Motorcycle Helmet Reviews 2019

Motorcycle became popular in the year 1950s film “Rebel Without a Cause.” The practice of motorcycle became popular in American society first. The thoughts of rubber bike or motorcycle riding on the highway to go to their destination pervaded cinema of the imagination of many people. If you are searching the best motorcycle helmet 2019, here is an awesome list for you that is 100% researched by motorcycle helmet experts.

A motorcyclist knows it well that a helmet will not save the life of a rider. It would make your drive stylish and smooth, really?

For using a good helmet, you can spend money to have a weatherproof, aerodynamic, easy to match and easily adjustable helmet.

Why wear a helmet?

A helmet is essential security equipment for a motorcycle rider. But serious head injuries are one number reason for the motorcycle accidents. For accident, you may break your arms, legs or if service you may bring serious injuries with you.

The brain damage can be the significant damage for you, or this may be the end of your life. For such case, a helmet will help you from all kinds of major injuries. It will save your head.

If you buy the high-quality helmet, well-chosen helmet, you may be saved from many crashes. The helmet is made of tough outer shell, carbon fiber, Kevlar weave, fiberglass with a softer liner.

The function of a helmet is to save you from any accident. As you have no idea when and where the accident may happen, you have to use it to save your brain. It ensures better and safe ride.

It is better to think that you are saving enough by wearing the helmet. This is the result of the study that wearing helmet reduces the risk of head injury up to 69% and reduce the risk of death up to 29%.

Benefits Of Wearing A Safety Motorcycle Helmet

There are many advantages of using the helmet, and they are very much vivid.

The most benefit of using the helmet is that at the time of collision one thing is only between you and death that is the helmet.

best motorcycle helmet

Suppose, you are in a crash into an oncoming bus or car, you are thrown into the car’s windshield. For such case, a helmet will save your skull from fracturing.

If you fall into the pavement or skid out on the road, a helmet is your companion to save you from that is known as road rash.

You have a right choice to select the helmet. You are in fact good looking figure, and easily coming to the eye of the drivers, you will fall less in the accident.

The insurance company will lessen your rates, as they know that you have used the top rated safe equipment.

Lastly wearing a helmet means that you have good respect for the law, you will not pull over for the police. If you are not in the severe injury, maybe you are getting a steep fine will inspire you.

What to Look for  a Best Motorcycle Helmet 2019

There are many results that the helmet will save you from the severe accident. Before buying the helmet, you have to consider the features of a helmet. Each will save your life from an accident.

best motorcycle helmet

Safety Ratings

A good looking helmet is beautiful no doubt, but this does not mean that it will save you from an accident. So this is better to consult with the safety rating of a helmet.

There have three top rate organizations who are giving best-rated helmet for security measures” The ECE 22.02, the U.S. Department of Transportation, and U.N Economic Commission for Europe.

Sheel 2010 is an organization that makes the helmet from the death of Pete Sheel, a racer who died from head injuries.

Helmet Size and the Shape of Your Head

There are various sizes of heads and for this; the companies are trying to make the different kinds of Helmet. The way they make the helmet of different size of heads is also important.

It will protect the head. Before buying the helmet, use fingers to measure the area that does not fit snugly on the head.

Type of Impact Absorbing Liner

Your helmet should be made with flexible materials. It requires redistributing the force of direct hit so that you are not injured during the accident. Most of the companies use foam materials or Styrofoam to make the helmet.

best motorcycle helmet

Retention System

The best helmet should have one of these. Most of the people know, this is a chin strap. It will make the head safe during the accident and will help to do the job at higher velocities.

Helmet Ventilation

Ventilation is also an important factor for the helmet. There is no impact of ventilation on the helmet, but proper ventilation will make your comfort while using it. A good ventilation of the helmet is less hot and would not feel you like a sweat box.

The helmet has a snug fit but has a lot of ventilation ports. So wind may come and go inside the helmet freely. You will be sweat free and comfortable at the time of riding the motorcycle.


Before buying the helmet, considering the price is also a good factor. Most of the customers consider the price of the helmet.

This is not the factor at all. You have to make a good research on it, and finally, you need to select one that is most protective. Then you will be sure that you are spending money on a good deed.


There is some warranty with some of the helmets. This will add more value to your helmet and a good addition. The warranty will ensure the power to rectify the problem without paying more for anything else

Evaluate the Materials

You have to consider the other factors of the helmet that are the materials of the helmet. You need to emphasize much on the outer shell of the helmet. The material will ensure the strength of the helmet.

Plastic: Plastic is a material that is a must to make a helmet. The material should be lightweight. As plastic is flimsy, many technologies have been incorporated to make it more rigid to withstand impact.

Fiberglass: If you desire to have a helmet made from the contemporary material, this is the best choice for you. They will be superb regarding the shock absorption. But compare with plastic, this is best to prone to cracks as materials are more brittle.

Kevlar: As you are thinking about the protection, this is the best option. Compare the fiberglass; this one is 20% lighter is made from Kevlar, it gives protection that is incomparable.


The Followings Are Category Wise List of Best Motorcycle Helmet 2019


Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

best motorcycle helmet


Shoei RF-1200 Helmet

Shoei RF-1200 Helmet

Shoei is a famous name in the field of motorcycle helmets. Every year, they are trying to make various models of it. This time you will be acquainted with a helmet named Shoei RF1200.

The helmet is reliable, trendy and lightweight. The weight of the helmet is three pound and six oz. This is not the lightest helmets in the world.

