Contact sports like hockey is a sport that can be exciting to play. Yet, they can be hazardous. If you don’t prepare yourself and wear the appropriate equipment, you will make yourself vulnerable to injuries and fractures. That is why you need the best hockey helmets to curtail these vulnerabilities.

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Helmets give players maximum head protection and comfort. It doesn’t guarantee a one hundred percent protection from head injuries, but they are live savers. Imagine if no player wears a helmet to a hockey field, the number of deaths and injuries that will be recorded will be astronomically high.

You must know that buying a hockey helmet isn’t as easy as picking up a pizza in a supermarket. You need to ensure that you purchase the best quality, and also, you have the right fit. Since It’s the head that we are talking about here, you need to make sure that you don’t compromise on quality. Anything sure of the best quality is detrimental to your head safety.

1. No Sweat Hockey Helmet Liner

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A game-changer in the market. The no-sweat hockey helmet liner is innovatively built with features that you can’t merely find in other helmets liner.

Apart from offering protection to your head and ensuring a comfortable fit, this liner comes with a patented sweat-lock technology that instantly absorbs and dries sweat out of your eyes. So, you have no excuse at not performing at your best.

The liner is soft, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. The liners you get the best protection as possible and can be installed in virtually all helmets available.

Pros & Cons of No Sweat Hockey Helmet Liner


  • It’s easy to install. You can buy it separately and install it in other hockey helmets.
  • The best solution for players who sweat profusely.
  • Offers great fit.


  • You have to replace the liner after use.

2. Bauer Hockey Helmet

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If you are looking for a high-performance helmet that wouldn’t cost you much, the Bauer  hockey helmet might be your likely choice. This Bauer model ensures that you have the best head protection while ensuring it doesn’t impede your performance on the ice.

For more excellent temple protection, this helmet features a super VN foam layer inside the liner to ensure that you get the best protection. It also features a high-density material that absorbs direct and rotational hits. So, the risk of having a concussion is greatly minimized.

The vents are also good. They keep your head cool and is necessary so that you develop headaches after a game.

Pros & Cons of Bauer Hockey Helmet


  • Offers great fit.
  • Adjustable.
  • Feels comfortable on the head.
  • Great value for money.


  • The venting is not super great.

3. Bauer 5100 Hockey Helmet

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The construction of this helmet is solid, with over two-piece dual shells built on it to provide excellent head protection. The Bauer 5100 is as comfortable as anything could be.

When it comes to fitting, this helmet can give you that. It comes with adjustable settings that you to flip sideways, expand, or shrink its size. Bauer did a lot of great work on this helmet, and that is why people love it.

For better protection, Bauer used a triple density foam, built with a honeycomb material that permits airflow in the helmet and allows it to stay cool on your head. You don’t need to be worried about your ears getting hit because there are protective earpieces that are designed for the protection of your ears.

Whether you decide to wear this helmet for long or not, you are sure of this helmet, offering you maximum protection and the perfect fit.

Pros & Cons of Bauer 5100 Hockey Helmet


  • It’s customizable to fit into any head type.
  • Offers maximum protection to the head and the ear.
  • Comfortable to wear for even longer hours.


  • It’s slightly expensive.

4. CCM FL40 Hockey Helmet Combo

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The Fitlite FL40 is an ideal hockey visor helmet for your older kid and preteen. It is designed with high-density dual foam liner to ensure comfort and offer optimum protection.

It comes with an adjustment system that helps you to fine-tune how the helmet should fit into your head. You can adjust the clips around the temple as well to get a better fit. There is also a high-density foam chin up that is designed to protect the chin against impact. Overall, this helmet will fit into any head, and this makes it unique.

To keep your head cool all the time, this helmet features a two-piece shell with venting to regulate the airflow in your helmet. The facemask or visor is an added advantage if you seek all-round protection against direct hits.

Pros & Cons of CCM FL40 Hockey Helmet Combo


  • Padded well to avoid massive impacts.
  • Comes with a dual adjustable system for maximum fit.
  • The helmet comes with proper venting to keep the head of the player cool at all times.
  • The steel cage provides additional protection.


