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Best Aero Helmet Reviews in 2020

While many of us might think of Aero helmets as a gimmicky product, some of them are quite helpful. Aero helmets are marketed with the claims that it will increase your speed and save you time by cutting down the air resistance. 

Although it might sound like it's not true, some of the products that we are going to mention below will change your mind.

There are many options in the market today, but not all of them are of high-quality. So to help you find the best aero helmet, we have listed down some of the finest ones out there. 

Top Picks of the Best Aero Helmets

We know that choosing a good aero helmet in this world full of dodgy products can be quite confusing and a tough decision to make on your own. Why choose when we can choose for you? Here are a few of the helmets that we think will surely intrigue you.


If you’re an everyday rider, you know how annoying a heavy weighted helmet can be. It’s uncomfortable, hard to keep in place, and leaves you with a headache at the end of the day.

With this super-light and airy helmet, your trips are going to be a pain-free and comfortable as it gets. You can barely feel this thing on your head.

The lightweight structure also comes in a well-ventilated design so that you stay fresh and clean all day long. With this helmet, you can ride around in the summer without getting too hot. No need to worry about sweat getting trapped inside your helmet. This thing comes with 16 separate vents!

An easy-to-use fastex buckle makes sure that it stays in place and helps you achieve a snug fit according to your comfort. This aerodynamic bicycle helmet is perfect for everyday use.

On top of all that, if you ride around in an area that has a lot of bugs, this thing will be your best friend. It comes with a protective net just for the sole purpose of keeping you safe from insects.

Pros & Cons of RUDY PROJECT Strym Helmet


  • Lightweight 
  • Well ventilated with 16 vents
  • Easy to strap on
  • Sturdy material that can get through hard collisions
  • Size can be adjusted for a snug fit
  • Comes with a separate bug protective net 


  • Interior lining is too thin for spectacle wearers
  • Not the most affordable
Louis Garneau LG P-09 Aerodynamic, CPSC Safety Certified, TT Bike Helmet, Black/Blue, Medium

When it comes to increasing speed, this is quite an impressive Aero TT helmet. We say this because this product comes with a textured upper part, which helps by giving you a better laminar flow. So, this thing will surely make sure you reach your destination quicker than you would with a normal helmet.

For good airflow and ventilation, this helmet also comes with four vents. The structure is streamlined with evacuation channels inside. You'll stay calm and collected throughout your journey.

Retractable ears allow you to customize the type of helmet you want to wear according to your mood and needs. You also get pro-lock adjustments to strap so that you can fit your helmet just the way you like it.

Along with the vents, you get icefil pads that the interior is layered with. These pads will help keep your head cool during those long summer rides, and the vents will allow a steady stream of wind to pass through that alongside cutting off air resistance cools you off as well.

With all these extra features, let’s not forget about your safety. A P-09 lens keeps your eyes safe from any debris, bugs, or dust from getting into your eyes. The material with which the helmet is made is also very durable and won’t bend or crack easily.

Pros & Cons of Louis Garneau LG P-09 Aerodynamic, CPSC Safety Certified, TT Bike Helmet


  • Spiderlock stabilizing system for better control
  • P-09 lens protects your eyes
  • Icefil pads keep you cool along with the four vents
  • Textured front part opts for a better laminar flow and therefore gives you more speed
  • Incredibly durable
  • Comes with retractable ears ad adjustable straps 


  • No specific cons found
Kask Protone Helmet

Sturdy, lightweight, affordable, and customizable, this helmet is all that you could wish for. Not only does this one come with great features, but it also makes sure to keep you safe and well-protected at all times.

The aerodynamic shell that has also been tested in wind tunnels comes with a reinforced frame that makes sure that it does not lose its shape and bend or break in any collision. And the shell also ensures greater speed no matter how windy the area you're traveling in is. 

Factors like these also make sure that you always have enough airflow to keep you cool in hot weather. So you won't get that sticky, sweaty feeling inside your helmet anymore.

This helmet does not fall short when it comes to safety. A polycarbonate layer that coats the exterior keeps you safe from collision and impacts. This layer is also coated on the back and the base ring for extra safety. These layers also connect to make sure that all shock is absorbed. So you won't feel any unwanted vibrations from this one.

Pros & Cons of Kask Protone Helmet


  • Polycarbonate layer on the back, exterior, and the base ring give you extra protection
  • Shock-absorbing
  • Tested in wind tunnels, this thing is capable of performing well in extreme conditions
  • Affordable


  • Not great fitting
POC Ventral Spin, Cycling Helmet, Sulphite Yellow, LRG

The most important feature in any helmet is its ability to keep you safe at all times, no matter how extreme of a condition you face. And the POC spin helmet makes sure that it always has your back.

Made with a special POC spin shearing pad layer on the interior, this helmet keeps your head safe during collisions. This thing is shock-absorbing and makes sure that you don't have any impact due to the vibrations and forces.

On top of that, the helmet is also made with very strong unibody shell construction that supports you and does not break or bend at all. If you like to wear sunglasses or any other type of eye gear, this helmet also has a separate eye garage to keep the gear safely in place without you having to adjust it from time to time.

Although the material with which the helmet is built is quite sturdy, it is very lightweight. The product allows airflow and keeps you cool. Its ventilation system is designed to reduce air resistance and help increase speed.

Pros & Cons of POC Ventral Spin, Cycling Helmet


  • Lots of colors to choose from
  • A secure belt that can also be adjusted according to preference
  • Lightweight but durable material
  • POC spin shearing layer inside to keep you extra safe 
  • Well ventilated
  • Has a separate eye garage


  • Fit can be a bit uncomfortable due to the small circumference
Pro Expander Headset for Tharsis DI2

Fly Izumi is a brand well known for its bicycle riding gears. So, it is obvious that the helmets that they sell are of great quality and not disappointing. Not only does this helmet have a great ventilation system, but the product itself is constructed in a narrow form to cut through the wind and get you to your destination even faster.

Ventilations provided at the back of the helmet make sure that there is enough airflow to keep you cool. This is the best option for people who ride their bikes every day on hot sunny days. You also get the option of closing down the ventilation for a fully closed typical helmet when you feel like that is what you need.

And you can also open up the front part of the helmet if you feel like you need more ventilation. So the product is quite customizable.

The closed-shell exterior gives you great speed and is also very strong. You can trust this product blindly when it comes to safety. There is a low friction layer inside that keeps your head safe from all collisions and impacts.

Pros & Cons of Pearl Izumi Women's Fly Singlet


  • Ventilation points can be shut for a normally closed helmet
  • The front part of the helmet can be opened if you need more ventilation
  • Made with sturdy material, so the helmet lasts a longer time
  • Low friction layer inside the helmet to keep you safe during collisions


  • More on the expensive side
Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet

The Savant is well fit for the riders who like to enjoy the swift pace and great routes. The slim shape gives more ventilation.

So thanks to 25 wind tunnel vents and the comfort and convenience of the Roc Loc is five feet as well as stability system.

The mold construction is durable and lightweight. The weight would not weigh you down.

It may not wrap as the straps lie. The straps are not well flat against the face, but better. I give a post as a demonstration.

Pros & Cons of Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet


  • Super design and wonderful looking helmet
  • Great vents on the helmet
  • MIPS method is very integrated and truly drawn my interest
  • Rocloc fit system is 2nd to none
  • Satisfactory aesthetic. They are good. Though the taste is subjective, I think the helmet seems better than cheaper options.


  • Padding of the helmet is enough but not most comfortable
  • Has no extra padding
Bell Javelin Time Trial/Triathlon Helmet

TT helmet is the latest invention of Bell speed series, and it’s another name is Javelin.

It has wind tunnel as well as real world proven aerodynamic fuselage.

This helmet is made to be ventilated and fast. The helmet has super adjustable Twin Axis gear (TAG), so fitting is simple.

The helmet has exclusive SeamFlex ear flaps so on and off is pain-free and quick.

It is a big plus if you have a transition area on the part of your vernacular.

Pros & Cons of Bell Javelin Time Trial/Triathlon Helmet


  • The helmet is super for slicing through the wind
  • The whole top is fractured and caved in. The internal spume lining shifted and cracked.
  • The face shield cracked since it hits the pavement.
  • SeamFlex Ear Flaps and removable Race Shield
  • Twin Axis Gear is well fit
  • X- Static antimicrobial pad
  • Channeled ventilation and Fusion In-Mold Microshell construction


  • If you do not choose the right one, the helmet does not fit well

How to Choose the Best Aero Helmet

Which aero helmet you think is the best will depend on your needs and concerns, but some factors apply to all helmets in general. You should always consider these while taking the final decision.


The ultimate goal of this helmet is to increase your speed. A heavy weighted helmet will just do the opposite as it will pull you back. On top of that, wearing a heavy helmet can be quite uncomfortable as well.

If a company claims that their helmet will increase your speed, but the helmet itself is weighty, be sure that that helmet is not going to be of any help to you. 


Although our main target here is to increase your speed, your comfort should be the top priority. Factors such as being lightweight, easy-to-put-on, and sturdiness will have a great impact on your comfort. Look for a helmet that meets your needs, and you will automatically have a better experience.


Riding a bike makes everyone hot and sweaty. Having a helmet that allows air to flow and does not let the sweat-damp up your head is the best thing you could wish for in a situation like this. A helmet with good airflow will not only keep you cool but will also keep you fresh and stink-free.


Safety comes first. No matter how lightweight or breezy your helmet is, it needs to be capable of keeping you safe in all situations. Get a helmet that is strong and sturdy and doesn't break easily. Helmets with extra padding and secure belts are a great choice.


The way your helmet is designed and built will determine how you’re your speed will increase. An aerodynamic bicycle helmet allows the air to flow in such a way that air resistance has a very low effect on your speed. You can reach places faster than you would while wearing a typical helmet.

How and why to use an aero lid

All things are equal, a rider having aero helmet will be faster than a person wearing a normal standard bike helmet.

This is the view of aero expert that an aero helmet rider’s position would be worth 10 to 15 watts. Over the time of an Ironman bike, the leg would result within time measurable within minutes.

