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Star Wars Bike Helmets Review

The relevance of helmets in the majority of the present-day sport cannot be overemphasized. And, this is no exemption when we are dealing with our kids whether they are engaging in a short or long-distance ride or other sports.

The necessity and rule of wearing a helmet are mandatory and should be taken very seriously. However, it is challenging to find a helmet that offers both protection, comfort, and style like the Bell Star War Helmet.


The company has had a history of making helmets that are both protective and appealing to your child.

Having this demand is why we have brought you the Star Wars bike helmet reviews. This guide will give you both satisfaction and assurance in your helmet purchase, whether you intend to buy for yourself, kid, or a relative.

We will also be sharing some vital information about the quality and credibility of the company.

Star Wars Bike Helmets Review

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Bell Star Wars adult, Child & Toddler Bike Helmets

Are you in need of an assorted multi-purpose helmet that can serve both for biking and skating? Then the Bell Star War bike helmet welcomes you to a platform of possibilities.

The helmet is suitable for both adult, child, and toddler with its uniquely designed and lightweight features. This cool looking helmet will give your child the look of a soldier of the galaxy with its strong and durable hardshell construction. It also has an extended rear build for further protection from impact and crash.

Additionally, the helmet comes with a well-padded interior, which helps protect the head from impact by acting as a shock absorber. Thus, increasing the rate of comfort.

Also, this adult multi-sport helmet will offer both you and your kids adequate air supply with a total number of twelve top and rear vents. However, for easy access and removal, the helmet also comes with a nylon strap with easily adjustable functions to give you more comfort and maximum headgear fit.

Thankfully, the helmet is available in various sizes from 48 to 52 cm, which makes it a perfect option for gifting out.

The Star Wars helmet for kids and adults also comes with certification from CPSC bike and ASTM skateboard standards. So, you don't have to worry about durability as all bell products have gone through an internal test to ensure their products do not pull off while you use it.


  • Classy Design- The product will give you and your kids the star war galactic soldier look they've always loved.
  • It is durable- The helmet hardshell makes it healthy to withstand high levels of impact as you ride or skate, thus keeping you safe.
  • Very comfortable option- Its multiple fronts and the rare vent will keep your head fresh as you engage in your sport. Also, the soft inner liner will keep you safe and sound.
  • Multiple Usage- The helmet is suitable for both adults and children. It is also suitable for biking and skating.


  • The helmet has all it requires for a perfect riding or skating exercise. However, it has no cons.
Bell Star Wars Adult helmet

What to consider when buying the bell helmet?

There are some basic options that the bell multi-sport helmet offers and are vital factors that one should consider when getting a headgear.


Before getting a helmet, you have to consider the durability to ensure it is built in the safest possible way. Sustainability also entails helmet stability. The headgear must also be well-fitted in the head of the user.

However, most bell star war toddler bike helmets are built with Schwinn classic micro shell to enhance its protection and safety. They are also made in an attractive 3D pattern.


Ventilation is another important factor as they help the user maintain airflow. The bell helmet contains vents on the top and rare of the helmet that helps to keep the head of the rider cool during a warm day.


Children care a lot about the style of their helmet, which is why Bell makes helmets that appeal to kids in both style and design. The color is also a plus, as they have 3D models.

How to Use Bell Child Star Wars Multi-Sport Helmet

You have to consider the comfort of the helmet most. Before buying, be sure the helmet is very comfortable for your head. Then buy Schwinn Thrasher Helmet.

There are no more instructions that you can follow strictly. Using helmet isn’t a matter at all. There are some important elements you must consider at the time of using a helmet.

take a head measurement

While using the helmet, you should keep tight the strap and clasps of the helmet. You need to choose a helmet that is a bit free upon your head.

If it secures tightly to your head, it can damage your head. Choose a Modular Helmet that is well fit on your head.

The main task of the helmet is to ensure safety for the head. The Bell Chile Star war helmet is a nice helmet. You can buy it for the protection and safety of your children.

Bell Child Star Wars Multi Sport Helmet

Star Wars Bike Helmets FAQs

Is the Bell helmet worth it?

The company offers one of the top-quality bicycle helmets in the United States. And have been producing reliable, durable, and quality helmets since 1975 with satisfactory reviews from customers.

How do I take care of my Bell helmet?

There are various ways of caring for one's helmet to ensure it is clean and sundry after use.

However, one has to be careful of the kind of substance you clean the helmet with by avoiding petroleum-based cleaners. The best way to clean your helmet is with mild soapy water and a soft cloth.

How do I remove lice from my Bell helmet?

Having lice in the helmet is a bit rear. However, if you have lice in your bell helmet, place your helmet in an airtight plastic bag and keep it for 48 hours.

After that, take out the inner liners and wipe the surface using a soft cloth or sponge and warm water.

Discard the pads alongside the plastic bag, and get a new bell replacement pads.

What do I do if my helmet becomes damaged?

If your helmet is damaged or shows any physical crack or crushed form, it means other protective parts of the mask are also worn out due to impacts, and it should be changed.

However, most damaged helmets do not always have visible signs.

What is the right way of storing my helmet?

The best way of keeping your helmet after each use is to air dry it and keep it in a cool and dry place.

For safe use, do not place your helmet under direct sunlight, on your car trunk, or any place where it gets heat damage as it will cause the helmet's appearance to become uneven or bubbly after a long period.

Wrap Up

After reading the Star Wars bike helmet review, it is evident that Bell offers one of the best helmets with maximum protection.

The company has the interest of children and adults as their helmet is made with durable and long-lasting materials. They also have beautifu3D designs.

So, if you love to have both comfort protection and stability while engaging in your favorite sport, then this helmet is worth the chase as it also offers a lightweight and comfortable option.

Kobalt Welding Helmet Reviews in 2021! Advanced Safety Features

When welding, a safety helmet is essential. You need a welding helmet to protect your eyes from UV rays that are emitted when welding. If you don't wear a helmet, the UV rays can cause problems or your eyes. 

Welding helmets are auto-darkening. Hence, you don't have to fix extra shade on the lens when using it. The helmets have sensors that increase or lower automatically depending on the type of welding process per time.

Kobalt welding helmet has a way of combining quality with comfort. It is one of the best in the market of welding helmets. The following review will avail you of the opportunity to see the features of kobalt welding helmet and how to choose the best for you. 

Kobalt auto-darkening welding helmet

Kobalt Auto Darkening Gray Welding Helmet
  • Lens auto-darkens in 1/20,000th of a second

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kobalt produces the best welding tools, and their helmet is not an exception. Kobalt welding helmet is the perfect welding helmet to protect your eyes during any welding job. Too much exposure of the eyes to radiations can cause arc eye and even more damage to the eyes. 

Welding can cause skin burns because emissions from the radiations can damage your skin. These and many more are reasons you need to use a welding helmet during welding. The auto-darkening feature of the kobalt helmet allows you to use the helmet alone without the need for shade. 

The auto-darkening helps to control the shade of light in the helmet. This is to shield the eyes from light emissions that are dangerous to the eyes. With the auto-darkening feature, welders can see through the helmet clearly, even when the shield is down. 

If you need to lower the steel or wire wheel any slag, you do not need to pull off the front screen of the helmet. The helmet comes with a LED light that gives you warming when your eyes are in danger of the radiations from welding.

The helmet also comes with mechanical knobs that allow for controlling and alteration. Kobalt helmets allow for continuous work, without the need to always adjust the helmet per time. The helmet is comfortable on the head. 


  • It comes with an auto-darkening feature that helps to change to dark mode settings during use.
  • The helmet is comfortable and of good quality.
  • It comes with time sensitivity delay


  • They do not have batteries. This makes them work faster, but when they break down, you have to replace them. 

How to choose the right welding helmet

It is essential to know the present and future needs when selecting a welding helmet. One feature any helmet must satisfy is safety and compliance. Any helmet you're choosing needs to meet the ANSI Z87.1 standard (for the USA), and other bodies according to the countries.

Type of lens 

This is one of the features to look out for in a welding helmet. There are two types of lenses; the passive one and the auto-darkening lens. The latter is more preferred due to their improved productivity and functionality. The auto-darkening lens allows the welder to see his working area clearly while working. 

It is not only the arc and gun that are important to see when welding, but the surrounding environment also has to be clear too. 

Real Color

Helmets with auto-darkening lenses allow a wide range of light to pass through them. This feature is known as a real color or true color. You should find out the state at which the true color of a welding helmet occurs before you purchase it. The inactive state of the true color is when the sensors cannot detect an arc, and this alters the use of the welding helmet. 

