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Awesome And Very Useful Optrel Welding Helmet Reviews

Optrel is the most trusted brands of the helmet. The helmet comes with top quality craftsmanship, lots of features and outstanding lens clarity. It is particularly made for the welding experts. One can change the setting of the helmet very easily while using gloves.

Optrels lens technology is unbelievably clear. Through the lens, you can see clearly everything almost in true form. The weight is distributed equally so it reduces neck strain.

The hood of the helmet is very comfortable. One can work all the day by wearing this helmet. All the Optrel helmets are rugged and fulfilled the demand of the time. Finally, the 3 years warranty on the helmet added extra protection for the users.

Optrel Welding Helmet Reviews 2018 –  Comparison Chart

Product ImageProduct NameShipping WeightDimensionEditor's RatingPrice
Optrel VegaView 2.5 Welding Helmet 3.5 pounds14 x 14 x 10 inches 4.7 out of 5 starsCheck Price
Welding Helmet, e680, Shade 415 pounds20 x 20 x 15 inches4.9 out of 5 starsCheck Price
Optrel 1007.000 p550 Welding Helmet 1.9 pounds 16 x 12 x 16 inches 4.5 out of 5 starsCheck Price

There are various types of designs of the helmet in the market. The high-quality helmet gives more protection. This type of helmet is Optrel welding helmet. One can do different kinds of a job by wearing the

In this short review of ours, you will get the top three optrel auto-darkening welding helmets.

The Best Optrel Welding Helmet Reviews 2018


Optrel VegaView 2.5 Welding Helmet

Optrel VegaView 2.5 Welding Helmet

Optrel new vegaview 2.5 is the clearest helmet to view all the things. It develops the visibility of the welders’ up to 400 percent.

If you compare it with the traditional auto-darkening welding helmets, you will find that it ensures the clearest view in the light state.

External controls help the welders to adjust the shade level from eight to twelve to fulfill the need of the welding application except removing the helmet True Color Filter.

ADF lenses are coated well to view the colors in true forms, helps the welder to read the LED on welding devices without opening the helmet.

Welders who are working close to each other may adjust the sensitivity of the ADF saves it from responding very soon or not for the arc flash. It may be used at the time of welding at low amperages, and the ADF may not darken.

Opening Delay- the Opening Delay aids the welders to set time it takes switching from the dark to light makes the transition easier for the eyes.

The Optrel’s patented Sensor Slide permits the detection angle to be reduced from 120 degrees to 60 degrees, saves the ADF from responding to the nearby welder’s arcs.

It is found with e3000 powered air purifying respirators. It may be used for different purposes for grinding as well as overhead welding.

Features of Optrel VegaView 2.5 Welding Helmet

  • Having a crisp and clear area
  • Wonderful welding hood
  • Price is higher than some other models on Amazon on online


  • Wonderful hood shade only moves to 12 it may obtain bright as you are running a higher amperage
  • The bend outer lens put off little glare sometimes that may be distracting


  • To the arc, there is no protection

>>Check Price of  Optrel VegaView 2.5 Welding Helmet<<

Welding Helmet, e680, Shade 4

Welding Helmet, e680, Shade 4

A great improvement is seen in the welding helmet that is the predecessor. From auto darkening lens to the highly adjustable hood, the helmet gives comfort and fit for all welding jobs, like MIG, TIG, stick welding or some others.

A great improvement has been done for the previous Optrel Satellite. Now the Optrel welding models are much upgraded.

The Optrel gives comfort from the auto darkening lens to the top adjustable hood and best for all types of welding jobs having MIG, TIG stick welding as well as total more than that.

If you use it once, there is no need to open it until you have finished the work. The controls of the outer shell and the external remote give all the adjustability that you need without taking off the gloves or helmet. The real color gives a bright view, a crisp and chance to puddle in all lighting situation.

Features of Welding Helmet, e680, Shade 4

  • Multi-use adequate to grinding style and shade levels from 5-13 DIN
  • IR and UV safety with shade level setting
  • Real color filter
  • Helmet controls rapid adjustment and exterior remote


  • Automatic off and on
  • Crystal clear natural view, little color storage
  • Solar powered batteries
  • Possible to work with a hard hat and retrofitted with an Optrel respirator
  • User-friendly external controls make welding more like fun, and the welder is hundred percent protected in the environment.
  • Lightweight features aid welder to work longer except neck fatigue.
  • Optrel e680 is rich featured and comparatively cheaper than other brands in the market.


