Best Helmet Face Shield in 2021! Maximize Your Face Protection

Riding on a highway or anywhere else exposes you to the harsh sun rays, glare, and even strong breeze. This is not the best condition for a rider to aid your safety while riding. Also, when you use helmets without shields or visors, this risk is still on. This is where helmet face shields or visors come in.

They come in handy as protective items from your eyes. Over time, we have reviewed a host of helmet face shields. And for helmet eye shields we have not tested, we have done enough research on them. From this list of helmet face shields, we have chosen the best ten (10).

1. ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

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The makers of this motorcycle face shield must have had it in mind to make their buyers comfortable. This is obvious through the features of the product.

It comes with a dimension of 13.8 inches by 10.2 inches by 10.2 inches. It also comes with a snap strap for ease of use. The relaxed state of their customers is further ensured as the full face shield motorcycle helmet also has two different visors (one is clear, and the other is smoked). It also comes with a winter neck scarf to help riders through the harsh cold weather.


  • Very comfortable.
  • Different visors options.
  • Easy to use.


  • It is not cut-proof.
  • Swapping, one of the visors for the other, is not done quickly.

2. Wancar Retro Universal Standard 3-Snap Open Face Motorcycle Helmets Flip Up Face Visor Wind Shield Lens

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This product is a perfect option for those who seek all-round protection as well as a flair for style and ease.

It is perfect for half helmets. It is made from the best materials available (polycarbonate). This product is certified on legal standards and safety standards. It is also versatile in the sense that it can be of great use to different kinds of buyers with its three snaps feature.


  • Top-quality product.
  • It guards against glare, fog, and scratch.
  • Adjustable visor.


  • The durability has been questioned over time.
  • Not such a perfect fit for some helmets.

3. Core Vintage Open Face Helmet Visor Peak

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This helmet shield has been designed to be a perfect fit for all kinds of helmets around. This is just one amongst many other benefits this product has.

It also comes with the three snap advantage to give you an edge in utility. It weighs about 0.64 ounces and has a dimension of 4 by 3.9 by 3.1 inches. The product is a perfect option for all kinds of helmets. Its snap also makes it fit perfectly as it comes sturdy. This makes it easier for you to make it adapt.


  • It fits perfectly.
  • The adaptable three-snap feature.


  • It has no warranty.
  • There is also no return after purchase

4.VCOROS Helmet Peak Shield Open Face Retro Motorcycle Helmet Sun Shade Protector Black Shield

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This helmet shield is made carefully to give the users some flexibility whenever they use it. The various features it comes with proves this fact.

It measures a dimension of 9” × 4.4” × 2.4”. This helmet shield comes with a side large enough to accommodate sunglasses. It is also an open face helmet. It comes with three snaps. All of the snaps are adjustable. Such that, it fits into any helmet at all.


  • Adjustable snaps.
  • Perfect fit for all helmet sizes.


  • Ring protection will help fight against it rattling after a little while.
  • No warranty.

5. Pilot-Style Universal 3 Snap-Button Visor

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If you look forward to getting a product that gives you complete protection and stats cool, here you have it.

This protective shield comes cool with an advanced protective feature. It is sturdy and adjustable also. The product is resistant to fog, glare, debris, and adverse weather. The anti-scratch coating on it makes it more durable too. It comes with a dimension of 5 × 3 inches, which makes it suitable for glasses underneath it.


  • Buttons for adjustability.
  • The three-snap feature of this product makes it fit any helmet design at all.
  • Various color options.
  • It is very convenient and easy to use.


  • Warranty on only parts of the product.
  • It can hinder your vision while riding.

6. LS2 Helmets Unisex-Adult 02-613

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This will be one of the easiest helmet shields I reviewed. The features are distinct and utilizable.

It will guarantee you all-round protection. It is made from the best materials out there. This makes it durable enough. The product resists scratches, glares, wind, and rain. It is a perfect fit for adults and youths alike. It is legally certified as it meets safety standards. This product provides you just the safety you desire.


  • It fits well for various helmets.
  • Easy to use
  • The tint makes the product a better choice.


  • No Pin Lock.
  • No long-range durability.

How to Choose Helmet Face Shields?

What determines the type of helmet face shield you get is the condition of the road you ply every day if you are a rider as well as the kind of bike you ride. If your bike has a windshield, you will only need a helmet eye shield. And if it is otherwise, you will have to get a full helmet face shield.

Watch out for the following when you wish to get your shield or visor.

The Shield’s Protective Capacity

Specific face shields are explicitly designed to help you get through every risk unscathed. They come with a capacity that will guarantee you 100% protection. You will know them quickly, as they will take up all the faces left on the helmet.