For such kind of inexpensive part of the kit, compared with a new bike or wheelset, an aero helmet is the best bang in term of aero gain for your back.

How and why to use an aero lid

Though there are some caveats. The helmet must be well fit for the riders. The tail must be transition smoothly for the back of the riders, keeping small gaps as small as it can.

If that is not the problem, you need to move the head as a lot as you ride, the aero helmet slowing you down. It also requires long course triathletes whose head may be changed for fatigue and failing the attention of the bike legs.

Use lots of helmets, take the side of you wearing it to the turbo. But do not remember to test as you are fatigue as quick as you feel fresh.

Many athletes like to use an aero road helmet or a good stubbier tailed helmet like the Giro Air Attack which Leanda Cave like to wear to Kona glory in the year 2012, more versatile or better option.

The following factor is to consider the overheating. An aero helmet is always hot to ride in, and for an Ironman bike leg with the hot condition, overhearing may cost more than the helmet will save.

Keep in mind that Chrissie Wellington does not like to wear an aero helmet for Kona triumphs, and the bike splits are very shabby.

You are a triathlete; you need to consider transition. Stiff earflaps, fiddly visor, or tricky adjustment dial can simply cost you the chunk of time.

This type of thing does not matter for such a big deal for a long course race, but for Olympic distance event or sprint, these things need offset against the diminished aero time gains to the legs of the shorter bike.

Lastly, do not preserve your aero helmet for the race day. Like another race kit, this is for training that you are sure; the helmet is just for you.

Do you think the helmet is comfortable? Would you like to overheat it? These are the questions. You will be able to give answer all of these issues when you sometimes spend by wearing this helmet on the road.

If you have the full consciousness to wear an aero helmet, enter cycling time trials, only in one event, you may get funny looks for not using headgear which seems coming from the Battle of the Planets.

should I buy an aero helmet?

All Aero road helmets are heavier and a slightly less vented than usual helmets. The price of the helmets is bit higher. On the other hand, you may get a small reduction in drag. This is a marginal gain, but it makes an important dissimilarity as you like to go off the frontage and attempt your fortune in a race.

Aero helmets for triathletes – how and why to use them

The motto of using a cycling helmet is to save your head from a serious accident. The aero savvy riders understand well that a covered head may be faster than a bare one through the air.

In Triathlon, lids designed for upgraded aerodynamics appeared first in the mid-80’s. It helped Scott Tinley to Hawaii to get a victory in 1985. In spite of thinking more about the benefit of this helmet, you may take the small handful of athletes.

The tipping position of aero helmet comes with Greg Lemond’s in 1989 Tour de France. You may demonstrate the necessity of aerodynamics by using Tri-bars and wearing a Giro Aerodynamics. You may do it through 58 seconds on Laurent Fignon over the last 25 km stage and wearing the yellow jersey. This is the starting point of the beginning of the aero arms race for the biking.

During the 90s aero helmets are greatly fairing to smooth airflow and give only a little protection for the rider’s head.

Gradually the tails of the helmet become longer and visors are included. The biggest change came in 2003 when UCI imposed a law that any helmet must be used for racing save the rider’s head. It means that aero lids have to incorporate huge extended polystyrene cores.

Aero Helmet Wind-Tunnel Shootout

Best Aero Helmet FAQs

If this is your first time buying an aero helmet, you must be flustered with a thousand questions on your mind. Here, we have answered a few of them:

1. How does an aero helmet increase my speed?
An aero helmet cuts down air resistance, which allows you to move faster as you have a low opposing force acting on you.

2. How is the aero helmet different from any other helmet?
Typical cycling helmets are designed only to keep you safe while an aero helmet uses aerodynamics to reduce air resistance and help you travel faster while keeping you safe at the same time.

3. How to find the right helmet size?
These helmets come in all different sizes. You can measure the circumference of your head with a measuring tape and compare the size with the ones available to get your perfect fit.

4. When should I replace my aero helmet?
If your helmet has faced any sort of collision that is hard enough to cause structural damage, it is time to get a new one. A broken or damaged helmet will not be able to keep you safe.

5. What material is the best?
When it comes to choosing an aero helmet, light materials will be your best friend. Hard plastic is a good example of a suitable material.

Final Words and Recommendation

All of the products that we have mentioned, starting from the Rudy Project Strym helmet to the Pearl Izumi one are of top quality and have their unique features. We’re sure one of these will be the best Aero helmet for you.  

While the Kask Proton helmet is a great affordable option, the POC ventral one is sturdier. If we were to make one recommendation, we would suggest the Louis Garneau LG P-09 Aerodynamic, CPSC Safety Certified, TT Bike Helmet. 

This one is guaranteed to increase your speed and also keep you safe at all times. The spider lock stabilizing system and the P-09 lens keep you in control and protect you. It is also quite affordable.

Our Top Picks of The Best Motorcycle Helmets in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Nothing beats the thrilling experience of riding a speedy motorcycle on a lonely road. However, it’s as adventurous as it is dangerous! Accidents can happen anytime, so you always want to keep yourself protected. 

Naturally, your head is the most important part of your body, which makes your helmet the key component of your protective gear. That’s why you should opt for the best motorcycle helmet to ensure maximum protection.  

Choosing the right helmet can be a difficult task as there are numerous options to choose from. But don’t worry as we’re here to facilitate the process of finding the best one out there through our comprehensive research.

Our Picks of 15 Best Motorcycle Helmets


Our motorcycle helmet reviews contain only the best ones in the market that are capable of providing incredible protection.

ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet with Removable Winter Neck Scarf + 2 Visors DOT (M, Matte Black)

This helmet is a big hit on the market currently due to its stylish design and multitudes of modern features. Its shell is made with highly durable and lightweight ABS material. Being a DOT-certified helmet with a rather affordable price, this is undoubtedly an amazing choice!

The inside of this gear boasts a foam padding with a nice felt liner. This makes it super comfy to wear. You can easily remove the side pads and liner to wash them. For an excellent flow of air, it has convenient chin vents as well as the top-of-the-head vents. 

So, it eliminates the smothering feeling caused by a lack of decent airflow. Its streamlined aerodynamic design reduces most of the wind noise and drag. The chin bar is pretty spacious, so you can use any communication system with ease!  It comes with two high-quality visors. 

One of them is clear, and the other one’s smoky, so you can use whichever you need. With its quick-release clasp and strap, it’s super easy to use as well. The best thing about this helmet is that it comes with a winter neck scarf, which keeps your warm and comfy in the winter season. 

Moreover, the neck scarf can be removed anytime, so you won’t have to be stuck with it during summer times. Overall, this is an excellent product with features that you can only find in more expensive ones. Whether you’re biking under a hot sun or freezing cold temperature, it will ensure you get the best experience!

Pros & Cons of ILM JK313-MB-M Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet


  • Decent quick release strap
  • Soft and comfortable on the inside
  • Great ventilation offers easy breathing
  • Stylish and modern design
  • Lightweight build prevents neck fatigue


  • The vents don’t snap into place
  • Internal pads could be thicker
ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet DOT 6 Colors (M, MATTE BLACK)

The ILM 902 modular helmet is highly praised for multiple outstanding features that you can only find in pricier products. It offers increased safety and worry-free rides as it is ingeniously built to protect you from all sorts of accidents! 

Considered to be the best modular helmet, you can instantly turn it into an open-faced helmet if you feel like enjoying the airflow.  It provides additional comfort as well. You can control the flow of air by opening and closing the vents which are placed on the front and the top of the helmet. 

Being built with a high-resistant ABS material, it’s a robust helmet, capable of withstanding an immense amount of pressure so it won’t break or crack easily. It meets FMVSS-218 and DOT safety standards so you can rest assured as its performance level is top-notch. 

It comes with smart dual visors. The first one is an anti-fog visor that never fogs up, offering clearer sight even in misty environments. It’s conveniently scratch-resistant as well. The second tinted visor will prevent the brightness of the sun from impeding your vision. You won’t even have to open the outer visor to flip up the inner one. 

Also, you’d find it to be super comfortable to wear as the cheek pads are pretty soft and lightweight. They can be easily removed so you can wash them anytime you want.

Moreover, the sleek and lightweight design of the helmet significantly decreases the noise level, allowing you to focus more on the road without any annoyance.  Considering the number of features it offers, it’s almost unbeatable for the price. 

Pros & Cons of ILM 902 Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet


  • DOT-certified modular helmet
  • Ingenious design reduces wind noise
  • Comes in various colors
  • Removable and washable padding
  • Dual visor


  • The ABS material isn’t as sturdy as others
Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet Skull Cap- Dull Black W/O Visor 100% DOT Approved

If you enjoy the comfort of incredible ventilation and compact design, then this one is the perfect choice for you. Being a DOT-approved half helmet, it provides impressive protection for which it’s been receiving high praise from the users. It’s actually one of the smallest DOT half helmets out there. 

This protective gear comes in multiple sizes and colors, so you pick whichever suits your needs the most. 

The inconvenience of having the equipment cutting into your neck when bending your neck back is completely eliminated with its unique contoured shape design. It fits perfectly on your head if you manage to get the right size. With its lightweight design, you would almost forget that you’ve got something on your head!

It’s pretty comfortable to wear thanks to the inner paddings. During hot days, your head will remain cool and comfy thanks to its moisture-wicking fabric.

You can easily adjust the chin strap to prevent it from pinching your chin or pulling your hair. The straps are durable, so they hang on tightly even during high-speed riding, and the quick release works like a charm.

Although it cannot provide the same protection as a full helmet, it’s as good as half helmets go. You can rely on it confidently as it’s known to have saved a lot of lives from terrible accidents. It’s specially made for those who don’t like having their entire head covered. 

It leaves little room for complaints as it offers significantly better protection than others that cost hundreds of dollars.

