Green Bay Packers Helmet Review: A Complete Buying Guide

If you love watching NFL and are a diehard fan of Packers, then you won’t hesitate to get one of the Green Bay Packers helmets. This replica helmet, like most replica helmets, will show people how much you love your NFL team. However, these helmets are a replica of the real helmet. So you might not be so comfortable wearing them.


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Wearing a green bay packers helmet is a way of showing how much you appreciate watching the game. Also, it shows your loyalty and support for the club. If what brought you here is to purchase a good quality green bay helmet to buy, then you are welcome to read this review article. We shall review the top 5 green bay packers helmet that can fulfill your desire.

1. Riddell NFL Green Bay Packers Speed Mini Football Helmet

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This helmet is by Riddell is a true definition of an NFL helmet, especially for Packers fans. If you want an NFL helmet that speaks quality, you should consider this helmet.

Riddell NFL speed mini football helmet is a mini version of the full helmet but still comes with visors. The visors ensure that your head is truly shielded should you would like to wear it to play amateur football.

The yellow color design is fascinating and would suit anyone who tries to buy the helmet. Apart from the design, the helmet comes at a great price that is unquestionable. It’s an excellent replica of a helmet for players’ autographs.


  • Great for the Price – This mini football helmet comes at the right, competitive price. You don’t need to over budget to buy a good green bay packers replica helmet.
  • Perfect Size – The size is comfortable and fits the head perfectly. The quality is also excellent, and you won’t feel your head bobbing inside the helmet.
  • Great Color – The yellow-colored helmet is fantastic and would fit anyone who wishes to have one.
  • Perfect Gift for a Loved One – Gift this helmet to a friend or relative who is a true Packers fan, and they would be thanking you for the rest of your life.


  • Logo Design – The lack of the Riddell logo on the front of the helmet is what makes people question the authenticity of the helmet. However, the absence of the logo design is inconsequential when you factor what the helmet offers.

2. Riddell NFL Full Size Replica Speed Helmet

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This is another good quality replica helmet from Riddell that you can buy if you are a fan of the Packers.

Riddell replica speed helmet is designed for those who love to be identified with the Packers. The Packers name is situated at the front of the helmet and also at the back. This speaks a lot about the team you are supporting.

You can wear this helmet, and you will feel instantly like a real NFL player. It’s realistically designed, and the size is also perfect. There is an insert in the helmet, which prevents you from putting it on your head. However, If you want to wear it, just remove the plastic plate and insert some pads to feel more comfortable.

This is an excellent replica, a full-size helmet that is worth buying.


  • Good Design – This replica helmet is made very well, and you can’t question the quality. It’s reliable and would last for a long time.
  • Replica NFL Decals – This helmet has some official logos inscribed on them, just like the real NFL helmets. The decals make this replica helmet to look realistic.
  • Tight Facemasks – Just like real NFL helmets, this helmet comes with facemasks or visors to give more protection to the entire face.
  • Comfortable – If you wish to wear the helmet, you can remove the plastic plate and put it in some paddings. These paddings ensure that the helmet is soft on your head. So you can wear the helmet to cheer up your team on the field.


  • Expensive – The price slammed on this replica helmet is quite over the top when compared to the features it possesses. You may get better replicas around the same price.
  • Finishing – The decals lining is somewhat below par, and the overall craftsmanship on some models tend to be low quality. Check the model before buying to avoid this problem.

3. Riddell Green Bay Packers Deluxe Replica Football Helmet

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This deluxe replica version of the Riddell Green Bay Packers helmet is beautiful. If you are looking for a replica helmet for display purposes, this one may just be right for you.

You can keep this helmet at the office or home, and everyone would know that you are a great NFL sports fan. The helmet is full-size and designed with ABS plastic shell to imitate originality. The facemask is a steel polyvinyl-coated, which further makes the helmet more realistic than ever.

Alongside the jaw pads, decorative internal padding, and adjustable 2-point chin strap, this replica helmet is a step above many replica helmets in the market. Deluxe replica helmet is officially licensed and decorated in Packers colors.


  • Budget Replica Helmet – No doubt, the helmet is great for the price and hard to get a better price bargain elsewhere.
  • Better Design – The ABS plastic shell and the steel facemasks all make this helmet more realistic than most helmets in the market. The helmet is great for autographs as well.
  • Impeccable Size – The sizing is right and would fit on anyone’s head straight out of the box. However, you should have some pads installed if you want to wear it.
  • Adjustable Chin Straps – In case you plan on wearing this replica helmet, it comes with a 2-point chin strap that you can adjust for more fitting.


  • Small Size – This helmet tends to fit into small heads than larger ones. In other words, the helmet may be difficult to size your head if it’s a little bigger.

4. Riddell Green Bay Packers Licensed Speed Replica Helmet

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If you are looking for a budget helmet at a fraction of the cost, you should consider buying this replica helmet from Riddell.

