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Dual Sport Helmet Reviews 2018

If we like to buy a helmet, we need to consider safety and protection gear to the prior list. Above all, a knock to the head at the time of hard fall may mean the end of all.

A reliable dual sports helmet must have a washable inner liner, comfortable and should have an interchangeable visor that is a bonus.

The overall impression of the helmet is a great concern that likes to have the best type of helmet but may seem ridiculous while it is a full kit.

We like to make the best type of helmets according to the budget and expenditure of the users.

Shopping the perfect helmet is a tiresome work or experience. But be sure, our buying guide will aid you more to buy the Dual Sports Helmet.

The helmet will be reliable and high quality and not a cheap knockoff and looks very great similar as egg shell for the first impression.

Dual Sport Helmet Reviews 2018 – Comparison Chart

Product ImageProduct NameShipping WeightEditor's RatingPrice
Dual Sports Atv Utv Motocross Bike Helmet5.7 poundsCheck Price
Bell Unisex-Adult Off-Road Helmet5.2 poundsCheck Price
Dual Sport Helmet – Off Road Motocross Helmet6 poundsCheck Price
NEXX X.D1 Baja Orange Motorcycle Helmet5 poundsCheck Price

Why Dual Sport Helmets

What is your plan to do with the bike? Many of the people who have such type of question are very much surprised as a response to the question back.

There is silence on the other part of the phone as users like to figure out what I like to say. This is not a trick question, though most have faith in it.

dual sport helmet reviews

I have a question as most people like to have ADV world traveler. Riding on Tierra Del Fuego any time should the mood and money and unexpected fall off anytime three months of free time fall into the lap.

Most buyers will rack up seat time riding supers lab and desired some twisters of the paved variety.

This is the general tendency of human nature. Vehicle gives us many things; we would like to exploit them.

This is a sports bike having 190 mph speed or ADV geo lander which catch much gear, gas and fark less as a little car. If you are happy with the helmet, you can go anywhere you like, do anything.

You need to consider the benefits of using helmets. You must be honest with yourself to use your machine for most of the time, not for the minimum use.

We have tested many dual sports helmets on the market and finally found that the ADV helmets have made improvement for the last few years.

They have not overcome street helmets about aerodynamics and noise and most of the weight.

The most improvement comes to the aerodynamics but as sixty to seventy mph.

A helmet having 6-inch appendage design is not so smooth or drags free like other full face helmets.

The helmet is not a great deal for short bursts if you desire to pass bigger miles.

You may stop the journey for a stress headache or the neck size of the bodybuilders.

Dual Sport Helmet Reviews 2018


Dual Sports Atv Utv Motocross Bike Helmet

 Dual Sports Atv Utv Motocross Bike Helmet

The helmet is great for having such price, but the face shield wraps the vision little.

When I first noticed it, I had no wish to return it as I needed a helmet. I have to learn more things about it.

The distortion is not intolerable, but it seems annoying. Before you like to buy, think more about it.

If you think, this is a matter for you; you are likely to go to buy the most expensive helmet. The helmet is amazing with such price.

Features of Dual Sports Atv Utv Motocross Bike Helmet

  • Advanced Super Lightweight Durable Shell
  • Well vented throughout: various venting ports
  • Have got DOT certificate
  • UTV or ATV Dual Sports Hybrid Adult helmet
  • Vivid anti-fog up as well as down face shield


  • The materials are great and all up to pay
  • The sizing of it is not the target
  • Halfway up, all the way down and all the way up
  • The visor gives more room to use sunglasses or glasses underneath and has three positions


  • Chin strap is uncomfortable and seems like a neck strap instead of a chin strap

>>Check Price of Dual Sports Atv Utv Motocross Bike Helmet<<


Bell Unisex-Adult Off-Road Helmet

Bell Unisex-Adult Off-Road Helmet

For this type of helmet, there are various colors of shields. To fit well, the helmet must be snug and should move the facial skin except sliding around.

My head is bigger than the other; it is my normal measurement. See the user’s manual to wear it accurately or to know the way to wear it.

Some people just stick the straight helmet overhead and do not rotate it down, so the helmet remains above the eyes.

If you do, you will also feel like them. You like to enjoy using the helmet.

See the manual and read thoroughly to know the way to use it accurately.

Features of Bell Unisex-Adult Off-Road Helmet

  • Velocity is flowing ventilation system for comfort and cooling and moisture wicking, washable or removable air channel comfort liner.
  • Made of lightweight polymer composite shell three shell
  • Five-year leading guarantee from the industry
  • EPS sizes to ensure personalized fit integrated Face Shield
  • EPS-lined chin bar added mouth vent padding chin strap
  • Strap keeper and D-ring closure


  • Comfortable and cool looking helmet
  • With the price the helmet is great
  • The visor mechanism is very smooth, has some outlines along the bottom that causes image distortions within the viewing areas


  • Produces high noise. The helmet is noisy when the speed is higher

>>Check Price of Bell Unisex-Adult Off-Road Helmet<<


Dual Sports Helmet – Off Road Motocross Helmet

Dual Sports Helmet - Off Road Motocross Helmet

You can easily and quickly convert the helmet from shield configuration into shield less configuration which may be used along with goggles at the time of riding on the way.

Visor aids to pass air uninterrupted across helmet, to eliminated helmet lift with great speed.

Would you like to use a narrow snow helmet? For this, you may buy double pane shield, breath box, and electric shield separately.

Features of Dual Sports Helmet – Off Road Motocross Helmet

  • Easily convert from shield configuration to shield less configuration
  • The visor can help airflow uninterrupted across the helmet to eliminate helmet-lift
  • The shield is possible to remove while using goggles


  • Typical D-Ring closure chin strap
  • Upgraded front flow ventilation method along with channels for comfort and maximum venting
  • Having a drawstring fabric carrying bag


  • Some wind noise while going with high speed

>>Check Price of Off Road Motocross Helmet<<


NEXX X.D1 Baja Orange Motorcycle Helmet

NEXX X.D1 Baja Orange Motorcycle Helmet

If you ride on the street, endure, off the road, the Nexx X.D1 is just for you. The air dynamic system adds a chin air intake 2 top air intakes as well as four air outlets.  There are more features with it for comfort, protection, and convenience than you may shake a stick at.

It has an aerodynamic profile made for reducing lift, controlling airflow and turbulence with highest speeds. The Cheek pads are decorated with an Emergency Strap System to permit super easy and rapid release at the time of the crash. The off road ventilation system gives more fresh air to the chin area.

A removable support may normally be inserted on the both sides of the helmet or to the top of the peak to add an action area. For lateral support, it has an action camera. The XD1 is made for Quick Strap System to add goggles easily.

Features of NEXX X.D1 Baja Orange Motorcycle Helmet

  • Pinlock-ready face shield
  • Anti fog position as well as simple lock polycarbonate Lexan face shield
  • Double D-ring chin closure
  • Washable and removable CoolMax 3D lining as well as Cheek pads
  • Pinlock insert lens prepared
  • Extensive panoramic field of view
  • Interior Drop down sun shield with eighty percent tint


  • Carbon reinforcement and uncommon aramid fibers
  • The helmet may be easily and quickly switched between adventure or off road touring helmet for street riding full face
  • The Nexx XD1 Dual Sports helmet comes with a shell construction having X Matrix technology


  • Nothing to mention

>>Check Price of NEXX X.D1 Baja Orange Motorcycle Helmet<<

Should you buy a dual-sport helmet?

When I ask questions to the users about the helmet they become surprised. What do you like to do with your bike? Normally the listener fails to give an answer to this question. He or she remains silent. Some customers like to figure out what I asked them. This is not a deceptive question though some people think so.

I like to say that most people desire to look like an ADV world traveler. So they like to ride on Tierra del Fuego any time. An unexpected windfall of 3 months of free time usually falls on their laps. Most buyers of the advanced bike may rack up seat until it happens.

This is the nature of human. We desire to get something more from a vehicle when we buy it. We hope a sports bike with a 190 mph top speed or an ADV geolander would go faster. If you are satisfied with your purchase, you can go anywhere with this.

You have to consider how it looks and how it works with. You must be honest with yourself to do this. Moreover, it depends on how you use the machine most of the time, not the minority.

I have already tested almost all dual helmets on the market. After my research, I can say that the ADV helmets are improved helmets. The manufacturers tried their best to upgrade it in the previous few years. They haven’t crossed the standard of street helmet regarding noise, aerodynamics and very importantly, weight.

The greatest upgrade lies in the aerodynamics perhaps but at sixty or seventy mph. A helmet with 6-inch appendage design is made for protecting the roost or sun. It is never thought to be a drug free or smooth like the full-faced usual helmet. This isn’t a great deal for short bursts. As you log more miles, you can end up with a strain headache or a neck range of the bodybuilders.

Many tests have been done to develop each dual sports helmet. I can strongly say that the ADV helmets have developed more in the last few years.

You like to use different helmets for various riding styles or bikes, nice. But you are only trying to get one that will fulfill your demand. I would suggest you consider these points. Besides you need to think about how it works, for the type of riding you like to complete. It will increase the odds but finally, you will be happy with your purchase.

Final Verdict

dual sport helmet reviews

At last, we can say that the helmet is fantastic. It gives enough safety and comfort for the users.

It is well fit and having more breathability. The helmet is suitable to buy with any amount of budget.

Users of this helmet say that they are happy with it and they have no complaint against this type of helmet.


You May Choose The Video On Dual Sport Helmet Reviews

Motorcycle Helmet Cam Review – Experts Opinion To Buy It

You can think that price is the only factor to buy a helmet. If your motto is this, you can buy Sonly Action Cam. I hope this is the best option for this bunch. You will get top quality videos which compete with industry-leading GoPro.  All the videos would look focused and steady.

The action cam is set up in such a way that it is specially made for the busy riders on the way, keeping this idea in mind. It comes with auto highlight feature which clips together different videos in a wonderful feature reel. It provides live streaming videos for the riders.

Motorcycle Helmet Cam Review 2018 – Comparison Chart

Product ImageProduct NameShipping WeightDimensionEditor's RatingPrice
Contour ROAM3 Waterproof HD Video Camera0.93 pounds1.75 x 5.25 x 7 inchesCheck Price
PC6 Mini Waterproof Bike Helmet Video Camera13.6 ounces6.7 x 5.9 x 3.9 inchesCheck Price
12MP Action Camera 1080P Motorcycle Helmet Cam Bicycle1.4 pounds10.5 x 6.4 x 2.5 inchesCheck Price
Aokon Underwater Action Camera ASJ70 Waterproof Sports WiFi 0.07 ounces2.33 x 1.61 x 1.17 inchesCheck Price
GoPro HD Motorsports Hero2.45 poundsCheck Price
SJCAM SJ4000 Helmet Bicycle Motorcycle Camera1.25 pounds1.9 x 6.4 x 10.2 inchesCheck Price
Stealth 2 Sports Helmet Camera0.84 pounds2.38 x 1.68 x 5.83 inchesCheck Price
Ion 1011L Air Pro Lite Wi-Fi Camera1.5 pounds1.45 x 1.45 x 1.45 inchesCheck Price

The camera adjusts to the helmet very well. There are some other additional features with this helmet. The names of the options are the option of linking up, remote operation and controlling cameras by companion and remote app. This is a very attractive bonus. The camera is very wonderful for kids who enjoy the top quality video with intuitive and smart camera features.

As day by day technology is upgrading, it is becoming easier to capture a camera at the time of riding. The quality is outstanding as many motorcycle cameras shoot with full 1080p HD.

These cameras may be mounted on helmet cameras and offer lots of versatility for different parts of the bike whatever you would like to capture.

Installation is very simple, at the time of riding on the road making memories of all your favorite things with going on a riding camera.


Additional accessories to consider buying

Waterproof housing –When you buy a helmet, you have to consider waterproof casing. If the helmet comes with this feature, you have no tension at the time of raining. Water is the number one destroyer of electronics especially cameras. So you should consider the waterproof housing of the helmet at the time of purchasing a camera.

3D Kit – Gamers will suggest you watch 3D movies or clip. Here you like to watch the footage of 3D. Only you have to buy a 3D system. 3D glasses would serve this purpose and sometimes give you unbeatable knowledge.

Wi-Fi Kit –If you have got a WiFi system kit, you can easily download your footage to your PC or Laptop automatically. At the same time, you can edit the footage. This feature is very attractive and worth embarrassing.


As cycling and riding are not smooth exercises, the helmet cameras are needed to withstand the undesired conditions. The development is done in such a way that durability must be taken care of.

Image quality

What categories or differentiates camera having the quality? There are so many such kinds of cameras you will get in the market.

You will never know when you will buy a low image quality product from the market. The High Definition cameras are suggested here to have this type of quality.

Moreover, a unit having such features is excellent as you like to get between HD and standard quality up to the occasions.

Camera memory

“Low storage” or: Memory full is an error which makes you upset sometimes. Most of the camera comes with inbuilt memory. This is not enough for recording all things for a long time. You should have upgraded the memory by entering an external SD card.

You need to buy the model that can permit upgrading for the higher SD capacity. Moreover, a WiFi enables camera is the way to go if you like to record videos to phone app or a PC.

Battery life

The life span of battery depends on the settings as well as performance, on making a mechanism. Without considering performance or settings, you need to hope between 1 and 3 hours of constantly charging on a single battery.

It is necessary to note that the retention ability of battery charge reduces its life and proper replacement is a must.

Additional features

The camera is a new addition, and for it, the tools do its action more. The most important feature is that it is made with GPS system.

For having this feature, you can detect your position any scheduled time at the time of riding. It makes footage location perfect and gives more accurate information.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Cam Review 2018


Contour ROAM3 Waterproof HD Video Camera

Contour ROAM3 Waterproof HD Video Camera

Contour’s Contour ROAM3 Wearable Action Camera gives high definition video, capture photos well in a ruggedized, Mount or anywhere.

It is waterproof to 30’. A slider switches above the top works as start recording and turn on the camera.

The Contour Roam 3 is possible to lock to avoid occasional starting as well as recording. You can rotate the integrated camera 270 degrees for which you can mount the camera at horizontally tilted angels and may get level shots.

A laser is set to the right above the lens to aid you to pinpoint accurate shooting angle. Via an internal mic, it can capture audio voice.

Features of Contour ROAM3 Waterproof HD Video Camera

  • 1080p, 960p, 720p HD Video Capture With Built-In Mic
  • Waterproof camera up to 30
  • Made in laser for shot alignment
  • Interval photo modes and single shot
  • 170-degree Ultra Wide Angle Lens along with 270-degree rotation


  • Very simple to slide the switch on the top forward and simple to use. It beeps once when starts recording, runs as long as the battery drains, or the inside micro SD card is full of.
  • Helmet comes with two adhesive mounts and one specifically for helmets
  • You may create two recording modes by pressing a tiny switch beneath the rear cover
  • Slide the beeps twice, switch back to stop recording


  • Buying substitute mounts from the line: It is very tuff to get as to the end of the month the stock comes to an end.
  • Go through the forums; the adhesive mounts begin to unwrap after four to seven months.


>>Check Price of Contour ROAM3 Waterproof HD Video Camera<<



PC6 Mini Waterproof Bike Helmet Video Camera

PC6 Mini Waterproof Bike Helmet Video Camera

The size is ultra small, angle ultra wide of 120-degree high-resolution camera is more convenient and well combination design, for the various occasion for having the multi-angle.

The weight is very good. Made with one / 4 inch less noise high standard photosensitive element, may hold the ultra clear picture in dark place.

It is made of lithium electricity, worked for taking videos at the time of charging, built-in vibration motor, made in microphone, vibration rapid working condition.

Features of PC6 Mini Waterproof Bike Helmet Video Camera

  • Power lead gives twelve months guarantee and thirty days free service or exchange for all products. All are made of highest quality, and we are standing behind to give the best service.
  • Notice the name of the seller shop or stores if you buy the shoddy or fake product.
  • PowerLead is the sole owner of PowerLoad products. It takes the responsibilities of all products of power load


  • sensitive microphone
  • super for outdoor activities
  • 120-degree wide angle
  • At different ranges, it may change from 1080p to 720
  • Appears with many additional mounts
  • Price friendly


  • There are no memory cards with the cam, and one needs at least 1 to act properly

>>Check Price of PC6 Mini Waterproof Bike Helmet Camera<<


12MP Action Camera 1080P Motorcycle Helmet Cam Bicycle

12MP Action Camera 1080P Motorcycle Helmet Cam Bicycle

Go for faster, harder, bigger and higher. You may find the glory of Action Cam gets shot. It has waterproof for 30 meters.

You may take the camera on the slope, surf, and streets to hold the action packed activities. Normally found accessories will help you to attach this to helmet or board of full HD video of every type.

You may hardly see this. You may use a smartphone for the frame shot and compare the footage over the fly bragging rights.

You may enjoy a good time for data recording outdoor sports, photo shooting, deep-water probing and home security.

Features of 1080P Motorcycle Helmet Cam Bicycle

  • The detachable battery is very simple to replace, and it will ensure the life of your camera service, capacity up to 900 mAh, along with 2PCS Battery.
  • High definition screen, 12 megapixel HD 1080p 170-degree wide angle lens which replays or displays fascinating videos recorded.


