The Best Ski Helmet Reviews – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Which helmet do you like most? The popularity of the helmet is increasing gradually. So manufacturers are trying their best to make different types of helmets.

Some are made for lower impact though some are manufactured for massive impacts. The construction of this helmet is great.

There are some models which have got the Multi-angle Impact Protection System (MIPS) license. What type of helmet you choose doesn’t matter.

You must be sure that the helmet fits well on your head. This model is super for sports such as skiing and snowboarding.

Ski is a very popular brand now on the market. People buy this helmet most as it ensures most safety.

Besides, it is lighter than the other models. The manufacturers applied the latest technology to make this helmet. There are many upgraded models which also use the advanced features.

Before buying a helmet, you must give importance to the safety first. Here you will get a list of some of the best helmets.

All will give you protection when you fall from. Your brain is the most important part of your body. So you must save it at any cost.

Ski Helmet Reviews 2019 – Comparison Chart

Product ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
Traverse Dirus Ski & Snowboard/Bike & Skate Helmet4.7 out of 5 starsCheck Price
Lucky Bums Snow Sports Helmet4.9 out of 5 starsCheck Price
Smith Optics Holt Snow Sports Helmet4.5 out of 5 starsCheck Price
Giro Surface-S Snow Helmet4.8 out of 5 starsCheck Price
Giro Seam Snow Helmet4.8 out of 5 starsCheck Now

Do I Really Need To Wear A Ski Helmet?

For recreational activities, people of all ages enjoy snowboarding and skiing. They don’t think about the injuries.

The statistic of National Ski Areas Association expresses that every year 40 people die for skiing or snowboarding related accidents. It is sure that all winter sports don’t bring accident which leads death.

About 600,000 people face injuries in North America for skiing and snowboarding. Among them, about 20% faces head injuries.

People become more aware of ski helmet in 2008. In this year, 2 celebrities faced death for fatal skiing accident. In the following year, a mother collided with a German Politician at the time of skiing in Australia.

Luckily the politician was saved as he wore a helmet. But the woman was without the helmet and faced death.

Natasha Richardson a popular Canadian actress faced death for sustaining a traumatic head injury at the time of skiing.

One Canadian Meta-analysis found that the helmet reduces the possibility of head injury from 21% to 45%.

The wide ranges were found for studying different results. Some people faced serious head shock while other faced other types of injuries.

There is no evidence that wearing a helmet lessens the chance of death or injuries during skiing or snowboarding.

Some people faced accident but didn’t subject to head trauma. This is quite impossible to show the real proof or the benefit of wearing a helmet.

Wearing a well-padded and well-constructed helmet can’t save the life. But it can protect you from serious injuries.

Most of the researchers agree that wearing a helmet doesn’t increase the possibility of head trauma.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality in America suggests all people using a helmet for recreational snowboarders and skiers for this reason.

What about it?

You will get two types of snow sports helmet in the market which fulfill CEN1077 and ASTM2040 standard, these are a hard shell, and in the mold, variation remains, like combination construction, sweet like carbon fiber, and Giro has presented third types by introducing Soft Shell.

ski helmet reviews


For mold, construction applies a tough polycarbonate outer shell connected with helmet’s impact-absorbing EPS foam liner, long-lasting capability without a heavyweight. The good combination of liners and shell can give better ventilation.

Hard Shell

In hard shell helmet, durable ABS is applied, and lightweight EPS liner bonded added together. This kind of helmet has fewer vents they are hard wearing and have great value.

Soft Shell

Softshell holds impact absorbing liner and a patented pending liner designed with Vinyl Nitrate as well as an uncommon flexible outer shell material to ensure comfort and confirm durability.

MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System)

MIPS is made in such a way that it gives more protection for the riders. The helmet lessens rotational force over the brain creates the impact on the head.

The liner and the shell are differentiated by low friction layer. As the helmet is subjected to angle impact, the low friction layer slides over the head and absorbing much of energy.


More vents will give more chance to make the head cool if your head becomes warm up quickly.

You need not keep the vents open. There are also riders controlled venting which may be adjusted at the time of moving.


The Best Ski Helmet Reviews 2019


Traverse Dirus Ski & Snowboard/Bike & Skate Helmet

Traverse Dirus Ski & Snowboard/Bike & Skate Helmet

The Dirus helmet is wonderful helmet gives full protection for the head.

