Best Motorcycle Helmet Stickers – Where Riders Find Their Personality

Motorcyclists are known for their free spirit. This is quite basic. There is enough to show freedom in the fact that you are a rider already. This can be backed up with real-life instances and through a more in-depth look. It is more interesting to know how much flair you can add to that personality by adding a bit of ‘paste effects’ (stickers).


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You can add this extra to the freedom cyclists are known for by merely attaching stickers to your helmets. As I give a breakdown of the best motorcycle helmet stickers, you will then see if you wish to go for funny helmet stickers, cool motorcycle stickers, or any other types.

1. American Flag & Skull Flag HardHat & Helmet Stickers

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For lovers of their country, who want to identify with the spirit of their nation, this is the sticker for you. These helmet stickers are unique due to their distinct features.

This decal comes in a pack of 4. The product is one of the best out there. It comes with a very rigid adhesive that makes it long-lasting. The texture of the sticker is also firm. The skull flag is of 3 inches by 2 inches dimension, and the American flag is of 2 inches by 3.5 inches dimension. This set of stickers/decals is made for top-quality vinyl material and comes in a suitable big size. The material used makes it weather-resistant, and that increases the durability of the product.


  • Top-quality product.
  • It is weather-resistant.
  • It is a complete value for your money
  • Highly durable.


  • The color options are limited.
  • No warranty
  • No return after purchase.

2. Motorcycle Biker Helmet Reflective Decal Sticker M2 5 1/2″ X 1 1/2″ (Reflective White)

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This motorcycle sticker decal is made from very high-quality vinyl. The product will surely give you a cool and stylish look as you use it on your motorcycle’s helmet.

The product is made from top quality vinyl material. This reflective decal has a dimension of five and a half inches by one and a half inches (5½ inches × 1½ inches) to fourteen centimeters (14cm) × four (4) centimeters. This product is also undeniable even from a very long distance, and it can last for over half a decade.


  • Long-lasting efficiency for about seven (7) years.
  • High-quality product.
  • A suitable sticker for various kinds of surfaces.
  • Easy to use.


  • The size poses an issue most times, mainly due to the eyes.
  • No return after purchase

3. Classic Biker Gear Ghosted Subdued American Flag car Decal, Silver with ghosted Black Print

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This comes from the vast varieties of motorcycle stickers/decals available all around you. But this comes with a distinct style. Check it out!

With their wealth of experience, this product comes forth as a perfect option for your decal needs with its reflective feel and its dimension of about 1.8 by three by 0 inches. The product is specially designed with durability in any weather and to stick to any neat and smooth spot on your helmet. It doesn’t fade, and it is enough value for its price.


  • Top-quality in design and other aspects.
  • A long-lasting feature through any weather.
  • It is also resistant to fading.


  • It is only sold as a set.
  • It is a bit on the expensive side.

4. Tribal Butterfly Lady Biker Graphic in Purple

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This product stands unique for style and quality purposes. This is not all as the product offers a lot more. Follow through the review to discover more.

With the best of vinyl materials and top digital tech, this biker helmet sticker is designed to fit into any outdoor conditions. You do not have to worry over it fading off. It comes out stylishly with a great display on the 3 inches height and the 6 inches width dimension. It is equally, very durable.


  • Durable for as long as seven years.
  • It comes in an apparent display and resolution.
  • It is a reflective bike decal.


  • No return after purchase

5. CustomTAYLOR33 Warhawk/Mohawk Rubber Saw Blade Helmet Accessory Piece

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The ease of use of this product is one of the most intriguing parts of the product. There are guidelines on how the sticker should be used. The product review reveals more about the product.

This helmet sticker is unique as it can be cut into smaller sizes, so it is a perfect fit for your helmet. It also comes with a very rigid and tested adhesive for durability. The durability is enhanced further as it is made from rubber also. The sticker’s dimension is approximate, 15.75”. 


  • It is very easy to use.
  • The adhesive makes it very suitable.
  • You can cut to your preferred size.


  • It adds a bit of weight
  • The price is a bit high.

6. Motorcycle Helmet Sticker – 2nd Amendment America’s Original Homeland Security

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This is nor a reflective sticker. However, it stands out in various ways also. This sticker’s different other specs and features uniquely designed to give the best feel to your helmets as riders.

With a dimension of about 6.35 by 6.35 by 0.25 in height, width, and length, this product gives that unique feel with its design and the patriotic significant of its design. This GSI brand sticker is known for its unique patriotic relevance to American history, and its outlook is also another reason it is one of the best. This sticker is, however, made only for flat surfaces, and the size can be really small at times.

This decal comes with a lovely design and a great display. Its remarkable size also makes it suitable for your helmet.


