IV2 Helmet Reviews: A Complete Reviews

IV2 Advanced Elite Series Modular Helmet is designed with the flip system. it comes with Dual Visor. You can convert it from full faced to open face if you need it.

The system is one button flip up and one hand system. iv2 has got DOT certificate. It has necessary standards for strength and durability.  The ABS shell is nothing but injected modulated.

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IV2 is now making many helmets for the motorcycle riders, and all are affordable.

For this, we like to say something about this product. The price is the helmet is pretty cheap.

Some people give more priority to the cost. The price is reasonable, and so many people like to buy IV2 helmets.

The visor is simple to get on and off. The dark one helmet is not very black. You can use it at night also.

IV2 helmet reviews


Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet (Solid Matte Black, Medium)

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Feature of IV2 Helmet

  • IV2 Most upgraded Advanced Modular Dual Visor adult Helmet
  • One button, 1-hand Flip-up System may Convert helmet out of Full-face to Open-face
  • Simple Control Retractable Anti-scratch Sun Visor
  • Found in new box meeting DOT standard
  • Fully vented throughout, advanced ventilation system gives more air flow, ten venting parts.

Pros & Cons of IV2 Helmet Reviews


  • The helmet is modular, and weight is light
  • At the time of driving create a whistling sound
  • Price is decent


  • Has not much padding area on the forehead area
  • Not well comfortable to wear

Use and Maintenance of iv2 helmet

Proper maintenance and care may ensure the safety and lessens the risk of the injury.

Before you like to buy the helmet, I would like to advise you to check it properly. You need to see it properly if you like to use it at the time of traveling.

Please do not hang the helmet over any hook or do not keep it on the table unattended.

There is a backpack along with the helmet that is well for transporting the helmet at the time of not using. If you like to store the helmet, you may put it in the bag and keep in a cool place.

To clean IV2 helmet, do not use solvent or cleaner available on the market without getting proper information.

You are giving the advice to use soft cloth or solution with warm water as well as the mild solution.

Keep the headgear away from the high temperature or direct heat as it may damage the protective foam or shell of the helmet.

IV2 helmet comes with removable interiors that may be removed before clean the shell of helmets. The removable padding is compatible with dryer or washing machine.

iv2 helmets quality

If you compare technology and features of IV2 helmet, you will get that you have paid more for a good type of helmet.

We have produced helmets using high-quality materials like polycarbonate, Fiber Glass mix along with paint and special cold weather. Besides the helmets is UV protective and ensures the best protection. For these features, we have got ECE or DOT approval.

All helmets are high-pressure injection molded by the side with mold part line painted and removed over to lessen imperfections on the surface and maximize graphics display ability.

Special graphics are designed to make the helmet long lasting. A special UV treated clear coat is used to save graphics from fading or peeling off.

Our helmet has at least five air exhaust and intakes ports. All intake ports close with riding gloves and simple to open therefore you may remain cool during the summer season and focus on the ride.

We use hypo-allergenic liners inside every IV2 helmet which are long lasting and very comfortable. Full face along with modular helmet interior is all completely removable and simple to clean. The reason is that it has plastic snaps and stainless steel for durability and cleaning. The chin strap is added with high strength stainless steel rivets and is ensured with DOT approved standard D ring.

Fit and Comfort of iv2 helmet

The IV2 helmet gives a snug fit for the users and ensures good retention, especially accelerating rapidly.

It has applied advanced thermoplastic technology and is made to give ultimate comfort.

Fit and Comfort of iv2 helmet

It has the highest standard EPS, the internal part is very comfortable and very effective in a case of an accident, and it enlarges quickly.

Besides, the liner is moisture absorbing and treated with a substance that may keep allergens and the dust far away.

Advanced Modular Design of IV2 Helmet

The helmet is open face helmet, and full face helmet gives more comfort for the users.

Only you need to press the button, and helmet will shift between these two positions.

You may wear glasses or may talk to someone without opening the helmet. It is suggested to switch to the full face mode if the speed is over 30 mph.

UV-Treated Surfaces

The helmet is made to withstand exposure from the harsh outdoor elements. The sun visor or the exterior are both coated with UV protecting substance.

UV-Treated Surfaces

It has graphics from peeling off to save from overheat. Along with these, the helmet is made with advanced materials, applied the Thermoplastic Shell Technology to confirm high performance for a longer time.

In the sun visor, there is an anti-scratch or anti-fog properties. The chin strap is fit perfectly. It has DOT certified D-rings, and rivets are made from stainless steel.

What others say about iv2 helmet

The operation of the jaw shield or flip up is very simple and easy. There is a button under the chin to make the helmet fit for your head.

One hand is enough to handle it with gloves. It has pressure lock so no possibility of premature closure or accidental shut down. I fail to see the gauges or speedo on the bubbly; slight tilt is needed to do so.

The visor is simple to lift and close, has five to six different setting that may be kept in place between fully closed or fully opened while riding. It is made of clear plastic, and I feel no problem to see the object ahead of me.

What others say about iv2 helmet

The inner lens is made with similar procedures and maintains a slide lever on the left side of the helmet.

One hand operation is simply accomplished. In the down, there is one-inch clearance from the cheeks to the bottom lens. If there is visor up, the flow of air is great or more.

It has three closing vents or opening with the helmet. One is on the chin and two is on the helmet top front. I have to wait some months to express you how these vents are useful.

User Review On IV2 Helmet

Nice helmet

The helmet is great. When the shield down it makes some sounds. Like the double visor system.

Do not attempt to fit the sunglass under the helmet every time. It is added to the flip up section, and the helmet will remain under the chin.

One flaw is the price of the fabric which runs under the chin. It has a flimsy connection and annoying shield.

When I use it for the first time, it came one by two way off. It was a nuisance at the time of riding. I cut it and faced no problem.

Except that the helmet is great. The helmet is not heavy for long drive and venting may seem very helpful.

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IV2 Helmet Reviews (FAQs)

Q: What do you know about DOT test? What kinds of tests are added to it?

A: To get DOT approval, a helmet has to pass through some difficult tests. These are falling down the helmet from 1.83m height to a round formed anvil. After that, the helmet is gone down from the same height on a level surface or anvil. Then an indicated sharp striker is fallen onto the helmet. At last, above 300 pounds weight is given to the preservation system continuously 120 seconds. If a helmet has undergone these tests and remains perfect, then it gets a DOT certificate.

Q: Is the standard visor of the helmet is lucid?

A: The helmet is made with pre-installed usual clear visor. Moreover, the anti-fog visor is selling separately. One may replace visor if he desires.

Q: Am I eligible to use the helmet for other activities?

A: The IV2 modular helmet features dual visor. So it is a typical motorcycle helmet. The extraordinary feature of this helmet is that it is possible to use in the put of a snowmobile helmet. The helmet has all the necessary features of a secured snowmobile helmet.

Final Thoughts

IV2 modular motorcycle helmet comes with a dual visor that makes it a full face helmet or a half faced helmet.

The headgear is possible to get under hundred dollars. It has no issue like fitting size or noise problem.

When the temperature is very low, you can use this helmet no problem. You can use it as snowmobile helmet.

The helmet has good ventilation of then port vents. It has a wonderful finish. The graphics of the helmet is coated with UV treated clear coating.

Even after using a long time, the helmet seems to be new. I have used it, and it still seems new one. All appreciate this helmet. I am happy with the helmet.

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