True color helps to reduce strain on the eyes. Staring for long at any blurry thing can cause headaches and eye strain. The true color effect shows the colors clearly, and this helps to solve the issue of eye strain and other health issues. 

Helmet shade 

This is another feature you have to look out for when choosing a welding helmet. You need to know the shade range you need. The helmet shade number shows the intensity of light that is allowed to pass through the helmet lens to the eyes. They range from 4-13. Shades 4-8 are for grinding and cutting, while 9-13 are for welding. 

The environment in which welding takes place also affects the shade range. If most of your weldings are carried out in areas of sunlight, you need to choose a welding helmet that supports the optical view. 


The welding helmet has to be comfortable on the head. It shouldn't be too heavy, so you don't have to feel the strain on your neck. The helmet is to be designed in a way that distributes the weight across the surface, making it comfortable for the welder. Some helmets are lightweight and compact and still has impressive features. 

The shell of the helmet should be made of lightweight material and still be capable of protecting the welder. Grey helmets provide more comfort and productivity, as they have a way of reflecting heat from the welding process. 

Grind mode

If you know you won't only be using the helmet for welding alone, you should go for ones that support grinding as well. Some welding helmets are made for that purpose alone - welding, while others can combine welding, grinding, and cutting. 

Auto Darking

  • Powered by battery powered or a combination of solar and battery
  • Once the lens Isn't busy it's resting color is generally #3 or #4 so you can quickly view
  • Makes beginning the arc simpler since you can see the position of the rod or gun
  • when the detectors see the arc that the lens darkens to a color !
     • Eyes are constantly shielded
     • Forget about snapping your mind to Reduce the hood

Standard Glass

  • Lens is a set color You've to manually protect your eyes by nodding forwards therefore that the hood shuts down
  • Much more economical
  • Can Be Hard for novices to get used to
  • Due to the need to reverse the helmet welding is limited distances can be difficult
  • Will work 100 percent of the Moment

Why you need the welding helmet?

The above points suggest that welding helmets are still an essential item of security apparatus that welder uses. Welding helmets introduced in 1937, using a window covered with a filter to allow the welder to utilize.

The lens used from the window is usually manufactured from polarized lenses using varying density.

However, the constraints of the lenses are that they have been not able to offer enough filter for the UV radiations, not able to present enough darkening or occasionally it gets so dim that it blinds the consumer. Thus, to be able to overcome these problems, auto-darkening helmets had been released in 1981.

The window at the welding helmets was replaced with the digital LCD shutter in the auto-darkening helmets. The LCD camera includes sensors that sense the high level of light and supply car darkening on the grounds of the intensity.

Along with this many different attributes were presented as compared to the usual helmets, which is clarified below.  

Let me help to you

Confused yet? Do not be! Here are a Couple of tips for Assisting You to decide which helmet to select:

Brand Things- When it comes to your health and security why have a chance with a few off-brand inferior hoods? We review the maximum quality manufacturers, so you know that you are receiving the very best welding helmet to the wealth.

Follow a budget - Helmets fluctuate tremendously in price. Therefore, it is vital you understand how much you can invest. It's easy to drop $500 to the very best welding helmet with the most recent technology, but if you are beginning, it is probably not required. Find out your needs, determine your budget and do not be tempted with of the whistles and bells.

Buy Online- I know understand, a site telling you to purchase online. But I am serious, many welding shops have prices with 1 or two brands and will attempt to sell you on these brands no matter if it's in your very best interest or not.

Purchasing online is much better in every single way: it is cheaper because it is going right from the maker, you have more choices because every new brand can be obtained, and it arrives directly at your doorstep.

Search for extras- Some helmets have bonuses such as a carrying tote or substitute lens covers. Even though this should not be a deal breaker, be watching for hoods which include extra accessories. Who does not like free stuff?

Lowe's Kobalt Welding Helmet Unboxing

Kobalt Welding Helmet FAQs

1. Why is my auto-darkening helmet not working? 

If your auto-darkening filter is not working or shaky, it means you have to change the batteries. But if your helmet does not use a battery, then you have to replace the welding helmet. 

2. How do I know when my welding helmet is bad? 

When you begin to have a strain in your eyes while using the helmet, it is an indication that the helmet is bad. Your eyes start to have direct contact with intense light and cause headaches or blurry vision. You have to change your helmet at this point. 

3. Are auto-darkening helmets safe? 

Auto-darkening helmets are safe for the eyes. They help to prevent direct contact of the eyes to radiations emitted from welding. 

4. How often should I change my welding lens? 

Ideally, you should change your welding lens once a month. But the lens should be replaced when its visibility begins to decrease or when it is damaged. 

5. Do welding helmets expire? 

Welding helmets can rust, bend or break as you use it. But it depends on where you keep it or how old it is. 

Final Thoughts

Welding helmets vary in different ways, but the Kobalt welding helmets are one of the best you can get in the market. 

The auto-darkening feature of the helmet makes it stand out from others. It helps to shield the eyes from intense radiations of light while welding. You do not have to use another shade with this feature.

Shoei Neotec Black Modular Helmet Review

Shoei is a well-known helmet brand across the globe. They have mastery in the production of helmets, especially when it comes to producing durable and long-lasting modular helmets.

The company brings more light into the helmet industry as they make helmet designs for all-purpose ridings, such as motorcycle riding, ADV touring, and other purposes.


Ever since the emergence of the company to the market, users have been so impressed with the build. It's outstanding built and function has made it a notch higher than other modular helmets. This and more is what we will be sharing in the Shoei Neotec helmet review.

So, without wasting more time, let's consider one delve into the features of one of the company's products.

Shoei Neotec Black Modular Helmet Review

Shoei Neotec Gloss Black Modular Helmet - Large
  • Aerodynamic Shell Design
  • Flip-Up Chin Bar and Face Shield
  • 3D Interior Liner System
  • Standards: DOT 218
  • Construction: AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) materials

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Shoei Neotec 2 Adult Street motorcycle helmet

If you are a motorcycle rider that engages in a lot of on and off-track movement, then a Shoei Neotec modular helmet is right for you.

The helmet has an aerodynamic design that makes it reliable for cutting through the extensive wind while reducing drag and speed. Thus, reducing neck pressure as you drive down the road, giving you incredible and seamless riding experience.

It comes in three shell sizes, which makes it compatible to fit different types of head comfortably. There is also the presence of a multi-piece EPS liner that protects the head from substantial impacts while providing you with a soft and fantastic feel. Furthermore, the liner is channeled to give maximum all-round ventilation.

Also, the helmet has a sun visor to protect its rider from the direct impact of the sun while giving you a clear vision of the road. The sun visor can activate with a single button push and is also compatible to wear with non-prescription glasses.

Nonetheless, you don't have to worry about safety as the Shoei Neotec is DOT approved. Meaning, it has gone through the toughest of tests to prove its lightweight, durability, and function.

Pros & Cons of Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet


  • Increased Comfort - The helmet's inner liner is built with soft EPS materials which protect the head from a strong impact. The EPS liner is also channeled to provide maximum air circulation.
  • Multiple Functions - It has a dual visor system that is suitable for use in any weather condition.
  • Easy to use - The sun visor activates with just the push of a button.
  • Compatible with Glasses - The Shoei flip-up helmet is significant enough to accommodate non-prescription glasses.


  • It produces a little rattling noise when used at high speed. However, this is not a problem as it does not reduce the effectiveness of the helmet.

The Basics of Shoei Modular Helmet

People who like the versatility of modular helmet 1 model is fit for them. It is nothing but the Shoei Multitec. At present Shoei is adamant which the Neotec isn’t an outright replacement for the Multitec. The Neotec seems very familiar after reviewing of five minutes. This is same as the Multitec but every feature and detail is improved enough.

Mutitec is very favorite to the riders. Most improvement has done to the integrated sun visor and to the strengthened locking mechanism that I have got later on.

The Shoei Neotec feels and looks same as the high-quality helmet. The finish and materials are top-notch. We also get better service from the Shoei. Some users don’t like modular helmets as these aren’t structurally strong like full faced helmets. They require more reinforcements to improve the quality of the modular helmet.

Moreover, there is the flip-up mechanism. It implies that modular helmets may wind up being very heavy. The Neotec helmet is heavy if you compare it with a full face helmet, but luckily. I feel no problem though I use it for a long time.

