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An Ultimate Guide On How To Buy The Best Hockey Helmets

Preferring the right helmet is an important task if the question is hockey. In this sport, there are more possibilities of serious impacts.

So you have to choose a helmet that will ensure more safety. You can reduce the possibilities of injuries, concussions, and some other fatal injuries by wearing a helmet.

If you like to have a right helmet, you should know the features and qualities of it. These are important features to make a top quality helmet. Here you will get a buying guide.

Best Hockey Helmets 2018 – Comparison Chart

Product ImageProduct NameShipping WeightEditor's RatingPrice
Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo 2.5 pounds4.7 out of 5 starsCheck Price
Easton E700 Helmet1.6 pounds4.9 out of 5 starsCheck Price
Bauer Prodigy Youth Hockey Helmet2.4 pounds4.5 out of 5 starsCheck Price
CCM FitLite 40 Hockey Helmet2 pounds4.8 out of 5 starsCheck Price
Warrior KROWN 360 Hockey Helmet2.1 pounds3.8 out of 5 starsCheck Price
BAUER RE-AKT 75 Hockey Helmet4 out of 5 starsCheck Price

The guide will give you necessary information of a high-quality helmet.

You may get the utmost protection from a helmet when you choose the right one. A high-quality helmet is secured enough. There is no doubt about it.

We have researched a lot and lastly found the top hockey helmet for you. Additionally, we have compared many areas of the helmet.

We have tested many features such as durability, construction, quality and other. Finally, we have got these 3 models which are considered the top of the lists.

It does not matter what age are you. You need to buy a helmet that has highest quality and protection capacity.

Not only that you shouldn’t buy a helmet from discount offer. Sometimes the cheapest helmets won’t fulfill your desire.

What is a Hockey Helmet?

A helmet that is made particularly to play hockey is known as hockey helmet. The purpose of the helmet is to save the players at the time of playing hockey.

There are at least head injuries if the players wear it. These helmets handle the impacts.

The thick foam inside the helmet is impact-protective while playing. Players are tension-free if they use these helmets.

So far in the market, there is no injury proof helmet. But you have to buy the best helmet to decrease the possibilities of major head injury.


How Should a Hockey Helmet Fit?

If you use a tight helmet, it may be dangerous. The Chinstrap would not be more than the two-inch width of 2 fingers below the chin.

The helmet does not come off a fall, leaving brain unprotected and head unsafe.

The helmet must be tight enough so that it may not shake loose if you shake head from side to side or ups and down. You can fit the adjustable tabs or screws to make it lose.

How Should a Hockey Helmet Fit

Use the helmet on the head. Use two hands and press it downward as long as it is snug.

Here a teammate may tighten the snap or screw the adjustment tabs to do well fit. Redness round the head is general which is chosen to a loose fitting hockey helmet.

The helmet should sit or fit over the brow line, may be felt snug to the crown, the beginning of the neck, temples, and forehead.

If you do not feel a good gap, it is not fitted well, and you need to consider the other one.

Best Hockey Helmets Reviews 2018


Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo

Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo

The helmet fits well on my head for the first time I used it. I need a little adjustment on chin strap to save it from going up to much and feeling comfortable.

If you set it for once, there is no chance to move it afterward. The adjustment straps are very simple to use. It may be hard to snap its button together.

Once I have done it and found it is very simple. The case is moving out of the face way while riding on. There are two types of same buttons for the chin strap.

One hand is enough to press the helmet and snap the helmet in. It is no need to say that the users are happy with the helmet. I have spent five years in a shop.

They have sold many helmets. Still today we have not got any claim of this type of helmets.

Users are happy to get these helmets. They come to say that they are satisfied with its service.


  • Use a helmet having the perfect fitting
  • Added ear cover to ensure safety
  • HECC or CSA certified
  • Simple to use, tool-free size adjustment
  • Don’t choose a Field Lacrosse Helmet. It is adjustable but one size isn’t fit for everybody.
  • Includes Bauer 2100 facemask
  • HECC or CSA certified
  • Having Bauer 2100 facemask
  • Simple to use tool free adjustment
  • Ear covers to ensure safety
  • There are no cons

>>Check Price of Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo<<


Easton E700 Helmet

Easton E700 Helmet

You are facing the same name Bauer in our list of the best quality hockey helmets.

The reality is that they do not take the top spot of all various hockey we are looking for.

So go to buy the best hockey helmet made and sold by Easton. There are lots of helmet having same features.

The hockey helmet is lightweight and very comfortable to use. We have tested many helmets, and this one is very light. Like other helmets, it is made is having more padding and very sturdy.

The reason is that it is hockey helmet. It uses What Easton call EPP foam: the helmet is fit snug and not very snug to feel uncomfortable.

The helmet has great features to cover up the ears, and you may use a full face mask or the eye shield with it.

