Best Looking Bike Helmets: Complete Buying Guide

No doubt, an essential gear that you need while riding on a bike is a helmet. It’s like a shield that offers your head 85% protection against hits. Accidents are inevitable, and at some point, you will have to crash your bike against a rock or something. This is the time you need a helmet the most.

Selecting the best bike helmet is vital because it ensures that you get maximum head protection. Also, you would want something to fit your riding style and, of course, the budget. As a biker, you would want to make sure that your helmet has proper ventilation, certified, and lightweight.

Whether you are looking for a budget helmet or a helmet that you want to compliment your style, we are going to cover the top 6 best bike helmets in this review.

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1. OutdoorMaster Skateboard Cycling Helmet

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If you are looking for a classic helmet with a low profile design, this is the helmet to go for.

OutdoorMaster cycling helmet is designed with a reinforced ABS shell and EPS liner for shock-absorbing. The lining is removable and washable should it get dirtied by your sweat.

This helmet comes in various sizes, from small to large sizes so anybody can wear it. The design provides maximum comfort and safety, so at least you will feel safe wearing this helmet.

With 12 vents infused into this helmet, you will stay calm at all times, even after long hours of riding. Each time you sweat, the linings absorb the sweat, and then the vents keep your head fresh.

For best fitting, there is an adjustable dial and chin strap that will secure the helmet on your head. Overall, this is one low-budget helmet that will basically give your head the protection that it needs.


  • The fit and comfort are lovely.
  • Excellent low budget helmet.
  • It’s lightweight.
  • It’s both ASTM and CPSC certified for maximum safety.


  • This helmet is not suitable for motorsports.

2. Bell Star Wars Child & Toddler Bike Helmets

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This is the perfect helmet for your kid if they would be going out frequently for a ride. The beautiful design of elite soldiers will entice your kid into loving this helmet the more.

The construction of the Bell Star Wars is rugged and tough to give your child an added protection. There is also a padded interior alongside that provides comfort. The nylon straps are adjustable and ensure that the kid has a secure fit. This will, in turn, maximize safety.

Besides, the helmet has both top and rear vents to provide cooling to the head. The 12 vents ensure that you minimize sweating on the head.

If you are worried about the safety of this helmet, worry no more! The helmet complies with CPSC and ASTM standards. So your kid can go about riding his/her bike with this safety and durable helmet.


  • The helmet is lightweight and won’t be a burden on the head and neck of your child.
  • It’s affordable.
  • Sturdy enough to withstand small impacts from crashes.
  • Well-ventilated for cooling the kid’s head.


  • The helmet comes in small sizes and may not fit a toddler with a large head.

3. Giro Register MIPS Recreational Cycling Helmet

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If you are looking for a high-performance and lightweight helmet that will enhance your riding experience, Giro bike helmets are the helmets to go for.

The Giro brand is one of the most popular helmet brands on the planet. This helmet company is famous for making the best bike helmets. Founded in California in 1985, the company has stuck to its word of making innovatively-engineered helmets that will give the rider the freedom and joy of cycling.

The design of this Giro MIPS cycling helmet is world-class. It is integrated with MIPS, which provides extra layers of protection to your head by redirecting the energy of the hit. These Giro MIPS-equipped helmets reduce rotational forces so that the brain only receives a minor impact.

Besides, this helmet is made for comfort and fitting. It comes with Giro’s convenient Roc Loc Sport fit system that you can adjust for the perfect fitting of the helmet on your head. Simply turn the dial, and your helmet will be of the ideal fit in a matter of seconds.

The outer shell is constructed with polycarbonate, plus an impact-absorbing liner for added protection and better ventilation. Your head will remain cool even after hours of riding. This helmet is a perfect combination of style and lightweight construction.


  • The helmet is MIPS-constructed to help divert and reduce the amount of impact from a crash.
  • Ruggedly designed for absorbing major impacts.
  • The size and fitting of this helmet are universal. Simply buy and use.
  • Comes with 22 vents for proper airflow while riding.
  • Lightweight.
  • It’s snug enough and comfortably adjustable.


