised position.
  • Big eye port which accepts the largest goggles; shield may be raised or lowered fully at the time of using goggles


  • The helmet is amazing with the value
  • The visor moves all the way easily. It has the great ventilation system


  • Wind noise is very much when you drive the bike on the highway with great speed.

>>Check Price of Gmax GM11D Full Face Helmet<<

Gmax G1540075 Modular Helmet

Gmax G1540075 Modular Helmet

D.O.T. APPROVED GMAX G154 Modular Street Helmet GMAX is a new addition to the helmet industry. It is the extensive lineup of the industry.

The 54s is the evolution of the leading GMAX 44 modular helmet. The more rotation of flip-jaw increases the user’s line of sight and lessens the user’s fatigue by distributing weight evenly all over the helmet.

The more performance keeps you comfortable and dry, washable interior along with adjustable cheek pads to ensure more comfortable sizing Deluxe ear pockets to fit well.

It has high coat clear finish soft and Soft Padded Chin strap Painted shell. Helmets are not returnable for safety concern or health issues.

Gmax G1540075 Modular Street Helmets Gmax has found DOT certificate and bring to the new addition of the motorcycle helmets line up. The 54s is the evolution of leading GMAX X44 modular helmets.

Features of Gmax G1540075 Modular Helmet

  • Inside is very comfortable
  • Well fit
  • Over the jaw a little tight


  • It is comfortable and solid
  • Comes with lots of features
  • Wonderful helmet with reasonable price


  • Nothing to highly mentionable

>>Check Price of Gmax G1540075 Modular Helmet<<

Gmax G5110473 GM11D Dual Sports Helmet

Gmax G5110473 GM11D Dual Sports Helmet

The helmet is great. The price of the helmet is reasonable. It has a lot of air vents, and the fitting is great.

It is more consistent than other HJC or other brands. The face shield is fully closed and hard to open with one hand. But for a dual helmet that is better than a loose shield that drops inadvertently.

I would like to suggest this for my dear and near one. It has great padding inside and very comfortable. Its chin air dam is very wonderful.

It appears to you with two plastic pieces that you may add to your side as you like to remove the sun visor. The reason is that you have a more conventional street helmet to look.

Features of Gmax G5110473 GM11D Dual Sports Helmet

  • Has clear shield, side plate covers, visor for use when the visor is alternated to offer the helmet a clean full face street look
  • The shield is totally hidden under the visor and from the out of the line of sight, while the full raised position
  • The visor is made to allow airflow to pass uninterrupted Across the Helmet to remove helmet-lift at highway speeds.
  • Quickly you can convert from a visor configuration to a visor-less configuration
  • Big Eyeport which receives the big size goggles
  • Lowered When Using Goggles or Shield Can Be Fully Raised
  • At least air flow is got by shell or styro and from comfort liner vents


  • To use goggles, you can lower or raise the shield completely.
  • The vivid shield is totally concealed beneath the visor and out of the line of sight if it remains fully raised position.
  • Maximum airflow is got through styro or shell and relaxed liner vents.


  • Nothing to worry about at this moment

>>Check Price of Gmax G5110473 GM11D Dual Sports Helmet<<

Gmax 64s Snowmobile Helmet

GMAX GM64 Modular Men's Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

GMAX is the very popular and fast growing helmet in North America. The helmet may be new to you. But you will be happy to know that a team of experts and experienced professionals worked very hard on the features and development of the helmet.

Moreover, the GMAX group rides snowmobiles, motorcycles and ATV’s have been manufacturing and developing a helmet for many years. All new features of the helmet give unequaled wind as well as cold protection which most of the riders like very much.

The perimeter frame permits one constant sealing surface for the jaw and shield to put the snow out and cold.

Features of GMAX GM64 Modular Men’s Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

  • The comfort and quiet is superior to anticipated
  • No distortion, clear lenses
  • The modular sound is light and up front


  • The helmet is comfortable and quite more than you hope
  • It adjusts well on my head
  • The size is very wonderful.


  • slight pricey

>>Check Price of Gmax G5110473 GM11D Dual Sports Helmet<<


When you finish using the helmet, use a wet soft cloth on the soiled area. Give a chance to soak any grime such as dirt, insects, sand, and dust.

Wipe the area with soft clothes. To clean shield, do not use a circular motion. Follow one direction to wipe out dirt. This may lessen the swirl marks that may degrade vision at night.

gmax helmet reviews

After cleaning shield and helmet, do not use petroleum based solvents like turpentine, detergents containing abrasives and ammonia based glass cleaners.

If they get in contact with petroleum products or other solvents, it may impair its optical properties and lessen the mechanical strength.

Do not use a paper-based product like paper towels or napkins. Paper towel is abrasive and may harm the damage shield or helmet finish.

If you like to clean it, you can use mild dish soap diluted with fresh water and use a soft cloth to clean or wipe it.

Use a lint free soft cloth to rinse it. If you like to clean shield, never use hot water or saline water more than 122 degrees F or 50 degrees C.

You should use one hand to clean the interior part of the helmets with the individual piece. Make a solution with water and shampoo.

Then use it to wash the interior parts of the helmet. Wash with lukewarm water as long as the water runs clear except soap bubbles.

To dry it, give 24 hours. To reduce the possibility of mold, give more time to make the helmet dry before keep it for storing. The helmet will dry quickly if you keep the helmet on a soft surface.

Keep your helmet in a safe and cool place. Chemical vapors or the sun exposure may degrade the performance of your helmet.

Final Verdict

The helmet has got the standard of DOT. It also got the safety standard of FMVSS 218 and the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard #218 for the motorcycle helmet.

gmax helmet reviews

The US Department of Transportation likes to ensure that the helmet has got the standard of DOT certificate.

It also meets the testing standard for the helmet. The NHTSA has met the standard for novelty helmets or identifies counterfeit, or the helmets have not overcome the DOT testing.

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