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Kobalt Welding Helmet Reviews

Welding helmets are a sort of headgear used while doing welding to safeguard you from damaging radiations emitted throughout the procedure; welding helmets protect your face, neck from the fire and flashes generated during the welding procedure
The ideal welding helmet is essential for the security of your eyes, as the harmful experience to radiations emitted can inflame your attention, which consequently causes arc eye.
The emissions emitted can also burn your face, which may result in loss of your eyesight. Welding may also result in skin burns because emissions emitted can also influence your skin.

Kobalt Auto Darkening Variable Shade Hydrographic Welding Helmet

It removes the requirement for a face guard whenever you need to lower steel, wire wheel any slag, or grind some other steel. In addition, I use this helmet at the grind manner for when I am cutting steel with a flashlight.
Additionally, when you are going to attack an arc, and you overlook your hood remains in grind mode, there's a red LED light which flashes when you are in grind style.
Therefore, if you glance before you hit an arc and see that light go off you only saved your eyes away from being flashed. It is merely a gorgeous feature. The controllers for the alteration are mechanical knobs that are nice in contrast to some of these digital push button helmets.


  • Auto-Darkening Variable Shade Hydrographic Welding Helmet Lightweight Structure 3.94-in x 2.36
  • Time Sensitivity Delay
  • Hard Hat Adaptor Capable

How to choose the best welding helmet?

Deciding on the ideal welding helmet may be a challenging task, but we are here to help. Prices range from under $100 to $500+ hence the quality and feature change from every helmet.
Typically, the more expensive hoods provide more features in a higher quality, but several the sub $100 helmets give the excellent price. Below you will find all you want to learn and what factors to remember while selecting a helmet.

Auto Darkening

  • Powered by battery powered or a combination of solar and battery
  • Once the lens Isn't busy it's resting color is generally #3 or #4 so you can quickly view
  • Makes beginning the arc simpler since you can see the position of the rod or gun
  • when the detectors see the arc that the lens darkens to a color of 8 - #13
    •Eyes are constantly shielded
    •Forget about snapping your mind to Reduce the hood

Standard Glass

  • Lens is a set color You've to manually protect your eyes by nodding forwards therefore that the hood shuts down
  • Much more economical
  • Can Be Hard for novices to get used to
  • Due to the need to reverse the helmet welding is limited distances can be difficult
  • Will work 100 percent of the Moment

Why you need the best welding helmet?

The above points suggest that welding helmets are still an essential item of security apparatus that welder uses. Welding helmets introduced in 1937, using a window covered with a filter to allow the welder to utilize.
The lens used from the window is usually manufactured from polarized lenses using varying density.
However, the constraints of the lenses are that they have been not able to offer enough filter for the UV radiations, not able to present enough darkening or occasionally it gets so dim that it blinds the consumer. Thus, to be able to overcome these problems, auto-darkening helmets had been released in 1981.
The window at the welding helmets was replaced with the digital LCD shutter in the auto-darkening helmets. The LCD camera includes sensors that sense the high level of light and supply car darkening on the grounds of the intensity.
Along with this many different attributes were presented as compared to the usual helmets, which is clarified below.

Let me help to you

Kobalt Welding Helmet Help Me To Help You

Confused yet? Do not be! Here are a Couple of tips for Assisting You to decide which helmet to select:
Brand Things- When it comes to your health and security why have a chance with a few off-brand inferior hoods? We review the maximum quality manufacturers, so you know that you are receiving the very best welding helmet to the wealth.
Follow a budget - Helmets fluctuate tremendously in price. Therefore, it is vital you understand how much you can invest. It's easy to drop $500 to the very best welding helmet with the most recent technology, but if you are beginning, it is probably not required. Find out your needs, determine your budget and do not be tempted with of the whistles and bells.
Buy Online- I know understand, a site telling you to purchase online. But I am serious, many welding shops have prices with 1 or two brands and will attempt to sell you on these brands no matter if it's in your very best interest or not.
Purchasing online is much better in every single way: it is cheaper because it is going right from the maker, you have more choices because every new brand can be obtained, and it arrives directly at your doorstep.
Search for extras- Some helmets have bonuses such as a carrying tote or substitute lens covers. Even though this should not be a deal breaker, be watching for hoods which include extra accessories. Who does not like free stuff?


Final Thoughts

Welding helmets are essential to stop arc eye, a debilitating condition in which the cornea is very inflamed. The Welding helmets may also stop retina burns, which may result in a loss of eyesight.
Both states are brought on by unprotected exposure to the highly concentrated infrared and ultraviolet rays emitted from the welding arc. Ultraviolet emissions in the welding arc may also damage discovered skin, resulting in a sunburn-like requirement in a comparatively brief period of welding.

Voss Dual Sport Helmet Review

When you hunt for great open face motorcycle helmets testimonials, this Voss 601 D2 Gloss Black Double Sports Helmet using Integrated Sun Lens - XS - Gloss Black is your best cheapest price online we've hunted.
Many excellent reviews were currently demonstrating the quality of the item. The Voss 601 D2 Gloss Black Double Sports Helmet using Integrated Sun Lens - XS - Gloss Black comes with a high number of conditions which makes it excellent item.
The most sold merchandise isn't expensive, and it's highly desired, and should you would like to purchase it today, you shouldn't miss this chance because this item is the cost duration software.

Voss 601 D2 Dual Sport Helmet with Integrated Sun Lens and Ratchet Quick Release System


  • Matte Black with fresh, competitive shell design.
  • Lightweight casing: 1600 g. matches a round/ oval face shape.
  • Manual Double Intake Vents, in Addition to the large exit exhaust port; Voss Drytech Liners with moisture wicking antifungal properties


  • Easily available and lightweight. Safe and durable due to the outer shell technologies incorporated into the helmets.
  • Two-tone images which add to the luxuriousness of this rushing equipment and sets the rider aside from the standard racing audience. New aggressive shell layout is appealing.
  • DOT accredited, which provides credibility to this item.
  • Comes with DryTech liners technology which helps in eliminating moisture and simple drying of the inner comfort liners and cushioning of this helmet. The wicking includes added antimicrobial properties to keep the rider safe in the skin ailments.


  • There aren't any cutouts from the cheek pads to your Bluetooth communication, and that means you've got to fix it since the helmet does not supply a particular place for this.
  • The venting system isn't quite as high as the item specifies, as clients complain about the higher sound levels than they'd expected.

Why You Like Voss Dual Sport Helmet

Matte Black Shop our recently layout 601 D2 Double Sports helmet with integrated sunlight lens. This helmet features a competitive new shell design that's taken a particular focus on shape and fit.
Our lightweight casing weighs in at approximately 1600 g and is paired with our relaxation game padding. The summit has extra-large airway openings for decreased wind resistance on the freeway or eliminates the mountain to get a complete face street helmet! Shop the D2 from Matte Black for a clean and neat appearance on the Street.

What User Says About Voss Dual Sport Helmet?

What user says about the helmets

A superb helmet and that I like the purchase price. Hardly any lift while in high rate, to my amazement. I have experienced no fogging problems whatsoever, and the area of vision is quite high. I, sadly, found an erroneous sizing graph but Voss made great on it had a brand-new helmet delivered within two days.