  • The visor might not stay pretty much longer if you are driving on rough terrain.

4. Victgoal Bike Helmet

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Whether you want to ride on rough terrain or a smooth road, this helmet will conveniently cover your needs.

When it comes to features, this helmet has it all. It is uniquely designed for surviving in different scenarios. The victgoal bike helmet has a detachable visor for protection from the weather elements. Also, it comes with an LED light magnetic goggle. This magnetic goggle comes with filter glare that efficiently protects your eyes. This works great for shortsighted riders.

If you love riding at night, you will enjoy this excellent helmet. There is an LED backlight with three modes in this helmet that warns cars and vehicles behind you about the direction you are riding next.

This helmet is somewhat streamlined. This streamline design reduces drag so that you ride comfortably and more securely. The outer shell is polycarbonate, plus it combines with an in-mold EPS foam liner too for increased safety. In terms of durability, you can count on this helmet.

The helmet comes with a free pouch bag, and that’s a plus. This carries your helmet conveniently when you are not riding. Victgoal is perfectly safe for use as it meets all CPSC safety regulations.


  • The helmet comes with a goggle and visor that are both windproof and dustproof.
  • The EPS liner is removable and washable.
  • Offers all-round protection due to its hard shell and EPS liner.
  • Has an aerodynamic design.
  • Extraordinarily comfortable and comes with adjustable dual fit straps.


  • The three points of attachment of the visor are not so strong and may break on impacts.

5. POC Octal Helmet

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The design of the POC Octal helmet is incredible. This high-performance helmet is engineered to offer comfort and the ventilation that you need.

Weighing just 1.61 pounds, this helmet provides added protection to the back of the head and temples through the EPS foam liner and sturdy shell. The shell and the EPS liner doesn’t increase the weight in whatever way.

POC adopted a very unique, technical approach as regards the venting system. Instead of manufacturing a helmet with so many vents, they decided to go small but this time, with bigger vents. This unique ventilation design improves the general airflow within the helmet and enhances aerodynamic performance.

When it comes to comfort, this helmet has got it. It comes with adjustable straps and Coolbest padding for a secure fit.


  • The helmet is well-ventilated.
  • Comes with adjustable straps for better fitting.
  • Sturdy shell construction for absorbing impacts.
  • Comfortable.


  • This helmet isn’t MIPS but still does well in providing safety to the head.
  • Not so stylish.

6. Mokfire Adult Bike Helmet

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If you are more concerned about safety and style, this helmet would be a perfect choice for you.

The Mokfire helmet is more than a helmet. It offers all-round safety. One of the best features of this helmet is the detachable rear light. In case you don’t know what this is, it’s a taillight that notifies the people behind you about your next direction.

It is similar to the trafficator we have in cars. The rear light has two modes – steady mode and slow flashing mode. Once you press the switch, the light will come on; press it the second time, and it will turn to flash mode. If you turn it off, press it again. Amazing, isn’t it?

The helmet is made with a durable ABS shell and EPS foam liner for added security and comfort. This EPS foam is removable and washable. The cool pads plus the ventilation system will keep your head fresh by absorbing sweat.

Besides, the sleek design of this helmet prevents UV light and rain from getting into your eyes. The visor is perfectly infused to provide safety during a commute.

If you are worried about this helmet fitting into your large head, worry no more! The dial fit retention system allows you to adjust the circumference so that it fits into your head perfectly.


  • It’s comfortable and secure on the head. Just adjust and snap the strap.
  • Improved airflow within the helmet.
  • Sturdy enough to absorb impacts.
  • Comes with an in-built rear light to provide visibility.


  • It’s slightly expensive but great value for money.

7. Traverse Dirus 2-in-1 Convertible Helmet

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The Dirus helmet is now the best helmet gives you full protection for head and neck.

The designs of the helmets are upgraded. It is our belief that no helmet is seasonally restrained.

