Best Half Helmets Reviews: Top Choice for Bikers [2022]

It is essential to wear something that will keep you safe and comfortable when riding a motorcycle. But you must go for products that are flexible and the ones you love.

The best half helmets protect you from injury during riding, and also makes you look cool.

A motorcycle half helmet is made from Styrofoam that sticks to am an outer shell. It sometimes comes with Bluetooth connected to it or a visor. It is quite different from a full helmet because it leaves your face opened.

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A lot of motorcyclists prefer the half helmet to the full one because it allows them to see what is going on well on the road. It is also preferred due to aesthetics. A motorcycle half helmet is necessary for adequate protection. Aside from the advantage of safety, you also get more air circulation around your head. It also allows you to choose your best half helmet with visor or sunglasses, as the eye area is exposed.

What is the best motorcycle half helmet? 

The best motorcycle half helmet is the LS2 Helmets Rebellion. It composes of a durable KPA (Kinetic Polymer Alloy), which is a very tough material but light enough to make you comfortable. It is a unisex helmet.

With this product, you do not have to worry about the sun or wind, as it comes with a twin shield drop-down sunscreen. This sunscreen can be removed or adjusted to suit your taste. The helmet is well ventilated; this makes it attractive and helps to keep the air inside the helmet fresh.

This helmet comes with Bluetooth technology that makes you connected while you ride. You do not have to shut off communication with this helmet. The LS2 Helmets Rebellion is just the best offer you can get.

Are Half Motorcycle helmets safe? 

Many people think the full motorcycle helmets are safer, but the half helmet is also safe. The half helmet leaves your face area exposed, and this gives you a better view of what’s going on. You get to have fresh air with this product, and it is more comfortable.

Are Half helmets DOT approved?

Motorcycle half helmets are approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT). They give an added sense of rights to you. You are safe under DOT when you’re on this helmet.

Top Picks best half helmet 

1. ILM Motorcycle half helmets

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ILM half helmet is made of a quality outer shell and high-density foam. It meets the standard of DOT and is thus approved. The helmet is lightweight, stable, and comfortable.

The helmet features a retractable visor. This is an advantage it has over other half helmets, as you don’t have to carry sunglasses around. The visor is tinted and can be withdrawn back into the helmet when not in use. It also comes with an adjustable chin strap that accommodates any size of head or shape. The straps can be easily removed or adjusted for comfort.

The helmet comes in black color and goes well with any color of bike or motorcycle. It is lightweight, which makes it comfortable for use.


  • It is DOT approved for motorcycle riding and other sports: it has been tested and approved by the Department of Transportation. If you’re in a country that only allows DOT approved helmets, you’re safe with this product.
  • Ventilation: it features a standard ventilation system that helps to reduce heat on the head. This makes you more comfortable when riding.
  • Comes in matte or glossy black color: black is a universal color that goes with any other color. You can use it with any color of a motorcycle. It is also suitable for both men and women.
  • It comes with a tinted visor: the visor is adjustable, retractable, and removable.

Pros & Cons of ILM Motorcycle half helmets


  • It comes with a quick-release buckle at the sides: you can easily take off the helmet with the buckle.
  • The ear flap is soft and comfortable: it doesn’t squeeze your face or chin, as you can adjust to any size you want.
  • It comes with a detachable visor: you can decide to use the visor or not. You can also choose to use your sunglasses by retracting the visor into the helmet.


  • The visor can be broken when not handled with care.

2. LS2 Rebellion motorcycle half helmet – best motorcycle half helmet 2020

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LS2 Rebellion half helmet is an improvement to the half helmet market. It is made of high performance, lightweight KPA (Kinetic Polymer Alloy). It has all improved technology systems embedded in it.

The helmet allows for ventilation that keeps you cool in the head. It comes with a double shield system sunscreen that protects your eyes from sun and wind. You can either pull the sunscreen halfway or totally. The helmet is DOT approved. It has a chin strap that is easily released and adjustable.

With the LS2 Rebellion half helmet, you have all you want in a half helmet, with the addition of technology.


  • It is DOT approved: it meets the standard requirements and even more. It also goes further by meeting the needs of the California Air Resources Board (CARB).
  • It comes with Bluetooth installation: this allows for communication while riding.
  • It comes with flow-through ventilation: this allows a cool breeze to blow through into your head while you ride.
  • It comes with adjustable double shield drop-down sunscreen: this allows for the shade to your eyes.
  • It has a fabric liner in it: it comes with a hypoallergenic lining in it that can be removed and washed.

