Best Motorcycle Helmet under $300: Top 10 Options in 2022!

We are all aware that there is no lack of choices for any product in this day and age. Most of us tend to buy things that we are used to a buying habit or because we found an advertising appealing.

However, such recklessness can prove to be lethal if you are trying to choose a proper helmet! Helmets are an integral part of safety whenever you’re riding on your motorcycle.


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As fun as motorcycling may seem, motorcyclists are often prone to dangerous accidents. Fortunately, we can make it easier for you to choose the best motorcycle helmet under 300 dollars!

Unlike common belief, you can’t always acquire the best quality by just spending a lot of money. With proper knowledge about the product, you would just end up throwing it all away.

To make sure you don’t do so, we have categorized the best type of motorcycle helmet. With a low budget, you can still get the best safety helmet out there and ride your bike in peace.

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Top 10 Pick of the Best Motorcycle Helmet under 300

You might be thinking that getting a high-quality helmet within just 300 might be a hard bargain. Even if you find ones that are cheap, can you still trust them?

It’s normal for such questions to arise when you don’t know what exactly you’re looking for. Therefore, to answer all your questions, we have carefully picked the five best motorcycle helmets under 300, along with their defining features.


1. TORC T50 Route 66 ¾ Helmet

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We start the list with one of TORC’s best reasonably priced ¾ motorcycle helmets. The T50 helmet weighs only 3 pounds and comes in different shapes and sizes. Regardless of its weight, this TORC helmet can take a serious beating. It’s an ideal safeguard for your skull and doesn’t prove to be a burden either.

Various sizes are included, so you can just pick one that suits you best. It’s made of an advanced ABS shell to protect your head during a severe accident. The T50 also has a suede interior with added cushioning for better comfort. This also provides the user with more convenience and makes it fit perfectly.

The interior lining can also be removed and washed. And the interior is made of a unique material that soaks up moisture, so you don’t have to worry about sweat trickling down your face.

Moreover, it’s equipped with a removable sun visor that will offer shade on a sunny day. This allows you to see clearly as it keeps the sunlight from hampering your vision.

Pros & Cons of TORC T50 Route 66 ¾ Helmet


  • Lightweight
  • Different shapes and sizes
  • Removable suede interior
  • Removable sun visor


  • Might not protect your whole face


2. 1STORM Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

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One of the most impressive motorcycle helmets for sale is the 1STORM full-face helmet. The most intriguing feature is its variety in designs, all of which are a class apart from other affordable motorcycle helmets. Besides the stylish exterior, the visor has a glossy UV-protective finish.

This not only looks cool on a biker but also protects their eyes from harmful rays of the sun. It also reduces screen glare and allows you to see clearly. The 1STORM full-face helmet is made up of an aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell. And the intense durability of this material provides you with a whole new level of security.

Regardless of how sturdy it is, the thermoplastic alloy is very lightweight. Moreover, the 3-level top ventilation control and 5-position ventilation channel keep the air flowing fluidly in and out of the helmet.

It is effective at keeping the interior cool even in the hottest climates. A rear exhaust spoiler is also added to release the exhaled air more quickly. The heavily cushioned interior also ensures better comfort.

Pros & Cons of 1STORM Full Face Motorcycle Helmet


  • Stylish and dynamic designs
  • Made of aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy
  • Eight different ventilation channels
  • UV-protective visor finish


  • Not many sizes available


3. Conquer Snell SA2015 Full Face Auto Racing Helmet

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Next up is the best carbon fiber motorcycle helmet available in the market – the Snell SA2015. The particular helmet is mostly recommended for all kinds of motorcycle racing on different terrains. It consists of a fiberglass aeroshell with HANS device mount points.

This ensures maximum durability and allows the incoming air to pass seamlessly across the helmet. Hence, this cheap black motorcycle helmet is perfect for racing. The cool matte black finish also adds an aesthetic value to the rider. To contribute to its unmatched durability, the trusty face shield is secured using aluminum screws.

If the exterior properties have not impressed you yet, wait till you examine its interior.

The interior is laced with a Nomex lining that is completely fire retardant! This ensures your face is protected at all times from engulfing flames in terms of an unfortunate event.

Most American motorcycle helmet manufacturers don’t include this feature. Furthermore, it’s designed with aero ridges and chin spoilers and supports several different head sizes (small to extra-large).

