Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers in The Year

Motorcycle headphones would be the excess accessory that may make your riding experience much more amazing. Years earlier this would not have been possible using the dimensions of cans out there. Now, however, the alternatives for headset sizes looks endless, and all of them have different characteristics and styles.

Ensure that you decide on the cans that match you and understand there are lots of unique aspects which could impact your pick. From full-face to half-face helmets, many bike cans are created for just one kind of helmet.

Microphones are another attribute to be looking out for. A few headphones comprise them while others don't. How they feel in your ear can also be significant, some cans are fitted on the inside of the helmet while some are clamped onto it by external.

Best motorcycle helmet speakers 

iASUS XSound 3 High Definition Helmet Speakers (Made for iASUS throat mic headsets, smartphones, and portable music players)

The sleek and lightweight design of this XSound 3 is an excellent characteristic for speakers. Utilizing high-grade aluminum chassis and polyurethane pads inserted to some custom fit. 

This feature also eliminates sound distortion when supplying maximum comfort for those users. Appropriate position of the speaker within the helmet is critical. It has to fit snugly to your ears to prevent increasing the quantity and damaging the speakers. The durable Kevlar-reinforced cables can withstand abrupt pulls, ensuring many years of usage.


  • High definition sound in tuned 40mm drivers packed in a slender and glossy aluminum lightweight chassis (0.39" lean, 1.2ounce)
  • Varied length Kevlar-reinforced wires for clean stands and install around 10lbs of pulling pressure
  • Contains both comfort and foam covers, spacing pads, and velcro to mount straight contrary to your ears in the helmet for a customized fit
  • XSound 3 is the next evolution at iASUS Concepts's long line of good sounding helmet speakers



  • Good sound quality in full rate
  • High-quality bass and texture
  • Quick and Effortless setup
  • Incorrect installment and excess quantity may cause irreversible damage to speakers
  • Compatibility Problems
Bluetooth Helmet Speakers - Outdoor Tech Chips 2.0 - Wireless and Universal - Easy Controls - Walkie-Talkie Mode - Sweat and Water Resistant

Designed to fit nearly already ski and ski helmet liners, Outside Tech's Chips, 2.0 lets you stream audio without worrying about cables or cords. From its built-in mic to its comfortable and easy-to-operate interface, you also can listen to audio, answer your telephone, and also use a walkie-talkie attribute, without having to remove your gloves or gloves.
With Outside Tech's Processor 2.0, you have the sound you desire without any of these constraints from conventional audio. With no strings and no batteries to worry about, your songs last so long as your telephone keeps playing.
Compatible with the majority of audio-capable ski and ski helmets, Outside Tech's Chips 2.0 lets you stream audio, answer your phone, and sometimes even talk with your buddy's walkie-talkie style through its distinctive program, all without needing to remove your gloves or helmet.


  • This Certified Refurbished product is manufacturer refurbished, reveals limited or no use, and contains all original accessories and a 90-day guarantee.
  • Chips 2.0 fit readily into virtually already helmet liners, letting you listen to music as you're heading down the slopes
  • When paired with the program, you may use your own Chips 2.0 to talk with friends and family, walkie-talkie style
  • If you are unhappy with your Chips 2.0 buy, return it in 30 days for a Complete refund



  • Flexible boom mic
  • Very Good battery life
  • Enough volume
  • Uninspiring bass comeback
UClear Digital Pulse Wired Drop-in High Definition Helmet Speakers

It is possible to easily update your motorcycling music experience with this helmet speaker due to high-fidelity sound and HD-quality audio.
The very best thing about wired headset speakers would be that you merely plug the 3.5millimeter audio jack to some smartphone, helmet communication device, or audio player to relish studio quality audio.
This high-definition bike helmet speaker may easily transfer from 1 helmet into another, without the necessity of utilizing specific tools. In case you've got more than one helmet then this is a fantastic attribute to have. This item will operate on all sorts of motorcycle helmets, such as snowmobile brain clippers.
The UCLEAR Digital Pulse Helmet Speaker might not have the ease of a wireless Bluetooth speaker. However, you do not need to consider running out of electricity or charging the battery.