Pros & Cons of LS2 Rebellion motorcycle half helmet



  • It is expensive, but it is worth the price

3. Gladiator Novelty Harley Motorcycle Helmet

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This helmet is lightweight and quite comfortable on the head. It comes down very low on the back of the head, and this provides better protection. Although it is not DOT approved, it is still safe.

The outer shell is made of fiberglass material, which makes it light. It absorbs elements from the environment while riding. It comes with an adjustable chin strap for stability and comfort.


  • The interior lining is soft and comfortable
  • It comes in matte black color
  • It is made of lightweight fiberglass shell
  • The helmet comes with an adjustable nylon Y-strap system.

Pros & Cons of Gladiator Novelty Harley Motorcycle Helmet 


  • It is comfortable
  • It is made in a way to protect the back of the head
  • It comes with an adjustable chin strap
  • It is firm and stable on the head


  • The chin strap is quite long, but it is not a deal-breaker

4. Bell Rogue Unisex Half Helmet

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The Bell Rogue Half Helmet is a kind of Bell Half Helmet and has made with the comfort of 3/4 helmet. The muzzle is comfort enough, extendable, adjustable and removable and. In winter, the muzzle work as a shield and in summer half helmet part of the lining can be removed, give micro fiber safety while giving more flow of air.

Note: the muzzle is comfort enough, and it requires no additional safety. The main protection remains in the shell itself that is made from the lightweight composite matrix. The materials are stronger than the poly carb helmets.

The interior is removable, comfortable and allows smooth airflow. The Bell Rouges EPs comes down below the rim for comfort, protection, and support.

You can wear the helmet in two ways. One is at the time of riding wearing goggles, and the other is a specific space on both sides of helmet check guards that accommodate for sunglasses.


  • Removable and washable interior. Useful speaker pockets
  • Made of composite shell. EPS and three shell sizes to personalize it.
  • Stainless steel D-ring as well as metal badges. Five years warranty.
  • Adjustable and durable Muzzle features removable liner. For normal muzzle connection, Fid locks magnetic connection

Pros & Cons of Bell Rogue Unisex Half Helmet


  • Simple to adjust and use
  • Wonderful fit
  • Comfortable
  • The opportunity ahead of schedule
  • Right size (XL)
  • Same as the pictures


  • Not sleek seems bulky
  • The wrong color was given. I like to get Gloss Black, but I have got Matte Black

 5. HJC Solid IS-Cruiser Half Motorcycle Helmet

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The helmet is made of lightweight Polycarbonate composite shell. It applies CAD technology and very comfortable and fit. The internal part is washable and removable from the anti bacterial liner. It has nylon strap D-ring retention system.

The helmet is great to look at. It is well fitted. The retractable visor has good feature but clearly using in the sun. It does not have much coverage to save from the sun. I use an hjc full face helmet having retractable sun visor which works better than this helmet.

The visor is a small matter here. The helmet is manufactured in such a way that it does not wear by the high-speed wind. I use this helmet every way.


  • Plush and moisture-wicking Nylex interior
  • Adjusted smoked sun shield deploys easily
  • washable and removable anti-bacterial liner
  • Nylon Strap D-Ring retention system
  • 2014 Model

Pros & Cons of HJC Solid IS-Cruiser Half Motorcycle Helmet


  • Great padding as well as lightweight
  • Window visor is very clear
  • Texture and color are very nice
  • The strap feels super and buttons up the loose.


  • Helmet wobbles at 60 mph without or with the bike shield
  • The windscreen requires somewhat dark
  • Chrome rivets round the helmet seem odd particularly on flat black color

6. DOT Flat Black Motorcycle Skull Cap Half Helmet

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The helmet is the best choice for the people who like to use the half helmet. It is finished in a flat black surface that looks very great if you wear. The shell is made of polycarbonate, and it is very lightweight, comfortable to use it. It has also impact absorbent comfort liner.

This may be somewhat thicker than the some, but it is good for protection. You need not add liner with it. To ensure comfort, the chin sharp is adjustable, and the helmet is good to look at with the goggles.

The helmet has got DOT certificate so that it will fulfill regulations. As it has got the DOT certificate, be sure you are going to get a safety helmet. The weight of the helmet is 3.2 pound. We can say it is lightweight. It will save neck fatigue from the heavy helmet.

There are many sizes, and you should choose the best size for your use. The helmet is given by Outlaw brand. The right measurement of the helmet is 13 inches X 10 inches X 7.5 inches. That can vary slightly by sizes.