But sure the full face lightest helmet has been made by the Shoei until today. The helmet came with Snell and DOT certification ensures quality and reliability of the helmet.

At the time of making the helmet, the company is giving more emphasis on three factors like the aerodynamics, the shell structure, and the EPS liner.

The company is more serious about the cosmetic aspect, the technical sides as Shoei liked to make a helmet that stands out in all parameters. With some others factors let us considers these things more:

Features of Shoei RF-1200 Helmet

  • Lighter, smaller and compact design, aerodynamic, more emphasis is given to the noise reduction except blocking roads noise.
  • Four shell sizes give a custom fit
  • Dual density EPS liner makes compact design except for compromising ventilation flow
  • Having chin curtain and breath guard
  • Good ventilation for rigorous wind tunnel testing.
  • Fogless having pin lock system
  • More visibility for the riders, the color, is more vivid for the road users,
  • Well ventilation, better fitment, and pin lock visor
  • Lightweight
  • Maybe the quietest model of the Shoei helmets

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Shark RAW Blank Helmet

Shark RAW Blank Helmet

Shark Raw Helmet brings differences between the conventional full faced helmet and the half shell open faced helmet.

A hybrid motorcycle helmet or a three by four helmet the Shark Raw has obtained the style. The model is made for urban café racer crowd; the Shark Raw adds style and up-leveled safety.

The helmet is made of the detachable face mask, goggles, and thermoplastic shell. The goggles are premium Carl Zeiss anti-scratch glass and double wall.

It is also detachable from the vented face mask; you may choose only goggles, the face mask and neither.

The Shark Race Pro R helmet is made of bamboo fibers. The internal part is fully removable for cleaning. The Hybrid Motorcycle Helmet is made easily install the Sharktooth communicator for Bluetooth capabilities.

Features of Shark RAW Blank Helmet

  • Street Fighter inspired
  • Aerodynamic and lightweight
  • Five years warranty
  • Double pane anti-fog lens
  • Quick release face mask and goggle system
  • Well fitting
  • Quiet, ready Bluetooth
  • Top notch quality and par with high-end full face
  • Cheek pads are well furnished, not thinner and do not ensure chipmunk cheeks.
  • Goggles are proprietary so you must use ones that are found with the helmet.

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Arai XD4 Helmet

Arai XD4 Helmet

The Arai XD4 appeared to the market with three important features like peak only, peak and face shield. The pad of the XD-4 has cheek pads which feature 5mm away pads. It helps the riders to tailor the fit.

The helmet permits the face shield to function adequately under the standard peak. For ADV riders the Arai XD-4 is the best models. The helmet will give you safety, comfort, and quality.

Features of Arai XD4 Helmet

  • Intermediate-round oval size
  • Shell shape and new exhaust ports
  • Quick check pad remove method
  • New big size cowl vents
  • Washable, Replaceable and removable interior
  • It seems I have stolen if from the master chief as he does not notice it.
  • Versatility peak, shield and goggles combination
  • The street helmet has made the way dual sports arena. Switches in toggles are simple to maintain. Their direction is intuitive. As you open it, you will fell stream of cool air. They will perform well and do it well.
  • The top is fixed well. The shield snaps close with a solid thunk. The pad is superior to my Quantum 2 Tts vivid to me. They have developed the touchy feely top.
  • This is on the heavy side

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Bell Qualifier Unisex Full Face Street Helmet

Bell Qualifier Unisex Full Face Street Helmet

The Bell Qualifier Helmet is made with the aerodynamic shell as well as Bell’s exclusive ClickRelease face shield method. There are many wonderful features with the helmet.

The helmet has a clear visor. I have also bought a dark smoke visor. The visor is perfect for the daytime. The helmet is easy in the sense that you may able to change shield easily. It will take only ten to fifteen seconds.

I can easily take the breath through my nose and mouth by wearing this helmet. I bought it, and I am happy now.

Use it 130 degrees a day and enjoy it like a champ. I have bought one Bell Qualifier Helmet for me to use it during the summer or in the town.

Features of Bell Qualifier Unisex Full Face Street Helmet

  • Lightweight ABS shell or polycarbonate construction
  • Click release shield for easy fast and tool-free shield replacement
  • Padded wind collar reduces the wind as well as road noise
  • NutraFog II anti-scratch or anti-fog and UV saved shield
  • Washable or removable interior. Integrated speaker pockets, contoured cheek pads. Industry leading five years warranty. Padded chin strap with D-ring closure.
  • light weight, Low price, fit and finish,
  • Face shield will remain as you like it
  • The price is excellent
  • Transition shield are found
  • Gives much air
  • Excellent aerodynamics
  • There is no chin curtain found
  • Air noise wise surely no 100% hope of isolation

>>Check Price of Bell Qualifier Unisex Full Face Street Helmet<<


AGV K3 Helmet

AGV K3 Helmet

Suppose you are leading your life with the fixed budget. But you should buy a motorcycle helmet. The AGV K3 is just for your choice. There are no alternatives to it. The helmet is made with special care to satisfy eye desire.

The price is very reasonable as it would not break the bank. The ventilation system is well designed and keeps the head and neck cool all the time.

The interior part of the helmet is made with Dri-Lex material to save the skin and scalp from moisture.

The material is durable and comfortable, but would not change the airflow. Moreover, the clear shield will work as an anti-fog saver as it will work proficiently for all types of weathers.

