Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers- Buyer’s Guide 2022!

The joy of riding and bustling your motorcycle across hills, highways, and bumpy roads is exhilarating. But how about accompanying it with good sounds from your helmet speakers? How does that feel? This is what we will be discussing in this best motorcycle helmet speakers review.


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If you love listening as much as driving or riding, you will know that motorcycle helmet speakers are the best thing that could happen to you. As far as I know, motorcycle helmet speakers will make your ride sumptuous. And if you love to hold conversations while riding, these helmet speakers will transform your helmet into an efficient, handy communication system.

The best thing about motorcycle helmet speakers is that they are quite simple to setup. Whether you want a Bluetooth or a wired motorcycle helmet speaker, you can be able to listen to your favorite playlist, converse with your buddies, and do a host of other things. Sounds great, isn’t it?

So, what type of motorcycle helmet speaker are you looking for exactly? Find out as you continue to read this review.

1. Alta Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Speaker

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Not all Bluetooth helmet is universally compatible, but the Alta wireless Bluetooth helmet speaker is and one of the best Bluetooth helmet speakers in the market.

This powerful Bluetooth helmet speaker works with all helmet brands that are in existence. With Bluetooth 5.0, connectivity is express, and listening to your favorite playlist will no longer be a problem. The speakers great sound with excellent bass that will make your listening enjoyable. Also, you will able to communicate with anyone in a crisp manner, devious of hitches.

Unlike some Bluetooth speakers out there, the Alta is waterproof, dust, and sweat-resistant, with an IP45 standard rating. If you plan on wearing this speaker in cold weather, you have no reason to fear. Skiers and snowboarders would have a hassle-free experience using the speaker.

Let’s talk about the battery life of this remarkable speaker. The Alta wireless Bluetooth speaker has excellent battery life. The speaker can go on and on with 10 hours of playtime. You never run out of juice with the Alta.

The design is also intuitive. It comes with one over-sized button on the right, and two on the left, summing it up as three. You can change tracks, control the volume, make calls, etc. easily. These buttons let you control your phone without having to remove the helmet easily. The design is compact, sleekly, and you can comfortably fit it into your helmet ear pad. Just run the cord behind the pads, and you are ready to go.

Pros & Cons of Alta Bluetooth Helmet Speaker


  • Sturdy – The Alta Bluetooth is constructed with rugged materials that can withstand water, heat, and dust.
  • Compatible with all helmets – The speaker is not limited to one type of helmet. You can use it with all types of helmet.
  • Value for money – Despite coming with cutting-edge features, this speaker comes at an affordable rate. With an $80 price tag, you can get this handy Bluetooth headset speaker.
  • Easy to use – Just connect to a Bluetooth-enabled device, and you are set.


  • The sound quality while listening to music is average.

2. Cardo Motorcycle Audio Set Helmet Speaker

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If you are looking for a helmet speaker with intuitive design and class, the cardo is the answer.


When it comes to helmet speakers, Cardo has been in the business since 2004. Since then, they have been producing amazing, quality motorcycle speakers that offer cutting-edge functionality. The Cardo motorcycle audio set helmet speaker is no different.


The Cardo motorcycle audio set helmet speaker is the perfect blend intuitiveness and superior quality. This speaker can fit any communicator, irrespective of the brand. It has a standard 3.5mm jack that easily fits into any communicator.


This product is dual technology and comes with an intercom service known as Dynamic Mesh Communication. These two features effective communication over long distances and also powers the Bluetooth function to make and receive calls, listen to music, etc. in a clear and crisp manner.


The pairing of this device is fast. It comes with Bluetooth 4.1, which means that there is no way for collapsible communication or unnecessary interference.

Talking about the buttons – they are user-friendly and easy to navigate, even without removing the helmet. It does well in rain, wind, and cold weather because it’s waterproof.  Cardo audio set helmet speaker offers an all-round user experience that most Bluetooth speakers wouldn’t. As far as we know, this speaker is one of the best in terms of communication.