Shell and Materials

In Neotec helmet there is the combination of fiberglass with organic fibers. So the shell of the helmet is long durable and endures high levels of impacts. Shoei is always making helmet by considering the safety features of riders. Manufacturers are always ready to provide good materials with the helmet.

Shell and Materials

The shell of the Neotech is made in such a way that makes it extra aerodynamic. So you notice the indentation and upgraded areas of the shell. Aerodynamics make the flow of helmet smoothly through the air instead of catching it same as the sail on a sailboat.

The main goal of a modular helmet is to reduce the resistance of the air. If you open up close the helmet, you get little air resistance. Therefore the shell is made in such a way which allows the flow of air over and around it rather than catching it. So it reduces the noise made by air.

Modular Design

The most important feature of this helmet is that you will see the Neotec is a modular design. So far this is the most appealing feature of this helmet. It may transform a full faced helmet into an open-faced helmet by pressing the button on it.

You may think that there is the compromise of the design with the helmet. But the reality is that there is no compromise. It has a locking system with the Shoei which locks the chin bar into a place. You will get this benefit when it is in full-faced position. The locking system is tested on and off the road. It has been proven to withstand great impact collisions just like the benefit of a full face helmet.

The main benefit of the modular design is that you may open it fully for good ventilation. It keeps your face and heads cool though the day is sweltering. During winter, you may close the front chin bar and can use it as a full face helmet. The whole thing seems that you are using two helmets in one and getting the benefit of both styles.

There is no need to be worried about the safety features of the helmet. It fulfills the safety rating of the DOT standard. This means that the helmet has been tested well from every protective angle during impact collisions.

The Interior

The interior of the Shoei is exceptionally well padded and plusher. All lining is removable as well as washable. You may open as a section of the pad which will be perfect fitting. We are still using Shoei which is uncomfortable. The Neotec may be more comfortable. I can surely say that if it doesn’t fit well.There is something wrong with your head.

The Interior

Neotec gives more comfort and ensures security. Lastly, it is well protected. There is enough space in the ear pocket to keep speakers so that you may install a communication system.

From the Inside Out

The Neotec helmet has undergone a series of tests inside the wind tunnel to make it more aerodynamic. This is a very important feature. The modular helmet generates more noise which it’s full face counterparts. This helmet features with three ports. Two are located on the front and one is to the back. The air intake close to the chin gives you enough breezes. It sends air right up that makes a tad more noise. But I can surely say that during summer you have no objection.

The vent has three different setting to the forehead area. One of them removes hot air very effectively. This problem isn’t their efficiency. The only problem is that it is complicated to operate while using a glove. I would like to say that I have never faced such problem with the Neotec.


The flow of air is very excellent of this helmet. When you open the vent, you can get a nice flow of water. I got up to speed and found the air flow is 275% more than in the Multitec. After examining the specs of the helmet, it turns out really number is 276%.

The Face Shield

A pin-lock anti-fog visor comes with the face shield. It’s very amazing particularly for commuting or touring as you ride through less than ideal weather. I am still failed to fog the face shield.

The detents are accurately done. Therefore you can put the visor cracked open for the flow of air. I have tested Shoei. I got the face shield removal. It is not very simple to detect but quick and easy to operate all time.

Sun Visor

The inside drops down sun visor give more visibility and more coverage. The buttons are a bit difficult to activate by feel. It may be the mistake of the users. It will be second nature if one uses it more times.

Chin Bar

Release system of the chin bar is unproblematic. It comes with incredible and firm detents to put it in place of its raised position. When I close it, I feel a problem. This is the only complaint around the chin bar. There are some times when I am not sure it latches. I get myself pulling up to the examination and am sure it is fastened.


Shoei is ready to offer security for the riders. The Neoteck is not exceptional in this sense. It secures 4 out of 5 stars in the SHARP crash helmet safety examination. This is outstanding advancement but there are slight side impact tests. The most probable weaknesses of the helmet are when the chin guard exposes under impact. SHARP statistics that the chin guard remains closed in 93% of impacts. This is very good for a flip–up. You must decide yourself which one is good for your use.

safety and security

Shoei expresses that the helmet comes with AIM or Advanced Integrated Matrix. This is a composite of various layers of fiberglass. But it is doing its job very well. You get three shell sizes of this hat. The most significant size is XL –XXL, the medium one is L and the smallest covering sizes XS-M. It is terrific to ensure safety. Check here to know more.

The Shoei Neotech is made from stainless steel to ensure extra security. It resists the helmet from breaking down under huge pressure. Moreover, it comes with a micrometric chin fastener that is very easy to use.

User Review of Shoei Neotec Black Modular Helmet

This helmet saved my life!

I have bought a helmet. I used it for a month. After that period I faced a terrible motorcycle crash on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The good news is that the helmet does its job. The front side of the helmet is scarred up so severely I fail to see out of it. The jawline is also scarred up. I may have faced broken jaw, head injury and extensive facial damage.

Surely I suggest this helmet for others. If you still don’t use a full face helmet, I would recommend you to do it instantly. You must practice it for a while to be habituated. This helmet is better to use for a short time. The price of the helmet is a bit more. But it has an excellent value for your head.

Great Helmet

I prefer this helmet most. For the last couple of months, I have bought three helmets. But unluckily all were unfit for me. This one is the best fitting one so far. I have an intermediate oval-shaped head. For the first time, I have bought L size instead of XL as it is confirming internal shape. It has no large pressure point and keeps a mark after riding for an hour. I have been using the helmet for 3 hours at a stretch, feeling minimal discomfort. The negative side is that there is the source of some neck fatigue.

Shoei is a great helmet

This is not very quiet like the Schuberth C3, but it seems to me something different. The detents for the face shield hold position more solidly, in comparison with the Schuberth. The force of wind fails to close it through the speed is more.

The reason is that the tab on the visor is about three-inch off-center to the left. It fails to supply force to the left and right ratcheting systems. It is tough to operate it if you don’t use a little lubricant on these systems. The right side is lagging behind, and the left side goes up quickly. This is very easy to operate now.

Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet Video Review

Shoei Neotec Black Modular Helmet FAQs

Where can I buy Shoei helmets?

There are a lot of adulterated sellers out there, and you wouldn't want to fall victim to them. However, one of the reliable online sellers of the helmet is on Amazon.

Who makes Shoei helmets?

Shoei is a Japanese brand made by Eitaro Kamata. The company started producing motorcycle helmets in 1954.

When must a visor be replaced?

Visors are a very vital component of the helmet as they help to shield the eyes from sun rays, wind, and dust. However, they can expire as they have a softener, which evaporates with time, making it brittle and hard. So, it is advisable to change them.

According to the manufacturer, the visor of the Shoei helmet should be changed within the space of years. However, you need to know the production date of the visor. For the Neotic helmetthe production date is on the left side of it. It's a four-digit number with month and year of production.

Where can I find the production date of the Shoei modular helmet?

The manufacturer's date of the helmet is on the side of the helmet just under the center pad where it reads, Year XX - month XX - day XX.

When do you have to replace a helmet with a new one?

To be on the safe side, it is recommended that you replace your helmet after about seven years.

Final Thoughts

The Shoei Neotec is an icon when it comes to classifying helmets. Its design did not put a twist to the entire flip-up design but instead redefined and perfected it.

The product is a combination of style and class as it comes with outstanding design, look, and highly ventilated. It also features a sun visor as well as a noiseless.

The company must have had the best interest of its customer while producing a Shoei Neotec modular helmetas the price is affordably breathtaking. And, after reading the Shoei Neotec helmet review, you will agree to the quality and functionality of this helmet.

I recommend it if you are a chaser of quality with a blend of long-lasting ability and class. The choice is yours!

Giro Nine Snow Helmet Review

Helmets have a wide range of importance whether you are engaging in any form of sport, or you are just a regular motorcycle rider or commuter. However, some helmets come with a great deal of style and class for the regular assortment use.

So, if you love matte helmets rather than the glossy reflective one, then you should consider the Giro Nine snow helmet. The company has been striving in the world of headgear as they've been revolutionizing it to ensure their customer gets the best when it comes to quality, strength, and functionality.

However, the helmet comes with every feature between. And we know your value for quality and sophistication, which has led us to write Giro Nine snow helmet review.

After reading this guide, you will know why you should buy this helmet.

