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Best Motorcycle Helmet Under 300 – Within Your Budget

We have gone various stores to see the various motorcycle helmets and also tested many bike helmets for motorcycle riders.

The result is that the Bell Solid Adult Qualifier Street racing helmet is the best of 300 helmets as considering safety.

It has got DOT certificate and CAPA rating. The weight of the helmet is 2.3 kilograms, envelopes full head, chin and face to give complete safety.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Under 300 – Comparison Chart

Product ImageProduct NameShipping WeightDimensionEditor's RatingPrice
LS2 Strobe Modular Motorcycle Helmet5 pounds14.5 x 11.5 x 11 inches4.7 out of 5 starsCheck Price
Voss 888CF Carbon Fiber DOT Half Helmet2.8 pounds4.9 out of 5 starsCheck Price
Motorcycle / Snowmobile Dual Visor Modular Helmet5 pounds14.8 x 11 x 10.5 inches4.5 out of 5 starsCheck Price
GD&M DK-140 Duke Full Face Motorcycle Helmet6 pounds13 x 10 x 10 inches4.8 out of 5 starsCheck Price
Icon Alliance Torrent Helmet5.4 pounds12 x 9 x 6 inches3.5 out of 5 starsCheck Price

The helmet has clear and a tinted eye shield. The matter of the helmet is black.

Five sizes are found in the market like medium, small, XL, L and extra large. The helmet is great with reasonable price.

A helmet reduces the impact forces fall on your brain. Similarly, it works as a barrier from objects and elements when you encounter accident at the time of motorcycling.

Almost all riders desire cranial defense forms of the face shield. It only saves from foreign objects and insects. Both of these become exponentially perilous with higher speed.

Advantages of Using a Motorcycle Helmet

The helmet is a must for the motorcyclists to save his face and head from serious injury or accident.

There are more possibilities to be injured for open design of the motorcycle.

The ratio is very high for the young motorcyclists. The reason is that they do not pay heed to the advice of wearing a helmet at the time of riding.

Under, you will get some information why we use helmets. There are lots of benefits using a helmet. Here are few mentioned:

  • Aids reducing road accident
  • Promotes the consciousness of responsibilities
  • Saves from serious head injuries
  • Saves your faces and eyes from the dust and the wind
  • Ensures comfort by lessening wind noise
  • Gives maximum defense from hot to the frigid weather
  • Keeps protect your eyes from the terrible lights of other vehicles
  • Lessens the possibilities of healthcare cost for a serious accident. In many countries, medical expenditure is brought by the government if any accident happens while riding a motorcycle.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Under 300


LS2 Strobe Modular Motorcycle Helmet

LS2 Strobe Modular Motorcycle Helmet

The LS2 strobe modular full faced helmet gives features you may get costing twice as much.

The full metal latch system gives more security for users and operates smoothly.

It has a single open button that is simple to operate and easy to use wearing a heavy winter glove.

The helmet has twin shield system sun shield, so you get full sun protection and get lighter if you enter a dark area.

The helmet opens by a single button. In the chin bar, there is a secure detent to keep the helmet in a fixed place.

The strobe applies to cable and new slide technology to use the sunshade well, ensures easy handle.

The face shield of the helmet is scratch resistant and correct. It has LS2’s short shift tool-less quickly release for which you may change it whenever you like.

Its technical fabric liners are removable as well as washable. The helmet is made to use for the motorcycle riders and for commuting to work.

The 3D laser cuts foam and pad keep the helmet in its place, for having a quick release strap, you can easily get on and off the helmet.

The Kinetic Polycarbonate Alloy shell has well ventilation system and is aerodynamic. The LS2 strobe is much comfortable; you sometimes forget to use it.


  • Built-in Twin Shield System Drop Down Sun Shield to save from the rays of the sun.
  • Completely adjustable flow-through ventilation keeps you cool in warm. This also blocks air when it is winter or cold.
  • Aerodynamic and lightweight. The HTPP composite shell of this helmet cuts through the wind. As a result, the rider feels more comfortable and resulting in not as much exhaustion.
  • The liner of the helmet is washable and removable. Therefore you have to keep it as fresh as you can.
  • It has got DOT approval and instant release strap. So it is very simple to on an off.
  • Made is Twin Shield System Drop Down Sun Shield to save from the ray’s of sun
  • Liner is washable and removable; you may keep it fresh as a new one
  • The screen alters separately from shade move separately from the total face guard. It works well.
  • The helmet is bit noisy. The function and price is great
  • Concerning noise

>>Check Price of LS2 Strobe Modular Motorcycle Helmet<<


Voss 888CF Carbon Fiber DOT Half Helmet

Voss 888CF Carbon Fiber DOT Half Helmet

Voss is the best carbon fiber half helmet. No company makes such matte carbon helmet.

Its shell is fabricated with Fibreglass blend or carbon fiber. It is a good type of helmet for head protection.

The Carbon fiber of the BuiltLite series makes the helmet less weight of the 888 Bullet Cruisers mostly two pounds. The 888 is great for the classic riders.

