6 Top Half Helmets Reviews 2018

Anyone who has got the experience of the entire head with plastic or padding. The metal interior is known that is like to wear a full type of helmet. Some helmets are very comfortable while others may suffocate you. Think, you are going 100 miles with your bike. This is not exactly where you have typically desired to go. For such case, the half helmet is the best one.

When I heard the name half helmet, my mind goes to Germany. This is the best example but does not make any sense. Watch all WW2 movies and think about the helmet they wear. The half helmet is just like that. It covers only the 60% of your total head.

The design is a concern for some reasons. If does not protect your face. It does not safe from the flying objects while you are riding with high speed. This is not good for any road riding.

Best Half Helmets 2018 – Comparison Chart

Product ImageProduct NameShipping WeightDimensionEditor's RatingPrice
Bell Rogue Unisex Half Helmet 2.8 pounds 14 x 11.6 x 10.8 inches Check Price
HJC Solid IS-Cruiser Half Motorcycle Helmet3.7 pounds 14 x 10.8 x 9.5 inches Check Price
DOT Flat Black Motorcycle Skull Cap Half Helmet2.8 pounds 13 x 10 x 7.5 inches Check Price
Voss 700CF EZ DOT Half Helmet2.4 pounds 12 x 10 x 10 inches Check Price
Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet0.8 ounces9 x 9 x 9 inchesCheck Price
Raider Deluxe Helmet3 pounds 12.3 x 10.2 x 8.2 inches Check Price

Why do the Half Helmets Awesome?

Helmets give safety for the riders this is the main thing. Though there are some causes for which it fails to offer this benefit. The half helmet is not a kind of helmet stated above. The half helmet gives you genuine riding experience.

If you desire to run a lot of miles with a helmet or on the heavy traffic roads or highway or interstate, a half helmet is a great choice for you. It will help to feel the wind on your face and can look ahead without shield or visor.

The questions are still the best. What are the best motorcycle helmets now? What is the way to choose the best half helmet for motorcycle riders?

How To Pick The Best Half-Helmet

Picking the best helmet is a great task. Among many, you will fail to select the best helmet for you. You should make a balance between your style and your likings. You need to choose a helmet that is comfortable and nice. This is the most unforgettable thing to ride a bike. We have various types of heads, so we need different shapes.

best half helmets

Before buying the helmet, you should first consider the safety factor of your head. You need to give more importance on it as this is the most sensitive part of the body. Take a helmet, use it and try to feel how it is. If you feel it is well, then you will buy it. Otherwise, you would not buy it.

Then think about the quality of the helmet. It is also an important thing to consider. Then you need to consider how you can handle the helmet. Many things can happen at the time of riding the bike.

You should clean the inner part of the helmet frequently. How the linings come out easily? Can you use headphone or speakers inside the helmet? It is also an important thing to consider.

Best Half Helmets Reviews 2018


Bell Rogue Unisex Half Helmet


The Bell Rogue Half Helmet is a kind of Bell Half Helmet and has made with the comfort of 3/4 helmet. The muzzle is comfort enough, extendable, adjustable and removable and. In winter, the muzzle work as a shield and in summer part of the lining can be removed, give micro fiber safety while giving more flow of air.

Note: the muzzle is comfort enough, and it requires no additional safety. The main protection remains in the shell itself that is made from the lightweight composite matrix. The materials are stronger than the poly carb helmets.

The interior is removable, comfortable and allows smooth airflow. The Bell Rouges EPs comes down below the rim for comfort, protection, and support.

You can wear the helmet in two ways. One is at the time of riding wearing goggles, and the other is a specific space on both sides of helmet check guards that accommodate for sunglasses.

Features of Bell Rogue Unisex Half Helmet

  • Removable and washable interior. Useful speaker pockets
  • Made of composite shell. EPS and three shell sizes to personalize it.
  • Stainless steel D-ring as well as metal badges. Five years warranty.
  • Adjustable and durable Muzzle features removable liner. For normal muzzle connection, Fid locks magnetic connection


  • Simple to adjust and use
  • Wonderful fit
  • Comfortable
  • The opportunity ahead of schedule
  • Right size (XL)
  • Same as the pictures


  • Not sleek seems bulky
  • The wrong color was given. I like to get Gloss Black, but I have got Matte Black


>>Check Price of Bell Rogue Unisex Half Helmet<<


HJC Solid IS-Cruiser Half Motorcycle Helmet

HJC Solid IS-Cruiser Half Motorcycle Helmet

The helmet is made of lightweight Polycarbonate composite shell. It applies CAD technology and very comfortable and fit. The internal part is washable and removable from the anti bacterial liner. It has nylon strap D-ring retention system.