  • High Fidelity Audio provides you HD quality audio inside Just about Any helmets
  • Includes speaker setup and setup mount set



  • Superb bass response
  • Good audio quality
  • Simple to install on any helmet
  • The slanted sound at extreme volumes
UClear Digital Pulse Wired Drop-in High Definition Helmet Speakers

The issue with most motorcycle helmet speakers would be the audio quality. Others might have a more potent quantity, but the sound quality is somewhat lacking.
It's possible to enjoy high-fidelity sound reproduction using an actual bass response onto the Tork X-Pro. This is maybe among the most popular helmet speakers on the current market, and it's known from the motorcycling circle to present real sound quality at a favorable price.
What I like the most about the Tork X-Pro is the fact that it's thin, horizontal, and comfy to wear. Hand -built and quality tested in North America this specific version includes a volume control knob so that you can adjust the volume as you're on the move.
The entire stereo speakers of this Tork X-Pro were made to pump out excellent audio quality with the fantastic bass response along with a high quantity. If you are tired of the old helmet bike speakers and you're trying to find a critical audio update, have a look at the Tork X-Pro.


  • Thin Bodied
  • High Volume



  • Lean design
  • Simple to set up
  • Good audio quality
  • Compatible with most devices with a 3.5Millimeter jack
  • Weak volume

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Things to look out for

Things to look out for helmet speaker

But which do you select? How can you know what words to watch out for when buying them? The best response is your cliché response: you must check it yourself and decide what suits you the best.
But because this is an extreme diplomatic response we will lay out for you personally definite and exact things you want to take into consideration while purchasing a pair of bike helmet speakers.
Among the primary things to watch out for is the kind of your headset. There are two kinds a helmet headset may be freestanding and attached. These titles are self-explanatory - old helmet speakers aren't, in any way built to a bike helmet.
This, nevertheless, doesn't signify that any older headset falls below this class - no, you will find technical secondhand speakers, since any other kind would cause much distress when wearing the interior of the helmet.
On the flip side, mounted helmet speakers are built to the helmet. They're, consequently, unusable away from the helmet. Such speakers choose the kind of on-ear cans and are inserted at just the ideal place in the helmet to be within your ears. These helmets are attached then into a media apparatus either through a cable or a Bluetooth connection.

Wired vs. Bluetooth

Wired vs. Bluetooth

Like we mentioned in the last stage, headphones may come as wireless and wired. Wired headsets must get a rough relation to the apparatus, while wireless using Bluetooth connection and require no wires.
But, Bluetooth headset includes cables in the event the Bluetooth fails. Speaking of that, Bluetooth can frequently cause time neglect to joke.
so, having a wired headset might be a better choice. On the flip side, using a wired headset may result in the cables tangling and the isolation breaking.
For that reason, it's mostly a question of personal preference in which Bluetooth brings greater practicality that could also raise security by providing the consumers a couple of wires less to be worried about. Whereas the cabled approach offers a little more of a safe relationship, which strangely enough can boost security in its manner.


That is a natural aspect to consider. Nonetheless, this isn't some of the "you have got to pick the proper ones to yourself" stuff. The dimensions of these speakers are much more goal than that. Everything you want to consider is the diameter, and the depth of this speaker plays a fantastic part in your decision and is closely associated with the helmet you are using.
When the speakers are too thick, then they won't fit within your helmet correctly, which will lead to your ears pressed upon, which makes them quite uncomfortable. Additionally, having speakers that are too thick and large can undermine the fit of the helmet and also their installment its structural integrity.
Therefore, more significant doesn't mean greater while the tiniest choice isn't the most sensible one. Pick sensibly.