The helmet is here to give the answer of all adventurous call of the outside matter all the year round.

The helmet is fit for all sizes of heads. We are here to give you only three sizes.

Select a small one if your size of the head is 51 to 55 cm. for your medium size head, you can choose 55 to 59 cm. for the large head, and you can choose a helmet from 59 to 63 cm.


  • It has goggles clip to keep eyewear
  • To save from temperature it has ten vents, ABS shell exterior also foam, EPS interior shock absorbent
  • Removable plush earmuffs for safety or warmth, the pocket to keep headphones
  • Replaceable foam piece to turn into a bike helmet
  • Good deal to fit well. Measure your head with measuring tape. Keep the tape one inch above eyebrows and hold it to the widest part of the head

8. Smith Optics Unisex Sports Helmet

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All weather, innovative Holt helmet is designed by the Smith Optics, may be customized with having convertible pad kit to preserve lid warm over the winter slope, may be cool for the summer skate park.

Moisture and temperature management, the goggles and the helmets are the significant factors to enjoy all day riding.

The Smith Optic’s Dual Regulator system individually maintains the rear and the front section of venting.

The rear vents pass heat air, but the vents are sealed front the end keeps your head cool if needed.

Escape from the ice cream headache due to cold air blasting to your forehead.

The Smith’s AirEvac system removes warm and generates more airflow, keeps the head dry, fog caused air through the air channels. The system also makes the goggles clear.

The system is no doubt effective with Smith helmet as well as Smith goggle.

Smith likes to make Bombshell ensure long lasting power against dings or dents, surely more head protection or safety.

An additional Skullcandy Audio System integrates to the helmet’s padding, give you the chance to listen to your dear playlists while riding half pipe walls or rails.


  • Convertible Pad Kit added for the use for all years
  • Control airflow climate
  • Fourteen vents
  • Removable goggle lock
  • Ear pads and Bombshell construction

9. Premium Quality Airflow Bike Helmet

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The helmet is very light. The plastic mold or the cushioned structure makes stylish design or a sleek.

There are lots of passes through makes the ventilation well, maintains the weight absolutely minimum.

The removable visor aids to configure the helmet per your needs. I would like to keep the visor off, and I have not seen it with the helmet.

The straps are standard like other brands in the market. I do not face problem to choose a comfortable and fit helmet.


  • Rigid eps protective layer
  • Well ventilation
  • Breaking innovative patented system
  • Cutting edge well design

10. Bell Women’s Thalia Bike Helmet

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The helmet is comfortable enough. The visor is not very functional. It does not block the elements if you are riding not detachable.

We like to deliver helmet with scuff marks or strange scratch on both sides.

The color of the helmet is great. We are hopeless as we ordered through Prime 2 days shipping for hoping to use next day and we are given pressure to use it for more days.

The purchase is doubtless. You may try another brand for the next time.


  • the helmet is just for women
  • sixteen vents aid to keep the head cool
  • one step adjustment and true fit
  • tapeless technology, as well as made in the visor
  • fits head size 54 to 58 cm

11. Louis Garneau Course Helmet

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During making Louis Garneau set helmet, they have not forgotten the most significant thing – air.

Air is an essential element to keep your head cool for which you can truly go ahead riding.

The other benefit of it is that you can take the facilities of aerodynamics. Its consequence is Course Helmet.

There is no slouch to the air tunnel. The important thing is that the helmet is comfortable to use.

Great for the summer season for a long drive. The Course will ensure the safety of your head via Garneau’s Spiderlock PRO II retention method, and Garneau adds spider lock vision light that adds to the preservation deal to develop the visibility to the motorists. There are anti-microbial X-static XT2 pads inside the helmet.


  • Shell Material: Polycarbonate
  • Fit Adjustment: Spiderlock Pro
  • Impact Foam: EPS foam
  • Claimed Weight: 250 g
  • Certifications: CPSC, ASTM, CEN-AS 2063

Features You Should Look Out for in a Best-Looking Bike Helmet?