Pros & Cons of Cardo Audio Set Helmet Speaker


  • It’s easy to use – You don’t need complicated tutorials to be able to use the speaker. Besides, it’s user-friendly and has a simple setup.
  • Provides effective communication – With the DMC feature, the speaker provides clear, hitch-free communication.
  • Waterproof – It’s IP67 tested, which means it can withstand water.
  • Suitable in all weather conditions – Whether it’s raining, cold, or windy, the cardo will work just fine.


  • Positioning the mic in the front can be daunting.
  • The antenna can get faulty if you use it frequently during windy trips.

3. iASUS XSound High Definition Helmet Speakers

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The sleek and lightweight design of this XSound 3 is an excellent characteristic for speakers. Utilizing high-grade aluminum chassis and polyurethane pads inserted to some custom fit.

This feature also eliminates sound distortion when supplying maximum comfort for those users. Appropriate position of the speaker within the helmet is critical. It has to fit snugly to your ears to prevent increasing the quantity and damaging the speakers. The durable Kevlar-reinforced cables can withstand abrupt pulls, ensuring many years of usage.


  • High definition sound in tuned 40mm drivers packed in a slender and glossy aluminum lightweight chassis (0.39″ lean, 1.2ounce)
  • Varied length Kevlar-reinforced wires for clean stands and install around 10lbs of pulling pressure
  • Contains both comfort and foam covers, spacing pads, and velcro to mount straight contrary to your ears in the helmet for a customized fit
  • XSound 3 is the next evolution at iASUS Concepts’s long line of good sounding helmet speakers

Pros & Cons of iASUS Helmet Speakers


  • Good sound quality in full rate
  • High-quality bass and texture
  • Quick and Effortless setup


  • Incorrect installment and excess quantity may cause irreversible damage to speakers
  • Compatibility Problems

4. Bluetooth Helmet Speakers – Outdoor Tech Chips 2.0

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Designed to fit nearly already ski and ski helmet liners, Outside Tech’s Chips, 2.0 lets you stream audio without worrying about cables or cords. From its built-in mic to its comfortable and easy-to-operate interface, you also can listen to audio, answer your telephone, and also use a walkie-talkie attribute, without having to remove your gloves or gloves.

With Outside Tech’s Processor 2.0, you have the sound you desire without any of these constraints from conventional audio. With no strings and no batteries to worry about, your songs last so long as your telephone keeps playing.

Compatible with the majority of audio-capable ski and ski helmets, Outside Tech’s Chips 2.0 lets you stream audio, answer your phone, and sometimes even talk with your buddy’s walkie-talkie style through its distinctive program, all without needing to remove your gloves or helmet.


  • This Certified Refurbished product is manufacturer refurbished, reveals limited or no use, and contains all original accessories and a 90-day guarantee.
  • Chips 2.0 fit readily into virtually already helmet liners, letting you listen to music as you’re heading down the slopes
  • When paired with the program, you may use your own Chips 2.0 to talk with friends and family, walkie-talkie style
  • If you are unhappy with your Chips 2.0 buy, return it in 30 days for a Complete refund

Pros & Cons of Bluetooth Helmet Speakers


  • Flexible boom mic
  • Very Good battery life
  • Enough volume


  • Uninspiring bass comeback

5. UCLEAR Digital Pulse Wired Drop-In High Definition Helmet Speakers

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It is possible to easily update your motorcycling music experience with this helmet speaker due to high-fidelity sound and HD-quality audio.

The very best thing about wired headset speakers would be that you merely plug the 3.5millimeter audio jack to some smartphone, helmet communication device, or audio player to relish studio quality audio.

This high-definition bike helmet speaker may easily transfer from 1 helmet into another, without the necessity of utilizing specific tools. In case you’ve got more than one helmet then this is a fantastic attribute to have. This item will operate on all sorts of motorcycle helmets, such as snowmobile brain clippers.

