Biltwell Lane Splitter Review: Modern Safety and Fantastic Style

Helmets are protective equipment worn to protect the head, skull, or brain from damage in case of an accident and can be worn while riding a motorcycle, bicycle, scooter, or skiing.

Wearing Lane Splitter helmet does not guarantee the prevention of head injuries, but it will serve as a cushion for the head, thereby reducing the impact of a head crash in an accident.


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The importance of helmet wearing is just as vital to kids like it is with adults. Wearing a helmet while riding can help the vision by protecting the eyes from sun rays or rain, which can be blinding to a cyclist.

However, it can be difficult finding a helmet that will provide a rider with both protection and comfort. This Biltwell Lane Splitter review can be an answer and a consolation.

Biltwell Lane Splitter Review

Last update on 2023-05-11 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Biltwell Lane Splitter Solid Full-face Motorcycle Helmet

Biltwell Lane Splitter helmet is an astonishing, modish helmet that is made with excellent quality materials. It is a robust fabrication that is built for comfort, sky-scraping show, and speed. This helmet is ECE approved and a number one choice for riders, big and small.

The helmet is a full face lid helmet and can be found in various shades, alongside other lane splitters clothing like the lane splitter shield, lane splitter cheek pad set, lane splitter chin spoiler, and biltwell moto gloves that can make a game worth the ride.

The outer layer of the helmet gives a glossy feeling to the hand. The hand-painted surface is thick and sturdy. The safety shell is impact resistant, easy to maintain, removable, and recyclable.

The Lane Splitter helmet is built with quality materials that protect the head and keeps it in place comfortably. It features a chin vent that allows the inflow of air into the helmet and outflow of heat to keep the inside well ventilated.

The chin strap is doubled to give a fast and comfortable hold to the face, and the face shield is hinged to allow for easy cleaning and replacement. It also features an EPS interior lining that absorbs shock and hand-sewn padding. The cheek pads and chin bars are surrounded with cushions to provide comfort for the face.

Pros & Cons of Biltwell Lane Splitter


  • Hinged face shield – This face shield is the CE seal of approval and is all right for health, safety, and environmental protection. The shield is designed to ward off fogs, thereby making the shield clear to see through at all times.
  • Optically correct shield – The shield is designed to give an excellent optical view to minimizing distortion and so your vision is clear. The clear visor provides shield and aid from sun rays, thereby keeping the eyes safe from sun effects.
  • Chin vent – The chin vents are built to be always open. This allows for the free flow of air in and out of the vent and keeps the temperature inside the helmet comfortable enough for the rider.
  • Double fastener – The helmet provides a double chin strap made of fleece for comfort. This double strap helps keep the helmet on the head in place against forceful wind. In a case where the rider falls off the bike, the helmet will be in place to protect the head from directly coming in contact with a hard surface.
  • EPS interior – The inside EPS interior offers access for audio and communication components. It allows for audio pockets along with the positioning of the ear. The EPS interior is also built to absorb shocks.
  • Full face lid – The full face lid of the helmet offers face protection against weather, and road conditions. When on high speed, the full face lid protects the rider from the wind.


  • Since head sizes vary, the helmet splitter may not always fit perfectly. But the helmet sizing chart can be found on Biltwell’s website to assist customers in ordering a perfect fit to meet their specific needs.

Features of Biltwell Lane Splitter

Hand-sewn lining

The helmet has a hand-sewn inner lining. In the event of an accident, the inner lining will help provide comfort and protection to the rider’s head. This inner lining is removable, washable and replaceable, and is also made from Lycra fleece to help soak up sweats.

Double fasteners

The double fasteners on the helmet’s chin give the helmet an extra-hold on the head. The chin straps are adjustable with end retainers at the ends of the straps. They are also made of Lycra to give a feeling of comfort. 

Side vents

The chin bar being the most noticeable feature of the helmet, holds five side vents.  Three are at the jaw position on the helmet, and two on either side of the chin bar. There is also a large air vent at the rear of the helmet. These vent openings allow for smooth airflow in and out of the helmet, thereby keeping the temperature inside the helmet comfortable while riding a long distance.

Cushioned pads

The cheek and chin pads of the helmet are cushioned for comfort. When this helmet is well seated on the head, these pads fit perfectly to the rider’s face. Their primary purpose is to block out excessive noise from penetrating the helmet.

Injection-molded ABS

The helmet is made of an injection-molded Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) outer-shell.  The ABS is chemical and heat-resistant. It is a thermoplastic blend, and it makes the helmet stronger and firmer.

Hand-painted finish

The outer shell has a hand-painted finish. The finish can either be glossy or matte. A glossy finish reflects light on the helmet, while a matte finish gives the helmet a subtle. A matte finish adds no sheen to the helmet when dry. Moreover, the helmet finish can be customized depending on the buyers’ preference and comes in a variety of seven beautiful colors.

Oval shape and light-weighted

The Biltwell Lane Splitter helmets suit all head shapes and come in round, oval head shape. They weigh 3.5 pounds, making it easy to wear on the head for a long ride.

Audio pockets

The helmet offers a provision for audio, Bluetooth, and other communication enhancements. The pockets are spacious enough for speakers.

Why Biltwell?

Retro vibe helmets are the in thing these days. Although they can be of high price, they are worth the buy.

Biltwell Lane Splitter Solid Full-face Motorcycle Helmet - Gloss Black/Small

Bitlwell lane splitters are the best for comfort and these other reasons:


The outer shell of Biltwell Lane Splitter Solid Full-face Motorcycle Helmet is made from ABS, a good material that prevents scratches on the helmet. It is also resistant to breaks and cracks. ABA material can withstand weather conditions of all seasons- it does not crack during cold and does not burn during the heat.