Is This Voss 601 D2 Dual Sports Helmet for You

The helmets are an excellent selection of security products from VOSS, and the simple fact that they have just added more features makes it a plausible product that you may buy.
The helmet comes in various sizes and colors for client satisfaction as well as also the newest exterior core-shell design enhances the overall look and the classiness of the goods.
The prior clients vow to this product with favorable feedback and testimonials that come in handy when making your mind up for your buy.
The number of experts easily surpass the number of disadvantages associated with the solution and the assortment of merchandise which VOSS provides its clients urge their client support dedication. It'll be a fantastic addition to your racing equipment collection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Voss 601 D2 Dual Sport Helmet

Question: can you eliminate the sun lens
Answer: The interior sunlight lens is retractable if you don't need to utilize it. There's a change on the side which toggles down or up to retract the lens!
Question: What are the dimensions of the dimensions?
Answer: The sizing chart is at the description below.
Question: where you could get fresh visors
Answer: They may be bought in the Voss site.


Final Thoughts

Motorcycle Helmets are an essential piece of equipment for motorcyclists to wear. You always need to pick the very best motorcycle helmet based on safety evaluations, which means you're able to travel in the knowledge you will prevent any harms were an injury to take place.
There are many types, brands, and layouts to choose when purchasing a helmet, however, select the ideal motorcycle helmet that's ideal for you. Buying a Voss 601 D2 Double Sports Helmet isn't is a waste of time, money, and budget - that the very significant here is to help keep you safe as you ride your bike and have fun with it.
This website's information will thoroughly direct you to select precisely what the best is for you in line with the style you prefer and just what you want.

Giro Nine Snow Helmet Review

If you would prefer a helmet which could be used for an assortment of uses, this vital Cycles helmet is designed to be flexible enough for some tasks, such as skateboarding, roller skating, and biking. Each of the colors is matte instead of reflective, but it will come at a decent collection of colors to fit your requirements.
In comparison to other helmets, this one includes a considerably more straightforward, timeless form. It does not have as many venting holes, but users say it is quite comfy and well ventilated. It comes in some dimensions.

Giro Nine Snow Helmet Matte Titanium L (59-62.5cm)


  • In-Mold Construction
  • In Form Match Method, Vertical Tuning
  • Compatible with aftermarket Giro audio programs, Seamless Compatibility with Giro goggles


  • In-mold technology combines the helmet tough outer shell into the inner expanded polystyrene (EPS) lining, making a mild, fresh and powerful 1-piece helmet
  • The adaptive pad at the Bottom of this match system adheres to mind contour for a lavish, personalized fit
  • Internal elevation adjustment compensates for various head shapes and goggles dimensions and reduces nose pinching and difference between goggles and helmet
  • Compatible with Tune-ups sound programs offered individually


  • Performance Isn't excellent.

Ventilation and Warmth

Ventilation and warmth

The Giro Nine features a thermostat controller and super trendy vents. The slide mechanism functions reasonably nicely, and that I never felt as though it had been too sticky or difficult to open and shut.
Together with the vents fully open the air flow is strong, and that I find it nearly as high as the Smith Vantage helmet. The only benefit the vantage has is the ability to start only the front ports or just the rear vents.
The very best aspect of thermostat controllers would be the ability to shut the vents on days when temperatures are incredibly chilly. I generally find that I never should wear something under my helmet, even on very cold days. All I need to do is shut the vents into some airflow, along with my mind stays nice and hot.


The Giro Nine includes a kind fit system which permits you to adjust the fit to your head shape and size. I nearly always wear a moderate in helmets, also that I discovered the Giro Nine was an ideal match.
I find I prefer the dial-up system on Giro helmets a little more compared to the Boa system you generally see on Smith helmets. It is not that it is worse or better, but I only tend to favor how simple it's to use.
The Boa process remains fantastic, however. What I like about the Giro helmets would be that the Vertical tuning system permits you to adjust the fore and aft position of the helmet into account for otherwise sized goggles.

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What do others say about the product

My first piece of advice will be to try on helmets person if you're able to. This is my very first ski helmet. This helmet fits quite nicely and is well ventilated. I resisted getting a helmet for several decades, but after trying it I understood how comfy it is and besides, it keeps my ears warm! In spring skin conditions, I hope I will still sweat, but I will live with this.

About Giro Nine helmet

About Giro Nine helmet

That shell's layout was re-shaped to a sleeker, lower-profile design, also, and incorporated into it are equally Super Cool vents with Thermostat Control adjustability and Giro's Stack Vent front to keep goggles from fogging.
The Nine also uses Giro's In Type Fit System which makes it simple to dial in the perfect fit, even with gloves, although the Vertical Tuning attribute can accommodate an extensive array of both mind and goggle contours.
Rounding out everything is your helmet's compatibility with all aftermarket Giro sound systems, so it is possible to keep the sticks pumping. The available sizes and their measurements are under.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Giro Nine Snow Helmet

Question: I have an extremely short neck back. Just how far down does the back of the helmet come and can it be compatible with a high collar ski casing?

Answer: It should return to only cover the base of your mind.

Question: Why is this the 14/15 version?

Answer: Mine has been 15 models

Question: Does it possess the adjustment Tightening/loosening alteration from the trunk?

Answer: yes, it's the boa tightener on the trunk

Question: Can It Be compatible with the Motorola Bluetooth Audio System?

Answer: The product can be used with GIRO systems. I Couldn't find any additional compatibility advice, so I would presume that it Doesn't Work smoothly using all the Motorola Audio system, but you could always attempt.


Final Thoughts

It's an extremely comfortable fit and most of the time you cannot even tell it is there. The match is comparatively low profile, although perhaps slightly larger than the Smith Vantage. I genuinely do enjoy the earpieces since their relatively low profile too. They're also quite comfortable and supply lots of heat on the cold days.
Both of those earpieces will also be compatible with Giro sound systems and might utilize Skull Candy and other after-market sound systems. The pile vents do a reasonably good job of maintaining goggles from fogging up, but naturally, it's also essential to have glasses with excellent ventilation.
I like the lightweight feel, the very low-profile appearance, the comfortable fit, along with the good ventilation. While I cannot always say the Lebanese are far better compared to Smith Vantage or Variance, I could say that I tend to favor the texture and appearance of these Giro helmets within Smith.
I believe most folks would adore this helmet, and some might prefer it on Smith, but I think that it is going to come down to some favorite choice over functionality.

Bell Sanction BMX Downhill Helmet Review

There are lots of styles of a helmet on the market like the lots of styles of helmets.

You have a desire to get a special type of helmet for shredding the bike park instead of grinding out a road. Perhaps you don’t know why you need the special helmet. This is for 2 different genres of cycling.

Bell Sanction BMX/Downhill Helmet

>>Check Price Now<<

Enduro, Downhill, road biking, dirt jump and time trial all offer special types of helmets. Since you possess shake of bikes, you need at least 2 helmets for your safety, comfort, protection, weight, ventilation, and characteristics. All depends on what kind of helmet you normally like.

Features on Bell Sanction BMX Downhill Helmet

  • Sturdy and lightweight full-face Downhill/ BMX racing helmet gives at recession-busting value.
  • Totally ventilated, weight is only 950 grams and low profile design.
  • Adjustable visor and hand laminated fiberglass shell
  • Ideal for BMX, Super-D, Moto-inspired design lines and all mountain riding.
  • Size is fit for senior and junior riders. Has got CPSC and CE EN1078 bicycle certificate.


  • Very lightweight
  • Well construction
  • Looks very attractive


  • Seems to bit small
  • My head becomes hot quickly


We have tested many helmets. But the sad news is that the Section is the least comfortable helmet we have ever got. So the score is very low in this category no doubt.