This helmet looks slightly the same with all the ones that we have reviewed in this list, except a few differences. This medium full-size replica helmet comes with the regular facemask, but the inclusion of a 4-point chin strap makes it unique. There is also a no-wear safety plate inside, but you can remove it to insert a more comfortable pad if you intend on wearing it.

Around the jaws is a molded pad that acts like the authentic version of protecting the jaw area. Any age can wear Riddell speed replica helmet, and anyone can go to the field to show their support for their team. You can get your favorite players to sign an autograph on your replica helmet.


  • Value for Money – In terms of affordability, you can’t find many helmets that match this one. The helmet is for the budget-conscious people.
  • Great Replica Helmet – The helmet is full-size and comes with nice features that imitate the authentic helmet.
  • Licensed – This helmet has the Riddell logo inscribed inside the helmet, which made it officially licensed.
  • Impressive Design – There is a USA flag decal at the back of the helmet that further adds beauty for a more impressive display. Overall, the design is fascinating.


  • Sizing – It may be difficult getting the right size for your head.

5. Riddell NFL Green Bay Packers Authentic Helmet

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This full-size revolution speed helmet is one helmet that you can keep at the office or home. If you desire a more realistic replica helmet to show your loyal support to your team, this one would be ideal.

Riddell replica helmets are known for their large shell, facemasks, and internal padding that imitates authentic NFL helmets. This one is no different as it possesses all Riddell features.

The helmet is licensed and great for autographs. You can mount it in the home or office, and the support for your team will be made public.

You can also wear the helmet if you wish. This is done by removing the plastic inside and inserting some pads around the inside of the helmet for more comfort. The 4-point chin strap is adjustable, so you won’t find it difficult wearing the helmet to fit.


  • Distinctive Design – The design of the shell is tremendous and a great replica of the real NFL helmet. It’s also great for autographs.
  • Right Fit – The helmet comes with chin straps to accommodate the size of your head if you want to wear the helmet.
  • Several Colors – Riddell designed this helmet in various and team decals, which is intuitive.


  • Expensive – This helmet is not suitable for the budget-conscious type.
  • Material and Finishing – The material used in making some models of this helmet looks cheap. The finishing also leaves a lot to be desired.

What Are Green Bay Packers Replica Helmets?

Just as the name goes, these are helmets that are made to look like authentic helmets in design. They are mostly worn to show support to teams on the field. You can wear them as well, but you have to replace the insert with pads to avoid pains around the head and neck.

Buying Guide of Green Bay Packers Helmet

Before you proceed to buy green packers, you should consider the following factors.


Green bay packers helmets come with ABS plastic shells that resemble an original NFL helmet. Since you may be wearing the helmet to the field to support your team, the shell must be a little bit strong. So before you buy a replica helmet, consider this factor.


Several models of the green bay packers replica helmets come at various prices to suit the budget of the buyer.


Replica helmets may be collectible, but many fans love to wear them to support their teams. If your purpose of buying a replica helmet is to wear it, then you must choose the right size. Green bay packers’ replica helmets come in small to large sizes, which offers buyers flexibility in choices.

Why the Green Bay Packers Helmet Is the Right Choice


While replica helmets are advised not to be worn, you can replace the plastic insert inside the helmet with pads for more comfort.


The Riddell company licenses all Riddell green bay packers helmets. So you are assured of buying a good replica helmet that’s licensed.

Impressive Design 

Green bay packers helmets, produced by Riddell comes in various colors and team decals, with straps. This makes it look authentic.

Riddell Speed Green Bay Packers Helmet unboxing

Green Bay Packers Helmet(FAQs)

Can a Green Bay Packers Helmet be worn?

Yes, you can wear any of the helmets that we have reviewed in this list. All you need to do is remove the plastic plate and insert some pads to feel more comfortable.

Is the Riddell helmet large enough to size an adult male with medium size head? 

You will have to look up the size of the helmet to determine that.

Can you adjust a replica helmet? 

Yes, it comes with an adjustable chin strap if you wish to wear the helmet.

Is it advisable to wear a replica helmet? 

Most manufacturers advise against wearing it since it’s meant for display. However, if you wish to wear it, replace the plastic insert with a pad.

Will a replica helmet fit a 4-year-old?

No, most replica helmets are 6 inches wide and above.

Final Words and Recommendation

Green Bay Packers helmets are collectible helmets that are designed for true Packers fans. It is a unique piece of fan gear that shows the level of commitment and loyalty you have for your team.

If you desire an all-round quality replica green bay packers helmet at the right, you should consider Riddell Green Bay Packers Licensed Speed Replica Helmet.  

If affordability is your primary concern, there is no cheaper one than the Riddell Green Bay Packers Licensed Speed Replica Helmet. Overall, every replica helmet reviewed here are the best around and would make an excellent choice.