Giro Nine Snow Helmet Review

Giro Nine Snow Helmet Matte Titanium L (59-62.5cm)
  • CONSTRUCTION - In-Mold Construction fuses a tough polycarbonate outer shell with the helmet's impact-absorbing foam liner. The fusion process allows for better ventilation systems, making In-Mold helmets lighter and cooler than traditional helmets.
  • FIT SYSTEM - In Form Fit System makes it easy to dial in a custom fit in seconds - even with gloves on. An ergo-friendly dial at the base of the helmet provides up to 6cm of adjustment and enhanced stability. Vertical Tuning feature accommodates different goggles and head shapes for a custom fit free of gaper gap (space between goggles and helmet).

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The Nine helmet succeeds in the Giro nine 10 snowboard helmet. It is one of the best as it has been updated to fit the customers' every need and maintain its high quality and high-performance profile at the same standard price.

The helmet features an amazing Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS), which is made up of two liners. The MIPS technology offers optimum protection by ensuring that the two liners rotate independently during an angled force.

It also features an in-form fit system that allows fitting the helmet to its user comfortably. The in-form fit can also be tuned easily by just a dial, thus giving its user a quick custom fit. Also, you can adjust the helmet with the dial to about 6cm, to provide you with more helmet stability.

Additionally, the helmet has a lightweight build, which amounts from fusing its shell and inner impact-absorbing liner. This fusion creates a single entity to give you more class and ventilation, thereby enhancing a more refreshing riding experience.

Furthermore, the Giro Nine snowsport helmet comes with a thermostat control adjustable vent to give you more air adjusting options. It also gives you more choice as you ride in hot weather or cold weather.

There's also the Giro's stack vents located at the front of the helmet in a similar position with the google. The stack vents help to keep you warm on the inside, thereby preventing goggles from fogging up. Also, it provides a means of the damp air from google to escape.

It also comes with a detachable earpad to keep you more warm and comfortable. The helmet is compatible with all giro goggles.

Pros & Cons of Giro Snow Helmet


  • Highly Safe Option- The MIPS technology will give you adequate protection from high impacts as well as reduce the tendency of injury while you are doing your favorite sports.
  • It Fits Properly- You don't have to worry about the helmet pulling from your head or sliding to the side as it can be tuned to fit the contours of your head rightly.
  • It is Lightweight- it is just perfect for long rides as it gives zero necks strain.
  • It Produces Adequate Ventilation- the device will give you more vent options, whether in a cold or hot period, with its thermostatic adjustable vents.
  • Highly Compatible- The helmet is suitable for use with the Giro goggle and other Audio Drop-Ins.


  • The device has no cons. It's a recently updated model with zero default.

Why is Giro Nine Helmet the best in the Market?

Timeless Style

For over a decade, the company has maintained the same style and streamlined silhouette design and kept on updating its performance to meet the customers' needs.


The helmet is constructed with an interior foam line, low friction liner, and elastomeric attachment system, which protects its user by self-rotating. It also has a lighter, in-mold construction, which makes it more comfortable than its competitors.

Fit System

Unlike other helmets, the giro nine helmet contains a tune-in system that makes it accommodate any google and head shape. Therefore, leaving the mask well fitted and gap-free.

Giro Nine Snow Helmet

Ventilation and Warmth

The Giro Nine features a thermostat controller and super trendy vents. The slide mechanism functions reasonably nicely, and that I never felt as though it had been too sticky or difficult to open and shut.

Ventilation and Warmth

Together with the vents fully open the air flow is strong, and that I find it nearly as high as the Smith Vantage helmet. The only benefit the vantage has is the ability to start only the front ports or just the rear vents.

The very best aspect of thermostat controllers would be the ability to shut the vents on days when temperatures are incredibly chilly. I generally find that I never should wear something under my helmet, even on very cold days. All I need to do is shut the vents into some airflow, along with my mind stays nice and hot.


The Giro Nine includes a kind fit system which permits you to adjust the fit to your head shape and size. I nearly always wear a moderate in helmets, also that I discovered the Giro Nine was an ideal match.

I find I prefer the dial-up system on Giro helmets a little more compared to the Boa system you generally see on Smith helmets. It is not that it is worse or better, but I only tend to favor how simple it's to use.

The Boa process remains fantastic, however. What I like about the Giro helmets would be that the Vertical tuning system permits you to adjust the fore and aft position of the helmet into account for otherwise sized goggles.

What do others say about the product

My first piece of advice will be to try on helmets person if you're able to. This is my very first ski helmet. This helmet fits quite nicely and is well ventilated. I resisted getting a helmet for several decades, but after trying it I understood how comfy it is and besides, it keeps my ears warm! In spring skin conditions, I hope I will still sweat, but I will live with this.

About Giro Nine helmet

That shell's layout was re-shaped to a sleeker, lower-profile design, also, and incorporated into it are equally Super Cool vents with Thermostat Control adjustability and Giro's Stack Vent front to keep goggles from fogging.

About Giro Nine helmet

The Nine also uses Giro's In Type Fit System which makes it simple to dial in the perfect fit, even with gloves, although the Vertical Tuning attribute can accommodate an extensive array of both mind and goggle contours.

Rounding out everything is your helmet's compatibility with all aftermarket Giro sound systems, so it is possible to keep the sticks pumping. The available sizes and their measurements are under.

Watch Giro Nine Snowboard Ski Helmet Review

Giro Nine Snow Helmet Review (FAQs)

What is a MIP helmet?


The Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) is a liner that causes low friction that lowers the rate of rotational energy to the brain when impacted at an angled position. 


The system prompts the helmet to rotate at its own accord when placed on your head, thus redirecting the pressure of the impact, thereby giving more protection in the cause of specific impacts.


Is MIPS the best rotational energy management system?


The MIPS is one of the leading technologies, and it offers more protection in specific impacts. It is used to absorb any level of energy impact as well as addresses rotational energies.


How do I choose the right helmet?


Choosing the right helmet is simple. All you have to do is consider three primary factors like if it fits and provides you with the right comfort and security you require. If you are comfortable with the coverage it offers and if it's suitable for the riding you engage on.


These are the basic requirements, but you can also consider other secondary factors like design, price, etc.


Are Giro helmets compatible with POV cameras?


Yes. However, the company advised not to attach cameras or mount any accessory to the helmet as they can cause damage to the helmet during impact, which will consequently reduce the safety ability and potential of it.


How can I tell you that my helmet is damaged?


If you had a crash with your helmet and you are uncertain of the safety conditions of it, the safest thing to do is to contact your manufacturer.


Although, some of the physical signs of a damaged helmet is a cracked shell, crushed inner liner, etc. especially if the changes occur after any fatal impact.

Final Thoughts

The Giro Nine MIPS helmet is a comfortable and reliable helmet fit. Its classy but straightforward design makes its user almost forget if they are wearing a helmet.

Also, the pile vents that protect the goggle from fogging is an add-up as it is also an excellent way of ventilation during hot climates.

The Giro Nine snow helmet lightweight features, simple and classy appearance, adjustable fit and sufficient venting makes it a more comfortable and helmet.

Meanwhile, the helmet is available in various colors. The nine is a product worth experiencing as you will have a more breathtaking experience than our experience in writing this guide.

The device is much recommended for snow riders or snow sport riders. We will love to hear about your experience after purchase.

VCAN V531 Half Helmet Review! A Perfect Full-Face Helmet in 2020

VCAN Solid Flat Black Large Cruiser Half Helmet features with safety, style and contented off-road knowledge. The skid lid is made from a top quality ABS thermoplastic resin shell which fulfills and exceeds the standard of DOT.

Its double D-ring secured added nylon chin strap gives most wonderful fitness. The lush interior padding ensures more comfort.


The helmet has a removable visor that is screwed for washable cheek pads and greater durability. There are 15 different intends and five different sizes. You can pick any one of them according to your need.

VCAN Cruiser Gloss White Motorcycle Half Helmet (X-Small)
  • Top quality ABS thermoplastic resin shell that meets DOT standards
  • Over 30 Years of Motorcycle Helmet Manufacturing
  • lush interior padding for comfortable fit
  • Adjustable double D ring secured nylon chin strap, Meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 218

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  • Completely smooth black design
  • Made from top quality ABS thermoplastic resin shell. It meets the standard of DOT. When you get your measurement between 2 sizes, choose the smaller one. You may prefer larger size for your round face,
  • Washable and removable check pad along with abundant interior padding for contented fit
  • Adaptable double D-ring secured nylon chin strap

Pros & Cons of VCAN Half Helmet


  • The helmet is black. It has got DOT certificate.
  • Super gloss black painting and very simple to buckle


  • Nothing worry about

Why You Choose VCAN Cruiser Half Helmet

VCAN Cruiser cruiser Solid Flat Black X-Large Half Helmet is made from Flat Tyres. It is a great or negative alternative. Some companies are trying to use flat tire in the lineup of their cars. It gives the operator some positive aspects of the operation.

