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Kask Mojito vs Proton – What’s The Difference Between Kask Mojito And Proton

Kask helmet is specially designed in Italy. It comes with lots of safety features.

The helmet is innovative and packed with lots of security features to ensure safe riding experience for the cyclists. It is hundred percent made in Italy.

Kask is a world-famous helmet for making Vertigo, Mojito and Protone helmet models.

Road cyclists use this helmet for going up and down in the country such as Tour winning Team Sky. Kask is famous for offering TT and track helmets named as the Bambino Pro.

All the helmets are stunning in design and found in various colors so that the users can chose their preferred cycle kit and bike.


The weight of the Mojito helmet is only 220 grams. It has 22 vents which keep my head cool same as Rapido. It remains low on the head.

Therefore you will feel that your head desires to over balance on 1 side. The similar pivot system is added with the Rapido on the Mojito. It pulls the helmet down onto the head for usual and comfortable fit.

Moreover, it comes with good padding. You can control it by an easy dial at the back of the helmet though this dial is designed with Italian colors.

Kask Mojito vs Proton Mojito

The straps strictly follow the rules of the industry where 2 different straps thread by an adjustable clip.

KASK moves ahead nicely by adding the spongy leather strap. It surely connects a comfortable element over the standard Nylon strap.

There is well padding inside the helmet. At first, this helmet was made for use on the road. Now people are using it for mountain biking. The helmet is comfortable more.

The design of the helmet fits well than the other helmets. I am much disappointed as I have a desire to get more elegance. It doesn’t affect the performance at all.

But I got this helmet is the bit less comfortable than the Proton that is shown below.

This model is well fit for the serious riders. It compromises with the budget of the riders. The helmet serves two purposes both on MTB and on the road.


I have seen many helmets. Amongst the last three, I have got that Protone is the best to me. This is for the appearance of the helmet.

Kask Mojito vs Proton Protone

It seems very gorgeous to me. I was waiting for such type of helmet for a long time on my head and out of the road.

The medium size, Protone is only 230 grams. When I wear it on my head it seems to me that there is nothing on my head. I found it is still there on some odd occasions.

The cage adjusted to the back is small. It has a manageable dial to tighten the adjustable pads on the right and left.

It the pulls the skull beneath to ensure protection. The configuration system of the helmet is well fitted and I feel more comfortable.

The padding system of the helmet is soft and sufficient. It also has much absorption to resist sweat streaming in your eyes.

This option is comparatively better than other helmets in the market. It is a professional helmet with lots of protection and safety features. It never compromises with the Italian design.

Riding experience is very wonderful. There is no noise around the vents. You will feel more aerodynamic if you get low on the drops.

What remains for me is the design of the chin strap around the ears. More than 90% helmets come with the dual Nylon strap.

The strap feedsthe  with an adjustor and constantly beneath the chin. It sometimes gets twisted and adjusts them finishing in rubbing beneath the ear.

There is a single strap of the Proton which runs front to the back around the bottom of the ear. It sits comfortably. The chin strap is the soft leather strap that develops the total comfort level.

How Safe Are Hockey Helmets – A Detail Practical Experiences

Rowson is an ASME member in his research said that research can upgrade the safety of the helmet.

He with his colleagues has standardized laboratory testing situations which are representative of the real-world head impacts.

The researchers have set up instruments at Dartmouth College and Brown University to preserver’s head impact data straight from the players.

Moreover, Rowson and his team borrowed a hockey rink in Roanoke, Virginia. They tried to identify how a rink’s sideboards, ice, and glass create various types of road collisions.

How Safe Are Hockey Helmets

The data of the team inform testing methods of Rowson to reconstruct real-world head collision.

A custom-designed crash pendulum may imitate on-ice collision. It arrests ahead with accelerometers and angular rate sensors.

A helmet passes through various impacts which indicate impact place and its velocity. The sensors calculate linear and rotational head acceleration is serious in determining concussion risk.

The testing method helps the researchers to examine different models. Here the force of impact goes from the helmet to the head.

He expressed that a hockey helmet modulates energy passes to the head in the different configuration. Our testing system helps us to measure head impact given to particular energy levels.

The researchers have shown how often players faced different head impacts and the possibility of injuries given an amount of head acceleration.

The data gives the likelihood of a concussion of various impacts given by helmets. It gives the forecast of the different crashes.

A player may experience any situation during a complete hockey session by wearing a helmet.

How safe is your kid’s hockey helmet?

Dr. Stefan M. Duma said that hockey produces the top rate of the concussion after football.

He attended a conference of scientists and engineers where he stated that manufacturers are trying their best to progress the safety of the hockey helmets.

They institute a rating method which measures a brand and meticulous model effectiveness.

How safe is your kid’s hockey helmet

Dr. Duma, the chief of the university biomedical engineering department and Virginia Tech professor, said that we are trying best to reduce the possibility of the concussion.

The system he suggested is a 5 points rating scale famous for the STAR system. The Virginia Tech Football team started to use in a helmet in 2011.

Virginia Tech biomedical engineering researchers communicate with the manufacturers and scientists of hockey helmet in summer, 2014.

The University arrangement confirms hockey Star safety rating for head safety worn by youth and professional hockey players.

It is hoped that the rate of the helmet is very high. They will use their helmet for hockey that takes place every 4 years intervals in Olympics.

Researchers have analyzed it in the lab. The research is done by Stefan Duman who was a professor and Departmental head.

Steve Rowson who was an assistant professor both on biomedical engineering program in the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech. He worked with Stefan Duman.

It follows almost ten years safety rating of football helmets for the youth and professional levels. The low helmet can decrease concussions and some other types of head wounds for the players.

Duma with his team developed the rating of the football helmet. They designed it to detect key distinctions between the abilities of personal helmets to decrease the probability of concussion.