  • You can use goggles at the time of wearing the helmet
  • Color flat black
  • Made of lightweight polycarbonate composite shell
  • Adjustable nylon chin strap with having D-ring closure
  • Impact absorbent liner

Pros & Cons of DOT Flat Black Motorcycle Skull Cap Half Helmet


  • Right priced, well constructed and very comfortable
  • The helmet comes with little felt such as a bag for storage and quality is very high
  • The chin strap like other thing is longer.


  • Somewhat bigger and heavier comparing person to person, otherwise all are right

7. Voss 700CF EZ DOT Half Helmet

Voss 700CF EZ Rider Low Profile DOT Half Helmet with Metal Quick Release - XL - Matte Carbon Fiber

voss 700EZ Rider | Matte Carbon nobody can make a carbon fiber half helmet than the Voss. Each layer is made from the composition of carbon structured shell. The carbon filter makes the series good and the weightless of all helmets.

The weight of the helmet is 700 CF EZ Riders begin at 1.5 pounds. Do not think about the weight of the helmet. We will suggest you use 700 EZ Rider with Carbon Fiber.

The helmet is lightweight, and we know the carbon fiber makes it one of the strongest helmets on the market. There is no compromise with safety. Be happy with the 700 CF in Matte Carbon.

The matte shell has a clean finish and is very cool that grab much attention. Every EZ Riders are fit with a micro metal rapid release system, removable microfiber liner, and naked chinstraps.

All Voss Helmets are examined in the motherland of California, USA. And not tested in the offshore test like China and India. Always ask the right question and choose the half helmet, consider the result of not being protected well.


  • The fast ratchet micro metal rapid release added with extra strength nylon is woven chin straps
  • Low profile hand weaved Carbon Fiber composite shell which rests on the head. The weight is 1.52 pound or 693 g.
  • Alterable Kook comfort micro fiber liner: detached or attach Velcro material
  • Voss brand is the official supplier for the hit series of TV Sons of Anarchy;
  • Intermediate Oval Head Shape: People having round shape would feel that the helmet is tight for all the sides

Pros & Cons of Voss 700CF EZ DOT Half Helmet


  • Size is accurate and good
  • Fit as you like
  • lightweight


  • The  helmet is in the right size but very tight to the edges

8. Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet

Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet, Medium/Large, Limestone

It is made with redesigned the ground up. The Black Diamond Half Dome is the evolution of Black Diamond Equipment’s popular climbing helmet. It is well fit, weight savings, over 40 grams overweight.

The Half Dome is ideal for all from trade dragging to alpine expeditions. Connect with custom-designed wheel adjuster for secure and quick and precise adjustment. The helmet is sturdy, portable and light. Clips onto Osprey pack’s helmet loop simply.

Simple release from where you remove it. Straps are simple to adjust and soft. It does not bite your neck. The orange bits are rigidly texture-y rubber.


  • Two sizes are found
  • Suspension’s custom wheel adjuster permits for developed fine-tuning of fit
  • generous ventilation, Hybrid design with molded EPS foam and adjustable suspension system
  • Headlamp clips are danger-free headlamp attachments on the market
  • The long lasting helmet Black Diamond makes

Pros & Cons of Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet


  • The price of other helmets of the same quality is bit higher
  • Lightweight profile
  • The stylish size, when compared to other helmets, is the same price range
  • The ability to keep the helmet light up and put away head from catastrophe


  • No side effect support
  • Has no jaw support

9. Raider Deluxe Helmet

Raider Deluxe Half Helmet (Gloss Black, Small)

This is just best looking half helmet and an exceptional helmet for your scooter or motorcycle. You do not like to get full face head protection. You have no alternative than using the Raider Deluxe Half Helmet.

The helmet is made of thermoplastic shell. It has got DOT approval or standard and gave more protection. The other features are a built-in forehead venting system, full rubber bead trim to grip well and removable neck liner.

Besides, the Raider Deluxe Half Helmet will give you more protection and helps you to stay safe when you hit the road.


  • Snap off visor
  • DOT snell approved half helmets
  • Full rubber bead trim
  • May hole communication process
  • Thermoplastic shell is lightweight

Pros & Cons of Raider Deluxe Helmet


  • The helmet is made well, and the snap off visor is an additional thing
  • The helmet is great compared to the price
  • This is a comfortable and sturdy helmet.