Though there are some cons of the helmet. Chemical Guys Pete’s fifty-three Black Pearl Signature Paste wax is made for all types of paints like clear coated, one phase and metallic. This is particularly used for darker hues.

What You Need To Know More On VCAN Cruiser Half Helmet

  • The compact half-shell design of the speaker is little compared with a compact open faced helmet.
  • It has advanced and strong thermoplastic shell that gives more protection against during the occasion of a collision.
  • The weight of the helmet is only 3 pounds. So the helmet is the lightest safety for high-speed riders.
  • Normally found in flat black for glossy finish and graphics matter the black design.

User Review on VCAN Cruiser Half Helmet

This is a gorgeous helmet in each respect. It looks tremendously cool. This helmet is very popular for the Highway Patrol officers. It is very bulky. This helmet has got the approval of DOT. You need this helmet to defend your head.

Additionally, you shouldn’t use a helmet which is very stylish but doesn’t save your head at all. A seasoned motorcycle rider may realize it well. Would you like to get a helmet that is very thinking? It doesn’t have much padding to ensure safety.

VCAN V136 BLINC Bluetooth Helmet Video Review

Final Thoughts

The most impressive factor of the helmet is the additional chin strap of the helmet. The visor added with the screws of the helmet indicates that it is made with great care. The helmet stays on your head securely with no wobbling or loosening at the time of riding.

The price of the helmet is pretty reasonable. I like the enhanced coverage of a shell rated full face helmet. It seems to me that the helmet is very comfortable for a warm day. I have taken the measurement of my head and ordered a big one. You need to consider the fitting as you can choose the right one for your need.

Critical Cycles Commuter Bike helmets: Advanced Review! 2020

The commuter helmets can also be called bicycle helmets. They are made to reduce the impact to the head in case collision occurs, and they also help in minimizing environmental factors that interfere with your vision while riding. 

The best cycling helmets are made to be light in weight and provide proper ventilation to prevent increased body temperature. The use of helmet became popular in the US in the 1970s. Bicycles were used to be known as children's toy until adults took up cycling.

When you want to buy a helmet, make sure you don’t use your money to buy what may invariably lead to your death.  Using a helmet with inferior durability and quality is the same as not using any helmet. Many of these helmets are sold online, at suspicious prices, too good to be true.

This is not to discredit any country, but research shown that these fake helmets are made in China and Hong Kong. If you want to buy a helmet online, ensure that you buy from a verified store and a trusted brand.

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Retrospec CM-1 Classic Commuter Bike/Skate/Multi-Sport Helmet with 10 Vents

It comes with two interchangeable sets of pads and DEWcollector interior packing to wicks away stench, bacteria, and sweat. The ABS provides support from the outside to keep the head from any shock, while the EPS foams absorb shock from a collision in case it ever occurs.

The Helmet is certified for all kinds of action sports in the United States. Its ventilator keeps the flow of fresh and cool air while it pushes out stuffy and stagnant air to keep you cool and comfortable.

The helmet was custom-designed to fit its user to provide maximum comfort. It's made in various colors to suit your personality and the color of your bike. It is recommended for riders who are more than 14 years.

Pros & Cons of Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike helmets


  • They are made in different colors to suit your style and bicycle.
  • Comes with no complications at all, very easy to use like A, B, and C
  • Has enough vents to keep your head cool, even in the harshest of weather conditions
  • Fortified with both ABS and EPS to offer strong internal and external protection.
  • Super light, doesn’t put unnecessary weight on the neck
  • Safety guaranteed, passed even the toughest of all security checks


  • Not suitable for children under the age of 14

How to choose Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike helmets

There are three primary things to consider when you are choosing this helmet. 


Full face helmets are for those who practice extreme sports at dangerously high speed. Since this is a half helmet that covers the head of the rider, it doesn't have visor because there is no need to.

Comfort padding

The comfy padding allows the helmet to size your head and also that provides cushioning against collisions. Before buying the helmet, you can't test to see if it fits you well.  The chin straps function as the retention system. It allows you to keep your helmet intact.


The helmet passed intensive security checks in flying colors. It is fortified with ABS to cushion the effect of external shock and high-quality EPS to give it inner stability.

So, your safety is guaranteed with this helmet. It was made essentially for your well-being while riding. Your life matters to the manufacturers. 

Care and maintenance

The helmet cannot be washed, but it was made with DEWcollector to wick away dirt, sweat, and debris. The provision to self-wash as it were has been made by the manufacturer. It is antibacterial; you have no fear of getting any kind of infection.

Also, it was made with a mechanism that keeps it safe when stored no need to worry about getting any form of damage. 

ommuter Bike/Skate/Multi-Sport Helmet

Who made the Critical Cycles Classic Commuter helmet?

The helmet is made by Retrospec, one of the leading manufacturers of helmets with a high-quality standard in the world. The helmet is CPSC tested and certified as suitable for bike, skate, and ski.  

This product was made to offer the best protection possible to its users. It comes with a classic design and six rectangular vents to provide ventilation as you drive. It's very light, almost weightless, doesn't put the unnecessary weight that may later cause pain on the neck.  

It has ABS shell with EPS foam to cushion the effect of any shock, no matter how strong it may be. Retrospec CM-1 Helmet is known for durability; none beats it in that.  The helmet is tested and approved by SPSC for bikes, skate, and ski.

Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike and Skate Helmet Review

Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike helmets (FAQs)

1. Can this helmet be used for rappelling? 

The helmet is known for versatile usage, but we don’t recommend it for rappelling. Contact the manufacturer before you use it for things not among it’s not being used for. 

2. Can the helmet be used for our riding side by side?

The helmet was made to pass the best safety standard in bicycle riding, and we do not recommend it for motorized use. It could be dangerous. 

3. Is the helmet lining removable or washable?

No, it is not. Its material is glued to that helmet lining. 

4. Can I wakeboard in this helmet? 

As said earlier, we would repeat it for better understanding. This helmet is only suitable for bicycle riding and not any other thing. Even watersports. 

5. What is the weight of this helmet? 

The helmet is super light, and it doesn't add any unnecessary weight to your neck. The weight of the helmet stands at one pound.

Final Thoughts

Retrospec, the manufacturers of this helmet, is known for producing a high-quality helmet. She has years of experience in the field. Security is the most important word when you are biking or skateboarding, that is what has a CM-1 helmet offers.

This security comes with comfort that makes riding an unforgettable pleasure.  The helmet is licensed and approved by United States regulatory agencies. Much more, it has enough vents to keep your head cool in the hot summer sun.


The IV2 Metallic helmet is a good helmet for the people who have an insufficient budget. This helmet has two exchangeable visors. Its design is very simple and makes it very ideal for all riders.

All are made from ABS plastic composite shell. Like the previous products of the list, the product is affordable. Modular helmet is designed with keeping Bluetooth method keeping in mind.

Bluetooth is a ready device at present.  This option is sold separately. One can install it without facing any problem. This helmet is nice.

If you compare it with other models, you will face difficulties to install the system. iv2 is found with ten different patterns and colors. Finally, it comes with the anti-fog visor that is resistant to scratches.

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  • This helmet is well matched through a Bluetooth device by the 3rd party Bluetooth units. So make contact with your Bluetooth device provider to know more details.
  • Functionality, easy open air vents design for last. Quick access provides maximum circulation
  • Fulfills and overcomes DOT demands (FMVSS.218)
  • Single push button flips up feature. Flip up modular allows instant conversation from full face to open face within seconds
  • ABS thermal plastic composite shell, Fiber reinforced along with EPS Impact Foam
  • Construction is lightweight
  • Finish is UV protective
  • Washable and removable finish

Pros & Cons of Metallic Wine Motorcycle Helmet


  • Relaxed
  • Ventilation system provide enough flow of air
  • Impact absorption padding inner liner which gives additional protection
  • Simple one press button which comes with a flip-up function
  • Eagle eyes vents are functional and durable
  • Bluetooth ready with simple installation pre-engineered


  • High prices but affordable considering the quality product
  • Chin straps should be lengthened
  • Demands more ventilation ports to make the better flow of air

What’s Consider Before Going to Buy Metallic Wine Red Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet

There remain many features with the Shoei Neotech helmets for your benefits. It is made in such a way that it ensures enough safety to save you from a bad fall.