  • The camera is waterproof with a little water. I have ordered an inexpensive float strap which makes me feel better in this regard.
  • All things are included that is needed to include, and all do well


  • All things of the camera go beyond expectations

>>Check Price of 1080P Motorcycle Helmet Cam Bicycle<<


Aokon Action Camera SJ7000 Helmet Motorcycle Cam

Aokon Action Camera SJ7000 Helmet Motorcycle Cam

Be ready to take the most amazing pictures and underwater videos. The AOKON wireless extreme camera is hundred percent waterproofs, and you may bring it under water without any hesitation, reach up to 30-meter depth.

Now you may make your activities and impress anyone with the stunning underwater footage. The HD WiFi action camera is great for high-quality product and low price that make it a capable luxury for every one of you.

It has high motion digital video recording utilizing advanced NOVATEK original Chip NT 96655 solution, a far control WIFI function, a 170-degree wide-angle lens, a 4x zoom, HD screen 2.0 1080 and ultimate modes, 12m gives you lots of possibilities.

Features of Aokon Action Camera SJ7000 Helmet Motorcycle Cam

  • Hundred percent waterproof cameras can aid you to take a snap under 30 meters deep water.
  • Remote WiFi option all to operate easily on the smartphone
  • In this helmet, you will get 19 useful accessories.


  • The price of the action cam is very high, but it does great. Also, it is comparable to the gopro4 silver.
  • All things of the cam are very cheap. I have bought a bundle including three batteries and a charger


  • The video is impressive though it was adjusted in 2014

>>Check Price of Aokon SJ7000 Helmet Motorcycle Cam<<


GoPro HD Motorsports Hero

GoPro HD Motorsports Hero

The professional HD grade camera will give the accurate show motion playback.

You can easily edit video and playback with iMovie or Windows Movie.

The camera comes with easy to use mounts and gives sharpest lens capture which you may add to your car, TV, Jet Ski, helmet or other vehicles.

Features of GoPro HD Motorsports Hero

  • You can edit iMovie or Windows Movie Maker
  • Profession full grade HD video up to 1080p
  • Impact resistant housing which is waterproof to 180 Ft
  • Possible to add to a motorcycle, ATV, car, helmet, snowmobile, jet ski or other vehicles
  • Sixty frame/ second option in 720 p and WVGA resolution gives liquid smooth slow motion playback
  • Sharpest lens and industry’s widest angle capture more scenes


  • Captures slow motion video using 60fps
  • A waterproof housing up to 180 degree
  • Comes with a wide angle which is great for underwater driving
  • Able to make a video of slow motion using 60fps
  • Very small type factor makes it very simple to be carried or mounted in extreme sports.


  • Settings and menu can take some time to be active as it has a small screen and this is a choice based arrangement

>>Check Price of GoPro HD Motorsports Hero<<


SJCAM SJ4000 Helmet Bicycle Motorcycle Camera

SJCAM SJ4000 Helmet Bicycle Motorcycle Camera

The SCAM camera includes 9000 MAH battery, makes possible to record video up to 70 minutes.

The video has great strength and stability like some other brands of this type of camera.

It is WiFi enabled waterproof system and allows cycle or motion detection.

The camera is waterproof, and you can take a snap from water sports video.

Features of SJCAM SJ4000 Helmet Bicycle Motorcycle Camera

  • At the time of charging video, the record is possible
  • 1.5-inch high-resolution LCD capturing HQ 1080P FHD video
  • Various photo modes: snapper and single shot
  • Multiple video format: 720 p, 1080p, and WVGA
  • Having WiFi action
  • IP68 waterproof up to 30m for taking water action
  • Lightweight design and Ultra compact size
  • 4x Digital Zoom preserve near the action
  • High definition digital constant video recording option


  • Video quality, good images, record/ shoot underwater
  • After giving the order, receive the items within two days
  • Appear with a bunch of accessories. Almost added all the mounting parts, simple to use and install
  • It is difficult to get a cam with the same price for other products


  • An extra battery will be better as you like to record more than one hour
  • Pressing buttons are bit difficult as designed with a waterproof case.

>>Check Price of SJ4000 Helmet Bicycle Motorcycle Camera<<


Stealth 2 Sports Helmet Camera

Stealth 2 Sports Helmet Camera

It is an eighth generation camera. It is the Drift Stealth two is the lightest and smallest Drift action shot camera is very powerful, little camera to use in bike or helmet camera, a dash camera or POV camera.

The weight is 97 grams and size is 80X42X27 milli¬meter. You may take it where you like anytime.

So you can take snap any time or capture picture from your views. It has seven element lens to give an optical 137 field of view, do not use digital narrow-angle, so objects seem to be sharper and closer.

Features of Stealth 2 Sports Helmet Camera

  • A 137-degree lens gives more accurate as well as sharpest image capturing. This camera is fit as a dash camera and a sports action camera as well.
  • It covers 12 months manufacturer’s warranty. The Drift Stealth 2 Sports Action Camera can handle WiFi streaming
  • The camera is made of durable and bold materials and may hold its extreme camera as a helmet camera or a bike camera.
  • The lifespan of the battery is 3 hours, aerodynamic design; rotatable lens makes the Drift Stealth to a unique POV camera.


  • The construction of it is very wonderful
  • Loop recording for which one can use it as a dash cam
  • Enough said. Rotating lens
  • Beeping indication for turning ON/ REC/ OFF is super
  • The mounting system is solid. The camera clicks in and remains snug
  • Color referring light on the side and top, simple to see at the time of recording
  • Rotating mount is a plus. If locked once, there is no movement.


  • The daytime image is ordinary. Overexposes more and holds a soft image. Not possible to read license plates from a normal distance
  • UI issues. At the time of recording and charging the top light indicator flashes
  • Night time and particularly evening images are good and awful

>>Check Price of Stealth 2 Sports Helmet Camera<<


Ion 1011L Air Pro Lite Wi-Fi Camera

Ion 1011L Air Pro Lite Wi-Fi Camera

iOn’s motorcycle helmet camera functions with a 170-degree view of the field can record video with 720 p and 1080 p, can record audio with the high built quality for the microphone.

It also can capture burst shot, 14 pm still and time-lapse images. The camera is waterproof and more durable without a case up to thirty feet range or ten meters range.

It can support Micro SDHC or Micro SD class six. The lifetime of the battery is about 2.5 hours. It has a WiFi pod for which you can share or shoot real time upload from different social media.

Features of Ion 1011L Air Pro Lite Wi-Fi Camera

  • Video records outstanding 1080 p and 720 p, 170 field view, record audio with the high built standard microphone, burst shot, capture 14 pm and time lapse image.
  • Waterproof and long lasting camera without a case up to ten feet.
  • The lifespan of the battery is 2.5 hours, Micro SDHC or Micro SD minimum class six, suggested classes ten up to thirty-two GB.
  • WiFi pod enable share or shoot functionality permit real time upload from social media, compatible with mounts or all iON Accessories.


  • Very simple operation
  • Simple to carry around
  • Truly super graphic quality


  • Setting up may be a hard work

>>Check Price of Ion 1011L Air Pro Lite Wi-Fi Camera<<



Final Verdict

There might be a downside of helmet camera if you accidentally incriminate yourself or you like to break the law.

If you hold yourself with speed and footage becomes vivid. You have to shot yourself in the foot. As you delete it, you will do another crime, or destroy the evidence.

There is a group of school suggest that it may be good naming and well and shaming bad motorists but the honest drivers like to mount the camera on their own. They may hold you against any minor crimes that you can commit.

What are the social consequences? Is that all for 1948? It is up to your choice. As you are a law adding road user, then film some more. You do not know what you like to capture.

You May Choose The Video On Motorcycle Helmet Cam Review

An Ultimate Guide On How To Buy The Best Hockey Helmets

Preferring the right helmet is an important task if the question is hockey. In this sport, there are more possibilities of serious impacts.

So you have to choose a helmet that will ensure more safety. You can reduce the possibilities of injuries, concussions, and some other fatal injuries by wearing a helmet.

If you like to have a right helmet, you should know the features and qualities of it. These are important features to make a top quality helmet. Here you will get a buying guide.

Best Hockey Helmets 2018 – Comparison Chart

Product ImageProduct NameShipping WeightEditor's RatingPrice
Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo 2.5 poundsCheck Price
Easton E700 Helmet1.6 poundsCheck Price
Bauer Prodigy Youth Hockey Helmet2.4 poundsCheck Price
CCM FitLite 40 Hockey Helmet2 poundsCheck Price
Warrior KROWN 360 Hockey Helmet2.1 poundsCheck Price
BAUER RE-AKT 75 Hockey HelmetCheck Price

The guide will give you necessary information of a high-quality helmet.

You may get the utmost protection from a helmet when you choose the right one. A high-quality helmet is secured enough. There is no doubt about it.

We have researched a lot and lastly found the top hockey helmet for you. Additionally, we have compared many areas of the helmet.

We have tested many features such as durability, construction, quality and other. Finally, we have got these 3 models which are considered the top of the lists.

It does not matter what age are you. You need to buy a helmet that has highest quality and protection capacity.

Not only that you shouldn’t buy a helmet from discount offer. Sometimes the cheapest helmets won’t fulfill your desire.

What is a Hockey Helmet?

A helmet that is made particularly to play hockey is known as hockey helmet. The purpose of the helmet is to save the players at the time of playing hockey.

There are at least head injuries if the players wear it. These helmets handle the impacts.

The thick foam inside the helmet is impact-protective while playing. Players are tension-free if they use these helmets.

So far in the market, there is no injury proof helmet. But you have to buy the best helmet to decrease the possibilities of major head injury.


How Should a Hockey Helmet Fit?

If you use a tight helmet, it may be dangerous. The Chinstrap would not be more than the two-inch width of 2 fingers below the chin.

The helmet does not come off a fall, leaving brain unprotected and head unsafe.

The helmet must be tight enough so that it may not shake loose if you shake head from side to side or ups and down. You can fit the adjustable tabs or screws to make it lose.

How Should a Hockey Helmet Fit

Use the helmet on the head. Use two hands and press it downward as long as it is snug.

Here a teammate may tighten the snap or screw the adjustment tabs to do well fit. Redness round the head is general which is chosen to a loose fitting hockey helmet.

The helmet should sit or fit over the brow line, may be felt snug to the crown, the beginning of the neck, temples, and forehead.

If you do not feel a good gap, it is not fitted well, and you need to consider the other one.

Best Hockey Helmets Reviews 2018


Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo

Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo

The helmet fits well on my head for the first time I used it. I need a little adjustment on chin strap to save it from going up to much and feeling comfortable.

If you set it for once, there is no chance to move it afterward. The adjustment straps are very simple to use. It may be hard to snap its button together.

Once I have done it and found it is very simple. The case is moving out of the face way while riding on. There are two types of same buttons for the chin strap.

One hand is enough to press the helmet and snap the helmet in. It is no need to say that the users are happy with the helmet. I have spent five years in a shop.

They have sold many helmets. Still today we have not got any claim of this type of helmets.

Users are happy to get these helmets. They come to say that they are satisfied with its service.


  • Use a helmet having the perfect fitting
  • Added ear cover to ensure safety
  • HECC or CSA certified
  • Simple to use, tool-free size adjustment
  • Don’t choose a Field Lacrosse Helmet. It is adjustable but one size isn’t fit for everybody.
  • Includes Bauer 2100 facemask
  • HECC or CSA certified
  • Having Bauer 2100 facemask
  • Simple to use tool free adjustment
  • Ear covers to ensure safety
  • There are no cons

>>Check Price of Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo<<


Easton E700 Helmet

Easton E700 Helmet

You are facing the same name Bauer in our list of the best quality hockey helmets.

The reality is that they do not take the top spot of all various hockey we are looking for.

So go to buy the best hockey helmet made and sold by Easton. There are lots of helmet having same features.

The hockey helmet is lightweight and very comfortable to use. We have tested many helmets, and this one is very light. Like other helmets, it is made is having more padding and very sturdy.

The reason is that it is hockey helmet. It uses What Easton call EPP foam: the helmet is fit snug and not very snug to feel uncomfortable.

The helmet has great features to cover up the ears, and you may use a full face mask or the eye shield with it.

There are various colors of this type of helmet having a matte finish which you do not get from other hockey helmets.

  • Black matte color
  • Weight is very light
  • Protective and comfortable EPP foam liner
  • Scuffs simply
  • More adjustable
  • Foam repels sweat
  • No cons at all.

>>Check Price of Easton E700 Helmet<<


Bauer Prodigy Youth Hockey Helmet

Bauer Prodigy Youth Hockey Helmet

In our list, this is the first youth hockey helmet. It is made with great care and made by the famous company Bauer.

The helmet will save the hockey players from serious head injuries. This comes with a complete combination of full cage facemask.

There are lots of features with the helmet. It is made with a simple design for the hockey players to take it off and on.

Kids are little panicky when they fail to open it simply. It has a quick snap release, and the face shield unsnaps rapidly.

There are some other things with this helmet you have to consider. The helmet is well ventilated for all the way round.

It is made with dual ridge crown of the outside and has ear protective system. This helmet has hundred percent head protection for your child if he likes to wear it. It has quick release system.

All things are highly adjustable. The foam padding option is comfortable enough,


  • Tool-free, two pieces and adjustable shell
  • HECC, CSA and CE certified
  • Dual density foam ensures top safety for Youth hockey game.
  • Rapid release chin strap
  • Foam padding is very comfortable
  • Highly adjustable
  • Little bit heavy
  • Price is higher
  • Fit for the youth players

>>Check Price of Bauer Prodigy Youth Hockey Helmet<<


CCM FitLite 40 Hockey Helmet

CCM FitLite 40 Hockey Helmet

It is another combination helmet just like face case on our list. The helmet also comes from hockey equipment manufacturer CCM.

At the time of wearing it, the users feel comfortable as well as protected. The helmet is best for young teen players or towards youth. It is very affordable for all features you like.

There are very sturdy foam and soft pad inside the helmet. Without any help from the tool, you may adjust the helmet.

Meaning that the young hockey player can adjust it during breaking time or at the time of practice. It is the claim of the CCM that it is aerodynamics.

We have no doubt at all are for making the design of the helmet. We are grateful to the CCM for making such kind of great helmet.

In the package of the helmet, you will get full cage over your face and all strapping to keep it to the right place securely.

  • Have various colors
  • Foam padding is much comfortable
  • Without tools, you can adjust it
  • Bit pricey
  • For the small kids, it seems little heavy
  • Fit for youth teen or youth players.

>>Check Price of CCM FitLite 40 Hockey Helmet<<

BAUER RE-AKT 75 Hockey Helmet

BAUER RE-AKT 75 Hockey Helmet

Helmet is a very important thing inside your hockey bag. Bauer knows it well that they have highest features and everyone cannot afford it. With this idea keeping in mind, the Re-Akt 75 came on the market.

The 75 can manage the impact of all directions, types, and velocities. Most of the shells are added with multi-density collision management foam. They are important as it strikes in hockey are fillet Rattlers, but the email shock waves throughout your head and causes impact inside the skull.

To ensure lots of impact under various situations, speed is a must. Bauer has added the Poron XRD foam helps to save the most responsive fraction of your cranium from the most slight shocks.

The reason is the Poron can condense with little provocation. Lastly, Bauer’s tools less two piece slide system is added with new molded occipital sustain to give player plenty latitude to add a helmet to get a perfect fitting.

  • Expire my aspiration
  • Top rated helmet for mid-level pricing
  • Super comfortable
  • Somewhat heavy

>>Check Price of BAUER RE-AKT 75 Hockey Helmet<<


Warrior KROWN 360 Hockey Helmet

Warrior KROWN 360 Hockey Helmet

It makes the fit very loose or gets way very tight. The price of the helmet is within reach of your ability.

The padding inside of the stroller is perfect, and the dial adjuster acts amazingly well.

Warrior Hockey is the only helmet on the market that you will get a decent rate by Virginia Tech’s Helmet concussion rating method.

The model’s Warrior altered the model without score like Virginia Techs ratings.

Features of Warrior KROWN 360 Hockey Helmet

  • To ensure 360-degree fit, the helmet has liner converge and four-piece shell, along with uncommon single dial adjustment
  • Has acquired impact protection certificate from CE, HECC, and CSA
  • Impax foam method gives absorbent 3 D foam placed in areas highlighting dampening the various low impact hits players normally experienced.
  • High impact defensive EPP foam liner
  • Three intelligently selected, collision specific layers for foam safety
  • Unique single-dial adjustment helpfully turns on the 4-Play Fit System
  • High impact protection, EPP foam to make it lightweight
  • Strategically located Impax Molded Foam to ensure security against multiple stumpy impacts
  • Nothing at all

>>Check Price of Warrior KROWN 360 Hockey Helmet<<

Best Hockey Helmets Buyer’s Guide

For what features the helmet is great? It has many things you must consider. The helmet is the combinations of some key factors that make the helmet comfortable and safe to use at the time of playing hockey.

Best Hockey Helmets Buyer’s Guide

If you like to buy a hockey helmet to play hockey, you should think more.

You have to know the more important features or characteristics or have to know details about the helmet.

Price of Best Hockey Helmets

We have some budget to buy a thing. For buying a hockey helmet, it is not exceptional. Buying a good hockey helmet is not a simple matter.

You need to think more and more. Price is the best factors. If the price is more, you can not save money. We advise you to buy a good helmet by spending a little money.

