Giro Air Attack Reviews

Giro Air Attack helmet is one of those few helmets that bridged the gap between a regular road helmet and an aerodynamic helmet. In other words, this helmet is built for speed while offering proper ventilation. Ever since the launch of this helmet in 2012, it has become every riders’ favorite, particularly for those who desire speed.

If you are looking forward to knowing more about this aero-defining helmet, then you are more than welcome to this Giro Air Attack reviews. And since it’s a product of a household name like Giro, expect nothing but the best.


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Giro said the Air Attack helmet is aerodynamic, and we took the time to do a wind tunnel testing on the headgear. We discovered that Giro wasn’t bluffing. Giro Air Attack helmet was created for the speed lovers. Unnecessary air drag is eliminated with this helmet, and the retention system is also secure. There is an included shield with some powerful magnets that attaches it to the helmet. We shall also discuss the eyeshield in this Giro Air Attack Reviews.

Giro Air Attack Reviews

Last update on 2023-05-14 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Giro Attack Bicycle Helmet Replacement Eye Shield

There is no doubt that the Giro Air Attack is an aerodynamic helmet that will make you go pretty fast. How about even going more quickly? This is what the Giro Air Attack shield provides.

The Giro Air Attack replacement eye shield has the same Carl Zeiss lenses in the original shield. The eyeshield is a little light smoke in vision. In other words, you get the same eyeshield that comes with the helmet. So if you are looking forward to replacing your shield because it’s broken or scratched, you can go for this replacement shield.

Like the regular Giro Attack Shield, this replacement eye shield doesn’t fog, get loose, or even cover your eye view. It’s tight around the eyes so that it doesn’t let in too much air that will affect your sight, especially at high speeds.

You can flip the shield upside down if you are no longer in need of it. This is one of the things we like about the eye shield/visor. The shield comes with three magnets, one attached to the helmet’s extremes and the other attached to the helmet at the center. These magnets hold the eye shield in place and enable you to flip as you like.

The design is fantastic, and it comes in several colors, such as amber red, silver, and loden yellow. You can choose any color to suit your helmet and style. The shield is great for time trials and racing.

Pros & Cons of Giro Air Attack


  • Affordable – With what it’s worth, the replacement eye shield is cheap. You won’t get disappointed with the purchase.
  • Better Coverage – The eye shield is beneficial to those who love riding at night. Also, it gives better coverage from all angles so that you are vigilant and not surprised by something tragic like hits.
  • Comes with UV Protection – Most shields lack the UV protection feature, but this replacement eye shield is perfect.
  • Different Colors – You are allowed to choose from several colors to suit your preference and style.
  • Right Fit – The eye shield isn’t difficult to fit into the helmet, especially if it’s a Giro helmet. Simply attach the magnets to the helmet, and you are good to go.


  • Prone to Scratches – The eyeshield can have some scratches on it, which isn’t surprising since it’s eyewear. However, giving it the proper care and storing it differently will prolong its lifespan. That includes protecting it from scratches.

How to Buy Giro Attack Helmets

To buy the Giro Attack helmets, there are some factors that you must consider. These factors will go a long way in determining what you really want in a Giro Attack helmet.


As far as we know, the Giro Air Attack helmet is one of the most durable helmets in the market. What makes it so durable is the fact that the shell is polycarbonate. This makes the helmet less prone to dents and vulnerability. Besides, the helmet is CPSC certified, so you are sure of long years of use. All these are criteria for buying the Giro Attack helmet.


In other to reduce drag and increase speed, Giro made the Attack helmet to be aerodynamic. The addition of this feature is the main factor why you ride faster with the helmet. Besides, it’s quieter than most helmets that are aerodynamically built.

Because of the aerodynamic nature of this helmet, it is less ventilated. Though, you can find some vents at the front and top of the helmet to channel airflow. Despite the minimal ventilation, the Giro Attack helmet offers more ventilation than helmets like the Bell Star Pro that is designed for ventilation. If you value speed more than ventilation, then you should go for this kind of helmet.


The Giro Attack helmet is slightly heavier than its counterparts due to the addition of the visor/shield. The Giro Attack helmet weighs 326g with the visor and 293.1g without the visor. Despite the hefty nature of the helmet, it’s comfortable on the head due to the super Roc Loc Air retention system.

Roc Loc Air retention system is Giro’s powerful fit adjustment system. This feature uses a lightly padded band inside the front of the helmet to suspend slightly on the forehead. The band system can be adjusted with an easy-to-find click wheel. Aside from providing comfort to the head, the Roc Loc Air retention system helps to increase the airflow within the helmet.


There is no doubt that Giro helmets are one of the priciest helmets in the market. However, the price is nothing compared to what the helmet offers. Giro Attack helmets are one of the best helmets you can find around based on quality and features. So if you want quality, then you should go for the Giro.


Most Giro Attack helmets come with visors/eyeshields inside the package. The visors or Gray Flash, as Giro calls it, is designed by Carl Zeiss and comes in different colors. When compared to sunglasses, you will find out that shields or visors are more comfortable and provide better coverage. The inclusion of this shield will further increase the price of the Giro Attack helmet. So if you are cost-conscious, you can buy only the helmet and buy the visor later.

Visors/Eyeshields vs. Sunglasses

Most helmets allow you to wear sunglasses. Some sunglasses or shades have UV protection. In other words, they protect your eyes from the sun’s harsh rays, which can cause eye problems like cataracts, eyelid cancers, etc. This is critical for those who love riding during the day.

However, what sunglasses don’t do is to give you better view coverage. It’s just a glass with UV protection properties. This is where eyeshields are better. Eyeshields doesn’t fog like sunglasses, especially during winter periods or at night. Unlike sunglasses that you can wear independently, eyeshields are attached to the helmets, which doesn’t promote independence.

Giro Air Attack Video Review and breakdown

Giro Air Attack(FAQs)

What do eyeshields do?

Eyeshields or visors are transparent glasses that attach to the helmet via magnets. They provide improved viewing and also, protect the eyes against wind and other weather elements.

What is the best tint color?

You can choose any color of the tint. It all depends on individual preferences. 

What color is the tint on the amber red and loden green?

The tint is a mixture of gray and yellow when using it.

How do you install the Giro Attack replacement eyeshield?

Once your initial eyeshield is broken, you should get a replacement eyeshield. Replacement eyeshields come with three magnets for attachment to the helmet. All you have to do is find the point of appendages on the front of the helmet and peg the magnets in their rightful position. Make sure it’s tight so that it doesn’t get loose at any point in time.

Can the Giro Attack replacement eyeshield fit other helmets that aren’t Giro Attack

We can’t say for sure because helmets are designed differently. However, some users tested to buying the replacement shield for the Base Camp Moon helmet.

Final Thoughts

The Giro Attack helmet is a total package that is better suited for those love speed other than safety and ventilation. The Giro Air Attack is an incredible helmet for short road races and triathlons, and this is what we have proved in this Giro Air Attack Reviews. The addition of the Carl Zeiss eyeshield is a plus, and since it comes in different colors, you will find the one that comfortably suits your style.

Design-wise, the glossy finish is lovely. Safety-wise, this helmet is reliable. Both the polycarbonate shell and EPS liner will shield your head against extreme impacts – the more reason why you should wear this helmet while cycling.