They have released 5 adults’ football helmets and got 5-star marks. This is the topmost rating award given by the Virginia Tech Helmet Rating.

Duma and his team are hopeful that all helmet manufacturers will follow it closely.

Duma makes a note that meeting analyses the science at the back Hockey STAR testing. It also permits an effort from hockey helmet constituent.

22 vents are included in Duma’s past research work. This is a presentation on helmet research and sharing the methodology of the Hockey-STAR ratings.

Helmet manufacturers, researchers, and sports regulators work in the area of sports injuries are hoped to attend.

Duma said the examination of hockey helmets incorporate rational and linear acceleration to the evaluation method. This is the first system which adds acceleration and linear profiles.

It is suggested by the organization of Medicine about recent reports of concussions. Virginia Tech has published testing procedures of sports helmets instead of footballs.

The testing protocol is also used in lacrosse helmets, softball, baseball and youth football.

Virginia Tech’s STAR Evaluation System has tested sum total of 25 football helmets by the examination of 2,700 laboratory tests.

They have found that each helmet has accessed at least 120 impact tests. Better helmets are simulated crash energy of a field hit and lower concussion risks.

The researchers said that any player can face concussion in any situation though he or she has enough head protection.

So far you will get no concussion-proof helmet on the market said Duma in previous records.

How Are Hockey Helmets Made – A Useful Guide

Hockey Helmets: The Materials

Safety of the hockey helmet totally depends on the materials that are used for making the equipment. There are 3 different materials in a hockey helmet. These are leather, steel, and wood.

The helmets that are made from wood give little protection. The steel-made helmets ensure protection but these are very heavy to carry.

The helmets that are made of wood give some protection but most likely crack or splinter upon impact.

There are many causes for which materials are important for the helmets. The outside of the hockey helmet is made of vinyl nitrile.

It is a substance that aids disband the pressure upon collision across the total helmet. It also lessens the force of the blow on the head of the players.

The internal liner of this helmet is made of expanded polypropylene foam, vinyl nitrile foam or other types of materials.

The target is to disperse the pressure of the blow. It decreases the suffering of the players at the time of concussion.

Construction of the Helmet – How Are Hockey Helmets Made

The purpose of using these materials is to save the player’s head from the concussion. It helps them to perform or see on the ice.

Construction of the Helmet - How Are Hockey Helmets Made

At the time of making hockey helmet, most importance is given on the crown of the head. A functioning hockey helmet cup the back of the head keeps little space to move about.

Users can see only a sizing chart of the manufacturers to be sure that they are using the helmet. This helmet is specially designed for their head.

You can adjust most of the helmets by using loosen screws off the sides. It will help to slide backward and forwards.

Were Helmets Always Used?

Currently, all players take part in the leagues throughout the US by wearing helmets at the time of playing tournaments or games. The reality is that it takes a long time to happen this rule.

However players of the 20th century like to use nothing on their head during playing.

The report showed that the hockey player first time used a helmet in the session 1928-1929. At first most of the players didn’t like to use this safety gear on their heads at the time of playing.

But in 1970, the president of US hockey league declared that all players should wear a helmet for hockey on their heads at the time of playing.

Were Helmets Always Used

Why did helmets become a favorite piece of protective equipment on the ice? The reason is that most of the athletes faced serious head injuries during their performance.

As a result, they ended their careers. Such a serious catastrophic head injury happened in 1968.

A player died away instantly. This is the crucial event of the hockey tournaments. This is the beginning of the new era of using a helmet in Hockey tournament.

Always Wear Your Helmet

As a hockey player, wearing a helmet is a very important step for playing hockey. You are playing in a game or practicing, it doesn’t matter.

You need to wear a helmet before going to play. It will keep you safe and secured all the times.

How To Clean Motorcycle Helmet Visor

If you take proper care of your helmet, it will last for a long time. The manufacturer said that their products would last years after years. It is true when you take care of it. People aren’t careful about the helmet.

They don’t give more importance to it that may cost them another investment rapidly. When you get a helmet, you must take proper care of it. You must be sure that every bit of the helmet is well maintained.

You have to give importance on all the parts of the helmet. But you must give more attention to the face shield and visor of it.

Protecting your visor

You may expand the life of the helmet if you give more attention to it.

At the time of riding, don’t chase other motorists or rides very closely. It may put you to the firing range of stones and other detritus. You shouldn’t keep the visor up as dust can enter the helmet. It runs the anti-fog coating.

Keep your helmet in a safe place so that it doesn’t scrape the visor or fall. Keeping it on handlebars or mirror or bike seat is not always safe. Sometimes helmet can fall on the ground.

When you take a helmet in a coffee shop, be careful. Riders have no desire to touch your helmet. Some non-riders tend to praise them particularly if they have colored graphics.

They like to mark the visor by their greasy chip eating fingers. Some people tend to shave their grimy hands on the visor of your helmet.

It is very bad if people fasten their fingers within of a visor by an anti-fog coating. If you have no intention to use the helmet, keep it in a soft-felt container, came with it.

Keep your helmet on a shelf. The shelf must be cool and dry. Besides, keep the helmet out of the direct sunlight. Furthermore, you should keep it away from the people may attach their hands.

Why is Helmet Visor Care Important?

The visor is nothing but the face shield of a helmet. You have to keep it clean all time. This is the part of which you notice everything.

Why is Helmet Visor Care Important

You need to ride the bike by keeping the shield in a clean state. If the visor is unclean or has scratches or marks, you may fall in danger anytime.

So you have to clean helmet visor usually. This wouldn’t take much time. It only requires few minutes. If you keep the helmet visor clean, you will view everything very vividly.