The interior pads of this helmet are less dense than other helmets. The materials which made the padding are abrasive feel.

We like the interior padding be lined with more breathable mesh or a plusher material.

Another problem is the comfort of the chin guard that swoops downward. This is very hard to look down if you wear a neck brace.


There are about 15 smaller vents with the helmet. These gaps are adjusted with corresponding outlets in open cell padding and the polystyrene pool liner and open path to emit hot air.

These vents are usually covered with wire mesh for hoping the chin protector and the one above the ears.

It allows more air flow without any protection through the helmet while it sacrifices protection from branches or roots.

You can get low channels molded into the inside of the polystyrene. It is made to shift air from the top and front vents towards 2 tiny stern vents.

The channels are very deep or fine designed which is usually found in more costly lids. We don’t tell it that we have seen them moving enough air at the time of riding.

We have tested many helmets. The Sanction has got the similar score like other expensive helmets in the market such as Bell Transfer-9, Fox Rampage, Troy Lee D3.

All the other lids and plushly padded are more secured than Sanction. The Sanction has similar ventilation score which is not very impressive.


Full faced helmets are heavier than the usual helmets. The weight of the Sanction helmet is only 950 grams. My sons’ Kali Chakra uses a helmet having 208 grams.

The additional weight is heavier for little necks. If the child doesn’t get lightweight helmet they like to give it up. Sometimes they don’t like to use the helmet at all.


My tiny guy gives off Sanction helmet at least 20 times though he wears Kali for an hour at a stretch.

The Sanction is lightweight helmet compare it with other helmets in the market. If you desire to buy a full faced helmet, you can buy this helmet without any hesitation.


The Bell Sanction is well-built helmet no doubt. This helmet is not inexpensive kid’s helmet same as the cringe-worthy Razor helmet.

One kid of my neighbor wears it. It comes with a hand coated fiberglass case over an extended polystyrene liner.

I have only one complaint regarding the interior padding of the helmet. These pads aren’t soft enough.

My son wears it and gives no complaint against it. I am not surprised by this. Another problem is that they are glued with the polystyrene liner.

Therefore one can’t remove it to wash. Finally, these pads are really coarse.


The Sanction fulfills the standard of CE EN 1078 and CPSC 1203. These are the least standard of full faced helmets for cycling in American and Europe.


This helmet doesn’t meet the safety standard of ASTM-F1952 that is a typical for a downhill full faced helmet.

We think aggressive riders must use helmets that meet the standard of ASTM. Therefore we don’t suggest the Sanction. This is a full faced helmet.

So it is natural that this helmet will give more protection than a half-faced helmet. Bell website suggests the riders may go with more secured Transfer-9 or Full-9 for downhill riding.

What matters you have to consider first

Light Weighted

If you use a heavy helmet for a long time, you will feel pain in your neck and head. So better to use a lightweight helmet like Bell Sanction helmet. The total weight of this helmet is only 950 grams.

Full Face Racing Helmet

It is not necessary to say that the Bell sanction helmet is the very normal helmet. This is a full faced helmet. Therefore professional motorcycle racer may use it.

Fiberglass Shell

The helmet comes with a fiberglass shell which is hand laminated. This helmet is more durable for this feature. It gives more comfort. More importantly, there is more security of this helmet from any injury.

A visor is Adjustable

The helmet comes with an adjustable visor. This feature is uncommon with other helmets. You can cover your eyes and face fully with this helmet. Additionally, you can keep your face open. At any point, you can adjust the visor of this helmet.

Ventilation Mechanism

A helmet must have the well ventilation system. When a head doesn’t get enough fresh air, it starts to ache. This helmet must possess enough ventilation. So it gives necessary amount of fresh air for your head. When your helmet is fully ventilated, it is more comfortable for using.

Highly Stylish and Adorable

The features and the appearance of this helmet are gorgeous. It comes with a moo inspired design. The young motorists like this helmet very much as its cut and shape is very nice. Here needless to say that this helmet is only made for the young riders.

Available in Different Colors

There are nine different colors of this helmet from red to black and from gray to white. You can buy the best-colored helmet for the choice of your child.

About Bell

Most of the world champions wear Bell Helmets. They like Bell more than other brands of the market.

Bell saves the head of the men and women from Grand Prix racing to the Indy 500 to Olympic cycling more than 50 years. Bell started its journey in part stores in the neighborhood of Los Angeles under the guidance of Roy Richter.

Bell becomes a famous helmet for ensuring safety for motorcycling, racing and bicycling.

About Bell

Richter’s is ready to prepare great products by maintaining a close link with the sport. It is for those people who take care of it. Bell turns one can maneuver into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

The legacy still remains at present. But Bell has the commitment to innovation, quality, and racing.

User Review on Bell Sanction BMX Downhill Helmet

Nice Helmet, Nice Price

I can say that the fitting of the helmet is very nice like other users. Just I have got it and used it.

My head is 58 cm. For this head size, a large helmet is recommended. I don’t like to use a full faced helmet. When I started to use it, I haven’t seen it. The helmet is not very heavy.

The view of the helmet is very good. I have got the helmet is warm enough. Normally I have used a bicycle helmet. Therefore I am not surprised at all.

For pump tracks and mtn bk shredding

My little child likes the helmet very much. He is only four years old. The helmet adjusts well on his head. It gets somewhat warm.

But he likes it very much. It surely protects him better than other usual kid’s helmet. I don’t make him wear this helmet when he goes to grocery shops.

But the helmet is ideal when he takes it to the local BMX jump track or for the Mountain bike park.

Suppose he is going down the hill that ended in a bunch of medium size rocks at Duthie Hill.

At the time of going down the hill, he moved his front wheel and found a good dribbler. I got him crack just to the side of helmet or face. All the bikers are now in a standstill situation.

When I rolled him up he said he is all right. I am sure that it would not happen if he wears a helmet particularly a full faced helmet.


When you desire to have a helmet for your young child, you have only limited options. It is true that the lack of select doesn’t mean lack of quality.

The Bell Sanction has developed its design and functionally within a little package.

Bell Qualifier Unisex Adult Full Face Helmet Review

The Bell Bullitt is the retro piece and stunning. It has multi-density EPS liner, 3 shell EPS system, a fiber composite shell, a Magnefusion shield closure system, and 3D cut cheek pads.

The Bullit gives Steve McQueen-enqueue and Steve style. Many ridthe ers like this helmet very much in recent years for having modern features.

Bell Qualifier Torque Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

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You may modify the appearance of having various colors. The helmet also has different types of supports for your riding style. 4 mesh intake vents line up of the visor.

A single tilt to the back of the helmet finishes the ventilation procedures. The vent welcomes the helmet.

Additionally, it manages rounded, smooth and external parts of the Bullitt. The rounded styling and low profile confirm that the appearance of the Bell stays loyal to its predecessor.

Features of Bell Qualifier Unisex Adult Full Face Helmet

  • Anti-scratch, UV protective and NurtaFog II.
  • Lightweight ABS or polycarbonate shell construction
  • Press release shield for easy, tool-free and fast shield replacement
  • Padded wind collar greatly lessens road noise and wind
  • Removable as well as washable interior. Integrate speaker pockets. Contoured cheek pads. Well, padded chin straps along with D-ring closure. 5 years limited warranty from the industry.