Pros & Cons of Conquer Snell SA2015 Full Face Auto Racing Helmet


  • Perfect for motorcycle racing
  • Fiberglass aeroshell
  • Nomex lining is fire retardant
  • Wide range of sizes


  • Doesn’t include a lot of designs


4. Bell Qualifier Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

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If you’re looking for a reliable DOT approved helmet, then this bell qualifier motorcycle helmet review will surely get you excited. And this DOT approved motorcycle helmet is equipped with a ClickRelease technology, which allows you to swap face shields effortlessly.

This budget-friendly helmet is made of polycarbonate material and weighs only 3.8 pounds. It may be lightweight, but the stability of the material is enough to save your skull from a nasty accident.

The size ranges from extra small to extra-large, so you can be sure that the helmet fits you perfectly. And the helmet visor is made of NutraFog IITM technology, which makes it scratch resistant. This also minimizes fogging in cold environments and gives you perfect clarity.

Moreover, the visors are chromatic, which means it can adapt to any sort of lighting and change its shade accordingly. It also has an exhaust that lets out hot air and strategically positioned vents that maintain a steady flow of air. No matter how long the journey is, the helmet will keep your head cool throughout.

Pros & Cons of Bell Qualifier Full Face Motorcycle Helmet


  • Swap face shields effortlessly with ClickRelease
  • DOT approved
  • Photochromatic anti-scratch visors
  • Anti-fog


  • No added cheek pads


5. BASE CAMP ACE II Road bike helmet

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For those who don’t own a motorcycle but rather a mountain bike, we have the best bike helmet for you too! The Base Camp road bike helmet is a perfect combination of safety and comfort when it comes to the best budget helmet category.

Base Camp introduces an Integral Molding technology that efficiently absorbs maximum amounts of impact during an unfortunate accident. This ensures a high level of security when riding on rocky mountain tracks, and can save your skull from damage!

It also utilizes a Venturi Effect by channeling air through the numerous vents at the top of the helmet. And it constantly pulls the air through the top and releases the warm air through the exhaust at its back.

A steady flow of air will minimize sweat accumulation inside, saving you the hassle of washing it repeatedly. To top that feature, the internal padding is removable and is customized to fit your head perfectly. Moreover, the helmet is extremely light but stable enough to withstand collisions.

Pros & Cons of BASE CAMP ACE II Road Bike Helmet


  • Integral molding allows maximum impact absorption
  • Efficient air channeling via Venturi Effect
  • Removable internal padding
  • Adjustable Extremely lightweight and durablele cheek pads


  • Only two basic designs available


6. LS2 Strobe Modular Motorcycle Helmet

LS2 Helmets Strobe Solid Modular Motorcycle Helmet with Sunshield (Hi-Vis Yellow, Medium)

The LS2 strobe modular full faced helmet gives features you may get costing twice as much.

The full metal latch system gives more security for users and operates smoothly.

It has a single open button that is simple to operate and easy to use wearing a heavy winter glove.

The helmet has twin shield system sun shield, so you get full sun protection and get lighter if you enter a dark area.

The helmet opens by a single button. In the chin bar, there is a secure detent to keep the helmet in a fixed place.

The strobe applies to cable and new slide technology to use the sunshade well, ensures easy handle.

The face shield of the helmet is scratch resistant and correct. It has LS2’s short shift tool-less quickly release for which you may change it whenever you like.

Its technical fabric liners are removable as well as washable. The helmet is made to use for the motorcycle riders and for commuting to work.

The 3D laser cuts foam and pad keep the helmet in its place, for having a quick release strap, you can easily get on and off the helmet.

The Kinetic Polycarbonate Alloy shell has well ventilation system and is aerodynamic. The LS2 strobe is much comfortable; you sometimes forget to use it.

Pros & Cons of LS2 Strobe Modular Motorcycle Helmet


  • Made is Twin Shield System Drop Down Sun Shield to save from the ray’s of sun
  • liner is washable and removable; you may keep it fresh as a new one
  • The screen alters separately from shade move separately from the total face guard. It works well


  • The helmet is bit noisy. The function and price is great
  • Concerning noise


7. Voss 888CF Carbon Fiber DOT Half Helmet

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Voss is the best carbon fiber half helmet. No company makes such matte carbon helmet.

Its shell is fabricated with Fibreglass blend or carbon fiber. It is a good type of helmet for head protection. The Carbon fiber of the BuiltLite series makes the helmet less weight of the 888 Bullet Cruisers mostly two pounds. The 888 is great for the classic riders.

The other features of the helmet are removable ultra comfort microfiber liner, the quick open system of the micro metal ratchet, deep fitting shell shape, etc.