  • Beautiful and functional design –It has a wonderfully sleek design. This design is made for making lightweight and aerodynamic. Therefore you may use it for a long time tour without feeling stressed by the helmet.
  • Easy handling –It is thought that the helmet is most progressive flip-up helmet at present. It has a large lock release button for convenient handling with wearing gloves.
  • Improved design for added safety –In this design, there is a taller field of vision. So one can effortlessly glide through traffic. There is internal sun shield which saves your eyes from the scorch rays of the sun. Moreover, it reduces wind noise. The inner shield protects the user from 99 % of harmful rays. Additionally, the inner shield is 3D injection molded and has a smooth locatable switch.
  • Easy to clean –The lining is made from breathable fabric, and it is soft for a comfortable fit. Moreover, the structure reduces sweating. One can quickly remove the linking for usual cleaning.
  • Comfortable adjustable –The face shield and the lightweight chin bar rotate precisely and smoothly on a single axis point.

Metallic Wine Red Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet User Guide

Helmet is a safety thing for your life. You must use a helmet all times during your tours. Along with this, you need to keep the screen down when you are doing high speed.

It ensures your face and head save in case of a sudden crash. A rider can use the flip of a switch to lower and lift the outer shield of the helmet during slow moving traffic.

Additionally, the inner shield lowers and boosts by the flick of a switch. It saves you from the direct heat from the sun. Many riders keep themselves from the rays of the sun when they are moving at slow speeds.

They need no outer shield. You must wash the helmet regularly to ensure better flow of air inside the helmet. It also saves the helmet from moistening with or clogging up a sweat.

User Review of Metallic Wine Red Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet

Great helmet for $50

I have been using the different helmet for more than 15 years. The good thing about this helmet is weight and style. I am using another helmet which cost 350 dollars. This one squeezes my head for having all the padding inside the helmet.

But this one hasn’t enough padding to squeeze anything. I can breathe very well wearing it but I don’t feel well protected. The color of the helmet is splendid. So I have bought it.

It matches well with my 93 Goldwing. I like to give 8.9 and for safety 7.5. I can say this is a pretty good helmet. But it is not clear to me which the cost is only $50.

I have used this helmet for the first time on 1st December 2015. It fits well and is very comfortable. I am very much impressed. Its flip up chin bars work normally. The outer finish of the helmet is perfect.

The performance of the vents is really admiring. A couple of small problem are found is some areas.

The chin strap is bit wider than the D ring opening that makes difficult to thread through. This problem is expanded by a snap of the chin strip. It takes more time and difficult to hook up. I have taken the snap off and make threading the band very easier.

This isn’t very quiet helmet in the sense that it produces fair amount of wind noise. It may be done for buffeting from my windshield. I know enough if I ride on other bikes. Really I am happy with the price point of the helmet. I like to buy another helmet.

HJC IS-Max 2 Helmet

Final Thoughts

IV2 Metallic-Wine Red Helmet features with Bluetooth unit that is sold separately. It fulfills and overcomes DOT requirements. This is Fiber reinforced with ABS Thermal plastic composite shell. There is a single push button flip up features that permits for a full face to open face within seconds.

Traverse Dirus Ski Snowboard Helmets Review

In the world of snowboarding, wearing a helmet is the first and most vital thing to do. Imagine yourself skiing at high speed, and then you hit your head on a tree or something. Or you find yourself landing in the bush, without a helmet to protect that head of yours, you are sure going to get a concussion from the hit.

The helmet is a vital gear in snowboarding, and you will be risking your safety without one. Wearing the right helmet like the traverse dirus will make sure your head is protected after bumping into something. With new features, better designs, and materials infused in this helmet, you are sure going to get maximum protection.

Wearing the right helmet will reduce the chances of getting injured. That is why you must choose a helmet with materials that can absorb shock. It's also critical that you have a helmet that won't make you sweat unnecessarily. So if you are in the market for a new helmet with improved features, the traverse helmet is what you need.

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Traverse H1 Convertible Ski & Snowboard Helmet

If you are looking for a helmet that you can trust, you can bet your money on this convertible helmet.

The traverse helmet is the solution to bikers' complaints about a helmet that will offer full protection. Traverse dirus is flexible and lightweight, which means that it's light on your head. It comes with an adjustable strap that enables you to customize the helmet the way you want.

This helmet is sleekly to provide incredible comfort. With an ABS and EPS hard exterior and high-density interior, respectively, you are sure of getting additional head safety.

The interior of this comfortable helmet is a fleece netted cap. When you combine that with plush earmuffs, this helmet can keep you warm all day. It has a mesh interior cap that promotes air circulation, while the plush earmuffs to wick heat and moisture away.

Still talking about air circulation, the helmet has ten rectangular vents - 2 sets are in the front, while six are on top. The helmet is designed this way to regulate temperature and ensure that your performance isn't affected by heat or moisture. It promotes good airflow, which is good.

You can remove the earmuffs if you want because they are removable. You can remove the netted cap and replace it with an extra foam padding for a more comfortable fitting. There is a zipper pocket for headphones and heat protection as well. It features 14 vents, of which six are within the front, six within the sides to the top, and two at the back.

One of the best features of this helmet is that it's convertible - meaning that you can convert this helmet to a bicycle or skate helmet in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is adjust the earmuffs, remove the netted cap, and install a foam padding to fit your sports activity.

Key Features

  • Multiple vents - This awesome snowboard helmet has ten vents positioned strategically on the helmet to regulate temperature.
  • Sturdy materials - The exterior of this helmet is made of hard ABS shell, while the inside is designed with EPS for additional head protection.
  • Convertible - You can change this helmet to a traverse ski helmet or a bike helmet. It’s a multipurpose helmet that you can use for more than one sport.
  • Removable plush earmuffs - You can effortlessly remove the earmuffs for more warmth and safety.
  • Google clip - The helmet provides a space on the front side where you can fix it in your googles. It has a clip to the backside that secures your googles tightly. The goggles protect your eyes, and the fogging air keeps you dry.
  • Adjustable dial - For better fitting, the traverse helmet comes with an adjustable dial. You can measure your head with a tape by keeping some distance above your eyebrows. Tilt your head a little to ensure that the helmet glides smoothly over your head.
  • One year warranty - Not so many helmets come with up to one year warranty, but the traverse does. Your helmet gets replaced should any damages happen to it within that period covered by the warranty.

Pros & Cons of Traverse Dirus Helmet


  • It’s versatile - you can use the helmet for biking and, at the same time, use it for skiing.
  • Lightweight - the sizing of this helmet fits well on your head without being bulky.
  • Flexible - you can adjust this helmet according to the shape of your head. You can bend the dial to the back to either tighten or loosen it for comfort and increased protection.
  • Keeps your head cool - there are over ten vents set up in this helmet to ensure proper airflow. This regulates your temperature and wick away moisture and heat.


  • The vents are not adjustable. Since they are many, you won't feel the need to make adjustments.

Designed with you in Mind

Flexible Fit

You can adjust the Traverse helmet according to your need. Bend the dial to the back to loosen or tighten the fit to get unlimited protection. You can use even allocation of pressure to get more comfortable.

Climate Control

The inside and outsides vents of the helmets are great for the flow of air. Stay dry as well as warm when you require it.


The size of the helmet is very wonderful. It fits well with all sized heads. There are 3 sizes of the helmets. You can choose one from 51 to 55 cm.

A medium head needs 55 to 59 cm whereas a large head requires 59 to 63 cm. You may choose the right size by investigating the cloth tag under the fleece cap.

Why You Choose Traverse Dirus 2-in-1 Convertible Ski & Snowboard helmets

Keeping Cool

There are ten vents technically set up approximately the helmet. It ensures more air ventilation to keep body temperature at the endurable level and wicking away wetness.

Eliminate Chin Chaffing

A soft padded cushion is added to the nylon strap. It rests beneath your chin. One can ride on it day or night, summer or winter and can avoid scrapes.

Designed for Adventures

Glide the strap of the goggles with the clip to keep it securely. There will be no risk on the way if you do so.


You will get a limited warranty on the helmet. We are ready to give all faults in workmanship and material. When you get a damaged helmet the manufacturer is ready to replace it without any charge.