Features of AGV K3 Helmet

  • One size shell
  • Rear extractors and enough space to air intake
  • HIR-TH resistant thermoplastic resin shell
  • Sheel size is one
  • Dry-Lex liner padding is washable and removable excluding neckroll
  • Street eight clear face shield is anti-fog polycarbonate or anti scratch.
  • The price is reasonable
  • Has minimal weight, thermoplastic shell creates use of a comfy liner having well vented.
  • A comfortable fit and good visibility
  • The flat back design is excellent; the design is sleek enough.
  • Over speed may create little noise bit louder may not pull the head

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Best Open Face Motorcycle Helmets

best motorcycle helmet

Bell Custom 500 Unisex Open Face Street Helmet

Bell Custom 500 Unisex Open Face Street Helmet

The model is very significant for having the alternative of removing the full lining. The model will keep the helmet in a secure place in the cold looking motorcycle face helmet hall of fame, but it has a practical purpose.

The lines and the curves give minimal wind resistance and decrease sound and noise for wind resistance.

The vision holds special coating to save from the fog build up and highly resistant to bruising or scratches.

You have the chance to keep your line of light clear and unobstructed by damage. This is a good full face motorcycle helmet. The helmet has the high level of performance and comes with high-end value.

Features of Bell Custom 500 Unisex Open Face Street Helmet

  • EPS liner sizes, Low-Profile Composite Shell 5 shell and give a low profile look
  • Bacteria protective interior Multi Density EPS liner
  • Integrated five snap pattern for the market shields as well as visors
  • D-ring has padded chin strap, strap keeper Leather D-ring pull.
  • Five years warranty for the helmet.
  • Ensure more security
  • At the time of high speeds no problem
  • Rigid plastic metal
  • Various sizes
  • Weight is lightweight
  • You can not like the leather color but is not a bog issue

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Shoei RJ Platinum R Open-Face Helmet

Shoei RJ Platinum R Open-Face Helmet

Shoei RJ Platinum R Open-Face Helmet Open Face helmets have got much popularity as the price is reasonable. It is very convenient. The helmet is aerodynamically refined and calm.

The other features of the helmet are washable and removable interior, remarkable riding experience, enhanced ventilation.

Shoei has beautiful craftsmanship and enough safety technology. You will get world premier open faced helmet.

Features of Shoei RJ Platinum R Open-Face Helmet

  • It is Lightweight, Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus AIM shell
  • Snaps for aftermarket shields
  • Rear exhausts vents and adjustable top intake
  • Shell integrated spoiler
  • Dual density EPS liner
  • SNELL M2010 approved and Shell
  • Various models are found
  • The best type of helmet I have ever used
  • Shoei is made with light supersonic materials
  • The product is found only in U.S
  • It will be different look to different people.

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LS2 Helmets OF569 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

LS2 Helmets OF569 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

One of the great helmets in the market nowadays, the LS2 Of 569 is the uncommon helmet in the world today. The outside is hot, and the inside of cool, obtain some air at the time of stopping or filling the tank.

The helmet has Ergo Touch control sun visor that retracts and drops touching the button.

The moisture wicking is very comfortable and odor resistance along with antibacterial. You can wash it, and all parts are removable. Air dry and hand wash liner.

The chinstrap has three points attachment size to preserve helmet to roll off if you need it more. There is a quick remove buck to create it get easy off and on.

Features of LS2 Helmets OF569 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

  • 3/4 design shell, Open face offers protection added with a big field of visibility
  • optically correct shield, Flip-up, plus built-in Ergo Touch Control sun visor is easy to control light and air you deal with
  • Flow and adjustable ventilation to keep control over the product.
  • Quick release buckle with three point’s chinstrap for confirm fit and remain on your head.
  • DOT approved helmet add more confidence and HPTT composite shell.
  • Fantastic visibility
  • The helmet is comfortable enough
  • Pocket for intercom speakers if you like to install
  • The plush liner is made of breathable fabric and is removable and washable.
  • The clip does up and comes off easily.
  • Shape is round than oval
  • Chin strap over Velcro

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HJC IS-33 II Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

HJC IS-33 II Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

It is a full face CW brigade opts helmet, but sometimes circumstance and preference may dictate dropping the chin bar.

You have the chance to take the bee in the face of the high wind. The HJC IS-33 is a shield equipped open faced helmet.

With reasonable price, you will get the very wonderful helmet that has got DOT approved. The polycarbonate shell is the easily accessible vent and clean contours. It helps to breathe well.

The painting of the helmet is very excellent. The Anti-odor interior or the Silvercool antibacterial part is comfortable, plush and removable to wash.

Features of HJC IS-33 II Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

  • Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell – superior fit, lightweight, comfort using upgraded CAD technology
  • Multiple density EPS liner, Impact absorbing,
  • 1Touch Patent Pending Integrated SunShield – Smoke-tinted SunShield deploys easily and quickly – Three Stage Multiple positions along with locking system – Anti-Scratch 3D face shield gives 95% UV protection
  • tool-less removal, QuickSlide shield system, and installation [HJ-17] – SunShields available, Multiple Optional Face shields
  • ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation Process – Full front for the back airflow flushes heat as well as humidity up to out
  • Enough room for earplugs and headphones
  • Odor free and moisture wicking interior along with Advanced SuperCool Antibacterial fabric
  • Washable, comfortable and removable grooved interior to the temple area for the users who like to wear glasses
  • The helmet is fantastic. It is quiet, light, sun visor or face shield are crystal clear.
  • The flow of air is good
  • Heavy for some cases
  • Create high noise when high speed

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Bell Powersports 500 Street Helmet

Bell Powersports 500 Street Helmet

Would you like to get a fantastic motorcycle helmet for your head? If the answer is yes go for the Bell Solid Custom 500 Touring Helmet.

