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How To Clean Motorcycle Helmet – Tips To Clean On Inside And Outside

You are a new one or experienced one does not matter. You have to clean it regularly in the right procedures. There are lots of people who do not know the right way to clean the helmet.

They ask the way to clean inside and outside of the helmet. There are various ways to clean it. I here like to mention some of the best paths to do the job.

You have a helmet with removable interior lining; it is made well. You take away the check pad and lining and put them in the laundry machine at fragile cycle though this is washing.

You may clean the exterior of the helmet by a towel or cloth or microfiber and soft detergent. Damp the soft towel or microfiber or cloth, use few drops of mild detergent onto it and clean the shell well.

The detergent acts with dirt or grime, etc very well. You need to wipe the water as long as the detergent is finished. You may be left with a shiny clean oil free shell.

We have a helmet but do not have a detachable liner. The task is a little trickier. Sweat and skin oil builds up as well as all the spray cleaners do not quite it cut. I have used a fresh helmet, and it did all smell better.

I have attempted Motorex Helmet Care Spray that yielded a similar result, all fragrances minimal clean-up effect.

Do the steps as you have no detachable liner and scant like pop:

Necessary materials are listed below

  • Take a big vessel to submerge the helmet totally
  • Mild detergent
  • Shampoo
  • Paper towels
  • A warm water source
  • Plastic polish

Part 1 – Cleaning the Helmet’s Visor

Have a paper towel and moist it with warm water along with the shampoo. Add the paper towel to the outer surface of the visor to loosen or dampen any road debris which may accumulate or get stuck to the outer visor.

How To Clean Motorcycle Helmet

Keep the towel in place on the visor. After sometimes, remove the towel that is soaking the outer visor and rinse the outside of the visor clean with the new clean paper towel.

Have a paper towel soaked with shampoo and water and normally pat down the inner of the visor. Do not scrub the inside as this can remove some of the coating used by the manufacturer like an anti fog coating.

Pat downs the inner side with a clean paper towel if you wash it. Do not apply a scrubbing motion. Once dry and clean the outside of the visor by plastic polish.

Part 2 – Helmets with Removable Linings

If you like to clean the helmet with a removable inner lining, you require to remove the lining parts and rinse them apart from the shell of the helmet. Remove the padding pieces and the lining.

Put them in the washing machine by regular laundry applying delicate cycle. Put the outer shell in lukewarm water in a tub. Keep them completely to bath well. Add some detergent that can dissolve the grime and grease that may collect the outer shell.

Use a paper towel to dry the shell and rinse it with plastic polish. Re-install the padding and the presently washed inner parts. Re-add the visor. It is now completely ready to use again.

Part 3 – Helmets Without Removable Linings

Without removing the inner part of the helmet, cleaning a full faced motorcycle helmet is a bit difficult than cleaning with a removable liner. Fill your tub with fresh warm water.

At first, clean the inside of the helmet and next to the outside. Submerge the helmet inside the water fully, fill the inside with water. If dampens, use some shampoo in the water. Rinse the inside of the helmet parts, the fittings, and the mouth guards, etc.

Helmets Without Removable Linings

when you are sure that you have taken off all the odors or stains from the helmet. Wash the helmet out by plunging it into the tub filled with fresh water. If you like to clean the outer part, it is better to fill the tub with fresh water again.

Use some mild detergent with water this time to remove road debris or motor oil stains the road will keep on the outside of the shell. Rinse the shell with the paper towels and do it as long as you are fully satisfied.

Then wash the helmet in another tub full of fresh water. Take the plastic polish outside from the helmet. Install the inner pieces again when they have dried. Re-attach the visor. Now the helmet is ready to use again.

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