We believe that the further design of helmet must be seasonally restrained.

The helmet covers the head of the users.

The ABS of the helmet is a long-lasting and heavy duty for good protection for bruises or bumps.

It has high-density EPS foam inside that absorbs shock on impact.

The helmet gives an answer to the adventurous call of the outdoor matter any time of the year maybe.

Features of Traverse Dirus Ski Skate Helmet

  • Ten vents to ensure ultimate temperature regulation with unyielding ABS shell firm and exterior, shock absorbent EPS interior
  • It has an adjustable dial to customize the fit
  • Replaceable foam to transform to the bike helmet
  • Goggle clip to keep it on the eye side
  • Removable plush earmuffs for protection and warmth, a pocket to keep headphones


  • The fittings and quality of the helmet meet my anticipation
  • Instead of having bulk, the helmet is very lightweight and contented for skiing.
  • The Matte River Rock is gray, not so blue shown in the picture


  • Not well fitted and suitable for every people

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Lucky Bums Snow Sports Helmet

Lucky Bums Snow Sports Helmet

The Lucky Bums Snow Sports Helmet has all the things that you like to get from the helmet.

It is durable, comfortable, stylish and functional. It has two protective layers, goggle loop, a padded chin strap.

Open the box, and you will get your desired size and color. The helmet has two reinforced layers. Its external caps are made from strong ABS material that is covered by a supporting EPS outer shell for extra protection.

The helmet has EN1077 standards and has got CE certificate. Inside the helmet, you will get ear padding and internal fabric having antibacterial and hypoallergenic while the EPS inner shell characteristics multiport of mesh screen to save from snow build up or airflow.

Besides, it is hypoallergenic and vented so that you can wear it all the day. It’s integrated goggle loop, and chin strap gives more comfort.

It has different four sizes, and each size has a micro-adjustable strap to save the riders anytime.

Features of Lucky Bums Snow Sports Helmet

  • ABS and EPS construction which meets EN 1077 standard
  • Comfortable along with adjustable size and fit
  • Lifetime warranty and durable
  • Have more features, and you can enjoy all the day
  • Ensures all around protection for all snow sports needs


  • Great looking and wonderful color ( like XL size as my head is not very large)
  • Sit on my head very well and the right fit
  • Keeps the goggles in place and may not slip as I keep them on the helmet
  • Excellent and secure goggles chip in the back
  • Reasonable price


  • The Tie-wheel of the helmet at the backside pressing on my neck somewhat and is sticking. I am not sure it is noticeable on the track.

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Smith Optics Holt Snow Sports Helmet

Smith Optics Holt Snow Sports Helmet

All hot weather helmet, the innovative from the active sports gear maker Smith Optics may be customized with having convertible pad kit to preserve the lid warm on the winter slopes and keep cool in summer skate park.

Moisture and temperature management, for goggles and helmet, is the most important feature of the helmet for which you can enjoy all the day.

The Smith Optic’s Dual Regulator ventilation works for all-time comfort. The helmet gives cool support for your body when it is essential.

It does not create ice cream headache for having cold air over the forehead. The helmet keeps your goggles clear and makes the head dry. The system is fruitful when pairing a Smith helmet along with Smith goggle.

Impact resistant and Smith-renowned Bombshell construction use an injection molded ABS to ensure longevity against dings and dents, of course, ensure more protection for the head.

There is an optional Skullcandy Audio system with the helmet so you can listen to your favorite song at the time of driving or half pipe walls

Features of Smith Optics Holt Snow Sports Helmet

  • The innovative and all-weather helmet may be customized having convertible pad kit to keep the head cool in summer’s day
  • Dual Regulator ventilation feature keeps control over a rear and front section of exhausting heat and venting by rear vents during maintaining the sealed front
  • AirEvac system removes warm, and maximum airflow, fog-causing air via air channels made helmet keeps the body dry and goggles clear.


  • Convertible Pad Kit added for year-round use
  • Earpads and bombshell construction
  • Alternative goggles lock
  • Moisture and temperature management


  • The quality of the elements are not very strong but well adjustable

>>Check Price of Smith Optics Holt Snow Sports Helmet<<


Giro Surface-S Snow Helmet

Giro Surface-S Snow Helmet

The Giro is the more expensive version of Seam Helmet stated earlier. The surface is like the skater-inspired helmet and has snowboarder favor.