  • It’s not suitable for adults unless they don’t have large heads.

5. Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo

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This is another excellent hockey helmet from Bauer. This helmet will fit any head type and still ensure comfort with its adjustable system. Unsnap the side clips and adjust to whatever length you desire. It’s that simple!

It is designed with a multi-density foam liner to ensure your head is protected against the most severe hit. The areas around the ear are also padded. So, you don’t need to be worried about sustaining any ear injuries.

With the facemask or cage, better protection is guaranteed. This will prevent hits from getting towards your nose and mouth region.

Pros & Cons of Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo


  • The clips are easy to unsnap and adjust.
  • Offers increased protection due to the addition of the cage.
  • It’s very comfortable and fits well on any head.


  • There is plenty of space in the front to back as they are sideways, which may cause discomfort.

6. Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet

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Unlike the combo, this hockey helmet has no cage or visor. However, it is packed with enough foam in the liner to protect the temple from the most severe hits.

Like all Bauer IMS helmets, this one is comfortable and sits well on the head. Adjusting the clips maybe a little hard, but when you consider the price, it’s a bargain. It comes with paddings to protect the ear region from sustaining hits. So, it’s a win-win for everyone.

Pros & Cons of ​Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet


  • Fits great on the head.
  • Provides increased protection to the ear region.
  • The chin straps are easy to adjust.


  • Not suitable for very large heads.
  • It’s difficult to adjust the straps around the temple, making it uncomfortable to wear after some time.

7. CCM HT50 Hockey Helmet Combo

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The CCM HT50 hockey helmet will make an excellent choice for a hockey helmet because it has a steel visor.  This means that you will get added protection should you buy this helmet.

When it comes to design, this helmet isn’t lacking. It comes with high-density foams and extra pads to provide maximum protection against impacts. With the easily adjustable system, you can adjust the size of the helmet sideways for a perfect fit. You can also change the clips around the temple to expand or contract the size of the helmet.

Also, it comes with a density foam around the chin to enhance protection around the chin areas. Overall, this is a helmet coming at a high price.

Pros & Cons of CCM HT50 Hockey Helmet Combo


  • It’s comfortable on the head.
  • Comes with a facemask or visor for increased protection.
  • Affordable.


  • Not recommended for kids below eight years old.

8. Warrior PX2H6 Ice Hockey Players Helmet

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The foam layering of this helmet is incredible. The plastic layering and the VN+ foaming makes it impossible to have impacts on your head. It is designed to provide protection and comfortable fit and is one of the best helmets to buy based on performance and fit.

When compared to other Warrior PX models, the Warrior PX2H6 is designed with two shell pieces and a high-density material to offer protection and allow easy adjustments. Unlike some hockey helmets that feel heavy on the head, this one is lightweight with a sleek feel and streamlined body.

Getting a helmet that offers both maximum protection and perfect fit is difficult, but the Warrior PX2H6 has them both. The best feature about this helmet is it’s all coming at an affordable price range, which is excellent considering it offers more at a lesser cost.

Pros & Cons of Warrior PX2H6 Ice Hockey Players Helmet


  • It is affordable.
  • Offers complete protection.
  • Designed uniquely.


  • Doesn’t fit small or medium heads.

9. Bauer Prodigy Helmet Combo

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In our list, this is the first youth hockey helmet. It is made with great care and made by the famous company Bauer.

The helmet will save the hockey players from serious head injuries. This comes with a complete combination of full cage facemask.

There are lots of features with the helmet. It is made with a simple design for the hockey players to take it off and on.

Kids are little panicky when they fail to open it simply. It has a quick snap release, and the face shield unsnaps rapidly.

There are some other things with this helmet you have to consider. The helmet is well ventilated for all the way round.

It is made with dual ridge crown of the outside and has ear protective system. This helmet has hundred percent head protection for your child if he likes to wear it. It has quick release system.