Sound quality

There's always the question of audio quality. While all businesses will tell you, their speakers will be the best, you may do much better if you check on the sound quality yourself. When making a purchase, make sure you perform a fast test run onto the speakers.
If you cannot, then ask a friend of yours or some other breeder using a comparable group to tell you about the quality, but much better, to allow you to try their set. Assessing the audio level of your future speakers is the only method never to wind up getting a set that will make your favorite tunes seem as though they are being sung with a Zayn-less One Direction.
The caliber of the sonic assault is significant on all fronts and not only for audio listeners.


These items will need to be comfy to wear and NOT block you in any fashion or shape. You're riding a bike after an uncomfortable pair bugging you throughout the ride can place you in danger. Thus, ensure this item is the perfect match, bringing us into the last point of the nice little rundown.

Safety First

We can't stress that enough, no fancy gimmicks may compose a deficiency of security. For this reason, it's vital for a product to comply with the security standards. Some places do not do so, and we made sure they're immediately missing from any consideration.
So, now that you understand all the things you want to understand more about the world, let us get on with the actual reason you came here - the best five greatest motorcycle helmet speakers.

Additional Features

It never hurts to get extra features to come together with your speakers, and they make life more straightforward as well. The benefits of these characteristics mentioned above may function as thumbnails prevent you from becoming distracted while riding your bicycle which may lead to nasty incidents.
Additionally, docking stations hold your audio source like telephone or iPod while they're charging so that you don't ever go low on battery life.

The Bluetooth choice is merely the best since it can help save you and your bicycle from a heap of additional wiring to attach your speakers and device but what is the need for this as you can do this wirelessly using Bluetooth alternative. What is a useful little tool not it?

Water Proof and Water Resistant

Motorcycle speakers should have attributes that could protect against damage to speakers in the rainwater.
Should you ride bicycles, then it's inevitable you will cross paths with rain on a few of your journeys as you know motorbikes don't have any color or pay to prevent rain such as cars do, which means you would have to do some damage control.
Water resistant comes into play while there's little rain, but if it is raining dogs and cats, then waterproofing is vital since water may find a way to seep on your speakers thus destroying them whenever they've been protected.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on motorcycle helmet speaker

Question: How can they stay in your ears?

Answer: Some helmet cans, such as the Skullcandy version we called as #4, have been made to slide into the earpads of the helmet. Other people strike straight to the interior wall of the helmet using glue. Some are connected to the helmet using a clamp. However, others have a thin headband meant to take a seat beneath the helmet.

Question: Do you require a mike?

Answer: A few of the models we've discovered are cans, designed to allow you to take phone calls without even taking your helmet off. If your audio player of choice can also be your telephone, then this might be significant for you.

Question: Do you wear gloves while riding?

Answer: Many helmet cans have volume controls along with other buttons around the cable, which means that you may get them while riding. These controllers are designed to be simple to control with gloved hands on several models but not on all them. Some cans don't have any such controls. A minimum of one version we discovered has no cable in any respect, delivering its noise wirelessly.
Headset versions are constructed primarily for one or another. This is quite important if there's a mic gift, but every kind of helmet may also affect the audio otherwise because of the noise of breeze.

Final Thoughts

We feel that bike speakers are amazing devices to spend on staying connected to friends along with your favorite songs. Hopefully, our inspection guide helped your hunt and supplied you with an excellent helmet speaker to proceed with whatever your budget.
Nowadays many consumers also start looking for durability, exceptional features, and reliable after-sales service. Besides product specifications, security will always be a significant concern for bike lovers, and you might be readily distracted by a few of those cans while on the street.
If you wind up going through with your helmet always install until you remove so that you do not need to correct it on the fly and risk a crash.
Always opt for trusted brands contained in this listing we've carefully assembled for you. Bear in mind that quality does not have to be pricey, but they do not come cheap so make the perfect riding day with a few of our speakers to the record.

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