Pros & Cons of Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet


  • Extremely compact and lightweight
  • Tested to be durable
  • Meets DOT safety standards
  • Very affordable with top-notch features


  • The “mushroom head effect” is disliked by many users
TORC Unisex-Adult T55 Spec-Op Motorcycle Half Helmet with Graphic and Drop-Down Sun Visor (Born to Ride)) (Flat Black Large

TORC is well known for making impressive helmets, satisfying countless users over the years. It’s incredibly lightweight, with rugged construction. As a result, it won’t place uncomfortable pressure on your head and ensure maximum protection. It boasts the best motorcycle helmet design with a fascinating matte black finish.

As it is a half helmet, you’d enjoy the cool breeze on your face, making it perfect for hot temperatures. It comes with a drop-down sun visor that prevents the bright rays of the sun from blinding your eyes. So, you won’t have to put on extra shades. Additionally, it offers protection from pollution. 

It sports soft and breathable inner linings that make it super comfortable to wear. Even after prolonged use, you won’t feel any strain on your head. 

The cheek padding can be adjusted with zero issues, so you can tweak to your preference. If you need to wash it, you can remove it with ease and reattach it when you’re done. To make sure it fits properly, it comes with two outer shell sizes. So, it won’t fall off even immense abuse. 

With the fully functional quick release, you can take it off or put it on almost instantly. Being dot-approved, high-quality protection is guaranteed. Once you’re equipped with this gear, it will safeguard your head from severe accidents. You will enjoy a safe and secure ride!

Best of all, it costs very little money to purchase so you’d get an amazing product that won’t burn any holes in your pocket.

Pros & Cons of TORC Unisex-Adult T55 Spec-Op Motorcycle Half Helmet 


  • Lightweight and comfortable design
  • DOT approval guarantees protection
  • Comes with a drop-down visor that offers sun protection
  • Removable and washable cheek padding
  • Designed to fit properly


  • The visor could be of better quality
1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet Flip up Dual Visor Sun Shield: HB89 Matt Black;

This is one of the most satisfying helmets on the market that has managed to strike the perfect harmony between the price and quality. It’s a simple yet awesome looking modular helmet. With a solid construction, you can expect it to protect your head against brutal impacts.

The modular aspect of this equipment works flawlessly, allowing you to use it as a full-face helmet or an open helmet anytime you want. It features inner padding for added comfort. They are removable, so washing them is pretty easy. 

It comes with multiple adjustable vent switches to control the airflow to your preference. So, you won’t sweat inside and find it easy to breathe. If you detest full-face helmets because of the heat, allow this to change your mind! The aerodynamic ABS construction makes it extremely durable and ensures enhanced protection. 

Additionally, it is DOT-certified, so it’s guaranteed to meet the safety standards. Its flip-down sun shades work quite impressively as they effectively prevent the sun rays from impeding your vision during the day. The clear outer visor is suitable for any time, which will keep dust and dirt from entering your eyes.

Also, this gear is pretty efficient in reducing the whistling sound of the wind during speedy rides. No more annoying noise for you! For a full-face helmet, it’s pretty light, so it barely places any weight on your head. It doesn’t cost much to purchase, so you’d get an amazing product that is as durable as it is comfortable!

Pros & Cons of 1Storm HB89 Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet


  • Easy to control the flow of air
  • Features dual visors for increased convenience
  • Allows easy connection to the Bluetooth system
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Reduces wind noise


  • Adjusting the chin clip might seem a bit complex
  • ABS isn’t the most durable material
AHR Full Face Flip up Modular Motorcycle Helmet DOT Approved Dual Visor Motocross Matt Black XL

If you want decent specs in an affordable modular helmet, then look no further! This DOT-certified gear does exactly what it says, and considering the price, you can’t ask for more. 

It sports a shell constructed with high-strength ABS material, giving it just the right amount of durability and lightweight. Therefore, this won’t put any strain on your head while offering strong protection. 

Thanks to the dual visor system, you’re given added convenience. The front one offers a wide visual field. It’s clean and sturdy enough to resist impact. The inner dark visor ensures your eyes don’t get dazzled by the sunlight. It can be controlled without having to flip up the front clear visor. 

The modular system works smoothly as it is quite flexible and flips up swiftly. Use it as a full-helmet or a half-helmet whenever you want! The chin straps are fully adjustable, so balance it out to your preference, and you’d have no pinching or pulling of the hair. 

Washable liner and cheek pads offer extra comfort so that you don’t have to ride with a helmet hurting your head. Plus, the smartly placed air vents allow air to pass through easily, allowing you to breathe without any trouble. They also take away the inconvenience of heating that comes with other full helmets.

Its capability to withstand lots of force makes it strong enough to protect you from harsh impacts. This is a great product for the price.

Pros & Cons of AHR Full Face Flip up Modular Motorcycle Helmet


  • The ABS shell is as lightweight as it is durable
  • Dual visors with adjustable inner visor
  • Smart air vent design for decent airflow
  • Liner and cheek pads are easy to remove 


  • The inner padding isn’t as comfortable as others
ScorpionEXO Unisex-Adult Modular/Flip Up Adventure Touring Motorcycle Helmet (Hi-Viz, Large) (EXO-AT950 Neocon)

This is considered to be the best touring helmet in our list. The three shell sizes of this equipment are made with dual-density EPS along with advanced LG polycarbonate materials. They retain the helmet’s lightweight feature while giving it adequate durability to withstand extreme pressure. 

It comes as a full-face ADV helmet with an attached peak visor, which can be removed to turn it into an amazing aerodynamic touring helmet. The appealing design makes it the best looking motorcycle helmet in our list.  

Sporting an oversized eye port, you’re offered a wider and more convenient vision without having to turn your head too much. You can easily flip up the modular chin bar when the necessity rises with no trouble. Its outstanding user-friendly design will ensure maximum comfort through its internal drop-down speed view sun visor. 

Additionally, the KwikWick II liner is capable of keeping you comfortable for a long time without causing any strain. 

As it comes with an ingenious clear visor, the fog will never build up so you’d always have a super clear vision, anytime and anywhere. You can easily switch it up into a dirt helmet with goggles after removing the visor. For comfort, it comes with soft cheek pads that are designed to be super comfy!

The blending of all these features makes this a great choice. You’re guaranteed a comfortable ride from a very sturdy product, capable of shielding your head during accidents. As it comes in all the standard sizes, you can choose whichever size fits you the most. 

Pros & Cons of ScorpionEXO AT950 Touring Motorcycle Helmet


  • High-quality construction makes it extremely durable
  • Smooth flip-up design
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Decent ventilation system
  • Clear visor prevents fog build-up


  • Some might find it to be heavier
LS2 Helmets 569-3015 Track Solid Open Face Motorcycle Helmet with Sunshield (Matte Black, X-Large)

This is an excellent helmet, favored by those who feel claustrophobic as it offers a wide field of visibility and a sense of openness thanks to the open face design. It will provide outstanding protection with its KPA shell. It’s lightweight as well as highly durable, so you can confidently put this on for enhanced safety!

Being a versatile gear, you can use it as a commuter helmet, scooter helmet, or just as a motorcycle helmet. 

It comes with a tough face shield that protects your eyes from the sun and dust. You can flip it up whenever you want to get some air as it engages and retracts easily thanks to the slider mechanism. You’d find it super easy to operate even when you’re wearing gloves, making it extra convenient to use.

Moreover, its peripheral vision is praiseworthy as it places no obstruction in the field of view and allows you to see far and wide! You’d almost feel like looking through a big window.

And this is a DOT-approved helmet, which means the safety is officially guaranteed as it meets all the safety standards. With the quick-release chin strap, you’d find it very convenient to put it on or off.

Besides, it’s designed to fit your head in perfection. It is likely to hold onto your head no matter how much pressure is inflicted. Additionally, the inner liner is made to be comfortable, which is made of breathable fabric. It’s easily removable and washable, so bad odor won’t build up! 

Pros & Cons of LS2 Helmets 569-3015 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet


  • Designed to fit perfectly
  • Fairly lightweight and comfortable
  • Excellent field of vision through its decent optics
  • Offers plenty of room for headsets
  • Plush liner is easy to remove and wash


  • Some dislike the round shape over the oval shape
  • Not very efficient in minimalizing the noise
FreedConn Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Speakers Integrated Modular Flip up Dual Visors Full Face Built-in Bluetooth Mp3 Intercom headset Communication Range

If you prefer to have modern technology in a motorcycle helmet, Freedconn BM2-S is capable of providing the ultimate satisfaction. This fantastic equipment comes with a brilliant technology that is sure to exceed your expectations!

What makes this product stand out from the competitors is its amazing Bluetooth technology. It comes with the most updated version of Bluetooth, so you’re ensured swift and fast communication. With the built-in intercom, it allows you to stay in touch with up to two persons at ease without having to use your hand. 

Additionally, it comes with full-duplex benefits. As a result, you can enjoy hands-free communication, listen to music on the go, or even utilize the voice prompt GPS navigations wirelessly. 

The built-in ear speaker offers an amazing listening experience, and the noise cancellation microphone reduces the noise by tenfold. It effectively enhances the communication experience. 

Even with all these top-notch modern features, the manufacturer didn’t forget to make it durable enough to keep you safe and sound. The helmets shell is engineered with high-quality ABS material, which is pretty lightweight as well. 

It comes with a great ventilation system for increased airflow. And it makes the gear easy to leave on your head for a long time. Besides, to make it even more comfortable, it features soft cheek pads to prevent fatigue. The visor is pretty easy to put up and down.

As it is equipped with a full communication system, you’ll enjoy talking while riding with ease!

Pros & Cons of Freedconn BM2-S Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet


  • Flawless Bluetooth technology
  • Offers easy communication or music listening
  • Slim and lightweight design
  • Durable helmet, capable of providing outstanding protection
  • Rather comfortable to wear as well


  • Gets a bit noisy after prolonged use
  • Audio sometimes cracks on high notes
Shoei Men's Rf-1200 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Shoei is a famous name in the field of motorcycle helmets. Every year, they are trying to make various models of it. This time you will be acquainted with a helmet named Shoei RF1200.

The helmet is reliable, trendy and lightweight. The weight of the helmet is three pound and six oz. This is not the lightest helmets in the world.