  • The chin strap is same as the conventional D-ring style and has no quick release system.
  • Has no breathing deflector to save the visor from fogging up.
  • There is another brand that gives both of these features with the same price


  • The bit noisy with low speed
  • No breath guard, no chin curtain


There are 7 vents with the helmet. It has 2 intake vents near the forehead and 4 Venturi vents to the back. There is an easily operable vent in the chin bars.

These vents play an important role in immaculate air circulation. When a rider angles forward, the noise reduces fairly.

However, lots of helmet users complained of the wind whistling of the Bell Qualifier helmet after driving 30 mph for usual posture.


The helmet comes with the mean design which it takes from sports brethren. The internal shell of the helmet is the oval shape.

Therefore it accommodates more head sizes than typical round shape. The polycarbonate shell of the helmet is made from very lightweight materials.

The qualifier helmet is made to ensure more stability. The chin is not added with a chin curtain that makes it frosty for the cold days.

Bell qualifier helmet visor

You will get a clear visor with the Qualifiers that is made from anti-scratch, UV protection materials, and Nutrafog II anti-fog. This is very simple to switch out the visor of a flashy photochromatic shield.

Bell qualifier helmet visor

In the market, Bell comes in different colors. You can choose your color from yellow, silver, blue, dark tint, light tint, clear and gold mirror visors.

The Bell Qualifier is found in anti-fog treated and standard. Pinlock insert version is perfect for your need.

Bell also comes with new light reacting Photochromic Transitions visors which alter clear to dark-colored within seconds.

Why You Choose Bell Qualifier Unisex Adult Full Face Helmet

There are numerous wonderful designs and sizes of a helmet from XS to XXL. Moreover, it has lots of color schemes. You can choose your desired one from them.

The black matte design is the best for pink, fuchsia stripes, and red geometrical design. This will be super for your personality.

This helmet is well constructed. A lightweight polycarbonate material is used here with added ABS shell construction for giving security. It has got DOT certifications.

To replace the shield, you need no extra tools. You can do it just clicking on the shield.

Moreover, the shield is made of top graded materials and reinforced with the NutraFog II anti-fog technology. It can protect UV rays and anti-scratch reinforcements.

So the helmet lasts for a long time regardless weather conditions and the roads.

The helmet is designed in such a way that it reduces the wind or road noise inside the helmet. It comes with padded wind collar which is a distinguished feature of this helmet.

As there is no noise from outside, you can focus on the road more without any noise disturbance.

This helmet creates the calm and noise free environment inside your helmet. It helps you to give more focus on road and avoid accidents.

The Bell Qualifier unisex adult helmet has a strong check pad with the padded chin strap to ensure closer fit.

The internal lining is removable as well as washable. So you can enjoy a humid free helmet all the time.

Buy online or not?

Buying helmet from online is a good idea. Here you have lots of opportunities to see different models sizes and features of a helmet on the screen. There are many e-commerce websites.

When there are lots of providers or suppliers, tension arises much. You normally don’t know which one is trustworthy. What you should do is to choose the faithful e-commerce provider.

The providers must be trusted and authentic otherwise you will pay for the wrong. If you get a faithful provider, you can surely move for the plunge.

User Review on Bell Qualifier Unisex Adult Full Face Helmet

A good entry level full face helmet at a low price point

I have used this helmet to cover up about 2000 miles on two bikes on dissimilar roads. I have chosen the large one. It seems to me that it fits well. Firstly the check pads are bit tight.

After using the helmet for dozen times, the cheek pads are not an issue for me. I like a helmet with a snug fit. I have nothing to say about the clear visor.

User Review on Bell Qualifier Unisex Adult Full Face Helmet

You may keep the helmet in a place where you like to keep it. The quick release is very simple to clean. It is perfect no doubt. The matte finish of the helmet is awesome.

You can clean it with a wet paper towel. The Hi-Vis is visible even in the darkness or when the light bounces off.

The venting is perfect for use on hot days. But for the cold day’s vent closes the air that gets its way beneath the chin area.

You may get no padding behind the chin area from where noise and hot air enter. Sometimes you may hear the wind noise though I don’t hope so.

I aspire more than that. I use the speaker pocket to keep a headphone speaker added to my phone for GPS instruction. It seems to me that it has got 3.5 stars.

With the price, you will get fit, comfort and top quality Bell helmet. I would like to get Bell RS-1 for next time as a safety gear.

Product Information on Bell Qualifier Unisex Adult Full Face Helmet

  • Brand Bell
  • Item Weight 3.5 pounds
  • Model             7049224



There are many motorcycle helmets on the market of different brands.  You have to choose the right one for your need. But the task isn’t very simple as it seems.

You must match your desired one with your budget. Moreover, the helmet must have almost all features. It should function well.

Features, models, sizes, additional features, and accessories are usually complicated things for the first time buyers.

What type of bike you ride is not mattered at all. The matter is the safety gear of the helmet. Try to get the best helmet though you have to spend somewhat more for this.

Don’t forget that your safety and life is more valuable than a helmet. Though helmets are simply priceless, you need to buy the best helmet for your use.

TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet Reviews

The TR industrial forestry helmet gives professional safety for the users both at home or at work. There are lots of safety features with this helmet.

You must save above your shoulders by wearing a helmet. The price of this helmet is very reasonable.

>>Check Price Now<<

So, average homeowners can buy this helmet. This helmet is completely adjustable. It gives complete protection.

When you like to buy the sturdy and reliable helmet, the TR safety helmet is the right one for your life.

Features of TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet

  • There are lots of features with this helmet. It has mesh visor, removable/ adjustable earmuffs, and plastic visor. At the same time, it gives dynamic protection for any job. 5 in 1 helmet.
  • Ensures safety at the time of chainsaws, trimmers and brush cutters. This helmet is great for forestry type of work.
  • This is very lightweight. Plastic visor and interchangeable mesh give shielding from debris.
  • Sets well on the head. Its convenient dial knob helps to adjust the circumstance 20-24.5 inches (52-62 centimeters).


  • requires no tool to assemble
  • Inclusive and inexpensive safety thing for face shield options.
  • Added head strap
  • Relaxed head brand along with sweatband and padding


  • There is no assembly instruction it the helmet.
  • Hear muffs are bit tight, but by careful bending of the metal wires. It could feel more comfortable.

What is the best part of the helmets?

Both Mesh and Plastic Visors

There are two different types of visors with the helmet. One is a mesh and other is plastic. Which one you like most completely depends on you.

Both come with lots of features. The mesh one may not fog up on the cold rainy day. But it keeps the small possibility of a splinter finding on the way through.

The plastic visor of the helmet ensures completely face protection. But you don’t adjust the probable for fogging up sometimes.

Adjustable and Removable Earmuffs

If you have the experience to use a chainsaw, you know it well that they may create an unbelievable amount of sound.

Hearing protection is very important to facial and head protection while working with a chainsaw. There is a deposit of earmuffs with the helmet to give you hear protection.

Adjustable and Removable Earmuffs

These helmets have all safety standards. All are made in such a way that you can remove it when you like to do so.

What Others Say About TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet

This helmet saves my head and face with lots of flying objects. It is very comfortable to wear in all respects. I am able to fit earbuds inside the ear protection.

Don’t use the clear face shield as the mesh unit doesn’t fog same as face shields sometimes do. The building procedure is good for me.

But I am a lumberjack/weekend/ handyman/ gardener. I can say well that it is very good for me.