There are various colors of this type of helmet having a matte finish which you do not get from other hockey helmets.

  • Black matte color
  • Weight is very light
  • Protective and comfortable EPP foam liner
  • Scuffs simply
  • More adjustable
  • Foam repels sweat
  • No cons at all.

>>Check Price of Easton E700 Helmet<<


Bauer Prodigy Youth Hockey Helmet

Bauer Prodigy Youth Hockey Helmet

In our list, this is the first youth hockey helmet. It is made with great care and made by the famous company Bauer.

The helmet will save the hockey players from serious head injuries. This comes with a complete combination of full cage facemask.

There are lots of features with the helmet. It is made with a simple design for the hockey players to take it off and on.

Kids are little panicky when they fail to open it simply. It has a quick snap release, and the face shield unsnaps rapidly.

There are some other things with this helmet you have to consider. The helmet is well ventilated for all the way round.

It is made with dual ridge crown of the outside and has ear protective system. This helmet has hundred percent head protection for your child if he likes to wear it. It has quick release system.

All things are highly adjustable. The foam padding option is comfortable enough,


  • Tool-free, two pieces and adjustable shell
  • HECC, CSA and CE certified
  • Dual density foam ensures top safety for Youth hockey game.
  • Rapid release chin strap
  • Foam padding is very comfortable
  • Highly adjustable
  • Little bit heavy
  • Price is higher
  • Fit for the youth players

>>Check Price of Bauer Prodigy Youth Hockey Helmet<<


CCM FitLite 40 Hockey Helmet

CCM FitLite 40 Hockey Helmet

It is another combination helmet just like face case on our list. The helmet also comes from hockey equipment manufacturer CCM.

At the time of wearing it, the users feel comfortable as well as protected. The helmet is best for young teen players or towards youth. It is very affordable for all features you like.

There are very sturdy foam and soft pad inside the helmet. Without any help from the tool, you may adjust the helmet.

Meaning that the young hockey player can adjust it during breaking time or at the time of practice. It is the claim of the CCM that it is aerodynamics.

We have no doubt at all are for making the design of the helmet. We are grateful to the CCM for making such kind of great helmet.

In the package of the helmet, you will get full cage over your face and all strapping to keep it to the right place securely.

  • Have various colors
  • Foam padding is much comfortable
  • Without tools, you can adjust it
  • Bit pricey
  • For the small kids, it seems little heavy
  • Fit for youth teen or youth players.

>>Check Price of CCM FitLite 40 Hockey Helmet<<

BAUER RE-AKT 75 Hockey Helmet

BAUER RE-AKT 75 Hockey Helmet

Helmet is a very important thing inside your hockey bag. Bauer knows it well that they have highest features and everyone cannot afford it. With this idea keeping in mind, the Re-Akt 75 came on the market.

The 75 can manage the impact of all directions, types, and velocities. Most of the shells are added with multi-density collision management foam. They are important as it strikes in hockey are fillet Rattlers, but the email shock waves throughout your head and causes impact inside the skull.

To ensure lots of impact under various situations, speed is a must. Bauer has added the Poron XRD foam helps to save the most responsive fraction of your cranium from the most slight shocks.

The reason is the Poron can condense with little provocation. Lastly, Bauer’s tools less two piece slide system is added with new molded occipital sustain to give player plenty latitude to add a helmet to get a perfect fitting.

  • Expire my aspiration
  • Top rated helmet for mid-level pricing
  • Super comfortable
  • Somewhat heavy

>>Check Price of BAUER RE-AKT 75 Hockey Helmet<<


Warrior KROWN 360 Hockey Helmet

Warrior KROWN 360 Hockey Helmet

It makes the fit very loose or gets way very tight. The price of the helmet is within reach of your ability.

The padding inside of the stroller is perfect, and the dial adjuster acts amazingly well.

Warrior Hockey is the only helmet on the market that you will get a decent rate by Virginia Tech’s Helmet concussion rating method.

The model’s Warrior altered the model without score like Virginia Techs ratings.

Features of Warrior KROWN 360 Hockey Helmet

  • To ensure 360-degree fit, the helmet has liner converge and four-piece shell, along with uncommon single dial adjustment
  • Has acquired impact protection certificate from CE, HECC, and CSA
  • Impax foam method gives absorbent 3 D foam placed in areas highlighting dampening the various low impact hits players normally experienced.
  • High impact defensive EPP foam liner
  • Three intelligently selected, collision specific layers for foam safety
  • Unique single-dial adjustment helpfully turns on the 4-Play Fit System
  • High impact protection, EPP foam to make it lightweight
  • Strategically located Impax Molded Foam to ensure security against multiple stumpy impacts
  • Nothing at all

>>Check Price of Warrior KROWN 360 Hockey Helmet<<

Best Hockey Helmets Buyer’s Guide

For what features the helmet is great? It has many things you must consider. The helmet is the combinations of some key factors that make the helmet comfortable and safe to use at the time of playing hockey.