The helmet is made with a sleek Mate Black and great to look at. It had five years warranty by the company and got DOT certificate.

The helmet is made of a chin strap that preserves the helmet snugly over your head and without feeling restrictive and uncomfortable.

Features of Bell Powersports 500 Street Helmet

  • Multi Density EPS liner
  • Low-Profile Carbon Composite Shell
  • Five shell and EPS liner sizes ensure a degrade profile look
  • Anti-bacterial leather or microsuede interior
  • Integrated five snap pattern for visors and aftermarket shields
  • Padded chin strap with strap keeper and D-ring closure
  • Leather goggle strap
  • Leather D-ring pull
  • Very compact, so you don’t end up looking like a mushroom.
  • The helmet is well built, as hope from Bell
  • The fit was is well as you hope; snug and comfortable
  • For the individual, it will take time to set the material inside

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Best Half Face Motorcycle Helmets

best half face motorcycle helmet


Best Half-Face Motorcycle Helmets

Best Half-Face Motorcycle Helmets

Bell Rogue Helmet is just like a cross between Mad Max and Darth Vader. The helmet is a new kid in the staid of the half helmet.

The frame is lightweight. The shield is made to resist the wind, bugs and cold. It will give open face helmet features and very comfortable.

Riders will feel comfortable to use it. The showstopper is Rogues muzzle. Bell has designed to decorate The Rouge with the safe liner or a plush liner.

Features of Bell Powersports 500 Street Helmet

  • Washable or removable interior. Very useful speaker pockets
  • Metal badges or stainless steel D-rings. Has five years warranty by the industry
  • Composite shell lightweight. Three shells and EPS structure for personalized adjustment
  • Removable liner, durable. Fid-Lock magnetic connection for simple muzzle removal or connection.
  • Excellent Fit
  • Comfortable
  • Simple to adjust and use
  • Ensures way ahead of schedule
  • Will be seemed in the picture
  • Seems bulky not sleek.
  • I liked to get gloss Black but given me Matte Black. Meaning wrong color delivered.

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Bell Pit Boss Unisex-Adult Half Street Helmet

Bell Pit Boss Unisex-Adult Half Street Helmet

The Pit Boss helmet is another great scooter helmet if you like to have a half helmet. It gives users rating four points three, and weight is three pound. It has got the approval of DOT and saved helmet in the name of half helmet.

The helmet comes with you five years warranty like Shoei helmet. It has a retractable shield that is simply flipped up and down.

Bell does its functions well as it has an adjustable speed dial. This aids to reduce the helmet to lift the head.

The size of the helmet is wonderful and fits great over the head. The flip down visor of the helmet is nice. You can remove the neck curtain for cold weather.

People who like to listen to music on the road; the helmet comes with speakers pockets. For this, you can set up communicative devices on the helmet. Bottom line: good helmet if you like to get a half helmet.

Features of Bell Pit Boss Unisex-Adult Half Street Helmet

  • Three Shell or three EPS sizes for concise fit
  • Anti-bacterial microfiber liner
  • Innovative Speed Dial adjustable fit system
  • Composite shell is lightweight
  • The other plus is removable visor
  • Begins with low composite shell
  • It is round but less than the others, and it will adjust around your head and top of it.
  • An excellent finishing with smooth steel and comes with paint schemes and minimal rivets.
  • Small lift up at seventy plus mph.
  • The matte black finish will not remain for a long time. Small stones and bugs chip it off easily.

>>Check Price of Bell Pit Boss Unisex-Adult Half Street Helmet <<


Fuel Helmets SH-HHFL66 Half Helmet

Fuel Helmets SH-HHFL66 Half Helmet

The SH-HHFL66 HH Half Helmet is a wonderful helmet on the market now who like to buy the greatest helmet. The helmet is fit for everyone and has got DOT certificate. There is a lot of protection on this helmet.

There is no comparison of this lightweight shell with other. It is made with the lowest profile for the Department of Transportation. There is a thermoplastic shell, can take a lot of damage, without becoming ineffective or breaking.

At the time of riding the helmet will save the eye from the rays of the sun as there is a screw on a visor.

Features of Fuel Helmets SH-HHFL66 Half Helmet

  • UV clear coated paint
  • DOT FMVSS N218 approved
  • Lightweight shell
  • Lowest profile structure approved by DOT
  • Matching color screw on “beak” style visor
  • UV clear coated paint
  • DOT FMVSS N.218 approved
  • Lightweight thermoplastic shell
  • Lowest profile structure approved by DOT
  • Color matched screw-with “beak” style visor
  • Found in gloss black and flat black finishes in different sizes
  • the chin is very close to the throat
  • it was ½ inch forward and hundred percent fit

>>Check Price of Fuel Helmets SH-HHFL66 Half Helmet <<


HJC Solid IS-Cruiser Half Motorcycle Helmet

HJC Solid IS-Cruiser Half Motorcycle Helmet

If you like to buy motorbike headgear, you have to take into your consideration all the elements. You should have considered comfortableness, affordability, and suitability.

If you have acquisition, you must admire wearing in; this is up to the budget of your buying.