The surface is made with the budget price. For this, there is no lack of features or standard.

Like some other more expensive helmet, the Giro Seam has a dial lock. With the turn of the dial, you may get a comfortable fit. It is very useful if you like to wear a headliner for comfort and extra warmth.

The helmet is made of quality hardshell construction. So confidently you may wear this helmet.

It is perfect for you. The MIPS technology indicates that the helmet will give full protection.

Features of Giro Surface-S Snow Helmet

  • compliance : ASTM F 2040/ CE EN 1077
  • six super cool vents along with Mesh covers
  • shell construction is very hard
  • adjustable with the all aftermarket TuneUps system
  • 3 sizes are common M(55.5-59cm), L (59-62.5cm) and S(52-55.5cm)


  • Well adjusting
  • Major foam cushioning is 1 1/2 inches within the shell of the helmet.
  • Keep ears warm
  • It may save your life if you hit your head hard enough


  • The helmet looks very wonderful as it has more foam insulation

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Smith Optics Unisex Adult Vantage Snow Sports Helmet

Smith Sports Optics adjusts the super performance goggles, sunglasses, and helmets. Besides, Smith innovations add the patented Regulator lens ventilation.

The Smith aims at active people who are more serious in the hottest sports like mountain biking, surfing, freestyle skiing and snowboarding. It is very trendy, and fashion conscious people love it very much.

Smith Sports Optics can adjust well the top graded sunglasses, goggles and helmets. The manufacturers know it well that conscious people like hottest sports such as snowboarding, skiing, surfing and mountain biking. Besides fashion, conscious people have a strong sense of personality so the love it friendly.

The Vantage is made from the hardcore and demanding the topmost in everything. Applying Aerocore construction which features Koroyd maximizes total coverage protection and develops airflow. For ensuring a custom fit, the Vantage gives the Boa FS360 fitting system with a 360. Adjust all these things with Smith pioneered AirEvac technology for adjusting goggles and the Vantage gives the perfect blend of style and technology.

Features of Smith Optics Unisex Adult Vantage Snow Sports Helmet

  • AirEvac Two ventilation
  • Outside Tech audio systems
  • Alterable Ultra light goggle lock
  • Buckle Closure
  • Low profile dual controller changeable climate control


  • Super field of vision
  • Options for headphones near the ear muffs
  • Highly customizable and breathable vents
  • comfortable


  • The price is bit higher, but you are paying for quality as well as security
  • Not very stylish like other brands

>>Check Price of Smith Optics Unisex Adult Vantage Snow Sports Helmet<<


Giro Seam Snow Helmet

The innovative Stack Vent adds Thermostat vent System to disperse more heat for more comfort for different conditions and situations. Add this fit which is ever made; the Seam becomes a super weapon for all types of mountain attack.

Features of Giro Seam Snow Helmet

  • X-Static Anti-Bacterial padding in Mold construction
  • Compliances: ASTM F 2040/ CE EN 1077
  • companionable with all market TuneUps systems
  • 12 wonderful cool vents along with Thermostat Control Plus Stack Vent


  • The vents resist overheating
  • Very soft cushion and ear muffs on the side of the helmets
  • The fitting helmet is not a problem
  • Saves head


  • If the earmuffs on, I feel my hearing is less severe.

>>Check Price of Giro Seam Snow Helmet<<

Smith Vantage MIPS

Smith Optics Unisex Adult Vantage MIPS Snow Sports Helmet

Smith Optics is among these brands which can go out of the way to supply you with the The most extensive range of color choices possible, to be sure you will be obtaining a helmet that will be appropriate for you and the rest of your equipment. They give you over 20 color combinations to select from and is a cozy and comfy fit.

It will not weigh you down with unnecessary advancements and tight pads; it’ll continue to keep your neck and head directly because of its light-weight construct and craftsmanship which Smith Optics spent into supply you with the very best helmet.


This will keep you reassured whenever you’re on the slopes and allow you to feel secure and comfortable once you’re attempting to have fun without discovering the excess bag on your mind.

