Giro Nine Snow Helmet Review

Helmets have a wide range of importance whether you are engaging in any form of sport, or you are just a regular motorcycle rider or commuter. However, some helmets come with a great deal of style and class for the regular assortment use.

So, if you love matte helmets rather than the glossy reflective one, then you should consider the Giro Nine snow helmet. The company has been striving in the world of headgear as they've been revolutionizing it to ensure their customer gets the best when it comes to quality, strength, and functionality.

However, the helmet comes with every feature between. And we know your value for quality and sophistication, which has led us to write Giro Nine snow helmet review.

After reading this guide, you will know why you should buy this helmet.

Giro Nine Snow Helmet Review

Giro Nine Snow Helmet Matte Titanium L (59-62.5cm)
  • CONSTRUCTION - In-Mold Construction fuses a tough polycarbonate outer shell with the helmet's impact-absorbing foam liner. The fusion process allows for better ventilation systems, making In-Mold helmets lighter and cooler than traditional helmets.
  • FIT SYSTEM - In Form Fit System makes it easy to dial in a custom fit in seconds - even with gloves on. An ergo-friendly dial at the base of the helmet provides up to 6cm of adjustment and enhanced stability. Vertical Tuning feature accommodates different goggles and head shapes for a custom fit free of gaper gap (space between goggles and helmet).

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The Nine helmet succeeds in the Giro nine 10 snowboard helmet. It is one of the best as it has been updated to fit the customers' every need and maintain its high quality and high-performance profile at the same standard price.

The helmet features an amazing Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS), which is made up of two liners. The MIPS technology offers optimum protection by ensuring that the two liners rotate independently during an angled force.

It also features an in-form fit system that allows fitting the helmet to its user comfortably. The in-form fit can also be tuned easily by just a dial, thus giving its user a quick custom fit. Also, you can adjust the helmet with the dial to about 6cm, to provide you with more helmet stability.

Additionally, the helmet has a lightweight build, which amounts from fusing its shell and inner impact-absorbing liner. This fusion creates a single entity to give you more class and ventilation, thereby enhancing a more refreshing riding experience.

Furthermore, the Giro Nine snowsport helmet comes with a thermostat control adjustable vent to give you more air adjusting options. It also gives you more choice as you ride in hot weather or cold weather.

There's also the Giro's stack vents located at the front of the helmet in a similar position with the google. The stack vents help to keep you warm on the inside, thereby preventing goggles from fogging up. Also, it provides a means of the damp air from google to escape.

It also comes with a detachable earpad to keep you more warm and comfortable. The helmet is compatible with all giro goggles.

Pros & Cons of Giro Snow Helmet


  • Highly Safe Option- The MIPS technology will give you adequate protection from high impacts as well as reduce the tendency of injury while you are doing your favorite sports.
  • It Fits Properly- You don't have to worry about the helmet pulling from your head or sliding to the side as it can be tuned to fit the contours of your head rightly.
  • It is Lightweight- it is just perfect for long rides as it gives zero necks strain.
  • It Produces Adequate Ventilation- the device will give you more vent options, whether in a cold or hot period, with its thermostatic adjustable vents.
  • Highly Compatible- The helmet is suitable for use with the Giro goggle and other Audio Drop-Ins.


  • The device has no cons. It's a recently updated model with zero default.

Why is Giro Nine Helmet the best in the Market?

Timeless Style

For over a decade, the company has maintained the same style and streamlined silhouette design and kept on updating its performance to meet the customers' needs.


The helmet is constructed with an interior foam line, low friction liner, and elastomeric attachment system, which protects its user by self-rotating. It also has a lighter, in-mold construction, which makes it more comfortable than its competitors.

Fit System

Unlike other helmets, the giro nine helmet contains a tune-in system that makes it accommodate any google and head shape. Therefore, leaving the mask well fitted and gap-free.

Giro Nine Snow Helmet

Ventilation and Warmth

The Giro Nine features a thermostat controller and super trendy vents. The slide mechanism functions reasonably nicely, and that I never felt as though it had been too sticky or difficult to open and shut.

