Bike Helmet Mirror Review: Unparalleled Mounting

As a bike rider, it is expedient to purchase gadgets that make cycling more fun and easy. Some of these relevant accessories include a helmet, goggles, and even mirrors. These are essential items to buy unless you have been riding without considering your safety and the safety of other riders and automobile users.

Bike mirrors are essential as it helps to increase your safety in the highway, street, mountains trails or what have you. Also, there are various bike mirrors out there, but we will be directing our interest in the helmet mirror as they seem to provide more safe and portable usage.

In this bike helmet review, we will not be considering just any bike helmet mirror but the very EVT Safe Zone bicycle helmet mirror.

EVT Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror

Thousands of people have attested to the functionality and durability of the EVT safe zone bicycle helmet, and the positive reviews are still counting. We suppose it is because of the distinct features it offers. Why wait further, let’s discover these fantastic features.

The helmet mirror has an incredibly high-quality build that wows all of its users. Its broad range of 2.25 inches is sure to give you a more comprehensive view than most of the other bicycle helmet mirrors.

Cycling gets better in the safe zone way as the mirror features a sturdy build to welcome any rough terrain or road without harboring the fear of breakage. You are also sure of a safer ride, as the helmet doesn’t react to vibrations with its easy to put arms that get it to stay in place without falling.

You think it is all; we will not forget to mention that the arm of the mirror is easy to adjust to suit any view of your choice.

Users have also commended the outstanding nature of this mirror as it is said to produce crystal clear images with high-quality glass. You are confident of getting a clear vision of what is happening behind you as you ride.

Surprisingly, you don’t have to worry about the mirror fitting into your helmet as it is compatible with almost all helmets.

The company also guides how to get it to fit your helmet correctly. Not to mention the five-year warranty that comes along with it after every purchase. Meaning you don’t have to worry about your rearview during the whole time of your warranty.

Pros & Cons of Bike Helmet Mirror


  • Wide Viewing Area – The mirrors viewing area is large enough to give you enough view of the road behind you. So, nothing behind you can catch you by surprise.
  • Unparalleled Mounting – You can safely adjust the helmet to soothe your side view without the fear of damage or breakage.
  • Secure choice – The helmet mirror comes with a plastic film to protect it from cracking or damaging during delivery. So, your mirror is 100 percent safe when ordered.
  • Easy, Adjustable Arm – The mirror is simple to adjust, and the straps also fit very well.


  • The helmet is expensive, but that’s not a turn off as it possesses the qualities that make it worth the price.

Features of bike helmet mirror


The glass of a helmet certainly is what makes it valuable. You should search for bike helmets with high-quality glass to give you the safest view of the image behind. Some helmet’s mirrors are made with other materials aside from glass, like iron, these non-glass materials may be dangerous as they can produce distorted images.

Still discussing the qualities of the glass, the mirror’s length differs as some come in as large as 2 inches or two and ¼ for a wide-area view.


One of the best options for buying a bike helmet mirror brings is it’s easy to mount functions. However, they come in either the screw clamp or screw attachment. Helmet mirrors like the EVT bicycle helmet mirror come with the strap mount that is simple to use and easy to adjust.


The arm of a mirror should be easily adjustable to soothe the user’s angle of vision. Together with that, the arm mode of construction should be in such a way that despite being simple to adjust, the mirror should also stay in position without losing its grip on the helmet.


Bike helmet mirror is from high-quality material to disable any form of vibration when the biker goes through a rough road or mountain rides.

What to Consider When Buying Helmets Mirror?


Never compromise the quality of the helmet you are buying. When it comes to buying mirrors, you can consider purchasing those with stainless steel or acrylic materials that consist of quality materials. Also, ensure to buy those whose mounting screws are corrosion resistant steel that can withstand bumpy terrains.

Lens size

The lens size is another relevant factor that no rider should overlook. Always go for brands with convex built and are wide enough to give you a clear and accurate back view vision.


Some of the best bicycle mirrors have the option that allows you to adjust the mirror only; others have a button and arm adjusting option. You can also get a helmet mirror that is retractable to make storing it easy.


Compactibility is a relevant feature you have to look out for if you love to change your helmet or for future purposes. It has to do with the installation pattern, get a mirror with easy to install.

Some helmet mirrors have mounting systems that require the use of clamps and screws while others use straps and even glue. Screw fix patterns are preferable as you can easily remove them and fix them on another helmet.

Tips in getting a Bike Helmet Mirror

  • Before getting a bike helmet mirror, take cognizance of these helpful tips, especially if you want to use your helmet conveniently.
  • It is better to opt for a rear view mirror for bikes that you can mount on the helmet’s shell as it is difficult for them to lose.
  • Buy helmets that you can detach or extract, to prevent it from causing any form of obstruction when you want to store it.
  • If you intend to use your mirror on several helmets, then you should opt for the easily detachable ones.
  • Get bike mirror helmets that consist of pure glass as those made from other materials may display distorted or blurry images.

BIcycle Helmet safety with Mirror

Bike Helmet Mirror (FAQs)

Do I need a bike helmet mirror?

Not all bicycle riders need a bike helmet. But it results from their priorities and choices. However, you need a bike helmet mirror to:

  • Watch what is behind you.
  • Check for traffic.
  • To make swerving fast and without fear of accidents.

How do you attach a mirror to a bike helmet?

Attaching a bike helmet mirror to your helmet is very easy, although the methods vary with various helmet mirror manufacturers. For EVT safe zone bike helmets, all you need to do is attach the base of the mirror to the headgear using the included strap, pull the mirror arm or straighten it, depending on your preferred style. Then, fix the mirror into the base for firm installation.

When is the best time to adjust the helmets mirror?

After mounting your bike helmet mirror for safety reasons, every significant adjustment should be in place before hitting the road. Then, you can carry out other micro-adjustment by moving the helmet when riding.

What is a protective plastic film?

It is a material characterized by the Safe Zone helmet mirror. It helps to protect the mirror from damage when shipping and detached before using the mirror.

Does the EVT mirror come with a warranty?

Yes. The mirror comes with a good, unmatched five-years warranty when you purchase the product.

What is the distance of the mirror from my helmet?

Depending on your helmet’s size, the distance of the mirror from your face is about five inches, which is sufficient to give you a substantial view of your back.

Final Thoughts

Safe Zone bicycle helmet mirror is nothing short of earning the price of being one of the best and most popular helmet mirrors in the mirror industry. Just like we mentioned in the bike helmet mirror review, we love that it has a large viewing area with its easy to install and adjust the system.

Bike riders love the quality glass built that gives a clear and accurate view of the rear and the protective plastic film that follows.

The company must have had every bike rider’s comfort in mind as the mirror doesn’t vibrate even when riding on bumpy roads. Plus, the five years warranty and quick response support that the company provides for easy installation. The helmet is worth every rider’s helmet.

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