Why We Choose TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet

You may get 5 in 1 protection system. The helmet has removable earmuffs, adjustment, a plastic visor and a mesh visor.

You will be secured enough when you use this helmet for any kind of chainsawing purpose.

You like to use the chainsaw which demands protection. You may use this helmet with trimmers and brush cutters or any type of works. all require forestry tools when you are such type of multi-tasker.

Why We Choose TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet

If you like to adjust a helmet, you need to measure the size of the head of the wearer. This is a very important option.

You will able to adjust the helmet circumstance from 20 inches to 24.5 inches. Probably this helmet would fit well with all the crew members if need to share it.

You may get interchangeability of the mesh and plastic visor. It seems to be very handy when you wear it.

You will get no replacement. The product is very lightweight if you need a lot of ton of helmet weight you down.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet

Question: How much noise can the earmuff reduce?

Answer: Sorry to answer this question. The reason is that boyfriend hasn’t yet got this chance to use it.

Question: What kind of sweatband it carries? Is it replaceable?

Answer: It doesn’t happen at this moment. Don’t take it in mind that it has a real sweatband but a plastic adaptable headband. Every day I use an MSA hard hat. This hat is made comfortably and secured. But I am sure if you adjust it for the first time, it is the bit tricky to redo. Use it carefully so that it doesn’t break down. I had a desired to buy it a few years ago. You can use the hat for weed-eating and sawing.

Question: Picture shows the color is orange and black whereas specs say it is black and yellow. What is its real color?

Answer: black and orange.

Question: Which color can I prefer- orange or yellow?

Which color would fit for me, yellow or orange?

Answer: The latest color of our helmet is orange.

Question: When does the helmet cross the limit of time?

Answer: it has no expiration date.


This is a super quality helmet with having great value. I have used other forestry types of helmets before and got mixed results. The snug fit of the helmet is the most attractive feature for me.

Though the Stihl helmet is made with supermaterials, the hearing protection loosens up somewhat. Impracticable making of the helmet is harmful.

ScorpionExo Covert Unisex Adult Half Helmet Review

The ScorpionExo Covert half face motorcycle helmet is gorgeous to look at. There are lots of features with this helmet. It has a dull black finish. The size of the helmet is perfect for both men and women.

The outside of the scorpion helmet is made of the polycarbonate shell that can withstand all impact and pressure from a crash.

The cushion inside the helmet saves your face and head from serious injuries.

The mask of the scorpion covers your face completely Moreover it comes with a magnet for normal changing of the mask.

ScorpionExo Covert Unisex-Adult Half-Size-Style Helmet

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The mask of this helmet works great to ensure safety for your face. When you take off the helmet, you will find that it is like a half face plan. The foggy face guard of the helmet wraps the top of your head.

It has a curved design which protects the shield to touch your cheeks or nose. The adjustable strap under the mask helps you to construct the helmet for a tradition fit.

Features of ScorpionExo Covert Unisex Adult Half Helmet

  • Advanced LG Polycarbonate shell: Totally made by Scorpion. The industry leading polycarbonate shell is made in such a way that it reduces weight and scatters the impact.
  • Replaceable front mask along with neodymium magnets
  • Retractable colored sun-visor which eases eye damage quickly in different light conditions. It has an additional clear visor for riding at night. Moreover, it appears with dark smoke installed.
  • Double density EPS
  • Black off plates added to use in ¾ modes


  • Versatile, very comfortable and nice looking helmet
  • Good feeling and awesome looking helmet
  • The visor fits well with the face shield.


  • none

Design of ScorpionExo Covert Unisex Adult Half Helmet

Besides wonderful looking, the helmet sets versatility to go with a half size helmet. This is a three quarter open helmet, what appears to be a full-sized helmet.

The magic is done by the use of 2 different components- the rear comfort sleeves and the face musk. The first one turns the covert helmet to a ¾ open face helmet.

The following one uses 2 industrial strength Neodymium magnets to adjust well with the front of the helmet in merely seconds.

One can add the comfort sleeve within few seconds as there are no magnets with it.

Removing the components requires more time then adding them. But we are talking about a minute total.

The design deals with lots of issues requiring many helmets for various environments. This small piece fits very well on in a saddle bag or the corner of a pannier. You should better not to carry the extra helmet.

Unluckily the modular size of the helmet has prevented it from acquiring a SNELL safety rate.

But the positive side is that it covers all the safety rates of DOT. So the helmet is wholly DOT approved.

Graphics and Colors

Along with the matte black colors, the scorpion is found in different colors. Yet the helmet comes with only 1 finish and 1 color. The color scheme makes the helmet very menacing to start with.

You may customize with decals. You can get it even painted. But we are afraid that anyone who buys this helmet for its get up may make color to change it.

Keep in mind that adding decals or painting may influence the veracity of the shell. So move very carefully.


The vision area is a bit narrower compared with the others. But this is nice comparing from other respects. You may get a great deal of wind for its natural muzzle design but astonishingly this is not so.

The visor combo and the muzzle around the helmet prevent the flow of air. Therefore air comes from only this area. It is the section of little motorcycle helmets category.

ScorpionExo Covert Unisex Adult Half Helmet Vision

The shape of the helmet is like an oval so it fits well on any type of head. The chin strap is added to the right direction that is facing the front side of the throat instead of the center of the neck.

Double D-ring is an old technology so it must be changed. The helmet is very tight to the ear from inside and sometimes hurts the ears.

Other than that, the helmet is very wonderful. You can buy it without any hesitation.

Shell, Liner, and Padding

The shell of the Scorpion convert helmet is made of a proprietary Advanced LG Polycarbonate shell. It is made to save and spread out the impact.

The manufacturers reduce the weight of the helmet which is a big factor for long riders.

The liner of Scorpion Covert is made of KwikWick II® an anti-microbial comfort liner is made particularly for the scorpion. The neck roll/check pad and the crown liner are completely removable and washable.

The combined check/roll pad is kept by 6 Velcro points. The crown liner is kept in place by 4 snaps. Assembly and removal are very simple and straightforward.

There are many reports about the padding system of a Sena Bluetooth Communication System. They advised upgrading the padding system a little bit.

There is a caution for you regarding the liner. If you can, don’t use machine dry until you order a replacement liner set. Try a hand dry if possible.

Why You Choose ScorpionExo Covert Unisex Adult Half Helmet

Scorpion Covert Helmet is a half lid helmet. This is undoubtedly unique and wonderfully designed.

It comes with a removable sleeve which permits the helmet to change a standard lid into a three fourth open face cycle helmet. The face mask attaches with neodymium magnet. Moreover, it is detachable.

The style and the function of this helmet are very wonderful. The shell of the helmet is smaller. So it is a negative factor.

The matte finish along with ‘S’ logo is very attractive. The building procedure is excellent. There is no sharp gap or edges like other helmets. The swap out is instant with 1 sharp tug.

The visor is in dark tinted style. The impressive matter is that it sits in a groove for a neat fit.

What Others Say About ScorpionExo Covert Unisex Adult Half Helmet

The helmet is a nice Scorpion brain bucket that has 2 attachments. The additional part of the back makes it a Bell 500 by keeping retractable visor. The visor sets well with the face shield of the helmet.

What Others Say About ScorpionExo Covert Unisex Adult Half Helmet

The shield is athletically and feels something like silicone. Scorpion comes with a super face shield to preserve the wind off your face. This gives no protection at all. But it is cool enough.