It must be durable and protective, otherwise spending money have no outcome. There are other things you must consider when shopping a hockey helmet.

For some people, the price may not factor, but we think for most people it is a major factor.

Best Hockey Helmets Safety

Safe is the main thing you have to consider at the time of playing hockey. A few years back, the helmet was not must to play a hockey game.

Now it is a must, and it is essential for at professional levels. Most tournaments or leagues require using the helmet to save face and eye from injuries while playing hockey.

Best Hockey Helmets Safety

What is the way to make the helmet safe to wear? There are some features come together to make the helmet as protective as possible.

Safety is the main factor if it is being worn at the time of playing hockey.


At the time of buying a helmet, you must give most importance to the fitting of the helmet.

You don’t get the least benefit though you buy the expensive helmet. If the helmet doesn’t fit properly, you will get no benefit. Buy a helmet that fits well on your head.

Be sure the helmet fits well on your head. It has most possibility to save your head from injuries.

You have to be sure that the cage must be fit properly. Moreover, its chin cups are secured enough and impoverished snuggly against your chin.

The strap ensures that the helmet remains in a place securely. If you want to get full protection, you have to consider two things.

These are the cages and the fitting of the helmet. You may get different sized helmets such as medium, large, small and very large.

Most helmets adjust in the same way to some cases. But you must be sure that you have got the right fitting.

You need to think about the size of the helmet. Buy the best fitting helmet and ensure super protection for your head.

Put the helmet on your head. Examine well it is well fitting or not. You must not feel uncomfortable at the time of wearing it.

The very tight helmet may be uncomfortable. But you shouldn’t purchase very lose helmet.

Wear the helmet for few minutes and notice pain, pressure points, and other uncomfortable results.


Padding of hockey helmets

Helmet must be fit snugly over the head and must be padded well to keep in the right place.

Meaning that helmet must have well padding option if any part of helmet touches the head.

The pad must be well between the head and the plastic part of the helmet. The foam will aid you to feel comfortable and save the head from injuries.

Eye/Face Protection

Today eye protection is a must for many adult leagues and youth league full faced protection is mandatory.

If it is not essential for the league, you need to use a visor over your helmet to play hockey.

So try to buy a helmet having the combination of all features to save face and head from injuries.


To keep the helmet secure and confirm the helmet is safe. It must have a good chin strap.

Most of the helmets come with having a chin strap. Some best quality and standard helmets are more comfortable than the others to use it properly.

The weight of best hockey helmets

In the market, there are some heavier helmets. The company tries to make the best helmet that is light.

It is true that helmet will be heavier if the helmet is made to ensure full protection.

The heavy helmet is uncomfortable and may cause some neck soreness.

The light helmet is great for all users. If it is light, the users feel comfortable. So buy a light one helmet to use.

Style of hockey helmets

Try to have a helmet that is very beautiful to look at. There are two helmets side by side. You have to choose the best one from them.

There is no document that you must look good at the time of playing hockey.

There are various colors of hockey helmets, and you have to choose the best one amongst them.


Warranty is a factor for the helmet. You have to see the warranty option before you like to buy a helmet.

If the warranty period is longer, you have peace of mind. You like to get helmets that are strong and have quality equipment.

You do not know when a helmet will break down. For this, you have to consider warranty most. As within warranty period, you can change or alter the helmet.

Don’t Buy Used hockey helmets

It is an important thing. You normally do not like to buy a used helmet. The certification of helmets is void upon the resale.

Meaning that you should not use the helmet in any official games as the players must use the certified helmet.

You have no idea how long the helmet been used, and it may save you if they step on the ice.

Each helmet comes with a sticker of certification of various associations.

After the sticker’s schedule period or time, you should not use the helmet.

You must be aware that you are speaking hard hits; your helmet will not last for longer time.

The Final

The Final of hockey helmets

Thank you very much for checking the best list of hockey helmets. We are hopeful that our hockey helmet’s review is very useful.

Hockey is a good kind of sport that everyone likes to enjoy. But you should not deny the possibility of injuries or risk associated with the sports for the participants.

A good type of helmet will save you from injuries and ensures protection for your face and head.

It is clear that you can play the game for longer time. If you have any question to ask us, you can post it freely below. We are waiting for hearing from you.


You May Choose The Video On Best Hockey Helmets

Best Motorcycle Helmet Under 300 – Within Your Budget

We have gone various stores to see the various motorcycle helmets and also tested many bike helmets for motorcycle riders.

The result is that the Bell Solid Adult Qualifier Street racing helmet is the best of 300 helmets as considering safety.

It has got DOT certificate and CAPA rating. The weight of the helmet is 2.3 kilograms, envelopes full head, chin and face to give complete safety.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Under 300 – Comparison Chart

Product ImageProduct NameShipping WeightDimensionEditor's RatingPrice
LS2 Strobe Modular Motorcycle Helmet5 pounds14.5 x 11.5 x 11 inchesCheck Price
Voss 888CF Carbon Fiber DOT Half Helmet2.8 poundsCheck Price
Motorcycle / Snowmobile Dual Visor Modular Helmet5 pounds14.8 x 11 x 10.5 inchesCheck Price
GD&M DK-140 Duke Full Face Motorcycle Helmet6 pounds13 x 10 x 10 inchesCheck Price
Icon Alliance Torrent Helmet5.4 pounds12 x 9 x 6 inchesCheck Price

The helmet has clear and a tinted eye shield. The matter of the helmet is black.

Five sizes are found in the market like medium, small, XL, L and extra large. The helmet is great with reasonable price.

A helmet reduces the impact forces fall on your brain. Similarly, it works as a barrier from objects and elements when you encounter accident at the time of motorcycling.

Almost all riders desire cranial defense forms of the face shield. It only saves from foreign objects and insects. Both of these become exponentially perilous with higher speed.

Advantages of Using a Motorcycle Helmet

The helmet is a must for the motorcyclists to save his face and head from serious injury or accident.

There are more possibilities to be injured for open design of the motorcycle.

The ratio is very high for the young motorcyclists. The reason is that they do not pay heed to the advice of wearing a helmet at the time of riding.

Under, you will get some information why we use helmets. There are lots of benefits using a helmet. Here are few mentioned:

  • Aids reducing road accident
  • Promotes the consciousness of responsibilities
  • Saves from serious head injuries
  • Saves your faces and eyes from the dust and the wind
  • Ensures comfort by lessening wind noise
  • Gives maximum defense from hot to the frigid weather
  • Keeps protect your eyes from the terrible lights of other vehicles
  • Lessens the possibilities of healthcare cost for a serious accident. In many countries, medical expenditure is brought by the government if any accident happens while riding a motorcycle.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Under 300


LS2 Strobe Modular Motorcycle Helmet

LS2 Strobe Modular Motorcycle Helmet

The LS2 strobe modular full faced helmet gives features you may get costing twice as much.

The full metal latch system gives more security for users and operates smoothly.

It has a single open button that is simple to operate and easy to use wearing a heavy winter glove.

The helmet has twin shield system sun shield, so you get full sun protection and get lighter if you enter a dark area.

The helmet opens by a single button. In the chin bar, there is a secure detent to keep the helmet in a fixed place.

The strobe applies to cable and new slide technology to use the sunshade well, ensures easy handle.

The face shield of the helmet is scratch resistant and correct. It has LS2’s short shift tool-less quickly release for which you may change it whenever you like.

Its technical fabric liners are removable as well as washable. The helmet is made to use for the motorcycle riders and for commuting to work.

The 3D laser cuts foam and pad keep the helmet in its place, for having a quick release strap, you can easily get on and off the helmet.

The Kinetic Polycarbonate Alloy shell has well ventilation system and is aerodynamic. The LS2 strobe is much comfortable; you sometimes forget to use it.


  • Built-in Twin Shield System Drop Down Sun Shield to save from the rays of the sun.
  • Completely adjustable flow-through ventilation keeps you cool in warm. This also blocks air when it is winter or cold.
  • Aerodynamic and lightweight. The HTPP composite shell of this helmet cuts through the wind. As a result, the rider feels more comfortable and resulting in not as much exhaustion.
  • The liner of the helmet is washable and removable. Therefore you have to keep it as fresh as you can.
  • It has got DOT approval and instant release strap. So it is very simple to on an off.
  • Made is Twin Shield System Drop Down Sun Shield to save from the ray’s of sun
  • Liner is washable and removable; you may keep it fresh as a new one
  • The screen alters separately from shade move separately from the total face guard. It works well.
  • The helmet is bit noisy. The function and price is great
  • Concerning noise

>>Check Price of LS2 Strobe Modular Motorcycle Helmet<<


Voss 888CF Carbon Fiber DOT Half Helmet

Voss 888CF Carbon Fiber DOT Half Helmet

Voss is the best carbon fiber half helmet. No company makes such matte carbon helmet.

Its shell is fabricated with Fibreglass blend or carbon fiber. It is a good type of helmet for head protection.

The Carbon fiber of the BuiltLite series makes the helmet less weight of the 888 Bullet Cruisers mostly two pounds. The 888 is great for the classic riders.

The other features of the helmet are removable ultra comfort microfiber liner, the quick open system of the micro metal ratchet, deep fitting shell shape, etc.

We suggest using Matte carbon fiber in 2016 to stick with cruiser trend.

To put the Matte Carbon uses a damp rag or wipes the surface. There are two sizes in the market.

The ranges of sizes are XS to XXL. You may purchase all replacement parts of the helmet.


  • Low-quality helmet with having sun lens features. Handwoven Carbon Fiber composite shell sits perfectly on your head. The weight of the helmet is 1.9 pound or 861 gram.
  • Fast ratchet micro metal instant discharge attached to more strength nylon rush chin straps.
  • The Voss 888CF Carbon Bullet Cruiser DOT Half Helmet with drop down Sun Lens
  • Expect Ultra soothe: detachable Kool Komfort micro fiber liner – effortlessly attach or separable liner insert
  • Voss Integrated Visor System: Has to pull down method with sun lens which is simple to remove or change without any tool. It appears with an additional lens.
  • Pull down method with sun lens which may be changed or removed without tools. One extra clear lens is also added
  • Simply removed with slip out or slip in shell method: Removable Kook Comfort microfiber liner
  • Fast ratchet micro metal rapid release adds to strength nylon is woven chin straps.
  •  When I use it the sun visor hits one my eyeglasses. I must tilt the helmet back over my head to make it any use.

>>Check Price of Voss 888CF Carbon Fiber DOT Half Helmet<<


Motorcycle / Snowmobile Dual Visor Modular Helmet

Motorcycle / Snowmobile Dual Visor Modular Helmet

The total construction of the helmet is well and solid. Without effort, you can lock the front flip-up visor.

The vents provide some air over the head and simple to operate. Only one complaint is that the vent switch is very close and the tab utilizes to let it up the face shield.

I need to fumble it from time to time. You may serve the pad. It is not lacking or plush. I am not sure that the helmet is great to use for hot days.

I understand that the helmet is snowmachine helmet and has one feature that lends itself to the snow machine people.

There is a piece under the chin. It blows air under the helmet to the up on the face on hot days.

I move its face shield one or 2 clicks to air thing out. Under 70 degree or up to this level the helmet works well.

The matte finish works well and is very fine. It is very easy to clean with soap or mild cleaner or with water.


  • Fulfills and exceeds the requirement of DOT
  • Push Button Flip-up Modular Flip-up Feature permits from instant exchange from Full
  • ABS Thermal Plastic Composite Shell along with EPS Impact Foam and Fiber Reinforced.
  • Retractable Anti-scratch Dual Inner Sun Visor is very simple to use
  • Easy open air vents are made for functionality and resilience. Instant access. All give maximum circulation.
  • Get up is fine
  • Vents air well
  • Moving mechanisms are solid
  • Feels great
  • The sunshade is a great thing and works well.
  • Makes sound when the speed is over 45 mph

>>Check Price of Dual Visor Modular Helmet<<


GD&M DK-140 Duke Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

GD&M DK-140 Duke Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

GDM Duke DK 140 full face helmet exceeds and meets the DOT FMVSS 218 motorcycle protection standard.

The shell of the helmet is formed from advanced lightweight composite poly-alloy.

It has 5 points ventilation system, removable as well as a washable liner, check pads.

The helmet has a double D-ring chin strap. It comes with two visors in the box. An extra tinted visor is kept in the box, and the other shield is installed as well.

Measure the size of your head if you like to choose the best size helmet for your head.

Put measuring tape one inch above the eyebrows around your head. There is a GDM Duke Helmet guide with it.

You can read it to know more things about the helmet. Be sure, the guidebook is a reference book only, but it does not ensure a perfect fit.


  • Meets and fulfills DOT FVSS-218 safety standard
  • GDM Duke DK-140 Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet (XXL)
  • Aerodynamic shell of the helmet is manufactured from superior lightweight composite poly-alloy.
  • Double D-ring chin strap along with washable and removable liner. Check pads also included.
  • adds two visors: Vivid + FREE Tinted in the box
  • To the cheaper part
  • Great to look at
  • Added tinted and clear visors
  • Quickly fog up
  • Paint prone to scratches

>>Check Price of DK-140 Duke Full Face Motorcycle Helmet <<


Icon Alliance Torrent Helmet

Icon Alliance Torrent Helmet

The murdered Alliance Dark Helmet is prepared to fade in the shadow or vanish at night. The Dark Smoke PorShield and the non-reflective matte black Rubatone finish ensure you a monotone look goes fine with… Just about anything.

There are lots of features with the stroller such as ECE, a moisture wicking Hydradry liner, plenty of venting, DOT, safety certifications which give tons of premium features except a quality price tag.

Features of Icon Alliance Torrent Helmet

  • Hydradry interior is removable or washable
  • To ensure strength, it has injection molded polycarbonate shell
  • Instant change for free pro-shield along with sideplates
  • Pollock shield locking mechanism
  • Wind tunnel tested along with refined
  • Lightweight
  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • Chin venting method lessens shield fogging
  • Rear exhaust ports save heat build up
  • Molded twin channel saves for increased cooling.
  • Little pricey since the product is great
  • The alliance came with the narrow fit interior. It gives more room from front to back but have tighter fit from side to side

>>Check Price of Icon Alliance Torrent Helmet<<


1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular

1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular Flip-up Dual Visor Sun Shield Full Face

The 1Storm Motorcycle Full Face Helmet is well made by considering all factors of the bikers. The helmet has secured DOT approval meaning that it gives you safety on the road. All pads of the helmet are removable.

Therefore you can remove these parts to wash easily. The 1Storm Motorcycle Full Face Helmet is extremely lightweight. It also reduces fatigue and neck ache at the time of motorcycling.

You can easily pop the second smoked lens as it comes with dual lens design. It will save your time and life as well. Some helmets are very difficult to use particularly if you suggest him to do it.

But 1 Storm gives importance to safety first. They have used various systems to deploy sun visor.


  • Washable and detachable padding
  • Upgraded Modular or Flip up along with Dual Lens design. (inner smoked lens or outer clear shield);
  • Nice Glossy UV protective finish
  • Lightweight and robust Aerodynamic Thermoplastic Alloy Shell
  • Isn’t very heavy and vents well
  • You have the chance to take a drink only opening the face or using footlong straw without taking out of the helmet.
  • It’s BIG! It’s a very large helmet compared to others.
  • The helmet is very big. This one is larger than other helmets found on the market.

>>Check Price Now<<

Shark Skwal Instinct Helmet

Shark Skwal Instinct Helmet

If you are a serious rider, you can keep the helmet on the streets. You will give more importance to the visibility of the helmet.

Visibility is the only thing that will stand between the cadgers and you. It leads us to the next helmet of our list, the Shark Skwal Instinct Helmet.

Shark is thought to be the safest helmet and you may keep on riding. The manufacturers of the Shark helmet keep this idea in mind. Finally, they created the first helmet having LEDS system.

The Shark Skwal Instinct Helmet is made with great attention except compromising style.

There is LED light to the back and front of the helmet. The LED lighting system gives a distinctive look in line with Shark’s killer insect.

The LED lights are very simple to switch on and off. There is a conspicuous push button concealed beneath the neck roll.

You can charge it by the flush mount charging port. You can rely on this system for five hours constantly and ten hours in pulse mode.

Shark takes a very aggressive step to make revolutionary helmets. It will keep its name on the top of the food chain. The Shawl is made in such a way that it ensures maximum comfort and safety for the riders.

There are many unique features with the Shark Skwal Instinct Helmet. Normally you would not get this type of helmet with competitive price.


  • Adjoin sun shield.
  • Very stable along with aerodynamic attributes improved by it a spoiler.
  • Incorporated LED technology motorcycle helmet.
  • Integrated LED lights for the first time in a helmet: rechargeable battery
  • Bamboo treated center for triple efficiency: anti-sweating antibacterial, and hypoallergenic
  • Nice fitting.
  • SHARK helmets SKWAL boasts about silhouette and design to optimize soundproofing and stability with great speed.
  • None

>>Check Price Now<<

How to Choose the Safest Motorcycle Helmet?

The biggest thing while riding a motorcycle is safety. You are thinking more what the best is.

Whether it is a half shell or a full face helmet. The full faced helmet is great if you drive motorcycle very fast and powerfully.

How to Choose the Safest Motorcycle Helmet

These helmets are safer, easier and cooler than the other brands in the market. All helmets come with five features to ensure more protection and safety.