Ventilation and Warmth

Together with the vents fully open the air flow is strong, and that I find it nearly as high as the Smith Vantage helmet. The only benefit the vantage has is the ability to start only the front ports or just the rear vents.

The very best aspect of thermostat controllers would be the ability to shut the vents on days when temperatures are incredibly chilly. I generally find that I never should wear something under my helmet, even on very cold days. All I need to do is shut the vents into some airflow, along with my mind stays nice and hot.


The Giro Nine includes a kind fit system which permits you to adjust the fit to your head shape and size. I nearly always wear a moderate in helmets, also that I discovered the Giro Nine was an ideal match.

I find I prefer the dial-up system on Giro helmets a little more compared to the Boa system you generally see on Smith helmets. It is not that it is worse or better, but I only tend to favor how simple it's to use.

The Boa process remains fantastic, however. What I like about the Giro helmets would be that the Vertical tuning system permits you to adjust the fore and aft position of the helmet into account for otherwise sized goggles.

What do others say about the product

My first piece of advice will be to try on helmets person if you're able to. This is my very first ski helmet. This helmet fits quite nicely and is well ventilated. I resisted getting a helmet for several decades, but after trying it I understood how comfy it is and besides, it keeps my ears warm! In spring skin conditions, I hope I will still sweat, but I will live with this.

About Giro Nine helmet

That shell's layout was re-shaped to a sleeker, lower-profile design, also, and incorporated into it are equally Super Cool vents with Thermostat Control adjustability and Giro's Stack Vent front to keep goggles from fogging.

About Giro Nine helmet

The Nine also uses Giro's In Type Fit System which makes it simple to dial in the perfect fit, even with gloves, although the Vertical Tuning attribute can accommodate an extensive array of both mind and goggle contours.

Rounding out everything is your helmet's compatibility with all aftermarket Giro sound systems, so it is possible to keep the sticks pumping. The available sizes and their measurements are under.

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Giro Nine Snow Helmet Review (FAQs)

What is a MIP helmet?


The Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) is a liner that causes low friction that lowers the rate of rotational energy to the brain when impacted at an angled position. 


The system prompts the helmet to rotate at its own accord when placed on your head, thus redirecting the pressure of the impact, thereby giving more protection in the cause of specific impacts.


Is MIPS the best rotational energy management system?


The MIPS is one of the leading technologies, and it offers more protection in specific impacts. It is used to absorb any level of energy impact as well as addresses rotational energies.


How do I choose the right helmet?


Choosing the right helmet is simple. All you have to do is consider three primary factors like if it fits and provides you with the right comfort and security you require. If you are comfortable with the coverage it offers and if it's suitable for the riding you engage on.


These are the basic requirements, but you can also consider other secondary factors like design, price, etc.


Are Giro helmets compatible with POV cameras?


Yes. However, the company advised not to attach cameras or mount any accessory to the helmet as they can cause damage to the helmet during impact, which will consequently reduce the safety ability and potential of it.


How can I tell you that my helmet is damaged?


If you had a crash with your helmet and you are uncertain of the safety conditions of it, the safest thing to do is to contact your manufacturer.


Although, some of the physical signs of a damaged helmet is a cracked shell, crushed inner liner, etc. especially if the changes occur after any fatal impact.

Final Thoughts

The Giro Nine MIPS helmet is a comfortable and reliable helmet fit. Its classy but straightforward design makes its user almost forget if they are wearing a helmet.

Also, the pile vents that protect the goggle from fogging is an add-up as it is also an excellent way of ventilation during hot climates.

The Giro Nine snow helmet lightweight features, simple and classy appearance, adjustable fit and sufficient venting makes it a more comfortable and helmet.

Meanwhile, the helmet is available in various colors. The nine is a product worth experiencing as you will have a more breathtaking experience than our experience in writing this guide.

The device is much recommended for snow riders or snow sport riders. We will love to hear about your experience after purchase.

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