It is bulkier than my expectation. But it is still cool enough. My head is very big. I like to use an XL fitting. I hope that it would fit well Charlie Brown who has a giant head.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on ScorpionExo Covert Unisex Adult Half Helmet

Question: Have anyone gone for a ride with around 30-40 degrees? If so, is it able to maintain heat perfectly?

Answer: I have done it. The helmet fails to maintain heat. The air flow is very nice but you may feel cold.

Question: Does the visor come up or does it stay down for all time?

Answer: It comes up and down

Question: Does anyone try to put a headset on the lid?

Answer: I have purchased a little one which gives me comfort. It is very comfy to use earbuds here.

Question: is the helmet very loud?

Answer: One night I got the helmet is very loud. But I need to work in the morning and I found is quieted down.

In Conclusion

We have added most of the features with the Scorpion Convert helmet as many as we can.

Finally, its 2 strongest suits are storm-trooper look and the power to morph a half shell to a 3/4 open-faced helmet gives face protection. The scorpion has a reasonable price.

All materials are good and well furnished. You will get 5 years warranty for keeping the helmet with you.

The excellent ventilation and the lack of facial protection come back to the helmet troubles you in the middle of winter.

Since this is a second or third helmet, you fail to beat this model. If you like in the South Western states of California, this helmet would be sufficient for you.

Shoei Neotec Black Modular Helmet Review

The Shoei Neotec is a unique helmet on this list. It is considered as the new product of the motorcycle helmet. This is different from Multitec helmet. There are many features of it. Its ventilation is good design. Therefore it gives proper ventilation, well airflow and quiet noise levels. There is no bottom edge and complex curve which may distract the users at the time of riding.

The graphics, paint and overall quality are unparallel. Most manufacturers give few colors for flip-up helmets like black, white and silver. These are very common colors palette. The good news is that Shoei helmet has wide ranges of colors patter for the preference of the users. You can get brilliant yellow, wine red color except for black, white and silver colors.

Shoei Neotec Black Modular Helmet, L


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The paint is nothing but a very thick coat. It is polished to a high shine. The painting ensures anthracite metallic outlook. All the moving parts of the helmet are substantial. The helmet seems very solid. Therefore it is difficult to be displaced.

Neotec helmet doesn’t come with the spring-loaded feel same as other helmets. It makes the helmet like a ball bearing. The operating system of this helmet is different than other helmets. It is unique in the sense that it operates well than others. The rotating flip up the visor is very calm. It makes no noise when it is shut off.

The nice feature is that the plush liner materials and thick padding control noise in it. It saves the rotating visor. The users may not feel that he is using flip. This safety gear is very comfortable. The top vent and the chin vent are operating perfectly if one controls the flow of air. One needs not re-vent it.


  • Industry-leading three shells sizes and five liners upgrade the fitting features which fit well with most head sizes from XS through XXL
  • Votex generator functions well to remover noise and maintain the flow or air around the helmet
  • Dual-layer EPS liner increases ventilation and impact absorption.
  • SHOEI uses state-of-the-art shell forming technology by adding the aerodynamic privileges of a spoiler.
  • Aerodynamic features are maximized by tunnel testing and extensive


  • QSV-1 sun shield protect the riders from the sun glare by one rapid motion.
  • Opening chin bar up automatically closes the face shield if this is open sun shield visor system.
  • Can protect 99% of the sun rays from having distortion-free shield block
  • Big and effortless to approach switch activates the 3D injection-molded inner sun shield.


  • Nothing mentionable


The Basics

People who like the versatility of modular helmet 1 model is fit for them. It is nothing but the Shoei Multitec. At present Shoei is adamant which the Neotec isn’t an outright replacement for the Multitec. The Neotec seems very familiar after reviewing of five minutes. This is same as the Multitec but every feature and detail is improved enough.

Mutitec is very favorite to the riders. Most improvement has done to the integrated sun visor and to the strengthened locking mechanism that I have got later on.

The Shoei Neotec feels and looks same as the high-quality helmet. The finish and materials are top-notch. We also get better service from the Shoei. Some users don’t like modular helmets as these aren’t structurally strong like full faced helmets. They require more reinforcements to improve the quality of the modular helmet.

Moreover, there is the flip-up mechanism. It implies that modular helmets may wind up being very heavy. The Neotec helmet is heavy if you compare it with a full face helmet, but luckily. I feel no problem though I use it for a long time.

Shell and Materials

In Neotec helmet there is the combination of fiberglass with organic fibers. So the shell of the helmet is long durable and endures high levels of impacts. Shoei is always making helmet by considering the safety features of riders. Manufacturers are always ready to provide good materials with the helmet.

Shell and Materials

The shell of the Neotech is made in such a way that makes it extra aerodynamic. So you notice the indentation and upgraded areas of the shell. Aerodynamics make the flow of helmet smoothly through the air instead of catching it same as the sail on a sailboat.

The main goal of a modular helmet is to reduce the resistance of the air. If you open up close the helmet, you get little air resistance. Therefore the shell is made in such a way which allows the flow of air over and around it rather than catching it. So it reduces the noise made by air.

Modular Design

The most important feature of this helmet is that you will see the Neotec is a modular design. So far this is the most appealing feature of this helmet. It may transform a full faced helmet into an open-faced helmet by pressing the button on it.

You may think that there is the compromise of the design with the helmet. But the reality is that there is no compromise. It has a locking system with the Shoei which locks the chin bar into a place. You will get this benefit when it is in full-faced position. The locking system is tested on and off the road. It has been proven to withstand great impact collisions just like the benefit of a full face helmet.

The main benefit of the modular design is that you may open it fully for good ventilation. It keeps your face and heads cool though the day is sweltering. During winter, you may close the front chin bar and can use it as a full face helmet. The whole thing seems that you are using two helmets in one and getting the benefit of both styles.

There is no need to be worried about the safety features of the helmet. It fulfills the safety rating of the DOT standard. This means that the helmet has been tested well from every protective angle during impact collisions.

The Interior

The interior of the Shoei is exceptionally well padded and plusher. All lining is removable as well as washable. You may open as a section of the pad which will be perfect fitting. We are still using Shoei which is uncomfortable. The Neotec may be more comfortable. I can surely say that if it doesn’t fit well.There is something wrong with your head.

The Interior

Neotec gives more comfort and ensures security. Lastly, it is well protected. There is enough space in the ear pocket to keep speakers so that you may install a communication system.

From the Inside Out

The Neotec helmet has undergone a series of tests inside the wind tunnel to make it more aerodynamic. This is a very important feature. The modular helmet generates more noise which it’s full face counterparts. This helmet features with three ports. Two are located on the front and one is to the back. The air intake close to the chin gives you enough breezes. It sends air right up that makes a tad more noise. But I can surely say that during summer you have no objection.

The vent has three different setting to the forehead area. One of them removes hot air very effectively. This problem isn’t their efficiency. The only problem is that it is complicated to operate while using a glove. I would like to say that I have never faced such problem with the Neotec.


The flow of air is very excellent of this helmet. When you open the vent, you can get a nice flow of water. I got up to speed and found the air flow is 275% more than in the Multitec. After examining the specs of the helmet, it turns out really number is 276%.

The Face Shield

A pin-lock anti-fog visor comes with the face shield. It’s very amazing particularly for commuting or touring as you ride through less than ideal weather. I am still failed to fog the face shield.