The helmet is great to look at. It is well fitted. The retractable visor has good feature but clearly using in the sun. It does not have much coverage to save from the sun. I use an HJC full face helmet having retractable sun visor which works better than this helmet.

The visor is a small matter here. The helmet is manufactured in such a way that it does not wear by the high-speed wind. I use this helmet every way.

Features of HJC Solid IS-Cruiser Half Motorcycle Helmet

  • Plush and moisture-wicking Nylex interior
  • Adjusted smoked sun shield deploys easily
  • washable and removable anti-bacterial liner
  • Nylon Strap D-Ring retention system
  • 2014 Model


  • Great padding as well as lightweight
  • Window visor is very clear
  • Texture and color are very nice
  • The strap feels super and buttons up the loose.


  • Helmet wobbles at 60 mph without or with the bike shield
  • The windscreen requires somewhat dark
  • Chrome rivets round the helmet seem odd particularly on flat black color

>>Check Price of HJC Solid IS-Cruiser Half Motorcycle Helmet<<


DOT Flat Black Motorcycle Skull Cap Half Helmet

DOT Flat Black Motorcycle Skull Cap Half Helmet

The helmet is the best choice for the people who like to use the half helmet. It is finished in a flat black surface that looks very great if you wear. The shell is made of polycarbonate, and it is very lightweight, comfortable to use it. It has also impact absorbent comfort liner.

This may be somewhat thicker than the some, but it is good for protection. You need not add liner with it. To ensure comfort, the chin sharp is adjustable, and the helmet is good to look at with the goggles.

The helmet has got DOT certificate so that it will fulfill regulations. As it has got the DOT certificate, be sure you are going to get a safety helmet. The weight of the helmet is 3.2 pound. We can say it is lightweight. It will save neck fatigue from the heavy helmet.

There are many sizes, and you should choose the best size for your use. The helmet is given by Outlaw brand. The right measurement of the helmet is 13 inches X 10 inches X 7.5 inches. That can vary slightly by sizes.

Features of DOT Flat Black Motorcycle Skull Cap Half Helmet

  • You can use goggles at the time of wearing the helmet
  • Color flat black
  • Made of lightweight polycarbonate composite shell
  • Adjustable nylon chin strap with having D-ring closure
  • Impact absorbent liner


  • Right priced, well constructed and very comfortable
  • The helmet comes with little felt such as a bag for storage and quality is very high
  • The chin strap like other thing is longer.


  • Somewhat bigger and heavier comparing person to person, otherwise all are right

>>Check Price of DOT Flat Black Motorcycle Skull Cap Half Helmet<<


Voss 700CF EZ DOT Half Helmet

Voss 700CF EZ DOT Half Helmet

Voss 700EZ Rider | Matte Carbon nobody can make a carbon fiber half helmet than the Voss. Each layer is made from the composition of carbon structured shell. The carbon filter makes the series good and the weightless of all helmets.

The weight of the helmet is 700 CF EZ Riders begin at 1.5 pounds. Do not think about the weight of the helmet. We will suggest you use 700 EZ Rider with Carbon Fiber.

The helmet is lightweight, and we know the carbon fiber makes it one of the strongest helmets on the market. There is no compromise with safety. Be happy with the 700 CF in Matte Carbon.

The matte shell has a clean finish and is very cool that grab much attention. Every EZ Riders are fit with a micro metal rapid release system, removable microfiber liner, and naked chinstraps.

All Voss Helmets are examined in the motherland of California, USA. And not tested in the offshore test like China and India. Always ask the right question and choose the half helmet, consider the result of not being protected well.

Features of Voss 700CF EZ DOT Half Helmet

  • The fast ratchet micro metal rapid release added with extra strength nylon is woven chin straps
  • Low profile hand weaved Carbon Fiber composite shell which rests on the head. The weight is 1.52 pound or 693 g.
  • Alterable Kook comfort micro fiber liner: detached or attach Velcro material
  • Voss brand is the official supplier for the hit series of TV Sons of Anarchy;
  • Intermediate Oval Head Shape: People having round shape would feel that the helmet is tight for all the sides


  • Size is accurate and good
  • Fit as you like
  • lightweight


  • The  helmet is in the right size but very tight to the edges

>>Check Price of Voss 700CF EZ DOT Half Helmet<<


Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet

Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet

It is made with redesigned the ground up. The Black Diamond Half Dome is the evolution of Black Diamond Equipment’s popular climbing helmet. It is well fit, weight savings, over 40 grams overweight.

The Half Dome is ideal for all from trade dragging to alpine expeditions. Connect with custom-designed wheel adjuster for secure and quick and precise adjustment. The helmet is sturdy, portable and light. Clips onto Osprey pack’s helmet loop simply.

Simple release from where you remove it. Straps are simple to adjust and soft. It does not bite your neck. The orange bits are rigidly texture-y rubber.