  • Very wide and it would seem like a Koopa Troopa

10. Outlaw T-72 Chrome Dual-Visor Motorcycle Half Helmet

This T-72 half helmet by Outlaw includes a chrome (mirror) end, which can be great once you don’t wish to get cooked from sunlight much like a few black completed helmets.

Additionally, it has non-removable DOT images on the trunk. This helmet also comes with a reasonable price. Besides, it includes a detachable bolted visor. The sunlight visor is a quality you will like. You’ll not have any troubles wearing sunglasses using the visor attribute, and it’s simple to pull down the sun visor with shades on.

You’ll be quite happy with this helmet, so it can do everything you hope for. It’ll continue to keep your head cool in the sunlight when providing you an excess sunlight shade. The very best thing about this helmet is when the sun is low on the horizon, and you’re riding into it, and you can decrease your sun visor and find that excess sunshade to keep from becoming entangled. This will surely increase your riding experience.


  • Drop-down smoke guard: retractable, simple push-and-pull, high-definition
  • Non-removable DOT images on the trunk
  • Removable Outlaw images on the trunk

Pros & Cons of Outlaw T-72 Motorcycle Half Helmet


  • The retractable visor Is Excellent
  • Simple to Use
  • Comparatively low cost


  • None

Best Half Helmet For Woman

If you’re a female rider searching for the very best half helmet, occasionally it isn’t always straightforward. There are a few helmets which could be universal and will get the job done. But if you’re interested in finding one which has been created for a women’s wants and needs in mind. You would like to search for a women’s helmet also if you’re searching for a less invasive helmet compared to a wholly enclosed full-size helmet compared to a half helmet is a fantastic alternative.

You might be asking yourself on where to begin your hunt. We’ll remain right here. We’ve got a list of a few of the most fabulous women’s half helmets on the market. One of them, you’re guaranteed to get the very best half helmet to you.

We’ll be saving you a lot of time needing to discover the best ones on the internet. Since most have their remarks. Besides, we wish to be sure you’re safe, by supplying you with a listing of DOT accredited half helmets for ladies. When it’s for you or somebody else, you’re guaranteed to find something that you will love. Additionally, there are various layouts for various tastes. Perhaps you’ll discover a couple.

11. Cherry Red High Gloss DOT Women’s Half Helmet  – most comfortable half helmet

Cherry Red High Gloss DOT Women’s Half Helmet

You’ll be seeing red once you find this helmet, so you won’t be overlooked when wearing it. This helmet features a gorgeous cherry red color with a gloss finish. The detachable visor is black in addition to the edging along with the straps. This helmet is DOT certified, which means that you can be sure it meets security requirements in addition to regulatory requirements.

There’s a compatible face protector available for purchase individually if you decide you’d like you. This helmet includes a gorgeous traditional design that never fades out. If you’re somebody who does not enjoy a hefty enclosed helmet, it’s a fantastic selection for you.

It’s comfortable to wear with all the quality plush liner it’s and the soft Y-straps too. The chin strap is elastic and flexible and fastened with stainless steel D-rings. Worried about being sexy, well do not this helmet have some vents that will assist you to remain cool during your trip.

This helmet also includes a commendable 1-year guarantee. It weighs in at a tempting 30 oz! So, less prospect of a stiff neck brought on by a thick helmet. This is an excellent space-saving helmet which stores easily too.


  • DOT wine red motorcycle half helmet with detachable visor. FMVSS 218
  • Super lightweight, Around 30 oz. Smallest construction
  • Free Helmet Bag and Owner’s Manual included. Quality Plush Interior. Removable visor. Face Shield Compatible
  • Stainless Steel Double D-rings adjustable chin strap. The durable outdoor end. Air vents for heating.

12. Purple Roses with Grey Tribal Designed DOT Half Helmet

Purple Roses with Grey Tribal Designed DOT Half Helmet

This stunning half helmet for women is excellent for people who are searching for a partly constructed helmet. You still receive a gorgeous layout with no taking over the entire helmet.

Half helmets are excellent too for people who desire more of the open texture, while not getting away in the security you want. This helmet features a dark background, with purple roses and gray tribal design. All completed with a transparent lacquer finish to guard the design. It’s a moisture wicking lining, to keep your head warmer and which makes it more comfortable to wear.

It’s also only available with no visor too. The strap is flexible and uses D-Rings to keep it in position. You’ll also receive a terrific drawstring storage bag and net head wrap with this helmet. Which are just two welcomed additions by many riders who may use them?