The detents are accurately done. Therefore you can put the visor cracked open for the flow of air. I have tested Shoei. I got the face shield removal. It is not very simple to detect but quick and easy to operate all time.

Sun Visor

The inside drops down sun visor give more visibility and more coverage. The buttons are a bit difficult to activate by feel. It may be the mistake of the users. It will be second nature if one uses it more times.

Chin Bar

Release system of the chin bar is unproblematic. It comes with incredible and firm detents to put it in place of its raised position. When I close it, I feel a problem. This is the only complaint around the chin bar. There are some times when I am not sure it latches. I get myself pulling up to the examination and am sure it is fastened.


Shoei is ready to offer security for the riders. The Neoteck is not exceptional in this sense. It secures 4 out of 5 stars in the SHARP crash helmet safety examination. This is outstanding advancement but there are slight side impact tests. The most probable weaknesses of the helmet are when the chin guard exposes under impact. SHARP statistics that the chin guard remains closed in 93% of impacts. This is very good for a flip–up. You must decide yourself which one is good for your use.

Safety of helmets

Shoei expresses that the helmet comes with AIM or Advanced Integrated Matrix. This is a composite of various layers of fiberglass. But it is doing its job very well. You get three shell sizes of this hat. The most significant size is XL –XXL, the medium one is L and the smallest covering sizes XS-M. It is terrific to ensure safety. Check here to know more.

The Shoei Neotech is made from stainless steel to ensure extra security. It resists the helmet from breaking down under huge pressure. Moreover, it comes with a micrometric chin fastener that is very easy to use.

User Review of Shoei Neotec Black Modular Helmet

This helmet saved my life!

I have bought a helmet. I used it for a month. After that period I faced a terrible motorcycle crash on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The good news is that the helmet does its job. The front side of the helmet is scarred up so severely I fail to see out of it. The jawline is also scarred up. I may have faced broken jaw, head injury and extensive facial damage.

Surely I suggest this helmet for others. If you still don’t use a full face helmet, I would recommend you to do it instantly. You must practice it for a while to be habituated. This helmet is better to use for a short time. The price of the helmet is a bit more. But it has an excellent value for your head.

Great Helmet

I prefer this helmet most. For the last couple of months, I have bought three helmets. But unluckily all were unfit for me. This one is the best fitting one so far. I have an intermediate oval-shaped head. For the first time, I have bought L size instead of XL as it is confirming internal shape. It has no large pressure point and keeps a mark after riding for an hour. I have been using the helmet for 3 hours at a stretch, feeling minimal discomfort. The negative side is that there is the source of some neck fatigue.

Great Helmet

This is not very quiet like the Schuberth C3, but it seems to me something different. The detents for the face shield hold position more solidly, in comparison with the Schuberth. The force of wind fails to close it through the speed is more.

The reason is that the tab on the visor is about three-inch off-center to the left. It fails to supply force to the left and right ratcheting systems. It is tough to operate it if you don’t use a little lubricant on these systems. The right side is lagging behind, and the left side goes up quickly. This is very easy to operate now.

Product Information

–    ASIN            B006VR6E6K

–    Product Dimensions    15 x 11 x 12 inches

–    Model            0117-0105-06

–    Item Weight        5.8 pounds

–    Brand            Shoei


The Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet has all the features that you desire at the time of riding on a bike on the road. Needless to say, this is one of the best motorcycle helmets of the present generation. It helps you to take full breath at the time of everyday riding. High speed riders like this helmet very much. One can use it comfortably at daytime when the sun is up. It gives you full protection from the rays of the sun.

Moreover the helmet comes with an anti-fog system which ensures clear vision during cold season. If you consider the safety feature of the helmet, it works like a modular full faced helmet. The helmet is DOT certified. At the time of choosing a helmet, give first priority about the safety features. A helmet is life saver equipment. All things depend on the experience of the customers.

Metallic Wine Red Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet Review

The IV2 Metallic helmet is a good helmet for the people who have an insufficient budget. This helmet has two exchangeable visors. Its design is very simple and makes it very ideal for all riders.

All are made from ABS plastic composite shell. Like the previous products of the list, the product is affordable. Modular helmet is designed with keeping Bluetooth method keeping in mind.

Bluetooth is a ready device at present.  This option is sold separately. One can install it without facing any problem. This helmet is nice.

Metallic Wine Red Modular Flip up Motorcycle Helmet DOT


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If you compare it with other models, you will face difficulties to install the system. IV2 is found with ten different patterns and colors. Finally, it comes with the anti-fog visor that is resistant to scratches.


  • This helmet is well matched through a Bluetooth device by the 3rd party Bluetooth units. So make contact with your Bluetooth device provider to know more details.
  • Functionality, easy open air vents design for last. Quick access provides maximum circulation
  • Fulfills and overcomes DOT demands (FMVSS.218)
  • Single push button flips up feature. Flip up modular allows instant conversation from full face to open face within seconds
  • ABS thermal plastic composite shell, Fiber reinforced along with EPS Impact Foam
  • Construction is lightweight
  • Finish is UV protective
  • Washable and removable finish


  • Relaxed
  • Ventilation system provide enough flow of air
  • Impact absorption padding inner liner which gives additional protection
  • Simple one press button which comes with a flip-up function
  • Eagle eyes vents are functional and durable
  • Bluetooth ready with simple installation pre-engineered


  • Affordable prices ensure a quality product
  • Chin straps should be lengthened
  • Has no drop down sun shield
  • Demands more ventilation ports to make the better flow of air

What’s Consider Before Going to Buy Metallic Wine Red Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet

There remain many features with the Shoei Neotech helmets for your benefits. It is made in such a way that it ensures enough safety to save you from a bad fall.

  • Beautiful and functional design –It has a wonderfully sleek design. This design is made for making lightweight and aerodynamic. Therefore you may use it for a long time tour without feeling stressed by the helmet.
  • Easy handling –It is thought that the helmet is most progressive flip-up helmet at present. It has a large lock release button for convenient handling with wearing gloves.
  • Improved design for added safety –In this design, there is a taller field of vision. So one can effortlessly glide through traffic. There is internal sun shield which saves your eyes from the scorch rays of the sun. Moreover, it reduces wind noise. The inner shield protects the user from 99 % of harmful rays. Additionally, the inner shield is 3D injection molded and has a smooth locatable switch.
  • Easy to clean –The lining is made from breathable fabric, and it is soft for a comfortable fit. Moreover, the structure reduces sweating. One can quickly remove the linking for usual cleaning.
  • Comfortable adjustable –The face shield and the lightweight chin bar rotate precisely and smoothly on a single axis point.

Metallic Wine Red Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet User Guide

Helmet is a safety thing for your life. You must use a helmet all times during your tours. Along with this, you need to keep the screen down when you are doing high speed.

It ensures your face and head save in case of a sudden crash. A rider can use the flip of a switch to lower and lift the outer shield of the helmet during slow moving traffic.

Metallic Wine Red Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet User Guide

Additionally, the inner shield lowers and boosts by the flick of a switch. It saves you from the direct heat from the sun. Many riders keep themselves from the rays of the sun when they are moving at slow speeds.

They need no outer shield. You must wash the helmet regularly to ensure better flow of air inside the helmet. It also saves the helmet from moistening with or clogging up a sweat.

User Review of Metallic Wine Red Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet

Great helmet for $50

I have been using the different helmet for more than 15 years. The good thing about this helmet is weight and style. I am using another helmet which cost 350 dollars. This one squeezes my head for having all the padding inside the helmet.