You have to clean the visor of a motorcycle helmet usually. You can use warm water to do your job. Don’t try to use cold water as sometimes residues remove well by using warm water or less hot water.

Then you can apply a paper towel to clean the helmet. The paper towel enhances the process with the mild soap water.

It is suitable to use a mild soap in lieu of hard soap as you wouldn’t like to damage the visor by rubbing or hard brushing. You can use plastic polish or microfiber to complete your cleaning procedures.


The total cleaning process of a motorcycle helmet is not rocket science. To do so, you should not depend on many items. You can depend on few items to do the job as we have mentioned earlier.

Take a paper towel. Then dip the towel into warm water and keep it on the visor. Some people like to start rubbing the surface. But this isn’t a good way.


You have to wait few seconds to start in a better way. Here you are preparing the surface to soak well beneath the towel. This process loosens up the dirt to clean well.

Then remove the paper towel from the visor. Begin to wipe the surface of the visor with great care.

It is natural that the towel used for the first round would be soggy. Therefore change it and use a new one to remove the moisture from the visor.

You may use a mild soap to rinse the visor. Use soap on both sides of the visor to cover with the soap. When you get, the texture is very hard, mix with warm water and do the same process.

You should not run it again and again. A gentle running will fulfill your desire. Wipe the visor well. At last what you should do is to spray over it with super quality polish.

Finally, you can use a microfiber cloth to dry the visor. This cloth is made only to do this work. Accordingly, it doesn’t leave any scratches on the visor. Finish all the system in a very smooth and gentle way.

What are the best products for cleaning my visor?

There are lots of cleaning products on the market. You may get them in supermarket stores and hardware. Customers must be careful to choose them.

There are lots of marketing gurus endorse their products above all things. You have to read the instructions well.

Besides, you must use it on the recommended surfaces only. Ammonia and mild acids may damage the visor which is responsible for fogging effect.

What are the best products for cleaning my visor

It is very wise to follow the helmet manufacturer’s instruction carefully.

The visor of the helmet is made of Perspex or plastic. So manufacturers never advise using glass cleaner to clean it.

There are lots of products on the market to clean the visor of the helmet. The bike string suggests using Plastx, a product manufactured by Meguiar. It is a product only made to maintain or clean the integrity of Perspex and plastic.

Another way, mix mild warm soapy water with the soft cloth to immerse. Then rinse the outer and inner part of the visor. This is the most economical option used by the motorcyclists.

If your helmet gets 100 dried bugs onto your visor after hours of blasting, you should warm up soapy cloth over it. Then allow moisture soak back in.

Soaking from 10 to 15 minutes is enough to soften and remove it with a light wiping motion by the soft cloth.


Therefore a visor is a very important thing of a helmet. One has to keep it clean and fresh all the time. When the visor is dysfunctional, one should better not to use it. It isn’t completely safe either.

If you want to use a helmet for a long time, take proper care of it. Keep the visor clean. These are only a few things you have to follow to use a helmet every day.

The whole process is very simple. You can do it repeatedly as instructions are given. Finally, the complete system isn’t time-consuming at all.

How Motorcycle Helmets Work

Why use a helmet?

The helmet is a safety gear to save your head from serious injuries in an unexpected situation. You know well that danger is uncertain.

You don’t know the time of a crash. A helmet in such situation helps you to minimize injury to the brain or head.

We can say well that the first step prevents injury. This step also minimizes the possibility of a crash. It is better not to hit something by wearing a helmet.

One can show some logic in this statement.  Helmets fail to face all probable impacts in some situations.

The impact can overcome protection of helmets in some cases. Helmet fails to protect all the parts of the body. If you can overcome head injury, you can get broken bones, a smashed face or worse.

Safety is the main thing of a helmet. A helmet saves the head of the riders from every huge impact on the road. A strong strap keeps the helmet its place.

Helmets are made to preserve impacts within the limit of human brain tolerance. The brain becomes less flexible or more brittle or what may be if it is injured by accident previously.

Present helmet standard doesn’t support this idea. Eliminating hard objects, or removing the crash is the most effective way to address the head injury.

It is better than wearing a helmet. The benefit of such approach is that a helmet doesn’t save the body after all.

How Motorcycle Helmets Work

A motorcycle helmet is a safety thing for your life. It saves you from a serious accident. It is proved true from time to time. The block version can damage your hearing, break necks and brigade, it is now disproved.

A good helmet can ensure your safety. It reduces the possibility of serious injury to your face, brain, and head. After all, helmet ensures safety for the riders.

Motorcycle Helmets – How They Work

Different helmets are made to do various things. Cycling helmets are different to motorcycle helmets.

Motorcycle Helmets – How They Work

These are other different forms football helmets or other helmets. Every helmet is constructed to deal with the particular job. It is natural that motorcycle helmets are made of 4 different components.

  • An outer shell –Made to withstand abrasion and penetration.
  • A liner designed demands much force of any collision
  • Wonderful padding makes wearing a motorcycle helmet enjoyable.
  • A safe system of retention – straps!!

The outer part of the helmet is made from some fiber-reinforced composite and polycarbonates. It is very hard to crack. The outer cover is made in such a way that it comes across really very hard.

The internal linings of a helmet are absorbed in the extended polystyrene. If you face a hard accident, your helmet might be damaged, even though you fail to express to the naked eye. This indicates that it fails to save you as successfully as the accident happens.

It seems to you that your helmet is in a perfect condition. You should better for you to change the helmet after an accident.

The following part of the helmet is made to ensure comfort. If the helmet has a soft pad, it will fit your head relax. You can remove the helmet for washing.

The retention and strap system of the helmet is very important parts of the helmet. It keeps the helmet in its place when it is a must.

Any helmet is not the finest helmet if you do not fasten it well. The helmet will fall from your head before you head hits the road.