All things are highly adjustable. The foam padding option is comfortable enough,

Pros & Cons of Bauer Prodigy Helmet Combo


  • Rapid release chin strap
  • Foam padding is very comfortable
  • Highly adjustable


  • Little bit heavy
  • Fit for the youth players
  • Little bit heavy

Ultimate Guide to Buying a Perfect Hockey Helmet

When it comes to head safety, hockey helmets are essential. Because of its essentiality, you need to get the most suitable helmet for your head. Consider the following factors when choosing the right helmet.

Fit & Adjustability

This entails how well the helmet fits your head. Helmet to be purchased needs be as secured as possible and cozy so that you won’t feel your head getting squeezed, especially if you intend on wearing it for long hours.

Adjustability is also essential. This entails how you can adjust the straps to fit into your head perfectly. If you must buy a helmet, these two factors are extremely vital.

The shape of Your Head

This goes hand-in-hand with fit and adjustability. The shape of your head will determine how the helmet will fit in. Determine whether you have a small head, round head, big head, flat head, etc. because that will influence your choice of helmet. The best way to determine which helmet fits perfectly is by trying each one out until you get the most suitable one for your type of head. 

Safety & Concussion Prevention

Since it’s about protecting your head, you need to ensure that you have the best possible protection from your helmet. Hockey is a contact sport, and there is every chance that you will be hit in the helmet more than once.

That is why you need a sturdy helmet that can survive hard hits. By doing so, you need to check the various rating in the helmets before buying. Ratings are from zero to fifteen, and they determine how a helmet can absorb impacts. The ratings are provided by Virginia Tech Rating System.

You must know that all helmets are designed to handle direct attacks. However, only a few are designed to handle rotational hits, and this is the reason behind players developing concussions. When intending to purchase a helmet, you need to pay close attention to the helmet ratings.


The padding ensures that you wear your helmet comfortably and act as a cushion against impacts. They can be placed in several areas around the helmet to ensure that it feels soft on your head.


Paddings around the ear of the helmet are helpful against impacts directed towards your ear region. Paddings around the temples will protect those sensitive areas like the back of the eye, forehead, side of the head, etc.from being exposed to hits. If It’s possible, ensure your purchase helmets that have paddings around the temples and ears for maximum protection and safety.

Face Protection

This depends solely on the individual and the league rules. Some players may prefer to wear helmets with a visor, while others don’t. Some leagues may have a law that singles out a particular type of helmet to be worn, as the one without a visor. Most professionals don’t wear helmets with visors.


A helmet is meant to enhance comfort. If the helmet is heavy, it may jeopardize your performance and your comfort. If a helmet is too heavy, you may develop headaches and pain around your neck. However, buying a light helmet may not help either. Sometimes, the amount of padding will affect weight. The goal here is to purchase a helmet that is as comfortable as possible.

Chin Strap

Chin straps have two purposes – they keep the helmet in position on your head and protect the chin from hits. If a chin strap doesn’t fit comfortably, it may jeopardize your safety. You must buy a helmet with a chin strap that fits well around your chin area.

Hockey Helmet Fitment – How to Select the Right Size

Hockey helmets come in small, medium, and large sizes. Although modern helmets are adjustable to fit into any head. Small-sized helmets are perfect fits for preteens (usually between 10-12), mediums are for teenagers and young adults, and the large sizes are for adults with standard heads to broadheads.

One proven method to determine the size of your head is by using a tape to measure the circumference. Once you know the size of your rim, you may now estimate the helmet that will fit perfectly.

Hockey Helmets and Concussion Prevention – Do Hockey Helmets Prevent Concussions?

A concussion is one of the most discussed topics in contact sports. Numerous medical studies have established a connection between head impacts and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, a prolonged disease that affects the functioning of the brain in sports like American football. It has not been formally established yet in hockey, but there is every chance that it may prevail since it’s also a contact sport.

Despite this connection, no evidence is yet to support that hockey helmets prevent concussions. Several hockey helmets manufacturers like CCM-Reebok and RE-AKT have tried to market their helmets around concussion prevention, but they have both been reproved by the Competition Bureau of Canada.