But this one hasn’t enough padding to squeeze anything. I can breathe very well wearing it but I don’t feel well protected. The color of the helmet is splendid. So I have bought it.

It matches well with my 93 Goldwing. I like to give 8.9 and for safety 7.5. I can say this is a pretty good helmet. But it is not clear to me which the cost is only $50.

I have used this helmet for the first time on 1st December 2015. It fits well and is very comfortable. I am very much impressed. Its flip up chin bars work normally. The outer finish of the helmet is perfect.

The performance of the vents is really admiring. A couple of small problem are found is some areas.

The chin strap is bit wider than the D ring opening that makes difficult to thread through. This problem is expanded by a snap of the chin strip. It takes more time and difficult to hook up. I have taken the snap off and make threading the band very easier.

This isn’t very quiet helmet in the sense that it produces fair amount of wind noise. It may be done for buffeting from my windshield. I know enough if I ride on other bikes. Really I am happy with the price point of the helmet. I like to buy another helmet.

Product Information

ASIN            B006OSNUYU


IV2 Metallic-Wine Red Helmet features with Bluetooth unit that is sold separately. It fulfills and overcomes DOT requirements. This is Fiber reinforced with ABS Thermal plastic composite shell. There is a single push button flip up features that permits for a full face to open face within seconds.

IV2 Serpent Green Full Face Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet Review

IV2 is a famous and well-known helmet manufacturing company. The company maintains its principles very strictly though these are very simple. Their mission is to make a quality helmet at an affordable cost. IV2 is a cheap and accessible helmet in the full-faced category. There are lots of graphics schemes and colors of this helmet.

IV2 Serpent Green Full Face Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet [DOT] - Medium

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To ensure quality IV2 is made from lightweight ABS and fiber reinforced composite shell. It has got DOT approval. There you see an EPS impact absorption inner liner which increases safety. The helmet comes with precisely designed streamline body which lessens wind noise from 80% to 85%. Moreover, IV2 has a cushioned interior to ensure comfort for the users.

You get multiple air vents in IV2 helmets that boost the flow of air inside the helmet. There are washable or removable cheek pads and a quick release visor mechanism with the design. You may get the helmet in 4 different sizes: small, large, medium and X-large. For the convenient of the users, the manufacturers provide a cloth helmet bag to carry the helmet easily.


  • The helmet is made from ABS composite shell, for this reason, weight is light. It has also got DOT certificate.
  • Dual D ring strap is made from stainless steel which fits well
  • Has many features, therefore great thing about the price
  • Anti-scratch and clear flip-up face shield is super quality
  • Smart aerodynamic design lessens the noise of the wind
  • Sweat absorbing inner liner is made well to absorb impact at the time of a mishap


  • Very lightweight helmet
  • Check pads are removable and washable
  • It is designed with at least seven ventilation points


  • Chin strap may be a bit fastidious.
  • Challenging to keep thicker glasses inside the helmet by keeping the visor down

Use and Maintenance

To ensure proper protection and good riding, there is no alternative to keeping the helmet hygienic and clean. Moreover fitting accurately is a must on the head to work properly. If one desires to use the helmet correctly, he must keep the following things in his mind.

When a helmet doesn’t fit accurately, it comes out of the head during the accident. So there remains no protection. Many people faced death for this reason. Before using the helmet, be sure you have noticed all the things of the helmet strictly. Your vision must be clear and full. Check and recheck the positioning of the helmet enough downward and upward to manage your vehicle correctly. One needs to adjust the helmet consequently.

The inner lining of the helmet is removable and washable. It is a must cleaning the interior and outer shell of the helmet to preserve it. There are lots of things related to the cleaning of the helmet. When you face any lice infection of your helmet, you can solve it by doing one standard procedure. You should better not to use any spray on it. Besides, you have to preserve the helmet in a plastic bag that is air-tight for 48 hours. Take out the helmet and remove the lining after that period. Then clean the surface properly with mild soap solution. The plastic pads and bags must be discarded.

Why You Choose IV2 Serpent Green Full Face Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet

The protector of this helmet is made by Ivolution Sports, Inc (IV2). This company has name and fame as a leader for doing headgear design. This helmet combines well decent price, high performance, and high-end style.

All components are so rigid that these ensure hat’s lightweight and durability. The graphics design is so excellent that most girls desire to get it. The cutting-edge technology is based on top pressure injection molding. The artwork design makes the wearer noticeable though riding along as the passenger. The manufacturer has given an exclusive UV treated coat which saves the graphic from fading or peeling.

Why You Choose IV2 Serpent Green Full Face Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet

On the outside of the design, it has five air intakes with exhaust passages. It is straightforward to open and close all ports instead of wearing gloves. Most of the users are happy with the visor that is clear and crisp. The trendy head protector enjoys inner hypo-allergenic liner and ladies wearing are safe enough. Parts are washable and removable. All features are essential as the helmet would be stuffy to use during the summer season.

User Review of IV2 Serpent Green Full Face Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet

Another great buy from online! (And the manufacturer)

I have purchased a helmet for my wife. She is petite. Therefore I like to get a proper fitting. The helmet fits well and has a fresh look. My wife is thrilled to get it. I am very much delighted to get this helmet with reasonable price. She is thrilled also. I am very much pleased with the amount of the helmet. Additionally, I have checked on line. The quality or the cost of the helmet is very reasonable. Moreover, condition is very excellent and best deal. I suggest others to use this helmet. It is vented. Besides, it comes with flip up face shield. Most of the users are happy with this helmet.

This helmet is adorable and sexy combined

A The IV2 helmet is very cute and sexy mixed. The padding inside the helmet is very comfortable. The matte coating finish of the helmet is very excellent. I rode on the back of my boyfriend’s motorcycle. I like to get a helmet. But I have no desire to more than 100 dollars for usual occasions. I have bought a medium size helmet that fits well. I suggest this to anyone who likes to get a comfortable, affordable and cut helmet.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) on IV2 Serpent Green Full Face Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet

Question: Is the helmet fit for using any other activity other than motor cycle riding?

Answer: This particular helmet is perfect only for riding on motorcycles on the road but not fit for racing. It isn’t fit for additional sports or adventures. For such occasions, this hair safety is not secured enough. The inappropriate use can make it unsuitable for more use during riding on a motorcycle.

Question: Is there any carrying bag with the shipment?

Answer: Yes, there is a carry bag for the shipment.

Question: What is the procedure to preserve the helmet?

Answer: Only proper care and storage can extend the life of the helmet. If you like to store a mask for a long time, you have to keep it in a bag or box. Keep it in a cool and dry place out of the reach of the children and pet animals. Moreover keep it away from the direct heat of the sunlight. One also shouldn’t keep the helmet inside the trunk of a vehicle or in a car during summer. During this time, temperature rises high. Temperature over 150 degrees can damage the helmet.

Question: What is the way to clean the exterior lining of the helmet?

Answer: Almost all IV2 helmets are made of a hypo-allergy lining. These things are very comfortable and long-lasting. One can remove all the coating to clean it. With mild detergent, it is straightforward to wash by hands and finally air dried only.

Product Information

  • Item Weight Four pounds


An IV2 helmet is fantastic for many reasons; the least mentionable is design. The matte finish resists that the structure is becoming very loud. It ensures a fresh and feminine get up. The helmet doesn’t feel flimsy after all and fits well. Moreover, it has got DOT (Department of Transportation) approval.