But sure the full face lightest helmet has been made by the Shoei until today. The helmet came with Snell and DOT certification ensures quality and reliability of the helmet.

At the time of making the helmet, the company is giving more emphasis on three factors like the aerodynamics, the shell structure, and the EPS liner.

The company is more serious about the cosmetic aspect, the technical sides as Shoei liked to make a helmet that stands out in all parameters. With some others factors let us considers these things more:

Pros & Cons of Shoei RF-1200 Helmet


  • Fogless having pin lock system
  • More visibility for the riders, the color, is more vivid for the road users
  • Well ventilation, better fitment, and pin lock visor
  • Lightweight


  • Maybe the quietest model of the Shoei helmets
Arai XD4 Helmet (Fluorescent Yellow, Large)

The Arai XD4 appeared to the market with three important features like peak only, peak and face shield. The pad of the XD-4 has cheek pads which feature 5mm away pads. It helps the riders to tailor the fit.

The helmet permits the face shield to function adequately under the standard peak. For ADV riders the Arai XD-4 is the best models. The helmet will give you safety, comfort, and quality.

Pros & Cons of Arai XD4 Helmet


  • It seems I have stolen if from the master chief as he does not notice it
  • Versatility peak, shield and goggles combination
  • The street helmet has made the way dual sports arena. Switches in toggles are simple to maintain. Their direction is intuitive. As you open it, you will fell stream of cool air. They will perform well and do it well.


  • This is on the heavy side
Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet (Solid Matte Black, Large)

The Bell Qualifier Helmet is made with the aerodynamic shell as well as Bell’s exclusive ClickRelease face shield method. There are many wonderful features with the helmet.

The helmet has a clear visor. I have also bought a dark smoke visor. The visor is perfect for the daytime. The helmet is easy in the sense that you may able to change shield easily. It will take only ten to fifteen seconds.

I can easily take the breath through my nose and mouth by wearing this helmet. I bought it, and I am happy now.

Use it 130 degrees a day and enjoy it like a champ. I have bought one Bell Qualifier Helmet for me to use it during the summer or in the town.

Pros & Cons of Bell Qualifier Unisex Full Face Street Helmet


  • light weight, Low price, fit and finish
  • Face shield will remain as you like it
  • The price is excellent
  • Transition shield are found
  • Excellent aerodynamics


  • There is no chin curtain found
  • Air noise wise surely no 100% hope of isolation
Shoei RJ Air Platinum R Open-face Helmet - Small/Crystal White

Shoei RJ Platinum R Open-Face Helmet Open Face helmets have got much popularity as the price is reasonable. It is very convenient. The helmet is aerodynamically refined and calm.

The other features of the helmet are washable and removable interior, remarkable riding experience, enhanced ventilation.

Shoei has beautiful craftsmanship and enough safety technology. You will get world premier open faced helmet.

Pros & Cons of Shoei RJ Platinum R Open-Face Helmet


  • SNELL M2010 approved and Shell
  • Various models are found
  • The best type of helmet I have ever used
  • Shoei is made with light supersonic materials


  • The product is found only in U.S
  • It will be different look to different people
HJC IS-33 II Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet (Black, X-Large)

One of the great helmets in the market nowadays, the LS2 Of 569 is the uncommon helmet in the world today. The outside is hot, and the inside of cool, obtain some air at the time of stopping or filling the tank.

The helmet has Ergo Touch control sun visor that retracts and drops touching the button.

The moisture wicking is very comfortable and odor resistance along with antibacterial. You can wash it, and all parts are removable. Air dry and hand wash liner.

The chinstrap has three points attachment size to preserve helmet to roll off if you need it more. There is a quick remove buck to create it get easy off and on.

Pros & Cons of LS2 Helmets OF569 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet


  • Pocket for intercom speakers if you like to install
  • The plush liner is made of breathable fabric and is removable and washable
  • The clip does up and comes off easily
  • Shoei is made with light supersonic materials


  • Shape is round than oval
  • Chin strap over Velcro
Bell Custom 500 Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet (Solid Matte Black, X-Large)

Would you like to get a fantastic motorcycle helmet for your head? If the answer is yes go for the Bell Solid Custom 500 Touring Helmet.

The helmet is made with a sleek Mate Black and great to look at. It had five years warranty by the company and got DOT certificate.

The helmet is made of a chin strap that preserves the helmet snugly over your head and without feeling restrictive and uncomfortable.
Features of Bell Powersports 500 Street Helmet

Pros & Cons of Bell Powersports 500 Street Helmet


  • Very compact, so you don’t end up looking like a mushroom
  • The helmet is well built, as hope from Bell
  • The fit was as well as you hope; snug and comfortable


  • For the individual, it will take time to set the material inside

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Helmet

Choosing the safest motorcycle helmet can seem too complex a job if you don’t know much about helmets. However, with the right guidance, anyone can single out the best possible option. The trick is to know the right things to consider.

  • Protection
    You want your helmet to provide you the best protection from accidents. They can also help in keeping you safe from rain, snow as well as pollution. Therefore, you must make sure that the helmet is engineered with high-quality materials that are designed to keep your head sheltered in any situation.
  • Helmet Type
    The type of your helmet depends on your needs. If you’re a racer, you’re going to have to choose a full-face helmet with SNELL certification. You should never purchase non-certified helmets. If you’re a casual rider, half-helmets would be more than adequate as long as they are sturdily constructed.
  • Comfort
    The best helmets don’t just protect your head; it also offers comfort. It should fit perfectly. You’ll wear them for a long time, so uncomfortable helmets would soon become a nuisance. Moreover, they can end up giving you headaches and neck pains.
    That’s why you should look for the ones with extra features like thick inner linings, decent air circulation, sturdy chin straps, etc. 
  • Price
    Price is undoubtedly an important factor to consider. Cheaper ones are usually very basic while expensive ones offer multitudes of modern features. If you don’t care about the price tag and prefer to have the best quality and technology in your helmet, go for the expensive choices.
    However, if you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry as we have included a number of helmets that are extremely efficient without hurting your wallet.
why you should buy a helmet

Reduce head injury

We can not do anything without our brain. So it is the most important part of our body. We need to be careful about it. Besides, it is the most sensitive parts of the body. A minor injury may harm it. We need to protect this part of the body by wearing a helmet.

Fewer road accidents

If you use a helmet, there is less chance to meet the accident. The helmet will save from certain damages. This is the view from the study that people who use helmet meet less accident than those who do not use it.

Increase sense of responsibility

You are going over the road without wearing a helmet. Someone is going on the way with wearing a helmet. This will make you sense that he is safe enough then you. Anyone wearing a helmet will mean that you need to wear the helmet like him or her.

Increase comfort level

If you have the helmet, you are safe enough. It will make sense that you are fully protected. The wearing helmet will make you feel comfortable. This will make the riding experience a good one, and you will bring the feeling for a long time.

Different Types of Motorcycle Helmets

One of the best ways to get the best type of helmet is to see the vast of options. There are lots of helmets on the market and from them; you have to choose the best one.
There are some fundamental types of a helmet too. You need to go for which type of helmet fit for you. For this, you have to search more and more.

Full Face Helmets

This type of helmet will cover the whole head; have a see-through plastic shield and part of the fact to cover the nose and eyes.

This is no doubt the safety helmet. The money you spend on this type of helmet is reasonable. The helmet saves your face and head from any injury if an accident occurs.

No doubt, it has the risk of neck damage if you do not take care at the time of going against the high wind. This kind of helmet is the heaviest helmets found in the market.

Modular or Flip up Helmets

Modular headgear holds all the features of both open face, and full face helmets have cons of the both. The helmet covers the whole head and ensures safety for all parts of the face and jaw simultaneously.

You may use it as a full face model for ensuring enough breath. To do it, you only need to pivot the chin bar upward and then remove it.

Bikers who like to use goggles or save the eyes will get the mobile chin bar may be slid up and be adjusted with the top section of the helmet with pressing the only single button.

There is a guard with the helmet. You can raise it up if you like to talk with the people at the time of riding. People who complain about the heavyweight should go for the modular helmet.

The weight of the helmet is very light. Some famous high rated helmets are Nolan N104, Shark Series 3 Eveline, and Shoei Neotec.

Open Face or 3/4th Helmets

A great face helmet is a good option for people who are keener to get good comfort than the full face coverage.

The name implies that the 3/4 helmet saves the head portion, chin, the face, and eyes are still exposed to sunlight, fog rain debris, and insects.

Riders who like medium speed would like to hear gushing wind to the ears. For this case, open face model comes to play. You may enjoy the wind rushing on your face.

The attractive features of the open face motorcycle helmet are unbarred, clear and visibility. You may see the obstructed glance on the road. The demerits can be dismissed. Only three out of four parts of your head remain covered.

You can not save the debris or bugs coming with the wind to your eyes. You can use sporting sunglass.

Many new models are packed with sun shield; you can slide down and enjoy the fresh air. If you ask me anything, my concert will go for the Shoei Platinum R-RJ anytime.

Off Road/Motocross/Dual-sports Helmets

High technology is applied to make the off road or Dual sports helmet. There are many features of the helmet for the street racers or bike stunt hobbyists. One has to acquire a high skill to perform the dangerous stunts.

Hitting the race without wearing the helmet is a bad idea. It may cause serious fatal accident or death. The most important feature of this type of helmet vents. Vents are designed to permit heat to avoid.

They give airflow to confirm humidity or temperature level inside the helmet for the riders. In foggy condition, the absence of face shield may cause a bigger problem.

The sun visor is good to ensure enough protection from UV rays. It saves up to 90%. I normally like motocross models like Scorpion VX 34 or Vega Viper.

Half Face Helmets

I would not like to suggest using skull cap. This type of helmet is good for the scooters. But if you use this for the speedy motorbike it would fall from the head. The helmet will not give you safety or protection.

Half face helmet is the same helmet regarding design. The weight is light, so there is no pressure on the head.

The open front structure adds more optical clarity. After a long ride, the user feels more comfortable. Riders get enough air to breathe.

Why Wear a Helmet?

