Hawk Helmet Reviews in 2022! A Complete Buying Guide and Reviews

Every motorcycle helmet has to grant its user 100% protection and satisfaction, especially for a motorcycle helmet. This is what the hawk helmet has brought into the market. The company has been able to intertwine quality, comfort, and safety, not to mention affordability.


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So, whether you are a tour lover, motorcycle racer, or just a regular bike commuter, the Hawk helmet got your back. They are known for producing some of the best helmets to give you a fantastic experience. That is, from open face helmet to dual visor, helmet hawk, and everything between.

However, we will be giving you some features in this Hawk helmet review to help you shop with all confidence. We will also be sharing other information you need to know about this company for quality assurance.

Top Picks Best Hawk Helmet Reviews in 2022

1. Hawk H500 Flat Black Bluetooth Full Face Motorcycle Helmet – X-Large

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There are only very few products that can be measured with this helmet when it comes to its durability and function. It is a suitable full face visor helmet most ideal for shielding you from sun, wind, and dust as you embark on your motorcycle ride. Its ABS shell and EPS multi-layered design will grant you 100% protection as you hit the road or dusty tracks.

This modular helmet with Bluetooth built-in also has a smooth ventilation system for sufficient airflow. Plus, an anti-fog and wide visor to enhance both your comfort and visuals as you ride. There’s also the removable interior padding for easy removal and washing.

It’s 2.0 Bluetooth technology is compatible with both android and iPhone devices for music and gets you covered with up to eight hours of talk time. Beyond that, it has two speakers that increase your riding experience if you have an Mp3. There’s more; it also gives you a touch response to your calls, telecom, and navigation. If you want to know about the best helmet headphones then read a great guide at HeadphonesRadar.

Its chargeable lithium battery will give you up to 110-hour power standby. There’s also has a chin strap with secure release closure and strap, and DOT and ECE approved rating for full safety guarantee.


  • Solid Shell- It is built with a multi-density and ABS thermoplastic shell that makes it strong and durable.
  • Visor- It has a wide and clear screen that is anti-fog and scratch-resistant, so you are guaranteed of safety even in gloomy weather even during foggy and chilly morning rides.
  • Bluetooth- The system comes with Bluetooth with an easy setup and pairing with smartphones, receive, reject, and redial options. It allows its user to communicate via intercom, listen to music, and get Gps directions. It also features up to eight hours of conversation period and 110 hours of standby time.
  • Ventilation- This device offers a massive amount of airflow to allow you to get more comfortable.
  • Removable Interior- Makes it easy to wash away dirt, sun and remove any forms of unpleasant odor to give you an appealing scent as you ride.


  • Highly compatible Bluetooth device- The H500 has a 2.0 Bluetooth technology that is compatible with both android and iPhone devices.
  • Presence of a large visor area- the visor is large enough to give it a user side view, plus it is also anti-fog making it suitable in any weather condition.
  • Multipurpose function- the device serves as a protective shield as well as a fantastic gadget for receiving, dialing, and rejecting calls. It also allows its user access to navigation audio, telecom, and music.
  • Very comfortable- its well ventilated, detachable and easy chinstrap features make it a more comfortable motorcycle helmet.


  • It may produce a little noise when on high speed. However, it can be overlooked as it doesn’t disrupt calls or any other feature.


2. Helmet Hawks Motorcycle Helmet Mohawk w/Sticky Hook and Loop Fastener Adhesive

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Not every two-wheel automobile rider can afford a top riding helmet in their budget just to give them an outstanding look. However, it is incredible to find such an item and at a lower price too.this what this helmet hawk brand mohawk has brought to the table.

It comes with an easy installation system that makes it suitable for any type of helmet, whether bicycle helmet, motorcycle, snowmobile, etc. Also, if you are a construction worker that loves to show some character, this helmet hawk got you.

Its high-quality adhesive fastener makes it strong enough to face any level of speed without detaching. Its detachable options also leave your helmet safe without any form of damage. Plus, its ease of usage makes it easy for you to cut, style, and wash as you desire.

This 12 inches long mohawk will also give you all the attention you crave as you ride with its three-inch high threads. It’s all about adding fun to sports.


