Best Kask Helmet Reviews 2022 – Useful Buyer’s Guide

The fitting of this helmet is excellent. The shape and size of the helmet are very appealing to the people. You will get enough adjustment at the rear to feel comfortable.

The adding of a leather strap is a fine touch to make this very comfortable around the chin. It comes with 3 way clasp. The rubber pad of the helmet is given in such a way that it fits well on every head.

Kask is a famous company to make the track helmets. It presently releases a new helmet named Rex.

It is just like an urgent helmet- the rear is extended more to the down and gives more protection.

The Octo Fit retention has good height adjustment, for this truly cradles the back side of the head. The helmet does not move without chin strap buckled up.

There is a clip on the back of the helmet for a goggle strap just like the present trail helmets.

You may park goggles under the peak. But the pick is the worst thing about this helmet. It has two positions, and it is adjustable. The first one is very low and the second one is very high.

The webbing straps adjust snugly around the ear. The Eco chin strap is prepared from soft leather. Cool max, Plush, gel pads and internal padding lessen hot spots, though absorbing sweat.

I would not like to say venting generally, but 325 gram Rex is through a competitive weight. Many prove on helmets are here.

What Type Of Helmet Is It?

This is a normal road helmet. It means that it is not one of the teardrop shaped time trial helmets.

Nor this is not aero road helmet. I have used it and found it is more comfortable.

The helmet has vents spreading across to distribute heat all around to keep weight down.

I have to bear and grin the effect of the performance because turbulence over each of these vents is increasing drag.

As the helmet is road helmet, you like to get plastic visor front edge of the helmet; you have reached to the wrong saloon.

The Best Kask Helmet Reviews in 2021

1. Kask Rapido Road Cycling Helmet

Kask Rapido Road Cycling Helmet

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Redefine your expectation as an early road rider; the kask Rapido is very light and well-made helmet with affordable price.

The weight of the helmet is 224 grams. People who are weight conscious like to use the KASK Rapido helmet.

It follows the footsteps of KASK Mojito and the KASK Vertigo giving sleek as well as subtle style, except the bulky outlook of some other helmets that boost the feeling of weightlessness.

The Rapido has retention system which allows you to up and down adjustment and tension around your head via the simple to use adjustment dial situated to the rear of the helmet.

The pivot procedure or system helps you to keep the re-tension system in the right position.

Under the occipital bone, well cradling the head for ensuring you are feeling comfortable.

Features of Kask Rapido Road Cycling Helmet

  • It has MIT technology, gives more comprehensive protection and better safety for having polycarbonate layer which wraps on the top shell, back of helmet and base ring
  • Added polystyrene shell optimizes crash impacts
  • In-molding technology adds EPS foam core with the outer polycarbonate shell to conform well shock absorption.


  • The rear ratcheting system gives security for head more and is top notch
  • The helmet is great for those who like to maintain well budget
  • The shape is rationalized. It avoids the mushroom effect same as Giro seems to have
  • The buckle and straps are heavy duty standard


  • Fit for everyone
  • Not glass friendly


2. Kask Mojito Helmet 

Kask Mojito Helmet

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The Kash Mojito provides enough safety. The helmet has up to N down double pivot fitting system to fit well over the head.

It meets the MIT safety standard and reinforces with mold construction.

It is comfortable and crash proof. Made with hundred percent Italian styles, the helmet will protect your head. It is made with mold in the building.

The KASH Mojito has met MIT technology and rang the rear of the helmet and covered the cap, gives full protection.

The new in molding system adds with inner polystyrene cap to the MIT polycarbonate one, gives more shock absorption.

Features of Kask Mojito Helmet

  • Simple to clean after long riding
  • Mold composite construction
  • Hundred percent made in Italy
  • Back of the helmet enhances visibility to motorists
  • Leatherette chin strap is hypoallergenic
  • Reflective stickers


  • Very simple to clean it
  • The things possess more plastic cladding foam to the rear; the projections are not as sharp. The adjustment system: it is different from my previous helmet.


  • Has no well color combination


3. Kask Vertigo 2.0 Helmet

Kask Vertigo 2.0 Helmet

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Kask’s Vertigo 2.o helmet is good to look at. We have to go out of the area first as everything is just equal.

We desire to have a wonderful helmet. But it has more to the vertigo 2.o instead of a pretty face.

EPS foam makes splendid protection to the internal skeleton, gives the helmet a fine structure.

The helmet keeps the helmet from shattering to pieces on impact. Meaning that you will remain fresh or protective at the time of the crash.

So think about helmets having all the necessary features. The top is Kash’s Up and Down adjustment that secures the helmet to the base of cranium instead of sitting atop the helmet.

It has Eco- leather strap that is non-abrasive, hypoallergenic. Inside the helmet, there is washable and removable Coolmax pad or pads.

Features of Kask Vertigo 2.0 Helmet

  • Impact Foam: in-mold polystyrene
  • Shell Material: Polycarbonate
  • Fit Adjustment: Up & Down


  • The chin strap system is superior, and the Kask is looking good compared to other helmets in the market
  • Engraved with the EPS foam which makes up the vastness of the helmet’s safety issues.


