Fox Flux Helmet Review: A Complete Buying Guide

With the rise in bike accidents, it is essential to test your helmet for the right fit before buying, but this is not the only factor you should consider before purchasing a bike helmet. Safety is of utmost importance, and it should never be ignored or neglected.

However, It is also necessary to purchase a helmet that offers the best protection and comfort. This is why some bike helmet manufacturers are giving efforts to ensure they produce helmets that can provide maximum protection and withstand substantial impacts. Most times, these helmets tend to become more expensive than what you have in the market.


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But this is a different scenario with Fox racing flux helmets as the company has been able to combine quality, class, and affordability in their helmet built.

However, in this Fox Flux helmet review, we will be sharing some crucial information about the product to assist you in your purchase.

Fox Flux Helmet Review

Last update on 2023-08-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Flux has come with groundbreaking technology in the world of mountain bike helmets. It is designed for more mountain biking as it also offers total protection and comfort. You will love this helmet; let’s find out why.

The Fox Flux helmet comes with a revised MIPS helmet open-framed full-face helmet with a large adjustable 14 vent for proper and sufficient air supply. Its MIPS X-static liner has sanitizers to help remove lousy odor as well as inhibit the growth of bacteria. Very comfortable.

It also has a Varizorb multi-density EPS liner that helps keep you comfortable while providing optimum protection from the high impact. The Varizorb helps to give more protection without adding more bulky designs or weight.

Additionally, an internal cage is inputted into the back of the helmet foam to provide a more balanced and structural rigidity.

The lightweight helmet also features a preset shell designed to hold goggles; there is also a strap located at the back of the lid that helps to keep the google in place.

The Fox bicycle helmet also features a 360-degree retention system that you can use to give an excellent tune fitting to your head, using a knob located at the back of the helmet. It also prevents any form of hot spot or discomfort.

The innovative design of the helmet gives it a stable and secure fit when worn. The headgear also provides in-depth coverage to the rear to protect you when the terrain gets rough as it features a magnetic Field-Lock strap buckle.

Pros & Cons of Fox Flux Helmet


  • Adequate air supply – The 14 vents openings makes the helmet very comfortable options. So, you don’t have to bother about the discomfort of sweat dripping to your face.
  • Safe option – The helmet has a multi-density EPS for absorbing impacts, thus preventing the effects of the crash from getting to the head. The 360o retention system also helps to fit the helmet to the head accurately.
  • Multiple sizes – The helmet comes in both small and medium sizes, so you can always buy it for your kids.
  • Lightweight – Compared to other helmets, the helmet has a lightweight material build that allows you to wear it for a long time without having neck strain.


  • The helmet is just perfect, as it has no cons.

Fox Head Flux MIPS MTB Helmet (Black, XS/S)

Features of Fox Flux Helmet


The construction of the Fox flux helmet features one of their latest technology, Varizorbs. What this means is that it has multiple levels of EPS foam to enhance impact reduction.

There is also an internal cage built that helps to keep the whole system in place in times of significant impacts. The device sits just right around the ear and at the head region for a stable fit. The micro shell system also covers the inner rim of the helmet to give long term durability.


The helmet features a 300-degree adjustment system that gives the mask an all-round fit of the entire head without having any level of discomfort or hot spot.

There is also a magnetic Fid-Lock strap buckle that gets the system locked in a matter of seconds without the fear of sliding the helmet from the neck or position.


The ventilation of the Fox Flux helmet is excellent. It features 14 large vents to ensure maximum airflow as it has three front vents that are adjustable for a promising ride. Plus an additional front vents for demystifying the google.


The Flux has a lightweight design that is part of the features of a terrain helmet. It is not overbuilt and has excellent stability. 


The fact that the helmet is compatible with the goggles is an admirable feature that the Flux has compared to other helmets. The peak arc is high enough to accommodate a glass underneath when climbing. There is also a strap that helps to keep the liner in place.

Fox Head Flux MIPS

What To Look Out For When Buying A Bike Helmet

Fit and Retention

Fit and retention are some of the features to look out for before buying a helmet. So, in the case of a crash, your helmet will remain on your head. Most fox flux helmets have a 360-degree retention system that is adjustable to suit the head.

The strap is also essential, so ensure to go for helmets with adjustable and comfortable straps.

Sun Glass Compatible

Only very few helmet brands like Fox have compartments that allow them to hold sunglasses. So, if you are a glass lover, you have to look out for these features before purchasing the helmet.


Every bike rider needs due ventilation, especially in hot weather. A well-built helmet should be made to have vents and channels for proper inlet and outlet of air.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount as every helmet should meet due to safety standards and approval. Recently, there has been an enhancement in the headgear as more safety technologies are arising like MIPS.

The MIPS offers more protection to the head and brain, and also reduces shock and crash impact.

Bike Helmet Fit and Comfort

It is relevant that you buy helmets with the right fit and comfort for practical usage and safety. You will be riding with it for a long time, so you should go for a comfortable fit. Here are some primary factors to consider.

Discover Your Head Size

To get the size of your head, wrap a flexible tape around the fullest part of your head, that’s about one inch above the eyebrow.

If you don’t have a measurement tape, you can use a string by wrapping it around your head and then measuring the line using a yardstick.

Adjust the Helmet

The adjusting options of helmets vary. However, for the fox flux helmet, there is an adjustable knob at the back of the helmet that you can twist to get a perfect fit. Then buckle and tighten the chin strap to ensure that the mask presses the top of your head as you do.

After that, open your mouth to ensure it fits properly. If it doesn’t, adjust it more till you feel comfortable.

Fox Flux Helmet Video Review

Fox Flux Helmet(FAQs)

How often should my helmet be replaced?

Replacing your helmet is dependent on various factors like the frequency of use and maintenance. However, you should replace your helmet after three to five years of usage, but if it’s used more frequently, you should replace it sooner.

How do I choose the right Fox helmet?

You can get the best helmet fit by looking out for the more comfortable and secure ones and offering you the right fit and coverage.

How does MIPS Technology work?

The MIPS technology works by providing optimum protection by helping to reduce the rotational energy to the brain. It functions by allowing the helmet to rotate independently sound the head, thus redirecting the impact and providing due protection.

Where can I buy an authentic helmet?

With the prevalence of used helmets out there, it is relevant that you buy your helmet from a reliable source. However, one of the best online outlets for purchasing the Fox Flux helmet is on Amazon.

What is the best way to store your bike helmet?

The best way to store your helmet is to keep it away from sun or heat and store it in a cool, dry place.

Final Thoughts

Fox has given a lot of time and effort to ensure the Flux helmet comes with a winning and outstanding design. And, the Fox Flux helmet review reveals more of the benefits and features that the device offers.

It gives maximum protection with sufficient ventilation, comfort, and stability options. It also has google compatibility options for glasses users.

The fact that the helmet offers the right fit, performance, and affordable price just makes it one of my best choices, and I highly recommend it.