Best Ruroc Helmet Reveiws in 2022- Fun in the Snow

Have you ever seen snowboards, skis or squad of stormtroopers? Do not worry, if you have not seen the latest Star Wars movie, maybe you have seen Ruroc Flock.

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As they flew on the scene in 2006, the Ruroc helmet has got much popularity and has included hardcore fans. They may be divisive, and somewhat like Marmite, you may hate or love them.

What’s in the box

If you buy A Ruroc RG1-X helmet, you will not get a lid. You get a Ruroc system a goody that will keep your face eyes and face comfortable and safe over the slope.

Surely it is the main thing of the lid. This helmet has a good impact ABS outer shell as well as EPS liner that passed both ASTM F 2040 and EN 1077 certificate. With optimum fit, it has comfort padding.

This is a full headed helmet covers the whole head up to the back of the head down up to your neck to cover the ears and ensures increased protection.


Design of Ruroc helmet

Let us begins with a detachable face mask. The characteristics make Ruroc different from competitors.

It is done to save from sub-zero wind chills, terrain park rails, and tree branches. Though, I do not like to smash my face with any branches or rails.

I feel very comfortable all the day in extremely cold weather. The facemask keeps my face warm. I have seen lots of moisture build up which closes draining on my jacket.


The face mask will give you more protection than the other brands. The helmet is very protective, and you would not feel any problem if you go on hard spill over a jump or on the rail.

Protection of Ruroc helmet

Fortunately, I have never faced such situation while I was wearing a helmet though I faced some tree branches at the time of going through thick trails.

Face mask helps me and offers courage while jumping bigger. Ruroc demands that the MagLens goggles remain firmly in every situation like other goggles which aim to breakaway on collision. I would like to take word for it. If I have an impact, I will upload this review with whatever I found.


You would like to wear a helmet for a long time. So comfort is the first thing to consider. It has two-inch comfort neck and three pieces low-density foam increase snug fit and comfort for the users.

The helmet would give you protection and warm. The concealed vent channels of the EPS liner aid to make the proper flow of air. For that, there is no how sweaty mess if you take off the helmet.


Goggles of Ruroc helmet

The goggle works well. It is said earlier, the line up against the face mask, but except that they are much comfortable.

They have wide view field and fog up all, especially in sunny weather, ensure a high contrast vision. If the clouds are more obvious, the view on the slope would be less.

You will lose contrast to the slope, and it may be harder to read ascent. The lens of the goggles is interchangeable.

RuRoc supplies an orange lens low light. If you purchase a low light, they will fit with the models. I have got ware version lens which may not fit with the previous models of the goggles.

Ruroc RG1-DX Snowboard Helmet Review ( Video Analysis)

Final Words

The helmet ensures full coverage; feeling will be like a motorcycle helmet than another snow helmet, have more space for earbuds if you like some tunes. The helmet keeps our head away from sweating.

There are two available sizes, and the fit is not very adjustable. It may seem awkward looking without a face mask, but snaps on simply and feeling well balanced as well as solid.

It also saves from the face plants. Detaching and disconnection are very simple especially wearing gloves.

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