  • The chin strap is much far forward where it added to the helmet


4. Kask Mojito Helmet White

Kask Mojito Helmet White, L

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Aggressive, lightweight and small. The novelty of the house Kask is known as Mojito. Compact 26 air vents and 220g confirms maximum breathability. You will get the super quality of the KASK in workmanship and styling which are vivid in its overall finishing and attention for every feature.

Especially the helmet incorporates an uncommon hinged adjustment system which permits for both up/down adjustment and size. It will give a cradle like feeling for the babies. The helmet size may be adjusted by the dial or with the finger push system.

The system is featured with many things like non-stick pads, well ventilated. All things work together and give the helmet a well fit and ensure more security which is not found in other helmets.

Unsurpassed ventilation is not using 26 big vents that do not compromise security or aerodynamic qualities of the helmet. The interior pads aid to draw perspiration away from the head.

The pads are possible to remove and simple to wash. The helmet has a nylon thermo fixed straps to ensure security as well as quick release buckle.

Reflecting stickers off the back of the helmet ensures superb visibility in the night.

Features of Kask Mojito Helmet White

  • When lots of companies are moving forward to make subtle rounded designs, Kask draws from the pro issue Vertigo to make a helmet which turns heads to hundred percent Italian styles.
  • The Mojito is manufactured with an In-mold structure applying expanded polystyrene to lessen force on the head.
  • The fit model is Kask’s Up-N-Down ratchet adjustment which permits the helmet to take place under the occipital bone to ensure comfort and fit.
  • The liner is made with a non-slip gel to give surety that the helmet may not slide when you move your head around
  • 26 air vents give you a chance to move freely, and aid pull perspiration away from your head to keep it cool


  • Under the sun no chance to be heated
  • Simple cleaning
  • Materials are very good


  • No cons at all


kask mojito vs protone

1. Mojito – “All-rounder”

The weight of the medium Mojito is only 220 grams. It has 22 vents which are great to keep the user’s head cool same as the Rapido. The helmet sits low on the head. Therefore you never feel that your heads expect to overbalance to 1 side. Rapido comes with extra padding on this Mojito model. It brings the helmet down to the head for a comfortable fit. You can control it by using a dial added to the back of the helmet.

The straps obey the industry norm strictly, where 2 separate straps threads are added inside an adjustable clip. KASK steps it up well by adding a soft leather strap that surely adds an element of comfort on the normal Nylon type strip.

The inside of the helmet is well padded. So the helmet is comfortable enough. At first, the helmet is designed for road use. I don’t feel problem using it on the mountain biking.

Form the design viewpoint, this helmet is perfect. I am bit hopeless as I desired to get more flair. Good news is that it doesn’t affect the performance at all. I have got less comfortable with it by comparing it with the Proton appraised beneath.

We can say that this model will fit for the serious riders. Moreover, you should not break the bank to purchase this helmet. It will fulfill dual purposes on the road and MTB.

2. Protone – “Balanced Comfort”

I have examined the last 3 helmets very carefully. Albeit is the first one which drew my attention most. I was waiting eagerly to use it on my head and out on the road.

The weight of the medium Protone is 230 grams. But when I use it on my head, it weighs nothing. I would like to use this great thing on the odd occasion also. The case behind it is small but has a manageable dial to tighten the adjustable pads on the left and right. It pulls beneath the base of the skull for safety. The configuration system of the helmet is very comfortable fit.

Once again this helmet comes with nice padding. It is very soft and sufficient. The padding has a wonderful capacity to absorb sweat streaming into your eyes.

It is a professional level helmet which gives protection and safety. But I would not like to compromise with the Italian design. You will feel no noise though having more vents. Riding experience of the helmet is awesome. You will also feel more aerodynamic as you have low into the drops.

I like the helmet most, no doubt. But the problem is that I want Protone which would not cost more. Moreover, I would like to get a helmet that will ensure safety enough. Additionally, it must be aerodynamics and Bellissimo.

What remains at last for me is the design of the chin strap around the ears. The reason is that about 90% of helmets come with a stock standard Nylon strap. It feeds into an adjuster and carries on beneath the chin. These sometimes get adjusted or twisted themselves resulting in rubbing or beneath the ear.

The Proton comes with a single strap which runs from the front to the back around the base of the ears. It sits well comfortably. Another important feature is that it ensures comfort for the chin strap. The chin is made of soft leather.


Tips for choosing a helmet

  • The first thing you should do is to wear the helmet for few minutes to see if it causes pain or feels well in any meticulous place
  • If the helmet is secured for the first time, should be comfortable, but must not move
  • Use it for one time and then observe stimulant movement to justify comfort
  • If fasten the strap, buckle must resist the movement of the neck 5. See the models, comfort, and safety and select the models which one you like most.



Final Words

Lastly, one small criticism may be a great issue for you if you use Kask Mojito for one or two.

All of the decals are stickers instead of painted on the helmet. It means that they require superiority touch and are prone to flaking off.

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