When it comes to head safety, you can’t take it away from the helmet. There are various features that you should look out for in the best bike helmet. They include:

Helmet Safety Standards

The manufacturers need to ensure that their products meet the safety standards of the stated country. If these manufacturers don’t comply with the different safety standards of their respective countries of distribution, such products won’t be allowed in circulation. It will jeopardize the safety of the biker.

Research has shown that head injuries and concussions that should have been prevented may occur as a result of uncertified helmets. Before you purchase any helmet, ensure that it’s certified according to the safety standards of the country of purchase.

Helmet Fit

The fitting of your helmet has a direct impact on its efficiency. If a helmet doesn’t fit into the head, both safety and comfort are jeopardized.

Ensure that you always try a helmet to be particular about its comfort. Most helmets come with manufacturer’s sizing so you can check the guide to be sure you are buying the right size.

Adjustment/ Retention System

This is another consideration to keep in mind. For maximum comfort, the helmet should be adjustable. The retention system makes the helmet look more secure on your head.

When trying a helmet, adjust the straps and tighten the retention system. If the helmet is bobbing around the head, then it’s proof that such a helmet isn’t ideal for your head shape.

Helmet Comfort & Padding

The right-sizing, adjustment and padding system all contribute to how comfortable the helmet would be on your head. If the helmet isn’t comfortable, then it isn’t secure enough, and that would mean endangering your safety.

You should make sure that your helmet has the right padding that you wouldn’t find itchy on the inside.

Bike Helmet Venting

The fact is venting is one of the least features manufacturers infuse into their helmets. However, it’s one crucial feature that will improve the overall design of a helmet.

A well-ventilated helmet will reduce the chances of the biker sweating. Aerodynamics have become a trend in helmets these days, and bikers love it when their performance is not hampered because of drag.

The combination of aerodynamics and vents sums up a perfect helmet.

Bike Helmet Weight

The lighter the helmet, the more comfortable it is. If you drive for more extended periods, you will need your helmet to be lightweight. Heavy helmets will be bulky on your head and neck in the long run.

MIPS Vs. Non-MIPS Bike Helmets: Which is Better?

MIPS is an acronym for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. It is a technology that allows head rotation and reduces rotational forces that result from impacts.

What MIPS in a helmet does is to offer additional, low friction, double layer of protection to the head, particularly the brain. It serves as the brain’s protection system. So when there is an angled hit, the helmet slides on the MIPS to minimize rotational injuries that will be transferred to the brain. This reduces the chance of getting a concussion.

Non-MIPS helmets do not have this added protection benefit. So when there is a major rotational impact on the helmet, there is no additional layer that will prevent the hit from getting into the brain.

Various testers, including independent testers all, claim that MIPS helmets are the safest for use. MIPS helmets protects you against uncommon impacts, unlike the non-MIPS helmets. This is the reason why manufacturers put this in their helmets.

Aerodynamic Helmets: What Are They?

Most helmets manufactured these days come with the aerodynamics feature.

The fact is if you want an aerodynamic helmet, then your helmet will have less ventilation. It’s somewhat impossible to have a balance of both. What aerodynamics does in a helmet is to reduce drag. By reducing drag, it is conserving energy so that your ride will be smoother.

Aerodynamic helmets are suitable for those who would be riding long hours on the road, particularly during time trials.

User Tips

  • You should wear the helmet level so that it covers your forehead. Avoid wearing it tilted back because it would leave your forehead exposed, increasing the chances of sustaining a major impact.
  • If the helmet is of the correct size, but not comfortable, try adjusting the fit dial, side buckles, and chin strap. The helmet will feel secured on your head after doing this.
  • Don’t store your helmet under direct sunlight. Extreme heat will degrade the paddings and materials, which will compromise its safety.
  • A helmet is meant to be used for a maximum of five years. You should replace your helmet once it’s involved in a crash or has exceeded five years of use.
  • Finding the best fit is difficult. Try several models to ensure that you have the best fit.

What Type of Helmet do I Need?

