MTB Helmet Reviews: A Complete Buying Guide and Reviews

Primary snowmobiles suffered by snowmobile helmet designs which fogged goggles and faces shields and leaked frigid air that lead to frostbitten areas of the chin, neck, and nose.

We have modified motorcycle helmets with single pane faces shield. We have made helmet today to remove ice build-up and fogging.

The helmets are internally padded and sealed and good for comfort, warmth, and fit.

We have different types of snowmobile helmets. It has various colors and styles.

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We are looking for a helmet for using the season ahead; your performance must be different from my style.

A good lover of snowmobile who likes to use Ski-Doo-branded Kangol helmet loves it very much.

I still like to use open field style. Luckily there are lots of openly faced styles in the market for me what we got in the previous days.

1. SUNVP Helmet Road Mountain Bike MTB

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The helmet is very wide we would like to say frankly. Is it tightening enough?

Is there much space left to the sides when it just wobbles. Try at different models from the store and see which one is fit for your head.

There will be no problem. The padding inside of the helmet is very thin.

If the helmet comes with more padding, it would fit well and would be a decent helmet no doubt.

Pros & Cons of SUNVP Helmet Road Mountain Bike MTB


  • Materials: super density imported PC, EPS, and PVC.
  • The Lining: high permeability, silver velvet lining, streamlined tail designed, effectively lessen the pressure of the shock
  • Size: L, fit for head circumstance 22.05 to 24.80 inches, weight: o.53 pound
  • Protective and removable pad liner, comfortable to wear, sweat chin pad and simple to wash.
  • The regulator of the helmet will aid to set the helmet well; there remain no gaps, give more security for the head
  • The removable black visor aid to escape foreign bodies as well as give shade for the eyes.


  • Bit heavier but not more.

2. Bell Sanction BMX/Downhill Helmet

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Bell helmets have won the championships amongst brands of helmets.

The helmet is giving safety to the men and women over 50 years of the Grand Prix racing by the Indy 500 to Olympic cycling.

The Bell started as a little auto parts store in the suburb of Los Angeles.

Developing the leadership of Roy Richter, the helmet becomes great safety equipment for motorcycling, racing and bicycling.

The commitment of Richter’s is to make a great product connecting with the sports. Besides they like to take care of the people working with it.

Now Bell has done the job. Bell is not ready to fulfill the commitments of giving the most support to quality, innovation, and racing.

Pros & Cons of Bell Sanction BMX/Downhill Helmet


  • Sturdy full faced Downhill or bmx racing helmet gave recession- busting value
  • Low profile design, fully vented and weight 950 grams
  • Sized for junior and smaller riders; CPSC Bicycle certified, CE EN 1078
  • Adjustable visor, hand laminated fiberglass shell
  • The target to make it: Ideal for BMX, all mountain riding, and Super -D


  • Have no cons

3. Fox Head Transition Hardshell Helmet Vega Helmets VF1 Lightweight dirt bike Helmet

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I like both downhill longboarding and mountain biking. I desire to have a helmet that can give me both safety and well-fitting.

I chose this helmet as the price of the helmet is reasonable or within reach of the buyers.

The paint of the helmet is glossy and nice looking. There are two different thickness of padding of the helmets to ensure well fitting.

Pros & Cons of Fox Head Transition Hardshell Helmet


  • Inner comfort liner is made of suede microfiber
  • Removable as well as washable
  • Eleven venting ports is good for breathability and airflow
  • ASTM f1952, CPSC 1203, EN 78:1997, ASTM 63:2008 approved.


  • No cons at all

4. Giro Hex Mountain bike helmet

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All mountain riders desire to have gear which is versatile and light except avoiding durability or comfort enough to drive from four to five hours in various conditions.

Therefore we have made Xar specifically for the aggressive trail riding, having features of 17 wind tunnel vents added with internal airflow channels, a visor to save from the sun, brush, rain, branches and our patented P.O.V. and the micro-adjustability for Roc Loc 5.

If you like to go faster, farther and bigger than the Xar is best for your choice.

Pros & Cons of Giro Hex Mountain Bike Helmet


  • Rock Lock five Fit system
  • A top level of performance for all mountain riding
  • 17 Wind Tunnel vents having internal channeling ventilation
  • P.O.V added visor along with 15-degree vertical adjustment
  • Full warp in-mold polycarbonate shell as well as EPS liner


  • Good air ventilation but not smart enough
  • Color adjustment

5. Scott Arx MTB Plus Helmet MD Black

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Scott’s Arx MTB Plus helmet gives innovative MIPS Brain safety system to mountain bikes looking for an edge in protection with affordable price.

The MRAS2 has a perfect fit system, comfortable and secured. All the studies of Scott’s top mountain bike helmets are trickled down to an all-rounder.

The low friction layer permits shell to rotate over one’s head. Researchers have found that the MIPS helmets have no force over the brain.

The helmet is great. I have used it and found it has much usefulness. I suggest someone buy this helmet to get the desired result.

Pros & Cons of Scott Arx MTB Plus Helmet MD Black


  • To ensure cool, it has optimized venting
  • Visor is removable
  • MIPS brain Protection system
  • MRAS II Fit System


  • Not available for toddlers

Why MTB Helmets

Spend some of your valuable time on the mountain bike and prior that you have to know how great it is to save your head. It is difficult to get a well fitted helmet for your head dimensions.

Or it is not possible to have one that can give more air to breathe well for your local climate. At present, we see great improvement of helmets, so we are grateful.

They fulfill the standard of safety and give more protection for head and face. It also fits well and ensures comfort.

If you are riding or racing downhill laps, you would like to use full coverage downhill helmet.

If you talk about full face MTB helmet, you need to use the lighter one.

Spend more time to do so, and walk between maximum protection and lightweight. I normally like to use a lightweight helmet. My head hits the ground many times;

I do not mind to wear a little heavier helmet to ensure more or extra protection.

Watch The Best MTB Helmets Review

Final Words

It is important that the snowmobile helmets have got the standard of DOT certificate. They are saving to use it.

You will get the different options like the Full Face Snowmobile Helmets. This type of helmet covers the whole heads and gives warmth, fewer noises and comfortable.

The snowmobile helmets are great if you love trail riding at a leisurely pace.

The Modular snowmobile helmet covers the whole heads and offers more convenience over a flip up face plate.

If you like to rise on the hill, more speed or deep power rides, a modular helmet is great.

It gives you quickly cool down from overexertion by simply flipping up ahead. This type of helmet is great for the people who like to use glasses.

For snowmobile helmet, keeping the helmet free from fog is important. In our snowmobile helmet, there is a padded interior liner, along with ear pockets which may add audio speakers or accept communication.

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