HJC CL-17 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet Review

The HJC CL-17 Streamline Helmet is made of lightweight advanced polycarbonate composite shell which ensures an aerodynamic outline. It reduces massive impact and instability. This helmet comes with the advanced channeling ventilation system.

For this feature, it pushes hot air and gives airflow on the shield to reduce the happening of fogging. It is a full-faced helmet which comes with RapidFire shield replacement system and an anti-scratch Pinlock HJ-09 shield.

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The HJC CL-17 Streamline Helmet has a SuperCool moisture-wicking interior with check pads and crown. You can wash the pads within a machine. It has multi-layered check pads for custom fitting and furrows to put up eyewear.


  • Advanced polycarbonate combined shell: super fit, less weight, and comfort for using upgraded CAD technology.
  • RapidFire shield replacement system: secured and simple ratchet system gives quicker, tool-less removal and setting up for efficient operation.
  • Anti-Scratch Pinlock ready Faceshield (HJ-09) new 3D design gives 95% of UV protection. For anti-fog system, there is a discretionary pin lock insert. Side shield lock method for an ultra-secured seal.
  • ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System; complete front to flipside airflow blushes temperature and dampness up and out
  • SuperCool Moisture-Wicking Interior; Liners and check pads are completely removable. Cheek pads are identical in sizes of all helmets, Anti-Bacterial Fabric;


  • Tremendous Cool moisture-wicking antibacterial interior
  • DOT approval for 3XL and 5XL. DOT and Snell approval for all sizes up 2XL.
  • Ten vents. It has ACS ventilation system for removing heat from HJC CL 17 helmet.
  • Shield is UV protective with Pinlock ready configuration
  • Polycarbonate lightweight shell along with dual EPS liner
  • HJC CL 17 has RapidFire face shield replacement technology which permits to alter the visor rapidly without any tool.
  • Racing helmet with the reasonable price
  • 20 plus designs and nine sizes
  • Check pads are interchangeable for customization


  • The screen of the HJC CL-17 Mission Full Face Motorcycle may be wider since your vision is very limited inside key areas.
  • The HJC CL-17 Mission Full Face Motorcycle appears with safety certification. The product is overall a stronger one.

HJC CL-17 – Interior

The HJC CL-17 helmet fits very well with the round shaped heads; helmet manufacturers neglect a market mostly. Its interior is lined having moisture-wicking fabric and anti-bacterial fabric to keep you odor-free and cool. Comfortable thick padding of HJC CL-17 saves your head from poking and causing no discomfort.

3D contour check pads of the CL-17 are removable. You can wash them regularly if you need. All pads are interchangeable with the CL-17 helmets to give you much comfort. There is a double–D ring chin strap attachment system. It has lovely ear pockets that fit a standard intercom clamp.

There are lots of bonuses with the HJC helmet. This is the very quickest helmet, and anyone can have ever got this. The main features are thick padding; Snell certified shell, excellent sealing, and low profile top vents. The whistling sound you hear at the time of wearing HJC may be a thing of the past.

HJC Cl-17 – Shell Design

HJC CL-17 helmet is very popular for the people. There are many causes behind it. The primary purpose is that it is made of advanced polycarbonate composite materials. Manufacturers use CAD technology for ensuring the safety of the users. HJC also incorporates sharp, aggressive angles and lines for the design to make a pleasing appearance.

HJC Cl-17 - Shell Design

HJC CL-17 helmet is very lightweight. So there is no possibility of discomfort or neck pain every long hour of riding. Viewers get lots of colors of this helmet. One can choose white, matte anthracite, metallic silver, and metallic wine. From different colors, users can select the desired colors and graphics. We can surely say that you will surely love this helmet. The final finish is flawless. Complete attention is given to manufacturing CL -17 helmet on the production line. The helmet is found in sizes XS to 5XL. Therefore the helmet is fit for most of the heads around.


You will get many aspects of the HJC CL-17 helmet. But the most attractive feature of this helmet is the visor. This feature is very appealing to the users.

There is an anti-scratching with this helmet. It keeps your vision focused and clear though you are using the helmet for a long time. You will get up to 95% of UV protection into the visor. For such issue, you get most clear-eyed visors out there.

The visor is very excellent to prevent fog build up. Lastly, HJC CL-17 motorcycle helmet comes with a RapidFire shield replacement system. Installing, maintaining technology and replacing the visor are very simple that a first time user can handle it accurately.


One can enjoy riding session comfortably if the ventilation of a helmet is very nice. When you don’t get a right temperature, it may affect your concentration, composure and decision-making abilities.