Certification from DOT

The helmet has got a certificate from DOT from all criteria testing and has given sticker on it.

There is another testing procedure named as SNELL approved stickers.

A full faced helmet always saves you from a fatal accident. See these things more carefully, if you like to buy a helmet next time.

Materials and design used

The efficiency of a helmet depends on its materials used to make the helmet.

The external materials are very important as it gives the first line of security or protection.

So it must be strong and well protected and light. The aerodynamic design minimizes drag at the time of riding with high speed.

Materials and design used of motorcycle helmet

Properly ventilated

The helmet having good ventilation ensures fresh air flow all around the riders head.

The blow of air saves your face and head from sweating and saves to accumulate of toxic gas.

Provides perfect fit

Proper fitting is a great thing to consider of a helmet. There is no need to use a helmet if it does not fit well.

If the helmet flies with the slightest impact that is not good. Before taking the decision to buy it, care all these things.

Strap the helmet on, and if it does not loose without opening its belt, the helmet is good no doubt.

Provides absolute comfort

The last trait of the helmet is that it must be comfortable while wearing.

Be sure; the helmet has a reliable seal for the ear; padding is a comfort, neck roll well placed and nothing more which may cause and discomfort.

Final Verdict

There are many helmets on the market. Amongst them, you have to choose the best one. All things depend on your choice. You have to cover all the options.

Final Verdict motorcycle helmet under 300

If you have another choice, I would like to know more about it. Click here to know more about helmets in general as well. In the meantime, there are more advancements happening in this field.

Very Useful Guide On How To Buy The Best Helmets For Toddlers

Riding a bicycle is not only a hobby. It is also a passion. This is a way of life. If you breathe and live riding, then there is a possibility that you like to involve your baby.

Suppose you like to bring your baby to a riding or would like to make a tour with tricycle; you must buy a little helmet for your kid. The reason is that it will give full safety for your child’s head from injury or accident.

The only problem with the helmet is that they are normally made for the school aged kids. Unluckily school aged child normally have a bigger head than your baby. The head of your child is bigger; you have to hunt the perfect size helmet for your little kids.

This is the place where the guide comes in. We cover things to search for since choosing a bike helmet and take a look at some of the best bike helmets on the market.

Best Helmets For Toddlers – Comparison Chart

Product ImageProduct NameShipping WeightEditor's RatingPrice
Bell Cars Helmet0.68 poundsCheck Price
Bell Mickey Mouse Toddler Bike Helmet0.64 poundsCheck Price
Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet1.15 poundsCheck Price
Schwinn Toddler Classic Microshell Helmet9.6 ouncesCheck Price
ProRider BMX Bike & Skate Helmet11.2 ouncesCheck Price
Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet1.2 poundsCheck Now
Lucky Bums Snow Sports Helmet1.2 poundsCheck Now

Here we will discuss various features of the bike helmet. Before you like to buy a helmet, you must consider the following factors to get the best one.


If you like to choose a helmet for your baby, you need to consider the size of the helmet first. Most of the brands make helmet according to the age of the child.

This is best. But my one-year-old child is smaller than usual; surely the helmet would be useless. For this, size guide is not a great thing for such occasion.

What is the way to measure the baby’s head size for using a helmet? As the size of the heads is different according to the age verification.

Take a measuring tape, and then hold it around the thickest part of the head. The measure, 1 inch above the eyebrow.

In this way, you will get the right measurement and now move to buy a helmet for your baby.


A lightweight helmet may be a great helmet for a child of this age. You should not buy the hard shell helmet.

Try to get a soft shell helmet. You may get confused to see the both of them. Now have a close look at the two types.

In-mold toddler helmet

best helmets for toddlers

The mold gets the name from the construction. This is the lightest helmet in this type. The foam is injected inside with the mold while the hard shell may be inside. Therefore, the name is mold toddler helmet.

The helmet is well vented, lightweight. There are various interesting types of this helmet on the market. You can choose your dear size for your toddler.

Hardshell toddler helmet

Hard shell helmet is made from 2 various pieces. The foam and the hard shell are laminated along with. The helmet may seem smaller but are best suited for sports instead of bike riding.

It is very important to note that no helmet is safe well. The main difference is ventilation and weight.

Ventilation holes

Air vent gives fresh air to the baby or the toddler’s heads at the time of riding the bike. It will resist the heads to become uncomfortable or hot at the time of riding.

best helmets for toddlers

Believe me; you do not like to give the chance to become the baby’s head sweaty, irritated and hot.

All modern helmets for the toddlers come with air vents better than the other normal brands. More vents mean better air circulation.

Suppose you are living in the hot environment, you will like to get more vents. Some helmets come with integrated bug mesh to stop bugs from flying towards the vent.

On my route, I see no enough bugs to justify the necessity of bug mesh. If you have more bugs near your home, you have to buy more mesh.

The Visor

There are visors in some toddler helmet. The visor saves the eyes of the sun from the sun’s rays. The visor has a drawback. The child likes to see around.

But for this visor, they cannot see the sights around. If you like to give the child opportunity to see them around, you have to use sunscreen and may hold off purchasing a helmet having visor until he becomes older.

The chin strap

A chin strap may irritate the skin of the infant as they have sensitive skin. Helmets come with having pads. The result is that the child feels soft for having straps on the baby’s skin.

best helmets for toddlers

You should be sure that the chin strap must be fit for the child for whom the helmet remains tight as well as secure to the baby.

If the clip chin strap along with, it may pinch the skin of the baby. Therefore it is better to buy a strap having pinch guard.

How you can adjust the bike helmets may vary from one brand to another. Below here you will get some general adjustment methods:

Best Helmets For Toddlers For Your Consideration


Bell Cars Helmet

Bell Cars Helmet

If my child likes to use a bike to ride or would try a new one, he must have to use a helmet.

He decided to pick up a new one instead of the old one. I have good faith in belts, and the helmet is truly used.

It fits over his head snugly. It has two reflectors on the back of the straps. The straps aid to make the adjustment well.

The strap holds wrap to wrap extra strap along with well padded. The clips are added here to save from the pinching and are curved to the face.

I am very happy. My two years old child likes it very much. He is safe enough to wear it.

Features of Bell Cars Helmet

  • To see well it has high reflectors.
  • Seven vents provide additional cool for the head
  • To ensure extra protection, it has more rear coverage


  • Fits well giving more room inside the helmet
  • Move forward, and you have no tension about the safety of your little one
  • Percentile for head size, therefore, he is right on the track or in the middle of the chart


  • Plastic comes individually in this helmet

>>Check Price of Bell Cars Helmet<<


Bell Mickey Mouse Toddler Bike Helmet

Bell Mickey Mouse Toddler Bike Helmet

This helmet is a cute helmet for the toddlers. I have bought it for my two-year-old grandson.

We have bought him a strike for the Christmas. He loves Mickey, and its color is vibrant. The foam of the helmets inside is very sturdy.

The shell is also made from strong plastic. The helmet is perfect for this tumble boy.

It has a nice open vent over the top of the head so head may not get very hot. The straps are adjustable so fit for a couple of years.

Features of Bell Mickey Mouse Toddler Bike Helmet

  • Pinch guard buckles confirm no pinching
  • Seven vents ensure extra cool for the head
  • suitable for head size from 48 to 52
  • to increase visibility, it has high impact reflectors
  • to ensure fitness, it has a fit self-adjustment


  • It is surely his loveliest present
  • Has very good protection and fits well
  • Very adjustable and it seems he can wear it for a while


  • Not fit for all ages

>>Check Price of Bell Mickey Mouse Toddler Bike Helmet<<


Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet

Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet

Be confirm; the baby is safe enough by wearing Giro Me2 helmets. The helmet is designed well as it has very colorful and fascinating size.

There are other features like aviator pigs, red duck, goose, pink bunnies, and yellow chicks. It has twenty vents to keep the head cool for the child.

In Giro’s Mini Loc fit you will get simple strap guide which enables ensure that there is no pinch over the head of your child.

It had soft pads inside and made in the visor for ensuring shade. The helmet is fit and aids your child to grow well.

The helmet is fit for the child having headed measuring 18.75 – 20.5 inches in diameters.

Features of Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet

  • Six vents ensure cool for the head
  • Mini Loc Fit system
  • Pinch-proof buckle and build in the visor
  • Microshell made in bug net construction
  • Fun, easy and made with little ones in its mind


  • Not very large or little person
  • Well fitting or small heads which most helmets cannot do
  • delightful
  • There is a dial on the back by which you can tighten the helmet easily. See it is very easy to over tighten.


  • The only drawback is that straps are very hard to add and seem to hang loose no issue what we do

>>Check Price of Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet<<


Schwinn Toddler Classic Microshell Helmet

Schwinn Toddler Classic Microshell Helmet

In the back side of the helmet, there is an adjustable band. I like this option very much. I have not viewed it before in any helmet.

You can easily use the turn knob that adjusts the bands around the back of the head.

For this case, you can use the helmet loose, and tight down the points which you child fails to remove.

It sits easily on the toddlers’ head, and you can easily adjust the straps. You are sometimes failed to use the helmet as it is very snug.

Features of Schwinn Toddler Microshell Helmet

  • Made in sun brim to save from the elements
  • Eight flow vents to keep the head cool
  • More coverage to ensure safety as well as security
  • Dial Easy Fit Retention is having comfortable over the fly adjustment.


  • For very small child wearing the helmet may be a battle
  • It is very rigid to ensure safety and very comfortable in it
  • Wear a helmet for a little child is not very difficult


  • Has no serious con

>>Check Price of Schwinn Toddler Microshell Helmet <<


ProRider BMX Bike & Skate Helmet

ProRider BMX Bike & Skate Helmet

Pro-Rider Classic Multi-Sports Helmet fulfills the standard of CPSC and helmet safety.

Skate style design is composed of the hard shell along with vents positioned to the top, back and front of the helmet.

The helmet is made for outdoor activities like inline skating, biking, skateboarding, BMX riding and roller skating.

SIZE CHART: Wrap a measuring tape around your head to see the head diameter, start it from an inch above the eyebrows and encircle the widest part of your head.

Features of ProRider BMX Bike & Skate Helmet

  • Classical Multi Sports Helmet with having the hard outer shell for ensuring more protection complies with CPSC standard for the safety of the helmet.
  • Having padded inserts to aid adjust fit
  • Quick Release Buckle along with durable polyester straps
  • Ventilation channel to ensure cooling comfort.


  • Fit, superiority made
  • unproblematic to use


  • Instruction for the first time users may be tad better

>>Check Price of ProRider BMX Bike & Skate Helmet<<


Lazer Baby on Board Helmet

Lazer Baby on Board Helmet

Function well. All kids’ helmets which are flatter in the rear of a trailer would still tip head forward. Not only that the modification in the rear works barely enough.

As she gets older- about 20 mo- she can easily let her helmet through the jaw strap is adjusted. I censure the adjuster to the back; it is scooped enough round the bulge to the back of the head.

Now we order the Giro Scamp with MIPS technology. The users tell the dial adjusters are better added to the back side

Features of Lazer Baby on Board Helmet

  • Soft pads are simple to remove and easy to clean
  • Straps along with reflective materials for more visibility
  • A special type of padding to keep chin comfortable and cool, have total six vents throughout
  • Flat backrest normally against the back wall of the trailer
  • Comfit retention method


  • On one side there is a plastic bag holding, and on other side pet hair, it’s foam pads are ripped open.
  • The internal band round the head is adjustable and very wonderful to look at
  • The helmet has two sets of padding; the little set came installed


  • There is nothing serious to mention at all, and we replace it with the Giro Scamp

>>Check Price of Lazer Baby on Board Helmet<<

Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet

Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet

Be sure, your kid will get pleasure and safe ride along with the Giro Me2 bike helmet. There are lots of colorful designs such as aviator pigs, yellow chicks, goose, red duck and pink bunnies.

The helmet comes with 20 vents to keep the kids head cool. The helmet comes with simple strap guides.

The Giro’s Mini Loc fit system enables your kid to wear the helmet except pinching skin.

There are soft pads inside the helmet to give more comfort. Moreover, it has visors to give a bit of shade.

The helmet is changeable meaning that you can use the helmet to raise with your kids. It is fit for toddlers and infants who have head measuring 18.75 to 20.5 inches.

If you like to use the helmet clutch the helmet with 2 hands before a mirror and twirl it to the right and to the left.

When you get the helmet is right well, the forehead and the skin move as helmet shifts. If you see it is very loose, then the helmet isn’t safe for you. You should better to readjust it.


  • Micro shell with EPS liner
  • Six vents
  • Universal fit Toddlers, Mini Loc
  • Pinch-proof buckle, reflective rear decal, built-in visor, and built-in bug net


  • Isn’t very heavy for small people
  • Adorable
  • Well fitting for small heads, most helmets aren’t like this
  • Parents can easily tighten the helmet to the back by the help of a dial. Nevertheless, watch out as it is over tighten.


  • The strap of this helmet is very hard to adjust. Moreover, it seems to hang loose. Therefore you can’t use it for your 1-year-old daughter.

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Lucky Bums Snow Sports Helmet

Lucky Bums Snow Sports Helmet

The Lucky Bums Sports Helmet has lots of features that you want in a helmet with affordable price. This helmet is durable, stylish, functional and comfortable.

There are 2 protective layers, goggle loops and a padded chin strap with this helmet. Take it out of the box and choose your desired color and size.

Additionally, it has 2 reinforced layers. The outer cap is made of a rigid ABS material. It is covered by a supportive EPS outer shell for double protection.

The padded chin strap and added goggle loop give more function and comfort. The helmet fulfills the standards of EN1077 and got CE certificate.

There are interior fabric lining and ear padding inside the helmet along with a hypoallergenic and antibacterial treatment.

Besides, ESP inner shell has multiport with web screens to ensure more flow of air. One can use this helmet for the whole day with great comfort.

Each includes a micro adjustable strap to ensure well fitting for everyone. There are 4 different sizes of them you choose your right one.


  • Lots of characteristics for an enjoyable and a full day
  • All around safety for your sporting time
  • Eps and abs construction fulfill the demand of en1077 standards
  • Different sizes and relax for having an adjustable fit
  • Dependable and long lasting within manufacturer’s limited warranty time


  • Fits well
  • Price friendly
  • Long lasting
  • comfortable


  • Chin strap is skinny.
  • Goggles fit well but you need to push down a little bit on your nose

>>Check Price Now!<<



Helmet Internal Adjust Systems

Internal plastic confines the helmet to ensure proper fitting for the child inside it. The different child has different head sizes.

The internal adjustment system is very useful. This feature helps more to keep the helmet in its place and ensures better safety.

There are some helmets which have no interior adjust system. You may get different types of interior adjust systems for the youth and the child.

Traditional Dial-Adjust

There is a dial set to the flipside of the helmet. It helps to fit the helmet well on the head.

When you turn the dial, the internal cage gradually adjusts well on a child’s head. There are few sizes of helmets on the market.

So it isn’t difficult to select a well-fitting helmet. Conventional dial regulates systems are available on most of the high-end helmets, such as Bell helmets, all lofty end Giro helmets, Melon and Nutcase.

Pads Width Adjust

Most low-end bicycle style and skater-style helmets don’t have adjustment system. Instead, all come with pads of different thickness.

Before buying a helmet, parents must give importance to the breadth of a pad to get a cozy fit. Many parents can’t choose the right helmet.

They buy poorly-fit helmets which rarely remain in places. Moreover, you have to buy re-adjustable pads as your child is growing gradually. There remains no space in skinny sized pads.

So day by day, pad-adjusted helmets are being challenged to adjust accurately. The Giro Dime is considered rare pad-adjusted helmets which we suggest you.

Lazer Self-Adjust: Lazer’s single Autofit system fits on the wearer’s heads easily. The system adjusts through a tension cable, encased within a plastic housing.

The housing allows the interior cage of the helmet to increase to fit well on child’s head. Always choose the best fitting.

The Autofit system adjusts well on the head of the users through the child likes to puts it on them.


There are 2 kinds of helmet building. These are hard shell and in-mold. Both types of constructions ensure enough safety if you face a crash. There are lots of vents here. All are long durable.

The only difference is how the external plastic defensive shell is made to foam core with the helmet.


The inside foam and the surface plastic shell are compound jointly in-mold helmets. The combining system allows for more vents typically provides complete weight.

The exterior plastic shell of the helmet may not crack as it is complex too with the foam core. This helmet has a very thin plastic shell.

So the in-mold helmet isn’t allowed using the skateboard. This is ensured by ASTM standard.

All higher end conventional helmets are made with in-mold construction though there are few skater styles.

Melon helmets are building with an in-mold system. Therefore these helmets are lightweight than the skate helmets. For this reason, these helmets are not permitted for the skateboard in the US.


Two kinds of hard shells are used to make the helmets- these are the skater-style and lower-end bicycle helmet. A thick plastic shell is added with glue to the lower foam to the center of the helmet.

The thick core needs for ASTM skateboarding. It allows durability and multiple collisions for skateboarders.

On the other way, a thin plastic is taped with the foam core to make a lower end hardshell helmet.

The problem is that these thin shells normally crack, warp, come off, and ensure short durability.


Keep the eyes of your kids from the sun will surely give more comfort to them. The riding experience will be more appealing.

Most conventional helmets are made with clip-on or built-in visors. It is true that the skater style helmets have no visors.

On the pre-school helmet, built in visors is the generally common thing.