  • Customizable- The product is highly customizable as it can be styled and patterned to the exact way you want.
  • Adhesive Hook and Loop- The presence of an easy to use hook and loop system makes it stress-free while removing or attaching the tool. Also, it will keep your helmet safe and safe without damage.


  • Universal Helmet Usage- It is suitable and can be used for a wide range of helmets, whether ATV, BMX, motorcycle, motocross, bicycle helmet as well as hard hats.
  • Easy to Use- All it takes to fix it is just fasten the hook and loop. Plus, it’s easy to style.
  • Easy Maintenance- the detachable features make it easy for you to clean.


  • Adhesive may weaken if used under the rain. However, it’s going to take a storm to pull it out.


3. Hawk H7005 Solid Matte Black Modular Motorcycle Helmet with Blinc Bluetooth System – Large

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This is one of the recent revolutionary technologies of the Hawk helmet. Its thermo-polymer alloy shell makes this Hawk modular helmet a lightweight feature.

It is, thereby, comforting as it evenly distributes weight. It’s smaller, and compact design does not limit its protection as the helmets offer as much protection as the bigger one.

Its anti-fog and anti-scratch visor also offers a clear and open vision in all lighting conditions. It also has a dark internal screen that helps protect against a bright light, especially when riding at night.

And unlike other helmets, this hawk Bluetooth helmet still maintains a friendly price with its slide-based drop-down visor design. Therefore, giving you more choice and freedom.

For more breathing ease and comfort, the haw helmet has air well supplied front vent and venturi venting system for expelling exhaust air. And, an inner liner that is both removable and washable- helping you keep more safe health hygiene.

It also comes with a more recent Bluetooth module technology and speakers to give you a clean sounding system. Plus long-lasting battery life for more fun and fantastic ride.


  • Modular Design- it is designed with EPS paddings to increase comfort and save you from shock by acting as a shock absorber.
  • Visor Features- it has both external and internal visors. The outer screen makes it easy for you to dash out early in the morning and a dark internal one to shield you from the sunlight when it is high. It also has a drop-down button by the side of the helmet for easy pull-down or retraction.
  • Bluetooth Module Technology- it provides a clear and noiseless sound when you are listening to music or making calls regardless of speed. Plus, it easily connects to your android or iPhone device.
  • Ventilation- It is well ventilated as it has an air-vent close to the mouth when the visor is flipped down. There’s also a venturi vent at the rear end for extracting exhaust fumes, and an undeniable exposure to air, when it is flipped open.


  • It is comfortable- it is built with a comfy fit for its user with its well-lined inner padding and even weight distribution to avoid neck strain.
  • It is safe- it has a sturdy and lasting material that will prevent you from direct contact with fire, and also an EPS technology for shock absorption. While using this hawk Bluetooth helmet, the ECE and DOT certification will get you well assured.
  • Adjustable visors- you can choose to pull down the screen to experience the feel of the wind as well as bringing it down for a total face shield.


  • There may be some rattling noise when running at high speed, but it still doesn’t disrupt the functioning of the helmet.


4. Hawk H-510 Glossy Black Bluetooth Full Face Helmet

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The helmet is well fit and not moving. It may fog up a little late; the face shield is simple to raise. I ordered the XL helmet. When I initiated the box, I was very much astonished to see that the size is smaller than the old XL helmet.

I put it on my head, and I felt discomfort in the forehead area. On my first notice, I saw fog build up. I pushed down the foam and it fits was workable.

You have not read the whole manual yet, maybe a simple vent to issue, it is not sure. I was very much surprised to observe the quality of the helmet.


  • Injected molded shell ABS
  • Flow-through ventilation system
  • Multi-density EPS construction
  • Inner Lining: removable and washable
  • Anti-scratch, anti-fog, wide field clear visor


  • The helmet is price friendly
  • The pad inside the helmet is loosened up to fit well and feel comfortable
  • The sound is all right. Bluetooth does great work


  • The only drawback is they mess up one of the metal mesh vents on the back of the helmet


5. Raskullz Hawk Helmet

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You know well wearing a half helmet is hard for the children. You need to know why we made RAskuliz Helmets. It ensures the latest safety for the users having toy-inspired characters. This is the first helmet that children like to use.

