How Safe Are Hockey Helmets? Easy Guide [With Image]

How Safe Are Hockey Helmets

Rowson is an ASME member in his research said that research can upgrade the safety of the helmet. He with his colleagues has standardized laboratory testing situations which are representative of the real-world head impacts. The researchers have set up instruments at Dartmouth College and Brown University to preserver’s head impact data straight from the … Read more

How Are Hockey Helmets Made? Things that Every Hockey Player Should Know

How Are Hockey Helmets Made

Hockey Helmets: The Materials Safety of the hockey helmet totally depends on the materials that are used for making the equipment. There are 3 different materials in a hockey helmet. These are leather, steel, and wood. The helmets that are made from wood give little protection. The steel-made helmets ensure protection but these are very … Read more

How To Measure For Motorcycle Helmet

Helmet is a crucial piece of equipment for a rider. The law also supports to use a helmet. Another important thing is that it may help you to give full protection from some serious brain injuries. It is important to be sure that the helmet you are wearing would be fit well. If the helmet is very … Read more

The Importance of Wearing a Helmet

The Importance of Good Motorcycle Helmet

Do you like to save your head at the time of riding a motorcycle? Helmets are the most important thing to ensure safety for the users as it is thought that brain injuries are the most common thing for the motorcycle riders. So the helmet is a must to save head and face. But many current riders … Read more

How Are Motorcycle Helmets Made?

How It’s Made Motorcycle Helmets

A helmet is a kind of protective gear to ensure safety for the head from any accident or injuries. A helmet saves skull from the accident and protects the human brain. Symbolic or Ceremonial helmets are sometimes used without giving safety. At first, the helmets were used by the Assyrian soldiers’ in 900 BC. They used bronze or leather … Read more