Helmets for youth come with snap-on visors to give more protection from the sun. There are small visors also with some helmets like Nutcase.

Bike helmet safety in 4 steps

  1. Fitting exactly is a must for ensuring safety. So measure the toddler’s head inaccurate size. As more the setting, move the safety. Do not purchase a helmet for the child to grow up into says RN, Rene Hopkins a child safety investigator in Augusta, Ga.
  2. Keep the helmet in such a way that it remains low on the head of your child about two finger widths on the eyebrow. If she looks up, she could only see the frame of the bike helmet.
  3. Adjust straps of bike helmet in such a way that it looks like V beneath the ears. If buckled beneath the chin, it should fit cozily, and more than 2 of her fingers may fit under the strap.
  4. Stir it, baby. When the helmet collapses, after all, added straps for tighter fit.

How Do You Know a Helmet is a Real Deal?

Lots of helmets are sold in the United States having uniform safety standard approved by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. These helmets are being sold worldwide with reasonable price.

Many of the famous helmet manufacturers are now giving more importance to safety by incorporating a Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS). The slip plane size permits the energy to be absorbed from the crash impact by the helmet regardless of angle and direction of, the impact.

The prices of the helmets having MIPS are bit higher, but parents are happy with it as it gives extra safety for the parents. For this reason, they are happy with the helmet though the price is higher. Here you will see a video of MIPS helmet in which you will see how this type of helmet works.

Final Verdict

To see the brands, search bell, laser, Giro, Bontrager and special brand helmets indicates the 2 Wheeling Tots and A Child Grows websites.

Some Bell brand helmets are less expensive than the other brands in the market and give more protection for your toddlers.

For toddlers, choose the lightest one. You, toddlers, cannot endure more weight on its little heads.

The helmet has a stabilizer near the head which will resist the helmet from sleeping down from the head.

The helmet should fit one or 2 inches above the eyebrow, little slippage to the right, reminds the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration, left or front and the back.


Best Helmets For Toddlers Video Reviews You May Choose

The Best Ski Helmet Reviews – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Which helmet do you like most? The popularity of the helmet is increasing gradually. So manufacturers are trying their best to make different types of helmets.

Some are made for lower impact though some are manufactured for massive impacts. The construction of this helmet is great.

There are some models which have got the Multi-angle Impact Protection System (MIPS) license. What type of helmet you choose doesn’t matter.

You must be sure that the helmet fits well on your head. This model is super for sports such as skiing and snowboarding.

Ski is a very popular brand now on the market. People buy this helmet most as it ensures most safety.

Besides, it is lighter than the other models. The manufacturers applied the latest technology to make this helmet. There are many upgraded models which also use the advanced features.

Before buying a helmet, you must give importance to the safety first. Here you will get a list of some of the best helmets.

All will give you protection when you fall from. Your brain is the most important part of your body. So you must save it at any cost.

Ski Helmet Reviews 2018 – Comparison Chart

Product ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
Traverse Dirus Ski & Snowboard/Bike & Skate HelmetCheck Price
Lucky Bums Snow Sports HelmetCheck Price
Smith Optics Holt Snow Sports HelmetCheck Price
Giro Surface-S Snow HelmetCheck Price
Giro Seam Snow HelmetCheck Now

Do I Really Need To Wear A Ski Helmet?

For recreational activities, people of all ages enjoy snowboarding and skiing. They don’t think about the injuries.

The statistic of National Ski Areas Association expresses that every year 40 people die for skiing or snowboarding related accidents. It is sure that all winter sports don’t bring accident which leads death.

About 600,000 people face injuries in North America for skiing and snowboarding. Among them, about 20% faces head injuries.

People become more aware of ski helmet in 2008. In this year, 2 celebrities faced death for fatal skiing accident. In the following year, a mother collided with a German Politician at the time of skiing in Australia.

Luckily the politician was saved as he wore a helmet. But the woman was without the helmet and faced death.

Natasha Richardson a popular Canadian actress faced death for sustaining a traumatic head injury at the time of skiing.

One Canadian Meta-analysis found that the helmet reduces the possibility of head injury from 21% to 45%.

The wide ranges were found for studying different results. Some people faced serious head shock while other faced other types of injuries.

There is no evidence that wearing a helmet lessens the chance of death or injuries during skiing or snowboarding.

Some people faced accident but didn’t subject to head trauma. This is quite impossible to show the real proof or the benefit of wearing a helmet.

Wearing a well-padded and well-constructed helmet can’t save the life. But it can protect you from serious injuries.

Most of the researchers agree that wearing a helmet doesn’t increase the possibility of head trauma.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality in America suggests all people using a helmet for recreational snowboarders and skiers for this reason.

What about it?

You will get two types of snow sports helmet in the market which fulfill CEN1077 and ASTM2040 standard, these are a hard shell, and in the mold, variation remains, like combination construction, sweet like carbon fiber, and Giro has presented third types by introducing Soft Shell.

ski helmet reviews


For mold, construction applies a tough polycarbonate outer shell connected with helmet’s impact-absorbing EPS foam liner, long-lasting capability without a heavyweight. The good combination of liners and shell can give better ventilation.

Hard Shell

In hard shell helmet, durable ABS is applied, and lightweight EPS liner bonded added together. This kind of helmet has fewer vents they are hard wearing and have great value.

Soft Shell

Softshell holds impact absorbing liner and a patented pending liner designed with Vinyl Nitrate as well as an uncommon flexible outer shell material to ensure comfort and confirm durability.

MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System)

MIPS is made in such a way that it gives more protection for the riders. The helmet lessens rotational force over the brain creates the impact on the head.

The liner and the shell are differentiated by low friction layer. As the helmet is subjected to angle impact, the low friction layer slides over the head and absorbing much of energy.


More vents will give more chance to make the head cool if your head becomes warm up quickly.

You need not keep the vents open. There are also riders controlled venting which may be adjusted at the time of moving.

The Best Ski Helmet Reviews 2018


Traverse Dirus Ski & Snowboard/Bike & Skate Helmet

Traverse Dirus Ski & Snowboard/Bike & Skate Helmet

The Dirus helmet is wonderful helmet gives full protection for the head.

We believe that the further design of helmet must be seasonally restrained.

The helmet covers the head of the users.

The ABS of the helmet is a long-lasting and heavy duty for good protection for bruises or bumps.

It has high-density EPS foam inside that absorbs shock on impact.

The helmet gives an answer to the adventurous call of the outdoor matter any time of the year maybe.

Features of Traverse Dirus Ski Skate Helmet

  • Ten vents to ensure ultimate temperature regulation with unyielding ABS shell firm and exterior, shock absorbent EPS interior
  • It has an adjustable dial to customize the fit
  • Replaceable foam to transform to the bike helmet
  • Goggle clip to keep it on the eye side
  • Removable plush earmuffs for protection and warmth, a pocket to keep headphones


  • The fittings and quality of the helmet meet my anticipation
  • Instead of having bulk, the helmet is very lightweight and contented for skiing.
  • The Matte River Rock is gray, not so blue shown in the picture


  • Not well fitted and suitable for every people

>>Check Price of Traverse Dirus Ski Helmet<<


Lucky Bums Snow Sports Helmet

Lucky Bums Snow Sports Helmet

The Lucky Bums Snow Sports Helmet has all the things that you like to get from the helmet.

It is durable, comfortable, stylish and functional. It has two protective layers, goggle loop, a padded chin strap.

Open the box, and you will get your desired size and color. The helmet has two reinforced layers. Its external caps are made from strong ABS material that is covered by a supporting EPS outer shell for extra protection.

The helmet has EN1077 standards and has got CE certificate. Inside the helmet, you will get ear padding and internal fabric having antibacterial and hypoallergenic while the EPS inner shell characteristics multiport of mesh screen to save from snow build up or airflow.

Besides, it is hypoallergenic and vented so that you can wear it all the day. It’s integrated goggle loop, and chin strap gives more comfort.

It has different four sizes, and each size has a micro-adjustable strap to save the riders anytime.

Features of Lucky Bums Snow Sports Helmet

  • ABS and EPS construction which meets EN 1077 standard
  • Comfortable along with adjustable size and fit
  • Lifetime warranty and durable
  • Have more features, and you can enjoy all the day
  • Ensures all around protection for all snow sports needs


  • Great looking and wonderful color ( like XL size as my head is not very large)
  • Sit on my head very well and the right fit
  • Keeps the goggles in place and may not slip as I keep them on the helmet
  • Excellent and secure goggles chip in the back
  • Reasonable price


  • The Tie-wheel of the helmet at the backside pressing on my neck somewhat and is sticking. I am not sure it is noticeable on the track.

>>Check Price of Lucky Bums Snow Sports Helmet<<


Smith Optics Holt Snow Sports Helmet

Smith Optics Holt Snow Sports Helmet

All hot weather helmet, the innovative from the active sports gear maker Smith Optics may be customized with having convertible pad kit to preserve the lid warm on the winter slopes and keep cool in summer skate park.

Moisture and temperature management, for goggles and helmet, is the most important feature of the helmet for which you can enjoy all the day.

The Smith Optic’s Dual Regulator ventilation works for all-time comfort. The helmet gives cool support for your body when it is essential.

It does not create ice cream headache for having cold air over the forehead. The helmet keeps your goggles clear and makes the head dry. The system is fruitful when pairing a Smith helmet along with Smith goggle.

Impact resistant and Smith-renowned Bombshell construction use an injection molded ABS to ensure longevity against dings and dents, of course, ensure more protection for the head.

There is an optional Skullcandy Audio system with the helmet so you can listen to your favorite song at the time of driving or half pipe walls

Features of Smith Optics Holt Snow Sports Helmet

  • The innovative and all-weather helmet may be customized having convertible pad kit to keep the head cool in summer’s day
  • Dual Regulator ventilation feature keeps control over a rear and front section of exhausting heat and venting by rear vents during maintaining the sealed front
  • AirEvac system removes warm, and maximum airflow, fog-causing air via air channels made helmet keeps the body dry and goggles clear.


  • Convertible Pad Kit added for year-round use
  • Earpads and bombshell construction
  • Alternative goggles lock
  • Moisture and temperature management


  • The quality of the elements are not very strong but well adjustable

>>Check Price of Smith Optics Holt Snow Sports Helmet<<


Giro Surface-S Snow Helmet

Giro Surface-S Snow Helmet

The Giro is the more expensive version of Seam Helmet stated earlier. The surface is like the skater-inspired helmet and has snowboarder favor.

The surface is made with the budget price. For this, there is no lack of features or standard.

Like some other more expensive helmet, the Giro Seam has a dial lock. With the turn of the dial, you may get a comfortable fit. It is very useful if you like to wear a headliner for comfort and extra warmth.

The helmet is made of quality hardshell construction. So confidently you may wear this helmet.

It is perfect for you. The MIPS technology indicates that the helmet will give full protection.

Features of Giro Surface-S Snow Helmet

  • compliance : ASTM F 2040/ CE EN 1077
  • six super cool vents along with Mesh covers
  • shell construction is very hard
  • adjustable with the all aftermarket TuneUps system
  • 3 sizes are common M(55.5-59cm), L (59-62.5cm) and S(52-55.5cm)


  • Well adjusting
  • Major foam cushioning is 1 1/2 inches within the shell of the helmet.
  • Keep ears warm
  • It may save your life if you hit your head hard enough


  • The helmet looks very wonderful as it has more foam insulation

>>Check Price of Giro Surface-S Snow Helmet <<

Smith Optics Unisex Adult Vantage Snow Sports Helmet

Smith Sports Optics adjusts the super performance goggles, sunglasses, and helmets. Besides, Smith innovations add the patented Regulator lens ventilation.

The Smith aims at active people who are more serious in the hottest sports like mountain biking, surfing, freestyle skiing and snowboarding. It is very trendy, and fashion conscious people love it very much.

Smith Sports Optics can adjust well the top graded sunglasses, goggles and helmets. The manufacturers know it well that conscious people like hottest sports such as snowboarding, skiing, surfing and mountain biking. Besides fashion, conscious people have a strong sense of personality so the love it friendly.

The Vantage is made from the hardcore and demanding the topmost in everything. Applying Aerocore construction which features Koroyd maximizes total coverage protection and develops airflow. For ensuring a custom fit, the Vantage gives the Boa FS360 fitting system with a 360. Adjust all these things with Smith pioneered AirEvac technology for adjusting goggles and the Vantage gives the perfect blend of style and technology.

Features of Smith Optics Unisex Adult Vantage Snow Sports Helmet

  • AirEvac Two ventilation
  • Outside Tech audio systems
  • Alterable Ultra light goggle lock
  • Buckle Closure
  • Low profile dual controller changeable climate control


  • Super field of vision
  • Options for headphones near the ear muffs
  • Highly customizable and breathable vents
  • comfortable


  • The price is bit higher, but you are paying for quality as well as security
  • Not very stylish like other brands

>>Check Price of Smith Optics Unisex Adult Vantage Snow Sports Helmet<<


Giro Seam Snow Helmet

The innovative Stack Vent adds Thermostat vent System to disperse more heat for more comfort for different conditions and situations. Add this fit which is ever made; the Seam becomes a super weapon for all types of mountain attack.

Features of Giro Seam Snow Helmet

  • X-Static Anti-Bacterial padding in Mold construction
  • Compliances: ASTM F 2040/ CE EN 1077
  • companionable with all market TuneUps systems
  • 12 wonderful cool vents along with Thermostat Control Plus Stack Vent


  • The vents resist overheating
  • Very soft cushion and ear muffs on the side of the helmets
  • The fitting helmet is not a problem
  • Saves head


  • If the earmuffs on, I feel my hearing is less severe.

>>Check Price of Giro Seam Snow Helmet<<

Everything you need to know about buying a ski helmet

Ski / Snowboard Helmet Components

It is true that running shoe is different from hiking boots. Similarly, snow helmet is dissimilar from skateboard or bike helmet.

There are lots of features with a snowboard or ski helmets. It comes with ear coverage, temperature sensitive materials, and moisture wicking liners.

Shell: Shell is the outer part of a helmet. It is a very rigid surface which saves you from sharp objects, abrasions, and knocks.

This part of helmet spreads impact energy to a greater extends. It also decreases the possibility of injuries.

So the outer layer of the helmet must be well constructed. More importance should be imposed on it.

Inner liner: The internal liner is made of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam. All materials are same as Styrofoam.

The liner is made to endure absorb impact. Its foam may get compressed when you face hard falling.

You aren’t ready to face such type of accident. A helmet must be replaced or destroyed after a severe fall.

Ski / Snowboard Helmet Construction

In-mold helmets: Here the shield and shock absorbing foam add together to make mold helmets. These helmets are very smooth and lighter than the injection-molded helmets.

Injection-molded helmets: Here the EPS foam bond is applied to separate shell.

This helmet is the composition of high collision ABS plastic. This helmet lasts longer against every day falls and knocks to in-mold helmets.

Some helmets come with liners and ear pads to ensure modifiable warmth.

Ski / Snowboard Helmet Sizing and Fit

Buy a helmet from the lock REI stores. You have to choose the comfortable one. The helmet stays comfortably on your head. Besides, it has to fit well on your head to ensure most safety.

Take a measuring tape and measure your head by placing it above the ear and about one inch over your eyebrows. It is wise to buy a helmet from local REI store.

Measure the longest piece of your body to be sure of the head circumstance.

There are different sizes of helmets in the chart. You can choose your desired size from the lists.

Checking the fit:  A helmet must be comfortable. If you get the helmet rock forth and back, be sure it’s very loose.

Quiver your helmet side by side. If you get it shifts, you should buy a smaller one.

Adjust the right size and use chunky sizing pads. Press the back and front edges. When you get it moves, tighten the straps.

Be sure that your helmet fits well to the summit of the goggles. There shouldn’t keep any gap between the helmet and the pinnacle of the goggles. If the helmet is very low, it presses down the goggles and obstructs vision.

You have to keep the helmet low enough to save your forehead to the front.

Additionally, you need to keep the helmet at least one inch over the eyebrow. Lastly, make it sure that there is no gap between helmet and your head.

Note: Some models come with sizing pads with a fine tune to fit the helmet well.

Chinstrap/buckle: The chinstrap must set well on your throat. It will reduce the change of injury when you face an accident.

The strap must fit snugly. There should more rooms to chew foods without feeling pinched or choked. Fasten the strap always before start riding.

Safest ski helmet

Speaking of safety, you like to be sure that the Ski helmet complies with ASTM F2040 that is the American safety certification for snow helmet used for non-motorized sports. Some helmets have got CE EN1077 certificate meaning that they have fulfilled the safety standard of Europe.

Helmet that has fulfilled any one of the two certifications is considered to be the safest helmet. Customers can easily buy this helmet. This is the view of REI that neither certification is thought superior to other.

The biggest difference is that the European test adds spiky object instruction where an indicated metal spine is dropped on the helmet. You may face other certification that is Snell RS-98.

Finally, most of the helmet manufacturers apply ASTM standard as this is very expensive to have a Snell certification. Besides that, the Snell certified helmets are heavier and bulkier.

The Types of Helmets Available

We like to make the narrow field for the customers to select the helmets. So we divided the snowboard and ski helmets into three major categories.

We have not made any distinction between snowboarding and skiing. The major designed is made to thing over fit and comfort or protection.

ski helmet reviews

The main difference is for the two sports styles. The main difference between the first two categories is the construction of the helmet.