A helmet is essential security equipment for a motorcycle rider. But serious head injuries are one number reason for the motorcycle accidents. For accident, you may break your arms, legs or if service you may bring serious injuries with you.

The brain damage can be the significant damage for you, or this may be the end of your life. For such case, a helmet will help you from all kinds of major injuries. It will save your head.

If you buy the high-quality helmet, well-chosen helmet, you may be saved from many crashes. The helmet is made of tough outer shell, carbon fiber, Kevlar weave, fiberglass with a softer liner.

The function of a helmet is to save you from any accident. As you have no idea when and where the accident may happen, you have to use it to save your brain. It ensures better and safe ride.

It is better to think that you are saving enough by wearing the helmet. This is the result of the study that wearing helmet reduces the risk of head injury up to 69% and reduce the risk of death up to 29%.

Benefits Of Wearing A Best Safety Motorcycle Helmet

Benefits Of Wearing A Best Safety Motorcycle Helmet

There are many advantages of using the helmet, and they are very much vivid.

The most benefit of using the helmet is that at the time of collision one thing is only between you and death that is the helmet.

Suppose, you are in a crash into an oncoming bus or car, you are thrown into the car’s windshield. For such case, a helmet will save your skull from fracturing.

If you fall into the pavement or skid out on the road, a helmet is your companion to save you from that is known as road rash.

You have a right choice to select the helmet. You are in fact good looking figure, and easily coming to the eye of the drivers, you will fall less in the accident.

The insurance company will lessen your rates, as they know that you have used the top rated safe equipment.

Lastly wearing a helmet means that you have good respect for the law, you will not pull over for the police. If you are not in the severe injury, maybe you are getting a steep fine will inspire you.

What to Look for a Best Motorcycle Helmets

What to Look for a Best Motorcycle Helmets

There are many results that the helmet will save you from the severe accident. Before buying the helmet, you have to consider the features of a helmet. Each will save your life from an accident.

Safety Ratings

A good looking helmet is beautiful no doubt, but this does not mean that it will save you from an accident. So this is better to consult with the safety rating of a helmet.

There have three top rate organizations who are giving best-rated helmet for security measures” The ECE 22.02, the U.S. Department of Transportation, and U.N Economic Commission for Europe.

Sheel 2010 is an organization that makes the helmet from the death of Pete Sheel, a racer who died from head injuries.

Helmet Size and the Shape of Your Head

There are various sizes of heads and for this; the companies are trying to make the different kinds of Helmet. The way they make the helmet of different size of heads is also important.

It will protect the head. Before buying the helmet, use fingers to measure the area that does not fit snugly on the head.

Type of Impact Absorbing Liner

Your helmet should be made with flexible materials. It requires redistributing the force of direct hit so that you are not injured during the accident. Most of the companies use foam materials or Styrofoam to make the helmet.

Type of Impact Absorbing Liner

Retention System

The best helmet should have one of these. Most of the people know, this is a chin strap. It will make the head safe during the accident and will help to do the job at higher velocities.

Helmet Ventilation

Ventilation is also an important factor for the helmet. There is no impact of ventilation on the helmet, but proper ventilation will make your comfort while using it. A good ventilation of the helmet is less hot and would not feel you like a sweat box.

The helmet has a snug fit but has a lot of ventilation ports. So wind may come and go inside the helmet freely. You will be sweat free and comfortable at the time of riding the motorcycle.

Evaluate the Materials

You have to consider the other factors of the helmet that are the materials of the helmet. You need to emphasize much on the outer shell of the helmet. The material will ensure the strength of the helmet.


Plastic is a material that is a must to make a helmet. The material should be lightweight. As plastic is flimsy, many technologies have been incorporated to make it more rigid to withstand impact.


If you desire to have a helmet made from the contemporary material, this is the best choice for you. They will be superb regarding the shock absorption. But compare with plastic, this is best to prone to cracks as materials are more brittle.


As you are thinking about the protection, this is the best option. Compare the fiberglass; this one is 20% lighter is made from Kevlar, it gives protection that is incomparable.

Why You Should Not Buy a Used Motorcycle Helmet Though It Is Best

Why You Should Not Buy a Used Motorcycle Helmet Though It Is Best

A helmet is a very necessary thing for you if you like to drive a motorcycle. This will save your life from the severe accident. It will protect your head from damaging or fatal injury.

The helmet is a must to drive a motorcycle or bike. So the lawmakers impose the law to use the helmet at the time of driving a motorcycle.

Some people do not try to understand the importance of this great thing. Some people are not interested in using a helmet.

For them, this is very heavy to carry and very suffocating. Some people feel that they would not feel the wind at the time of riding over it.

The price of the helmet is not very much. Again the price is not very low. Some people like to save money without buying the helmet.

Some like use old helmet instead of a new one. You should practice this. Besides, you should encourage other to use a helmet.

The practice of using the old or used helmet is impractical and dangerous. Used helmets are worthless. You are not sure whether they are unfit or not. It is impossible to tell as there is a hard outer shell.

It envelops the layer of expanded polystyrene. You are not sure about the expanded polystyrene is compressed or not useless to cut the outer shell. Used compressed polystyrene shell will not save you from the accident.

With the passage of time polystyrene becomes brittle and useless. So old helmets are not suggested to use, after a couple of years.

This can not absorb much of the impact when an accident happens. The polystyrene layer damaged by the sun or chemicals like gas vapors.

If you keep the helmet near the gas tank, it will unknowingly damage the lining of the helmet. So keeping the helmet sit under the heat of the sun is a bad idea.

So park the motorbike under the shaded area. Pointed objects also compromise the lifetime of a helmet by entering through the polystyrene layer inside.

Why should you replace your helmet every five years?

Why should you replace your helmet every five years

Body fluids, hair oils cosmetics, conventional war, and tear may damage the helmet. Petroleum based products like paints, cleaners, fuels and other encountered materials may also damage the helmet.

For advanced equipment, the helmet will last for a long time. The design, standards, and production methods are also very excellent of the helmet.

The five years replacement offer is based on the consensus by the Snell Foundation and helmet manufacturers. The helmet is upgrading day by day. The reason is that the improvement of the materials of the helmet.

I have read a lot of about helmet. I came to the conclusion that my friend’s garage would be more fruitful than a paper hat.

This is painted with oil based paint, holds degrading leather straps, and a bike dropped on it. Fortunately, I have not tested this on my head over the pavement.

There is no definite proof that the helmet is very useful after three or five years. I thought there is no objection against Shoei Helmets.

But after five years it is suggested to change the helmet. I believe that you will never get any record that after this time the helmet is doing its work well.

Types of Injuries Sustained By Motorcyclists

Types of Injuries Sustained By Motorcyclists

If you see the traffic accident, you will see the fatality rate is small. The reason is that most of the cars have safety features for the drivers and the passengers. But for motorcycle, there is the possibility of more injury.

Nothing can save your except helmet. You have the option to wear some other protective gears. The common injuries of the motorcycle are:

Head injury: If you do not like to use the good helmet or you are not interested in taking top safety rated helmet, you will move ahead to some worst damage.

The result is skull fracturing or head injuries like concussion or whiplash. This is up to the severity of the accident.

Tips For Using The Best Motorcycle Helmets

Tips For Using The Best Motorcycle Helmets

Buy the best kind of helmet for riding a motorcycle. This is a different thing. There are some ways or keys to use the helmet properly.

If you know how to keep the helmet on the head, this is the half way the job was done. People have no knowledge how to use it properly.

The important thing is to select the best helmet according to the size of your head. Placement of helmet to the perfect place has a great impact on the fit for any helmet.

Strap it on: It is natural that all the helmets, there are straps. When you wear it, you need to be sure about the strap. Strapping may assure that your helmet is in the right position of your head.

The manufacturer knows it well, and they made the design in such a way that the head will remain to the place. For this, a helmet will save your head from any unwanted events.

Keep the flip on: For a full face helmet, you have to keep the flip at the time of riding on it. Meaning that no objects or substance can hit on your fact at the time of driving a motorcycle. So this is advisable to keep the helmet all the time to drive to protect your head.

The Basic Do’s and Don’ts of Helmet Care

Many people like to read the articles though many people do not like. Some people clean their helmets in wrong way and use a bad product. Do the following steps to have the good shape.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • You may use scratch free or soft microfiber to rinse the helmet
  • You can use baby soap or mild soap to clean the helmet
  • Use soaked towel water to loosen or soak bug guts for some time before wiping them away
  • You may use polish for the shell of a glass helmet
  • Use minimum pressure to clean the shell to avoid scratching
  • For cleaning the vents and joints, you may use cotton swabs
  • Save your helmet with a coat of automotive wax, to save from water spots, grime, and guts from sticking
  • Air dry liner and helmet, you may use room fan if needs
  • Use liner like bandanna or skull cap, save your liner from body oil or sweats between washing
  • Lubricate the moving parts of the helmet such as visor hinge


  • Scrub the shell of a motorcycle helmet to remove bug guts
  • You may use harsh soaps such as dish water for your liner or helmet
  • To clean glass use ammonia-based cleaner or the glass cleaner
  • You can use petroleum distillate and solvent based cleaner for your helmet
  • Keep your helmet liner to the dryer
  • Apply dryer sheets to your helmet to freshen it
  • You may use fabric softener or soap along with fabric softener in it to clean the liner

How did we come up with Best Motorcycle Helmets brands?

There are lots of brands in the market. It may not be sure that you heard the names of all brands.

So before buying the good one try to know the best brands who are producing the best kinds of helmets. If you like to get the warranty, you have to buy one from the amongst best brands.


Arai is the best helmet to save your head. It has got the SNELL approval. Meaning that it has got the upper-grade standard for a helmet. It has the highest safety features.

They are making helmet since the year 1926. Legacy and consistency both are remarkable and appreciated. If you like to buy the best one, you can purchase the Arai.


AGV is the name came from a man named Gino Amisano. He gave importance to make leather seats for motorcycles.

In 1974, they liked to make motorcycle helmet. Now the name is one of the best names in the motor industry to make a good helmet.