Biltwell helmet allows space for riders to be able to breathe. The vents are positioned in the front of the helmet and at the back head, which helps keep the visor fog-free and reduces misting. The vents allow for easy flow of air in and out of the helmet and keep the head cool when riding for long hours. The air within the helmets reduces the likeliness of a stinky helmet lining.


The perfect helmet fit is an essential factor for riders’ safety and comfort. This biltwell helmet has a full-face shield which protects the eye, as well as the whole face. It also reduces facial injuries in a crash, protects the riders’ face from flying objects, and road dirt. The front shield glass is UV resistant, thereby protecting the eyes from sun rays.


The only openings on the helmet are at the front and the back head sections. The cheek pads and neck rolls are fit enough to prevent noise penetration. These features also help to avoid whistles and bell noises usually experienced if the helmet is loose on the head.

Size and comfort

The helmet comes in various sizes. A size chart is available on the company’s website. So, buyers can choose the most suitable helmet that will provide them with the best comfort. To determine the right helmet fit, measure your head with tape. If your measurement falls between the small and medium sizes or medium and large sizes as shown on the size chart, ensure you choose the smaller of the two.


Biltwell Full face helmet is light in weight. Its 4.54-pound weight makes it light on the head of the rider.

Tested and Trusted Quality Materials

The Biltwell full face Helmet is one of the Lane Splitters that has undergone a safety standard certification test by both US DOT and Europe ECE and has proven to stand the test of violent forces.

Biltwell Lane

The ECE is known to be the most “brutal” safety standard for helmets in the world. So, to meet both standards – DOT and ECE, the Biltwell Lane Splitter is strong and resilient enough.

To be strong and light the same time, some tried, and proven materials had to be used. Some of these materials are:

The  injection-molded ABS used for the outer shell for resilience

The softest fleece that is hand-sewn used for comfort

The high-quality polystyrene foam liner, used in reducing the level of energy transmitted to the head in the event of a crash, and

The polycarbonate shield for anti-scratch feature

Biltwell Lane Splinters also comes in customized shields, which have excellent optical value and durability. It comes in different tints, mirrors, and gradients.

Biltwell Lane Splitter vs. Simpson Street Bandit

On the surface, Biltwell Lane Splitters and Simpson Street Bandit have a lot of similarities. However, they have unique differences. Let’s have an in-depth look at the two brands of the helmet.

  • Biltwell Lane Splitters are available in different bold and soft colors. The list of available colors is unending, but primary colors include ash, red, orange, blue, yellow, white, brown, and other mixed colors. Depending on a user’s preference, it may have a glossy paint finish or a matte paint finish. However, Simpson Street Bandit has just three color choices, thereby limiting the users’ color choice. The available colors are gloss black, gloss white and matte black.
  • Biltwell Lane Splitter has adjustable straps that are made of fleece Lycra for extra comfort to the skin. The helmet strap also has a snap that helps secure excess strap, and keep it from dangling. These straps are also very easy to use, even if you have your gloves on.
  • Simpson Street Bandit offers an elastic band that helps take care of the excess straps. And, if care is not taken, this band can clip to your skin, thereby causing injury to the rider.
  • Biltwell Lane Splitters have a total of seven vents. Three are just in front of the mouth, two by either side of the chin bar, and one at the rear to allow air to escape while you enjoy your ride.
  • On the other hand, Simpson Street Bandit has a total of five vents. Three mouth vents are on either side of the chin bar, and two shut-off vents at the forehead side just for basic airflow.
  • Although Biltwell Lane Splitters and Simpson Street Bandit offer a variety of shield-hardware, which is customizable to the user’s taste, the Lane Splitter’s advantage is in its modern features, and price. Also, the replacement shield of the Lane Splitter has more economic value than that of the Street Bandit.
  • Biltwell Lane Splitters are DOT and ECE certified; the ECE certification is the world’s toughest test any helmet may pass through. The Simpson Street Bandit has DOT and Snell M2015 certification.

Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet Video Review

Biltwell Lane Splitter(FAQs)

Does the visor stay put if lifted while riding?

The visor is designed to be positioned in four different ways. A screw that can be tightened to keep the visor in place is also attached. Also, the visor has a click setting to keep it in whatever position you choose to put it.

How would I know my helmet size?

Biltwell helmets run to sizes. A sizing chart can be found on Biltwell’s website. Checking the sizes of the helmet is not enough to get you a perfect fit.

Measure the size of your head with a measuring tape. Try it once your order arrives. The front of the helmet should lie slightly above the eyebrows, and the back of the helmet should not touch the nape of the neck.

Is the shield tinted?

Biltwell Lane Splitter. Solid Full-Face Helmet glasses are usually not tinted. But, as per the order, tinted shields are available.

Is the helmet noisy while riding?

The helmet has a detachable piece that blocks wind and noise. Also, the chin section is cushioned and padded to ward of noises too.

How do I deal with fogs on the visor?

The helmet shield has an active anti-fog coating that prevents fog development on the shied and keeps the shield clear.

Final Thoughts

A motorcycle or bicycle does not provide riders with safety like a car would.

Helmet wearing is one of the ways the head can be protected from severe head injuries, as the head and the brain are the most susceptible to injury in a crash.

Biltwell Lane Splitter review shows the advantages of Biltwell Lane Splitter Solid Full-face Motorcycle Helmet and how it towers higher than the rest helmets in the market.

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