The market has produced the equal quality of these two types of helmets. The fabrics are warm. The helmet covers the ears and draft blocking. The third type of helmet is the racing type of helmet.

Injection Molded

The injection molded helmet is made of a thin polycarbonate shell filled thoroughly and uniformly along with polystyrene.

The helmet is lighter, expensive, molded closer and more vents than the hardshell helmet.

This type of helmets is Smith Vintage, Smith Variance, Giro Montane, Giro Seam, etc.


Hardshell helmets are not very expensive, monolithic shapes, slightly heavier and mainly come in extended rounded.

The helmets are made from hard ABS shell with the EPS foam bonded to the inside. It is proved that the helmet has the POC Receptor BUG and the Bern Baker HardHat.

Specialized Helmets

Now in the market, this type of helmet is made or constructed with great attention to upgraded methods.

It covers the ears or face of the users and gives full protection. For the recreational snowboarders or skiers, the helmet increases expense and lessen comfort may not justify the extended protection.

How to Fit a Ski Helmet

ski helmet reviews

A ski helmet covers the forehead, finishing just over the eyebrows and goggles. Most of the ski helmets have fine adjustment system aid you to fit it well. Fit the helmet well. It must be comfortable as well.

Finally, you need to adjust the chin strap so that it may fit well under your chin.

Be sure the helmet is fit well. When you shake your head, it will not budge. Keep your palm on the external part of the helmet and press helmet side to side.

The helmet would not shift on its own. If it happens, the helmet is big. You are likely to get a comfortable and snug helmet for yourself.

Ski Helmet Sizing

Accurate fitting is important for the ski helmet as it is an important factor at the time of buying it.

A good or well-fitting is great for the safety of the slope. It is also great for ensuring comfort for the riders. A helmet should be well covered and a snug fit.

The measurement system of the helmet is centimeters- the area of your total head.

To measure the circumstance uses a tape about one inch/ 2.5 cm over the eyebrows or ears.

Do not take a tape measurement. Use a piece of twist and enclose it around your head to measure the perfect size of your head.

Final Verdict

Choosing the right one is a difficult task. But if you start from the basic wisely, there is no way to go wrong. You must start from the basics.

Get a helmet which fits well on your head. It must be well fitted from all angles. You have to give importance to the ventilation system of the helmet.

Besides, you must give importance on the setting of goggles by wearing a helmet. After all, you should choose a right one for your need.

Choose a helmet that is well fit and comfortable. It will ensure more ventilation and adequate warmth.

It has a good system to place it in the right place and secure fit. Using goggles may not be a problem at all. The main difference is the ventilation system and its style.

Best Dirt Bike Helmet Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

We have examined lots of top helmets and finally given superiority to the dirt bike helmet. The helmet will fulfill your need within the budget.

It gives excellent ventilation for the users and has extra firm fitment. The helmet is securely fit and gives more protection at the time of wearing it.

The dirt bike is different from other full faced helmets in the market for street riding as it has lightweight design and well versatility. Moreover, it offers a chance to use goggles freely while riding.

The helmet has stylish design and sleek. It has safety certificate offered by the helmet company.

Your competitor is sure that it has awesome aerodynamic and a serious adversary and sporting killer design.

Best Dirt Bike Helmet 2018 – Comparison Chart

Product ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
TMS Adult Flat Matte Black Motocross Dirt BikeCheck Price
TCMT Dot Youth & Kids Motocross Offroad Street HelmetCheck Price
Adult Offroad Helmet Goggles Gloves Gear Combo DOT MotocrossCheck Price
,XFMT Youth Kids Motocross Offroad Bike HelmetCheck Now
Bell Unisex-Adult Off-Road HelmetCheck Now
TMS Adult Flat Matte Black Motocross Dirt Bike HelmetCheck Now

Why Dirt Biking

Dirt biking is kind of sport for really adventurous. The helmet imbibes the instinct for doing something which sets you freer.

It has some serious features with the helmet that you will get if you use the Helmet.

Focused, precise hands eye condition and razor-sharp reflexes confirm to get all your successes.

So having these features, you have cut off all the distractions. At the time of riding, you need not think about the safety or protection.

It has made with strong impact capacity. You should not go off track except wearing this helmet. If you do it, the face may be the canvas to lots of dental abuse.

Use dirt bike helmets and then you will be able to know the characteristics of it. Take a chance to use this dirt bike helmet to ensure your safety.

Best Dirt Bike Helmet Reviews 2018


TMS Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet

TMS Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet

Do you like to buy this helmet? Before taking a decision, measure your head. You may use a cloth tape or a metal tape to measure the size of the head.

If possible, take help from the helper to take the accurate measurement of the head. You need to take the measuring from an inch above of your eyebrows.

Or you can do so from the best possible area to measure it accurately. Then see the chart to know the accurate size of the helmet for your size.

There are lots of helmet of this band. Selecting the best one is the matter, buying a helmet is not matter at all.

Features of TMS Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet

  • Dot approved and has beautiful finish Gloss UV protective
  • Washable and removable padding: vented well for off-road riding
  • Has durable composite shell and long lasting
  • very comfortable interior and heavily cushioned


  • Got DOT approval seal on it
  • The matte black seems very crisp
  • Super cool looking helmet
  • Truly set apart from these generic colored swirls over a priced helmet


  • The size is somewhat large


>>Check Price of TMS Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet <<


TCMT Motocross Offroad Motorcycle Helmet

TCMT Motocross Offroad Motorcycle Helmet

The helmet is made of hard, durable plastic and comes with a drawstring bag. It is sturdy well. Inside the helmet, there is thick padding as you may notice in the picture.

It fits well over my eight and nine years little grandsons. My height is 5.4 inch, and the size of my head is small. It sets well; you may see the picture.

The visors lift up and do not remain its place all the up. It may slip back down slightly. The goggle is sturdy enough as like the glove.

The glove is fit for a child aged seven to ten depending on the size of the hand.

All are made well, and the price is comparatively low. It is materialistically same to the boy’s baseball gloves if it helps.

Features of TCMT Motocross Offroad Motorcycle Helmet

  • The weight is light, UV protective shield and made with great care
  • Well, the ventilation system is fit for using both in winter or summer season.
  • Flip up modular helmet and sleek modular design


  • Take a measuring tape to measure the size of the head
  • The widest measurement will be the size of the helmet


  • Not fit for all ages people

>>Check Price of TCMT Motocross Offroad Motorcycle Helmet<<


Goggles Gloves Gear Combo DOT Motocross ATV Dirt Bike Helmet

Goggles Gloves Gear Combo DOT Motocross ATV Dirt Bike Helmet

The wonderful quality helmets come within a package. There are gloves, goggles.

The helmet is loaded with many features like a machine washable liner, removable liner, certificate of DOT approval to give security, a well vented sculpted shell, and some others things.

The helmet is a great choice for the people who like to buy the best helmet with reasonable price.

The only disadvantage of this type of helmet is that the goggles may fog easily. You have the option to put defogger over its goggles.

Features of Goggles Motocross ATV Dirt Bike Helmet

  • Goggles and gloves included. There are lots of features
  • Has met and fulfilled the DOT standard
  • Washable and removable liner
  • The helmet is great for people to like to get a high-quality helmet, ATV helmet package, off on road, and the price is low


  • Liner normally removable and machine washable
  • Three-point sun visor
  • Channel vents, intake vents, and exhaust vent permit air flow
  • Usual chin strap D-ring closure as well as strap keeper


  • The helmet is price friendly compared with the other helmets in the market

>>Check Price of Goggles Motocross ATV Dirt Bike Helmet<<

XFMT Youth Kids Motocross Offroad Street Dirt Bike Helmet

XFMT Youth Kids Motocross Offroad Street Dirt Bike Helmet

The designers have given more importance to create such type of special helmet. This helmet is feminine but cool and edgy. The experts have added sharp edges with curves to make an uncommon design. Thus Atv Mx Helmet is very beautiful to look at. This helmet comes with a white background.

Moreover, it comes with a silver zigzag along with pink flowers. On the back, there is a darker pink butterfly. Though the helmet is covered with mud, it will permit your daughter to notice girly.

Atv Mx Helmet is a great helmet for the girls who like to use a helmet at the time of riding a bike. It is lightweight and extremely long lasting. This helmet comes with a UV protective finish. There are lots of air vents with the helmet.

So it is a super helmet for winter and summer riding. The inside of the helmet is well padded. You will feel more comfortable if you use it. The lining of the helmet includes neck pads and check. One can remove and clean it easily.


  • Measurement of the head: Large: 20.9 / 21.2 Inches; Medium:20.1 / 20.5 Inches and Small:19.2 / 19.7 Inches.
  • Beautiful and great UV protective finish, long lasting and lightweight.
  • Inside the package, there is 1x Goggles, 1x Helmet, 1xHelmet Bag, 1 Pair Gloves.
  • Well vented, comfortable inside and heavily cushioned. Great for off riding experience.
  • Smooth modular design and flip-up modular helmets


  • Washable and removable padding
  • Super vented for use in winter and summer riding


  • Nothing

>>Check Price Now!<<


Bell Unisex-Adult Off-Road Helmet

Bell Unisex-Adult Off-Road Helmet

The shell of this helmet is made from an injected polymer composite compound. It gives superior crash fortification.

The Bell MX—9 Adventure is accustomed to an integrated face shield as well as damp wicking liner. This is washable and removable also.

The Bell MX-9 Adventure comes with velocity flow ventilation ports to ensure perfect fitting.

You will get a padded jaw strap added with D ring closure. Besides an EPS-lined chin bar, you will get with mouth vent.



  • Washable or removable air channeled comfort liner, comfort moisture wicking, and velocity flow ventilation method for cooling.
  • EPS sizes for a personalized fit added face shield and lightweight injected polymer composite 3 shells.
  • EPS-lined chin bar added with vent padded chin strap along with strap keeper and D-ring closure
  • Industry gives 5 years warranty.


  • Washable and removable inner liner
  • Have got DOT certificate
  • Well ventilation system
  • The removable and integrated face shield
  • Super finish and well fitting
  • Wider viewing field offers immense visibility


  • XL size helmet is somewhat larger
  • Wind noise is obvious with higher speeds.

>>Check Price Now!<<


TMS Adult Flat Matte Black Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet

TMS Adult Flat Matte Black Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet

We have tested many helmets. We got that the TMS Motocross Helmet is weighty than the Bell dirt bike helmet.

The weight is 3.8 pounds. It has got DOT certificate. Besides, the helmet is finished off long duration composite shell and a nice UV protective finish.

The TMS Motocross Helmet comes with padded interior and heavily cushioned. Another addition is that it has washable and removable inner liner.

The most attractive feature of the helmet is that it comes with ventilation ports. These ventilation ports keep you comfy and cool even you ride on it in humid or hot weather.

All the parts of the TMS Dirt bike are well made. But the plastic visor is somewhat exceptional which is made of screws. This makes visor setting bit fragile. There are many reports that the visor doesn’t fit well.

Suppose you desire to buy a DOT certified helmet at the cheapest price. It is sure that TMS helmet will remain on the summit of your catalog.


  • Long durable composite shell
  • Pads are comfortable and heavily cushioned
  • DOT approved and nice Gloss UV protective finish
  • Well vented for all purposes
  • Hat size: 7 3/8 – 7 1/2 Large size: 23″ – 23 1/2″;


  • Attractive finish and inspiring fitting
  • Price friendly
  • Integrated airing ports
  • Secured DOT certificate for ensuring safety
  • Detachable and washable internal liner.


  • The helmet is heavier than the normal helmets
  • A visor is fragile.

>>Check Price Now!<<

Why Would You Need A Dirt Bike/Motocross Helmet?

One should give more importance to safety first. A helmet is the very important safety thing for the riders. There are some other important elements such as boots, gloves, goggles, and kneecaps. Needless to say, the helmet is the most safety gear than the other things.

Moreover, your helmets should adjust well to ensure safety. When you wear a right size helmet, there is less possibility of being injured. You have to take all the necessary precaution to remain away from injuries.

You need to fit the helmet well on your head. It mustn’t be very loose or very tight. Comfort comes in your first consideration. A well fitting is essential to wear a helmet. You have to consider other things as well.

Keep in mind that after wearing a helmet, you must hear and see perfectly. If you don’t hear and listen well, this helmet is not perfect for your head. You can see the videos to know how hard a dirt helmet is!

See the video below to know more how hard the dirt helmet is. An experiment has been done by Zombie Go Boom in YouTube Channel that a zombie invades a dirt biker.

Now you will understand why you desire to get a dirt bike helmet for your use.

The government has given the marginal measurement for the safety of the people. Some people go for off-roading to ensure safety.

To confirm minimum safety the Department of Transportation (DOT), it has added a sticker posted on the back of the helmet.

The sticker implies that the helmet is made carefully to ensure security. Therefore you have to purchase a helmet that brings this sticker on the back for your safety.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) measures the safety of the helmet and finally gives a safety mark on it.

We know well that many serious accidents take away the livers of the users. Sometimes it paralyzes a user’s life as people are not using security gears.

We see many accidents happening everyday and everywhere. Misfortune is a must. We cannot resist it at all. But we can save our life if we take proper steps or safety equipment.

Things To Consider While Buying Dirt Bike/Motocross Helmet

You have lots of things to consider before buying a helmet. If you get all things into your consideration then you will get a right size helmet. A good helmet lessens injuries. Before buying a helmet, you must bring the following things under your consideration.

It must fit you

At first, you have to buy a helmet that fits well on your head. It must be of perfect size also. You shouldn’t buy a very loose or very tight helmet. Your helmet must move easily if you stir your head. Calculate your head accurately to get a good helmet.

Measurement is the precondition of getting an accurate size helmet. There are lots of other things to consider. But it is perhaps the most important thing to buy an accurate helmet.


Well, the price of the dirt bike helmets is a bit more than the usual helmets. So you have to fix your budget first. But you shouldn’t compromise with the safety of your limited budget. There are some high-end helmets which cost most.

At the same time, there are some helmets which you obtain within your budget with fewer safety features. Buy a helmet within your budget. At the same time, it must give you safety as well. As you’re a rider, you have to consider your safety first then all other things.


Another important thing you should notice with great attention that is the heaviness of the helmet. A helmet is made of many components. These things are responsible for the weight of the helmet. If the helmet is heavier, it is safer.

Therefore a weighty helmet is a wonderful thing to add more safety. But remember that a helmet shouldn’t be very heavy or very light to endanger your security.

Air Vents

You need to give importance to the proper ventilation of the helmet. If the helmet has proper ventilation, you will feel better. The helmet will seem lightweight to you.

At the same time, proper ventilation keeps you cool at the time of riding a bike. Therefore this is better to see it very carefully before buying a helmet.

If you aren’t careful about this, you head will be heated quickly and sweaty as well. This situation reduces your stamina and may perplex you at the time of riding a bike.

Dirt Bike Helmet Maintenance

The beginners of helmet users face many problems to clean it. Their relatives suggest them to maintain helmet in different ways. A helmet uses should overcome unfavorable things related to helmet maintenance and cleaning. One has to follow the next things need to be taken care of the dirt bike helmet.

  • You can use a mild soap to rinse the helmet’s liner
  • Take a towel and soak it in warm water to untie bug guts.
  • Use a scratch-free microfiber towel to rinse the helmet.
  • Apply automatic buff on the shell situated on the polish helmet.
  • Air dry helmet and liner
  • Clean out vents and joints by applying cotton swabs
  • Wear a liner to save the liner from sweat and body oils.
  • Apply minimum pressure to rinse gloss and visors shells
  • Save a helmet by the automotive polish coat
  • Lubricate all the moving parts of the helmet

Things to Avoid for Properly Maintaining the Helmet

Sometimes you may rub or scrub the shell or visor of the dirt bike helmet for removing the obstinate bug guts.

Normally you don’t like to reduce the existence of the helmet. So you must avoid this practice. You are forbidden to use any petroleum concentrate for rinsing the helmet.

It is wise not to utilize glass cleaner over the visor. If you apply hard soap such as dish soap, the superiority of the helmet may reduce with the passage of time.

You should never use a dry sheet to freshen the helmet. There is a chance to have got a negative result if you apply soap with textile softener to rinse the liner. You can hope better service only if you take proper care of it.

Dirt Bike Helmet Cleaning

Clean Inside And Outside Of The Helmet

You can know other procedures to maintain and clean the dirt bike helmet’s outside and inside. There are 2 ways of cleaning the inside of the helmet. The names of these two options are a removable liner and non-removable liner.

If you see the helmet has a removable liner, you may pull it out along with the check pad. After that, use a mild cleanser to clean it in the kitchen sink.  You can keep it inside washing machine or inside a washing bag to clean it in the soft cycle under 30 degrees. You need to hang it out to air dry if you complete washing.

Simple Steps To Follow For Cleaning The Helmet

As you are a dirt bike helmet user, you should be conscious of the maintenance and cleanliness of the helmet. You have to take care it regularly. Proper management can keep the helmet in a good condition. You may use mild soap or grease to clean the helmet. Mild soap or grease remover can soften the grease of the helmet and let it go at last.

Remove Every Detachable Item

If you like to remove all the equipment of the helmet to clean or maintain properly, you have to do it very carefully. Suppose, you need to remove breath guard, visor and check pads one after another from your helmet.