This is the great choice helmet for the world champion competitors; AGV is a great helmet for the everyday riders.


The industry established in 1954. They are making a great number of helmets and national champion competitors. One of the most important factors is that they are making the continuous effort to make the best helmets.

They have combined lots of details and made the top rated helmets in the world. Bell is now the most popular brand among the people. It gives them more security that they desire from it.


From the year 1971, HJC was trying to make the best type of motorcycle helmet in the market. They are making competition with the other companies or brands to produce the best kind of helmets.

The name is unparallel in the helmet industries. They are expanding their helmet markets day by day.


KBC is the youngest name in the brands of the helmet. The age of this type of helmet is over twenty.

KBC is the best helmets amongst the top rated brands on the market today. They are doing more research and producing the best models. This brand is cutting the edge of the helmet industry.


The birthplace of Nolan is Italy. It has not grasped about 50% of a European market. The Nolan brand is a favorite brand to the European motorcyclist.

The brand is reliable and recognizable among the brands in the market. For safety, it has got the DOT approval. No matter where you are living, you can use it.


Shark is a European brand. They are making helmets over 25 years in their headquarters in Franc. It is the best-desired helmet to the users. They are focusing on the details of the innovations.

Within the short time, they are getting much popularity among the people. The brand is now becoming popular with some other competitors across the globe.


The company established in 1959 in Japan Tokyo. Shoei is still today the best company and keeps the promise. It is respected and an important player in the area of motorcycle helmet industry.

If you desire to have the best type of helmet, you can consider Shoei. The service it gives is very praiseworthy.

Helmet Laws

Do not care about the helmet’s laws. This is the best time to think about it. The laws and regulations of different countries vary from state to state. Make a plan to buy the best type of helmet for your state.

You like to avoid compensation for breaching the security code. If you like to know more details about the helmet, you need to take help from the internet.

You will get the detailed information about your state and the way to regulate it at the time of riding a motorcycle.

Watch The Video On How To Wash Your Motorcycle Helmet

Best Motorcycle Helmets (FAQs)

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding motorcycle helmets:

1. How do helmets work?
Helmets protect your head from serious injuries by covering your head with a sturdy shell that is comfortably padded. If you fall, your helmet will absorb and prevent any damage from reaching your skull.

2. How often should I replace my helmet?
Helmets should be replaced every three to five years, as advised by the manufacturers. That’s because the materials that were used to build the helmet slowly decay. They lose their strength after a certain time. Their durability gets reduced, and with it, their ability to withstand damages.
However, if your helmet has survived a recent crash, you should immediately get a new one even if it doesn’t appear to be cracked or damaged.

3. How to test a helmet?
Testing is easy. You just have to be thorough with it. Check for its date of creation, carefully examine it for cracks and signs of wearing. Then inspect the inner linings as well as the straps with caution.

4. How to take care of a helmet?
Helmets require regular maintenance to keep it in good shape. Remember to clean it on a daily basis properly. Don’t store it where it might get damaged. Also, make sure not to over-accessorize it.

5. Can motorcycle helmets really save lives?
Of course, they can. Helmets absorb the shock on impact and guard your head against directly hitting the ground, tree, or other hard surfaces. They reduce the chance of trauma and increase the odds of surviving accidents.

6. What is the way to know that the particular type of helmet is fit for you?

A: Wearing a fit helmet is an important thing for riders. So you need to choose the best type of helmet for you. You need to adjust the helmet well. A good helmet having good fit is the best thing to wear the helmet. There are different sizes, and you can choose your comfortable one. If you choose the best size, you may buckle the strap. And then draw the lower back of the helmet forward and the front brow region of the helmet

7. What is the way to manage the motorcycle helmet?

A: Do not keep the helmet to a fixed place for a long time. This may damage the inner lining of the helmet. You should keep the helmet away from the motorcycle mirror. To clean inner lining and the outside you can use mild soap water.  Do not use the chemical product to wash the product. Besides, do not use any paints on it.

8. What is the reason to wear Snell certified helmets?

A: There are some levels of protection for the helmets. If the helmet has this protection, it will get Snell certificate. The helmet that fulfills these criteria will get Snell certifications and the best standard. They will save and protect your life.

9. What is the process to know a particular helmet is Snell certified or is not?

A: In Snell helmets, you will get two labels. It has an adhesive level that will remain somewhere inside the helmet. Other is cloth type helmet normally sewn on the chin strap. There are two labels on your helmet, and you have got Snell certified models. If not, the helmet will not fulfill the criteria.

10. What is the way to save strap creeps from my helmet?

A: Some straps are creeping over your helmet. It becomes loose after using it one time. So you should better to select a helmet with a good width strap instead of skinny ones. You can use more O-ring to permit the buckle to lock. This may take care of the straps.


Final Words & Recommendation

All the helmets that we’ve featured in our list top-quality helmets that are capable of providing amazing protection and giving great riding experience. They are all pretty affordable as well and worth every penny!

However, one product manages to stand out as the best motorcycle helmet, and that is the ILM JK313-MB-M Full Face Motorcycle Helmet. 

This one has everything that you look for in a helmet. It’s highly durable, very comfortable to wear, and offers great visual through its dual visors. You get all that for a very low price. So, it’s almost perfect in every aspect! 

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7 Best Enduro Helmets Reviews to Read in 2020

Anyone who has ridden a bike can vouch that it is one of the best feelings ever. The excitement, the thrill, the rush makes you feel like you can do anything. However, that thrill also leads to some pretty serious bike accidents every year and results in quite a few deaths too.

Does that mean you should never ride a bike? Absolutely not! However, it means that you should invest in a good helmet to keep you protected when you are having fun.

Enduro helmets are definitely the best option for that. Confused about which one would be good for you? Give our best Enduro Helmets to review a read, and you’ll get all the answers!

Top 7 Best Enduro Helmets

Here is a detailed review of the 5 top endure helmets along with their pros and cons:

Typhoon XP14 Full Face Dual Sport Helmet Off Road UTV ATV Motorcycle Enduro White

The Typhoon Helmet is known for how lightweight it feels on your head, yet how completely safe it is. Since this product is designed from ASB materials, it does not feel heavy at all when you are wearing it. However, that does not compromise the safety aspect of the helmet. It abides by the DOT safety standards and keeps you from harm’s way.

One of the best things about this helmet is its face shield. The face shield is scratch and distortion resistant, so you do not have to worry about it getting damaged in case any minor accidents happened. It is also removable, so you can totally opt to remove it and use your own helmet if you want. The inner lining in the product can also be removed and washed to keep it clean.

Another good thing about this product is that it offers a wide-angle of view. This helps to eliminate any risk of getting into any accidents due to blind spots. The helmet also has an amazing ventilation system and an interior channeling system, which helps to regulate airflow and prevent you from sweating a lot while going on long rides.

Since no single helmet size can fit all head sizes, and the regular, small medium large size chart often does not cut it, this product comes in 5 different sizes. This helps to ensure that you can get the best for yourself. This is particularly important to make sure the helmet does not come off while you are riding it.

Pros & Cons of Typhoon XP14 Full Face Dual Sport Helmet


  • Lightweight
  • Meets DOT safety standards
  • Scratch-resistant removable face shield
  • Offers wide-angle view
  • The removable and washable inner lining
  • Comes in 5 sizes to ensure a comfortable fit
  • Interior channeling system keeps sweat away


  • The face shield is not able to block the sunlight
Leatt DBX 3.0 Enduro V19.1 Adult Off-Road BMX Cycling Helmet

The Leatt Helmet is a convertible helmet and therefore offers much flexibility. It has a removable chin bar that can be attached to the half shell base. This is quite a great advantage, as you have the choice to not use the chin bar when you are going for normal rides and do not want the extra weight. And while traveling at high speed, just attach it on for added safety.

Something that sets this helmet apart from other alternatives is its use of the 360-degree turbine technology. It is basically a name for some blue squishy dots around the helmet, which are formed from velocity-sensitive materials. This technology has been known to reduce the impact of direct forces to the head by 30%, and to absorb rotational energy by 40%.

Comfort is another main factor of this Leatt helmet. It is quite easy to remove and attach the chin bars through some buckles on the side, and it does not take up much time at all. The whole helmet is padded with EPS foam liners that help to absorb any direct shock and offer protection. The different sizes of the helmet also help to provide you with the best fit.

Riding on the bike for long periods of time during hot days can be quite a challenge. This helmet takes care of that aspect too. It is equipped with 23 vents that promote airflow and keep you cool during long rides. The inner lining that is inside the helmet also helps in absorbing moisture and is odor-free and can be removed and washed when it gets too dirty.

Pros & Cons of Leatt DBX 3.0 Enduro V19.1 Adult Off-Road BMX Cycling Helmet


  • Removable chin bar offers flexibility
  • 360-degree turbine technology reduces the impact of direct forces and rotation
  • Comfortable to use
  • EPS foam liner helps reduce energy transfer
  • 23 vents provide better ventilation
  • The washable inner liner helps absorb moisture


  • The buckle is not durable
Vega Helmets VF1 Lightweight Dirt Bike Helmet – Off-Road Full Face Helmet for ATV Motocross MX Enduro Quad Sport,

The Vega helmet is one of the most popular helmets out there among bikers, due to its stylish look and use of cool graphics. It is not only known for turning heads around due to its design, but also for providing comfort. This helmet comes in various different sizes so that you can choose the one that best fits your head size.

Equipped with EPS liner padding all around, this product is sure to provide you with adequate protection. The EPS liner is great at absorbing energy, so in cases of crash, it will take in most of the impact and prevent the direct force from reaching your head and brain. Also, the helmet exceeds DOT standards, so you can be sure about being out of harm’s way while wearing it.

Having a good ventilation system is a very important part of a helmet, and this one does not disappoint us in that aspect too. It is known to promote airflow while you are riding so that you do not turn into a sweaty mess by the time you reach your destination. The visor in the helmet is also removable for times when you do not need it.