We suggest using Matte carbon fiber in 2016 to stick with cruiser trend.

To put the Matte Carbon uses a damp rag or wipes the surface. There are two sizes in the market.The ranges of sizes are XS to XXL. You may purchase all replacement parts of the helmet.

Pros & Cons of Voss 888CF Carbon Fiber DOT Half Helmet


  • Pull down method with sun lens which may be changed or removed without tools. One extra clear lens is also added
  • Simply removed with slip out or slip in shell method: Removable Kook Comfort microfiber liner
  • Fast ratchet micro metal rapid release adds to strength nylon is woven chin straps


  • When I use it the sun visor hits one my eyeglasses. I must tilt the helmet back over my head to make it any use.


8. Motorcycle / Snowmobile Dual Visor Modular Helmet

Motorcycle/Snowmobile Matte Black Dual Visor Modular Helmet DOT (Size: Medium)

The total construction of the helmet is well and solid. Without effort, you can lock the front flip-up visor.

The vents provide some air over the head and simple to operate. Only one complaint is that the vent switch is very close and the tab utilizes to let it up the face shield.I need to fumble it from time to time. You may serve the pad. It is not lacking or plush. I am not sure that the helmet is great to use for hot days.

I understand that the helmet is snowmachine helmet and has one feature that lends itself to the snow machine people.

There is a piece under the chin. It blows air under the helmet to the up on the face on hot days.I move its face shield one or 2 clicks to air thing out. Under 70 degree or up to this level the helmet works well.

The matte finish works well and is very fine. It is very easy to clean with soap or mild cleaner or with water.

Pros & Cons of Motorcycle / Snowmobile Dual Visor Modular Helmet


  • Awesome looking
  • Vents air well
  • Moving mechanisms are solid
  • Feels great
  • The sunshade is a great thing and works well


  • Makes sound when the speed is over 45 mph


9. GD&M DK-140 Duke Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

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GDM duke DK 140 full face helmet exceeds and meets the DOT FMVSS 218 motorcycle protection standard.

The shell of the helmet is formed from advanced lightweight composite poly-alloy.

It has 5 points ventilation system, removable as well as a washable liner, check pads.

The helmet has a double D-ring chin strap. It comes with two visors in the box. An extra tinted visor is kept in the box, and the other shield is installed as well.

Measure the size of your head if you like to choose the best size helmet for your head.

Put measuring tape one inch above the eyebrows around your head. There is a GDM Duke Helmet guide with it.

You can read it to know more things about the helmet. Be sure, the guidebook is a reference book only, but it does not ensure a perfect fit.

Pros & Cons of GD&M DK-140 Duke Full Face Motorcycle Helmet


  • To the cheaper part
  • Great to look at
  • Added tinted and clear visors


  • Quickly fog up
  • Paint prone to scratches


10. Shark Skwal Instinct Helmet

Motorcycle/Snowmobile Matte Black Dual Visor Modular Helmet DOT (Size: Medium)

If you are a serious rider, you can keep the helmet on the streets. You will give more importance to the visibility of the helmet.

Visibility is the only thing that will stand between the cadgers and you. It leads us to the next helmet of our list, the Shark Skwal Instinct Helmet.

Shark is thought to be the safest helmet and you may keep on riding. The manufacturers of the Shark helmet keep this idea in mind. Finally, they created the first helmet having LEDS system.

The Shark Skwal Instinct Helmet is made with great attention except compromising style.

There is LED light to the back and front of the helmet. The LED lighting system gives a distinctive look in line with Shark’s killer insect.

The LED lights are very simple to switch on and off. There is a conspicuous push button concealed beneath the neck roll.

You can charge it by the flush mount charging port. You can rely on this system for five hours constantly and ten hours in pulse mode.

Shark takes a very aggressive step to make revolutionary helmets. It will keep its name on the top of the food chain. The Shawl is made in such a way that it ensures maximum comfort and safety for the riders.

There are many unique features with the Shark Skwal Instinct Helmet. Normally you would not get this type of helmet with competitive price.

Pros & Cons of Shark Skwal Instinct Helmet


  • Nice fitting
  • SHARK helmets SKWAL boasts about silhouette and design to optimize soundproofing and stability with great speed


  • No found

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Helmet under 300

Any motorcycle helmet that costs under 300 can be too tempting to be true. In these situations, customers often tend to jump into buying whichever helmet it is, and are often left with a disappointing result.

To make sure you’re buying the best inexpensive motorcycle helmet, there are certain factors you should keep in mind. These factors will not only make sure you’re getting the best out of your money but also ensure you are not being cheated.