Traverse Sports Dirus Helmet Review

Traverse Dirus Helmet (FAQs)

How long can I use the traverse helmet?

If properly handled, you can use the traverse helmet for as long as possible. Make sure you replace it if it’s not fulfilling its purpose.

Is the traverse helmet good?

The traverse helmet is one of the best helmets you can purchase in the market. It’s durable, affordable, and quality.

Can I wear the traverse helmet for long hours?

Yes, you can wear the traverse helmet for a long time without feeling it. It's lightweight and comes with vents that promote ventilation. So you don't feel sweaty at all after wearing it for long hours.

How much does the traverse helmet cost?

The traverse helmet cost between $ and $$, depending on the size.

Is the traverse helmet good for kids?

The traverse helmet is only for adults and not kids.

Final Thoughts

The traverse dirus helmet is one of a kind. With its advanced technological features, you are sure of getting maximum head protection and comfort. Your performance won't be affected as well because of the accessories infused inside the helmet.

You can use the helmet any time of the year - whether it’s winter or summer. The result is the same. The intuitive, compact design makes it possible for this helmet to be light on your head. So technically, it’s as if you are wearing nothing. The traverse helmet is the helmet you can trust.

HJC CL-17 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet Review: A Complete Buying Guide for New Users

Safety first! This statement is true and to be honored, especially by bikers and riders. They have grown to understand how integral a motorcycle helmet can be to their safety whoever they hit the road.

Have you ever desired exquisite safety products that work with proven efficiency? You are not alone. A lot of motorcyclists out there do likewise.


 If we consider anyone's budget, the HJC CL17 helmets are a perfect choice. Do you want to know more about the product? This HJC CL-17 Full-Face motorcycle helmet Reviews will come in handy.

A helmet is an essential head protective device for a motorcyclist, especially. A mask provides motorcyclists safety, a clearer vision both in the day and night, and some additional biking cruise.

Get exposed to a product with proven safety assurance for the motorcyclist in this HJC CL-17 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet Reviews.

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Nobody wants to hit the road without being sure of their safety should anything happen. It is then essential to get the best helmet, like the HJC CL17 helmet whenever you decide to buy one.

The HJC CL-17 helmet gives an equal amount of safety quality as the big money helmets out there. Yet, the HJC CL-17 helmet is a way cheaper quality and safety option.

This safety hack is a product of the best quality materials and a superb design to match. 

What most motorcyclists desire to get from their helmets is a high level of safety. Truly said. But there are other features they look out for as well. And the good news is that this HJC helmets CL-17 recognizes all of these.

The CL-17 helmet has a design that ensures you stay cool through your ride. The cooling effect is a result of the invaluable input of the advanced channels of ventilation. 

However, the product still has a cooling backup with a wicking interior liner of high moisture. 

Let us leave the cooling effect of the CL-17 helmet. The protective side is excellent. The HJC CL-17 shield is another fantastic part of the product. 

The face shield is pinlock-ready for a firmer seal to add to your protection quality. The guard also gives access for you to get a Pinlock lens to shield you against fog while riding. 

This helmet also offers replacement shields. This addition makes it easier for riders to change their shields for any reason.

The RapidFire Shield Replacement System comes in various colors of the metallic or transparent rainbow. These color options shield you from sun impact adding to your cool all day.

Pros & Cons of TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet


  • Top-quality delivery at a very affordable price. The price of this product is far from the quality it offers. The quality stands out and provides excellent security like highly-priced similar products. But this product is very affordable.
  • Ever cool product. The product stays fresh throughout the whole day ride. This cool feature is a result of the fantastic cooling vents and the moisturizing wicking fabric. 
  • The product is highly durable. The quality of the materials used in the production of this helmet makes it last for much longer.
  • Product Of High Standard. The HJC CL-17 helmet meets and even surpasses the standards of the DOT and Snell of 2015.
  • With interchangeability ease and ease of setup, this product is straightforward to use. This feature makes it easy to access the comfort the HJC CL-17 helmet provides.


  • There is no warranty offered on this product. The helmet is nu covered by any warranty offer. So, it is not returnable after delivery. However, the quality of this product assures you guaranteed protection.

HJC CL-17 Features

Check out a clear description of the features of the CL-17 helmet in this HJC CL-17 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet Reviews. These features are in three sections containing various necessary information.

High Standard Product

The quality of the HJC CL-17 helmet stands different. The quality of the product matches the kind offered by the big money products. This quality the product offers allows it even to surpass the level of the Dot and Snell standards of 2015.

The size range it fits into, which is the 3XL to 5XL range matches the DOT standards.This level of quality stands out for a product hundreds of dollars lesser in price than its expensive counterparts.This price is one of the reasons the product is a top choice.

Usage Ease and Comfort

The HJC CL-17 helmet is easy to use in different ways. First, the mask is very fitting, as all of the cheek pads it contains are easily interchangeable. These cheek pads are as well washable and removable, making it easy to maintain their quality for an extended period.

The HJC CL-17 helmet also contains an air deflector that prevents the air you breeze past while riding from disturbing your ride. This feature ensures that you stay calm and focused on every trip.  The interior, which is a product of top quality moisturizing, antibacterial wicking fabric, gives a super cool feel to riders. This fabric serves as a support to the advanced dual ventilation outlets the HJC CL-17 helmet contains as well.With this, the interior stays cool every time.

Yet, you still have airflow from the front and from the back to help you stay fresh all day long.The helmet is a product of a composite shell containing advanced polycarbonate. This feature also provides optimal fit as well as the ease with its CAD technology usage. So many ease in one product!

Top Quality Materials For Topnotch Safety Assurance: 

The HJC CL-17 helmet is a product of diverse materials with proven quality. The composition of these topnotch materials will allow for an equal amount of safety.

The HJC CL-17 shield, equipped to prevent any little scratch is also pin lock ready. This product's face shield comes in a fabulous 3D design. The design further enhances the product’s safety assurance. The UV protection of the HJC CL-17 shield stands at a 95% ratio.

This production offers you a lot more safety assurance whenever you hit the road with your motorcycle.The face shield also has a side lock mechanism. The side lock face shield mechanism ensures that both sides stay firm.

The closure system of the face shield is in two phases. Apart from this, the protection has a one-touch lock to ensure the seal is tight and secure.

HJC CL-17 Sizing Chart

HJC 824-614 CL-17 sizing chart

Why HJC CL-17 Helmet?

HJC CL-17 – Interior

The HJC CL-17 helmet fits very well with the round shaped heads; helmet manufacturers neglect a market mostly. Its interior is lined having moisture-wicking fabric and anti-bacterial fabric to keep you odor-free and cool. Comfortable thick padding of HJC CL-17 saves your head from poking and causing no discomfort.

3D contour check pads of the CL-17 are removable. You can wash them regularly if you need. All pads are interchangeable with the CL-17 helmets to give you much comfort. There is a double–D ring chin strap attachment system. It has lovely ear pockets that fit a standard intercom clamp.

There are lots of bonuses with the HJC helmet. This is the very quickest helmet, and anyone can have ever got this. The main features are thick padding; Snell certified shell, excellent sealing, and low profile top vents. The whistling sound you hear at the time of wearing HJC may be a thing of the past.

HJC Cl-17 – Shell Design

HJC CL-17 helmet is very popular for the people. There are many causes behind it. The primary purpose is that it is made of advanced polycarbonate composite materials. Manufacturers use CAD technology for ensuring the safety of the users. HJC also incorporates sharp, aggressive angles and lines for the design to make a pleasing appearance.

HJC Cl-17 – Shell Design

HJC CL-17 helmet is very lightweight. So there is no possibility of discomfort or neck pain every long hour of riding. Viewers get lots of colors of this helmet. One can choose white, matte anthracite, metallic silver, and metallic wine.

From different colors, users can select the desired colors and graphics. We can surely say that you will surely love this helmet. The final finish is flawless. Complete attention is given to manufacturing CL -17 helmet on the production line. The helmet is found in sizes XS to 5XL. Therefore the helmet is fit for most of the heads around.


You will get many aspects of the HJC CL-17 helmet. But the most attractive feature of this helmet is the visor. This feature is very appealing to the users.

There is an anti-scratching with this helmet. It keeps your vision focused and clear though you are using the helmet for a long time. You will get up to 95% of UV protection into the visor. For such issue, you get most clear-eyed visors out there.

The visor is very excellent to prevent fog build up. Lastly, HJC CL-17 motorcycle helmet comes with a RapidFire shield replacement system. Installing, maintaining technology and replacing the visor are very simple that a first time user can handle it accurately.