Take a Shampoo

Take some shampoo and mix it with water in a dish to make a solution. When you have finished it, you can use it directly. Use this solution to clean your helmet. Finally, clean it with clean water. Don’t use hot water to clean a helmet. This may cause damage to your helmet.

Rinse the Helmet

Finally, you have to wash the whole helmet with lukewarm water. Some suggest you keep the helmet on the shampoo or water-based cleaning solution. You must avoid such notion as you don’t like to scrub or dip helmet into contaminated water. You may submerge the helmet in and drench which it in cleanliness. Message the lining with care and rinse out the shampoo and finally pat dry the outer part.

Final Words

There are lots of good quality of helmets on the market. You are in confusion to choose the best one. I think this helmet will satisfy you.

best dirt bike helmet

Among them, you can select the best one for your need. We have done lots of research and finally made this one. It is fit for the skilled riders. We have mentioned features, price, and safety standard to satisfy the customers.

Our motto is to make the best helmet. We would not suggest you break your bank if you like to use the helmet for a long time.

We suggest you spend extra money for some other purposes with buying this helmet and enjoy the sport greatly.


You May Like The Video On Best Dirt Bike Helmet

The Best Kask Helmet Reviews – Useful Buyer’s Guide

The fitting of this helmet is excellent. The shape and size of the helmet are very appealing to the people. You will get enough adjustment at the rear to feel comfortable.

The adding of a leather strap is a fine touch to make this very comfortable around the chin. It comes with 3 way clasp. The rubber pad of the helmet is given in such a way that it fits well on every head.

Kask is a famous company to make the track helmets. It presently releases a new helmet named Rex.

It is just like an urgent helmet- the rear is extended more to the down and gives more protection.

The Octo Fit retention has good height adjustment, for this truly cradles the back side of the head. The helmet does not move without chin strap buckled up.

There is a clip on the back of the helmet for a goggle strap just like the present trail helmets.

You may park goggles under the peak. But the pick is the worst thing about this helmet. It has two positions, and it is adjustable. The first one is very low and the second one is very high.

The webbing straps adjust snugly around the ear. The Eco chin strap is prepared from soft leather. Cool max, Plush, gel pads and internal padding lessen hot spots, though absorbing sweat.

I would not like to say venting generally, but 325 gram Rex is through a competitive weight. Many prove on helmets are here.

Kask Helmet Reviews 2018 – Comparison Chart

Product ImageProduct NameShipping WeightDimensionEditor's RatingPrice
Kask Rapido Road Cycling Helmet50 poundsCheck Price
Kask Mojito Helmet1.6 pounds14 x 10 x 8 inchesCheck Price
Kask Vertigo 2.0 Helmet1.6 pounds14 x 10 x 8 inchesCheck Price
Kask Mojito Helmet White1.5 pounds13 x 9 x 8 inchesCheck Price

What Type Of Helmet Is It?

This is a normal road helmet. It means that it is not one of the teardrop shaped time trial helmets.

Nor this is not aero road helmet. I have used it and found it is more comfortable.

The helmet has vents spreading across to distribute heat all around to keep weight down.

I have to bear and grin the effect of the performance because turbulence over each of these vents is increasing drag.

As the helmet is road helmet, you like to get plastic visor front edge of the helmet; you have reached to the wrong saloon.

The Best Kask Helmet Reviews 2018


Kask Rapido Road Cycling Helmet

Kask Rapido Road Cycling Helmet

Redefine your expectation as an early road rider; the KASK Rapido is very light and well-made helmet with affordable price.

The weight of the helmet is 224 grams. People who are weight conscious like to use the KASK Rapido helmet.

It follows the footsteps of KASK Mojito and the KASK Vertigo giving sleek as well as subtle style, except the bulky outlook of some other helmets that boost the feeling of weightlessness.

The Rapido has retention system which allows you to up and down adjustment and tension around your head via the simple to use adjustment dial situated to the rear of the helmet.

The pivot procedure or system helps you to keep the re-tension system in the right position.

Under the occipital bone, well cradling the head for ensuring you are feeling comfortable.

Features of Kask Rapido Road Cycling Helmet

  • It has MIT technology, gives more comprehensive protection and better safety for having polycarbonate layer which wraps on the top shell, back of helmet and base ring
  • Added polystyrene shell optimizes crash impacts
  • In-molding technology adds EPS foam core with the outer polycarbonate shell to conform well shock absorption.


  • The rear ratcheting system gives security for head more and is top notch
  • The helmet is great for those who like to maintain well budget
  • The shape is rationalized. It avoids the mushroom effect same as Giro seems to have
  • The buckle and straps are heavy duty standard


  • Fit for everyone
  • Not glass friendly

>>Check Price of Kask Rapido Road Cycling Helmet<<


Kask Mojito Helmet

Kask Mojito Helmet

The Kash Mojito provides enough safety. The helmet has up to N down double pivot fitting system to fit well over the head.

It meets the MIT safety standard and reinforces with mold construction.

It is comfortable and crash proof. Made with hundred percent Italian styles, the helmet will protect your head. It is made with mold in the building.

The KASH Mojito has met MIT technology and rang the rear of the helmet and covered the cap, gives full protection.

The new in molding system adds with inner polystyrene cap to the MIT polycarbonate one, gives more shock absorption.

Features of Kask Mojito Helmet

  • Simple to clean after long riding
  • Mold composite construction
  • Hundred percent made in Italy
  • Back of the helmet enhances visibility to motorists
  • Leatherette chin strap is hypoallergenic
  • Reflective stickers


  • Very simple to clean it
  • The things possess more plastic cladding foam to the rear; the projections are not as sharp. The adjustment system: it is different from my previous helmet.


  • Has no well color combination

>>Check Price of Kask Mojito Helmet<<


Kask Vertigo 2.0 Helmet     

Kask Vertigo 2.0 Helmet

Kask’s Vertigo 2.o helmet is good to look at. We have to go out of the area first as everything is just equal.

We desire to have a wonderful helmet. But it has more to the vertigo 2.o instead of a pretty face.

EPS foam makes splendid protection to the internal skeleton, gives the helmet a fine structure.

The helmet keeps the helmet from shattering to pieces on impact. Meaning that you will remain fresh or protective at the time of the crash.

So think about helmets having all the necessary features. The top is Kash’s Up and Down adjustment that secures the helmet to the base of cranium instead of sitting atop the helmet.

It has Eco- leather strap that is non-abrasive, hypoallergenic. Inside the helmet, there is washable and removable Coolmax pad or pads.

Features of Kask Vertigo 2.0 Helmet

  • Impact Foam: in-mold polystyrene
  • Shell Material: Polycarbonate
  • Fit Adjustment: Up & Down


  • The chin strap system is superior, and the Kask is looking good compared to other helmets in the market
  • Engraved with the EPS foam which makes up the vastness of the helmet’s safety issues.


  • The chin strap is much far forward where it added to the helmet

>>Check Price of Kask Vertigo 2.0 Helmet<<

Kask Mojito Helmet White

Kask Mojito Helmet White

Aggressive, lightweight and small. The novelty of the house Kask is known as Mojito. Compact 26 air vents and 220g confirms maximum breathability. You will get the super quality of the KASK in workmanship and styling which are vivid in its overall finishing and attention for every feature.

Especially the helmet incorporates an uncommon hinged adjustment system which permits for both up/down adjustment and size. It will give a cradle like feeling for the babies. The helmet size may be adjusted by the dial or with the finger push system.

The system is featured with many things like non-stick pads, well ventilated. All things work together and give the helmet a well fit and ensure more security which is not found in other helmets.

Unsurpassed ventilation is not using 26 big vents that do not compromise security or aerodynamic qualities of the helmet. The interior pads aid to draw perspiration away from the head.

The pads are possible to remove and simple to wash. The helmet has a nylon thermo fixed straps to ensure security as well as quick release buckle.

Reflecting stickers off the back of the helmet ensures superb visibility in the night.

Features of Kask Mojito Helmet White

  • When lots of companies are moving forward to make subtle rounded designs, Kask draws from the pro issue Vertigo to make a helmet which turns heads to hundred percent Italian styles.
  • The Mojito is manufactured with an In-mold structure applying expanded polystyrene to lessen force on the head.
  • The fit model is Kask’s Up-N-Down ratchet adjustment which permits the helmet to take place under the occipital bone to ensure comfort and fit.
  • The liner is made with a non-slip gel to give surety that the helmet may not slide when you move your head around
  • 26 air vents give you a chance to move freely, and aid pull perspiration away from your head to keep it cool


  • Under the sun no chance to be heated
  • Simple cleaning
  • Materials are very good


  • No cons at all

>>Check Price Now <<

kask mojito vs protone

Mojito – “All-rounder”

The weight of the medium Mojito is only 220 grams. It has 22 vents which are great to keep the user’s head cool same as the Rapido. The helmet sits low on the head. Therefore you never feel that your heads expect to overbalance to 1 side. Rapido comes with extra padding on this Mojito model. It brings the helmet down to the head for a comfortable fit. You can control it by using a dial added to the back of the helmet.

The straps obey the industry norm strictly, where 2 separate straps threads are added inside an adjustable clip. KASK steps it up well by adding a soft leather strap that surely adds an element of comfort on the normal Nylon type strip.

The inside of the helmet is well padded. So the helmet is comfortable enough. At first, the helmet is designed for road use. I don’t feel problem using it on the mountain biking.

Form the design viewpoint, this helmet is perfect. I am bit hopeless as I desired to get more flair. Good news is that it doesn’t affect the performance at all. I have got less comfortable with it by comparing it with the Proton appraised beneath.

We can say that this model will fit for the serious riders. Moreover, you should not break the bank to purchase this helmet. It will fulfill dual purposes on the road and MTB.

Protone – “Balanced Comfort”

I have examined the last 3 helmets very carefully. Albeit is the first one which drew my attention most. I was waiting eagerly to use it on my head and out on the road.

The weight of the medium Protone is 230 grams. But when I use it on my head, it weighs nothing. I would like to use this great thing on the odd occasion also. The case behind it is small but has a manageable dial to tighten the adjustable pads on the left and right. It pulls beneath the base of the skull for safety. The configuration system of the helmet is very comfortable fit.

Once again this helmet comes with nice padding. It is very soft and sufficient. The padding has a wonderful capacity to absorb sweat streaming into your eyes.

It is a professional level helmet which gives protection and safety. But I would not like to compromise with the Italian design. You will feel no noise though having more vents. Riding experience of the helmet is awesome. You will also feel more aerodynamic as you have low into the drops.

I like the helmet most, no doubt. But the problem is that I want Protone which would not cost more. Moreover, I would like to get a helmet that will ensure safety enough. Additionally, it must be aerodynamics and Bellissimo.

What remains at last for me is the design of the chin strap around the ears. The reason is that about 90% of helmets come with a stock standard Nylon strap. It feeds into an adjuster and carries on beneath the chin. These sometimes get adjusted or twisted themselves resulting in rubbing or beneath the ear.

The Proton comes with a single strap which runs from the front to the back around the base of the ears. It sits well comfortably. Another important feature is that it ensures comfort for the chin strap. The chin is made of soft leather.

Kask Mojito sizing

Tips for choosing a helmet

  1. The first thing you should do is to wear the helmet for few minutes to see if it causes pain or feels well in any meticulous place
  2. If the helmet is secured for the first time, should be comfortable, but must not move
  3. Use it for one time and then observe stimulant movement to justify comfort
  4.  If fasten the strap, buckle must resist the movement of the neck 5. See the models, comfort, and safety and select the models which one you like most.

Final Words

Lastly, one small criticism may be a great issue for you if you use Kask Mojito for one or two.

All of the decals are stickers instead of painted on the helmet. It means that they require superiority touch and are prone to flaking off.

Best Bike Helmets Under 100 – The Ultimate Buyers Guide

The main purpose of cycling helmet is to save rider’s head from serious injuries. Different brands are trying to manufacture best types of helmets. At the time of making a helmet, they give more importance on many issues. At the same time manufactures consider, aerodynamics, breathability and comfort most.

Helmet saves users from the accident. The reputed retailers are selling helmets. Before that, they ensure the standards of the authority.

It seems to be wonderful if the air blows over your hair at the time of riding, it is sure that the helmet is not the way of safety to go. Suppose you have decided to buy a bicycle, you need to keep some money aside to purchase a helmet.

You must have some protection if you like to ride a bike. The helmet might save your life.

The important things are that you have to choose the right one for your need. The reason is that there are lots of helmets on the market.

Among them, you have to select the best one. We suggest you buy the brand or specific helmet that is fit for you.

There are some tips here that will help you to buy the right one. In this way, you can save some money.

Best Bike Helmets Under 100 – Comparison Chart

Product ImageProduct NameShipping WeightEditor's RatingPrice
Gonex Adult Bike Helmet, Cycling Road Mountain Helmet12 ounces Check Price
Premium Quality Airflow Bike Helmet15.7 ouncesCheck Price
Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike Helmet1 poundsCheck Price
Giro Revel Helmet1.6 poundsCheck Price

What are the key features you should look for in a helmet?

Best Bike Helmets Under 100


You must check the helmet before you like to buy the helmet.  The helmet has got impact Certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The seal of approval of the helmet is a good sign that it is safe to use. The value of the helmet is varied wildly and depends on the components used to make the helmet.

Once again, you would like to ride a bike and how often it does not matter; you should give more importance to some factors. You are a regular cyclist; you should choose a solid and sturdy helmet which gives the best protection for you to the topmost level.

Buy a helmet leaving the sticker of CE EN 1078 from Europe. The sticker indicates that the helmet has undergone lots of tests to test the following things like shock absorbing properties, helmet construction, retention system properties, the field of vision, fastening devices and chin strap.

To cycle in some events like sportive, races, and triathlons, the helmet must have some standards and international equivalent.


If the helmet is not fit well, it would not fulfill the desire to make its design. There are various types of helmets in the market according to the size of the heads.

If you measure the head with the tape and buy from online, we suggest you go to a bike store and try it to see the size before you like to buy it.

You like to wear lots of helmets, maybe for more than 5 hours at a time. It must be comfortable that is the most important thing.

It is suggested that you should use different helmets to justify which one is more comfortable or which is the best bike helmet.

Besides you need to consider the fittings of the helmet. Some helmets are made just for women and have more space or gaps inside to keep ponytail, like Specialized Hair Port system. After all, most helmets are well fit and unisex for both men and women.

Adjustment/retention system

The thing is applied to make the helmet for accurate size. They may normally be adjusted with the click wheel or some types of ratchet system.

The best helmet is possible to operate with one hand that is very useful for making a little adjustment to the move.


In the shell of the helmet, you will get whole. They hold two functions to lessen the weight of helmets. It may add ventilation.

Helmets which have no vents are warmer than the other helmets. This will be vivid if you try one in a shop.

If you start one, sweat will be climbing a big hill as it is invaluable especially in the summer seasons.

Best Bike Helmets Under 100


Gonex Adult Bike Helmet, Cycling Road Mountain Helmet

Gonex Adult Bike Helmet, Cycling Road Mountain Helmet

There is a great difference between the Trek and the Gonex helmet. Comfort is the main factor.

The Gonex has a cool feature. I have a large head, and the helmet adds a little comfort.

It fits well on my head. It seems durable, it is lightweight, has cool bright LED light, very comfortable.

On the back, it has multifunctional patterns. Besides, it has modern twist tensioner like some other helmets on the market.

We can not say it is ANSI rated or have an American standard of having crash resistance. I have taken a chance to figure the graphics.

The generic helmet is made in such a way that it will save my head from any serious injury or crash.

I think most helmets come across the seas and are much reframed. You would like to get a stylish and comfortable helmet for riding as ensure this shot.

You will come to a new world if you use this Gonex helmet and the Trek. At first, you need to consider the safety factor.

The Gonex has cool feature of having mesh netting on the side of it and a large head which adds a bit of suspension comfort over your head.

It is durable, lightweight, comfortable, and cool bright LED light with having multi-function patterns on the back.

It is not ANSI rated and had an American standard of having crash resistance. The helmet is constructed well to save the head from sudden crash.

Features of Gonex Adult Bike Helmet, Cycling Road Mountain Helmet

  • Having three modes, Durable LED back awareness light
  • Inner casing: internally molded and EPS high-density foaming
  • The adjustable internal regulator, comfortable cushion lining, sided velvet to ensure shock proof
  • 24 add flow vents to keep the riders cool
  • Housing: matting printing plus high quality
  • The presence of cutting edge is slightly lower at the time of rear helmet to save the forehead
  • The back and the front of the belt need to keep in lower position before ear
  • You have to bring chin belt tightly to keep the helmet its place
  • No cons at all

>>Check Price of Gonex Bike, Cycling Road Mountain Helmet<<

Premium Quality Airflow Bike Helmet

Premium Quality Airflow Bike Helmet

The helmet is light. The plastic mold directly over the cushioning procedures makes for stylish presentation or a sleek.

It has many passes through which is well for more ventilation and keeps the weight more comfortable.

You can use the helmet well for having a removable visor. I love to preserve the visor open I have not seen it is a helmet.

The straps are well adjusted and standard like some other famous helmets. I feel no problem to make it comfortable.

The nape strap to the end of the helmet by a click dial plastic adjustable strap. It is simple to adjust it and keep the helmet in its place.