When you use a helmet, fasten the strap every time. The straps are very simple to use and take only a few seconds.

What are helmet standards?

When a helmet passes the test for an activity or sport, it ensures enough impact protection. A bicycle helmet may not pass the hard motorcycle helmet tests.

A construction helmet can’t pass severe bicycle helmet tests. These helmets don’t give more protection against shrapnel which is a must for the military helmet.

What are helmet standards

To ensure standard, there are other ways. One can measure many things like shell configuration, strap strength, the head coverage and visor attachments.

There are lots of standard setting organizations who measure standards of the helmet. ASTM, the American Society for Testing and Materials is a famous organization. It publishes lots of sports helmets and measures standards.

Helmets should fulfill the demand of the National Operating Committee for Sports and Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE). The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) measured the standards of the helmets for this. But it is now outdated.

There are some other types of helmets which are used by pilots, infantry, and others. Likewise, some helmets are made for astronauts who are examined by NASA. Many organizations measure the standards of the helmet.

Other countries of the world also measure the standard. The mentionable countries are Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, European CEN and so on.

A typical test specifies strap tests, impact test, required coverage, features of the materials used here, labeling, and other demands.

Some tests are done to stimulate hot performance, low-temperature performance, sunlight aging, and wet performance. Test’s standard is defined by the test equipment also.

If you like to get a complete idea of helmet standard you may consider Snell Memorial Foundation site. This gives you lots of standards. You may go through the US CPSC bicycle helmet standard.

Maybe, this is the most used standard in the whole world. If you like to look at the point by comparison of the bicycle helmet standards, you can observe short comparison or detailed long comparison.

How is testing done?

There are lots of ways to test the standards of the helmet.

You band the helmet with the headform, move it from up to down so that helmet can hit the anvil first. Then drop it onto the anvil. To test the helmet, it is oriented before every drop to test it well.

The matters of the test include the shape of the anvil and the drop height. Round, flat, ridge-shaped, shape and pointy excite a horseshoe. The unit is measured with g which indicates gravity.

How is testing done

There are other ways of impact tests. To do so, somewhere a striker or weight is dropped instead of dropping headform or helmet on an anvil. This is called penetration tests where a sharp object falls on to hit the helmet shell.

Testing demands cold, hot and wet helmets and those at ambient area temperature. Some foams are greatly affected by heat whereas some are stiffened in the cold.

It may take up water and lose its effectiveness as water fails to compress. At the time of designing the helmet, the temperature may vary.

Strap testing is static or dynamic. A dynamic test is delivered by hooking a rod on the strap, by weight on it, lifting the weight, and falling to stop to the end of the rod.

The production machine of the lab can reduce this effect. On the other way, a static test is done by hanging a weight on the strap.

Are Motorcycle Helmets Required In Florida

Riding on a bike is a thrilling experience in a man’s life. It is a dangerous thing if you ride a bike with sans helmet. There are many riders who like to use a helmet.

Also, you will get some people who have no intention to use a helmet on the head at all. Therefore you may fell hesitated why the helmet is a must at the time of riding a bike.

Would you like to use a motorcycle helmet at the time of driving a bike? Have you an intention to use the helmet in Florida? Shortly we can say, no. Still, there are some exceptions.

Florida’s Helmet Laws

If your age is over 21, you have at least minimum medical insurance coverage of ten thousand dollars. You may legally ride a motorcycle without a helmet. Florida’s laws support this idea.

The insurance comes forward to cover an accident or injury, though many policies don’t. Riders should keep liability policy to take medical coverage as it is not possible to get off its way.

Your health insurance covers you. There are some accidents for which you cannot demand compensation from the insurance company.

This is the duty of the passenger to fulfill the requirement of the company. It is possible by riders own policy or by the policy of the insurance if it covers passenger.

This law is valid for those who are not residing in Florida. If you like to spend few years here or you will be living in somewhere, still you have to comply with Florida’s laws.

Laws Were Once Stronger

Once, the helmet was a must for the users to wear on the head in Florida. But this law canceled in 2000. After that, no attempts have been taken to bring it again.

The canceled of the laws have a great impact on the people. Before 2000, average 160 people faced death. But in 2001 that number has increased to 246. In 2006, almost 550 people faced death.

Laws Were Once Stronger

This number decreases somewhat for imposing motorcycle training laws. The law was enacted in Florida in 2012. The death has taken away lives of 457 people. The training laws made it compulsory for people to complete a basic course. The course contained a knowledge test to get a Florida Motorcycle approval.

Many companies are selling helmets on the market. But they have no approval of DOT. Athletic helmets such as lacrosse or football helmets haven’t got the approval. One can use this helmet anytime.

But these helmets aren’t approved for riding a motorcycle. Approved helmets got a DOT sticker on them.

Or they have got the approval of Snell or the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). These helmets have at least 1` padding. Unapproved helmets have less padding or maybe plastic without foaming lining.

Repealed Laws and Death Tolls

The death toll is the highest in Florida amongst the nations of the world. Many states like to impose helmet laws.

Though there are some countries which thought such laws are needless. Still, there are 19 states there where the helmet is a must to ride a bike.

Repealed Laws and Death Tolls

People who are against the prevailing laws claim that the death tolls are not for weakened laws. It is for the increased amount of motorcycle riders.

They said that the death tolls have gone up. It remains proportionate for increasing the motorcyclists on the road after all.

In Florida, it is must that a rider should wear eye protection at the time or drive a bike. The protection may be raised windshield or goggles.

The motorcyclists of Florida face more risk at the time of riding. There are some days when you will notice hardly few motorcyclists on the road.

Additionally, retirees and baby boomers are enthusiastic to ride a bike. This is the only country where retirees have more eager to ride. But some think that the demographic has not supported them to ride on safely.