Dynamic Style

The first thing that comes into mind when buying a motorcycle helmet is its appearance. We don’t blame you, as the best road helmet also needs to be aesthetically pleasing.

Many of the best helmet brands offer aerodynamic designs that will surely catch your eye. While not all the brands offer such a wide range of choices, there are a few that have a variety of colors and appealing patterns. This gives you the freedom to choose one that best fits your personality.

Helmet Quality

Don’t get deceived by all the color dynamics, though, because the quality of a reasonably priced helmet is what matters the most. Make sure to check the type of material it’s made of and the amount of pressure it can withstand.

We recommend buying the best lightweight bike helmet as it will reduce the amount of pressure on your head. Some helmets come with anti-scratch visors, which might also be helpful in some cases. Apart from being light, it also needs to be durable.

Proper Ventilation

The ventilation system is also an integral feature as it will maximize the airflow within your helmet. And the more ventilation ports are available, the cooler the interior will be. If you don’t have a well-ventilated helmet, it might cause sweating and make long journeys unpleasant.

Different Types

We all know there are several types of helmets out there, each serving a different purpose. Keep your preferences in mind when buying a helmet. You don’t want to buy a full-face helmet if you wish to ride a bmx. Analyze all the different properties of the different helmets and choose the one that fits your needs.


Last but not least, make sure the helmet you choose fits you perfectly. We have listed a few models that offer a wide range of sizes above. Besides that, a helmet with added cheek pads can add to the comfort. Having the option to remove and wash cheek pads can also come in handy.

Sportbike Helmets Under $300 | Motorcycle Superstore

Advantages of Using a Motorcycle Helmet

The helmet is a must for the motorcyclists to save his face and head from serious injury or accident.

There are more possibilities to be injured for open design of the motorcycle.

The ratio is very high for the young motorcyclists. The reason is that they do not pay heed to the advice of wearing a helmet at the time of riding.

Under, you will get some information why we use helmets. There are lots of benefits using a helmet. Here are few mentioned:

  • Aids reducing road accident
  • Promotes the consciousness of responsibilities
  • Saves from serious head injuries
  • Saves your faces and eyes from the dust and the wind
  • Ensures comfort by lessening wind noise
  • Gives maximum defense from hot to the frigid weather
  • Keeps protect your eyes from the terrible lights of other vehicles
  • Lessens the possibilities of healthcare cost for a serious accident. In many countries, medical expenditure is brought by the government if any accident happens while riding a motorcycle.

Best Motorcycle Helmet under 300 (FAQs)

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding motorcycle helmets under 300 dollars:

1. How long does a motorcycle helmet last?

Average motorcycle helmets tend to last longer than five years. However, this will depend on the type of material it’s made of and the number of accidents you have been through.

It is safe to say that the helmets we have picked in this article will give you reliable service over a long duration. To be more certain, check the guarantee that was provided on purchase.

2. Can you use a motorcycle helmet after crashing?

Again, it depends upon the type of helmet you have purchased. If the helmet material has immense impact-absorbing abilities and is built to withstand extreme conditions, it can be used again. However, if the impact causes major breakage, you should consider buying or replacing your helmet.

3. What should I do to take care of my helmet?

Try not to rest your helmet on top of a hard surface as it might damage the interior. Clean the interior with mild soap and avoid using chemical products. If you wish to repaint your helmet, consult with the manufacturers to make sure which paint products are suitable.

4. What does the “SA” in the model numbers mean?

The word SA tells you that the particular helmet has passed flammability tests and also gone through the rollbar multi-impact test. These models tend to be more durable than others.

5. Are below 300 dollar helmets reliable?

Yes, but it depends on the brand and specifications of the helmet. The helmets that we have listed above hold the necessary features that ensure maximum reliability.


Final Words & Recommendation

The ten motorcycle helmets that we listed above hold all the necessary characteristics one can wish for. They are all affordable and suitable for different purposes and terrain.

And the ones that stand out (as my personal favorites) are the Conquer Snell auto racing helmet, due to their durable fiberglass aeroshell and fire retardant interior, and the Bell Qualifier full-face helmet, because of its ClickRelease shield swap and anti-fog capabilities.

However, the Snell SA2015 is mostly preferred for riding on racing tracks. Whereas the Bell Qualifier is more versatile, and its chromatic visors steal the show!

Hopefully, this article has helped clear your confusion and set your mind straight for a decision. Assess all the details carefully and choose the best motorcycle helmet under 300.

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