Features of HJC Solid IS-Cruiser Half Motorcycle Helmet

  • Integrated smoked sun shield deploys easily
  • Adjusted smoked sun protection deploys simply
  • Moisture and plush- wicking Nylex inside
  • Nylon Strap D-Ring retention method.
  • Washable along with removable anti-bacterial liner
  • It will remain well and feels substantial
  • The eye shield is great without and with the sunglasses underneath.
  • It is cruiser like the solution without all full face each time you hop on the motorcycle.
  • Function well than appearance
  • Bit noisy at the time of high speed.

>>Check Price of HJC Solid IS-Cruiser Half Motorcycle Helmet<<


Best Modular Helmets

Best Modular Helmets


Shoei Neotec Matte Black Modular Helmet

Shoei Neotec Matte Black Modular Helmet

The Shoei Neotec Helmet comes to your consideration for some great reasons. This is a full face protection helmet.

There are lots of options with the helmet. You can easily raise the face shield or chin bar. You can also freely take the breath.

The helmet has differents colors. So everyone will get the desired thing from this type of helmet.

The helmet is tested well and has got DOT certificate. There is a guarantee that you will remain to save with all respect if you buy the helmet. The helmet has lots of safety protection. Besides, it is incredibly comfortable.

Features of Shoei Neotec Matte Black Modular Helmet

  • Full faced helmet to ensure enough safety.’
  • Big lock release button to handle easily by wearing gloves
  • The helmet is made of high-quality stainless materials and 360 Pivot Locking System.
  • Secure and safe closure at the time of chin bar down locked position
  • Face shield rotates by a smooth precision of the single axis point. Chin bar is lightweight.
  • Dual layer EPS liner gives enhanced impact absorption when not impeding cooling air flow
  • Washable, removable along with replaceable liner
  • Three positions upper bend for more air intake
  • Three dimensionally shaped is perfect for the riders head
  • big top and bottom bent shutters with riding gloves for the ease of use.
  • Having dramatically upgraded cool air and hot air intake
  • It is made with high quality; face shield detents are fresh and will work against the wind speed.
  • The pin lock will work well against most humid.

>>Check Current Price of Shoei Neotec Matte Black Modular Helmet<<


AGV Numo Modular Motorcycle Helmet

AGV Numo Modular Motorcycle Helmet

AGV is a typical design road rider- touring types and urban riders who do not like the sportbike tuck position. There are some great modular crash helmets.

The design is compact, has little tricks up and an excellent sharp safety rating with hundred percent is locking chin guards. It has two big tricks with the AGV compact’s box for ensuring safety.

It has got four points out of five in Sharp crash helmet safety test. This is not the maximum score, but it is very good. You may depend on this type of helmet for your safety or security of the head.

Features of Shoei Neotec Matte Black Modular Helmet

  • Thermoplastic shell
  • A new visor mechanism having anti-fog visor
  • Comfort padding and removable nose with a Dri-lex fabric
  • Has a new visor to resist fog
  • Chin front and side air vents along with top air vent adding rear extractors
  • Valentino Rossi Replica helmet and GP-Tech lines graphics create the helmet ideal helmet for fans and young riders of the competition world
  • Only one full-face thermoplastic size of the AGV range
  • The K 3 is supposed to near the AGV range entry stage
  • It is perfect for using in the city but creates more sound with the great speeds.
  • Price is bit higher.

>>Check Price of Shoei Neotec Matte Black Modular Helmet<<


Dual Visor Modular Motorcycle Snowmobile Helmet

Dual Visor Modular Motorcycle Snowmobile Helmet

IV2 Most Advanced Modular Dual Visor Adult Helmet: 1 button, 1 hand Flip-up System may alter helmet from Full-face to Open-face; waterproof and Glove-friendly controls; Sweat Absorbing Inner, EPS Impact Absorption Inner Liner; Liner; Fully Washable and Removable  Interior; Advanced lightweight lasting shell – Advanced Thermoplastic Shell Technology; pure maintain Retractable Anti-scratch Sun Visor; totally Vented Through-out: Advanced Ventilation process gives Best Air Flow; Stainless Steel Double D-Rings Strap with button; 10 Venting Ports; got DOT Certified(non-removable graphics on the back); may use like Snowmobile Helmet; appears a Cloth Helmet Bag New In Box; Model IV2 # 953

Features of Dual Visor Modular Motorcycle Snowmobile Helmet

  • One-hand Flip-up System Converts One button, helmet from Full-face to Open-face
  • IV2 Most Advanced Modular Dual Visor Adult Helmet
  • Waterproof and glove friendly
  • Sweat absorbing Inner liner
  • EPS Impact Absorption Inner Liner
  • The helmet is made with good engineering.
  • Durable, lightweight shell
  • moderate Thermoplastic Shell Technology
  • The inside visor will not interfere with the glasses and keeping the air out.
  • If the visor up there is no wind drag feeling
  • Best quality but the price is not the best

>>Check Price of Dual Visor Modular Motorcycle Snowmobile Helmet<<


Why You Should Buy Motorcycle Helmet from the Best Motorcycle Helmet  2019 List

Best Modular Helmets

Mentioned below some of the best types of helmets available on the market today. If you like to buy any one, you are surely going for any of them. You are a beginner, or a right rider does not matter.

You have to understand the importance of the helmet, its merits, and demerits. There are some of the benefits of using the helmet that is mentioned below.

Fewer road accidents

If you use a helmet, there is less chance to meet the accident. The helmet will save from certain damages. This is the view from the study that people who use helmet meet less accident than those who do not use it.