  • Unique design and a great display.
  • Perfect size for flat surfaces.


  • It is expensive
  • Limited surfaces option

7. American Tribal eagle sticker/decal

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This sticker/ decal is another decorative product that also will help with your safety when you use it on your helmets as a rider. This is due to certain features it comes with. Follow me through its review.

With over a decade of experience in this line of products, the producer has built a reputation of giving the best quality in their stickers/decals products. This particular product is suitable for various kinds of surface options as long as the surface is a smooth one. It is also made of vinyl and laminated to boost its durability. It is of a dimension of about 4 inches tall by 4.5 inches wide. It is perfect for both the interior and exterior of any automobile.


  • It is perfect for every surface it is applied to.
  • It is excellent on the inside as it is on the outside.
  • It glues very firmly, which makes it very durable.
  • It also comes in amazingly bright colors.


  • It is difficult to fit on surfaces that are not flat.
  • No warranty
  • No return after purchase.

8. AK Wall Art Warhawk Shark Tiger Vinyl Sticker

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If you desire a long-lasting and attractive sticker, you have just found the ‘Yes’ to that request. This product is a perfect option for your sticker needs. It comes w8th great features.

Before you make use of this sticker, there is a precaution you mist tale note of. This precaution is quite basic, however. Ensure that the surface has been made clean and smooth before you apply this sticker on such a surface.  It is straightforward to use as it is also a perfect option for both outdoor uses and indoor uses. It does not fade quickly. It can stay in great shape for about five (5) years.

This product will also fit into any weather conditions, whether rainy, snowy, or sunny. Its dimension is approximate, 10 inches by 5 inches for each product. Trust this large-sized, top-quality sticker to fit into your sticker needs.


  • Top-quality sticker.
  • Perfect large size for your helmets
  • Various surfaces options.
  • Durable for different weather and environments
  • Easy to app and remove also.


  • No warranty
  • No return after purchase
  • It doesn’t stick rigidly

9. CustomTAYLOR33 High-Intensity Grade Reflective Warhawk/Mohawk Decals

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Do you want a vibrant looking reflective decal or sticker? Or do you need a sticker or decals that can fit into any size of your choice? Check this one out!

These reflective decals or stickers add that vibrant look to your helmets with its magnificent colors, whether during the day or at night. They are perfect fits as they can be cut to different sizes. This product is resistant to adverse rays that can affect the color with time. This is made so by the coating feature.

The adhesive is also powerful, which increases its durability. It is easy to use as you can stick it and remove it quickly. It can also be cut to the exact size you want it to be in and made fit for the different sizes you wish for.


  • It can be cut to a precise size.
  • It is easy to use
  • Made from top quality materials.
  • Rigid adhesive to boost its durability
  • A wide range of color options


  • No return after purchase.
  • No warranty.

10. See No Evil Hear No Evil Speak No Evil Small Decal 3″ in the United States

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The various options you have to choose from when searching for the best stickers for your motorcycle helmets all have their different features. This is the same in the case of this product. The review shows these different features.

Made from top quality materials with a warranty of five years to cover for outdoor use only, this product is a different kind of sticker. With its 3 inches by 2 inches dimension, the decal is still die-cut nonetheless. It will survive years outdoors without having and without the sticker coming off.

It sticks just perfectly to various kinds of surfaces, which makes it a suitable option. It comes both in a large and small size. The product is not the best with its colors, however. 


  • Top-quality product
  • Warranty of five years when used outdoors.
  • Perfect fit on different surfaces
  • Rigid adhesive to help it last secure for long. 


  • Minimal color options
  • No return after purchase.

What are motorcycle helmet stickers?

These are labels glued by adhesives designed to be attached to the surface of a helmet for decorative effects. They add style to your helmets as a motorcyclist, and they make you stand out.

Sometimes, they are referred to as reward decals and sometimes pride stickers. These motorcycle helmet stickers or motorcycle helmets decals were only used I past times by school football players as a sign of accomplishing significant feats.

These pride stickers will be great on your motorcycle helmet whenever you make use of them. You will be easily recognized even when you are amidst a host of other riders.

Types Of Motorcycle Helmet Stickers

Types of motorcycle helmet stickers

When the question of which motorcycle helmet sticker is best for your helmet arises, there ate various stickers to choose from. There are different types of motorcycle helmet decals. You can make your choice from any of the following:

  • Funny motorcycle stickers: examples include, funny skull stickers, a ‘Jonny Shimpo’ sticker, a ‘how you are doing’ sticker and a host of others;
  • Patriotic motorcycle helmet stickers like a confederate flag motorcycle sticker, cool military stickers, etc.
  • Cool motorcycle stickers for your helmets;
  • Jewelry stickers, and many others.