Most of the bike helmets are made of EPS foam along with a thin piece of plastic shell.

The shell holds the foam together after the first impact. It aids the helmet skid simply on the rough road to escape jerking on your neck.

Some helmets are made of molding foams in the shell instead of adding shell later.

What Type of helmet do I Need

Be cautious of gimmicks. You desire to get a smoothly round outer shell, without snag points or sharp ribs.

The meaning of excessive vent is less foam over your head. The aero helmets are very faster, knocks the helmet aside and tail can not snag. The skinny straps are less comfortable.

For the motorists, the dark helmets are hard to see. The Rigid visors may shatter or snag if the helmet falls.

Helmet standard does not care for this problem. The matter is just up to you.

Different Types of Bike Helmet

You may have noticed some helmets that have different designs and modes of construction. While most helmets are designed to offer a certain degree of head protection, they are constructed for different riding experiences. We are going to list and explain the main ones here:

Road Bike Helmets

Road bike helmets are one of the most frequent types of bike helmets worn by bikers and cyclists. Manufacturers design this type of helmet primarily for everyday road use. They are sleek, and much emphasis is placed on the venting, weight,  and comfort.

Mountain Bike Helmets

Mountain bike helmets are other popular types of headgear. They are more rugged than a road bike helmet, primarily because the biker is likely to crash at any point in time. They usually come with front visor because of the tricky lighting conditions on the trails. This type of helmet prevents sunlight and rain from penetrating the eyes.

Commuter Helmets

Also known as city helmets, this type of helmet is more casual, basic, and has less venting since you are likely not going to sweat in it. They are mostly worn during commuting in the urban centers and comes in different designs to suit the biker’s clothes.

Time Trial Helmets

This type of helmet is distinctively designed for use in triathlons. You must have seen pros wear this type of helmet during several cycling championships. Most manufacturers of this type of helmet focus on the aerodynamic design, rather than the vents.

Downhill Helmets

Downhill helmets are like motorbike helmets because they offer full-face protection, the chin area inclusive. However, they are lighter because downhill cycling is extreme and fast, and it wouldn’t be ideal to have a weighty helmet as your gear. It would somewhat pull you back.

Kids Helmets

Kids helmets come in small sizes, usually from ages 1 – 8. They come in diverse colors, designs, and some additional features like cartoon characters as a form of appealing. These helmets fit comfortably on the kid’s head and are sturdy enough to offer maximum head protection.

How To Choose A Best Looking Cycle Helmet

Best Looking Bike Helmets FAQs

When should you replace your bike helmet?

If you were involved in a crash with your helmet and it got impacted, you should start thinking of replacing it. Whether there are visible marks, dents, cracks, or not, you should replace it. There is every chance that the helmet has been compromised.

Also, if your helmet is over four years old, it’s high time that you upgraded it.

Are cheap bike helmets safe?

The simple answer is no. Most cheap bike helmets are usually low in quality and won’t guarantee head safety. These cheap ones are also heavy, unlike expensive ones that are lighter and more secured.

How much does a good bike helmet cost?

Although there are different types of bikes, the price ranges between $70 and $180. Kids’ bike helmets cost way less. Features such as aerodynamic shape, sleek design, vents will likely cause an excellent helmet to cost higher.

Why are POC helmets so expensive? 

POC is a reputable and trusted brand. Their helmets are designed for overall head protection, and comes with additional features.

Does dropping a helmet ruin it? 

Yes. It may compromise its durability.

Final Words & Recommendation

In extreme situations, bike helmets are lifesavers. The degree of damages is reduced when you mount the best bike helmet on your head.

The best bike helmet may seem complicated to choose, especially if you are a beginner. Thanks to this review, it would now be easy to select a helmet from this article.

Based on quality and durability, I would recommend the Giro Register MIPS Recreational Cycling Helmet. However, if you are looking for a low budget helmet that isn’t a pushover, then you should opt for the OutdoorMaster Skateboard Cycling Helmet.

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