Reduce head injury

We can not do anything without our brain. So it is the most important part of our body. We need to be careful about it. Besides, it is the most sensitive parts of the body. A minor injury may harm it. We need to protect this part of the body by wearing a helmet.

Increase sense of responsibility

You are going over the road without wearing a helmet. Someone is going on the way with wearing a helmet. This will make you sense that he is safe enough then you. Anyone wearing a helmet will mean that you need to wear the helmet like him or her.

Protects you from the weather

Weather is not a factor at all. Outside it is raining cats and dogs. It is very hot do not matter at all. If you keep a helmet, you have no worry. The helmet saves you from an extreme condition. While you are driving very fast, some insects may enter into your eyes; the glass shell will protect your eyes from such condition.

Increase comfort level

If you have the helmet, you are safe enough. It will make sense that you are fully protected. The wearing helmet will make you feel comfortable. This will make the riding experience a good one, and you will bring the feeling for a long time.

Different Types of Motorcycle Helmets

One of the best ways to get the best type of helmet is to see the vast of options. There are lots of helmets on the market and from them; you have to choose the best one.

There are some fundamental types of a helmet too. You need to go for which type of helmet fit for you. For this, you have to search more and more. 

Full Face Helmets

This type of helmet will cover the whole head; have a see-through plastic shield and part of the fact to cover the nose and eyes.

This is no doubt the safety helmet. The money you spend on this type of helmet is reasonable. The helmet saves your face and head from any injury if an accident occurs.

No doubt, it has the risk of neck damage if you do not take care at the time of going against the high wind. This kind of helmet is the heaviest helmets found in the market.

Modular or Flip up Helmets

Modular headgear holds all the features of both open face, and full face helmets have cons of the both. The helmet covers the whole head and ensures safety for all parts of the face and jaw simultaneously.

You may use it as a full face model for ensuring enough breath. To do it, you only need to pivot the chin bar upward and then remove it.

Bikers who like to use goggles or save the eyes will get the mobile chin bar may be slid up and be adjusted with the top section of the helmet with pressing the only single button.

There is a guard with the helmet. You can raise it up if you like to talk with the people at the time of riding. People who complain about the heavyweight should go for the modular helmet.

The weight of the helmet is very light. Some famous high rated helmets are Nolan N104, Shark Series 3 Eveline, and Shoei Neotec.

Open Face or 3/4th Helmets

A great face helmet is a good option for people who are keener to get good comfort than the full face coverage.

The name implies that the 3/4 helmet saves the head portion, chin, the face, and eyes are still exposed to sunlight, fog rain debris, and insects.

Riders who like medium speed would like to hear gushing wind to the ears. For this case, open face model comes to play. You may enjoy the wind rushing on your face.

The attractive features of the open face motorcycle helmet are unbarred, clear and visibility. You may see the obstructed glance on the road. The demerits can be dismissed. Only three out of four parts of your head remain covered.

You can not save the debris or bugs coming with the wind to your eyes. You can use sporting sunglass.

Many new models are packed with sun shield; you can slide down and enjoy the fresh air. If you ask me anything, my concert will go for the Shoei Platinum R-RJ anytime.

Off Road/Motocross/Dual-sports Helmets

High technology is applied to make the off road or Dual sports helmet. There are many features of the helmet for the street racers or bike stunt hobbyists. One has to acquire a high skill to perform the dangerous stunts.

Hitting the race without wearing the helmet is a bad idea. It may cause serious fatal accident or death. The most important feature of this type of helmet vents. Vents are designed to permit heat to avoid.

They give airflow to confirm humidity or temperature level inside the helmet for the riders. In foggy condition, the absence of face shield may cause a bigger problem.

The sun visor is good to ensure enough protection from UV rays. It saves up to 90%. I normally like motocross models like Scorpion VX 34 or Vega Viper.

Half Face Helmets

I would not like to suggest using skull cap. This type of helmet is good for the scooters. But if you use this for the speedy motorbike it would fall from the head. The helmet will not give you safety or protection.

Half face helmet is the same helmet regarding design. The weight is light, so there is no pressure on the head.

The open front structure adds more optical clarity. After a long ride, the user feels more comfortable. Riders get enough air to breathe.

Why You Should Not Buy a Used Motorcycle Helmet

A helmet is a very necessary thing for you if you like to drive a motorcycle. This will save your life from the severe accident. It will protect your head from damaging or fatal injury.

The helmet is a must to drive a motorcycle or bike. So the lawmakers impose the law to use the helmet at the time of driving a motorcycle.

Best Modular Helmets

Some people do not try to understand the importance of this great thing. Some people are not interested in using a helmet.

For them, this is very heavy to carry and very suffocating. Some people feel that they would not feel the wind at the time of riding over it.

The price of the helmet is not very much. Again the price is not very low. Some people like to save money without buying the helmet.

Some like use old helmet instead of a new one. You should practice this. Besides, you should encourage other to use a helmet.

The practice of using the old or used helmet is impractical and dangerous. Used helmets are worthless. You are not sure whether they are unfit or not. It is impossible to tell as there is a hard outer shell.

It envelops the layer of expanded polystyrene. You are not sure about the expanded polystyrene is compressed or not useless to cut the outer shell. Used compressed polystyrene shell will not save you from the accident.

With the passage of time polystyrene becomes brittle and useless. So old helmets are not suggested to use, after a couple of years.

This can not absorb much of the impact when an accident happens. The polystyrene layer damaged by the sun or chemicals like gas vapors.