The other features of the helmet are removable ultra comfort microfiber liner, the quick open system of the micro metal ratchet, deep fitting shell shape, etc.

We suggest using Matte carbon fiber in 2016 to stick with cruiser trend.

To put the Matte Carbon uses a damp rag or wipes the surface. There are two sizes in the market.

The ranges of sizes are XS to XXL. You may purchase all replacement parts of the helmet.


  • Low-quality helmet with having sun lens features. Handwoven Carbon Fiber composite shell sits perfectly on your head. The weight of the helmet is 1.9 pound or 861 gram.
  • Fast ratchet micro metal instant discharge attached to more strength nylon rush chin straps.
  • The Voss 888CF Carbon Bullet Cruiser DOT Half Helmet with drop down Sun Lens
  • Expect Ultra soothe: detachable Kool Komfort micro fiber liner – effortlessly attach or separable liner insert
  • Voss Integrated Visor System: Has to pull down method with sun lens which is simple to remove or change without any tool. It appears with an additional lens.
  • Pull down method with sun lens which may be changed or removed without tools. One extra clear lens is also added
  • Simply removed with slip out or slip in shell method: Removable Kook Comfort microfiber liner
  • Fast ratchet micro metal rapid release adds to strength nylon is woven chin straps.
  •  When I use it the sun visor hits one my eyeglasses. I must tilt the helmet back over my head to make it any use.

>>Check Price of Voss 888CF Carbon Fiber DOT Half Helmet<<


Motorcycle / Snowmobile Dual Visor Modular Helmet

Motorcycle / Snowmobile Dual Visor Modular Helmet

The total construction of the helmet is well and solid. Without effort, you can lock the front flip-up visor.

The vents provide some air over the head and simple to operate. Only one complaint is that the vent switch is very close and the tab utilizes to let it up the face shield.

I need to fumble it from time to time. You may serve the pad. It is not lacking or plush. I am not sure that the helmet is great to use for hot days.

I understand that the helmet is snowmachine helmet and has one feature that lends itself to the snow machine people.

There is a piece under the chin. It blows air under the helmet to the up on the face on hot days.

I move its face shield one or 2 clicks to air thing out. Under 70 degree or up to this level the helmet works well.

The matte finish works well and is very fine. It is very easy to clean with soap or mild cleaner or with water.


  • Fulfills and exceeds the requirement of DOT
  • Push Button Flip-up Modular Flip-up Feature permits from instant exchange from Full
  • ABS Thermal Plastic Composite Shell along with EPS Impact Foam and Fiber Reinforced.
  • Retractable Anti-scratch Dual Inner Sun Visor is very simple to use
  • Easy open air vents are made for functionality and resilience. Instant access. All give maximum circulation.
  • Get up is fine
  • Vents air well
  • Moving mechanisms are solid
  • Feels great
  • The sunshade is a great thing and works well.
  • Makes sound when the speed is over 45 mph

>>Check Price of Dual Visor Modular Helmet<<


GD&M DK-140 Duke Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

GD&M DK-140 Duke Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

GDM Duke DK 140 full face helmet exceeds and meets the DOT FMVSS 218 motorcycle protection standard.

The shell of the helmet is formed from advanced lightweight composite poly-alloy.

It has 5 points ventilation system, removable as well as a washable liner, check pads.

The helmet has a double D-ring chin strap. It comes with two visors in the box. An extra tinted visor is kept in the box, and the other shield is installed as well.

Measure the size of your head if you like to choose the best size helmet for your head.

Put measuring tape one inch above the eyebrows around your head. There is a GDM Duke Helmet guide with it.

You can read it to know more things about the helmet. Be sure, the guidebook is a reference book only, but it does not ensure a perfect fit.


  • Meets and fulfills DOT FVSS-218 safety standard
  • GDM Duke DK-140 Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet (XXL)
  • Aerodynamic shell of the helmet is manufactured from superior lightweight composite poly-alloy.
  • Double D-ring chin strap along with washable and removable liner. Check pads also included.
  • adds two visors: Vivid + FREE Tinted in the box
  • To the cheaper part
  • Great to look at
  • Added tinted and clear visors
  • Quickly fog up
  • Paint prone to scratches

>>Check Price of DK-140 Duke Full Face Motorcycle Helmet <<


Icon Alliance Torrent Helmet

Icon Alliance Torrent Helmet

The murdered Alliance Dark Helmet is prepared to fade in the shadow or vanish at night. The Dark Smoke PorShield and the non-reflective matte black Rubatone finish ensure you a monotone look goes fine with… Just about anything.

There are lots of features with the stroller such as ECE, a moisture wicking Hydradry liner, plenty of venting, DOT, safety certifications which give tons of premium features except a quality price tag.