Best Hockey Helmets Buyer’s Guide

If you like to buy a hockey helmet to play hockey, you should think more.

You have to know the more important features or characteristics or have to know details about the helmet.

Price of Best Hockey Helmets

We have some budget to buy a thing. For buying a hockey helmet, it is not exceptional. Buying a good hockey helmet is not a simple matter.

You need to think more and more. Price is the best factors. If the price is more, you can not save money. We advise you to buy a good helmet by spending a little money.

It must be durable and protective, otherwise spending money have no outcome. There are other things you must consider when shopping a hockey helmet.

For some people, the price may not factor, but we think for most people it is a major factor.

Best Hockey Helmets Safety

Safe is the main thing you have to consider at the time of playing hockey. A few years back, the helmet was not must to play a hockey game.

Now it is a must, and it is essential for at professional levels. Most tournaments or leagues require using the helmet to save face and eye from injuries while playing hockey.

Best Hockey Helmets Safety

What is the way to make the helmet safe to wear? There are some features come together to make the helmet as protective as possible.

Safety is the main factor if it is being worn at the time of playing hockey.


At the time of buying a helmet, you must give most importance to the fitting of the helmet.

You don’t get the least benefit though you buy the expensive helmet. If the helmet doesn’t fit properly, you will get no benefit. Buy a helmet that fits well on your head.

Be sure the helmet fits well on your head. It has most possibility to save your head from injuries.

You have to be sure that the cage must be fit properly. Moreover, its chin cups are secured enough and impoverished snuggly against your chin.

The strap ensures that the helmet remains in a place securely. If you want to get full protection, you have to consider two things.

These are the cages and the fitting of the helmet. You may get different sized helmets such as medium, large, small and very large.

Most helmets adjust in the same way to some cases. But you must be sure that you have got the right fitting.

You need to think about the size of the helmet. Buy the best fitting helmet and ensure super protection for your head.

Put the helmet on your head. Examine well it is well fitting or not. You must not feel uncomfortable at the time of wearing it.

The very tight helmet may be uncomfortable. But you shouldn’t purchase very lose helmet.

Wear the helmet for few minutes and notice pain, pressure points, and other uncomfortable results.


Padding of hockey helmets

Helmet must be fit snugly over the head and must be padded well to keep in the right place.

Meaning that helmet must have well padding option if any part of helmet touches the head.

The pad must be well between the head and the plastic part of the helmet. The foam will aid you to feel comfortable and save the head from injuries.

Eye/Face Protection

Today eye protection is a must for many adult leagues and youth league full faced protection is mandatory.

If it is not essential for the league, you need to use a visor over your helmet to play hockey.

So try to buy a helmet having the combination of all features to save face and head from injuries.


To keep the helmet secure and confirm the helmet is safe. It must have a good chin strap.

Most of the helmets come with having a chin strap. Some best quality and standard helmets are more comfortable than the others to use it properly.

The weight of best hockey helmets

In the market, there are some heavier helmets. The company tries to make the best helmet that is light.

It is true that helmet will be heavier if the helmet is made to ensure full protection.

The heavy helmet is uncomfortable and may cause some neck soreness.

The light helmet is great for all users. If it is light, the users feel comfortable. So buy a light one helmet to use.

Style of hockey helmets

Try to have a helmet that is very beautiful to look at. There are two helmets side by side. You have to choose the best one from them.

There is no document that you must look good at the time of playing hockey.

There are various colors of hockey helmets, and you have to choose the best one amongst them.


Warranty is a factor for the helmet. You have to see the warranty option before you like to buy a helmet.

If the warranty period is longer, you have peace of mind. You like to get helmets that are strong and have quality equipment.

You do not know when a helmet will break down. For this, you have to consider warranty most. As within warranty period, you can change or alter the helmet.

Don’t Buy Used hockey helmets

It is an important thing. You normally do not like to buy a used helmet. The certification of helmets is void upon the resale.

Meaning that you should not use the helmet in any official games as the players must use the certified helmet.

You have no idea how long the helmet been used, and it may save you if they step on the ice.

Each helmet comes with a sticker of certification of various associations.

After the sticker’s schedule period or time, you should not use the helmet.

You must be aware that you are speaking hard hits; your helmet will not last for longer time.

The Final

The Final of hockey helmets

Thank you very much for checking the best list of hockey helmets. We are hopeful that our hockey helmet’s review is very useful.

Hockey is a good kind of sport that everyone likes to enjoy. But you should not deny the possibility of injuries or risk associated with the sports for the participants.

A good type of helmet will save you from injuries and ensures protection for your face and head.

It is clear that you can play the game for longer time. If you have any question to ask us, you can post it freely below. We are waiting for hearing from you.


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