If you keep the helmet near the gas tank, it will unknowingly damage the lining of the helmet. So keeping the helmet sit under the heat of the sun is a bad idea.

So park the motorbike under the shaded area. Pointed objects also compromise the lifetime of a helmet by entering through the polystyrene layer inside.

Why should you replace your helmet every five years?

Body fluids, hair oils cosmetics, conventional war, and tear may damage the helmet. Petroleum based products like paints, cleaners, fuels and other encountered materials may also damage the helmet.

For advanced equipment, the helmet will last for a long time. The design, standards, and production methods are also very excellent of the helmet.

Best Modular Helmets

The five years replacement offer is based on the consensus by the Snell Foundation and helmet manufacturers. The helmet is upgrading day by day. The reason is that the improvement of the materials of the helmet.

I have read a lot of about helmet. I came to the conclusion that my friend’s garage would be more fruitful than a paper hat.

This is painted with oil based paint, holds degrading leather straps, and a bike dropped on it. Fortunately, I have not tested this on my head over the pavement.

There is no definite proof that the helmet is very useful after three or five years. I thought there is no objection against Shoei Helmets.

But after five years it is suggested to change the helmet. I believe that you will never get any record that after this time the helmet is doing its work well.

Types of Injuries Sustained By Motorcyclists

If you see the traffic accident, you will see the fatality rate is small. The reason is that most of the cars have safety features for the drivers and the passengers. But for motorcycle, there is the possibility of more injury.

Best Modular Helmets

Nothing can save your except helmet. You have the option to wear some other protective gears. The common injuries of the motorcycle are:

Head injury: If you do not like to use the good helmet or you are not interested in taking top safety rated helmet, you will move ahead to some worst damage.

The result is skull fracturing or head injuries like concussion or whiplash. This is up to the severity of the accident.

Road rash

As I have stated before the term road rash indicates bruises or scrapes sustained by rubbing the skin on the pavement. It may be substantial for having severe facial scarring or damage.

If you wear a helmet, it will reduce road rash over your head, but there is the possibility of an injury on your legs, arms, and hands.

Biker’s Arm: The word indicates that at the time of a collision, most of the bikers try to give support to the arms.

This is the essential nature of the man. But this has a significant effect on your arms. Normally, the biker’s arm is like bruising the muscles or spraining the wrist, but in most cases the arm breaks down.

Leg Injury: Your legs remain to stand on the ground. At the time or riding, they are the widest parts of the body. Meaning that your legs will be injured first when the collision takes place.

Broken bones, shattered kneecaps, severed limbs all can happen during the motorcycle accident. This is up to the severity of the accident.

Tips For Using The Best Motorcycle Helmet

Buy the best kind of helmet for riding a motorcycle. This is a different thing. There are some ways or keys to use the helmet properly.

If you know how to keep the helmet on the head, this is the half way the job was done. People have no knowledge how to use it properly.

Tips For Using The Best Motorcycle Helmet

The important thing is to select the best helmet according to the size of your head. Placement of helmet to the perfect place has a great impact on the fit for any helmet.

Strap it on: It is natural that all the helmets, there are straps. When you wear it, you need to be sure about the strap. Strapping may assure that your helmet is in the right position of your head.

The manufacturer knows it well, and they made the design in such a way that the head will remain to the place. For this, a helmet will save your head from any unwanted events.

Keep the flip on: For a full face helmet, you have to keep the flip at the time of riding on it. Meaning that no objects or substance can hit on your fact at the time of driving a motorcycle. So this is advisable to keep the helmet all the time to drive to protect your head.

The Basic Do’s and Don’ts of Helmet Care

Tips For Using The Best Motorcycle Helmet

Many people like to read the articles though many people do not like. Some people clean their helmets in wrong way and use a bad product. Do the following steps to have the good shape.


  • You may use scratch free or soft microfiber to rinse the helmet.
  • You can use baby soap or mild soap to clean the helmet.
  • Use soaked towel water to loosen or soak bug guts for some time before wiping them away.
  • You may use polish for the shell of a glass helmet.
  • Use minimum pressure to clean the shell to avoid scratching.
  • For cleaning the vents and joints, you may use cotton swabs.
  • Save your helmet with a coat of automotive wax, to save from water spots, grime, and guts from sticking
  • Air dry liner and helmet, you may use room fan if needs.
  • Use liner like bandanna or skull cap, save your liner from body oil or sweats between washing.
  • Lubricate the moving parts of the helmet such as visor hinge


  • Scrub the shell of a motorcycle helmet to remove bug guts
  • You may use harsh soaps such as dish water for your liner or helmet.
  • To clean glass use ammonia-based cleaner or the glass cleaner.
  • You can use petroleum distillate and solvent based cleaner for your helmet.
  • Keep your helmet liner to the dryer
  • Apply dryer sheets to your helmet to freshen it
  • You may use fabric softener or soap along with fabric softener in it to clean the liner.


How did we come up with these brands?

There are lots of brands in the market. It may be you have not heard the names of all brands.

So before buying try to know the best brands who are producing the best kinds of helmets. If you like to get the warranty, you have to buy one from the amongst best brands.


Arai is the best helmet to save your head. It has got the SNELL approval. Meaning that it has got the upper-grade standard for a helmet. It has the highest safety features.

They are making helmet since the year 1926. Legacy and consistency both are remarkable and appreciated. If you like to buy the best one, you can purchase the Arai.


AGV is the name came from a man named Gino Amisano. He gave importance to make leather seats for motorcycles.