The UCLEAR Digital Pulse Helmet Speaker might not have the ease of a wireless Bluetooth speaker. However, you do not need to consider running out of electricity or charging the battery.


  • High Fidelity Audio provides you HD quality audio inside Just about Any helmets
  • Includes speaker setup and setup mount set

Pros & Cons of UCLEAR High Definition Helmet Speakers


  • Superb bass response
  • Good audio quality
  • Simple to install on any helmet


  • The slanted sound at extreme volumes

6. Tork X-Pro Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

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The issue with most motorcycle helmet speakers would be the audio quality. Others might have a more potent quantity, but the sound quality is somewhat lacking.

It’s possible to enjoy high-fidelity sound reproduction using an actual bass response onto the Tork X-Pro. This is maybe among the most popular helmet speakers on the current market, and it’s known from the motorcycling circle to present real sound quality at a favorable price.

What I like the most about the Tork X-Pro is the fact that it’s thin, horizontal, and comfy to wear. Hand -built and quality tested in North America this specific version includes a volume control knob so that you can adjust the volume as you’re on the move.

The entire stereo speakers of this Tork X-Pro were made to pump out excellent audio quality with the fantastic bass response along with a high quantity. If you are tired of the old helmet bike speakers and you’re trying to find a critical audio update, have a look at the Tork X-Pro.


  • Thin Bodied
  • High Volume

Pros & Cons of Tork X-Pro Helmet Speakers


  • Lean design
  • Simple to set up
  • Good audio quality
  • Compatible with most devices with a 3.5Millimeter jack


  • Weak volume

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

When in the market for a motorcycle helmet speaker, which one do you have in your mind initially? What features are you looking out for in a motorcycle helmet? Which one suits your budget more and offers value? What are the best speakers for a motorcycle helmet? These are the many questions that you must have an answer before proceeding to pay for a helmet speaker.

Due to technological advancements, manufacturers introduce new, fashionable helmet speakers to us every day. Staying connected while driving or riding seems to be the norm these days. Gone are those days where riders only listened to the radio. Now, motorcycle helmets speakers are more than that.

For first time buyers, it’s natural to get confused about the right choice of a helmet speaker. Since there are many products out there, you can only contemplate it. However, what’s important is to determine which one fits your personality and budget. After that, you can dive into another criterium.

Headset Form

Deciding which headset form to buy is usually the first thing buyers consider. When it comes to headset form, there are two types – the attached headset and freestanding headset.

Attached headset speakers are infused into the helmet. Since they come infused into the helmet, they become unusable outside the motorcycle helmet. Attached speakers come with attachments that are infused into the helmet.

Freestanding helmet speakers, on the other hand, are not built into the helmet. As the name suggests, you can use them on their own. They are more comfortable than the attached speakers. However, they come with its attachments, which you can infuse into the helmet.

These helmet speakers have a lookalike structure and are placed at a suitable position in the helmet so that they can be over the ears. This type of is then connected via Bluetooth or compatible cable to a media device.

Wired vs. Bluetooth

Like we have the attached and freestanding helmet speakers, we also have the wired or wireless/Bluetooth speakers. Wired speakers need wires to be connected to a device, while wireless does not require any wire or whatsoever.

In case the Bluetooth connection fails, most Bluetooth helmet speaker comes with wires to ensure a smooth connection. Because of this, some riders prefer wired speakers to Bluetooth helmet speakers. The downside of wired speakers is the wires can tangle, leading to discomfort. Bluetooth speakers leave users less cause to worry due to the few cables that it has.

Size and Volume Controls

The size of a helmet speaker is an essential factor to consider. In this case, the diameter and thickness are what you should consider. If the helmet speaker is too thick, they will not fit into the helmet properly, causing you discomfort around the ears. In choosing a helmet speaker, make sure it is not too thick to affect installation. Bigger certainly doesn’t mean better!