Legal Problems if You are Injured

Helmet laws won’t solve the potential legal problems if you face a motorcycle accident or you aren’t wearing a helmet. Defendants allege that you bring your disaster for your injuries in part or full if you don’t wear a helmet.

Suppose you are driving a motorcycle without a helmet. Suddenly you have faced an accident against a car.

The driver of the car claims that you are injured not for accident rather for not wearing a helmet. In another word, he can say that you must use a helmet at the time or drive a bike. If you use a helmet, you may not be injured in an accident.

Legal Problems if You are Injured

If a rider doesn’t wear a helmet and falls in sustain head injury, this raises difficult problems.

When a lawyer thinks that the absence of helmet makes your injuries worse, he doesn’t support it at all. It will resist you to take compensation from the opposite party or insurance company.

It is true that there is no barrier between your head and the pavement. Your head may get more damage if an accident happens.

What laws say, don’t think more. Use a safety thing that can save your head from catastrophic injury.

Motorcycle injuries are very severe and catastrophic. It carries out own set of uncommon legal issues. Ask help from injury attorneys of Brill & Rinaldi for the suggestion to discuss your issue.

Are Motorcycle Helmets Bulletproof

No. motorcycle helmets aren’t bulletproof instead it is bullet resistant. It isn’t made to stop or deflect a bullet. If one shot a gun at a motorcycle helmet, the bullet will pierce through it and your head also.

Military helmets are made in such a way that it can provide a platform for cameras or night visions in some cases. It saves the users head from any damage. These helmets aren’t also bulletproof.

A military helmet deflects a light caliber bullet. But it fails to stop a bullet. Normally military bullets are curved made to help deflect bullets.

This helmet helps with fragments and shrapnel, but it is surely not bulletproof. It saves head from injuries and concussions happened by nearby blasts.

Materials Used in Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets are made from a foam layer, a shell, and padding. The shell prevents anything to enter inside the helmet. It disperses the effect across an expanded area.

Besides, the foam absorbs much impact as it can, that your head doesn’t. In conclusion, the soft padding ensures a nice fit against your head.

The main difference lies in the shell of the advanced helmet and basic helmets. On the other way, many helmets use same foam layers.

Some helmets use a variation of expanded polystyrene foam (ESP). It is lightweight and stiff, but crushable at the time of impact.

There are various densities of EPS in different locations with some upgraded helmets. It develops the standard of the helmet more. It may absorb the crash variously depending on the location and severity of the impact.

Thermoplastic Shells

Thermoplastic is nothing but hot plastic. It is poured into a stack and cooled within a solid shell. This plastic is normally some form of polycarbonate.

Thermoplastic Shells

Helmets demand more padding to decrease the possibilities of injury. So, thermoplastic helmets are heavier and larger than advanced lids. However, these helmets are very cheap as manufacturing is a bit easier.

Fiberglass Shells

Fiberglass shells are costlier than the plastic. It is because there is a pain to make the butt.

You should keep fiber cloth inside a mold, put in a resin. Then heat everything with a billion degrees. Do the same process again and again to get a weave pattern.

At last, you get a harder shell that is lightweight than plastic. Fiberglass is very brittle and prone to crack.

So, you have to be more careful about your helmet. You mustn’t drop it on the ground. However, a cracking helmet is a nice option. Its shell will absorb much of force before the foam layers come in contact with.

Fiberglass helmets don’t demand much foam padding. All these things make helmets smaller and lighter than the plastic lids.

Advanced Fibreglass Shells

These helmets are made from advanced fibers. You will be surprised to know that advanced fiber is mixed with a resin or other substances. It isn’t essential to multiple layering steps.

Advanced Fibreglass Shells

The manufacturers use the very simple method to make a helmet. They have managed a perfect balanced of all materials.

The final result is a safety helmet having lots of features like usual fiberglass; weight is about 80%.

How to make motorcycle helmets bulletproof?

The shell of the helmet is built from AS4/ polyphenylene prepreg tape. This material is greatly used as it is tough, stiff, durable and rust free in the wide temperature range.

How to make motorcycle helmets bulletproof

It refers that PPS keeps more than double the modulus of other 2 substitute materials. Polyamide 6 and polypropylene.

Aramid/Thermoplastic Polyurethane Anti-Ballistic Layer:

Aramid/Thermoplastic Polyurethane Anti-Ballistic Layer: The system adds a biaxial weave of aramid with a film of thermoplastic polyurethane laminated on one side.

To make a perfect bulletproof surface, 39 piles are required. The usual thickness of every ply is 0.23mm (0.0091 in).

Therefore the thickness of the ballistic layer is 9.01 mm (0.355 in). As this is folding equipment, the width of the final product doesn’t remain the same.

The experiment has done well with woven fabrics (6). If a curve is made by the tensioned cross-ply material, there is a possibility to the get up of the angle and fibers.

The cause is that the elongation of aramid is very low (2.4 percent (5)). Above the helmet and the shear angle remains 90 degrees.

The shear angle preserves nearly 90-degree temperature though it varies along with the oblique.

The density perfect for the ballistic material is 730–1220 g/m2 (approximately 0.15–0.25 psf). The usual PPS tape or carbon has an areal heaviness of 386 g/m2 (around 0.079 psf/ply), of 3 plies of tape maximum.

Are Motorcycle Helmet Camera Legal

Max Lichenbaum in Victoria has paid 289 dollars for wearing a helmet with camera setting.

Frankston presented 3 demerits of using a camera attached to a helmet in March 2014. Whether he is violating the laws or not is not determined.

For this particular issue, twice suspended hearing date has been fixed for Wednesday, September 16, 2015.