It comes in many sizes. Thus there’s a size to suit most folks. Additionally, it comes in at a beautiful lightweight at two lbs. Those can fluctuate slightly based on helmet dimensions.


  • Helmet Meets and Exceeds D.O.T. Safety Standards. FMVSS 218. The Smallest D.O.T. 1/2 Best Half Shell Helmet Ever Made.
  • Moisture Wicking Fabric Keeps Your Head Cooler and Much More Comfortable. Nylon Y-Strap D-Ring Retention System With Sliding Adjuster.
  • Custom Designed Helmet, Available With no Visor Only Clear Lacquer Finish, Nickel Plated Rolled Tubular Steel Rivets.
  • Free Cloth Drawstring Helmet Bag.

13. Women’s DOT Half Helmet – ladies half helmets motorcycle

Women’s DOT Black Lady Rider Motorcycle Half Helmet

This is the best half helmet for girls who adore a full helmet. You will notice a gorgeous, sassy design from many sides. It includes skulls and roses on either side, roses and a feather over the flip side, a sword using heads blossom and roses the first and last but not least two banner ads that hit to left and right side by the trunk. The banner reads woman rider, providing that the appearance of the class and sass. All that layout is in addition to a black background.

This helmet is vented, that’s good for airflow, helping keep you fresh during these rides. The vents are flexible, which means you get to select how much air you need. It’s an adjustable chin strap so that you can be confident that you have the perfect match. The straps have any cushioning for comfortability.

This helmet is DOT certified, which means that you can be convinced it’s regulation and will offer the security you require. This helmet even includes a commendable 1-year guarantee. The entire weight of the helmet is 5 lbs, which will be an excellent weight. There are lots of sizes available, so you’re sure to find one that will suit you perfectly.

Why you should choose half helmet

Safety: it provides safety for you while touring or cruising. It helps to guard your head in case of a crash. The most important part of a motorcycle is the helmet. It is not always safe to go riding without having a helmet on. Once you have a helmet on, you’re sure of safety, even if an accident would happen. Although the half helmet does not cover your whole face, it is still better than using none at all.

Enhanced airflow: Half helmets allow for air inside your head area and on your face. They are not covered, so they allow for air on your chin and cheeks. This can prevent dizziness during riding, especially when you’re cruising around.

Firm and Stable: The best half helmets are stable on your head. They do not spin or jump around on your head. They are firm, and this makes cruising fun as you don’t have to keep adjusting with your hands.

Lightweight: Half helmets are much lighter and are comfortable. They do not feel heavy on your head and are still strong and firm. They are suitable for people with neck issues as they don’t feel too heavy for their necks. A lightweight helmet makes you comfortable while riding.

How to choose the best half helmet

There are many companies that come up with different products all the time. This gives the rider a concern of how to select the best half helmets when they need one. These helmets may look attractive on the outside, but there are some features you should look out for before choosing one.

The shell: The shell of a helmet is the most important part. This is what determines the material it is made of. Aside from the fact that you need a strong helmet, you also need one that is not heavy.

  • Polycarbonate: it is a lightweight material. It is plastic and absorbs elements well. It is the most standard material used for helmets.
  • Fiberglass: This is also very lightweight, but absorbs more than polycarbonate.
  • Carbon Fiber: this absorbs way more than the other two. It works by distributing the energy in it. It is the best in terms of protection. It is also less expensive.

Fitness: The best half helmet will stand firm on your head and won’t move around. If the helmet doesn’t fit perfectly, it will move around, and you won’t be comfortable as you’ll have to be adjusting with your hands. It won’t also provide the protection and safety it is supposed to. You should check the fitness of any helmet before you purchase it.

Is It the Best Half Helmets DOT approved?: Safe helmets are ones that have been approved by the Department of Transportation. They would have gone through a series of testing to be sure that they meet the requirement of safety.

Noise reduction: Most helmets produce noise, even the best of them. But some are less noisy. You should go for these when purchasing. Too much wind noise can cause harm to your hearing; you shouldn’t put yourself at risk by getting helmets that produce noise.

Liner: This might not be too important, but it is necessary. Check the liner to know if it can be removed. You have to wash the liner regularly, and it can gather sweat and dust over time. Some liners also allow you to insert speakers or earbuds, and this makes a helmet more attractive.

Style: Some half helmets do not come in nice designs and can make you look weird in them. You should go for ones that are attractive and makes you look cool.

How should a motorcycle half helmet fit?