All of these sticker types are only a few, as there are a lot of other types not mentioned above.

What are motorcycle helmet reflective stickers?

These stickers are made with reflective materials. By reflective materials, I mean materials that can reflect as output. Such contents will bounce backlight by shining right again. These materials are called reflective elements. These materials are used to make reflective motorcycle helmet stickers.

These kinds of stickers shine. That shiny feature makes it easier to notice them. More comfortable than other stickers/decals. They are more viable choices for a motorcyclist who wants to stand distinct amongst other riders.

However, respective stickers only become reflective when they receive light impacts on them. You have to shine a light on them before they become reflective. They are unique as they are best suited for the nights as they glow in the dark.

Apart from being noticeable, reflective stickers keep you safe as vehicles coming from behind, you would notice you quickly. This is because these stickers will reflect their light as they shine at you.

How to choose motorcycle helmet stickers?

Due to the regulations by different countries and states on traffic, every single motorcyclist must have a helmet compulsorily for safety purposes. Also, these helmets are mostly monochrome (just one color). This makes it very easy to use a sticker on it as it works just perfectly.There are a lot of options for you whenever you want to choose a motorcycle helmet sticker. However, you should go for just the best of these stickers. The following areas are to be looked out for.

  • The design on the sticker and how well it will fit on the helmet.
  • Safety: Will it help boost your safety? Reflective stickers answer this question better.
  • Your area of interest regarding style. You might want it cool, funny, colorful, patriotic, or sometimes offensive.

These are the essential areas to watch out for when getting stickers for motorcycle helmets.

Types Of Motorcycle Helmet Stickers

How to remove motorcycle helmet stickers?

For whatever reasons you might have your decals or stickers on your helmets, at some point in time, you will wish to take them off. At times, the stickers or decals get to remove easily, and sometimes they leave a residue that you will still have to remove yourself later on. The following methods can help you remove those motorcycle helmet stickers.

The Heating Method

Place a dryer above the helmet sticker without having direct contact with the sticker. This will make the sticker warm.

Try detaching the stickers with your fingers.

In a case that this does not work, use a razor blade or a scraper.

Clean it off with any soft clothing that is damp in rubbing alcohol to take off the adhesive that glued the sticker to the helmet.

Then clean it all up with a wet cloth before you let it dry.

The Soapy Method

Use warm water and liquid soap in a sink.

Make use of a cloth dipped in this soapy water.

Place this directly on the sticker. This will get the sticker or decal soaked.

Keep this up by getting the cloth wet again when it dries out throughout the day.After a long while, use your fingers to take it off.

If it does not work, use a razor blade or a scraper to remove it.Clean it off with any soft clothing that is damp in rubbing alcohol to take off the adhesive that glued the sticker to the helmet.

Then clean it all up with a wet cloth before you let it dry.


While making use of these stickers or when you want to take them off, there are specific warnings you must pay attention to.

  • Do not use sharp objects on the stickers.
  • Keep the stickers off the water as this will destroy the adhesive.
  • Be careful when attaching the stickers as well as when you detach it. Any mistake can deface your helmet.
  • Consider your environments when making a choice of stickers.

Custom Motorcycle Helmet Stickers

Best Motorcycle Helmet Stickers (FAQs)

Is it legal to remove stickers?

There are no regulations hindering the removal of stickers. This also includes stickers that are not for decorative purposes.

Where can I get reflective helmet stickers?

You can get it online or from any store around you where stickers are sold. Getting it in those stores comes more naturallyas these stores also sell stickers for boats and other vehicles. Online stores like Amazon are also suitable platforms to purchase on.

Where should I glue my reflective sticker on my helmet?

It is most advisable that you place your stickers, whether reflective or not, right at the back of your helmet. That is the best spot like it in its way, aids your safety. 

Am I free to choose any color at all for my stickers?

No. It is not advisable to make use of any color at all. Ensure the color you have chosen will be one that suits at least that particular spot you will be sticking it to, if not your entire helmet. This is important, especially when using reflective stickers.

Is it legal to use reflective tapes on motorcycles?

This cannot be said for every country. You would not be so sure of what the law says in another state, but in mine, it is entirely legal.

Final Words and Recommendation

Understand that there are still many stickers not mentioned in this article, for you to choose from. However, these are the best motorcycle helmet stickers you can find. Even from these mentioned here, you still have your choice to make.

Watch out, so you do not ‘choke’ your helmets with stickers. Some of these stickers will stand out as they will strike your interests. Your choice amongst them all will be primarily subjective. You only have to check out your budget and the one(s) that fits into the budget.


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