It’s simple to discover helmets which will have vents and instead of merely cooling down you, they will cause you to get cold, but this is not true with Smith Optic’s helmet.

It keeps you warm and comfy both together with all the vents closed and along with all the vents opened, so regardless of if you’re cold or sweaty, you will find choices to allow

>>Check Price NOW!<<

Everything you need to know about buying a ski helmet

Ski / Snowboard Helmet Components

It is true that running shoe is different from hiking boots. Similarly, snow helmet is dissimilar from skateboard or bike helmet.

There are lots of features with a snowboard or ski helmets. It comes with ear coverage, temperature sensitive materials, and moisture wicking liners.

Shell: Shell is the outer part of a helmet. It is a very rigid surface which saves you from sharp objects, abrasions, and knocks.

This part of helmet spreads impact energy to a greater extends. It also decreases the possibility of injuries.

So the outer layer of the helmet must be well constructed. More importance should be imposed on it.

Inner liner: The internal liner is made of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam. All materials are same as Styrofoam.

The liner is made to endure absorb impact. Its foam may get compressed when you face hard falling.

You aren’t ready to face such type of accident. A helmet must be replaced or destroyed after a severe fall.

Ski / Snowboard Helmet Construction

In-mold helmets: Here the shield and shock absorbing foam add together to make mold helmets. These helmets are very smooth and lighter than the injection-molded helmets.

Injection-molded helmets: Here the EPS foam bond is applied to separate shell.

This helmet is the composition of high collision ABS plastic. This helmet lasts longer against every day falls and knocks to in-mold helmets.

Some helmets come with liners and ear pads to ensure modifiable warmth.

Ski / Snowboard Helmet Sizing and Fit

Buy a helmet from the lock REI stores. You have to choose the comfortable one. The helmet stays comfortably on your head. Besides, it has to fit well on your head to ensure most safety.

Take a measuring tape and measure your head by placing it above the ear and about one inch over your eyebrows. It is wise to buy a helmet from local REI store.

Measure the longest piece of your body to be sure of the head circumstance.

There are different sizes of helmets in the chart. You can choose your desired size from the lists.

Checking the fit:  A helmet must be comfortable. If you get the helmet rock forth and back, be sure it’s very loose.

Quiver your helmet side by side. If you get it shifts, you should buy a smaller one.

Adjust the right size and use chunky sizing pads. Press the back and front edges. When you get it moves, tighten the straps.

Be sure that your helmet fits well to the summit of the goggles. There shouldn’t keep any gap between the helmet and the pinnacle of the goggles. If the helmet is very low, it presses down the goggles and obstructs vision.

You have to keep the helmet low enough to save your forehead to the front.

Additionally, you need to keep the helmet at least one inch over the eyebrow. Lastly, make it sure that there is no gap between helmet and your head.

Note: Some models come with sizing pads with a fine tune to fit the helmet well.

Chinstrap/buckle: The chinstrap must set well on your throat. It will reduce the change of injury when you face an accident.

The strap must fit snugly. There should more rooms to chew foods without feeling pinched or choked. Fasten the strap always before start riding.

Safest ski helmet

Speaking of safety, you like to be sure that the Ski helmet complies with ASTM F2040 that is the American safety certification for snow helmet used for non-motorized sports. Some helmets have got CE EN1077 certificate meaning that they have fulfilled the safety standard of Europe.

Helmet that has fulfilled any one of the two certifications is considered to be the safest helmet. Customers can easily buy this helmet. This is the view of REI that neither certification is thought superior to other.

The biggest difference is that the European test adds spiky object instruction where an indicated metal spine is dropped on the helmet. You may face other certification that is Snell RS-98.

Finally, most of the helmet manufacturers apply ASTM standard as this is very expensive to have a Snell certification. Besides that, the Snell certified helmets are heavier and bulkier.

The Types of Helmets Available

We like to make the narrow field for the customers to select the helmets. So we divided the snowboard and ski helmets into three major categories.

We have not made any distinction between snowboarding and skiing. The major designed is made to thing over fit and comfort or protection.

ski helmet reviews

The main difference is for the two sports styles. The main difference between the first two categories is the construction of the helmet.

The market has produced the equal quality of these two types of helmets. The fabrics are warm. The helmet covers the ears and draft blocking. The third type of helmet is the racing type of helmet.