However, this doesn’t mean that hockey helmets are useless. Brain injuries and fractures have drastically reduced as a result of these helmets.

Do Hockey Helmets Expire?

Yes, they do expire after a certain period. The expiry dates are written on the helmet, most times.

How Should a Hockey Helmet Fit?

If you use a tight helmet, it may be dangerous. The Chinstrap would not be more than the two-inch width of 2 fingers below the chin.

The helmet does not come off a fall, leaving brain unprotected and head unsafe.

The helmet must be tight enough so that it may not shake loose if you shake head from side to side or ups and down. You can fit the adjustable tabs or screws to make it lose.

Use the helmet on the head. Use two hands and press it downward as long as it is snug.

Here a teammate may tighten the snap or screw the adjustment tabs to do well fit. Redness round the head is general which is chosen to a loose fitting hockey helmet.

The helmet should sit or fit over the brow line, may be felt snug to the crown, the beginning of the neck, temples, and forehead.

If you do not feel a good gap, it is not fitted well, and you need to consider the other one.

Why is Hockey Helmet Important?

Hockey helmets are extremely helpful in protecting the head against injuries and concussions. Without these helmets, the chances of susceptibilities to head injuries are increased.

Don’t Buy Used hockey helmets

It is an important thing. You normally do not like to buy a used helmet. The certification of helmets is void upon the resale.

Meaning that you should not use the helmet in any official games as the players must use the certified helmet.

You have no idea how long the helmet been used, and it may save you if they step on the ice.

Each helmet comes with a sticker of certification of various associations.

After the sticker’s schedule period or time, you should not use the helmet.

You must be aware that you are speaking hard hits; your helmet will not last for longer time.

What Are Hockey Helmets?

Hockey helmets are protective gear worn to offer protection to the head to avoid head injuries.

How Long Do Helmets Last?

How durable a helmet depends on the use. Most helmets should be replaced no later than ten years, no matter the purpose. The materials used in the helmet will deteriorate over time, especially if it has been hit severally or damaged. If your helmet is quite beyond use even after a few years, replace it. There is no point waiting until it gets to five years or even ten.

Failure to replace a helmet when it is damaged will mean putting your head’s safety at risk. That is one thing you shouldn’t make a joke of.

Types of Hockey Helmets

There are just two types of hockey helmets. You can either go for the visor helmets or no visor helmets.

Visor helmets are helmets that have protective coverings like a cage in front, but still has a lot of spaces where you can see and breathe. The no visor helmets, on the other hand, has no cage in the helmet. 

Due to the added protection in the visor helmets, there has been a significant reduction in injuries and concussions. However, professional players don’t usually wear them.

Cheap VS Expensive Hockey Helmets – Which one is the best and most protective ?

Best Hockey Helmets (FAQs)

How durable are helmets?

Most helmets last for as long as ten years. However, it’s unnecessary to use it that long if you use them frequently. So, replace your helmet according to use.

Is it advisable to buy a used helmet?

No. You should buy a new helmet because you may never know what the used helmet has undergone. It may have suffered wear and tear and sustained damages that won’t make it eligible for use.

Can you purchase a facemask separately to add to your existing helmet?

Yes. Facemasks can be bought separately.

Are all helmets of the same size?

Not really. Helmets vary in sizes, and the addition of chin straps and other adjustable clips makes it easier for you to adjust to your head size.

Do I need any maintenance tips for my helmet?

So far, there are not enough maintenance tips for a helmet. Just air it after games and tighten the screws if the need arises.

Final Words and Recommendation

Hockey helmets are essential in hockey as they help to prolong the life of the player. Major head injuries and concussions are significantly reduced as a result of these helmets.

Based on the products reviewed in this best hockey helmets article, the Warrior PX2H6 ice hockey players helmet is highly recommended based on its design and affordability.

Bauer 5100 hockey helmet is another product that is highly recommendable based on durability.

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