Tips on Choosing Kids Bike Helmets! Make Sure Your Kids are Enjoying

Tips on choosing kids bike helmets

Normally young children are prone to the bicycle injuries. Children aged from five or older and the adults have the top rates of bicycle related injuries is the view of Centers for Disease Control. They account mostly 60% of bicycle related injuries which end up in United States emergency department. Wearing a helmet may lessen the … Read more

How To Fit A Helmet Properly! Tips for fitting a bike helmet

How to fit a helmet properly

An undesired fall off a bike may happen anytime, and there is much possibility of serious brain injury. Here is good news that the well fitting of the helmet reduces the risk of injury. This is the report of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that more children aged five to fourteen entered into the hospital associated … Read more

Safety Features For Welding Helmets! Easy Guide

Safety Features For Welding Helmets

The first and foremost condition of the welding helmet is that it must fulfill the industry-wide safety standard. It may vary from one country to another. This standard in North America is ANSI Z87.1 whereas in Canada and United State it is CAN/CSA Z94.3. Both of these standards protect flame, leakage and impact resistance. Therefore … Read more