Parents are happy as they have all CPSC and ASTM security elements. Some other helmets use flat printed graphics. Only in this helmet, you will get the 3D technology to catch the child.

You will get bland helmet industry and have only security technology. We are passing days with a simple belief. Save your head. Advance your imagination.


  • Fulfills CPSC standards as well as ASTM standards
  • Fits Heads 50-54 cm, Ages 5 and up,
  • Nylon adjustable chin strap is insured and comfortable a secure fit
  • Aerodynamic and the vented styling permits for velocity and wonderful level of the flow of air
  • We have one normal belief: saved the head and promoted the imagination


  • The size of the helmet is very attractive
  • It is constructed nicely, and the Mohawk is long lasting
  • The structure is made with great color as well as the spikes are finished off a sort of rubber


  • The size is small, but adults can use it as a cup for laughing


6. Hawk ST-1198 Transition Modular Helmet

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The Hawk ST-1198 Transition modular helmet will give you both full face and open face styles. Within a second, you can go from full face to open face with easily actuate button. For having an aerodynamic design, press the face all the way back.

The awesome feature is the internal tinted deploys even gloves on. You will remain safe with open face helmet.

The helmet is made of thermoplastic materials, full front to back ventilation system, advanced lightweight, moisture-wicking helmet liner, removable cheeks pads and fulfill the standard of DOT regulation.

Features of hawk ST-1198 Transition Modular Helmet

  • Lightweight and sleek design for the full face modular helmet
  • Black color with gloss finish
  • Composite thermoplastic shell materials
  • Front easy-to-actuate button; simply flips to turn from full-face to open-face points
  • Push modular face all the way back for a more aerodynamic design


  • Adjust nicely and very simple to use
  • The trim pieces are not added well, and I used glue on it
  • The helmet fits something tight but has more ear space and may not cramp ears as some other helmets do
  • The desire to have a rapid release chin strap


  • Has no con to mention


7. Hawk H-66 Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Hawk H-6611 Flat Black Dual-Visor Modular Motorcycle Helmet with Blinc Bluetooth - Size : Large

The Hawk modular motorcycle helmet offers you both open face as well as full face style. It also gives a dual visor system.

A retractable smoked sun visor and a main anti scratch visor will save your eyes from the sun and keep your face open-eyed at the time of riding.

The built-in Bluetooth system gives you to contact with other riders to listen to streaming music, to use a cell phone, and GPS directions. The package has a hawk helmets manual, a Bluetooth battery, a Bluetooth, and Bluetooth charger.

Features of hawk H-66 Modular Motorcycle Helmet

  • Interior retractable drop-down smoke tint sun-visor
  • the one hand flip-up process, One button, convert helmet start from full-face style to open-face
  • waterproof controls and Glove-friendly
  • anti-scratch visor, Quick-release


  • The Bluetooth performs well
  • There is no Bluetooth with the helmet, but the helmet is super constructed.


  • The quality is poor not low quality for the passengers or if you like to get a Bluetooth helmet.


8. Slim Line HAWK Motorcycle Helmet


For the entire sizing, procedure head is the only starting point. Sizes of the head may be same, but the helmets are different when you measure it with the tape.

You may use a cloth tape to measure the initial size of the head. The measurement will be one inch above from the eyebrows point in front and at the back of the head which ensure a possible measurement.

Features of Slim Line hawk Hel​met

  • The quality is A1
  • Great product
  • There are a protective bag and other goodies with the helmet
  • Handling and shipping are very good. The fit is a great and overall good product.


  • Slender and sits low
  • Lightweight helmet and the big is a snug fit other than pleased totally


  • Many people like the color combination


Who made Hawk Helmet?

The company, Hawk, make a hawk helmet. It is a famous American company known for producing a variety of quality helmets. They make both helmets for ATVs, Motocross, Motorcycle, dirt bikes, and with distinct and attractive design.

So far, Hawk is one of the leading companies, especially when it comes to producing modular helmets with Bluetooth built-in.


Design features of Hawk Helmet

1. Ventilation

Hawk helmets offer fantastic ventilation by building some of its headgear with front and rear vents. Their dual visor helmet also gives its user more venting options by helping toggle between full or half-face options.