Another good thing about this helmet is the inner lining. This lining helps a lot in keeping sweat at bay and prevents the growth of bacteria. It is also removable and washable. So in times when you have to ride frequently for long times in humid weather, just take the lining off and wash it every few days to keep feeling fresh.

Pros & Cons of Vega Helmets VF1 Lightweight Dirt Bike Helmet


  • Stylish look
  • Equipped with EPS liner to reduce the transfer of energy to the head
  • Exceeds DOT safety standards
  • Good ventilation system
  • Fully removable visor
  • The removable and washable inner lining
  • Various sizes to choose from


  • Plastic screw on the side of the visor might come off
ega Helmets Cross Tour 2 Dual Sport Helmet with Internal Sun Visor – Full Face Motorcycle Helmet for Motocross ATV MX Enduro Quad

Comfort is one of the most important factors while choosing a helmet for a rider. This Vega Helmet is all about comfort. It is very lightweight, yet it offers adequate protection. It has all the necessary features that you would want in a helmet, and offers incredible breathability and keeps you cool the whole ride long.

This helmet is made from a polycarbonate EBS shell. The shell is vented and equipped with exhaust ports so as to not accumulate any heat. The inner part of the helmet is lined with a thick, dense EPS lining, which is also vented and allows you to breathe well through it. The EPS foam absorbs energy from direct impacts and keeps you safe.

One of the best things about this helmet definitely is that it is equipped with an internal sun visor. This helps to keep the direct glare of the sun away from your face while you are driving and eliminates the risk of accidents happening. The sun visor is removable, so you can keep it out of your face when you do not need it.

The D strap of this helmet can be adjusted easily and saves a lot of time. An inner lining can also be found in the inside of the helmet, which absorbs your sweat and moisture so that you do not have to drive around feeling sticky all day. The lining can also be removed and washed, so you do not have to worry about any bacteria or odor forming.

Pros & Cons of Vega Helmets Cross Tour 2 Dual Sport Helmet


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Made with vented polycarbonate ASB shell
  • Promotes air flow
  • Equipped with internal sun visor
  • EPS lining offers protection
  • The inner comfort liner is washable and removable
  • D strap can be adjusted easily


  • Sun visor does not offer adequate protection
Kali Protectives Avana Enduro Helmet Grunge/Violet, XS/S

This Kali Protective helmet is quite a unique product in various ways. First of all, instead of being made from the usual polycarbonate shell, it features both polycarbonate and carbon. The carbon mostly works as a cage and binds things together, especially helping in cases of direct impacts. The polycarbonate mainly increases the durability and longevity of the product.

The composite fusion technology this helmet uses is of special use during accidents. And the helmet is covered with impact-absorbing EPS foam on the inside, and this technology helps to transfer the impact that the shell faces to the foam. But then, instead of transferring the impact to your head, the foam transfers it sideways through the help of this technology and keeps you safe.

Driving a long road during the summer with a full helmet on your head can be quite a tough ordeal. To save you from the heat, therefore, this model has not 5, not 10, but 20 different vents. These vents do a great job of keeping the air flowing and reducing the amount of heat trapped inside.

Another great thing about the product is the comfortable inner lining that it features. Nobody likes to drive around in a sweaty helmet. This inner lining helps you to not face that, by absorbing all sorts of moisture. On top of that, it can be removed and replaced or cleaned, so you can get a fresh feeling with every ride.

Pros & Cons of Kali Protectives Avana Enduro Helmet


  • Made from a blend of carbon and polycarbonate materials
  • Equipped with a unique composite fusion plus technology
  • Padded with EPS foam 
  • 20 vents help to regulate heat
  • Comfortable inner lining


  • The fit is not great for all sizes.
Kali Protectives Maya Mountain Bike Helmet

The Kali Maya Enduro helmet is prepared to take you to the gangliest ride. The helmet is ready to record your riding.

The Maya takes smart ideas and styling cues from motor world to lead you a tougher riding and tough looking piece of safety gear. Kali is made in mold construction from Maya that bonds EPS foam to a polycarbonate shell.

The system makes a lightweight or low profile helmet. The various density EPS foams are arrayed to make from crumpling buffer zones which absorb the impact of the accident.

At the same time, the flexible visor is not breakable, made to bend or in a crash. Over the visor, you can mount the video camera.

The liners of the helmets are antimicrobial to face odors. Five intakes and seven exhaust port permit airflow over your head cool and dry.

Pros & Cons of Kali Protectives Maya Enduro Helmet


  • Lightweight and very wonderful to look at
  • he only drawback is camera mount; the mount does not come with M5 nut required to keep an action camera
  • Very comfortable and the S/M fits well
  • Shell Material: Polycarbonate
  • Ventilation: 12 vents
  • Impact Foam: multi-density EPS foam
  • Fit Adjustment: Dual Closure


  • No con is very serious
 Dual Sport Helmet Combo w/Gloves - Off Road Motocross UTV ATV Motorcycle Enduro - Silver, Black - Small

Open the box, and you will get a wonderful helmet. It seems that the product is very high quality.

Ventilation, seams, plastic all are great to look at. A great thing is waiting for me to the end of the week.

At first, I would use it and then I would review the quality. Now time to check how it is in the rain or wind. Kindly, measure the size of the helmet.

One free size helmet to exchange. As you think, the helmet is not fit for you, send it to us. We are ready to give you a new one to use.

Pros & Cons of Dual Sports Helmet – Off Road Motocross Enduro


  • Standard D-ring closure chin strap
  • Having a drawstring fabric carrying bag
  • Normally removable and washable liner
  • Super front flow ventilation system along with channels to guarantee maximum venting and console
  • You can easily turn the helmet from shield configuration to shield-less configuration which you can use along with goggles to the conventional off the road. The helmet has got DOT certificate
  • The visor is made in such a way that the airflow goes uninterrupted to the helmet without lifting the helmet with great or high speeds.
  • You may use it as a snow helmet, double pane, breath box. You may buy the electric shield separately


  • No negative indication

How to Choose the Best Enduro Helmets

Choosing the right helmet is essential for your own safety. So these are a few factors you need to consider before buying one of your own –


The weight of the helmet can play a huge role in determining how comfortable the rider is while driving. It is necessary not to buy one that is too heavy, as having it on for a long time can cause a lot of discomforts and even lead to serious head and shoulder problems.

However, you should not directly aim for the lightest helmet in the market either. The best helmet usually has a medium sort of weight, so that it can offer protection during an impact while also not hindering the driver’s ability to drive properly.


Not ensuring the right fit can lead to disastrous consequences, from minimal uneasiness to death even. If your helmet does not fit properly, it might come off any time you face an accident, your head will face all the impact in the absence of it.

Therefore, it is best to try out all the different sizes of the helmet to see which one fits you best. If you do not have the time for that, measure the circumference of your head and compare it to a helmet size chart to know which one will suit you.


Make sure that your helmet does the job it was designed to do – protect you. EPS lined helmets are great at this. If you can combine that with a durable shell and some MICS r turbine technology, then you have nothing to worry about anymore.


Comfort is quite important while choosing helmets, as you will have to keep it on your head for a long time. Make sure that the product has a good ventilation system, enough exhaust ports, etc. to keep you cool. The adjustability should be good too. If there is any liner to absorb sweat, that is even better.

Open Face Enduro Helmet Features 

Among the crucial characteristics that have evolved would be that the lower part into the rear of the helmet that offers additional protection to the back of the mind.

Frequently Enduro helmets have a well-designed retention system which retains the helmet firmly in place. In our experience we all favor simple methods such as this from URGE. However, there’s not any doubt that systems such as this from Troy Lee Designs using their brand-new A1 helmet.

Another vital component is venting, XC helmets usually are much better ventilated and lighter weight, but because of the character of Enduro riding most Enduro helmets are somewhat heavier and much more protective, this involves a less spacious venting system, which in concept makes it possible for a decreasing prospect of stones or sharp objects throughout.

Helmets are usually designed around security standards that explain the size of the effect. Understanding what Enduro riding may entail, the danger of impacts could be of a higher capacity.  so especially when picking up a helmet such as the Troy Lee Designs A1 the depth and durability of the EPS substance employed in the helmet structure is noticeable. Besides it undoubtedly provides the wearer a higher feeling of protection and security.

Full Face Enduro Helmet Features

One mistake most rider make when picking an Enduro helmet would be to utilize a Motorcross helmet. Though it feels like a fantastic thought Motorcross helmets are built around different security standards including impacts which are of a higher size than those anticipated to be struck when riding Enduro.

He proceeded to state “When with a Motorcross helmet, the consequences will probably be too low for your helmet to deform, and so the energy will pass to the consumer’s mind. We design our helmets, so they deform correctly at bike speed impacts and safeguard the user correctly.”

A properly designed Enduro full face helmet afterward is vital, lightweight, venting, and a fantastic style, in addition to the above security criteria.

Regrettably, the area of security standards isn’t quite as clear as it ought to be and haven’t been created with all the Enduro bicycle riders in your mind. Therefore, it’d be better to have a look at helmets concerning basic structure.

Regrettably, ventilation isn’t necessarily as large as an Enduro special full-face helmet like the Enduromatic out of URGE. Therefore, a complete face helmet is utilized for pedaling up the mountain may leave the consumer hotter and more uneasy.

In our experience in temperatures of 18 degrees and under a full-face helmet may be used without a lot of issues for pedaling. The contemporary designs though are continually evolving to enhance this feature.

So if you’re searching for a complete face Enduro helmet we’d recommend lightweight as an essential variable, again in our expertise, Kali using their entire face helmet layouts have a few of the most innovative technologies in helmet design on the market.

Using EPS that are directly secured to the outer shell of the helmet and they’re very creative cone-based construction permits them to decrease weight considerably and at precisely the same time eliminate any air gap between the casing and the memory.

It follows that any effect isn’t amplified as electricity moves through the combine in substances, thereby dissipating more rapidly and keeping a high degree of security to the wearer.

If you have a crash, it may damage the helmet. You may think that the money you have spent is not worthy to buy it.

Some injuries may be cured, but brain injuries do not heal. It has no guarantee that the helmet will save you from injury at the time of outfitting or for the mountain bike.