Features of Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet

  • Two sizes are found
  • Suspension’s custom wheel adjuster permits for developed fine-tuning of fit
  • generous ventilation, Hybrid design with molded EPS foam and adjustable suspension system
  • Headlamp clips are danger-free headlamp attachments on the market
  • The long lasting helmet Black Diamond makes


  • The price of other helmets of the same quality is bit higher
  • Lightweight profile
  • The stylish size, when compared to other helmets, is the same price range
  • The ability to keep the helmet light up and put away head from catastrophe


  • No side effect support
  • Has no jaw support

>>Check Price of Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet<<


Raider Deluxe Helmet

Raider Deluxe Helmet

This is just looking an exceptional helmet for your scooter or motorcycle. You do not like to get full face head protection. You have no alternative than using the Raider Deluxe Half Helmet.

The helmet is made of thermoplastic shell. It has got DOT approval or standard and gave more protection. The other features are a built-in forehead venting system, full rubber bead trim to grip well and removable neck liner.

Besides, the Raider Deluxe Half Helmet will give you more protection and helps you to stay safe when you hit the road.

Features of Raider Deluxe Helmet

  • Snap off visor
  • DOT approved
  • Full rubber bead trim
  • May hole communication process
  • Thermoplastic shell is lightweight


  • The helmet is made well, and the snap off visor is an additional thing
  • The helmet is great compared to the price
  • This is a comfortable and sturdy helmet.


  • Very wide and it would seem like a Koopa Troopa

>>Check Price of Raider Deluxe Helmet<<

Why Bother With A Half Helmet?

If you get or consider a half helmet, you should not consider the optimum cranial protection. What do you like to get? The logic of the half helmet is not cried about individual choice.

A half helmet having high quality is lighter; weight may be 3 to 4 pounds. It gives more amount of visibility and ensures the riders more security. The drawback of the helmet is that it can not save more winds over your face, can be repaired by wearing a sunglass or face protector or a pair of glasses.

Sure, there is some half helmet’s trump card- the cold factor. To some riders, the look of half helmet seals the deal, give more biker appearance. It is difficult to combine with the comfort. Riding with half lead easy to see why you would want one.

Maximizing Safety with A Half Helmet

best half helmets

You are not thinking about the half helmet as protection is the main concern for you. Most of the researchers show that majority of motorcycle crash impacts affect the jaw and the face that half helmet does not cover. There are some other ways for overall safety at the time of using it.

Try to follow the fundamental tips of safety. Wear the right gear, do not drive the bike recklessly, do not use a bike that you can not handle, try to know the type of road you are riding. Your half helmet is giving you more visibility, so you need to take this advantage. It is a must to keep the wits about you, ride defensively. Do not bother about careless motorist.

Set the helmet accurately, be sure you are feeling comfortable and adjust it with your face and head. Do not slip into the trap of any motorcycle misconception.

Other Qualities To Look For In A Half Helmet

best half helmets

You like to get a helmet with having aesthetics which is similar to your personal taste. Find the helmet with having good design and promised the desired height. This is not the main thing to consider the stylish pieces of riding gear. You need to consider the additional components.

The chin strap is an important feature for the half helmet as this keeps the helmet secure in its place. You have chosen various types of styles, though many like the chin straps having quick release option and allow it to remove the helmet very easily.

Removable Visor

Does the helmet have any snap? Some like to use the helmet having removable or adding a snap or visor. So helmets are made in the drop down sun lens. If the option is favorite for you, you need to be sure that you should have a removable lens, try to get another one.


If you desire some covering for the neck, you need a helmet having Zip off neck skirt. They are added to the back of half helmet to ensure more warmth. If you are hot areas, you need more cooling. You have to use a vented helmet.

Half helmets dot approved

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration declared that they were going to upgrade a standard to make motorcycle helmets. The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218, usually indicated as the DOT standard. It was written using methodology and information which was developed a few years earlier.

The preliminary draft was revised before it came to market in 1974, but the opportunities were never made. Though the DOT standard may use some alterations, it will give a safer helmet than one that is given DOT approved.

Has got dot approval and less regulated. The company has undergone some tests and be sure that their helmets are dot approval. Though the manufacturer does not have any report of their findings.

The government would not like to conduct spot checks and limited tests. However, the DOT has not given the permission to the company to test its equipment and not to prepare their reports, meaning that the system is an honor.

The DOT approval is a must as they fulfill the minimum requirements of all motorcycle helmets and can save countless lives. If you desire to make sure that your helmet is tested impartially, it would be better to buy a helmet with the Snell sticker on it as it is a dependable alternative.

The Final

You need to try your helmet or truly play around before you like to purchase it. Someone may feel it is very different but your ears and nose may fit well. You need to buy a helmet that it is much comfortable.

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