New South Wales police are very obedient to apply laws. They warn that riders should pay 311 dollars as a penalty. This amount is taken for 3 demerits points of helmets offense likely setting of cameras.

But how can police desire to enforce these amounts when the rules are still unclear?  We are bound to think the implications as long as the court interprets the legislation.

It is admitted that roads rules are made considering the safety of the road’s users. In Australia, permitted helmets are those who fulfill the demand of the AS/NZS1698-2006 and the AS1698-1988 manufacturing standards. Victoria and Queensland accept the standard of UNECE 22.05 as well.

This measurement is imposed on the initial manufacturing only. It isn’t a must for a third party modification like cameras.

are motorcycle helmet camera legal and risk of injury

There is no such evidence that the risks have been increased by wearing a helmet camera.

Veteran Formula 1 journalist and commentator, Jean-Louis Moncet flashed controversy. He told that Michael Schumacher’s faced head injury during skiing.

Risk of injury

The accident was aggravated by a GoPro camera added to his helmet. He also explained on Twitter that the rumor is his estimation not truthful. GoPro is thinking to sue the journalist.

We don’t know when and where an accident would happen. So there is still a reason to think that mounted camera can worsen an injury.

A research title named, ‘‘The Mechanisms of head and neck injuries sustained by helmeted motorcyclists in NSW, Australia’’ sum up the following:

  • The attachment of video camera and Bluetooth device outside the helmet is a new idea. This is against the standard of the motorcycle performance standards. The law AS 1698 wants a smoother outer shell of a helmet to lessen snagging or friction. When these devices are added new problem arises. After all, there is no difference between this new one and the previous one.

Ed Becker is the executive director and chief engineer of the Snell Memorial Foundation. He expressed that individual tests and sets secured standard of helmets in the USA. We like to take advice from him.

  • A helmet having mounted cameras are tiresome. These are the loading points for torques and tangential forces in crash head strikes. So the riders slide across a roadway. The only concern is whether the loading and shock may degrade the protection power of the helmet. This gives sever stages of shock and loading may be diversified to the user’s neck and head.

Managing the Risk of motorcycle helmet camera

The Motorcycle Council of NSW alarms that riders should manage the possibility of diffuse axonal injury (DAI). So the outer part of the helmet must be smooth.

It slides on a surface rather than rotating on your head during a collision. The possibility can be managed by using a camera with a ‘breakaway’ type of mount below 5mm high from the helmet.

Researchers told that most of the impacts happen on the sides and fronts of the helmet. Therefore it is better to use a top mounted helmet camera instead of a side mounted camera.

The icon Airframe Statistic motorcycle helmet explains this situation by presenting impacts areas through percentage. Here lowest is top 0.4% and the highest to the side and front 19.4 if most people use cameras.

Legal Liability in an Accident

Motorcycle lawyer Tina Davis of East Cost lawyers told that helmet camera is a good option to keep records of accidents.

are motorcycle helmet camera legal

These data will be proved as evidence that is not possible in some circumstances. The Queensland Police minister promoted cyclists using a helmet camera for the evidential purpose.

Tina also added that it is the user’s responsibility to manage the risk well if the users like to use a helmet camera.

She told that a rider is responsible for his injury. It may happen by another road user normally though he is using a helmet camera.

How To Measure For Motorcycle Helmet

Helmet is a crucial piece of equipment for a rider. The law also supports to use a helmet. Another important thing is that it may help you to give full protection from some serious brain injuries.

It is important to be sure that the helmet you are wearing would be fit well. If the helmet is very small, it is uncomfortable.

On the other hand, when the helmet is very big it would not give you protection or may come off at the time of the accident.

The guide will provide some information by which you can know the measure as well as fit for the motorcycle helmet.

We suggest going to the Holsworthy showroom and uses various brands that may suit the head shape better than the others.

Helmet sizes vary among manufacturers and model types.

The Best Way to Try on Your Helmet

  • Use your chin straps to hold it. The bottom of the helmet must face you by keeping front point down.
  • Keep your thumbs on the interior of the straps then balance the helmet with your fingertips.
  • Expand the sides of the helmet little bit and slip it down on your head by applying the chin straps.

The helmet should be well adjusted on your head. It must be somewhat tight otherwise it wouldn’t remain to a fixed place.

The helmet must be tilted on the back of your head like a hat. If your helmet is very loose you will face many difficulties.

Many things can happen for this. The helmet may move up and down on your head.

It may be noisy on the road as wind enters into it. Lastly, you may face a crash for using such helmet.

  • When you use a helmet on your head, you need to check some few fits before fastening the straps.
  • The task of the cheek pad is to touch your cheeks except pressing uncomfortably.
  • There remains no gap between the brow pads and your temples.
  • The neck roll of the helmet may push the helmet far from the back of your neck.
  • You may press on the chin piece of the full helmet. The face shield may not touch your chin or nose. If it touches, you must do it at speed from the pressure of the wind.

The helmet is with you and its straps are steadily fastened. Stir it from up and down to side to side by your hands.

If the helmet adjusts well, your skin will move with the helmet. You will feel that pressure is exerted on your head equally.

If the helmet loosens up, the comfort liner compresses by use. Some helmets are very tight but some can comfortably wear it.

When the chin strap is securely fastened, keep your head straight. Then try rolling the helmet forward off your head.

You wouldn’t be able to pull it off. If you get your helmet is very big, take it off. Are you feeling sore anywhere? Is any read spot on your forehead?

Pressure point causes a headache after a long time and may be uncomfortable. Therefore be sure, your helmet doesn’t cause the same effect. Still, you see the same problem.

You have to change the helmet or you have to choose another brand. Human heads are of various sizes so the same thing happens for the helmet.

Measuring your Head’s Circumference

Be sure about the shape of the helmet. You need to be sure of the shape of the helmet size. This is an important thing for you to buy a new motorcycle helmet.