This is one of the important things to note when buying a motorcycle half helmet. No matter how protective or strong the helmet is, if it doesn’t fit you well, it is of no use. The best half helmet should be firm in all areas as you place it on your head. There shouldn’t be any space between your head and the helmet.

Half helmets only cover the top of your head. This implies that the helmet may shift when using it. However, when you want to purchase one, you can try it on and move your head around, you should get one that doesn’t shift too much.

Half helmets are only attractive to you when they’re comfortable. Get one that fits properly to ensure your comfortability.

How to size a motorcycle half helmet 

The first thing to consider is to know the type of head you have. Helmets are made to suit different types of head – big and small. The helmet you choose should be too tight, not too loose for your head.

The shape of your head is also worthy of note. Some helmets fit people with an oval shape, and there are ones for those with round heads. The best way to choose the right size is to try it on. You can be sure of the size, shape, and weight that way.

However, if you’re buying it online, you won’t be able to try it on. You should spend time doing research on any product before you purchase it online.

How to lock the half helmet to your motorcycle

You do not want to be carrying your helmet around when you’re not using it. There are several ways to lock it to your motorcycle.

The first way is if your motorcycle has a seat that contains a storage compartment. Clasp the straps of your helmet together. Then, open the seat and place the straps in it. So, when the position is shut, the helmet just hangs outside. This might not be safe, as anyone can cut off the straps and take the helmet.

Another way is to get a helmet lock. You can get this at any motorcycle shop. It is similar to bike locks. You just tie it around your helmet and connect it to the motorcycle.

Some motorcycles have storages that can perfectly fit your helmet, so you just keep them there. Otherwise, you can use any of the two methods to lock your helmet to your motorcycle.

Care and maintenance

Once you have the best half helmet, the next thing is how to care for it. The best products will amount to nothing if you don’t maintain them well. The following tips will help you maintain your helmets to keep them as new as ever.

  • Put on a scarf under your helmet: this is to prevent the sweat and oil from your head to have direct contact with the inner lining of your helmet. This helps to keep them clean.
  • Use a high-quality wax on the outer layer of the helmet: this helps them easy to clean. It also allows dirt and insects to slide off easily during cruising.
  • Always dry your helmet after each use: this helps to stop the gathering of oils and germs on your helmet. It also helps to prevent foul smell.
  • Always have wipes or cloth with you: this is to clean off the dirt that accumulates on your helmet.
  • If you have a helmet that has a removable interior pad, you can remove it to wash it.

This is to keep it clean always. But be sure you know how to insert it back once you’re done.

Black Diamond Halfdome Helmet

Best Half Helmets FAQs

1. How safe are half helmets? 

Half helmets cover the top of the head. They offer protection to the head during accidents. They have been known to prevent brain trauma during crashes. They cover the head and ears.

2. What are half helmets? is it the top rated half helmets

Half helmets are the most popular for cruising. A half helmet helps you to see what’s going on, as it doesn’t cover your eyes. Yes it is the top rated half helmets.

3. What are half helmets made of? 

Motorcycle helmets have two major components; the hard outer shell and a soft inner layer. The outer shell is mostly made of polycarbonate, plastic, or fiberglass material. The inner shell is made of polypropylene foam.

4. How often should I replace my helmet?

It is generally stated that helmets should be replaced every 4-5 years. But once the inner lining of the helmet starts peeling off, you should consider replacing it.

5. Are open-faced helmets dangerous? 

Open-faced helmets can be dangerous in case of face accidents. Your chin and chin are exposed, and this is not safe while riding. Some countries do not even approve of open-faced helmets. They can be cool and attractive, but the main use is for safety.

6. How heavy should half helmets be? 

Helmets are meant to be comfortable on your head. If they are too heavy, they will weigh down your neck, and you won’t be free while riding your motorcycle. Half helmets should not be too heavy. This is one of the features you should consider while choosing a helmet for yourself.

7. Can half helmets stop a bullet? 

Helmets are designed to prevent head and brain injuries during a crash, not to stop a bullet. Bullets move at a much higher speed than a motorcycle can reach. If you suspect that you might be shot, helmets are not your protection.

Final Words and Recommendation

Different helmets come in different shapes, sizes, and features. Each one also provides you with different qualities and characteristics. You will always find what you’re looking for. However, it is always advisable to go for the best products.

The above review will guide you in your choice of half helmet. You get to have the best half helmet you desire. Half helmets make the riders look and feel cool. It also provides safety to the head while riding.

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