It is not very sturdy as l like it. The minimalist nature of the helmet keeps its weight downwards and adds more comfort to the helmet.

Besides the chin strap is covered and ensured security by Velcro to regain strap and outside the way.

Features of Premium Quality Airflow Bike Helmet

  • Solid safety layer – superior notch safety characteristics
  • Good ventilation
  • Cutting edge design
  • Breaking innovative patented adjustment system
  • Lightweight design
  • The vents work perfectly to cool head.
  • Has no great color combination

>>Check Price of Premium Quality Airflow Bike Helmet <<

Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike Helmet

 Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike Helmet

Critical Cycles’ New CM1 has covered all your requirements. Whether you are riding VMX, commuting, skating, mountain biking looks more that CM1 will keep you fresh looking and safe.

The model is made to ensure maximum comfort multiple sport and unsurpassed durability.

It captures your uncommon needs and makes the CM1 a perfect helmet as your companion for any outdoor or indoor endeavor.

The helmet has three new sizes and options. Besides, it has two sets of interchangeable pads and gives unsurpassed fit.

Our innovative dew collecting interior padding technology resists sweat right on its track and remove grime as well as odor simultaneously. You may remain free from irritation and stay dry.

Features of Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike Helmet

  • The Critical Cycles helmet saves your head if you ride on skateboards, bikes, scooters or roller skates
  • Select a desired one from motto colors that are great for your use
  • ABS sounds of high-quality EPS foam for giving safety
  • US CPSC is approved and tested: classic skate design helmet having eleven vents to ensure comfort and cool and for custom fit, it has two sets of interchangeable custom fit
  • This is the way to measure helmet for your head. Measures the size of the head
  • Keep the measuring around your head one inch above the forehead, then move all around your head in an even loop.
  • Comfortable enough
  • Adjustment straps function well
  • Have more low profile than the previous one, it is nice
  • Requires different colors

>>Check Price of Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike Helmet <<

Giro Revel Helmet

Giro Revel Helmet

The Solar all is made with the similar comfortable fit like our main shoes. We are giving thanks to a micro-ratcheting and a supple microfiber, low profile buckle which gives precise fit.

The upper part is bonded and welded, have few seams for removing hot spots and ensure comfort.

A supportive EVA footbed along with Aegis antimicrobial treatment is added with the stiff DuPont Zytel nylon outsole to make a powerful platform or create a skilled to remove force to the pedals.

It is number one choice for recreational or enthusiast riders on the road to be a dedicating cyclist.

Features of Giro Revel Helmet

  • Acu-dial Fit system
  • Coverage shell full
  • Reflective rear decal
  • Snap-fit visor having anchor points
  • In-Mold polycarbonate shell having EPS liner
  • Well fit over the head
  • Wonderful padding inside
  • The color is great
  • On the back, there is easily adjustable tightening knob
  • Side straps which go round the ear to clip has some twist in them

>>Check Price of Giro Revel Helmet<<

Proper Care Of The Helmet

Closely inspect your bicycle helmet to notice many things. You have to carefully notice break down of glue, foam pads, and other damage. Besides, you may repair the broken buckles of your helmet. When you desire to replace a helmet, you have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions very carefully.

Everyone desires to get a nice looking helmet. At the time of buying a helmet, you have to determine this factor fast. Whether a helmet is expensive and cheap don’t matter. All helmets should provide maximum safety for the users. It would be most protective at any cost.

At the time of using a helmet, this is not the matter. Though a helmet meets the minimum standards, we can’t say it is completely safe. It would be better to get a quality helmet such as the Kash Mojito which will ensure topmost safety for the users.

At first, you choose a helmet considering the safety. Then you move to the secondary factors such as padding, ventilation, straps and visibility factors like lights, fluorescent colors, and optional cameras. Above all, you have to consider the fitting of the helmet most.

How To Fit A Helmet


Manufacturers are now trying their best to invest more in aerodynamic. If the helmet is more expensive, it will be more aerodynamic no doubt.


When you spend more on a helmet, you will get a better helmet. But this is not true in all cases. You can choose a better model which may cost little than the others. This is a success – win for you. It may be that you spend less but you have got a very attractive helmet.

What Type Of Rider Are You?

You have to consider what type of riding you prefer. Or you have to think the types of situations you have done it.


If you want to use helmet all times in a wet and cold condition of the whole year, you need not many vents. This type of helmet also keeps your head cold without many vents.


Suppose you are living in a hot country. Then you have to buy a helmet that passes plenty of airs for head cool to keep it cool.


If you have to travel a long time on a busy road at night, you normally like to have something highly visible. You will also consider the color, how many reflective strips there remain. Sometimes you have an integrated light to the back.

Ride Fast?

If you have a desire to ride fast, you must give more attention to helmet’s aerodynamics. It is true that an aero helmet is more difference than the aero frame or aero wheels.

Helmet safety certification

You have to notice it very well that the helmet you chose has got the certificate of the Consumer Products Safety Commission. The approval sigh or the stamp of the helmet is a good sign that it is safe to use.

The price of the helmet varied from one to other. It completely depends on the components that are used to make the helmet.

Again, you need to think more where you would like to use the bike or how often would you like to use the bike. You have to take a decision by thinking these factors.

Things to consider buying a bike helmet

Best Bike Helmets Under 100

The main thing you have to consider to buy a good helmet is where you would like to ride on the cycle.

You may have choice mountain bike helmet or road helmet or maybe multi-purpose helmets that may be used in about any kind of cycling.

Things that are added to these types of helmets are apart from weight and ventilation.

You will see that the mountain bike comes with a visor and there is a great number of debris is thrown up at the time of riding. Think what kind of bike you are going to ride, go from the base of the decision.

At the ends

You need to look that the helmet has been certified by the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

The stamping of that seal means it is saved to use. The price of the helmet depends on of the components of the helmet.

Best Bike Helmets Under 100

Price may vary from one to another. You need to think where you like to ride your bike. You have to take a decision on these factors.

Try to get the best helmet and be happy with using it.

The Best Enduro Helmets Reviews 2018

Many mountain bikes race now persist on a whole face having transitions with a helmet for a long time. We have chosen five best strollers on the market today where you can spend your brain and money.

The tests have gone on Giro Switchblade, FoX ProFrame, the IXS Xult, Lazer Revolution FF and Bell Super 3R. The IXS and the Fox give you a new breed of lightweight full face helmets target at the endure crowd whereas the rest have removable chin guard along with varying methods of attachment.

Surely, the helmet is not just fit for racing. The riders who like to get full safety without adding weight, the helmet is fit for them. It reduces the comfort of a full face.

Moreover, the helmet is great for riders who ride a mix of technical and pedal trails. One should not buy two helmets at the same time or scheme to travel and tight on space.

Helmet shopping is a difficult task there is no doubt. If you like to buy a helmet, you need to think about it more. You think why the prices are different.

Is it entirely safe to use? What is the way to be sure about the great helmet? What are must to fit for?

In this topic, we will try our level best to show you the right way to choose the best helmet.

We like to scrape all our cash for the wonderful bike and its parts at the time of protection; products remain subsidies. We like to use the cheapest options by our choice of the style or brand.

Best Enduro Helmets 2018 – Comparison Chart

Product ImageProduct NameShipping WeightEditor's RatingPrice
Arcus Mountain Bike & Enduro Helmet315gCheck Price
Arcus Mountain Bike & Enduro Helmet 1.9 poundsCheck Price
Dual Sports Helmet – Off Road Motocross Enduro6 pounds Check Price
PGR SX22 HYPER Motocross Dirt Bike Enduro Helmet4 poundsCheck Price

If you have a crash, it may damage the helmet. You may think that the money you have spent is not worthy to buy it.

Some injuries may be cured, but brain injuries do not heal. It has no guarantee that the helmet will save you from injury at the time of outfitting or for the mountain bike.

You need to be confirming that the helmet should meet the standard of the desired country where it is going to be sold. Many have got the international standard, surely may be good for you.

Even the lowest quality helmet is made in such a way that they will give full protection for your brain and skull in an unexpected situation.

Best Enduro Helmets Reviews 2018


Arcus Mountain Bike & Enduro Helmet

Arcus Mountain Bike & Enduro Helmet

The Arcus Mountain bike helmet desires to redefine what it means to be Enduro mountain bike helmet.

Weight under 320 gram is a large size as well as less valuable than a dinner for two the Arcus mountain bike helmet comes with six massive Intake vents.

Seventeen vents give more stellar airflow except giving more protection. With CE/ CPSC/ NZ/CE safety rings, you may be sure that your noggin to the right hand at the time of riding.

The accurate adjustment system is secure and simple, has three vertical position adjustments to confirm that the helmet is fit well.

Features of Arcus Mountain Bike & Enduro Helmet

  • It has six massive intake vents and seventeen exhaust vents. If you do hard work, the helmet will keep your head cool.
  • The Arcus mountain bike helmet is affordable and stylish Enduro style half shell helmet.
  • Convenient and quick, three positions vertical dial adjustment having Deep three by four rear coverage confirm maximum safety and confirm protection while riding.
  • CE/CPSC/ NS/ AS certified: be confirmed all are well protected
  • Size small and medium from 54 to 58 cm and weight is 315gram


  • The super looking helmet which fits well
  • Well snug fit except side to side wiggle
  • Very cheap and well recommended for its very expensive competition


  • The situation is okay; the problem is that the helmet is not wide more and it does not set on head fully

>>Check Price of Arcus Mountain Bike & Enduro Helmet<<


Kali Protectives Maya Enduro Helmet

Kali Protectives Maya Enduro Helmet

The Kali Maya Enduro helmet is prepared to take you to the gangliest ride. The helmet is ready to record your riding.

The Maya takes smart ideas and styling cues from motor world to lead you a tougher riding and tough looking piece of safety gear. Kali is made in mold construction from Maya that bonds EPS foam to a polycarbonate shell.

The system makes a lightweight or low profile helmet. The various density EPS foams are arrayed to make from crumpling buffer zones which absorb the impact of the accident.

At the same time, the flexible visor is not breakable, made to bend or in a crash. Over the visor, you can mount the video camera.

The liners of the helmets are antimicrobial to face odors. Five intakes and seven exhaust port permit airflow over your head cool and dry.

Features of Kali Protectives Maya Enduro Helmet

  • Shell Material: Polycarbonate
  • Ventilation: 12 vents
  • Visor: Yes
  • Impact Foam: multi-density EPS foam
  • Fit Adjustment: Dual Closure


  • Lightweight and very wonderful to look at
  • The only drawback is camera mount; the mount does not come with M5 nut required to keep an action camera
  • Very comfortable and the S/M fits well


  • No con is very serious

>>Check Price of Kali Protectives Maya Enduro Helmet<<


Dual Sports Helmet – Off Road Motocross Enduro

Dual Sports Helmet - Off Road Motocross Enduro

Open the box, and you will get a wonderful helmet. It seems that the product is very high quality.

Ventilation, seams, plastic all are great to look at. A great thing is waiting for me to the end of the week.

At first, I would use it and then I would review the quality. Now time to check how it is in the rain or wind. Kindly, measure the size of the helmet.

One free size helmet to exchange. As you think, the helmet is not fit for you, send it to us. We are ready to give you a new one to use.

Features of Dual Sports Helmet – Off Road Motocross Enduro

  • You can easily turn the helmet from shield configuration to shield-less configuration which you can use along with goggles to the conventional off the road. The helmet has got DOT certificate.
  • The visor is made in such a way that the airflow goes uninterrupted to the helmet without lifting the helmet with great or high speeds.
  • You may use it as a snow helmet, double pane, breath box. You may buy the electric shield separately


  • Standard D-ring closure chin strap
  • Having a drawstring fabric carrying bag
  • Normally removable and washable liner
  • Super front flow ventilation system along with channels to guarantee maximum venting and console


  • No negative indication

>>Check Price of Dual Sports Helmet – Off Road Motocross Enduro<<


PGR SX22 HYPER Motocross Dirt Bike Enduro Helmet

PGR SX22 HYPER Motocross Dirt Bike Enduro Helmet

It is made with great care to fulfill the demand of the customers. I like it very much as it is well ventilated.

I also think that it would not be very uncomfortable at the hot months of the summer seasons.

There are more rooms inside the helmet, so I can use hood during the cold months to keep the head warm.

I have used it and got more comfortable. I have no objection to it.

Features of PGR SX22 HYPER Motocross Dirt Bike Enduro Helmet

  • Removable impact absorbent, durable, lightweight ABS Hybrid Shell.
  • Paint finish high quality
  • Long lasting D-ring Strap re-tension method
  • Construction Dual Layer Density EPS
  • Fulfill the standard of Dot safety in the US market


  • Size is pretty fine, the product is great
  • Nice to look at. Price friendly.
  • Well adjusted on my head like a hood during the colder months of the year.


  • Nothing serious to mention

>>Check Price of PGR SX22 Motocross Dirt Bike Enduro Helmet<<

Bell Super 3R MIPS Bike Helmet

Bell Super 3R MIPS Bike Helmet

The Bell Super 3R helmet is fit for heads to head with Giro Switchblade for the gong of the super option. This helmet gives chin guard protection.

Moreover, it is easily removable. The super 3R begins with a half face helmet having added chin guard same as Laser.

It is possible to attach and remove the chin guard of the Super by keeping your eyes closed.

Place the chin guard between 2 rear vents of the helmet at the back of the head. There are 3 very easy ways to use the retention clips which keep the retention in its place.

The chin remains bit higher compared with others but gives much protection for the face.

The Bell gives a solid helmet for the riders with open faced like the Lazer. There need some extra protection if the situation arises.

The retention system of the helmet is compared with Giro. It is straightforward than the 6-bolt Lazer offering.

Bell is the cheapest helmet which combines lots of features. People like this helmet very much.

There important features of this helmet are good venting, low weight, breakaway POV mount and easily removable ATSM certification.


  • Integrated Breakaway Camera Mount
  • Breakaway Screws
  • Fusion In-Mold Polycarbonate Shell
  • Float Fit
  • Goggle guide Adjustable Visor System


  • Very lightweight
  • Lots of vents for more air
  • Easy admittance to retention adjustment
  • Open faced helmet with chin guard


  • Color won’t suit the taste of everyone
  • 2nd most expensive helmet

Full Face Vs Open Face

World Enduro and European racing rules oblige to use a full face helmet instead of the open-face helmet. Some riders think that it isn’t essential to use the second one.

They use an open-faced helmet on their backpacks before starting the race. You also need to switch helmet prior the race run.

If the riders remain excited in different climates, an open face helmet is the best option for him.

However, there is no other thing that gives adequate protection except a full faced helmet. This is up to the personal choice of the riders. When the trial is very tough, we suggest you maximum protection.


Buying Guide of best enduro helmets

The adjustments

Though the helmet fits well, it is necessary to notice the adjustment system very closely. Most helmets apply a 3 or 4 point system.

The strap is added by looping continuously through inside or affixed to the outer of the shell. Though 3 point system looks well fit on your head, 4 point straps look tidier.

The buckles beneath the ears may be adjustable or fixed that offers more flexibility. The cradle remains in its place at the time of the happening crash.

A decent helmet has adjustments for circumstance and height. All these elements adjust to make ultimate fit that ensures more comfort.


Best Enduro Helmets Reviews 2017

All helmets are made to save the head or ensure close protection. Another great thing is the fit of the helmet.

At the time of the crash, a poorly fitted helmet does not work well. It also causes non-stop comfort for the users on the trail.

If you like to choose the well fit helmet, you need to attempt various helmets. It is true that even in the online market are failed to customize your head shape.

Measure your head circumstance, a string or measuring tape will ensure you a starting point with centimeters which most of the manufacturers like to use it.

The helmet should fit your head well just like the suitable cap. For the taller head, you may choose the deeper type of helmet.

From the sitting level, it needs one finger gap between of the front of the helmet and the eyebrows.

It has done a lot of research and found that high-end helmets have various ways to customize the fit. Use it for one minute and be sure it has no pressure at all.

Be remain at the higher end of the adjustment range to remove more pressure into the helmet. You are failing to move helmet from one side to another than some few mm each of the ways.


Best Enduro Helmets

Weight is also a crucial factor for the helmet. Most helmets have more weight although it is not an important factor.

Helmet is measured by protection and price. Like other rims such as you need not based on the weight difference. Nice helmet offers more safety than the weight ratio.

In an expensive helmet, you will get a good style wonderful finish, and also materials are very standard.

It may be just like the expensive cars. Suppose they have more expensive shell round the rim to save the EPS foam as well as feel cooler.

The mentioned features are important as they connect manufacturer value and complexity.

Remember that, you will use the helmet for at least five years, and in every ride, you like to get comfort. You would like to be happy with one that is best suited and has good riding style.


There are some modern helmets on the market. They have extended coverage. For this, they can give more coverage from back to the sides of the skull.

So, extra weight does not matter at all. The reason is that you are getting more coverage and more protection.

Final Verdict

The modern helmet is using the latest technology. They are using the best features to create a helmet. Riders like to get this type of helmet.

Best Enduro Helmets

They choose superb quality as well as desire to get the best service. They love the improved function of the helmet.

Different people have different head’s size. So we are making various types of the helmet so that it can fit for every rider.

We also consider the riders’ comfort. If you get the helmet is uncomfortable. You would not like to buy this type of helmet. Fit and the great one is the ego of the people.


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