2. Comfort

Hawk produces its helmet with its customers’ comfort in mind. They mostly lined up with loads of fabric and comforting paddings around the neck and the chin. They have reduced weight. Some hawk helmets are also built in such a way that the user can wear winter gear alongside.

3. The Ride

You will enjoy your ride in the hawk helmet as it provides more comfort and decent airflow. However, most of the headgear is built with ABS shells, which make them sturdy and able to stand most conditions. It is also built to reduce vibrations and tension around the neck, thereby giving their user a memorable ride.


How to choose Hawk Helmet?

There are some significant factors to look out for before choosing a hawk helmet. Listed are a few relevant properties

1. Lightweight

Hawk helmets offer various weights. However, you should go for the lightweight helmets, especially if you are considering riding for a long distance to prevent neck strain.

2. Material Built

The material make-up of your helmet is essential, especially if you are acquiring a modular helmet. Aim for a hawk helmet with ABS shells, expanded polystyrene(EPS), well-padded material built because they have a more tough build. And, also provides high head protection, reduces strain and light-weighted.

3. Bluetooth Technology

Hawk helmet has just the regular headgear to a more improved technology like those with Bluetooth. The Bluetooth features give more ease to its user for answering calls and other functions while in motion.

4. Visor

The visor is one of the vital parts of the helmet as it helps to protect the eyes from dust. Some are anti-fog, while others are not. Anti-fog is preferable because of their self-clean function and gives you a more precise sight. Visors can also be adjustable and non-adjustable.


What makes Hawk Helmet best in the market?

1. High Quality

Hawk helmets are made from top quality materials with outstanding and advanced technology. Their products are not weighty and offer an extraordinarily comfortable feel when worn.

2. Affordable

One of the fantastic facts about hawks helmets is that they offer so much at a more considerable price than their competitor.

3. DOT and ECE Approved

All hawk helmets are DOT and ECE certified. So customers are always sure and guaranteed safety.


Care and Maintenance of Hawk Helmet

As a rider, it is definite that your helmet will become dirty one way or the other, especially after having several rides with it. However, to maintain a clean and safe helmet, it is essential to do routine cleaning on it.

Lubricate movable parts like the visor often to avoid any form of contraction which results in wearing. You could use silicone-based lubricants.

Wash the liner using detergent.

While cleaning the visor, use a soft cloth and slowly wipe using a soft cloth to prevent scratch. The same goes for the helmet surface, especially if made of microfiber.

After washing, dry helmet using a dryer.

Store helmet away from gasoline. However, sundry once in a while after a long time of not using it.

Do it stuff your gloves or under armor inside the helmet.


Hawk Helmet FAQs

1. Can I machine wash my removable Hawk Helmet Liner?

Washing your liner using a washing machine depends on if it’s detachable or not. If it’s removable from the helmet, then it is possible. However, you can also check your helmet instructions as some of them do not have washing machine washing benefits.

2. What kind of straps comes on the Hawk Helmets?

Hawk has produced various helmets. So, the strap you get depends on the helmet you are buying. However, their belts are of high quality and reliable.

3. Will a headset fit inside the modular helmet?

No, as the company has brought in more advanced Bluetooth technology that will enable you not just to make calls but to listen to songs and do other tasks while you drive. You can check out the Hawk H7005 helmet.

4. Do the visors come with the helmets?

Hawk helmets are produced for various purposes. Getting a visor attached to your helmet depends significantly on the one you are purchasing. However, all modular hawk helmets come with a screen.

5. Can I use my Hawk Bluetooth helmet under the rain?

Yes, most Bluetooth helmets made by hawks have waterproof or are water-resistant.


Final Thoughts

Hawk helmets add total satisfaction to your riding experience since they are manufactured with the highest quality material and standard. Also, all hawk helmets meet the safety standards of DOT.

However, if you are a motorcycle rider, then the Hawk motorcycle helmet is just perfect for you, as seen in this helmet hawk review. So, whether you desire a full-faced, single or dual visor, we’ve got you covered.

However, I will recommend the Hawk H7005 for its dual visor function.

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