One can enjoy riding session comfortably if the ventilation of a helmet is very nice. When you don’t get a right temperature, it may affect your concentration, composure and decision-making abilities.


For your and other safety the HJC CL-17 full face helmet has an ACS 9 Advanced Channeling Ventilation) system.

This feature invites the flow of air from the front of the helmet and sends it to the back making a cool breeze. It prevents you from becoming very hot and keeps unexpected humidity out of the helmet.


The CL-17 helmet is an excellent fitting helmet for me. My head is usual intermediate oval, and the comfort liner shows no press point. CL-17 has different sizes from X-small to 5XL. So this is a beautiful helmet for massive heads. All get much comfort from it. Check pads of CL-17 is replaceable. The range of thickness is from 17mm to 40 mm. My big helmet comes with 35 mm pads. I have used it a season and got a bit tight. Therefore I replaced them with a pair of 30 mm pads.

Field of View

The horizontal field of vision is very nice. Its vertical field comes with an outstanding feature. I feel no problem to see right and left. I don’t have to screw up my neck at the time of altering lanes. The shield is visor and presents no anomalies. I have no problem with fogging up to the temperature gets down to 40 degrees. Its protection is pin lock ready, but demands more cost.

Shield removal is very reasonable; re-installation is somewhat trickier but very easy. I use my sunglass inside the CL-17 helmet, but I feel no discomfort. The shield has 95% UV protection. This is very inviting for the safety of the eyes.

Safety First

The safety feature is the first considering matter for the consideration of a helmet. HJC CL-17 helmet is made of the polycarbonate shell and coupled with a standard EPS liner. Additionally, it hasn’t got DOT approval but carries a Snell certification also.

The exciting thing about the helmet is that it is very light in spite of having such robust design accompanied by two safety ratings. The weight is 2 grams less than the predecessor, the CL-14. This is not a vast difference. Most manufacturers make helmet bit heavier to convene the Snell safety standard. HJC helmet has done altogether a different thing, except dedicating safety.

Anti-bacterial fabric liner

If you wear a helmet for a long time, sweat build-up may happen. This is a must though the helmet has well ventilation system. By keeping this thing in mind, the manufacturer of HJC CL-17 helmet comes with anti-bacterial fabric. It ensures that the smell of the helmet is fresh.

Anti-bacterial fabric liner

Moreover, you won’t get any bacteria or mold build up. You can quickly remover the liner of the helmet. All things are machine washable, so you would not deal with a stinky helmet again. People who are using HJC CL-17 helmet for exchanging must be motivated with this feature.

Colors and graphics

There is the full range of graphics and colors of this helmet. If you analyze the different colors of the helmet, you will get your desired one. Or you may get additional graphics and colors; this one is customized by the company or the color experts. stickers may be added to the helmet except an impact on the performance.

HJC CL-17 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

HJC CL-17 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet (FAQs)

Does The Helmet Have A Sun Visor?

No, there is no sun visor on the inside. You can, however, decide to insert a smoked pin-lock or screen.

How Firm Does The Helmet Fits?

With my experience using this product, the helmet goes in just more comfortable to fit in your head frame.

What Is The Nature Of The Cheek Pads?

The cheek pads of this helmet are interchangeable. The interchangeability of this product makes it fit your face even more.

Is The Logo On The Helmet A Removable Sticker?

The logo is easily removable. The emblem comes off cleanly when removed. The sticker is just like that of the other models of this helmet.

Does The Product Allow For Bluetooth Insert?

You can easily insert a Bluetooth in this helmet without it protruding. The space is deep enough.

Schwinn Thrasher Youth Girls Helmet Review

Many people die during collisions that occur when they are riding. Most times, those deaths are avoidable. If they had used helmet during the clash, maybe they would have lived longer than they did.

Some riders who don't die during crashes sometimes suffer permanent head injuries that render them useless for the rest of their lives. So, using a helmet while riding is nor luxury but a necessity.

The helmet helps to reduce death and injury when a collision occurs. Beyond protecting you from death, helmet adds a lot of advantages to riding, which in turn makes it fun. A helmet prevents you from the ill side of nature, like sun rays, dust particles, and other things when you are riding.

Using a helmet increases your visibility, even in harsh weather. It puts you on the safe side of the law. Using a helmet during riding matters, but the quality of the helmet you use matters more. For maximum protection and pleasure while riding Schwin Youth Girls motorcycle helmet is the best buy.

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Schwinn Thrasher bike helmet, Lightweight Microshell Design, Sizes for Adults, Youth, and Children 

Schwinn Thrasher Lightweight Microshell bicycle helmet can be used by adults, youth, and children. It comes with Dial fit strip and a thrasher that allows 360-degree adjustability. It has sufficient ventilation holes and moisture-wicking pads.  

It's designed to keep you cool even in hot summer weather. The helmet comes with 20 crucial top air vents for easy ventilation. Its lightweight doesn't put unnecessary weight on your head. Designed with three piece micro-shell enhance durability without pains on you.

The product has adjustable on side straps to fit a wide number of users, and it also comes with a detachable visor to help reduce glare.

Schwinn helmet was made to give a superb level of safety on the road. It is designed to provide the best of visibility even in the harshest of weather conditions: rain, hail, and snow. It is easily detachable that you don't have to feel scratch won't even you are taking it off.

It is designed to be unisex and can be both used by children and adults. It has a knob at the back that can be used to change the circumference of the helmet.

It is tough and durable, and this helmet van is the difference between serious head injury and a couple of scratches when a collision occurs. It offers greater benefits than other competitors at a lower price.

This helmet fits around the head perfectly, and it doesn't wiggle as many there helmets do. It fully covers the forehead, thereby providing the highest level of protection.

Pros & Cons of Schwinn Thrasher Helmet


  • Easily used because of its Dial Fit adjustable system
  • Visor to enhance visibility and gives shading while riding.
  • 20 top air vents to give ventilation even in hot summer
  • Three-piece micro-shell for durability and comfort
  • It is a perfect customized and comfortable fit, for its 360-degree full range padding
  • The helmet is made for adults. 14 years and above.


  • It has no reflector, so it may not be too suitable for riding at night.

Which Kids Bike Helmet Should You Buy?

The bike is an important accessory at the time of riding or skating. You have to choose the best bike that your child likes to wear very eagerly. He or she would wear it to save his or her head.

The purpose of making these helmets is to protect your child from any severe injury. Sometimes this becomes the cause of someone’s death.

You have to choose a right bike helmet for your child. Moreover, you have to consider the safety of your child also.

All these bike helmets on the list are super alternative for your child. You can choose anyone from the list. Before buying any of the helmets, move and check them well.

What Others Say About Schwinn Thrasher Helmet

It is a great helmet. I have bought a helmet for my eight-year-old child who has a small head. There is a knob with the helmet on the back side. It adjusts well with the little head.

The smallest setting of the helmet is very nice. She would use it for a long time. The helmet is very cool and lightweight.

About Schwinn Thrasher Youth Girls Helmet

The most important feature of the helmet is that there is no objection at the time of wearing it. We have no issue getting her to use it that we faced with other helmets.

Schwinn Adult Thrasher Helmet Overview

Schwinn Thrasher Helmet  (FAQs)

Does this helmet has any certification? 

Yes, the helmet is CPSC approved. It is made to have met the highest standard possible for safety and comfort.

I have a small head, will this helmet size me? 

The helmet will fit you no matter your head size. It has an adjustable side strap that makes it fit a different range of users well.

Can this helmet be used for skiing? 

We do not suggest that. Of course, the helmet is well ventilated, but your head may get cold. Also, the visor may likely remove. The helmet was made for riding, not skiing.

Is the helmet inner part removable for washing? 

Yes, the inner part is washable. Its part can be easily detached and fixed back again. So you have no worries, you can wash as it pleases you. 

Does the helmet has a reflector, I am concerned with riding at night?

There is no reflector on the helmet, and it would be okay if your bicycle has reflectors. However, the helmet is comfortable and adjustable.

Final Thoughts

Schwinn has been in the business of making bicycles and its accessories for over a century. The brand is dedicated to giving you quality and innovation and has grown to be America's most loved bicycle brand.

Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet is made to be suitable for a large number of people with different sizes. It comes with 20 top air vents and three pieces micro-shell, which makes with durable without putting weight on your neck. This helmet has a fantastic visor, and it can be used in any weather.

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