For your and other safety the HJC CL-17 full face helmet has an ACS 9 Advanced Channeling Ventilation) system.

This feature invites the flow of air from the front of the helmet and sends it to the back making a cool breeze. It prevents you from becoming very hot and keeps unexpected humidity out of the helmet.


The CL-17 helmet is an excellent fitting helmet for me. My head is usual intermediate oval, and the comfort liner shows no press point. CL-17 has different sizes from X-small to 5XL. So this is a beautiful helmet for massive heads. All get much comfort from it. Check pads of CL-17 is replaceable. The range of thickness is from 17mm to 40 mm. My big helmet comes with 35 mm pads. I have used it a season and got a bit tight. Therefore I replaced them with a pair of 30 mm pads.

Field of View

The horizontal field of vision is very nice. Its vertical field comes with an outstanding feature. I feel no problem to see right and left. I don’t have to screw up my neck at the time of altering lanes. The shield is visor and presents no anomalies. I have no problem with fogging up to the temperature gets down to 40 degrees. Its protection is pin lock ready, but demands more cost.

Shield removal is very reasonable; re-installation is somewhat trickier but very easy. I use my sunglass inside the CL-17 helmet, but I feel no discomfort. The shield has 95% UV protection. This is very inviting for the safety of the eyes.

Safety First

The safety feature is the first considering matter for the consideration of a helmet. HJC CL-17 helmet is made of the polycarbonate shell and coupled with a standard EPS liner. Additionally, it hasn’t got DOT approval but carries a Snell certification also.

The exciting thing about the helmet is that it is very light in spite of having such robust design accompanied by two safety ratings. The weight is 2 grams less than the predecessor, the CL-14. This is not a vast difference. Most manufacturers make helmet bit heavier to convene the Snell safety standard. HJC helmet has done altogether a different thing, except dedicating safety.

Anti-bacterial fabric liner

If you wear a helmet for a long time, sweat build-up may happen. This is a must though the helmet has well ventilation system. By keeping this thing in mind, the manufacturer of HJC CL-17 helmet comes with anti-bacterial fabric. It ensures that the smell of the helmet is fresh.

Anti-bacterial fabric liner

Moreover, you won’t get any bacteria or mold build up. You can quickly remover the liner of the helmet. All things are machine washable, so you would not deal with a stinky helmet again. People who are using HJC CL-17 helmet for exchanging must be motivated with this feature.

Colors and graphics

There is the full range of graphics and colors of this helmet. If you analyze the different colors of the helmet, you will get your desired one. Or you may get additional graphics and colors; this one is customized by the company or the color experts. Stickers may be added to the helmet except an impact on the performance.

User Review of HJC CL-17 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

The helmet is also SNELL and DOT approved (I think this is the best value for a SNELL approved helmet

The blessing is that my head is a big one. So I need an XL size helmet. I use size seven ¾ of my hat that is equal to 61-62 cm. My motocross helmet fits well on my head. I have purchased a couple of helmets. The shields of these helmets are very tight for my head. At present, I like to break very close helmet. But I am getting skull pressure which doesn’t feel accurate. When I got this helmet for the first time, I felt no head pressure. It seems to me that this is for the design of my oval shaped head not for a round head instead.

This is the only helmet which has both DOT and SNELL approval. These two features are scarce with other masks. Completely excellent and looks very pleasant and clean. Decals of the helmet are back and front removable if you fancy cleaner appearance. Move ahead to get the right fitting helmet, if have no intention to select XXL, purchase this one with having trust.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) of HJC CL-17 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Question: Does the HJC CL-17 come with warranty option?

Answer: Yes, Yes, your favorite helmet comes with support options and warranty for its various parts.

Question: May I get another color than the black and the red of the HJC CL-17 mission full face motorcycle helmet?

Answer: At present, HJC CL-17 mission full face motorcycle helmet is found only in one design linked above.

Question: My head is a small one. Is there any version of HJC 17 mission that fits for my head?

Answer: Yes, for the comfort of the riders HJC CL-17 Full face motorcycle is made in various sizes including X to small.

Product Information

  • Model 824-615
  • Brand HJC Helmets
  • ASIN


We are now going to talk about HJC CL-17 helmet. Surely you know it is a great fan. Rick chooses this helmet most, so he has bought two helmets at the same time. I am thrilled to get the HJC CL-17 helmet. It fits well on my head. You would never get such well fitting helmet with such price. I shouldn’t hope more for such amount of expense.


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