Injection Molded

The injection molded helmet is made of a thin polycarbonate shell filled thoroughly and uniformly along with polystyrene.

The helmet is lighter, expensive, molded closer and more vents than the hardshell helmet.

This type of helmets is Smith Vintage, Smith Variance, Giro Montane, Giro Seam, etc.


Hardshell helmets are not very expensive, monolithic shapes, slightly heavier and mainly come in extended rounded.

The helmets are made from hard ABS shell with the EPS foam bonded to the inside. It is proved that the helmet has the POC Receptor BUG and the Bern Baker HardHat.

Specialized Helmets

Now in the market, this type of helmet is made or constructed with great attention to upgraded methods.

It covers the ears or face of the users and gives full protection. For the recreational snowboarders or skiers, the helmet increases expense and lessen comfort may not justify the extended protection.

How to Fit a Ski Helmet

ski helmet reviews

A ski helmet covers the forehead, finishing just over the eyebrows and goggles. Most of the ski helmets have fine adjustment system aid you to fit it well. Fit the helmet well. It must be comfortable as well.

Finally, you need to adjust the chin strap so that it may fit well under your chin.

Be sure the helmet is fit well. When you shake your head, it will not budge. Keep your palm on the external part of the helmet and press helmet side to side.

The helmet would not shift on its own. If it happens, the helmet is big. You are likely to get a comfortable and snug helmet for yourself.

Ski Helmet Sizing

Accurate fitting is important for the ski helmet as it is an important factor at the time of buying it.

A good or well-fitting is great for the safety of the slope. It is also great for ensuring comfort for the riders. A helmet should be well covered and a snug fit.

The measurement system of the helmet is centimeters- the area of your total head.

To measure the circumstance uses a tape about one inch/ 2.5 cm over the eyebrows or ears.

Do not take a tape measurement. Use a piece of twist and enclose it around your head to measure the perfect size of your head.

Best Brands of Ski Helmets

I Believe These brands have done a Fairly good job of renovating them all:

  • Giro- They concentrate on creating quality helmets for many outdoor pursuits. My very first Giro merchandise was that the Seam helmet. It’s unquestionably the best ski helmet on the market. Their bicycle helmets are next to none. The brand-new Montero helmet using MIPS technologies is worth your consideration.
  • Smith Optics- Having a name such as Smith Optics you may wonder why they are among them. They have their start making ski boots back into the 60’s and today provide a complete assortment of excellent ski equipment.

They’re a relatively new business, founded in 2004. They create some excellent ski equipment. I used don’t feature any of these since I believed that they weren’t as high a value.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on ski helmets

Question: Can I require a ski helmet?

Answer: Ski helmets have been used solely by competitive high-speed racers for quite a while, but recently, we may observe the gain in the usage of the bit of equipment one of the recreational skiers. This growth in usage of helmets has reduced the number of head injuries by 50 percent and gave reassurance to the majority of those parents.

However, even though there aren’t any strong arguments about the potency of ski helmets at preventing severe harms, the helmet use did increase radically in a previous few decades. In the end, we could all agree it is a lot more advisable to put on a helmet compared to hit the floor with your bare head.

Question: what kinds of helmets are you?

Answer: There are some distinct kinds of helmets available. However, we split them into three main categories. You’ll observe that we did not create the gap between ski and ski helmets. That is because the main factors, fit and protection, are entirely the same for both and the most important distinction is in design.

The most significant difference between the first two kinds of helmets will be in the building while the purpose is somewhat similar. Both these kinds are for general functions.

They protect your ears with the cloth to keep you warm and to obstruct the draft. The third sort is specialized for winter sports activities, and they have a choice to have an extra camera.

Final Verdict

Choosing the right one is a difficult task. But if you start from the basic wisely, there is no way to go wrong. You must start from the basics.

Get a helmet which fits well on your head. It must be well fitted from all angles. You have to give importance to the ventilation system of the helmet.

Besides, you must give importance on the setting of goggles by wearing a helmet. After all, you should choose a right one for your need.

Choose a helmet that is well fit and comfortable. It will ensure more ventilation and adequate warmth.

It has a good system to place it in the right place and secure fit. Using goggles may not be a problem at all. The main difference is the ventilation system and its style.

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