You need to be confirming that the helmet should meet the standard of the desired country where it is going to be sold. Many have got the international standard, surely may be good for you.

Even the lowest quality helmet is made in such a way that they will give full protection for your brain and skull in an unexpected situation.

Full Face Vs Open Face

World Enduro and European racing rules oblige to use a full face helmet instead of the open-face helmet. Some riders think that it isn’t essential to use the second one.

They use an open-faced helmet on their backpacks before starting the race. You also need to switch helmet prior the race run.

If the riders remain excited in different climates, an open face helmet is the best option for him.

However, there is no other thing that gives adequate protection except a full faced helmet. This is up to the personal choice of the riders. When the trial is very tough, we suggest you maximum protection.

Enduro Full Face MTB Helmets: In Depth Look At Our Favorites

Best Enduro Helmets (FAQs)

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding Enduro helmets:

1. How do I know a helmet is safe?
Your helmet should meet DOT safety standards for them to be acceptably safe.

2. How are convertible helmets good?
Convertible helmets offer you the flexibility to choose between two different styles.

3. What unique features should I look for in my helmet?
Look for any 360-degree turbine technology or composite fusion plus technology for maximum protection.

4. Should I go for a heavy helmet or a light one?
Find one that has a good weight to protection ratio.

5. How do I find the perfect fit for me?
Measure the circumference of your head, and compare it to a size chart.

Final Words and Recommendation

Choosing a good helmet is very important to keep yourself safe. We hope that reading this article about the best Enduro helmets reviews will help you choose one for you now. 

Although all the products are comfortable and do a good job of protecting their users, we would suggest you try out the Leatt Enduro helmet. Its convertible style and 360-degree turbine technology offer both flexibility and an added level of safety, so it might be the best choice for you.

Top Picks 8 Voss Helmet Reviews

Helmets come as a safety measure against road accidents. They offer maximal protection, and their absence can be fatal in road accidents. Even at lower speeds, a bike accident can be fatal. And so, we don’t want to discourage our readers from wearing helmets while cruising at lower speeds, too.

Irrespective of your riding style, a well-built helmet can prove to be a life-saver.

Considering how vital helmets are for bikers, it is essential to make a wise purchase after going through the best Voss helmet reviews.

Good quality Voss helmets consist of some unique characteristics that provide the best support during riding.

Although it can be a tough job to select a good quality Voss helmet, our detailed reviews will help you make your selection wisely.

Our Top Picks Voss Helmet Review


Among so many Voss helmets in the market, it is essential to pick a good quality one to promote safety and protection during riding.

To select a good quality helmet, it is essential to be acquainted with some of the ideal helmets in the market. Our detailed reviews will help you choose your one wisely.

Core Cruiser Shorty Half Helmet

This is one of the best motorcycle helmets for cruisers available in a very affordable deal. It combines excellent quality features and a premium support system. Overall performance of this helmet is above average in terms of durability and support.

The helmet comes with a covering of thermoplastic alloy shell, which is a substantial structure for the exterior of the helmet. As for the build material of this helmet, it’s sturdy outwards and very durable in terms of the price point. Thus, you can expect it to last for a very long time.

Voss helmet also has a finish of automotive paint to make it look sophisticated. Coming with a final finish of a clear coat, it is beneficial to prevent scratches.

The Interior of the helmet is equipped with plush, breathable brushed nylon. For this reason, it is very comfortable from inside despite having a tough exterior.

Additional features include a double D-ring retention system, which ensures secure chin fastening and a removable sun visor. All these features make this helmet an excellent quality Voss motorcycle helmet to purchase.

Pros & Cons of Core Cruiser Shorty Half Helmet


  • Offers maximum support to the head
  • Scratch protection
  • Tough and durable exterior
  • Comfortable interior
  • Secure chin fastening


  • Does not come with a variety of color selection options
Voss 988 Moto-1 Street Full Face Helmet with Drop Down Internal Sun Lens - L - Solid Gloss Black

Voss helmets are renowned for their exceptional quality features and unique designs. Their premium support system and high-performance abilities have made their helmets unique in every way.

It comes with a material of lightweight injection-molded alloy shell. We found its material durable and think it will last for a long time. It’s also equipped with an ultra-comfortable dry tech moisture-wicking liner. So, this provides a sturdy exterior covering and a comfortable interior.

A unique feature of this helmet is the multi-port ventilation design, which is responsible for maximum ventilation support. It’s also equipped with dual airflow top vents and lower front vent for maximum air intake during summer. An exit port at the back gives the rider a fantastic experience during riding.

Additional features include a spring-loaded visor, which helps in reducing internal wind noise and a fully adjustable quick release ratchet retention system. A drop-down integrated sun lens is also present, which keeps haziness and sun rays away from the eyes.

Considering all these features, it is an excellent item for a Voss helmets price.

Pros & Cons of Voss 988 Moto-1 Street Full Face Helmet


  • Durable and long-lasting material
  • Maximum support system
  • Comfortable interior
  • Multiple ventilation systems
  • Reduced internal wind noise


  • Size and color selection may be difficult
801 X1 Pro Dirt Bike Helmet Matte Whiteout with Red Blaze Voss ONE Goggles

This helmet is another unique item to consider if you’re a biker who wants to enjoy an amazing experience while riding. It comes with pretty great features and premium quality material that offers maximum support for bikers.

Exterior of this product consists of a lightweight shell of durable quality, which will last a pretty long time. As for the overall shape of the helmet, it’s an intermediate oval-shaped one, which is convenient to wear by most riders. It also offers a pretty sophisticated outlook.

The helmet is also equipped with the Voss ONE Dirt Goggles, which ensures better experience with premium vision. This also offers a geared experience when it comes to riding in windy weather.

Moreover, it comes with a micrometric quick release ratchet system to aid in the efficient riding experience.

Interior of the helmet is provided with an advanced polycarbonate liner. Inner liner ensures that the helmet is comfortable to wear. The liner is washable, removable, breathable and very lightweight in texture.

Moreover, it comes with anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties to offer maximum comfort and hygiene. Considering so many features, it can be said that this is a great quality carbon fibre half helmet to purchase.

Pros & Cons of 801 X1 Pro Dirt Bike Helmet


  • Firm and sturdy exterior
  • Durable material
  • Liner is washable, breathable, anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking
  • Goggles for a better experience


  • Devoid of a multi-port ventilation system
Voss 303 Dual Lens Cruiser DOT Three Quarter/Open Face Helmet with Integrated Sun Lens and Quick Release System

One of the most purchased Voss helmets for sale, this specific helmet, is unique in every possible way. All the outstanding features and amazing characteristics make it the best open face helmet available.

This helmet has a typical beanie Voss fitting compared to most helmets available in the marketplace. There is a provision of integrated sun lens, which aids in better-geared experience when it comes to riding. Fitting of the helmet is round or oval and will fit almost every head.

This comes with an internal visor system that consists of a dropdown sun lens. The lens is replaceable and does not require additional tools for replacement issues. Interior comes with a comfortable liner that contains anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties. The liner is also removable, breathable, and washable.

There is the provision of a fast application quick release ratchet system, which aids in better performance. A fastener strap that is neither too tight nor too loose makes sure the rider faces no difficulties. All these features are undoubtedly amazing to experience as an agile rider.

Pros & Cons of Voss 303 Dual Lens Cruiser


  • Sturdy and strong exterior
  • Interior liner is very comfortable
  • The quick-release ratchet system is available
  • Internal visor system is present


  • Does not come with a multi-port ventilation system
Voss 600 Dually Matte Black Reaction Dual Sport Helmet with Integrated Sun Lens and Removable Peak DOT - M - Matte Black Reaction

One of the most renowned helmets in the marketplace, this one is a great option to consider if you’re a beginner and an agile rider. It comes with premium qualities and high-performance abilities. These traits aid in performing more efficiently than most helmets available.

The outer shell comes with a thermoplastic injection of composite construction. There is the provision of high ABS or polycarbonate in the shell to give straight and sturdy support. This is both durable and long-lasting in terms of material quality.

A unique feature of the helmet is the drop-down sun lens, which is controlled by a latch. There is a greater field of vision due to the presence of a larger eye-port in the helmet.

Goggles included are of standard size and may be adjusted with the eye area. The inner lens is replaceable, along with the peak and face shield.

Interior comes with a comfortable liner that is breathable, washable, and moisture-wicking. This also contains anti-bacterial properties, which are a bonus for an inner liner of the helmet.

The helmet comes with a single finger ratchet rapid release and nylon web chin strap retention system to aid in better performance. All these traits are responsible for their high-quality performance.

Pros & Cons of Voss 600 Dually


  • The strong and sturdy shell
  • Comfortable liner with multiple properties
  • Greater field of vision
  • Dropdown joining lens


  • Does not have a lot of color selection options
Voss 700CF EZ Rider Low Profile DOT Half Helmet with Metal Quick Release - XL - Matte Carbon Fiber

Voss is better than any other carbon fiber helmet on the market. Each layer is made of quality carbon structure and has a good shell.

For the carbon layers, the BuiltLite series makes it lightest helmets on the show. The system of weight of the helmet is 1.5 pounds, and it has 700 CF EZ riders. As you think the weight of the helmet is more strain it to the neck. We greatly suggest you use 700 EZ Rider in Carbon Vulcanized Fiber.

The helmet is light and the carbon fiber makes it one of the greatest half helmets on the market as there is no compromise on the safety matters.

Choose the 700 CF in matte carbon helmet. It has a cool and clean finish. It grabs the attention of the users. In every helmet, you will get micro metal quick release ratchet system, a removable microfiber liner and naked chinstraps.

All helmets are tested in California USA. At the time of choosing this helmet, one have to know details about it. The consequence is not protected well. The range of size of the helmet is XS to XXL. The shell has two shell sizes for proper fitting.

Pros & Cons of Voss 700CF EZ Rider Half Helmet


  • Fit as you desired
  • Size is accurate, good, very light like the flat black carbon
  • Weight is also very light