There are three main kinds of shapes that are intermediate oval, long oval, and the round oval.

The size is a matter for most the helmet types, although it is important for riding helmets and motorcycle.

  • Long oval meaning which shape of helmets heads is bigger front back than from side to side. A round shape is equal from front to back as it is side by side
  • Medium oval means the size of the helmet may slightly longer front to back instead of side to side. This is the normal shape.

Use measuring tape around your head. You need to set it above your eyebrows. Be sure the measuring tape would lay flat against the head, but it may not pinch. It must be level all through the way.

  • Do it according to your choice. You may take help from family members or friends; use a mirror to see the level.
  • If you like to measure your head oneself, cross the ends of tape before your head to take the measurement in an easy way.

Different Head Shapes

Below you will see the illustration of human head shapes viewed from a different part of the head from back to head

  • Oval – It is known as long oval, the normal head shape
  • Round – Round shape head is wider in the middle, about near the temples
  • Egg – Narrow at the bottom and wide at the top

How can I adjust the fit?

how to measure for motorcycle helmet

Some helmets have liners and replaceable cheek pads which give adjustment of the inner shape as well as fit the helmet.

Arai makes helmet having 5mm layer on the headliner or cheek pads which may bite more rooms.

Scorpion keeps air pump system permit custom inflation for the cheek pads. Except switching out the system applying the features or any alteration of the process may damage the warranty and have risk compromising its integrity of helmets.

Helmet must be fit for the head and would be tight to the cheeks. Normally a new helmet from new box fit snugly as it may be loose after using some months.

Headliners break about 5%, and cheek pads compress 15% to 20% over time. The snug fit is perfect unless you are making an area or pain or a point.

The manufacturer is ready to give you a new one helmet if you return it with having new conditions. Just call Gear Geek and us will confirm you, you have chosen the best fit helmet.

Helmet fit – how to measure for motorcycle helmet

how to measure for motorcycle helmet

If the helmet is slightly worn, it may seem a little bit tight; the interior comes in contact with most of the heads.

But it may not cause pain. It has no hot spots. Put the helmet’s interior and use pressure on the fixed points of the face or skull.

It may not move freely. A helmet will adjust with the head of the riders and loosens up a little and goes to a break in. It would never be loose enough and turn from one side to another.

Put the helmet on – The helmet needs to be tight over the head

The helmet must set on the head evenly with having the eye port’s upper edge sitting on over the eyebrows and has the wonderful vision to see side by side.

Use finger between the head and the interior of the helmet. If it fits easily, try a smaller one.

Some helmets permit to cheek pads, need to change for a better fit. Consider this factor if you like to choose a helmet to buy.

The shape, size, and fit should be accurate before you like to buy a helmet. Select the right one which has all the necessary features. It is up to you what type of helmet you would like to use.

Color Shield and patterns are your choices. The easier and brighter one is more likely to be seen.

The shield is not famous for the rider’s vision, and tinted visor needs to use for the sunny days.

The End

A good type of helmet will ensure comfort and safety for the riders. If the helmet does not fit well, it may cause pain, lead to the dangerous distraction.

The other thing is that it would not save the rider’s head in a crash. So, select the best fitting helmet for the riders is an important thing.

how to measure for motorcycle helmet

Two things are important one safety, and the other is fitting. Try to get the best helmet. Search more to have a good one.

There are many helmets by finding the desired one is a difficult task. Be smart to choose the accurate helmet for your safety. If you buy the right helmet, you will remain safe for the near future.

Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle driving may dangerous if the riders do not take proper safety measures. There are many reports of an accident in the United States for driving a motorcycle.

Here are some tips for you to prefer a motorcycle helmet which is fit for you.

How do I find the right fit?

You desire to have the safest helmet surely. When the helmets do not fit properly, it will be totally useless if an accident occurs.

The cause is that a helmet slides off and wiggles around on its own. The pressure of the crash will knock the helmet from the place, exposes your head to serious injury or even to death.

For a perfect fit, follow the steps very well. They are simple also:

  • Take a measuring tape. A measure of your biggest part of the head with it just one inch above from the eyebrow.
  • If you get the accurate number, try to get this size of the helmet. If you are in the middle of the sizes, then use both helmets. Then choose the best one who is tight but may not use much pressure over the head.
  • There should not have any gaps between the brow pads and the temples of the helmets.
  • At the time of testing helmets, be sure it fits well squarely on the head and may not tilt to any direction.
  • Give more attention to the cheek pads. They need to touch the checks without feeling any discomfort.
  • When you finish the proper fit of the helmet, use it to the store for a long period and be sure they are not undesired discomforts before buying the helmet.

Getting the right fit

I am here to talk about it, hot graphics not to talk about more expanded polystyrene. If you say round oval which is a good way of telling me you have a fat head.

Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Motorcycle Helmet

We like to talk about safety first; honesty is the important factor also besides, safety and overall happiness.

You can go a thousand miles safely with the helmet. At the time of driving punts, a cheap helmet is a right choice to ensure protection than six hundred dollar replica which is rattling around loose in your head.

If you do not keep the helmet on the crash test, you will get happier riding if the helmet is fit well.

Excessive noise or pressure points are an annoyance thing for a short ride but may be literal, more headaches which sap the fun of riding for a long day on the slide.

Measuring ideal fit of your head is a great thing to choose helmet having the right size. Some helmets fit well as it has replaceable internal pads of various sizes to fine tune the fitting.

Find what type of noggin you have or aid to narrow down the choices and try to get a good helmet which ensures much safety for your head and face.