Sound Quality

Sometimes, it’s always better not to listen to claims manufacturers make about their helmet speakers, especially their sound quality. So, in this case, it’s better you check the quality of the sound yourself.

Do a quick test to run the sound quality. If you aren’t able to make a choice, ask the seller or even the bikers around you to testify to the sound quality. Any of them should be able to tell you whether it’s a go or not.


Who buys a product that causes discomfort? Helmet speakers are meant to be as comfortable as possible to wear. They shouldn’t in any way obstruct your performance or cause you discomfort. Wearing uncomfortable helmet speakers can put you at risk. So make this factor a priority when choosing a speaker.

Safety First

While other criteria are certainly crucial, anything that is detrimental to your life should be avoided. Even if the speaker is a fancy, you must ensure that it passes safety standards before selecting it. There are some headsets that don’t have comply with safety standards – when you purchase them, and you are risking your safety.

Waterproof & Battery Life

If you are choosing a wired or Bluetooth helmet speaker, you must ensure that it has a decent battery life. At least, one that would last for a day upon usage. However, you should know that most Bluetooth speakers are not waterproof. Unless you buy the waterproof versions, which are quite expensive, water coming in contact with your Bluetooth headset will certainly render it effective.

This can’t be said of freestanding helmet speakers. Though not all of them are waterproof, you can still get decent ones that are resistant to water, at some additional cost.

Why Should You Buy Motorcycle Helmet Speakers?

Many drivers have reasons for buying a helmet speaker. The following are a few of their reasons;

To communicate with friends

Helmet speakers allow you to communicate with other bikers as well as other people via a feature known as an intercom. This allows the rider to be updated with what’s happening around him.

Make and receive calls

Another reason why you might want to get a helmet speaker is to make and receive calls. If you are the type that receives several calls, and you don’t want to miss out on them, buying a helmet speaker would help. You can connect it to your phone via Bluetooth and use it to make and receive calls.

GPS navigation

You can navigate yourself through this Bluetooth-enabled device on your phone. Once your speaker is connected to your phone, you will receive audio instructions from your preferred map app on your cell phone via the helmet speaker.

Another reason why you may purchase a helmet speaker is to listen to music and radio on the go.


Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers (FAQs)

Can I Listen to Music on a Helmet Speaker?

Most definitely, you can. However, the sound quality when listening to music is usually average. Helmet speakers are made for communication, and that’s why you have poor sound quality while listening to music. You can raise the volume while listening to music to enjoy the sound a bit. Be careful of high volume as it can cause deafness and damage the speakers.

Are Bluetooth Waves Harmful?

Bluetooth waves are not harmful. There is no radiation or harmful waves of whatsoever in Bluetooth and are perfectly safe in your headset.

How Does Helmet Bluetooth Work?

Bluetooth technology uses piconets, tiny invisible, short-range wires that are used in place of real wires. These short-range wires are what connects two devices. So when bluetooth is activated in one of the devices, the other connects to it via short-range networks, not more than 32.

What Are the Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers?

There are so many good helmet speakers out there. However, I would recommend the Alta wireless helmet speaker, and the cardo audio set speaker, based on the features and price.

Can I Connect My Bluetooth Speaker to My Cellphone?

You can connect your Bluetooth speaker to your cellphone or any other hands-free, Bluetooth-enabled device.

Final Thoughts

Wearing a helmet speaker while riding is a good way of enjoying your ride. Many drivers around the world today are investing money in helmet speakers because of the many advantages it offers. There is no better way of accompanying your long-distance ride than listening to some good music and communicating with your pals via your speakers.

With numerous products out there, it’s exhausting to pick the right one. Thanks to this best motorcycle helmet speakers review, we have been able to select products out of the many good ones out there that you can count on. These products met all our requirements and would make an excellent choice for a company during your riding trips.

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