  • The viewing space is smaller, the field of vision is wider
  • Has no electromagnetic disturbance trigger
  • Reaction timer slower. It creates a problem at the time of doing small welding.
  • The sealed battery may not recharge, but they last for longer time.

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Optrel 1007.000 p550 Welding Helmet

Optrel 1007.000 p550 Welding Helmet

The Pro Range from optrel is a good helmet for welding methods. The optrel p 550 and the high-quality auto darkening shell ensure long life and excellent standard for the welders.

The scope and headband of the helmet are that it offers great protection and comfort for the users. Happy to hear the new of the welder and cover concept, the helmet is useful to locks at the time of your need.

Features of Optrel 1007.000 p550 Welding Helmet

  • Sensitivity control
  • Comfortable headband
  • Maximum UV and IR certainty with every shade level setting
  • The hard hat can also be worn


  • Saves your faces and eyes very well
  • Design permits the users to use a hard hat
  • The headband is very comfortable
  • Super affordable than some other high bands in the market


  • Since it holds wide submission, it does not mean to use as a splash protector or for grinding

>>Check Price of  Optrel 1007.000 p550 Welding Helmet<<


Why you should use only quality helmets

If you use a good mask, you can clearly see all things through the glass cover as it is tinted and dark as well. The present helmets are sensitive to the environment. They are made with sensors that darken the glass cover instantly when the welding light is sensed.

Prevention of injury to the eyes as well as the face: A welding hood gives cover to the total face region. If you do welding for a place, you will understand the importance of wearing a helmet.

Keeping the face open one may expose to flying particles and metal. The particles are hot and may damage the eyes and may cause pain to the face if it hit on.

For this reason, you must use a helmet at the time of doing welding to save your face from the flying debris.

At the time of welding, great quality products are important for hot weather. Keeping head under the sun is not good for health.

If you wear a helmet, you can save your head from the heat of the sun. Some helmets are made with materials that can save the UV rays and keep your head cool.

Increased efficiency: The cause why you use a good helmet when you are working to increase efficiency.

If you are not habituated to wear a helmet, your progress would be stopped as cover the eyes as you are doing welding. The helmet will save your eyes from flying molten particles coming and hitting on your eyes.

From the discussion, it is clear that Optrel welding hoods are made of high quality and are very useful for welders. It may limit the field of your visor or weight. You are free from the eye irritation or other eye problems occurring from the intense flashes or infrared or light.

The Optrel Difference OPTICAL CLARITY

Seeing is believing. Optrel’s Swiss made lenses are adjusted well with the latest optical technologies which allow welders to look clearly and more extensive viewing field. Moreover, it allows the users to be more accurate in their work.

High Definition Viewing

Like some other high definition television, the new e684’s has HD lens ensures a true color view for the welder. One class angular dependency permits welders to look the crispest, clearest view possible.

True Color Filter

The specialty of the helmet is that it is made with chosen expert ADF lenses and is coated to see the true color. It also allows the welders to read red LEDs on welding device except raising the heads.

Extensive Field of View

The more precise and closer view may perform their job. Optrel expands the line of sight in the innovative weld cap up to 2.7 times by altering the optical unit near to the eyes of the welders.

Revolutionary Comfort

Do you like to do welding for a long time? Keep in mind that the Optrel helmets are made with special care. It gives comfort to the welders’ head, reduces neck and head strain. Along with it is very lightweight and has technical innovations which particularly develop a welder’s well being.

Optimal Fit

To ensure comfort optrel raises its bar on both sides. It confirms overall comfort to adjust the position of the helmet on the head and confirm a wide field of view.

Lightweight Design

Optrel helmet will give comfort for the welder though he works for a few hours, for a full day or a few minutes. The helmet sits comfortably and minimizes unnecessary pressure. Moreover, it is made to be lighter in the head and neck strain.

Eye Fatigue Reduction

Optrel’s exclusive Twilight ADF Technology revives light usually giving a smoother transition for the eyes, lessens eye fatigue for welders. It also aids welders to do work for a long time and enables them to work more comfortably and safer.

Cooling Helmets

The new Optrel 684’s special silver helmet reflects heat and light, therefore keeps the head cool 23% more than the other dark or unpainted helmets. For some extreme atmosphere, welders can work for a long time feeling more comfortable.

Final Verdict

This is up to your choice. Now the 3M speed glass welding helmet is the best helmet on the market now. This type of helmet is widely used and has been tested by many people in the welding communities.

This type of helmet is more expensive than other types of helmets on the market. You know that the four arc sensor is better than two sensors and is less expensive models. Optrel new vegaview 2.5 and the Welding Helmet, e680 is an extraordinary helmet for you.

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