The main components of a motorcycle helmet

  • Rigid outer shell –Is built from fiber reinforced composites design to hold or diffuse the impact.
  • Impact-absorbing liner –The layer of the helmet is made of expanded polystyrene to absorb and cushion the head on its impact.
  • Comfort padding –A kind of layer cloth or foam which keeps your head fit and comfortable
  • Chin strap (retention system) –It keeps the helmet well on your head if you fall in any crash at the time of driving.

Aerodynamics of the helmet

Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Motorcycle Helmet

The helmet has round top; they make lift with speed. In a modern helmet, you will get aerodynamic features to the back to flow air to make slight downforce or a neutral situation. As the helmet is not very aerodynamic, it may keep many stains on the neck muscles if you have no visor to duck down to the back.


Weight is an important factor for the helmet. All helmets must satisfy the minimum standard. More expensive helmets have some uncommon features.

They are comfortable and fit well. Over a length of a period, it remains in good condition. A heavy helmet is more inertia at the time of the accident.

There are advantages and disadvantages of helmets. It means that the neck muscles must have cope with the motion of the helmet.

It means that the forced heat on the helmet would be solid and pressure imposed on it would be little less.

Fitting the helmet

The helmet should fit well without being tight. You must have done the chin strap up, so the air pulled off the head. Be sure, you can see well from the visor.

The components of a motorcycle helmet

The outer shell of the helmet is made of puncture resistant, impact resistant plastic based materials. It is made to absorb superb impact and saves sharp objects to hit your head.

Inside the exterior shell, there is polystyrene lining glued to the shell. It deforms on impact and permits your hand to slow down gradually by pressing less g-force.

Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Motorcycle Helmet

Inside the polystyrene, the helmet has a comfortable pad made of foam or material. For it, you can fit a helmet well, wicks away sweat and give normal cushioning day after day.

A chin strap catches the helmet on the head. When a visor is fitted, it will be a clear polycarbonate type materials, may be fog resistant or scratch resistant.

Some helmets have more vents to press air to the shell of the helmet and visor to ensure comfort. In some helmets, you will get aerodynamic aids molded to the main shape and clipped on. You may get a clip on sun visors with some helmets.

The safety of the helmet is important

Along with giving some important feature, the helmet will give you more safety. You are looking most safety for a long time. You have to remember it all ties in your mind.

The safety standard varies from one country to another. Be confirm; you have the right information regarding safety features set for your family. Being sure of all these things, buy the helmet you like to get.

All types of helmets that match your style

Touring helmets: Tour helmets are more comfortable than the race helmets. This helmet is very comfortable. You can use this helmet for a long tour or ride in a long distance.

The main difference you get in the positioning of the air vents. If you ride a touring bike, you need to use a touring helmet. You can use it any motorcycle while going on upright riding position.

Lots of vents are added to the pinnacle of the helmet for ensuring maximum airflow for the sitting position of the riders.

Race helmets: The purpose of the Race helmets is to use only one place. This helmet is made from very strong materials such as Kevlar and Carbon fiber which gives the similar level of protection.

Moreover, these materials reduce the load on the helmet. All helmets are designed in such a way that these adjust very well on the heads. Some helmets have adjustable cheek pads to change instantly.

The feature vents remain to the same place like the touring helmets. Motorcycle race demands a destructive and low riding position.

The vents of the helmets remain to the back of the helmet. It allows the head is slanted ahead at a smooth position.

Dual-sport helmets: For using a helmet on and off-road adventure, dual sports helmets are same as the hybrid between motocross and road helmet.

This has a feature like a road helmet and gives enough room to wear 2 goggles to resist the dust from the road.

Double sports helmets maximize ventilation and secured more to use on the road.

All helmets don’t take the name from styles of riding. There are some helmets which are unique for most of its shape.

Modular helmets: Sometimes indicates flip-face helmets. The Modular helmets may be flipped release at the chin bar.

It applies a fastener system that permits the rider to calm and talk more easily. If closes, they are same as the full-faced helmet.

But as soon as you add a system for closing or opening the front part of the helmet, you limit the helmet’s safety rate. You see no motorcycle racer wear a modular helmet for this cause.

You will get they go adhere to the similar safety standard as on the road and dual sports helmets.

Half shell helmets: You can detect these from any number of times you are passing a motorcycle gang. There are many benefits of using a half helmet. It gives more ventilation for your head.

Moreover, it saves the top of your head more effectively than a full faced helmet. But the problem is that it doesn’t give more protection like a full helmet as half of your face remains exposed.

Every rider has the freedom to choose his own helmet. Some riders think half helmets are the best options for them.

Open-face helmets: This helmet is very popular with the scooter and moped riders. The half helmet gives more protection for the users.

It covers the ears and sides of the head. One can use it by wearing goggles or sunglass. It permits the users to speak easily with other at the time of traveling in the city.

Final Considerations: Replacement and Maintenance

It is true that a helmet doesn’t last for a long time. Sometimes even the best helmet needs to be left. After every 5 years, it is a must to change the helmet.

It may seem to you that the helmet remains in the same condition. Wearing a helmet is not better than wearing nothing at all.

Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Motorcycle Helmet

It is sure that you wouldn’t like to break the bank account for replacing a well-conditioned helmet. You naturally like to change the helmet until its usual life has been over.

A helmet which has undergone unusual stress like a severe accident always needs to replace timely. When you drop a helmet, it isn’t essential to change the helmet.

But you know well that it has been damaged though still correctly prior you put on. You can use this helmet again.

You shouldn’t look only the outside of the helmet. The interior part of the helmet is soft. It can damage anytime.


You have now a good storage of information which will aid you to choose the best helmet. Do you think that you will get the best helmets very quickly?

Take much time to buy the best helmets as nothing good comes out very quickly. Do not go rapidly to do something. Wait for sometimes and take the right decision to buy the best helmet for your uses.


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