In 1974, they liked to make motorcycle helmet. Now the name is one of the best names in the motor industry to make a good helmet.

This is the great choice helmet for the world champion competitors; AGV is a great helmet for the everyday riders.


The industry established in 1954. They are making a great number of helmets and national champion competitors. One of the most important factors is that they are making the continuous effort to make the best helmets.

They have combined lots of details and made the top rated helmets in the world. Bell is now the most popular brand among the people. It gives them more security that they desire from it.


From the year 1971, HJC was trying to make the best type of motorcycle helmet in the market. They are making competition with the other companies or brands to produce the best kind of helmets.

The name is unparallel in the helmet industries. They are expanding their helmet markets day by day.


KBC is the youngest name in the brands of the helmet. The age of this type of helmet is over twenty.

KBC is the best helmets amongst the top rated brands on the market today. They are doing more research and producing the best models. This brand is cutting the edge of the helmet industry.


The birthplace of Nolan is Italy. It has not grasped about 50% of a European market. The Nolan brand is a favorite brand to the European motorcyclist.

The brand is reliable and recognizable among the brands in the market. For safety, it has got the DOT approval. No matter where you are living, you can use it.


Shark is a European brand. They are making helmets over 25 years in their headquarters in Franc. It is the best-desired helmet to the users. They are focusing on the details of the innovations.

Within the short time, they are getting much popularity among the people. The brand is now becoming popular with some other competitors across the globe.


The company established in 1959 in Japan Tokyo. Shoei is still today the best company and keeps the promise. It is respected and an important player in the area of motorcycle helmet industry.

If you desire to have the best type of helmet, you can consider Shoei. The service it gives is very praiseworthy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Best Motorcycle Helmet 2019

Q: What is the way to know that the particular type of helmet is fit for you?

A: Wearing a fit helmet is an important thing for riders. So you need to choose the best type of helmet for you. You need to adjust the helmet well. A good helmet having good fit is the best thing to wear the helmet. There are different sizes, and you can choose your comfortable one. If you choose the best size, you may buckle the strap. And then draw the lower back of the helmet forward and the front brow region of the helmet

Q: What is the way to manage the motorcycle helmet?

A: Do not keep the helmet to a fixed place for a long time. This may damage the inner lining of the helmet. You should keep the helmet away from the motorcycle mirror. To clean inner lining and the outside you can use mild soap water.  Do not use the chemical product to wash the product. Besides, do not use any paints on it.

Q: What is the reason to wear Snell certified helmets?

A: There are some levels of protection for the helmets. If the helmet has this protection, it will get Snell certificate. The helmet that fulfills these criteria will get Snell certifications and the best standard. They will save and protect your life.

Q: What is the process to know a particular helmet is Snell certified or is not?

A: In Snell helmets, you will get two labels. It has an adhesive level that will remain somewhere inside the helmet. Other is cloth type helmet normally sewn on the chin strap. There are two labels on your helmet, and you have got Snell certified models. If not, the helmet will not fulfill the criteria.

Q: What is the way to save strap creeps from my helmet?

A: Some straps are creeping over your helmet. It becomes loose after using it one time. So you should better to select a helmet with a good width strap instead of skinny ones. You can use more O-ring to permit the buckle to lock. This may take care of the straps.

Buying Guide and Tips

Buying the best model is an important thing for riders. Most riders depend on the helmet at the time of riding. So they like to buy the best brand as it will protect them.

They give more emphasis on the type of helmet. Before buying, you should think about some points that are very useful to buy the helmet.

Best Motorcycle Helmet

The best brand of a helmet will get the approval of the Department of Transportation that is known as DOT.

The certificate is the guarantee that you are buying the best-branded helmet. It will fulfill the demand of helmet. As most of the riders are aware of the safety issue, they like to buy the DOT approval helmet for safety.

You like to purchase the helmet. Do some test first? You need to wear the helmet and secure the straps. After that, grab the back lip and try to roll it frontward off the head.

If it hurts, be sure the helmet will remain over your head. If it comes off, do not buy the helmet.

A helmet is disconnected; it means that the helmet will not protect your head during the accident. So you need not buy this kind of helmet for your use.

The lasting capacity of the best helmet depends on the fit. The helmet will remain to stay healthy and comfortable.

Find a full face helmet that can grip the jaw, cheeks, sides, and top of your head. If you try to move the helmet, the skin will remove meaning that the helmet is good. Use a helmet that is designed with the good fit.

If you desire to have a good helmet, you should consider the comfort factor. Comfort means the fit, composite of the feel, the weight, and the sound proofing.

Before selecting the best one, wear the helmet for at least 25 minutes. Try to feel the area; you are feeling discomfort. Some helmets will not give you any trouble. The irritation may lead you to lose focus on the road at the time of riding on it.

Helmet Laws

Do not care about the helmet’s laws. This is the best time to think about it. The laws and regulations of different countries vary from state to state. Make a plan to buy the best type of helmet for your state.

You like to avoid compensation for breaching the security code. If you like to know more details about the helmet, you need to take help from the internet.

You will get the detailed information about your state and the way to regulate it at the time of riding a motorcycle.

Final Verdict

If you like to buy the best helmet, you should consider 5 points. We have already stated the matter above as well as reviews from the past users and based on our evaluation.

We are sure that these are the best models brands in the market. You are sure that the helmet will give you more safety that you desire from it. Hope the article may assist you to perform a genuine decision in picking the best one from motorcycle helmet 2019  list.

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