If you have gotten one and it does not have that feature, you can still change the model and upgrade it.


Choose a helmet shield that suits your style. But, make sure you go for one that covers the whole face. That will guard your chin also.

Your style might lean more to the tinted side, but you cannot; you’re such shields when out at night.

Coating to protect against fog

In order not to hinder your sight when you are riding through a fog, choose a shield that comes with a surface that guides against fog.

You also have to look out for one with a head and eye guard, various color options, and a suitable size and a compatible shield.

Safety Features of Helmet Face Shields

The reason you have to use helmet face shields are various. These protective items come along with multiple benefits. The benefits are inherent in its different safety features.

  • Anti-noise microphone
    This comes with some of these shields. It helps you as a technician by saving your eardrums the excessive loudness around you.
  • Automatic Phone Answering Feature
    You can automatically answer your calls while you are busy with just a touch.
  • Anti-fog features
    This saves your vision from getting fogged up. This feature works together with the optical clarity feature to boost your imagination.
  • Anti-abrasion
  • Resistant to weather conditions.

When To Replace Helmets Face Shields

You are not advised to keep using your motorcycle helmet shields when they are in certain conditions. It takes just a few seconds to replace your motorcycle helmet shields. You should know exactly when to have a change of face shields.

You should have your helmet face shields replaced annually (at least once every year).

You should also have it changed whenever it gets scratched. Do not keep using your motorcycle shields after it has been scratched.

Another time you have to replace your helmet face shield is when your sight is not clear anymore when you use it.

It does not end at having them replaced as often as they should. You should also clean them properly when the need arises.

What are helmet face shields?

Helmet face shields are protective devices for the face. They sometimes protect only a part of the face like helmet eye shields, while some protect the whole of the face.

They will protect your face from various dangerous objects that will be flying around as well as debris or hazardous chemicals. They are useful for riders, those working in industries as electricians or technicians and health personnel working in laboratories.

Another closely similar protective device are visors. Visors are also face shields as well. They are, however, parts of a helmet, and they can be adjusted (opened and closed).

Different Types Of Helmet Face Shields

There are a lot of helmet face shields out there. All of these shields are in two types.

  • The Removable Helmet Face Shields
    First, we have the removable type. These can be detached when they are not being used. This allows for some flexibility.
  • The Built-in Helmet Face Shields
    These are more rigid as they cannot be taken off even when they are not being used. They have been fixed by the manufacturer.

Whichever type you would go for, they all come with their peculiar benefits.

Why Are Helmet Face Shields Important?

You do not want to battle with chemical contacts after work. You also would not want to be hit by a strange flying object. These are a few instances where you will agree with me that helmet face shields are essential. They have other importance, however. Not only

  • These safety devices will protect you from the wind.
  • Shields will serve as protection for your head while riding, working or what have you.
  • Dust and dirt will affect you less when you make use of these helmet face shields.
  • Flying objects and/or insects will be avoided easily when you use these shields.
  • They give a flair of comfort when you use them, especially when they fit.

Helmet face shields are not only crucial for riders, but they are also equally a prerequisite for those working in construction firms.

Helmet Face Shield (FAQs)

Do I need a motorcycle shield when my motorcycle comes with a windshield?

All you need here is a helmet eye shield. You do not need a helmet face shield anymore.

Which is preferable? A tinted shield or a transparent one?

You have to consider riding at night; the tinted kind will not work well. However, make sure you have a transparent face shield that will be large enough for your sunglasses and will be comfortable.

Is it a must to get the same brand of shield as the helmet?

This is not a must. You do not have to get a helmet shield that is made by the same brand that made your helmet. Some helmets will suit any shield brand also. You only gave to consider the right color option.

How expensive is an average motorcycle shield?

You can get an average shield for a price lower than twenty dollars ($20) each.

Can a safety glass fit in for shields?

Even though safety glasses will guard you against sun rays, you need to give your whole face all-round protection. This necessitates the use of helmets’ face shields or helmet eye shields.

Final Words and Recommendation

When you source for the best helmet face shield around, you will be opened to a lot of options. It now depends on how much you have to spend and what exactly you want from the helmet shield you choose. Amongst the top ten we have chosen, the ILM Stealth Motorcycle Helmet Shield and the Wancar Retro Shield are my favorite. This is due to their resistance to scratch, fog, and glares. As well as their durability and protection.

The former helmet face shield is more preferable due to its state of the heart technical features that make it stand out, like its Bluetooth feature, its ability to receive phone calls by a single touch, to mention a few. These and more will help you stay focus behind the wheels while riding or working.

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