Features of Icon Alliance Torrent Helmet

  • Hydradry interior is removable or washable
  • To ensure strength, it has injection molded polycarbonate shell
  • Instant change for free pro-shield along with sideplates
  • Pollock shield locking mechanism
  • Wind tunnel tested along with refined
  • Lightweight
  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • Chin venting method lessens shield fogging
  • Rear exhaust ports save heat build up
  • Molded twin channel saves for increased cooling.
  • Little pricey since the product is great
  • The alliance came with the narrow fit interior. It gives more room from front to back but have tighter fit from side to side

>>Check Price of Icon Alliance Torrent Helmet<<


1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular

1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular Flip-up Dual Visor Sun Shield Full Face

The 1Storm Motorcycle Full Face Helmet is well made by considering all factors of the bikers. The helmet has secured DOT approval meaning that it gives you safety on the road. All pads of the helmet are removable.

Therefore you can remove these parts to wash easily. The 1Storm Motorcycle Full Face Helmet is extremely lightweight. It also reduces fatigue and neck ache at the time of motorcycling.

You can easily pop the second smoked lens as it comes with dual lens design. It will save your time and life as well. Some helmets are very difficult to use particularly if you suggest him to do it.

But 1 Storm gives importance to safety first. They have used various systems to deploy sun visor.


  • Washable and detachable padding
  • Upgraded Modular or Flip up along with Dual Lens design. (inner smoked lens or outer clear shield);
  • Nice Glossy UV protective finish
  • Lightweight and robust Aerodynamic Thermoplastic Alloy Shell
  • Isn’t very heavy and vents well
  • You have the chance to take a drink only opening the face or using footlong straw without taking out of the helmet.
  • It’s BIG! It’s a very large helmet compared to others.
  • The helmet is very big. This one is larger than other helmets found on the market.

>>Check Price Now<<

Shark Skwal Instinct Helmet

Shark Skwal Instinct Helmet

If you are a serious rider, you can keep the helmet on the streets. You will give more importance to the visibility of the helmet.

Visibility is the only thing that will stand between the cadgers and you. It leads us to the next helmet of our list, the Shark Skwal Instinct Helmet.

Shark is thought to be the safest helmet and you may keep on riding. The manufacturers of the Shark helmet keep this idea in mind. Finally, they created the first helmet having LEDS system.

The Shark Skwal Instinct Helmet is made with great attention except compromising style.

There is LED light to the back and front of the helmet. The LED lighting system gives a distinctive look in line with Shark’s killer insect.

The LED lights are very simple to switch on and off. There is a conspicuous push button concealed beneath the neck roll.

You can charge it by the flush mount charging port. You can rely on this system for five hours constantly and ten hours in pulse mode.

Shark takes a very aggressive step to make revolutionary helmets. It will keep its name on the top of the food chain. The Shawl is made in such a way that it ensures maximum comfort and safety for the riders.

There are many unique features with the Shark Skwal Instinct Helmet. Normally you would not get this type of helmet with competitive price.


  • Adjoin sun shield.
  • Very stable along with aerodynamic attributes improved by it a spoiler.
  • Incorporated LED technology motorcycle helmet.
  • Integrated LED lights for the first time in a helmet: rechargeable battery
  • Bamboo treated center for triple efficiency: anti-sweating antibacterial, and hypoallergenic
  • Nice fitting.
  • SHARK helmets SKWAL boasts about silhouette and design to optimize soundproofing and stability with great speed.
  • None

>>Check Price Now<<

How to Choose the Safest Motorcycle Helmet?

The biggest thing while riding a motorcycle is safety. You are thinking more what the best is.

Whether it is a half shell or a full face helmet. The full faced helmet is great if you drive motorcycle very fast and powerfully.

How to Choose the Safest Motorcycle Helmet

These helmets are safer, easier and cooler than the other brands in the market. All helmets come with five features to ensure more protection and safety.

Certification from DOT

The helmet has got a certificate from DOT from all criteria testing and has given sticker on it.

There is another testing procedure named as SNELL approved stickers.

A full faced helmet always saves you from a fatal accident. See these things more carefully, if you like to buy a helmet next time.

Materials and design used

The efficiency of a helmet depends on its materials used to make the helmet.

The external materials are very important as it gives the first line of security or protection.

So it must be strong and well protected and light. The aerodynamic design minimizes drag at the time of riding with high speed.

Materials and design used of motorcycle helmet

Properly ventilated

The helmet having good ventilation ensures fresh air flow all around the riders head.

The blow of air saves your face and head from sweating and saves to accumulate of toxic gas.

Provides perfect fit

Proper fitting is a great thing to consider of a helmet. There is no need to use a helmet if it does not fit well.

If the helmet flies with the slightest impact that is not good. Before taking the decision to buy it, care all these things.

Strap the helmet on, and if it does not loose without opening its belt, the helmet is good no doubt.

Provides absolute comfort

The last trait of the helmet is that it must be comfortable while wearing.

Be sure; the helmet has a reliable seal for the ear; padding is a comfort, neck roll well placed and nothing more which may cause and discomfort.

Final Verdict

There are many helmets on the market. Amongst them, you have to choose the best one. All things depend on your choice. You have to cover all the options.

Final Verdict motorcycle helmet under 300

If you have another choice, I would like to know more about it. Click here to know more about helmets in general as well. In the meantime, there are more advancements happening in this field.

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