How Are Motorcycle Helmets Made?

A helmet is a kind of protective gear to ensure safety for the head from any accident or injuries. A helmet saves skull from the accident and protects the human brain.

Symbolic or Ceremonial helmets are sometimes used without giving safety. At first, the helmets were used by the Assyrian soldiers’ in 900 BC.

They used bronze or leather helmets to save head from sword blows, blunt object or arrow strikes to combat with. Soldiers use helmets for safety made of lightweight plastic materials.

For a civilian, soldiers use the helmet for sports or recreational activities (American football, jockeys in horse racing, cricket, ice hockey, camogie, baseball, rock climbing, hurling); risky work activities and for transportation.

Up to the year 1990, helmets are made from plastic or resin, which are reinforced by fibers like Aramids.

The word helmet came from a word helm, a medieval work to protect or combat headgear.

This type of medieval helm wrapped the total head and added with camail saving throat or neck as well. Truly a helmet is a helm that covers the head part.

Helmet Materials

Helmets are made of various materials. The common materials for making a helmet are carbon fiber, plastic, epoxy resin, fiberglass, composite, polycarbonate, thermoplastic and Kevlar and others.

Now manufacturers are using plastics more to make a modern helmet. The long durable and expensive material making helmet is carbon fiber.

The internal parts of the helmets are made of fabric and foams. These are used for comfort and safety.

When you desire to buy a helmet, you must choose a lightweight helmet. This type of helmet is made of polycarbonate, carbon fiber, Kevlar or carbon.

A lightweight helmet gives more safety for your head. It will create more pressure on your neck.

So you will feel uncomfortable. This situation may lead you to an accident at the time of driving. The perfect weight of the motorcycle helmet would be from 1200 to 1340 grams.

Primary Types of Materials Typically Used

  • Fiberglass
  • Mold injected plastic
  • Carbon fiber
  • Kevlar

Plastic Helmets are most common

This kind of plastic is used to make the outer shell of the helmet to meet the desire of the standing up blunt trauma.

The shell is very hard but not very dense. If the helmet is very heavy, the riders cannot use it regularly. This uncommon plastic gives a perfect compromise between weight and strength.

Plastic Helmets are most common

The outer part of the shell is made of a thick layer of foam pads. This is a similar type of foam which makes up crunch zones for the bodies of making modern automobiles.

This is very sturdy for normal conditions. The thing is made to crush on impact and not to save from the pressure of the blow. For crushing, some impacts are absorbed by foam rather than transferred from the wearer’s head.

Fiberglass Offers Greater Flexibility

Premium motorcycle helmets are made with more flexibility in the mind. The outer parts of the shells are laminated fiberglass.

They are built to soak up more impact as possible. These shells are more to cracks or shatter rather than the plaster counterparts. They have more absorbing shock ability than the others.

Fiberglass is made of mixes of flexibility and hardness, are a great choice for the motorcycle enthusiasts. There are more advantages of fiberglass.

They are very lightweight. Therefore the high-quality helmets provide more safety at the time of riding for a long way.

Making the Motorcycle Helmet

To make motorcycle helmet, the first thing is essential to arrange all the materials. It is up to the company if they like to make its self or would like to choose parts from the other companies.

At first, all materials need to assemble, workers or machines would be a charge of gathering the materials to arrange material properly.

Making the Motorcycle Helmet

You will tell if the helmet is worth for most of the time as the shell is very hard. The materials they are using very hard and comfortable as other things used to make the helmet.

EPS is a great choice for the people as it has a hard shell, the price is low, and weight is light and works well.

At first, they remain in liquid form as the right machine is used here. They have blown to give right shape.

The EPS is different from each side of the helmet. If the price is low, be sure the same EPS is used to make all kinds of helmets.

The made helmet needs to be kept in the climate controlled storage area. This will aid more to give the helmet a particular shape.

The liner and the mold may be exposed to water for which the mold and the liner may cool down. The different helmets may be arranged as it relies on the size and the type.

It is up to the manufacturer; this can be done by the machine or may be separated by the workers manually.

Above all, the shell of the helmet will be done. It is made of composite or polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is thought to be stronger as it is heavier than the composite.

The composite breaks down instantly after a crash. It does not mean that the polycarbonate helmet may be used after a great crash. All helmets need to replace after a severe crash.

The hard shell may look industrial or very basic. It means that the motorcycle helmet is designed with various things, so it has great appealing.

It explains that for these helmets are placed with many layers or decals and paints. This will help you to choose the best helmet for you and one of the last steps to do with the helmets.

How It’s Made Motorcycle Helmets

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